One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on OLTL

Antonio prepared to strip for his undercover job as he continued to investigate the Santi Family. Kelly and Todd claimed their sudden odd behavior was due to their recent one-time fling. Dorian accepted the position of chief of staff of Llanview Hospital.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 31, 2004 on OLTL
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Monday, May 31, 2004

Natalie met Paul at the Hook Up. Paul told Natalie about Kelly and Todd burying him alive when they had thought he was dead. Natalie wanted to take him to John, but Paul reminded her of what had happened to Cristian when he had gone to John. He also said that he thought the Santi family had a hit out on him. An employee of the Hook Up told Paul that some people were looking for him and were entering through the back entrance. He and Natalie hid, and Paul told Natalie she had to help him.

Marcie recapped the newspaper article about Dr. Long to Michael. Riley had to attend summer classes. Jen almost busted Riley when he searched the Internet for a term paper. Marcie and Jen couldn't graduate unless they took classes in the summer. As Viki recovered, Joey and Clint got ready to return to London.

Matthew told Starr that he thought his parents would get together soon. Starr told him to grow up. Todd asked Starr about Travis, but she didn't want to talk about it. Starr visited Viki. Viki asked her about Travis. Todd walked in, and Starr whispered that she'd tell Viki all about it later.

Kevin and Blair talked about Kelly and Todd's relationship. Blair didn't believe Todd and Kelly had ever slept together. Kathryn questioned Kevin and Kelly about their car being spotted by a landfill where they had found evidence that Paul's body had been buried. Todd asked Kelly to not tell Bo about Paul because it might ruin Todd's chances of making up with Blair.

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

Travis wanted to take Starr to the movies. Blair was hesitant, but she soon gave in. David told Todd that Blair was onto him and Kelly. To throw Blair off the scent, David told her that Kelly and Todd wanted to make her jealous, so they had lied about an affair. Todd was pleased with David's quick thinking.

Starr called Blair with a change of plans. Starr and Travis wanted to go bowling instead. Blair agreed as long as Dorian picked them up from the bowling alley.

Jen talked Riley out of buying a term paper. After Jen left, Riley went ahead and bought the paper online. After buying the paper, he remembered Jen's warning that he would always feel guilt and paranoia if he cheated. He decided to complete his term paper.

After Riley finished his paper, he put it aside and picked up the fake term paper. He fell asleep reading the fake paper. Jen returned home and found him asleep. She decided to do him a favor and drop off the paper he had been reading.

Kelly denied being at the landfill. Kathryn served her with a warrant to have an FBI forensic team look over her car. Kelly maintained she'd had nothing to do with Paul's disappearance. Kevin asked Kelly if Todd had killed Paul for her. She denied it. Kevin was losing his patience and his composure. Kevin went to Blair. Blair suggested they confront Kelly and Todd.

Natalie and Paul escaped being shot. Paul asked Natalie for one last favor. He wanted twenty thousand dollars to leave town. Natalie told him she would go get it, but he suggested she call Kelly and Todd and let them take the money to him. She agreed to call Kelly but only if Paul called the police and told them he was alive. Natalie called Kelly and disguised her voice. She told Kelly that she knew that Kelly had dumped Paul's body at the landfill, and she wanted twenty thousand dollars to keep Kelly's secret.

Kelly called Todd about her blackmailer. Kelly met Todd at his place. They went over their game plan. Paul asked Natalie to pick up the money.

John and Kathryn implored Antonio to question Carlotta some more about Manny Santi. Evangeline asked Antonio if he could go undercover as another staff member of the Hook Up, since he wouldn't go undercover as a stripper. He told her he would think about it.

Rex couldn't make his loan payments. He wanted Lindsay to help him deal with R.J.

Wednesday, June 2, 2004

Todd and Kelly were forced to confess to David that an unknown woman who claimed to know they had buried Paul's body in the landfill was blackmailing them. To hide their secret about Paul, Todd and Kelly responded to Kevin and Blair's inquisition by saying they had slept together once. Sensing Blair's hurt, Todd forewarned Kelly that he was going to reveal all to Blair, including everything about Paul and Ace.

A hesitant Natalie told Paul that she'd pick up the blackmail money in his place. As they waited for the right time to make their move, John showed up at their hotel room. Meanwhile, a hot and bothered Roxy convinced Nigel to let her move in with him.

Lindsay rejected Rex's request for a loan when R.J. got him to admit that he didn't have feelings for her. However, he later perked up when Roxy jokingly said they could always torch Foxy Roxy's and claim the insurance money. At the same time, Dorian was disappointed when she learned that a large chunk of Adriana's inheritance had been blow in bad investments.

Thursday, June 3, 2004

Viki offered Dorian the position of chief of staff of Llanview Hospital, which Dorian happily accepted. When Jessica went to visit her mother, Viki begged Dorian to make it possible for her to attend Jessica's graduation. Dorian refused, but Jessica realized that her mother hadn't given up yet. Visiting his mother, Kevin told her that he was concerned about what his wife had gotten mixed up in. She in turn pleaded with her son to get her released long enough to go to the graduation.

Kevin and Blair were enraged when David questioned what had happened at the penthouse. He told them that they were being played, and Kelly and Todd had them just where they wanted them. Kevin began to suspect that Kelly and Todd had murdered Paul.

Dorian informed David that Aunt Betsy's millions were gone. When he confessed that he was certain that he had killed Paul, she assured him that he could never be convicted, since it was Kelly and Todd that had hidden the body. When they started discussing money again, Dorian showed David a brooch that had belonged to Manny. On the back were numbers that she was convinced were the combination to a safe. When Dorian questioned Carlotta about the whereabouts to the rest of the combination, Carlotta clutched her bracelet.

Kelly insisted on going with Todd to Atlantic City to pay off their blackmailer. Natalie tried to convince Paul to turn himself in to John. Paul refused to let her open the door, and John slipped a note under the door before leaving. Paul told Natalie that it was Kelly's fault that he was in so much trouble. When she questioned him, he quickly backpedaled. He kissed her, but Natalie refused his advances.

Heading to the casino to collect the money, Natalie warned Paul not to leave until he got her name cleared. Kelly and Todd were shocked to see Natalie walk to the slot machines and take the money. Before she could leave, John grabbed her.

Antonio told Adriana that they were cousins. He wanted to know if she had any idea where the Santi millions were, but she insisted she didn't. Adriana visited Carlotta and told her that she knew they were family. Antonio went to the Hook Up to get a job. Overhearing the owner discussing the Santi family on the telephone, Antonio agreed to strip in the bar.

Jen realized the mistake she had made when Riley told her that she had turned in the paper he had printed off the Internet. He stated that he had tried to clear up the mess with his professor, but he was going to be turned in to the disciplinary board. After Riley left, Jen, Marcie, and Jessica agreed that they needed a girls' night and made plans to go to the Hook Up the next night to see the strippers.

Friday, June 4, 2004

When Viki was refused permission to go to Jessica's graduation, the class went to the hospital to see her. After the graduates left, Kevin told his mother that Todd and Kelly had admitted to having an affair. Knowing that her brother wasn't capable of casual sex, Viki told him that they had to be lying. When Blair visited Viki, Viki assured her of the same thing: there was no way that Todd and Kelly had had an affair.

Jessica's feelings were hurt when Antonio told her that he once again had to work undercover instead of spending time with her. After he left, she confirmed with Marcie that they would be celebrating at the Hook Up that night. Arriving at the club, the girls decided the crowd was too rowdy and left. Marcie returned a moment later to retrieve her purse and noticed Antonio on the stage, stripping.

Nigel told Asa that he and Roxanne were a couple. Asa and Nigel tried to give Matthew advice on how to get Starr's attention. Roxy went to Atlantic City to hire a man to commit arson. Paying the man off, Rex and Roxy were promised that Foxy Roxy's would be torched.

Todd and Kelly tried to figure out who could be forcing Natalie to blackmail them. Fearful that Natalie would tell the police everything, Todd and Kelly cleaned his car to rid it of any traces of Paul. A freak rainstorm drenched the two. In the penthouse, Todd changed into dry clothes and gave Kelly the robe he had intended as a present for Blair.

Starr questioned her mother about what had happened the night before. When Matthew apologized to Starr for anything he might have done to upset her, Starr assured him that they were still friends. When Matthew admitted that he was jealous of her new boyfriend, Starr told him that they couldn't let jealousy ruin their relationship like it had her parents'. Starr later gave her mother relationship advice. After dropping Starr off at swim practice, Blair went to the penthouse to confront Todd and saw him and Kelly in an embrace.

John was convinced that someone was forcing Natalie's hand. A knock at the door revealed the Atlantic City police, who were prepared to arrest Natalie. John convinced the detective to give him more time to prove Natalie's innocence. When Natalie questioned John's feelings for her, he told her that the only way they could start over would be if she told him the truth.

Before Natalie could answer John, Paul called her room and asked if John was with her. Natalie tried to cover by telling John that it was Jessica on the phone. Knowing she was lying, he left. Natalie took the money to the casino for Paul, but before he could leave with the payoff, John caught him.

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