All My Children Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on AMC
Lily ran into Stuart in the woods. Greenlee insisted that she no longer loved Ryan. Zach prevented Kendall from telling Ryan about the surrogacy. JR and Jamie refused to forgive Di.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Lily and Stuart run into each other in the woods. Stuart immediately reassures Lily that he's not Adam and explains that he's at her tree because he's troubled and had a need to be by the falls. Lily and Stuart begin to talk about their troubles. They decide that they will keep on caring for their loved ones and wait until they all come to their senses. After talking a bit about the things that makes them different and promising to help each other, they walk out of the woods together.

Kendall and Greenlee discuss how Ryan will factor in on their baby plans. Greenlee asks Kendall if she is still certain that she wants to have the baby. Kendall assures Greenlee that for her, nothing has changed. Her decision to be Greenlee's surrogate were never about Zach or Ryan. She wanted to help Greenlee have a baby because she loves her. Greenlee is greatly relieved. She is certain that Ryan will soon leave town and is determined that he doesn't find out about the baby. Kendall cautions Greenlee, reminding her that there are several people who know that Kendall is pregnant including Erica, who might very likely tell Ryan. Greenlee is confident that she will be able to convince everyone who knows about the pregnancy to not say anything to Ryan. She pleads with Kendall to promise not to say anything to Ryan about the pregnancy. She also insists that Kendall swear that she will not try to reconcile Greenlee and Ryan. Greenlee makes it clear that she doesn't want anything to do with Ryan again. His betrayal hurts too much. She feels that to him, she wasn't worth the risk. After Kendall agrees, Greenlee and Kendall walk into Kendall's townhouse.

Tad goes looking for JR and winds up in the bar during Babe's shift. Babe is not the least bit sympathetic for Tad's current emotional state. She feels that he brought it upon himself when he insisted that Di reveal the truth about whom she really is. Tad defends his actions. He explains that he couldn't keep the lie going because he cares about his family. He tells her that it's not always convenient to tell the truth but it's better than lying. Tad accuses Babe of only caring about the lie remaining hidden because it kept her closer to little Adam. Tad then points out that the person Babe should spare some of her anger for is Di because Di is the one who set the lie in motion.

JR is filled with rage as he confronts Ryan in the park about faking his death. As JR berates Ryan for how he hurt both Greenlee and Kendall, Ryan makes the mistake of saying that what he did in no way affected Kendall. JR loses what little control he has on his temper and uses a heavy branch to start beating on Ryan. Unprepared for the attack, Ryan is quickly overwhelmed. Laying prone on the ground, injured, Ryan is rescued when Julia comes to his defense and quickly disarms JR. Jamie soon joins the trio and while Julia attends to Ryan, he turns to his brother. Ryan declines Julia's offer to take him to the ER and starts to walk away. JR shows little emotion as Ryan begins to stumble and falls to the ground, unconscious. Ryan rouses enough for Julia to walk him to the hospital. Jamie stays with JR in the hopes of getting through to him. He reminds JR of an adventure the two of them had with Dixie when they were young. He tells JR that he needs to hold onto the memories of Dixie but JR shakes his head, as he tearfully confesses that he no longer has any happy memories of Dixie. Tad joins them just as JR reminds his brother that Dixie was not Jamie's mother and he can't possibly know the pain that JR is going through at that moment. Both try to talk to JR, letting him know that they are there for him but JR refuses to listen. He pushes them both away by telling them to go to hell before storming out of the park. Jamie and Tad watch JR walk away. Tad worries that maybe Babe was right that JR was past saving.

At the hospital, Anita takes Ryan off to be checked out by a doctor while Julia waits in the lounge. She reminisces about her days as a nurse, remembering her graduation as well as her last day at the hospital when Noah promised her that one day he would make sure that they returned. When Anita comes out to let her know that Ryan would be fine but staying overnight for observation, Julia avoids answering her about the events that led to Ryan being admitted to the hospital.

JR shows up at the bar to order a drink. Sensing JR's dangerous mood, Babe tries to discourage him from drinking. JR coldly orders her to pour him a drink or promises to buy the bar just to personally fire her. Babe gives him the drink but soon cuts him off.

Di goes to see Zach, concerned because Julia does not have personal security protecting her. Zach informs Di that all of Garret's associates have been arrested and Julia is no longer in any danger. Relieved at the news, Di leaves to find Julia but Zach stops her. Sensing something is different about her, he asks her what is wrong. Di is somewhat surprised when Zach seems to have little reaction to the news that she isn't Dixie. Zach shrugs, reminding her of his own history of assuming a new identity as he offers Di a drink. She tells him that the one thing she and Dixie do have in common is that they both have only one kidney as she declines the offer. Zach orders dinner for them to Di's surprised. After they enjoy a pleasant meal, Di stands up to leave. Zach surprises her with an offer of a job to meet and greet his customers. When Di asks him why he's making the offer, Zach admits that he would like for Kendall to forgive him some of his lies. Di smiles in understanding and thanks him for the dinner before leaving. Later, Di watches as Jamie and Tad leave the park.

In his office, Zach is deep in thought about Kendall.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

At the Chandler mansion, Babe told her mama that J.R. was the meanest drunk she'd ever seen, and she feared it was only going to get worse. Upstairs, Adam told a drunken J.R. to pull himself together, and threw a drink in his son's face to make a point. The two argued, Adam insisting J.R. should call the police and have Di Kirby thrown back in prison, and J.R. threatening to take his son and leave his father's house. Hearing the angry voices, Babe felt, for the welfare of her child, that she had to at least try to help J.R. As she tried to offer sympathy and comfort, Krystal was downstairs trying to serve a home-cooked Southern-style breakfast to her hubby, who wondered if she was trying to kill him, death by lard? He choked on his food when Krystal told him that Lucretia had mentioned a former Mrs. Chandler, Gloria, who had tried to poison him; she lamented that Gloria hadn't succeeded. When Babe said she wanted to help J.R. in whatever way she could, he kissed her.

After falling asleep on Kendall's couch, Greenlee got a call from Anita that her husband had been admitted to the hospital. Greenlee's first response was to say she was on her way, prompting Kendall to comment that she was still in love with Ryan, and she thought he deserved to know about the baby. Greenlee asked, "Ryan comes back into town and it's you against me again? Is that where we are?" She reminded her friend she had sworn she would never tell Ryan about the baby, and decided against going to the hospital.

Despite Erica's insistence that Ryan and Greenlee needed time to be alone, Jack worried about his daughter's safety and broke down the door of their penthouse. He and Erica found the penthouse empty, but Jack read the note Ryan had left for Greenlee, saying there was one more thing he had to tell her. As Erica tried to reason with Jack, saying all of their lives were so intertwined, Greenlee came in and told her not to say another word. She told them about Ryan hiding in Erin's cabin when she was in Nova Scotia, and Jack was relieved to hear Greenlee say she and Ryan didn't have a future together. After Jack left, presumably to get someone to fix the door, Erica lashed out at Greenlee for her selfishness. Greenlee tried to convince her that Ryan should never know about the baby, and asked her to swear he would never learn that Kendall was carrying their child.

Ryan woke up in the hospital to Zach's question, "I wonder what it would take to make you dead for real." Slater asked if he had come back to hurt Greenlee even more, and Ryan realized Kendall had learned of Zach's involvement. Zach said he got him out of town once, "This time I make sure you stay gone." As Zach was warning Ryan against hurting Kendall, she came into the hospital room. Zach left, but listened to their conversation on a hospital monitor. Kendall recalled Ryan telling her he would throw himself off a cliff before he hurt Greenlee, and he admitted that was what he had done. Kendall urged him to fight for his marriage, while Zach tensed up when he heard Ryan ask her to tell him about the baby. Kendall wondered if Ryan would have come back and wanted a future with his wife if there was still a baby to consider. Ryan said yes, he still would have come back, and Kendall asked how he would feel if the impossible happened, and there was a baby? Ryan asked her, if there was something he should know about Greenlee, to please tell him.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

JR seeks physical comfort from Babe but Babe pushes JR away from her after a few kisses, not quite trusting his sincerity and feeling that sleeping with him would do more damage than good. Frustrated, JR asks Babe what it will take her to convince her that he just needs her to be with him. He drops to his knees and wraps his arms about Babe then begs her to save him. Babe is almost convinced that JR is truly in pain and needs someone to show him tenderness but then JR suddenly drops his act and once again begins flinging insults at Babe. They are interrupted when Winifred brings little Adam in. Babe is quick to keep JR from taking their son from Winifred's arms. She tells JR that he reeks of alcohol and is in no condition to be spending time with little Adam. JR concedes her point, and orders Winifred to take Little Adam to the nursery where he will soon join them to read his son a story. While JR is brushing his teeth, Krystal walks into the bedroom. Babe admits that she's worried. She feels that Di's revelation undid all of the strides that JR has made in recent months and that she's further away than ever from her goal to be closer to her son. Krystal assures Babe that she will keep a close eye on both JR and little Adam. After Babe leaves, JR returns to his room only to find Krystal waiting for him. Krystal does her best to try to get through to JR but JR has no interest in Krystal's advice. He offers to consider it only if she is willing to sign over her share of Chandler Enterprises. JR leaves to pay Jamie a visit.

Amanda drops by Jamie's place with some food and an offer of friendship. Jamie is reluctant to accept either, but Amanda is persistent. Eventually, Jamie admits that he's pretty torn up about the revelation that Di is not Dixie. Amanda is understanding, offering him sympathy for what he's going through. They sit down to enjoy the meal that Amanda brought over and as they talk they decide to go on a short vacation. After Amanda leaves, she calls Janet. As she's telling Janet that she and Jamie decided to elope, Babe walks by and overhears Amanda's announcement.

Josh wants answers from his father. In an effort to gain his father's trust, Josh offers to help him head off Erica. Greg is immediately suspicious, reminding Josh that in the past whenever Josh had an opportunity he always sided with Erica. Josh explains his actions by claiming that he has his own personal reasons for always championing Erica but that he thinks Erica is a selfish person who is a crowd pleaser and he is nothing more than part of the crowd. Greg tries to probe into what Josh's reason for being duplicitous could be but Josh remains secretive, offering only to confide in his father if Greg will do the same. Greg declines the offer.

Erica is not pleased with Greenlee's decision to keep Ryan in the dark about the pregnancy. She tries to convince Greenlee that she's making a huge mistake but Greenlee remains stubborn. Erica feels that Greenlee is going to end up regretting her decision but promises to keep the secret provided that Greenlee agrees to tone down some of the anger that she's feeling toward Ryan. After Greenlee leaves, Josh enters Erica's office. They talk about Ryan and specifically how it will affect Kendall. Erica is frustrated that she's being forced to do nothing when every instinct in her is telling her to do otherwise. Josh offers to help by becoming Kendall's new best friend in an effort to help steer Kendall in the direction that Erica would like her to take. Erica is flattered by the offer. She tells Josh that she has one more thing in mind that she'd like to try but if that doesn't work out then she just may take him up on his offer.

Kendall talks to Ryan about Greenlee while Zach listens in thanks to Anita who permitted him to use the intercom. Worried that Kendall is preparing to tell Ryan about her pregnancy, Zach enlists a somewhat reluctant Anita into helping him. Just as Kendall is telling Ryan about how deeply Greenlee suffered after the loss of their child, Zach and Anita interrupt. Anita insists on checking Ryan while Zach pulls Kendall out of the room. She is furious with him especially after she realizes that he must have been listening in on their conversation and realizes that she was about to tell Ryan about the baby. Kendall makes it clear to Zach that what she tells Ryan does not concern Zach. He in turn points out that Greenlee is the mother of the child that Kendall is carrying and Ryan is the father while Kendall is merely the incubator. Kendall has no right to tell Ryan about the baby, only Greenlee does. After Anita leaves Ryan's room, Kendall returns to talk to Ryan. She doesn't tell him about the baby. Instead, Ryan shocks Kendall with the news that Jonathan is alive and had been suffering from a brain tumor. Kendall insists that Ryan cannot tell Greenlee about Jonathan, fearing that Greenlee is in no state to handle such news. Kendall goes on to ask Ryan how he can be sure Jonathan isn't the monster that they all believe him to be and asks how he can be certain that Jonathan's tumor didn't develop after he tried to kill all of them. Ryan offers to give Kendall the names of the doctors but she isn't interested in speaking to Jonathan's doctors. Kendall begs Ryan not to say anything to Greenlee but Ryan refuses to make promises. He tells her that not saying anything is a lie by omission and he had vowed never to lie to Greenlee again. As Kendall is begging Ryan not to hurt Greenlee further, Greenlee walks into the hospital room.

After leaving Erica's Greenlee returns home and starts thinking about the last time Ryan made love to her. She is interrupted when Zach knocks on her front door. Greenlee tries to toss him out but Zach has no intention of leaving until he's had his say. He reminds Greenlee of all the months she kept trying to insist that Ryan was everything in the world to her and she had deep faith in him. Greenlee dismisses Zach's claims by telling him that all of that died when Ryan betrayed her. Zach refuses to stand by and watch Kendall be put in the middle of something of Greenlee's making. He tells her to stop feeling sorry for herself and see what she's doing to her best friend. After Zach leaves, Greenlee goes to the hospital to see Ryan.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Greenlee shows up at the hospital to find out why Ryan was admitted. Unwilling to stir up any more alarm, Ryan dismisses the incident as something minor and says he will be released shortly. Greenlee then turns to her best friend to find out the reason why she bothered to visit Ryan. Kendall carefully says that she is glad that Ryan isn't dead and that, because Greenlee showed up, she must be glad as well. However, contrary to Ryan's hope, Greenlee offers to box up his things and ship them to wherever he plans on going. Kendall bounces back and forth between the two, hoping to convince them that they need to sit and talk things over, in an attempt to get back to the couple they used to be. Ryan tells both of them that he has no plans to leave Pine Valley right away, but Greenlee notes that he has nothing to keep him there. Greenlee admits that she no longer trusts Ryan, and that she doesn't want to be anywhere around him. Just then, Livia shows up, sparking alarm between the two best friends. She asks Ryan if they want to conduct their business in the hospital, or back in her office. Before he can answer, Greenlee jumps in, questioning why Ryan would need a lawyer. Both she and Kendall posit scenarios that would explain Livia's presence, such as Ryan being charged with a crime. Livia tries to explain that they might want to head off any problems that might crop up with Ryan's return, such as any issues with the insurance company or any death benefit claims. Greenlee assures Ryan and his lawyer that she didn't try to go after an inheritance because she didn't want to believe he was dead. She further assures Livia that if there are any questions, she would be more than happy to confirm that Ryan left town to get away from her. This starts another rash of arguments between the husband and wife, including an indication that Ryan would start talking about how Jonathan survived being shot and the cave-in at the mine. Kendall cuts them off by demanding that they leave, and storms out of the room with Greenlee in tow. Once the duo leaves the room, Livia gets down to the truth and asks Ryan about the felon he wants to bring back to town. Ryan confesses that Jonathan is still alive, and that he wants to come home. He explains about the tumor and the doctor's diagnosis that it, in addition to the anti-psychotic medication, caused Jonathan's behavior. Ryan tells Livia that if she is having any second thoughts about representing Jonathan, he could find someone else. She doesn't reject him, but she tells him that there needs to be some very serious thought put into it. She notes that she would have to have a certified copy of all of the records from Canada. She asks if Jonathan will surrender to the authorities, and Ryan says Jonathan will surrender if Ryan tells him to. Ryan then admits that he thinks that Livia will be able to keep Jonathan out of jail, but Livia makes no promises. She tells Ryan that Jonathan can't expect to come back to the town where he committed heinous crimes against members of the community, and expect to simply settle into the good life. She notes that Jackson and Greenlee are two of the people that would be outraged at Jonathan's reappearance, which prompts Ryan to admit that he was about to tell Greenlee that Jonathan survived. Livia then strongly urges him to keep this secret close. Until they have Jonathan's medical records and Jonathan has surrendered to the authorities, Livia doesn't want anyone to know. Dejectedly, Ryan notes that Greenlee is the one person that should. Livia tells him that as soon as Greenlee finds out, she will tell her father and both want Jonathan's head on a platter. She asks for time to work out something with the DA but Ryan confesses that Kendall already knows. He promises Livia that Kendall is following her way of thinking - that telling Greenlee about it now is too much. Only slightly relieved, Livia informs her client that once they are ready to go public, he can tell Greenlee first - but not a second too soon.

Out in the hallway, Greenlee angrily confront Kendall about her desire to tell Ryan about the baby, against Greenlee's wishes. Kendall said that she needed to find out how he would feel if the baby Greenlee lost had indeed survived. Greenlee reminds Kendall that she made a promise to keep the baby a secret, but Kendall admits that she took in upon herself to disprove all of the assumptions Greenlee had about her husband. Greenlee takes this as an admission of guilt and is despondent that Ryan is in the know. Kendall quickly corrects her and says that she didn't break her promise, nor does Ryan suspect anything. Greenlee tells her that Ryan has already proven that he can't be a good father, and that there are some things that can't be forgiven. Kendall asks how she lives with such duplicity: she is angry and unforgiving because Ryan held back the huge secret that he survived the fall and yet...she is willing to never tell him about the baby. Kendall strongly urges Greenlee to continue along the path of truth by going back into Ryan's hospital room and telling him the truth. Greenlee refuses, and Kendall wants to know what the plan of action will be when she starts showing. Greenlee tells Kendall she expects Ryan to be gone by then. If not, then Kendall needs to stay out of the way so that Greenlee can handle it. Frustrated, Kendall grabs her things and starts to leave the hospital. Before she can go, Greenlee asks what Ryan told her about his feelings toward a child. Kendall tells her everything that happened before is inconsequential to Ryan now because all he wants is whatever will make Greenlee happy. Kendall urges Greenlee to trust Ryan as she did before, because he's a changed man. Greenlee then demands to know what happened to change Ryan so drastically. Kendall breaks eye contact and pretends as if she doesn't know. She tells Greenlee that if she wants the truth, she should ask Ryan herself. Greenlee considers the possibility, but says that she still wouldn't tell him about the baby growing inside of Kendall. Kendall admits that Greenlee has the last word on that, but notes that she still thinks that Greenlee should give Ryan a chance. Greenlee chuckles mirthlessly, informing Kendall that Erica had spoken those very words to her. Greenlee tells her best friend that she forgave Ryan because he didn't screw her over but as his wife, things were a lot different. Kendall negates that, saying that even though she wasn't married to Ryan, she was still broken when they believed he was dead. She then tells Greenlee that she chose to forgive him because of the baby - she is carrying the baby out of love for both of them. She reminds Greenlee that they conceived the baby to keep a part of Ryan with them - but now that Ryan is back, what will Greenlee do? Further, she asks, when the baby is old enough and asks about its father, will Greenlee lie or tell the truth?

Anita goes into Ryan's room and finds him there alone. She tells him that he has been cleared to leave and he can do so as soon as she finds a wheelchair. Ryan tries to beg off from that kind of treatment but Anita tells him that it's policy. She goes off to call him a cab, leaving him alone once again. Moments later, Greenlee reenters the room. As Kendall watches from outside the window, Greenlee offers to go back to the penthouse with Ryan so that they can talk.

At the mall, Amanda chats on the phone with her mother, and as she grabs a seat at a nearby table, she assures her that the choice to elope is the best one for both her and Jamie. Moments later, she ends the phone call, but has no peace because Babe plunks her bags down on the table, and invites herself to join Amanda. In an attempt to find out information about the shopping spree that Amanda appears to be on, Babe trades barely veiled barbs with her nemesis. Amanda, enjoying the exchange, attempts to make her relationship with Jamie more than it is, if only to get under Babe's skin. Her last comment - noting that Babe shared something fake with her man, while Amanda's relationship was the real deal - was more than enough for Babe to take. She tells Amanda to have fun, and takes her leave.

JR shows up at Jamie's place, and after a false start, Jamie invites his brother in. After they choke down some cheap beer and small talk, JR begins to hit the harder stuff again. Jamie figures out rather quickly that JR's real reason for being there has more to do with Di's revelation.

Tad attempts to soothe his aching soul by playing the drums in his office. Brooke shows up, and makes note of how hard he had been playing his set. Knowing him as she does, she asks which drum has Di's face on it. She tries to talk to him about everything that has happened but Tad throws an endless stream of quips at her, trying to avoid any serious discussion. He tries to head her off at the pass by drumming louder, but Brooke will not be ignored. She grabs a drum stick and stabs it through one of the drums, destroying it and forcing Tad to pay attention to her. She wants to talk about how Di's big reveal affected not only him, but also JR and Jamie. Tad, still unwilling to talk in depth, takes what she says and runs with it on a tangent about online dating. Brooke decides that she'll give Tad a day to get himself together, and goes to leave. As she does, she runs into David Hayward. After poking fun for a minute, David reveals that he wants to hire Tad to track down more of Dixie's half-sisters...just so that he can have more fun torturing Dixie's loved ones. Tad tolerates David's chatter for a few moments and then approaches him...saying that he has the perfect gift for David. Tad offers to put an ad online for David - so that he can finally have someone to occupy his time instead of continually messing with the rest of the town. Smirking, David offers to write one for Tad but he is tuned out by drumsticks crashing against cymbals. Tad then calls him on his bluff, saying David is like a 5 year old who thinks that any attention, bad or good, is still a good thing. David tries to provoke Tad some more but Tad tells him simply that if he is bored because the Di fiasco is over, he'll have to get his jollies somewhere else. He then drives the point home by telling David that even the fake Dixie fell in love with Tad. Defeated, David takes his leave without a word.

A short time later, Babe spies Amanda talking with a jeweler, and gets curious as to their exchange. When Amanda departs from the kiosk, Babe takes her place, and gives the jeweler a story about dating the brother of the girl who just left. She goes on to say that the other woman's birthday is approaching, and she thought that a match to whatever was just purchased would be a good idea. The jeweler understands, and pulls out the items: a matching set of gold wedding bands. She then suggests that perhaps Babe should consider buying a toaster or a blender. Stunned at the sight, Babe stutters her thanks and backs away from the counter. As she ponders her next move, Brooke ambles by and Babe springs into action. She grabs Brooke's arm and begs her to find a way to stop Jamie from marrying Amanda. Brooke doesn't believe her but Babe tells her about the purchase of the wedding rings. Brooke thinks that it might be a joke, but Babe won't back down. She begs Brooke to do something for the son she loves, before Amanda has a chance to ruin his life. With no love lost, Brooke snidely asks if Babe is so upset because she wanted to be the one to destroy Jamie's life. Brooke reads her the riot act, and Babe accepts the blame...but she still wants Brooke to stop the destruction.

As Di packs her things at Wildwind in preparation for heading out of town, she thanks Julia for her hospitality. Julia asks where she plans to go, and after Di makes a quip about throwing a dart at the map at the bus station, Julia interjects that if Di runs, she really didn't deserve the life she stole. Di whines for a few moments about how she isn't wanted or needed in Pine Valley, but Julia doesn't want to hear it. She tells Di that she fought 9 years for her life but Di reminds her that the life she led until recently was her sister's life. Further, because of her decision, the people closest to Dixie hate her. She notes that she doesn't want to hurt those people anymore, but Julia tries to convince her that their lives were better when she was in them. Di corrects her, saying that things seemed better when they thought that Dixie was back. Now that they know the truth about who she is, Di is afraid of how out of control things could be. At that moment, Julia reveals that the last time she saw JR, he was assaulting Ryan Lavery. While Di reels in the shock at the severe turn that her nephew has taken, Julia tells her that she managed to stop JR, but that she doesn't see good things in his future if he continues to vent his rage in similar ways. She thinks that Di should find JR and talk to him but Di believes that she will only cause more pain. Julia rebuts, thinking that there is a possibility that Di could help him through it. Julia invites Di to stay at Wildwind, and says that if Di stays in Pine Valley, she can show everyone who Di Henry really is and earn a second chance.

Before JR and Jamie can hash out the particulars of their latest tenuous connection, there is a knock at the door. Jamie goes to open it, and finds the subject of their conversation. JR, standing just outside of a direct line of vision from the door frame, hears Di say that she wants Jamie to know how truly sorry she is, and she wants his help in finding a way to make it up to both him, and JR. JR then reveals himself, and welcomes her to hell. Jamie reluctantly lets her in, although he tells her right away that it would be better if she were gone. This allowance immediately makes JR think that Jamie knew Di was a fake all along, and that they were in cahoots to hurt JR. Jamie vehemently denies it, and Di assures him that he is off the mark. Used to protecting himself by hurling accusations, JR insists that they must have put the plan in motion so that JR would be nicer to his brother and his ex-wife, and so that both would have access to Little A. They go a few more rounds and JR doles out additional painful summations before he brings them to the crux of the matter: will he send Di back to jail for what she did, or not? Jamie admits that if JR presses charges, he will be supportive. JR continues to try to intimidate Di, but she won't bend. She tells her nephew that she won't leave town with things in such a shambles. JR tells her that she doesn't have a choice, but Di isn't willing to accept that. She tries to tell him that he can get in touch with her whenever he needs to, but JR puts her in her place by saying that he needs nothing from her. Furious, he storms out of the apartment, and Jamie demands to know why Di can't just stay out of everyone's life. Di insists that it was never her plan to hurt anyone, but Jamie is in no mood to hear it. While Di helped JR become more human for a while, all of the progress was dismantled with her confession. Jamie starts to throw her out, and when he opens the door, he sees his mother. Di, who had been ready to argue the point some more, falls silent quickly at the sight of Brooke. She quickly grabs her things and takes her leave.

Once alone with her son, Brooke hints around Jamie's relationship with Amanda, wanting to know just how serious it is. Once Jamie figures out what his mother wants to know, he tells her that he might get married 10 years or so down the road, but even then - it wouldn't be to Amanda Dillon. Jamie asks what provoked Brooke into thinking such things, but Brooke blows it off, noting that since it's not true - it didn't matter. She soon leaves, and in the hallway outside, she calls Babe to confirm that Jamie won't be marrying Amanda. Relieved, Babe promises that she won't bother Brooke or her son again. She hangs up, and immediately sees Amanda across the mall court, paying for a drug that will make the recipient do anything she wants and leave them with only a hangover in the morning. Shocked, Babe is unsure of her next move.

Now alone at Wildwind, Julia has a quiet dinner in the living room. As she sips her wine, she audibly flashes back to times gone by with her loved ones - those on the other side of the country, or gone from the world. In one memory, she is reminded that she comes from a strong stock, and that she is not the kind of person to just crumble up and fade away after fighting so hard to get her life back. She goes upstairs and when she returns, she's dressed up for a night out on the town.

Later on, Tad again answers a knock at his office door - this time finding Di on the other side.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Tad immediately shuts the door in Di's face, but she makes herself known by coming inside. As Tad ignores her by playing video games, Di tells him about JR drunken actions. She knows Tad is going to blame JR's behavior on her, so she spares him the chance. Tad says that is not what he thinking -he is pondering why she is still there. When Di recants memories of the love for her and the family, Tad reminds her that they loved Dixie, not her. Di says that she will not leave Pine Valley, so Tad counters that she is heartless to stay in town and remind the family of how much pain she cause. Di plans to stay in town to make sure the pain is overcome. The only way to chase her away is to arrest him, so she pushes for Tad to call Derek. Tad claims to have no use for her, but does not pick up the phone. When Di says something about Tad and her not going anywhere, Tad gets upset and asks her how she knew that was something Dixie said. He tells her she is not Dixie for the last time. Di agrees, but says unlike her half-sister, she won't run away from their problems and make everything right.

Di goes to Zach's casino and orders a glass of wine. When Zach comes up, she tells him they can toast to her new life. An employee interrupts Zach, so he promises to come back soon. Julia starts flirting with the man seated next to her. They share laughs, some drinks and eventually, the man invites Julia to enjoy some more wine in his room. Zach stops them as they prepare to leave. When the man says he is done gambling for the night, Zach offers to cash him out. After a few words with Zach, the man leaves and Zach tells one of his employees to take Julia to a car outside. Julia uses her self-defense skills to knock the man out. She grabs her purse and waltzes up to Zach's life to tell him to butt out of her life. Julia counters that she hates his life and can't stand to see anyone else happy, which is why he sent the man away. Zach calls someone to send a car for Julia, but she thinks he does not want her to leave.

As Kendall unlocks her door, Erica calls out her name, but she ignores her and goes inside. From outside, Erica announces that she has a plane ticket out of Pine Valley for Kendall. Kendall goes outside to see what her mother is up to. She looks at the plane ticket to Paris, which Erica wants her to go visit Bianca permanently. The move would give her a chance to break free from Greenlee and Ryan's marriage, Erica says. Kendall bets that the Laverys will reconcile by her first trimester, but Erica does not agree. Kendall tells her mother that she has to stay because she wants to keep the Laverys together. Erica does not pipe in to help play match-maker for Kendall. She tells her daughter that once she hands the baby over, she won't be as involved in the child's life as she wants to be. Erica is worried that Kendall won't be able to walk away from the child so easily once it is born. Kendall reminds her mother that she will be the child's godmother so she will not be out of the loop. Erica is worried that she will fall back in love with Ryan, but Kendall is not. Erica tells her daughter that it is possible because she does not love Zach. With their history and the child coming, it could stir up old feelings, Erica adds. Kendall asks Erica to leave and tears up the plane ticket.

When Kendall goes to Zach's office, she overhears Julia asking Zach to bed her and sees them kissing.

Erin takes Jonathan to her home, fresh from the hospital. Jonathan asks Erin to call Ryan and see Greenlee has forgiven him, but she tells him that they have to wait for Ryan to contact them. Jonathan jokes about not being very patient and tells Erin is glad to see her smiling again. His speech is still slurry, but Jonathan is able to make sentences. Erin suggests that Jonathan get some rest, so he assumes he will be locked back in the small room. Erin apologizes for putting Jonathan in the room, but he is not angry at her. She tells Jonathan that he will never go back in that room or have to be locked inside of the house. He wants Ryan and Greenlee to be happy together and pressures Erin to take him to Pine Valley to apologize to Greenlee. When she goes in the room to get Jonathan's pillows, he locks her in as a "prank." He walks away "to make things right."

Ryan and Greenlee go to their home, where Ryan learns that Jackson tore down the door in concern for her safety. Greenlee tells him that she has never been afraid of him, but now, feels she doesn't know him. When she asks about the urgent news he needed to tell her, Ryan avoids a direct answer. He asks if there is another chance for them to get back together, he needs to be honest with her about everything. Greenlee tells Ryan that she needs to be honest about something involving Kendall. She reminds him that Kendall has put her support over the past few months when she mourned Ryan's death. Like Kendall, Ryan tells Greenlee that he believes in their love more than ever. Greenlee asks Ryan if he told Kendall that he would have come back if their baby had lived. Ryan confirms that he told Kendall those words. Greenlee is shocked because Ryan pretended to die when he found out about the pregnancy, but now, it is no big deal. Ryan says he is still scared about being a dad one day, but is willing to do what it takes to keep Greenlee. Greenlee realizes that Ryan still thinks crushing hr heart made him a better man so she asks him to leave before walking away. When she comes back to the living room, Ryan is still there, claiming that he will not move out. Ryan tells Greenlee about Erin's hatred for him at first, so Greenlee counters that Erin hid him out pretty good for someone who hated her. She even accused a man at the hospital of being Jonathan. Ryan says that Erin got over her hate and loved Ryan. He says that they will have to discuss Jonathan and Erin later, but wants her forgiveness first. Ryan tells her that he finally knows he is not like his father. Greenlee counters that he should have trusted his wife at home, not at an estranged sister's house for a few months. Ryan says he realized all this thanks to Jonathan. Greenlee asks him how Jonathan played a role in everything when he is buried under dirt and rumble. Just as Ryan is about to break the news, the phone rings. Greenlee picks it up and Jonathan says, "Surprise! It's Jonathan."

Should Storm come back from the dead?
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