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Passions Recaps: The week of October 24, 2005 on PS
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Monday, October 24, 2005

Fancy walks into Alistair's bedroom and finds Theresa suffocating her grandfather with a pillow. Alistair convinces Fancy that he and Theresa were "just playing," but then asks to speak to Theresa in private.

Someone mysterious has driven through the night to get to Harmony – and is headed to the bed & breakfast. At the B&B, Sheridan watches more of Luis' video.

Fox interrupts his night with Kay to work on a Crane Industries project.

Noah seeks Ethan's half-brotherly advice.

While trying to get Jessica to come with her, Simone angers Spike by cleverly dissuading some of Jessica's potential johns.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

At the Crane Mansion, Alistair greeted Fancy and Theresa for breakfast and then Ethan and Gwen joined them. Fancy pulled Alistair aside to ask him about Theresa trying to kill him. He assured her it wouldn't happen again because he'd explained the consequences to her. Alistair demanded Theresa wear a virginal white teddy that night and when he walked away, Fancy told Ethan that she'd seen Theresa try to smother her grampy the night before. Ethan was concerned that Theresa would follow through on her plans to off Alistair. Alistair asked Fancy what her plans for the day and she told him she planned to go shopping in Boston and he told her that she had a new job at Crane developing a line of style and fashion. She expressed doubts that she could do that and he reminded her that she'd been drawing designs since she could hold a pencil, and then he sent her to change into business attire and meet him at his car out front. The nanny brought Jane in to a gushing Gwen and when they left the breakfast table, Ethan was left with Theresa. He asked her about the smothering and she admitted to it and said she'd keep trying until she killed him. He was astonished and wanted to know what she'd done. She explained how desperate she was to get him off of her and away from her son. She said he'd steal her son's soul and he'd never have true love unless she got him away from Alistair's control. He recommended she just leave and she said she couldn't leave without her son and since she'd signed the prenuptial agreement without understanding it, she couldn't leave. He told her that he'd have to turn her in as an officer of the court and she told him to do whatever he thought he had to do, but she had to kill him to protect her children. He warned her that they'd lose more if she was in jail. She stormed off to get ready for Luis's funeral-her second brother killed by Alistair.

At the Bennett Bed and Breakfast, Sheridan woke up to James sleeping next to her and Chris looking at them both. In her daze she mistook them for Marty and Luis. He turned on her light and she realized her mistake then despaired that Luis would never come back. She asked why they'd left the witness protection and Chris explained that James missed her and he needed to check to see she was okay, Sheridan worried that the mob and the FBI would both be after him. James found the "Curious George" book of Marty that Luis had found and been returned to Sheridan. Sheridan read it to him and then he told her he was hungry. Sheridan offered to cook and Chris demurred knowing Sheridan's questionable cooking skills. They went to the kitchen and made a huge breakfast.

At the Bennett house, Sam and Noah awoke to find that Jessica had left with some of her stuff. They wondered where she'd gone and Simone walked in from the kitchen to tell them the details. She told them that she was with Spike and that he had her on drugs as well as having some sort of hold on her. They wondered if Alistair was behind Spike's activities. Sam was sure that Alistair could be behind it all. Noah was sure glad that he'd not accepted the job with Alistair. It dawned on them that Alistair had engineered that because he knew Noah would turn it down and he could turn Fancy against Noah. They pondered Spike's involvement and how he could just be a tool of Alistair's evil plan to get them. Noah lost control of his emotions and yelled that he wanted to kill him. Sam asked him if he meant Alistair or Spike.

At Crane Industries, Kay delivered coffee to Fox who'd left the house at 5 am to work on his project. Since he kissed her on his way out the door, she thought that their love would surpass Tabitha's spell. Julian met with Valerie and Chad. Chad told him that Whitney was going to take her vows that day. Fox joined them to declare that he'd soon be in charge of Crane Industries. Chad challenged him and Julian encouraged them to work with him to stand together against Alistair. They planned to meet at lunch and Julian warned them that Alistair would try to divide and conquer them. Valerie asked Kay if everything was okay with her and Fox. Kay said they were fine and Valerie smirked and under her breath planned to do evil to Kay. Alistair brought a doubting Fancy into the office and told the assemblage that he expected them all to support her before dismissing them all. Her office was beautifully fitted out and she squealed with delight at all her new digs. He came upon Julian with Chad and told them that they better not be plotting against him. Chad worried that he had more competition from Fancy. Alistair then went to meet with Fox who had a business idea for Indonesia. He told Fox it was a great idea and then told him that when he'd gotten Fox's email, he'd assigned Chad to submit a competing proposal. Whoever does the best job will get the project and the other one will have to walk around Crane as a failure. Julian was aghast that Alistair was pitting his two sons against each other instead of promoting teamwork. Fox and Chad couldn't see how they could flout Alistair's rules. They both thought they'd win and Kay knew she had Tabitha's spell on her side. Julian asked them to both be civil and then left to cover details of Luis's funeral. Chad and Fox went their own ways and Valerie told Chad that there was something wrong between Kay and Fox and they should exploit it to their advantage. Alistair checked in on Fancy who was drawing pictures of Noah. She covered it saying that she had an idea for a new spring line to market to department stores. He was pleased as punch then asked if she had any lingering feelings for Noah. She assured him she didn't. He sent her to get something from his office and then snooped around her desk until he found the drawing of Noah.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Kay waits impatiently for Fox to finish working so they can go to Luis's funeral. They get into an argument, and Kay ends up going to the church alone, but he meets her later at the church with a rose, a kiss, and an apology. They go into the church.

Alistair and Fancy are greeted at the church by Sheridan, who is furious that Alistair would dare to show up. Father Lonigan reluctantly tells Sheridan that Alistair is welcome in the House of God, and Julian leads Sheridan away. Father Lonigan starts the service, and Ethan plays Luis's video diary of his last days. In the video, Luis talks to Sheridan about how much he loves and can't wait to bring her Marty. While it is playing, Tabitha and Endora struggle outside the church with a statue that is stopping them from eavesdropping. Back inside, Luis says that he is hot on Beth's trail, so he thinks his life is in danger and if he doesn't make it back, only Alistair is to blame for his death. Ethan stops the video. Sheridan stands and screams at her father. Fancy gets up and leaves, Noah follows, and Alistair taunts Sheridan. Theresa can't take it and yells that it should be Alistair in that coffin. Alistair silences her by reminding her of the pre-nup she signed, and she runs off. Outside in the hall, Fancy refuses to believe Alistair could be so evil as to have Luis killed. Noah points out how naïve she is being, and says he will lose all respect for her if she doesn't stop defending Alistair. Eve follows Theresa into another room, where she tells Theresa she wants the pills she gave her back. Theresa lies that they're all gone and manages to convince Eve that she's changed her mind about killing Alistair. Theresa walks off. Ethan comes in, and Eve tells him Theresa's story. He is doubtful that it's true. Gwen overhears them talking about this. Back where Luis's coffin is, Sheridan vows revenge on Alistair and Alistair hits her across the face. Chris immediately comes to Sheridan's defense and knocks Alistair down!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

In the church courtyard one of the statues came to life and battled with Tabitha. Just as the church bells pealed, Tabitha appealed to Endora for help and the foe was turned back into a statue. Inside the church Noah argued with Fancy about her grandfather's killer while in the sanctuary, Alistair recovered from being punched in the face by Chris. Father Lonigan called everybody to order and Pilar invited everybody except Alistair to lunch at their house to remember happy memories of Luis. Gwen excitedly told her mother that Theresa was planning to kill Alistair and said she had to warn him. Rebecca held her back because she had another plan. Gwen was afraid that Theresa would get everything as the widow, but Rebecca reminded her they could trap Theresa as a red-handed killer. Theresa tried to leave the church and Alistair told her she had to go home with him and have sex instead. Under her breath she agreed and said it would be the last time she would have to sleep with him. The mourners exited the church and found Tabitha in a heap on the grass. They helped her up and invited her to their house for lunch. Pilar asked Theresa if she was coming and Alistair told her that Theresa had wifely duties to perform.

The mysterious red-nailed woman lurked outside the church.

Fancy went to the Book Café' for a latte' and ran into a newly married society friend. Fancy explained her demeanor because she'd been to a funeral Caitlyn asked who had died and Fancy said it was a local. Caitlyn remarked that it was so hard when a servant died. She asked Fancy if she had any men and Fancy replied that she thought she had one, but no longer and then Noah entered the café'. Caitlyn cooed that Fancy had fallen in love and wanted to hear all about it. Fancy listed off his good points and Caitlyn asked why she was with her instead of the man. Fancy explained that Noah hated her family. Caitlyn was astonished. She asked if the man had money and Fancy explained that he not only didn't have money, but hated it. Fancy broke the news that Alistair had cut the family out of the estate, but he'd given her a job at Crane. Caitlyn gushed that women like them were educated to be decorative and produce an heir. Caitlyn told her to marry someone with a couple hundred million. Noah got a phone call from a friend Greg who wanted to know what was happening in his life. He decided he'd love to get together with the old gang. Fancy abruptly left Caitlyn when she saw Noah and went to speak with him. Greg asked about women in Harmony and Noah chortled that all the women in Harmony were zeroes. Fancy overheard and turned away.

At the Lopez-Fitzgerald house mourners started arriving and milling around in little clumps. Simone arrived and apologized for missing the funeral. Her mother grabbed her wrist and found it bruised. Eve started questioning her about the time she was spending with Jessica and Simone told her that somebody needed to be her friend. Julian asked Eve why she was arguing with Simone and she started to reply, but Simone got a call and made an excuse to leave. Eve told Julian that she didn't know why, but Simone was lying about where she was going. Ivy asked Pilar if Sheridan was coming and Pilar told her that Sheridan couldn't handle being around a crowd. Gwen and Rebecca talked about giving Theresa enough rope to hang herself. Gwen said that they should call the police, but Rebecca said to wait until he was dead and then tell the police what she'd overheard. It was simple. Ethan overheard and wanted to know what was simple and then Rebecca hurried off. Ethan asked Gwen what Rebecca meant and she covered, saying that she had plans for redecorating. Fox and Kay hung all over each other and Kay shoved it in Tabitha's face. Then Fox suddenly had an idea for the Singapore project, got huffy and left muttering that time is money. Ivy tried to get Sam to eat something but he was too sad that his best friend was dead. Sam got a call from a cop friend that there had been another murder so he took off like a shot.

Spike delivered a reluctant Jessica to yet another john's motel room. The john paid Spike and Jessica tried to leave because she thought the john was disgusting. Spike threatened to tell Sam about the murders if she didn't stay. When they were through for the first time, the john crowed that she was worth every penny. When he took a break, Jessica took some pills and then noticed a knife on the nightstand. Jessica awoke in a drug haze feeling sick and as she pulled on her clothes, she thought about going home to her dad to help her and then she looked over at the bed screaming her lungs out when she saw that this john had been stabbed and blood covered him in bed. She grabbed her cell phone to call Simone. She told her that she'd killed again, she said there was a dead man and a knife and she didn't remember doing anything, but she must have. Simone arrived as quickly as she could.

At the Bennett house, Sam walked into Jessica's room to find her in bed with her pj's on (Simone hid in the closet). He asked when she'd gotten home and she lied that she'd been home for hours.

At the Bed and Breakfast Chris apologized for hitting Alistair and Sheridan told him that she couldn't believe he'd shown up after all the evil he'd already done to them. Then she encouraged Chris to get out of there before he was discovered. She told him that even if the bad guys didn't get him, her father's goons could and she didn't want anything to happen to him. He said he didn't want to leave her alone and while they argued, James followed the sound of a barking dog outside to the street. Sheridan and Chris noticed that he was gone and just as they got outside a car hit him.

At the Crane mansion Alistair ordered Theresa to go upstairs and change into the virginal white teddy. She asked for a drink and offered him one. He declined and said he'd be watching his drinks from now on. He recommended that they have some spicy food in order to honor Luis. She called the kitchen to order burritos and spicy guacamole. It was delivered and while Theresa spiked the guacamole with the pills from Eve, Rebecca spied on her. Alistair walked in and Theresa offered him food and beer. He turned down the beer because he was suspicious, but chowed down on chips and dip while Rebecca watched from a doorway.

Friday, October 28, 2005

As Theresa waits impatiently for her repulsive husband to eat the poisoned guacamole, Rebecca fills Gwen in on the latest turn of events. Ethan suggests to Theresa that they could have been living happily ever after if she hadn't pulled so many outrageous stunts. Chris phones for an ambulance after a drunken driver hits little James in front of the bed and breakfast. The youngster's life hangs in the balance after the deadly accident. Concerned about her daughter coming out of the closet in a small town like Harmony, Eve decides to e-mail information on gay and lesbian support groups to Simone. A gleeful Rebecca reminds Gwen how Alistair's impending death will benefit them both. At the motel, Sam questions Jessica about the latest murder but she feigns indignance that he would even suspect her of being involved. He won't let up and continues to interrogate her about her whereabouts the night of each murder. T.C. discovers that Simone is a lesbian.

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