All My Children Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on AMC
JR was shocked when Babe confirmed that she had slept with Josh. Annie agreed to have Emma's DNA tested. Colby got jealous and kissed Sean after catching him staring at Amanda. Zach turned to Myrtle for advice on how to make amends with Kendall. Josh found Erin at a party and propositioned her.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 30, 2006 on AMC
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Monday, October 30, 2006

Del wanted to write a book titled Getting Away With Murder and he wanted to make Zach the hero. Zach was not interested, but Del persisted. Del said Zach buried and killed Dr. Madden as an act of love for Dixie and thought the story should be heard. Zach still rejected Del's idea. So, Del left, but left the book outline for Zach and Kendall to read. After Del was gone, Kendall took Spike out of Zach's arms and put him to bed. Then, Zach asked Kendall if she took Spike to protect her son from him. Kendall said she was not protecting Spike from Zach. She claimed she was disturbed by Del's selfish idea to write a book. Zach was not completely convinced and wished they could go back to the way they were before Dr. Madden's death. So, Zach proposed they move into a new house and start over. Kendall thought this was a great idea and began to plan her dream house. Then, Kendall went to get ready for bed and Zach went outside. As Zach stood alone and silent, Kendall came back into the living room. She looked at the book outline and then at Zach. Kendall seemed upset.

Tad and Dixie were discussing the judge's decision at Tad's house when Ryan and Annie stormed in. Ryan and Annie asked where Emma was. Tad and Dixie were confused. Then, Annie and Ryan accused Tad and Dixie of kidnapping Emma. Tad and Dixie denied this and worried for the little girl's safety. However, Ryan and Annie did not believe the denial and proceeded to search the house. Meanwhile, Tad accused Ryan and Annie of kidnapping Emma themselves and using her disappearance as a distraction so Annie could run away again. Ryan and Annie denied this and vowed to stay at Tad's house until they returned Emma. Then, Dixie began to think about who could have taken Emma and suddenly looked enlightened.

Josh declared he poisoned David's scotch, but this did not stop David from pouring himself another glass. David stated that Josh was too gutless to poison his drink because he was not man enough to break up Babe's marriage. Josh believed David hated Babe and wanted to hurt her. David said he loved both of his daughters and only wanted to help Babe. David urged Josh to tell JR about his affair with Babe. David claimed that JR was going to fall off the wagon and when he did, Babe would pay the price. David also chastised Josh for not protecting Babe from JR. Josh said Babe chose JR and he would respect her decision. David believed Babe was only with JR because she felt it was the right thing to do. David then asserted that Babe was really in love with Josh.

Babe and JR were at home and Babe was still upset over their encounter with David. JR consoled Babe and explained that no one could come between them. JR also stated he trusted and loved Babe. Then, they heard Colby yelling in the hallway and went to see what was happening. They found Colby screaming that she did not steal Adam's antique egg. Adam and Krystal tried to calm her down, but she was hysterical. When JR saw this, he reprimanded Colby for her antics and for her slander campaign against Babe and Krystal. Still, Colby continued to state Babe had an affair. JR proceeded to tell Adam about Colby's alliance with David. Adam was not happy and told Colby never to speak with David. After Colby left, JR and Babe announced they were looking for a new home and went to their bedroom. Adam then confronted Krystal on Babe's infidelity. Adam said he saw how Krystal and Babe looked when Colby talked about the affair. At first, Krystal denied it, but eventually told Adam the truth. Krystal begged Adam not to tell JR because Babe ended the affair. Then, Adam hugged Krystal and agreed that JR should not find out. Adam stated that he and JR were alike in that they could not recover from a betrayal of this nature. Krystal looked nervous. Meanwhile, as Babe and JR lay in bed, Josh snuck into the tunnels and listened to them talk. JR described a happy future for them with a big house and more kids. As Josh was about to go in the room, Babe said she really wanted a future with JR. Josh looked distraught and left.

David was in his cabin and Emma walked out from the bedroom. She asked if her mom was there yet. David sat with her by the fireplace and said her mom would be there soon.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

On Josh's first day at Chandler Enterprises he and J.R. again squared off concerning Babe. Bianca came in and J.R. left. Josh told Bianca that he was about to tell J.R. that he had indeed slept with Babe. Bianca told Josh that working for the Chandler's was crazy. Adam went to the office and asked what the hell Josh was doing there. J.R. broke the news about Josh's new employment. It didn't go over well. J.R. explained the old adage keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Adam told J.R. that he was very proud of him but that Josh Madden was dangerous. He also said that he would not second guess him. They had a lovely bonding moment and Adam said that he had J.R.'s back. Josh told Bianca that he didn't know what was right but he wanted Babe to be happy even if that meant she stay with J.R. Went into J.R.'s office and suggested that they make love on the desk and the floor, etc. Apparently, the chair was turned around and she couldn't see who was in the chair when Josh stood up and said that was the best offer he had all day. He walked over and began to kiss her. Just then, J.R. was moving ever closer to the door.

Adam confronted Babe telling her that she was unfaithful to J.R. He told Babe that Krystal confirmed that she had slept with Josh and she told him to mind his own business. Adam continued to be creepy and Babe gave him reasons he should have no worries. Babe admitted to mistakes and told Adam that she and J.R. had a real chance. Adam said that he promised Krystal he would never tell J.R. but that Babe better forget Josh. Krystal came in and babe, visibly upset, confronted her about telling Adam the truth. Krystal confessed that she did tell Adam about the affair and said she was sorry. Krystal told Babe to keep her distance and things would get better.

Zach voiced concerns to Kendall about their marriage. They were about to get frisky when Tad and Ryan showed up and asked Zach where Dixie was. Kendall defended Zach and told him that he had been taking care of Spike. Zach told Ryan that he was no PI but maybe he should check with David Hayward. Ryan apologized for not being with Spike while he was sick and Kendall told him to go. She asked Zach if he was going too and he said that they were not his responsibility, she and Spike were. Alone again, they picked up where they left off before Ryan and Tad were there.

Emma told David that she wanted her mommy, but David gave her sugary sweet cereal and talked to her about blueberry pancakes. Tad believed that Annie had stashed Emma to keep her hidden. Dixie tried to sneak out and Ryan demanded to know where she was going. Dixie and Tad said they did not know where the little girl was. Jonathan came in and was immediately accused of stealing Emma. Dixie gave a look that she actually knew or suspected where Annie may be. Aidan told Tad that he did not think Ryan and Annie took Emma. After all the finger pointing subsided they realized that Dixie was gone. With a knowing gleam in his eye, Ryan assured Annie he would find Emma. He and Tad headed out the door. Dixie went to David's and he told her that they had been expecting her. Dixie approached the little girl with sweet voice and asked about her doll. Dixie then went to David and asked him how he could do this. David told her that this was Kate and she should leave the country with the little girl. He said not to get dragged down by Tad and J.R. Dixie said she would not do that to Tad. David said that her legal options were gone and Annie would run with Emma and she would never see the little girl again. It was her choice. He told her he was leaving PV too and that he knew just she felt about him, but he made a promise to find her daughter and he did. Ryan and Tad beat on David's door but he and Dixie were at the airport with Emma. Dixie told David that Annie said she gave birth to the little girl, but David asked Dixie if she was going to believe Annie or trust her own heart.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Dixie was at the airport with Emma when David came to say goodbye to them. He encouraged Dixie's decision and explained that the private jet would take them to their destination discretely. After David left, Emma said she forgot her bear. Dixie promised to get her a new bear. Then, Emma said she did not need a new bear as long as she had her mommy. Dixie was touched by Emma's love for Annie and took her back to the penthouse. Annie was ecstatic to see Emma and immediately took her away from Dixie and put her to bed. Then, Jonathan, Erin, and Annie chastised Dixie for kidnapping Emma and threatened to call the police. Dixie asked Annie to talk alone and Annie agreed. Meanwhile, Tad and Ryan were in David's cabin looking for Emma and Dixie. And, as Tad looked for information on David's computer, he found the pictures of David's enemies. After Tad called Ryan to look at them, David came home. Then, Tad and Ryan questioned David about Dixie and Emma's disappearance. David did not admit to anything, but said he was willing to do things for Dixie that Tad would not. Then, Ryan got a phone call that Dixie returned Emma safely to the penthouse. David looked upset by the news, but continued to claim that Emma was really Kate. Then, Ryan and Tad went to the penthouse. When they walked in, they found Dixie crying and pleading with Annie. Dixie stated that she although she almost took Emma, she would never take her away again. Dixie said she realized how much Emma loved Annie and would not ruin Emma's happiness, even if she really was Kate. Also, Dixie begged Annie to test Emma. Dixie said she needed to know if her little girl was still out there and if she should continue to look for her. Annie stood silently with tears in her eyes.

Colby and Sean were having lunch together. They were getting along very well and talked about school. Then, Sean saw Amanda and could not keep his eyes off of her. Colby thought he was distracted and kissed him to get his attention back. Sean pulled away and explained they were just friends and should not kiss. Colby claimed the kiss was a joke and that she was fine with just being friends. However, when Colby left, she began to cry. And, when she got home, she blamed Sydney for Sean's platonic feelings. As Sydney told Colby she was a brat, Colby put an antique magnifying glass into Sydney's book bag. Meanwhile, Sean was still at the restaurant and approached Amanda. At first, Amanda was not receptive to Sean, but after a while, she began to laugh at his jokes. Then, Jonathan came in and saw Sean put his arm around Amanda.

Josh kissed Babe inside JR's office. Babe told him to stop, but Josh kissed her again. Meanwhile, JR was about to walk in on this, but his secretary called him away right before he opened the door. Then, after Babe and Josh stopped kissing, Babe told Josh to stay away from her. Babe explained she made her decision to stay with JR and urged Josh to accept this. Josh said he wanted Babe, but would deal with her rejection if he knew she was safe from JR. He encouraged Babe to leave JR, regardless of whether or not she wanted to be with him. Yet, Babe remained that she would not divorce JR. Then, JR walked in and Josh left. Babe proceeded to tell JR that she wanted Josh gone from Chandler. JR assured her that nothing bad would happen between him and Josh. JR then gave Babe a diamond key ring for their new house. Babe loved it. Then, after Babe left, Josh came to give JR some documents. JR gloated about Babe rejecting Josh and stated that she wanted him fired. JR also said that if Josh went near his wife again, he would kill him. Josh was upset and believed JR was lethal whether he was sober or drunk. Then, Josh announced that he made love to Babe!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

Jonathan watches Sean's attempts at flirting with Amanda as long as he can, and then interrupts...wondering if there isn't something more on his level going on at Pine Valley High. Amanda, not enjoying the show at all, starts to get up and leave. Sean is the first to apologize and offers to go so that she can have the quiet lunch that she had planned on. He notes that he hopes he can see her again soon – without her watchdog. Once he goes, Amanda turns to Jonathan and tells him that she isn't sure what his outburst was about, but she is sure that she never wants him to display it again – not when it has to do with her. She reminds him that she isn't Lily and that she doesn't need protection. She notes that she has been taking care of herself for years and has been doing a good job of it. He asks if she plans to just hook up with people, and she rejects that, instead telling him that she was looking for love and thought she had found it with him. Since that didn't work out, she had to accept that there was a part of his heart owned by Lily that she could never touch. In turn, he needed to accept that she wasn't in the market for a bodyguard.

Annie continues to refuse the DNA test that Tad and Dixie want, insisting that her word should be good enough for them to back off. Dixie tells her that she could have had her own test run before bringing Emma back but chose instead to do the right thing. Tad reminds Annie that Dixie is desperate and tells her that he knows well the lengths that people will go to when they feel they have no other options. Both Annie and Ryan voice their hope that Tad wasn't threatening them. Tad insists that all he and Dixie want is the chance to prove that Emma isn't their biological daughter. Annie wonders aloud what they will do if they don't get the results that they want – but they swear that all they need is one test. Annie continues to reject their pleas, and wonders how long she will have to put up with them. Ryan declares that it's over and opens the door so that the Martins will leave. They try to protest one more time, but Ryan vocally overpowers them and demands that they leave. They do so meekly and when the door is shut behind them, Annie asks if Ryan thinks she was wrong. She tells him that she thought that the trial would end things for them, but now realizes that Tad and Dixie won't stop until they get an answer. She then says that she will never okay the test because she will never feel bad for Dixie. Ryan asks if she is trying to convince him – or herself. Before she can come up with an answer, Emma appears at the top of the stairs. Annie sweeps her daughter into her arms and promises that the yelling that she might have heard was because of her excitement about the upcoming holidays. They then play a game and draw pictures together. After a while, they let Emma continue to color on her own, and Annie admits that the reason she won't sign off on a DNA test is because of her fears. She never expected that the test in New York would reveal that she didn't have a biological connection with Emma, and her greatest fear is that Tad and Dixie do and they will take her little girl away. Ryan reminds her that she doesn't owe them anything but Annie tells him that the haunted look that Dixie had on her face, one that displays the fear of never seeing your child again, is one that she had the entire time she was on the run from Terry. She asks Ryan what to do but he tells her it isn't his decision to make. He then tells her than she should trust her instincts and that he believes she will make the right choice.

Tad and Dixie return to Tad's place to regroup. She tells Tad that she wasn't sure of her thought processes when she left this morning, only that she knew she would be with Kate by day's end. Tad mildly blasts her for trusting David and letting him convince her to believe, but Dixie tries to claim that she never mentioned David's involvement. Tad tells her that he already knows, and that David's motives have nothing to do with her eventual happiness and everything to do with wanting her to suffer for rejecting him. Almost as if she hadn't heard a word he said, Dixie blurts out her confusion at how Annie could so easily push them away, knowing their torment. She asks if they will get any nearer to their daughter if they start from the beginning again. Then, emotionally broken, Dixie assures Tad that had she taken off with the little girl they believe is Kate, she would have called him the minute they touched down somewhere. Tad takes a moment, and then tells her that he believes her. Dixie then says that although Greg warned her that she would be breaking up a family if she went after Kate, it never sunk in until today how true his words were. She tells Tad that just because she promised not to go after Emma, it didn't mean that he had to. She urges him not to sign away his rights but Tad loudly demands interrupts, replying that he can't even begin to think about having rights until he can be sure that there is a biological relationship – one that he can't determine without a DNA test. Dixie laments that she is responsible for Tad not having had any time to spend with their daughter like she did when Kate was first born. She tells him that although she can't give him the time back, she can give him something else. She goes to her purse, pulls out the knitted hat that Kate wore while she was at the hospital and gifts it to her ex-husband. As he runs the hat between his fingers, they try to imagine what their daughter would be like now. They only indulge for a few minutes before there is a knock at the door. When Tad answers it, he sees Annie and Ryan on the other side. Before she can change her mind, Annie tells them that she will allow the DNA test if they do it right away.

Babe exits a house on to the patio and upon seeing the view, proclaims that Marion has found the house of her dreams. She tells the realtor her plans for the living room, and quickly notes that she should make an offer before someone else does. After blowing off Marion's questions about seeing the rest of the house, Babe asks when Marion thinks they would be able to move in. Just then, Kendall joins them on the patio and tells Babe to keep dreaming. Kendall paints a picture of the future which includes Kane family pictures and the Slater name emblazoned on the mailbox. She informs Babe that the house is already hers, and after a beat, Babe calls her a liar. They go back and forth for a few rounds, each deciding aloud what they want for the house. Babe finally tells Marian to do whatever she needs to do to get the house for her – and she won't take no for an answer. Kendall overrides her, saying that although Marian has her resources, they are greatly outweighed by the ones held by Zach and his associates. She then thanks Marian heartily and starts to send her out the door. Not wanting to tangle with Zach or his associates, Marian is more than willing to leave. Once they are alone, Babe calls Kendall to the mat regarding her love for the house. Kendall claims that she is genuine and can't wait to spend the rest of her life in the house. She then notes that the only way she would have cut Babe any slack is if Josh had been successful in stealing her away from JR.

Zach enters his office and finds Myrtle sitting on his desk. After a brief conversation regarding the card sharks that had joined her in the casino below, Zach admits that he needs her help with Kendall. Over a drink, he extols his wife's virtues and effusively notes how much he adores her. He then informs Myrtle that Kendall has seen the darkness in him and in doing so, her heart was ripped to shreds. He asks for her advice on how to put it back together. After a brief carnie tale, Myrtle's advice is for Zach to sit back and wait for Kendall to recover from all of the turmoil they managed to survive. Although he doesn't like it, Zach has no choice but to accept it. Myrtle then gets ready to head back downstairs and Zach asks that she and her friends take it easy at his tables.

After Josh tells him that he actually slept with Babe, JR calls him out as a liar. Josh admits that he has lied about some things, but this is not one of them. He admits that the only way for Babe to be safe is to get her away from JR. Now that JR is in the know about their affair, Babe can finally be free. JR refuses to show any doubt, and Josh goes on to say that he knew if he was patient enough, JR would eventually do something that would push Babe into his arms. JR blows it off, reminding him that Babe declared her love for her husband a short time ago. Josh is unfazed, and tells him that Babe also confessed her love for him. Josh holds his breath waiting for a time-honored response from JR, but doesn't get it. Instead, JR asks Josh to tell him what his next move should be – as the husband who just found out that his wife is a cheating whore. This pushes Josh's buttons, and he blasts JR for using such language to describe his wife. He in turn describes Babe as a walking miracle, just before the phone rings. JR answers the phone, and indeed finds Babe on the other end. She tells him that she found the perfect house for them, and begs him to meet her there so that he could see it. He agrees and quickly ends the call. Josh warns JR not to lay a hand on Babe, but JR taunts him, saying that he will use both hands to pull his wife close so that he can kiss her. He then makes sure that Josh understands that he trusts his wife, and believes that everything Josh told him was a lie. As Bianca walks in, JR points out that he would never believe that Babe would contaminate herself with someone like Josh. He then fires him, and tells Bianca to take the garbage out with her when she leaves. When JR is gone, Bianca tells Josh that although Babe loves him, she also loves her husband – and he needs to start trying to accept it. Josh tells his sister that he thinks Babe stays with JR because of their son but Bianca points out that JR signed over full custody to Babe months ago – which means that Babe is with JR because she wants to be. She then says that JR may be smug, but he had a right to be when it comes to Babe. Josh thinks that things will change when JR finally realizes that he wasn't lying, but Bianca tells him that marriages don't always work the way we expect them to. Currently, Bianca notes, Babe has forgiven her husband for more thing than any rational person should – but love makes you do the unexpected. She tells him that marriages don't fall apart because of one affair. Josh doesn't think there is any way that JR would stay with Babe if he let himself believe that the affair took place, and Bianca chooses this moment to let her brother in on her pain. She admits that she understands very well what JR would go through if he accepted that truth because she found out that Maggie had been cheating on her, and that fact is one of the main reasons that she came back to Pine Valley. Realizing the parallels, Josh can find no words, so Bianca continues and tells him that even though her heart has been decimated and she is beyond angry, she would take Maggie back in a second if she walked through the door. Bianca explains that she was the first woman that Maggie was ever with, and now she wants to see what else is out there. She tells him that Maggie says that she still loves her, and that her hope is that Maggie will realize how much she misses both Bianca and Miranda and want them to come home. Josh asks if all will be forgiven if Maggie does come back. Bianca tells him that if Maggie decides that loving their family is her number one priority, and that she wants to be faithful – then yes, it's that simple. Josh doesn't think that JR is capable of anything close to that.

After ending her phone call, Babe tries to win Kendall over by telling her that she and JR need the new house, and thus a fresh start, more than she and Zach. Kendall doesn't necessarily agree, and Babe questions if Kendall and Zach are still in a bad place. Instead of addressing the question, Kendall continues to measure things around the house, much to Babe's chagrin. She belatedly notices her husband's arrival and quickly runs out to the patio where he'd been standing. She notices that something about his demeanor had changed since they spoke. He tells her that he fired Josh, and Babe says that she can't say that she is sorry. She then asks what happened to bring on the Josh's termination, and JR tells her that seeing Josh's face in his office started to get to him way sooner than he thought. Babe reminds him that he said all of the bad things were in the past, and asks what happened to that point of view. JR tells her that Josh is not her friend, and that he is only concerned with destroying their marriage. Babe accepts that, but suspecting that something else went down between the two men, she continues to press for details. Before JR can come up with anything, Kendall joins them on the patio and asks why JR is on her property. Maintaining her bluff, Kendall uses her self-made stage to take more potshots at the young Chandler couple. Unmoved by her insults, JR warns Kendall that she doesn't want to go up against him. Kendall tells him that she isn't afraid of him, and JR invites her to leave. Kendall had planned to do so anyway, and takes her leave.

A short time later, Kendall arrives at the casino, barges into Zach's office and without care that he is on the phone, demands to know what they are worth. She runs into the back room, hauling huge bags of money on her return. Zach continues to stand back as Kendall extols the virtues of the house and talks non-stop about her plans for their future. When she does take a breath, Zach welcomes back the wife that he fell in love with.

JR and Babe arrive home and Babe continues to prattle on about all the features she loved in the house. She gushes about how great the nursery could be and how it would be the perfect site for all of their future children, unaware of the odd look her husband's face housed. They talk a bit more about the house but Babe can't shake the feeling that something is nagging at her husband's brain. She reminds him that he promised he wouldn't keep anything from her anymore, so he tells her that Josh confessed that he was having an affair with Babe.

Friday, November 3, 2006

Babe acts surprised when JR tells her that Josh claims he is having an affair with her. When Babe asks how JR reacted to Josh's news, JR claims he did not believe Josh. He says that Babe must be hurt by Josh's accusations because she tried to help him, but now, he has stabbed her in the back. Babe tells JR that Josh understood she wanted to save her marriage and that "it was over." When JR wants to know what was over with Josh, Babe tells him she meant the idea that they were supposed to be together. JR says that Josh blurted out the affair when he gloated about their marriage. Babe tells JR that Josh did not keep his word, but Krystal and Adam interrupt the discussion before JR can probe Babe any further. Krystal and Adam say the tests show they are going to have a healthy baby girl. JR breaks the news about firing Josh. When he sees how happy Krystal is, JR asks what Josh did to her. Krystal says that Josh upset everyone by trying to break up Babe and JR's marriage. After Krystal and Adam leave, JR asks Babe to call Josh and officially end her friendship with Josh. Babe figures JR is trying to test her, but JR says he believes Babe would not keep secrets from him anymore. JR asks Babe if she slept with Josh and she says yes.

Ryan and Annie spend time with Emma and Spike at Ryan's house as they wait for Emma to take the DNA test. Annie thanks Ryan for not pushing her to do the DNA test, but Ryan adds it was her decision. They smile as Emma and Spike curl up near each other to take a nap. Annie praises Ryan for being such a wonderful father. Ryan claims he isn't half the parent Annie is. Annie starts offering a few parenting tips to Ryan and they play checkers as the children sleep. Annie asks about Ryan's romantic relationship with Kendall, but then apologizes for prying. Ryan tells Annie that they have tried to be together in the past, but it never worked out. Annie tries to teach Ryan how to put Spike to sleep when he does not want to so she pretends to be Spike. During the reenactment, Ryan picks Annie up and she tells him he wins.

Erica makes last minute preparations for her party at the hotel. When there is a knock at the door, she thinks it is Jeff, but is disappointed when it is Jack. Jack surprises Erica with an expensive diamond necklace and tells her that he can take her to the party because Sean is looking after Lily. Erica begins to tell Jackson about her arrangement with Jeff, but he comes into the room before she can finish.

At Jack's house, Sean is busy listening to music. Lily comes down and tells Sean she is sorry he has to baby sit her. Sean claims he is watching Lily to help save Erica and Jack's marriage. Lily explains that Erica is away because she is busy working, but Sean tells her that Erica could not deal with her marriage problems so she left. When Lily starts blaming herself for Erica's disappearance, Sean says Erica left because of all the problems he has caused. Sean tells Lily that Jonathan came over and ruined his game when he was talking to Amanda. Amanda comes over and Lily tells her that Sean likes Amanda very much. Amanda tells Lily that Sean was just joking and Jonathan is no longer upset. Amanda tells Lily that she and Jonathan are not a couple because Jonathan is still in love with her. Lily says she and Jonathan can not be together because they do not match. Lily accidentally cuts herself while cutting cheese as she gets upset, but begins freaking out because of the blood. Sean and Amanda take Lily to the hospital to get stitches.

Bianca and Josh go to Erica's party together, but Josh gets upset when he sees Kendall walk in with Zach. Josh accuses Zach of killing his father, but Kendall reminds her brother that Zach was acquitted of the charges. Kendall adds that Greg wasn't a saint and tells them that Emma might be Dixie and Tad's child. Bianca asks Josh to calm down, but Josh thinks Kendall is only with Zach to tick off her mother. Bianca gets worried as the argument starts catching the eye of the media. Josh tells Kendall and Bianca that Kane women are not strong - they are suckers for weak partners. Kendall realizes that Josh is upset at JR and Babe because she turned him down. Josh tells Kendall not to bring Babe into the situation. Kendall tells Josh not to bad mouth Zach in front of her, unless she wants to ruin their newfound relationship. They take their argument outside the front door as Erica, Jackson and Jeff walk into the party. Erica tells her family that if they can't behave, they should go home. Donnie Osmond comes over to say hello and Erica introduces him to her family. Erica and Donnie go to mingle as the rest of the family separates. Kendall and Zach discuss the new house Kendall wants to buy and all of the memories they can make with Spike in it. When Kendall takes Zach to the house he tells her they can't live there. Josh tells Jeff he told JR the truth about his affair with Babe, but JR did not believe him. Jackson tells Erica he has to go take care of Lily at the hospital. When Erica offers to go with him, Jackson tells her to stay and enjoy the party. Josh finds Erin in the corner of Fusion and asks her if she still wants to sleep with him.