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Asa and Kevin Buchanan staked their claim on Ace. Erica tried to bribe Ethan. Babe and Jamie got engaged and planned to leave the country, unaware that JR and Adam were zeroing in on their location.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 17, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, January 17th, 2005

Asa and Kevin confronted Adam and JR about Ace with both families laying claim to the baby. The Buchanans vowed to get their boy back and JR asked what if they weren't around when the baby is found. Asa and JR flung testosterone at each other and Adam poured scotch. Asa and Adam argued over old business feuds and they all argued over the baby and Paul Kramer. JR accused Kevin of murdering Paul and promised DNA would prove the baby is his, but the Buchanans brought up the charges against JR for drugging Babe and threatened to reopen the case. Kevin said Babe will need medical and psychiatric help when she's found but JR said she only has to be locked up for life. Kevin defended his role as the baby's father and said he has a court order giving him custody. Asa refused to go along with a DNA test. The Buchanans bragged about Kevin being Lt Governor, but Adam reminded him the Governor is his fishing buddy. Adam also said JR would be sympathetic in the press, with a baby ripped from his arms on Christmas Eve and then finding out the baby he thought was dead had been kidnapped by his ex-wife who'd run off with his brother. Kevin reminded them he owns a newspaper but Adam said he'd be hurt by being caught up in a baby-snatching scandal. JR said the Chandlers fight to the death for their children and Kevin suggested they prepare to die. He and Asa left.

In New Orleans, Jamie, Babe and Liza fearfully listened to the breaking news about a pending arrest in the kidnapping case. Tad showed up, dressed like a priest. Liza admired his courage and he said his chicken suit was in the cleaners. He told everyone about JR alerting the authorities and promised to relocate everyone safely. He warned Jamie he may never see America or his parents again after moving to Argentina tomorrow. Babe gave Tad a letter for Krystal and asked him to convince Jamie to let her go alone. Tad was incredulous, but Babe wanted to save Jamie from her mess. Tad said Jamie may be where he wants but she said she loves him enough to want him to be happy. She couldn't tell him she loves him for fear of trapping him forever. Tad said he couldn't tell Jamie not to go, she would have to do it herself. Liza questioned Jamie's allegiance to Babe and suggested he stop now. He admitted he loves Babe and feels he was meant to keep Babe and the baby safe. Tad and Liza left for a walk with Colby. Jamie and Babe had something to tell each other...Babe told him she didn't want him to come to Argentina because they didn't have a future together and wanted to say goodbye.

Maggie was astonished and not pleased to hear that Bianca loves her. She insisted she wanted to be with Jonathan now and refused to let Bianca trash her relationship. Bianca begged her to not go back to Jonathan and danger, but Maggie said everything would be fine as soon as he finds a job where he's appreciated. After she stormed out, Anita came over and they worried together about Maggie. Anita opined that Maggie is only staying with him to forget about someone who let her down. Anita explained abusive relationships and how victims think it's their fault. Bianca bragged about how Maggie helped her through the rape trauma and wondered how she let go of their trusting relationship. Anita suggested Bianca just try to be Maggie's friend, without pushing too hard.

Jonathan was not amused to find Greenlee in his apartment and asked why she broke in. She said she was there looking for an office file on his computer and commented on the broken bottle on the floor. She asked his opinion about who would hate her so much to drug her. He blamed Kendall and spun a tale about anyone who loves Ryan and wants to get close to him would have to get rid of Greenlee first. Jonathan warned her to be careful and asked her to stay for a beer but Greenlee left as Maggie came home, clearly uncomfortable. Jonathan tried to apologize and said locking her out was only his messed up way of protecting her until he got control of his temper. They kissed, but he pulled back, saying she hurts his feelings by putting him down sometimes. Maggie begged to know what she's done wrong and promised to never hurt him again. She also told him she told Bianca to stay out of their lives and he was very pleased. They danced and kissed.

Kendall found Ethan on the beach, ready to shoot, and he collapsed in her arms and told her how furious he'd been, ready to shoot Zach. He admitted that moment changed everything and he doesn't want to be that person and continue to feel the rage. He worried about becoming just like Zach. Kendall reminded him he was lucky to have a mother who was able to sacrifice everything to protect him. Greenlee called Kendall, and they argued over her being with Ethan after Greenlee told her Jonathan creeped her out. Kendall suggested she tell Ryan. Ethan asked Kendall to promise to not let him change and make the Cambias curse come true.

Tuesday, January 18th, 2005

Greenlee tries to talk to Ryan about Jonathan. Ryan admits that Jonathan has some problems, especially in regards to Cambias. Hoping to give Greenlee some insight, he explains how he himself feels about relinquishing Cambias. He's regretful and somewhat reluctant to see it go after becoming accustomed to the easy lifestyle the fortune provided. However, unlike Jonathan, Ryan has had previous experience with a change in financial status and therefore knows he'll be ok. He suggests that the loss of Cambias must be a huge disappointment to Jonathan. Greenlee is sympathetic but doesn't believe that disappointment accounts for Jonathan's behavior towards her. She confides to him her fear that Jonathan may be behind her poisoning but is interrupted by a knock at the front door. It's Jonathan and Maggie bearing gifts. Much to Greenlee's dismay it's Ryan's birthday. A birthday that Jonathan remembered while she had entirely forgotten. As a birthday gift, Jonathan gives Ryan a remote control plane which they take outside to fly. While they are outside, Greenlee is inside with Maggie. Deciding to take advantage of the opportunity, Greenlee begins to question Maggie, specifically about any medications Jonathan may be taking. Maggie completely misunderstands Greenlee, assuming she suspects Jonathan of hitting her, and becomes defensive. She tells a somewhat startled Greenlee to mind her own business. Outside, Jonathan makes a point of reassuring Ryan that he's resigned to Cambias being signed over and fully supports his brother's decision. Greenlee is less than pleased later when Ryan tells her that he has every intention of continuing to work in some capacity with Jonathan.

At their apartment, Maggie makes small talk about the party, however Jonathan isn't receptive. He immediately picks a fight, asking her what she and Greenlee were talking about when he came back into the room with Ryan. Sensing Jonathan's anger, Maggie tells him that she was just showing Greenlee her watch. Jonathan doesn't believe her. Things quickly escalate. When Maggie flinches at a sudden move made by Jonathan he becomes enraged. He accuses her of trying to provoke him into hitting her so that she could play the innocent victim and run off to her friends. Maggie is devastated. Jonathan storms out of the apartment telling her that he won't give her that satisfaction.

Bianca is upset after learning from Reggie that he had confronted Jonathan about hitting Maggie and the details of that encounter. She tells him that she fears he may have made things worse by going over there but Reggie reassures her that Jonathan isn't about to strike Maggie again. They both remain steadfast in their determination to do what it necessary to help Maggie. Talk of Maggie, leads to talk of Jamie as Reggie expresses his disgust over Jamie's recent actions. Bianca lets Reggie know that Babe and Jamie will in all likelihood be arrested for kidnapping James which prompts Reggie to note that Babe actually made him feel sorry for JR. Bianca wonders if the ripple effects of that fateful night of the helicopter crash will ever end.

Liza, Tad and Colby are at a park in New Orleans one last time before she returns home to pack up to leave New Orleans. Liza takes the opportunity to enjoy a moment of personal victory as she says "I told you so" to Tad. He admits that she was right about Krystal and that he deserves her "I told you so's." Liza lets him off the hook when she acknowledges that Adam was her Krystal. That as Tad did Krystal, she had completely misjudged Adam. While discussing Babe and Jamie's situation Tad confesses to Liza that he's done things he never thought he would do in the name of protecting his son. Talk then drifts to JR and the revelation that Tad no longer recognizes JR. Tad feels that JR is all the worst parts of Adam with none of the good from Dixie to balance him out.

Krystal and David are brought to the memorial spot of the crash site. They'd been lured there by JR who quickly makes his presence known. He questions them about his son whom they continue to insist is dead. He opens his cell phone, making a comment about how wonderful technology is, and shows them a picture taken by his investigator of Babe and Jamie in disguise with James. Realizing there is no longer any point in denying the obvious, Krystal and David refuse to stand there arguing with him. They start to leave when JR stops them with an offer of a glimpse into his mind. Interested to hear what he has to say, they are quickly rattled when JR informs them that he has every intention of making sure Babe's punishment is permanent. He suggests shooting her in the head but dismisses that by claiming her death would be too fast. When Krystal shouts that Babe will outlive all of them, JR slowly glances at his watch and tells her "Don't count on it." Both David and Krystal are shaken.

As Babe packs for Argentina, Jamie tells her that he loves her. Babe is at first distrustful believing that Jamie is just exaggerating his feelings. When he tries to convince her otherwise, Babe becomes upset. She does her best to steer the conversation away from talk of love by telling Jamie that she doesn't want him going with her to Argentina. Jamie remains steadfast, trying to convince her that he's sincerely. Frustrated Babe tells him that she's trying her best to do what's right so she's giving him an out. Jamie switches tactics. He tells her that he'll leave but first he wants to shower and then pack. He takes off his shirt which has an immediate effect on Babe. Trying her best to hide her true feelings, Babe continues packing even though Jamie comes up from behind and begins to kiss her neck. He tells her how much he loves her and James but that if she wants him to go then he will. No longer able to fight her feelings and Jamie's seduction, Babe stops Jamie as he begins to walk out of the room. She throws her arms around him and tells him that she loves him too and they make love. Afterwards, Jamie goes to get James who had just awoken from his nap. He brings him into the bedroom and hands him to Babe who is still in bed. After James settles down, Jamie shocks Babe with a proposal of marriage. Babe happily accepts.

Wednesday, January 19th, 2005

Ethan walks into the kitchen after his morning shower to find Kendall waiting for him. Kendall quickly pulls Ethan out of his dark mood by pointing out the benefits of living in the here and now as she seduces him. Later, as Kendall showers, Erica stops by. She's less than pleased to find Ethan in the kitchen sans a shirt. When Ethan offers her something for breakfast, Erica declines saying. "I've been up for hours." Ethan responds, "So have I" in a suggestive manner that raises Erica's hackles. Not about to let him get the better of her, she coolly tells him "I came to see Kendall, not your short comings." As they exchange barbs, Erica lets Ethan know that she does not approve of him or his involvement with her daughters. For whatever reason, Ethan chooses to remain silent about the DNA results as Erica berates him under the false understanding that he is not a Cambias. However, the truth comes out when Erica offers to pay Ethan any sum he wants if he'll get out of her daughters lives and leave town. Ethan laughs at the offer. Kendall walks in moments later to investigate only to find her mother standing in her living room with Ethan. Kendall is quickly fills Erica in on the DNA results. After Ethan leaves the two alone to talk, Erica tries to get Kendall to see what a mistake she's making with Ethan. Kendall defends Ethan and makes it clear that she has every intention of being with Ethan and asks Erica if she can accept that. Reluctantly, Erica agrees that will try. The matter settled for the moment, Erica invites Kendall to join her for her first day at New Beginnings but Kendall is forced to decline having made a prior commitment to go with Ethan when he signs the legal papers to claim his part of Cambias.

At Bianca's loft, Ryan is happily playing with Miranda as they await Ethan's arrival. Ryan assures Bianca that he is fine with relinquishing Cambias. He also lets her in on he and Greenlee's decision to start a family which Bianca is ecstatic to hear. When talk returns to Cambias, Ryan suggests that Bianca should get a right hand man to help look after Miranda's businesses interest. Bianca agrees and is delighted when Ryan not only tells her that he has found the perfect candidate but opens the front door to introduce him. It's Jack. When Kendall and Ethan arrive a short while later the papers are finally signed. Ethan makes several overtures of peace to Jack which he reluctantly accepts but warns him that he'll be keeping a close eye on Ethan. Ethan respects Jack's honestly. He also tries to enlist his help to destroy Zach Slater. In another part of the loft, Bianca learns from Kendall that Erica knows that Ethan is a Cambias.

Joe stops Maria in the corridor and lets her know that he appreciates all of her hard work despite the personal crisis she's been facing of late. Maria is appreciative. Edmund catches up with her in her office a short time later. Maria is leery when he cryptically tells her that he needs to talk to her about who beat up Bobby and shot Ryan. Even more so when he then calls Ryan asking him to meet him at the hospital regarding new information in his shooting that has come to light.

Bobby hangs up the phone after confirming that the $1 million that Edmund promised had been transferred into his Cayman account. Satisfied that it is, Bobby turns to Edmund and lets him know that he's ready to do whatever it is Edmund had planned. Edmund leaves the room with a promise to return. Zach steps in moments later. Each play head games as Zach questions Bobby about the origins of his injuries while Bobby suggests that maybe he was targeted because of his line of work and ties to Zach. Bobby becomes uneasy when Zach closes the mini blinds of the window looking out into the hallway then returns to his bedside, threateningly saying that he has reached the end of the road. Just then Maria and Edmund enter the room. Zach's entire demeanor seems to change. He quickly informs Bobby that he is fired then leaves the room. When Ryan arrives a bit later, Edmund prompts Bobby to share with Ryan and Maria the information he's given Edmund. Bobby doesn't mince works. He tells them that there is a woman who works for Zach a woman whom he saw shoot Ryan. He goes on to tell them that he had been blackmailing Zach all of this time, believing he was successful in hiding his true identity with a voice altering device but that somehow Zach had finally discovered who was behind the extortion. When that happened, Zach arranged for Bobby to be beaten. Ryan asks a few more questions and is satisfied with the answers Bobby provides but Maria isn't. She points out that Zach would never to such a thing to his son but Bobby counters, reminding Maria that at the time of Ryan's shooting Zach had no idea that Ethan was his son. It wasn't until after he had Ethan framed that he learned the truth. Maria continues to refuse to believe anything that Bobby is says and leaves the room. Ryan follows her to her office where Maria tries to explain that she feels certain deep down inside that Zach wouldn't do the things that Bobby is accusing him of. Not to his own son. She also questions Bobby's credibility. She reiterates to Ryan that she does not believe Zach was behind the shooting. That she has absolutely no doubts about his innocence.

Erica meets Zach at New Beginnings to sign the sale papers. She doesn't waste time with small talk. She vents her anger...swearing that she could shoot him for what he's done. According to Erica, but for Zach's actions, Ethan would not now be walking around town like a victim garnering sympathy from her daughters. She promises Zach that she will not stand idly by and let Ethan hurt her family. Zach doesn't meekly take what Erica is dishing out. He shouts right back at her trading insults at one point even accusing her of being an unfit parent by reminding her of her Desire Dubois persona. Erica admits that she's made mistakes and takes responsibility for them. She goes on to tell him that she fears what effect Ethan will have on her daughters lives. Zach is unable to reassure her. He tells her that he too is afraid because Ethan now has the Cambias name -- and the Cambias fortune and it will change him. He adds that she should be afraid, very afraid.

Thursday, January 20th, 2005

Due to news coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, today's episode of All My Children was pre-empted. This pre-emption was planned for and there will be no lost episodes. Regular broadcasting will resume tomorrow and pick up where Wednesday's shows concluded.

Friday, January 21st, 2005

As Jonathan packs his belongings up at Fusion, Greenlee asks him if he is comfortable leaving Fusion. Jonathan says that he has no hard feelings and is looking forward to starting a business with Ryan. Greenlee excuses herself to "get an espresso" but secretly meets up with Kendall in the elevator. When Kendall questions her about telling Ryan her theory that Jonathan drugged her, Greenlee admits that she didn't say a word. When Kendall threatens to tell Ryan herself, Greenlee insists that she says nothing because Ryan loves his brother and plus, they don't have any proof to back up their theory. Greenlee suggests that Kendall seduce Jonathan again and get him to confess to drugging her. Kendall refuses, citing that she is in a relationship with Ethan now and that Jonathan probably wouldn't go for the idea now that he is with Maggie. The two women continue to brainstorm but come up with nothing except breaking back into Jonathan's apartment. They agree to break back in and get Jonathan out of the apartment somehow. When they open the elevator doors back open, Jonathan is standing with his boxes ready to leave. Before he heads out, Greenlee tells him about an empty warehouse that he could check out. She says it would be a great spot for he and Ryan's future business. Jonathan says he will look at it on the way home and leaves. Kendall and Greenlee immediately follow out and break into his apartment. After calling out Maggie's name and hearing nothing, the women head toward the computer. Greenlee types in the password and they begin searching through his files. They come up with nothing except that his hard drive was recently cleared out, meaning the files may be on a disk. Jonathan comes in from another room, behind the kitchen, and asks Greenlee if she thinks he drugged her. She asks him, "Did you?"

Ryan pays Bobby a visit and immediately starts questioning him about the night he was shot. When he asks him if Zach is the shooter, Bobby is silent. Aidan steps and offers to ask Bobby the questions, since he is the expert and all. Ryan agrees and Aidan tells Bobby that he is probably too broke to blackmail anyone. Bobby continues not to spill any information, not even when Ryan comes back in and asks him if Zach poisoned Greenlee. Bobby finally suggests that Zach's hitwoman went to David's place, dropped the drugs that he used to chemically castrate Michael Cambias in his drink and left. Bobby says that David smelled the formula in his drink and only got a sip of it, not enough to damage anything. Bobby concludes that if Zach did that, it is possible that he also hired his hitwoman to kill Greenlee. Edmund rolls in and tells Aidan and Ryan to stop badgering Bobby. Bobby tells Edmund their deal is off and Anita kicks everyone out, saying Bobby needs his rest. Anita offers kindness to Bobby, but he shuns it away, citing their new divorce.

Outside Bobby's room, Maria tells Edmund, Ryan and Aidan that she spoke to Zach about the shooting. She says that he would not confirm anything and thinks that he may be up to something. Derek Frye shows up and when they go back in Bobby's room, he is gone.

Zach and Erica meet at her office space to sign final paperwork. Maria rushes in and she and Erica begin their usual verbal catfight. Erica ventures off to another room and once alone, Maria asks Zach if he shot Ryan that night at his casino. Zach does not answer her. Instead, he reminds her that they are no longer friends and it is none of her business what he does. Frustrated, Maria leaves, Erica slips back out and begins asking Zach if he shot Ryan and tried to shoot him a second time. Zach avoids answering her and gives her the keys to the building. Zach and Erica begin swapping bad deeds and Zach challenges her by saying that she almost shot Michael. He questions that if she had a gun when David and Krystal told her the truth about Miranda if she would not have pulled the trigger.

Liza gets nervous when there is knock on her door, but is relieved to only find Tad the other side. Tad tells Liza that Babe and Jamie's vehicle was dumped at the airport in hope of throwing the authorities off track. Jamie and Babe emerge from the bedroom and announce their engagement, which doesn't exactly put smiles on Liza and Tad's face. Liza, Babe and Colby excuse themselves to make milkshakes to celebrate the news. When Jamie asks Tad is he is OK with the news, Tad says that he is not upset about that. Tad explains that Jamie told him that bit of news months ago, he would be upset, but seeing what Babe has sacrificed for his son has changed his mind. Tad says that he only wishes he could be able to watch James grow up once Jamie and Babe run off. Later, Babe, Jamie and James transform themselves into baggy, ragged clothes with James tucked away under blankets in a shopping cart in his carrier. As they prepare to leave, Tad and Liza see police cars lined up outside. They all hide and when the cop knocks at the door, Tad answers it, pretending to be hung over. The cop says that he is looking for an escaped inmate and when Tad tells him there is no one else around, the cop leaves without even searching the house. Babe, Jamie, Colby and Liza comes out relieved. Tad says that they can't go anywhere until the cops leave, which might make them miss their boat to Argentina. After the cops are gone, Jamie and Babe say their good-byes.

Adam and JR continue to plot and scheme in the airplane as they continue to hunt down Jamie and Babe. Adam tells JR that the Llanview police on their side and that they will get JR to his son. Adam says that once they have "Adam Chandler III," they can perform a DNA test to prove the child is his. Adam tells JR that once they get the baby back, JR and his son should not return to Pine Valley until Adam can get this mess concluded with the Buchanans. JR refuses to run and says that he will fight for his son. Adam is just thrilled at the thought of seeing Colby again. Adam and JR's men come on the plane and tell them it is time to find Babe and Jamie. Not soon after, they are all standing in front of Liza's door.

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