All My Children Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on AMC

Bianca distanced herself from Bess. Erica resented Zach for investigating her. Tad explained the results of the DNA test that he had taken. Lily returned to live with Jack and Reggie. Babe and JR got married.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on AMC
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Monday, May31

Alone in her suite, Erica held the queen of hearts while the apparition of her father's hands raised a card to reveal the king of spades. Erica dropped her card and hollered, "I don't want to play this game anymore." Someone knocked. Erica opened the door to reveal Zach. She threw her arms around his neck and begged Zach, "Please make him go away."

Erica returned to her senses and apologized to Zach for behaving so strangely. Zach looked around for the "him." Erica explained it was siesta time, and she had been having a bad dream when Zach had knocked. She offered Zach refreshments. He wanted food, but the best Erica could offer was brandy with a splash of soda. She was drinking on an empty stomach.

Erica's drinking concerned Zach. He confronted Erica about the phantom that wouldn't go away and asked if it was her father. The question caught Erica off guard. She asked who he'd been talking to. Zach told her he had done an Internet search and offered condolences on the loss of her father. Erica told him to save it.

Zach was also on the hospital board and knew Erica's father had died moments before she had gotten there. Zach tried to be a friend and discuss her problems with her. Erica wanted no part of his so-called friendship. She went for another drink. Zach physically separated Erica from the bottle.

"Don't touch me," Erica screamed at Zach. "What do you think you're doing?" she demanded. Zach told her he was cutting her off. None of his employees would ever serve her a drink again. "Nobody tells Erica Kane what to do," Erica reminded Zach. He said that was fine but reminded her he was still her boss. He told her to show up for work on time and sober, or she would be fired.

Left alone again in her room, Erica fell asleep and dreamed of seeing herself in a rocking chair like she was rocking a baby. She awakened and saw the rocking chair beside her bed, empty but rocking back and forth. The apparition's hand reached forward and stilled the chair.

Adam cornered Tad at the pre-wedding gathering and asked what his P.I. instincts were telling him about Babe. Adam let on that he wanted to help Babe by tracking her background and involvement with Paul Cramer. He wanted Tad to team up with him. Tad found Adam's request hilarious and refused to help him get rid of Babe.

Disappointed that his scheme hadn't worked with Tad, Adam left in search of Mary. Left alone in the front room, Tad answered the doorbell. It was Jack arriving. Tad had thought Jack had gone to Vegas. Jack told Tad he had gotten better advice, and as hard as it had been, he had taken it.

Outside in the patio area at Chandler Mansion, JR asked Bianca what she was so scared of. Bianca was honest with him and asked the same in return. Bianca knew Babe wanted her in Bess's life, but Bianca didn't get the same vibe from JR. He told her, "If I had my way, you'd never hold my baby again." JR explained he was concerned about what was best for his daughter and for Bianca too.

Bianca understood JR was in an impossible situation. JR pleaded with Bianca to see his point of view. She said she did, and she needed JR to understand hers. "As long as we're being perfectly honest, I've had the same fears myself," Bianca told him. That was why Bianca had been keeping Maggie so close, so if she skated too close to the edge, Maggie would be there to pull her back.

Bianca told JR she didn't want to ruin the day for Babe, so she was going through with the christening and being Bess's godmother, but then she would step back and find ways not to see Bess unless there was a crowd around. She asked JR if it was okay for her to see Bess when he was around. "Of course," JR sincerely replied. Glad they understood one another, Bianca went to help Babe get ready but not before telling JR what a beautiful daughter he had and how lucky he was to have her.

Babe paced nervously in her bedroom, talking to her mom. She wondered if she could keep the truth from Bianca. At the same time, she couldn't imagine hurting JR so badly. Babe said she couldn't take the secret to her grave the way Paul had. A knock on the door revealed Jamie, who said they needed to talk, and it couldn't wait until after the ceremony. Krystal left them alone.

Jamie mentioned Paul Cramer. He told Babe that the lie had really hurt his brother. Jamie needed to know before he stood up for them if that was the last lie she'd ever blindside JR with. Babe promised Jamie she'd be the best wife ever and thanked him for caring.

Tad bumped into Krystal on the patio. He made fun of her nervous munchies. Tad told her everything was going to be all right and that there wouldn't be any more bombs that day. They commiserated about how hard it was to raise children then let them go and make their own mistakes. Tad welcomed Krystal to the "can't win for losing club." Krystal thanked Tad for his kind words and left to find her date, David Hayward.

Maggie found Jamie and sensed something was bugging him. Jamie told her JR had been giving off weird vibes at his bachelor party, and earlier in that day, Jamie had been getting the same vibes from Babe. Maggie said any couple renewing their vows before their first anniversary had to be all right. Then again, Maggie admitted, she'd been concentrating on Bianca. Jamie still felt something was up.

Mary saw Greenlee and said she was very proud of Greenlee for capturing the heir to the Cambias fortune. Mary wanted to know what bait had finally snagged him. Greenlee told Mary that getting to have Mary as a mother-in-law had been the clincher then distracted her mother by saying she thought she'd heard someone say they had dropped the wedding cake. Frantic that the cake was ruined, Mary hastily exited.

Jack wandered in. Greenlee grabbed him and said, "Come with me. You're going to witness a real-life miracle." Jack asked what it was. Greenlee told him Miranda might be alive.

Having figured out that Bess might very well be Miranda, Kendall wanted Greenlee and Ryan to stay with Miranda while she went to tell Bianca. She wanted the baby back in her sister's arms that day. Ryan prevailed as the voice of reason, saying no one could tell Bianca anything until they knew more. Greenlee believed maybe Bianca had been right when she had taken Miranda/Bess from the hospital, that the baby really was hers. Kendall agreed and pointed out to Ryan the very fact that she and Greenlee agreed had to mean something.

Ryan still wanted solid proof first. "Like a DNA test?" David suggested as he walked in on their conversation. "Why didn't we see it? This could be Bianca's baby," David said, noting that Adam Chandler had scared Paul Cramer senseless that night. David said God might be redeeming Himself, and "on today of all days."

Ryan wanted to know what was so special about that day, but David blew him off. All David needed was a clean swab so he could get a DNA sample from Bess's cheek. As Jack, Greenlee, Ryan, and Kendall looked on, David took a DNA sample. JR walked in and wanted to know "what the hell" they were doing to his baby.

Ryan stepped forward and explained that questions had arisen, and there were serious doubts about who the baby really was. Kendall added that they thought Paul Cramer had made a mistake, and the baby was Miranda. JR gathered Bess in his arms and told them all to back off, insisting that none of them were his friends, and it was his baby. Adam entered. Seeing what was going on, Adam told all of them to get out of his house.

"If any of you try to lay claim to my grandchild, I swear to God, I will kill you," Adam warned. Kendall asked him to hear them out. She told JR she thought Babe knew it was Miranda because she had overheard Babe calling Bess by Miranda's name. JR demanded that Kendall get Babe down there -- immediately.

Upstairs in the bedroom, Babe and Bianca further bonded as "soul sisters" while Bianca fixed Babe's hair. Babe said she'd do anything for Bianca. Bianca called Babe her and her baby's savior. Babe talked to Bianca about keeping the annulment secret from her and hoped she wasn't upset. Bianca gave a brief and beautiful soliloquy about how secrets arose from fear then asked Babe if she was keeping another secret from JR.

Convinced all was okay, Bianca told Babe about the "legacy of strong women" speech Erica had given to her and Kendall prior to one of Erica's recent weddings. She told Babe that she was as strong as any Kane woman, past or present, and Bianca wanted Babe to pass that legacy on to Bess. "Bianca, I didn't think I had the strength, but after what you just said to me, I have the courage to tell you something," Babe said. Before Babe could say any more, Kendall interrupted. She sent Babe to see JR in the library.

Bianca objected because Babe was in her wedding dress. It was bad luck. Babe said it was okay. With all she and JR had already survived, a little superstition was not going to hurt them. Bianca wanted to follow Babe. Kendall told her it was between the bride and groom. "Just believe in happy endings," Kendall told her sister. She left the room to go back to the library herself. Krystal went to the bedroom, looking for Babe. Bianca told her JR had sent for Babe, but Bianca didn't know why.

Downstairs Babe stood in the middle of the library crowd, asking JR what he wanted. JR asked her to tell him their baby was not dead because everyone there thought the baby was Miranda. Babe stood speechless. Tears nearing her eyes, Babe was unable to utter a single word.

Tuesday, June1, 2004

Reggie was alone at Jack's and was surprised when Lily knocked on the door with Miss Hopkins from her school. Reggie said he understood her autism spectrum disorder, and Miss Hopkins reminded him of the need to speak carefully because Lily took things literally. Lily was expected home in a few days but was distraught about a favorite teacher leaving. She had run away from school but wanted to return home right away.

Reggie tried to call Jack, but couldn't get through to the wedding, and he promised to take care of Lily and stay home until Jack returned. Miss Hopkins reluctantly left to catch her flight back. Lily was confused about Reggie, saying they would "chill out," and then she freaked out when he bounced a basketball.

At home, Livia was yelling at Danielle for taking her credit card and running up the charges. Derek was sure it had been Reggie's idea. He was very angry and threw an apron to Danielle, saying he'd gotten her a job at the Serving Spoon. She said she already had a job at Fusion. Derek and Livia were stunned.

Danielle spun a story about being motivated to start a real career and needing the new wardrobe. Then Derek saw her tattoo. He blamed Reggie for that, too, and threatened to send her back to her mother on the next train. Danielle said she would pack if her father no longer wanted her.

Wedding guests began arriving at Chandler Mansion. Jamie told Tad things didn't seem right between JR and Babe. The guests in the library continued to discuss Bess and whose baby she really was. Adam, JR, and Kendall pressed Babe for an answer. Krystal urged her daughter to tell them.

Babe stammered, and Tad and Jamie entered the room. Tad explained he'd already run a DNA test proving that Bess was a Chandler. Babe and Krystal quietly left the room. Tad defended the test he'd done and swore no one could have fooled with it. Bianca's family was very disappointed with the news. Maggie was upstairs, talking to Bianca, who realized Bess could never replace Miranda, and she needed to keep her distance.

Babe found JR holding Bess on a terrace and told him she loved him. Kendall apologized to JR after Babe left, but JR was still furious. Adam walked in to say there was a rumor the wedding was off. JR said it was happening right away.

Jamie found Babe and said how relieved he was the baby was hers. Babe was ready to fall apart in her room when Bianca asked what was wrong. Babe said the baby was fine and that JR loved her. She hugged Bianca and told her how much her friendship meant. Bianca left to tell everyone they were ready to start.

Krystal thanked Tad for telling the group about the DNA test. She talked to David next and said she understood how he felt. She hugged him, and when Tad saw that, he turned and walked away. Liza was very interested in what had made Tad look so disappointed. Krystal went upstairs, and Babe said she knew what she had to do.

The wedding procession started, led by Colby. JR beamed coldly as Krystal walked Babe down the aisle. The baby made noises during the "or forever hold your peace" part, and the guests giggled. After the vows, JR held Bess and made vows to her as a protective father. The baby was crying as he passed her to Bianca for the christening.

Everyone noticed Bess quieted right down once she was in Bianca's arms. Babe's inner voice was telling her to tell the truth, but she worried about telling JR and asked for a sign. When the ceremony was nearly over, Babe interrupted and said she had something important to say. She said Bianca was not just the baby's godmother; she was also the baby's momma.

Wednesday, June2

At the altar with Bianca holding Bess, Babe tearfully spoke about the ordeal she and Bianca had gone through in the cabin the night of the storm. She said that together, she and Bianca would grieve the loss of a child. Babe said that while she was the lucky one who had been handed the baby that had survived, she wouldn't turn her back on Bianca. She told everyone that while Bianca was Bess's godmother, she wanted her to be the baby's mother too. Babe went on that she wanted Bianca to be there when Bess took her first steps, said her first words, walked down the aisle to get married, and when she had her first child.

Kendall couldn't sit through it any longer and went off. She blurted out that after everything Babe had done, she didn't deserve a happy ending. Bianca tried to calm her sister, but Kendall walked to the front, still trashing Babe. Krystal stood up with Babe, and JR tried to get Kendall to leave. Ryan stepped forward and led Kendall out of the ceremony.

Babe was visibly shaken and asked JR why she wouldn't have her happy ending. JR looked at her coldly and picked up Bess to comfort her. The minister restarted the ceremony, and Bianca reached out to hold Bess. JR just glared at her until Babe gently told him to hand the baby to Bianca. The minister christened the baby Elizabeth Miranda Chandler while Bianca held her, smiling. Babe and JR watched, one with guilt and one with distrust.

In Adam's office, Ryan tried to get Kendall to calm down, but she just ranted about Babe's lies and that Babe was just playing Bianca and JR. Kendall said that it was all Babe's fault that Bianca didn't have her baby. Finally, Ryan shut her up by saying she wasn't really angry at Babe; she was angry at him. Kendall turned on him and demanded that he help her work through it then because he was the only person who knew her. She ordered him to admit he had only married Greenlee to hurt Kendall.

Ryan said he had married Greenlee because he could have the life he wanted with her, "I can breathe. I don't have to explain myself to her. I don't get grilled. I don't get tested," he said. Kendall asked what had made him decide Greenlee was the one and probed what feelings he had for Greenlee. Ryan said it was love. Kendall said, "Oh, you mean like you love French fries? Like you love your pet?"

Ryan told her he wanted off the merry-go-round and headed toward the door. Kendall stopped him and apologized, saying she didn't know what was wrong with her. She begged Ryan to help her before she wrecked what was left of her life. Ryan told her to drop the act and find someone else to work over.

Kendall bad-mouthed Greenlee again and said Greenlee didn't love Ryan like Kendall loved him. She said she knew that Ryan still loved her, too, and that their love was too strong. Ryan said it was all lies, games, and tricks, and said, "No, thanks." Kendall cried, "I'm the one you want. You'll come back!" She grabbed Ryan, planting a deep kiss on him.

When the ceremony ended, Babe and Bianca played with Bess until JR approached and said it was time for Bess's nap. He picked the baby up, and Bianca apologized for Kendall's behavior. Babe said Kendal was still stressed out about losing her niece. Babe hugged Bianca while JR just glared at them. Bianca pulled back and said there was no way she'd intrude on their family.

"I love Bess as her own little person, not as a replacement for Miranda," Bianca said. Bianca turned to join Maggie, and Babe tried to talk to JR, who ignored her and took Bess to the nursery. Krystal joined Babe and said how proud she was of Babe -- and that it was the best compromise.

Liza strolled over to Tad and made some very snide comments about the Carey women. Tad just snapped, "Not today, Liza," and walked away from her. Mary walked over to Greenlee and said that Kendall had staged her tantrum to get Ryan alone. Greenlee said she trusted her husband.

Babe and her mother went upstairs to Babe's bedroom. Babe said she just hadn't been able to tell the truth about the baby and that she loved Bianca, but she loved JR more. Meanwhile, JR was in the nursery with Bess. Jamie entered and said that at least everyone knew for sure that Bess was his child. JR ignored him. Jamie said not to let Kendall get to him.

JR very angrily said no one would ever take his child and that she wasn't a pet to be passed around. Jamie said she was Babe's child too. JR coldly said he knew she was Babe's too. The baby fussed, and JR went to her.

Jamie told JR that everyone was downstairs, waiting for him and Babe to start the party with a dance. JR told him to take his place; he was going to take care of Bess. Jamie thought that was very strange but went downstairs. Adam entered with the nanny and told JR how proud he was of how JR had handled everything. JR told the nanny to take Bess down to be fed and to make sure Bianca and Kendall were nowhere near her. She left with Bess.

JR told Adam there was one more thing he'd like to do that day: "Kill my bride." Adam lectured JR on behaving like a loving husband so as not to tip Babe off. JR said he didn't know how long he could do it, and his father said he had to be the perfect husband. JR said he had more interest in being the perfect father.

In her room, Babe told her mother that what she had done was selfish, and it would haunt her forever. Krystal told Babe to bury the guilt and never do anything less than love Bess with all her heart and soul. Babe promised to spend her life making Bess and JR every shade of happy. Krystal said she was Bess's mama in every way that mattered. Babe said she could live with the guilt and Kendall's anger because she had done it for JR. They went downstairs to the party.

Mary found Greenlee and harassed her about Ryan and Kendall. Greenlee didn't seem concerned at all and said again that she trusted him. She walked away, and Jack stopped her, voicing his concern about Ryan and Kendall. Greenlee tried to reassure him that she was happy with Ryan, but Jack was still worried about her.

Liza found David, who knew right away she didn't want to just chit-chat. He said she wanted to talk to him about Tad, but she said no; she wanted to talk about the mother of the bride. She asked how long he'd been sleeping with Krystal, and David realized she was hoping he had cleared the field for her to get Tad. David was very amused. She asked him where Krystal was, and he quipped, "Probably with Tad," much to Liza's disgust.

Babe looked around for JR, who finally showed up. He kissed her, and they began to slow dance. She asked if he was angry with her. JR barely looked at her as he said there was no need for her to apologize for wanting to help a friend. Then he told her how gorgeous she looked and that he couldn't wait to get her alone. He dipped her, and Babe giggled happily.

The music sped up, and Babe and JR fast danced. Bianca and Maggie stood to the side and watched. Maggie said she wasn't happy with the way JR was behaving, but Bianca blamed it on Kendall. Maggie said Kendall needed an off switch. Bianca said Kendall hadn't just lost a niece; she had lost Ryan too.

Bianca asked ,"Does love ever turn out the way it's supposed to?" Maggie replied, "Good question," and looked longingly at her friend. When the music sped up, she asked Bianca to dance, and they headed out to the dance floor. Greenlee sat at the side and watched all the couples. Then she got up to look for Ryan.

Jamie found Tad and told him he thought JR was freaked out because Babe wanted to share Bess with Bianca. Tad wasn't very concerned and told Jamie that they would work it out the way married people did. Brooke joined them, and Jamie asked her for a dance. Tad stood alone and saw Krystal in the doorway, looking ready to burst into tears. She saw him and ran off.

Tad followed and found Krystal sobbing in the secret tunnel. She screamed at him to get out, but Tad refused and wanted to know what was wrong. They argued, and then Krystal became short of breath. Tad lifted her in his arms and headed out of the tunnel.

Thursday, June3

While Reggie was trying to do what he could to make Lily feel at home, there was a knock at the door. On the other side, Reggie found Danielle, who was once again asking for help. After taking a moment, she realized there was someone else in the room. Her question of "Who the hell is this?" was quickly met by Reggie's introductions, in the hopes that the situation would be defused. Danielle, suspicious after the prank that he had pulled on her, didn't believe him. She steadily tried to approach Lily, asking who she really was.

Not only did Danielle's increasing proximity push Lily closer to the edge, but Lily also revealed that she hated the color red. Danielle just happened to be wearing a red headband, and Lily's agitation grew. Reggie tried to get Danielle to back off by explaining that Lily was autistic and that Danielle's belligerence was not helping the situation.

Jack entered and saved the day. That was when Danielle realized Reggie hadn't been lying. Lily ran over to Jack, who was surprised by her presence. He calmed her by telling her that he had her room all ready for her -- with no red. A stunned Danielle looked on as Jack led Lily to her room.

When Jack and Lily were gone, Danielle took off her headband and tried to apologize, but Reggie didn't want to hear it. Danielle repeated her apology and said she really needed his help because her dad was trying to send her back to New York.

At that moment, there was another knock at the door -- and it was Derek. Glaring, Derek asked for one good reason not to kick Reggie down to the probation office. Jack returned to the living room and said the reason was that Reggie hadn't done anything. He told Derek that it had always been Danielle's doing. Frustrated, Derek said that everything -- like tattoos and breaking and entering -- was over because Danielle was being sent back to live with her mother.

After Derek and Danielle left, Jack thanked Reggie for doing such a great job with Lily. He admitted that life with Lily there wouldn't be easy, but Reggie reminded him that as a family, they'd never taken the easy path.

Over at the Chandler mansion, Krystal was having a hard time breathing and gasped out that she was having chest pains. Tad picked her up and took her out to the terrace, where David, amongst all the rest, was milling about. Laying her down on a chair, Tad demanded that David do something worthwhile by examining her and figuring out the problem. David gave his keys to JR and asked Tad to get his medical bag from David's car. Adam told JR, in hushed tones, to take his time in retrieving the bag.

When Tad returned, Babe hovered over Krystal while David listened to her heart. After a few minutes, David pulled out a paper bag and told Krystal to breathe in and out of the bag slowly. He announced that she had suffered an anxiety attack. Tad was skeptical and thought they should take her to the hospital so a "real" medical professional could figure out what was happening. David said in no uncertain terms that they could do that -- but after running a battery of tests, the doctors would give the exact same diagnosis. David told Krystal that she would be fine.

Feeling a bit better after a few minutes, Krystal asked everyone to leave so that she could talk to David in private. The others slowly filed into the house, where Liza made a beeline for Tad. She wanted to find out what Tad had done to make Krystal panic. At the very least, she wanted the truth about what had happened in the tunnels. Done with her, Tad didn't give in to her probing.

Outside, Krystal told David that she had some truth to give him. David didn't necessarily want to know, because the truth and honesty had never been kind to him. Krystal plowed ahead and told him that she was sorry for using him to get over her troubles.

David admitted that he knew that was why he had been added to the mix -- and that he was okay with that. He would back away gracefully if his services were no longer needed. Before doing so, David warned her about Tad. He told her that Tad's girlfriends didn't tend to have a long shelf life and to be careful.

David took his leave, and Babe took his place. She told Krystal that she was to blame for Krystal's attack, but Krystal told her daughter not to worry. Krystal reminded Babe that David had said she would be fine -- and the only thing that Babe should worry about was being with her husband on her wedding night. Babe thanked Krystal for sticking by her and left to find JR.

Tad found Krystal on the terrace, and Krystal said that she had a new view on life after her "near-death experience." She said that she was finally starting to "get" him and wanted another chance. She invited him out to dinner and a movie, and he accepted.

Upstairs, Babe tried to lure JR into some wedding night activities, but he was hesitant. He made up excuses -- he was drunk, he was still rattled from the accusations about Bess, and Kendall's outburst -- and said that while he would like nothing better than to make love to her; he just needed to recharge. Babe agreed, and JR headed off under the guise of checking on Bess one more time before bed.

In actuality, JR headed downstairs and had a powwow with Adam. JR didn't think he could keep up the act, but Adam assured him that he only needed to do it for a little while -- and then Babe would be gone, and Bess would be all his. Adam said that they were close to getting everything they wanted.

Bianca confronted Greenlee about why Greenlee had married Ryan. Greenlee asked what Bianca's thoughts were -- and Bianca said that she believed that Greenlee had gone after the one thing that Kendall wanted as a way to get back at Kendall for trying to cut her out of Fusion. Greenlee shot the theory down by saying that Kendall needed to get over herself and realize that Kendall alone was the reason Ryan had proposed. She said that Ryan made her happy and that if Kendall hadn't pushed so much, she would be married to him instead of Greenlee. Greenlee went further and said that even if Greenlee got the marriage annulled and Ryan went back to Kendall, Kendall would still find a way to mess it up.

In the library, Kendall kissed Ryan to prove that he still loved and wanted her. He kissed her back for a moment and then pushed her away. She dared him to tell her she was wrong -- and Ryan said that wasn't the point. He said that she threw words around and managed to string them into a line of something that could be understood, but there was no real meaning behind them. With her, it was all about demands and ultimatums, but with Greenlee, he could breathe. He didn't constantly have to explain himself or prove himself to Greenlee.

"Nice speech," Kendall said, "but how do you really feel?" Their arms were locked and they were looking into each other's eyes when Greenlee walked in. She interrupted by asking if they were done. Ryan announced that they were, and he and Greenlee left.

A few minutes later, Bianca walked in and offered Kendall a shoulder to cry on, should she need one. Kendall, manic, said she was not upset because she knew, by the way he had kissed her, that Ryan still loved her. Incredulous, Bianca told Kendall to forget about Ryan because it was over.

Kendall ranted on, oblivious to how she sounded. Bianca said that she was worried that Kendall would be the next Kane woman to snap. After locking Greenlee up in the tower, throwing the crazy welcome home party for Greenlee and Ryan, and finally her outburst at the wedding where she had cursed Babe, Kendall seemed like she was close in Bianca's opinion.

Kendall said that she couldn't help herself -- every time she was around Ryan, she felt a pull. Bianca countered by saying that every time she was in the room with the Pine Valley University Women's Volleyball Team, she felt a pull too -- but the difference was that she knew how to resist the urge. Bianca explained that she knew that the world was not a salad bar where people could take whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted -- and Kendall needed to learn that.

Finally, Bianca reminded Kendall that whatever Kendall might think about the marriage, Ryan as a person had not changed. He had always been a man of his word,\ and kept his promises -- he certainly wouldn't change at that point.

Back at home, Ryan asked rhetorically why he kept going to the same place over and over again with Kendall. He said, "This needs to end -- tonight," and Greenlee wanted to know if he meant his relationship with Kendall or his marriage to her.

Ryan said he meant his relationship with Kendall -- and admitted that his main reason for marrying Greenlee had been to save himself from Kendall. Greenlee told him that she already knew that -- because he could have easily thrown a bunch of lawyers and money around and gotten the contract changed if his motive had been only to get her back into Fusion.

Dejected, Ryan wondered what he could do. Greenlee, ever willing, asked him how far he wanted her to go to help him. After naming a couple of options, Greenlee told him that he could trust her and place himself completely in her capable hands. He said he had nothing to lose, and she told him that he had to do everything she said.

Greenlee said the key was to build up resistance so that no matter what the situation, he could sustain a "full frontal Kendall assault." She asked him to set the scene in the library by telling her what kinds of things Kendall had said. He gave her an idea, and Greenlee launched into a Kendall imitation. It took a couple tries before Ryan was able to resist the words and attempts to kiss that Greenlee threw at him.

Once Greenlee and Ryan got past his inability to resist Kendall, she kicked it up a notch and mimicked Kendall's striptease. Dumbfounded, Ryan watched from a chair for a few minutes. When he realized that she wouldn't stop on her own, he jumped up and made her. Greenlee grinned, saying they would pick up where they had left off the next day. She ran off to her room.

David returned home and emptied his pockets on the table -- including the DNA swab that he had taken from Bess.

Kendall sat outside the Chandler mansion and flashed back to kissing Ryan. Bianca interrupted her reverie and told Kendall again that she had been right when she said things were over with Ryan. Kendall stood up and said, "This is me, moving on."

Friday, June4

Greenlee went to Stuart's art gallery in search of the first Dynamite Kiddo comic book. Stuart gave it to her and admitted he collected all of the Dynamite Kiddo comics. When Greenlee asked him how much the comic book was, he told her to consider it a wedding gift. Stuart tended to another customer, and Anita walked over to congratulate Greenlee on her nuptials. Greenlee thanked her and then was surprised to find out Anita was getting a divorce.

When Greenlee asked about the change of heart, Anita explained about Bobby lying about Erica being with him in Vegas. Greenlee was surprised and said that if Erica was involved, maybe Anita should cut Bobby some slack. Anita was taken back that Greenlee was siding with Bobby, but Greenlee said it was not a matter of taking sides -- if Erica was involved with a man, it meant trouble. Greenlee received a phone call from a frantic Simone and immediately left the gallery.

Anita showed Stuart a statue that she had bought for Bobby one year as a gift. She told him she needed to sell it but didn't mention the money was for the divorce lawyer. Stuart told her to take it to a dealer but said she could probably get around $3,000 for it. Anita was surprised and said that was just enough to cover what she needed.

Bianca went to see Ryan and told him that he was giving Kendall false hope by kissing her while he was a married man. Ryan retorted that Kendall had kissed him first, and as many times as he had said it was over, she wouldn't listen. In fact, he said Kendall was obsessed with them getting back together and had even sent him a trunk as a wedding gift. Ryan told Bianca he had to finish getting ready for work, and when he left, Bianca found Kendall hiding inside the trunk.

When Ryan walked back in, Bianca quickly shut the trunk and asked him what he was going to do with it. He said he was going to burn it, and Bianca told him that she would take the trunk instead. When Ryan walked away, Bianca opened the lid and told Kendall to leave. Kendall insisted on staying inside so she could find out how Ryan and Greenlee really felt about each other. Kendall shut herself back in the trunk, and Ryan returned and found Bianca talking to herself.

Bianca said she sometimes talked to herself to relax. Greenlee walked in and told Ryan they needed to talk. Ryan ushered Bianca out, insisting he would take care of the trunk. Greenlee told Ryan that officials from the SEC had gone to Simone to find out more about Greenlee and Ryan's marriage. The officials thought it was a scam -- and they had to prove their marriage was real or else they would end up in jail.

Ryan said that if the SEC saw his and Greenlee's prenuptial agreement, they would find out about the no sex clause. Greenlee told him as long as they stayed together at least six months and acted like they were in love at the board meeting, things would work out. Greenlee also said that no one knew about the clause except them. Ryan raised the idea of consummating the marriage before the meeting to make the marriage "real." He said they might even fall in love.

Greenlee told Ryan that they could fall in love, and she didn't want them to make love to save themselves. If and when they did, she wanted it to be for love. A few minutes later, they headed to the board meeting, and a smug Kendall emerged from the box.

While Edmund and Maria were in bed, cuddling, Maria tried to stir up some romance, but Edmund put her off. Maria explained that they could still make love. It would just be different than what they were accustomed to. Edmund snapped, "I don't want you -- not like this." He apologized, but Maria was already out the door.

Anita went over to the house, and Maria asked her what was wrong. Anita said she had taken the first step to get the divorce rolling and asked Maria to support her when she told their mother. Their mother entered and immediately thought Anita's news was that she was pregnant. Anita said that was not the news and that she was going to divorce Bobby.

Anita explained about Bobby's affair and constant lies. Her mother encouraged her to work it out with Bobby because marriage was a sacred vow before God. She told Anita to stop being selfish and realize what Maria had to live with the rest of her life. Edmund entered, and Maria was horrified at her mother's words.

Danielle went to visit Reggie to apologize for the way she had treated Lily, but Reggie didn't pay her any attention. He told her that whatever they'd had going on was over and to get out. Danielle said she had thought Reggie had been punking her, and she hadn't meant to offend Lily. She eventually left, realizing that whatever relationship they'd had was over.

Lily entered the room and asked Reggie if she should apologize, since Danielle had. She told Reggie she had been rude for yelling at Danielle, and he told her not to worry about it. Lily admitted that she didn't think she matched with the rest of the family, and Reggie assured her that she did. He told her when he had first gotten into the family, he had felt the same way because of his skin color. Lily saw something red and grew panicked.

Reggie asked Lily what else she didn't like, and Lily added that she hated car rides. She liked to keep everything the same, and Reggie told her he understood how she felt. Bianca arrived, and Jack reintroduced Bianca to Lily. Reggie searched for his math quiz, and Lily gave it to him, along with all of the corrected answers.

Reggie was pleased to have his quiz done, but Jack insisted that he would talk to Reggie's teacher about a make-up test. Lily quickly went to her room to make her schedule, and Jack said he would help her in five minutes. Reggie headed out. Jack and Bianca began discussing Erica, and then Bianca said she wanted to get her own place so Lily could have some space and so she could start her life over. Jack understood, told Bianca he would miss her, and went to help Lily. Bianca picked up the picture of Erica doing her show.

Erica sat at a casino table, mulling over her breakfast, when Zach walked over. He asked her if she had been expecting some vodka with her breakfast, but Erica insisted she didn't have a drinking problem. Zach showed her a copy of the paper, which had Greenlee and Ryan's marriage splattered across it. She explained that Kendall had been engaged to Ryan and had to be distraught over the marriage. She thought that somehow Greenlee had weaved her web around Ryan and trapped him into marriage.

When Erica looked at Zach, she hallucinated and saw Jack saying that it was only in her mind that he had betrayed her. Erica quickly snapped out of it and heard Zach saying he hadn't betrayed her by taking away her alcohol. Erica said again that she didn't have a problem and asked him to leave. A few minutes later, a waiter handed her the phone and said it was from the Vegas Insider. When she said, "Hello," Bianca was on the other end. She was silent for a moment and finally said, "It's me."

Greenlee and Ryan were asked a million questions at the board meeting, such as why they had waited to file the papers so late. Ryan said a memo had been sent out for that to be done, but obviously it hadn't happened. The officials said they had spoken to the pastor who had married them and admitted that minutes before, Ryan had been set to marry Kendall. Ryan said his marriage to Greenlee was based on love. The officials asked for proof so they didn't have to launch an investigation, and then Kendall walked in, ready to spill what she had heard.



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