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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 28, 2007 on AMC
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Monday, May 28, 2007

Annie began telling Ryan about her upcoming workday when Ryan blurted out that he kissed Greenlee! Annie looked shocked, so Ryan quickly stated that he was only trying to comfort Greenlee and that it meant nothing to him. Ryan further explained that when Greenlee kissed him, it only confirmed his love for Annie. Ryan said that Greenlee was his past and Annie was his present and his future. However, Annie saw Greenlee in Ryan's future because she would not give up. Ryan asserted that he made it clear to Greenlee that they would never kiss again because their relationship was in the past. Annie was frustrated that Ryan continually dismissed Greenlee as only in his past. Annie felt that Ryan needed to admit that Greenlee was a big part of his life. Annie reiterated that Greenlee left Ryan and that Ryan wanted her back at one point. Then, Annie asked Ryan if he wanted to get back together with Greenlee. Ryan said that he only wanted to be with Annie for the rest of his life. Ryan believed he found true love with Annie. Annie agreed that she wanted to spend forever with Ryan, but still looked upset as she left for work. Then, Jonathan entered. Ryan was excited to tell Jonathan about his new venture capitalist company. Ryan explained that he would help build socially responsible start up companies. Then, Ryan asked Jonathan if he would work with him. Jonathan was surprised and seemed distracted. So, Jonathan said he would consider it. Then, Ryan remarked that Lily seemed happy at the wedding. Jonathan explained that it was Ava impersonating Lily. Ryan asked if Jonathan was mad at her. Jonathan was not sure how he felt because he started to know Ava a little better. Ryan reminded Jonathan of when he called Ava "trouble" at ConFusion. Ryan advised his brother to stay away from Ava.

Krystal was with Jenny outside of their condo. Krystal was comforting the fussy baby and told her that she would give her a good life, even without Adam's shares. Then, Babe came outside and heard this. Babe asked why Krystal was talking about the shares. Krystal explained that she gave up her Chandler Enterprises shares willingly. Babe looked concerned because they were worth a lot of money. Krystal said she would still fight for half of everything else. Krystal also felt that it was time to be on her own again. Babe told Jenny that they were very lucky to have Krystal for a mother. So, Krystal said that she was lucky to have a big time executive as a daughter. Babe looked nervous and left for work. Then, Jamie came to see his baby sister. During this visit, Jamie told Krystal that he thought Babe was acting strangely the night before. Krystal agreed. So, Jamie promised to find out what was bothering Babe. Then, Jamie left and Stuart came over. Stuart told Krystal that he wanted to paint a mural in Jenny's bedroom. Krystal was excited. Then, Krystal inquired about Adam's chest pain. Stuart said it was just heartburn. Stuart then saw that Krystal was still wearing her wedding ring. Krystal said she did not realize yet what it would mean to take it off. Then, Krystal thanked Stuart for giving her a great idea. Stuart was glad and asked Krystal how she was feeling. Krystal was relieved to have friends and family to help her raise Jenny. Then, Krystal admitted that she had a secret plan in the works.

Greenlee sat on the roof all night happily recalling her kiss with Ryan. She then went to the office to grab her purse. Just then, Kendall and Zach got off the elevator. So, Greenlee hid while they talked. Zach stated that he brought Kendall to work to defend her from Greenlee. Kendall felt that Greenlee would not stop until everyone was miserable like her. Kendall then hoped that Greenlee would be too embarrassed from the night before to show up for work. Greenlee gave Kendall a dirty look and sneaked out the back door. Then, Di and Babe arrived and Zach left. Babe began to clean off her desk as Greenlee returned. Greenlee announced that Fusion was in desperate need of help. So, Greenlee decided that they would have frequent staff meetings and shorter lunches. Also, Greenlee insisted that everyone come up with three new ideas everyday. Then, Greenlee looked at the items Babe was clearing off her desk. Greenlee was shocked to see a GED study book. Greenlee chastised Babe for not having a high school diploma. Kendall and Di asserted that Babe contributed a lot the company, regardless of her lack of education. Still, Greenlee was very unimpressed with Babe. So, Babe said that her life lessons taught her a lot. Di comforted Babe and encouraged her to get her GED. Then, Jamie came to see Babe. And, against Greenlee's wishes, Babe left with Jamie. On the roof, Babe admitted to Jamie that she was no longer a partner in Fusion because of Greenlee. Then, just as Jamie comforted Babe with an embrace, JR entered. JR looked at them with disdain and stated that this felt like déjà vu. Meanwhile, Kendall received an email from Hannah. Hannah said goodbye to Kendall and thanked her for her help and advice. Hannah further stated that she was helped in ways that Kendall was unaware of. Kendall looked concerned. So, Kendall printed the email and left the office. Greenlee was annoyed that people were leaving the office early. Then, Annie entered. Greenlee snidely told Annie to catch up because she was late. Annie just listened. Di could not believe that Annie was so well mannered with Greenlee. Annie explained that she was just waiting to get Greenlee alone. So, when Greenlee went to the bathroom, Annie followed her.

Zach arrived at work. Lily gave Zach all of Hannah's files because he requested all of Hannah's business to be directed to him. Then, Josh stormed into Zach's office. Josh was still in shock over Hannah's uncharacteristic breakdown. Josh deducted that the only thing that would have made Hannah feel better was a baby. Josh also assumed that Hannah wanted Zach to be the father. So, Josh demanded to know what happened between Zach and Hannah before she left town. Zach explained that they spoke about Ethan. Zach also said that Hannah came to Pine Valley looking for peace, but only found more pain. Still, Josh was unconvinced. So, Zach denied Josh's allegations and warned him not to share his theory with Kendall. Then, Zach left the office and Kendall arrived shortly after. After Kendall knew Zach was gone, she asked Josh what he knew about Hannah's departure. Josh told Kendall to drop the subject and walked away. Kendall looked very worried.

Adam was playing with Little Adam in their backyard. Adam told the boy that he was named after his grandfather. Adam felt that the boy would grow up to be just like him. Meanwhile, JR angrily listened to this. Then, JR told Little Adam to go inside and eat breakfast. Then, JR warned Adam not to go near his son. Adam pleaded with JR not to take away precious moments with Little Adam because these moments could be his last. JR did not care about his father's poor health. JR stated that he did not want his father's influence over Little Adam. Then, JR left and Zach entered. Zach stated that Adam needed to trust him with the acquisition of Chandler Enterprises. Adam said that he could not trust Zach completely. Zach explained that they were close to attaining their mutual goal. Zach then asserted that Adam needed to let him handle the deal before JR caught on. Adam said he would be in touch with Zach soon. Zach advised Adam not to wait too long.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jack and Erica were being interviewed on a morning show. They asked how this divorce could be so amicable and Erica explained that Jack's initial purpose in appearing on New Beginnings was to show that divorce didn't have to be hateful and nasty. The show hosts said it sounded like they were still in love and Jack said that yes he was still in love with Erica. She went into a bit of a tirade and said that Jack didn't get to speak for her and that she couldn't stay married to him. Jack then presented Erica with an anniversary present of diamond earrings on the air. Erica tried to say something but the show was over. Back at their house, cameras still rolling, Erica gave the earrings back to Jack. Erica told them to turn off the cameras, but they kept rolling. Greenlee then came in and told Jack she needed to talk to him alone. Immediately Greenlee and Erica went after each other. Jack got in between them and Erica left. Greenlee asked Jack to help her with something, but he refused. On her way out, she saw the invitation for Spike's birthday party.

Locked in the ladies room at Fusion, Annie told Greenlee that it was the last time she would kiss her husband. Greenlee was snotty, but Annie said to stay away from Ryan. When they came out of the bathroom, Annie pumped up the Fusion girls with the new ‘Green' campaign. Babe came in and Greenlee immediately was on the attack. Babe turned around and told Greenlee, ‘You suck, I quit". She picked up a box of her belongings and walked out. Kendall told Greenlee she had no idea what Babe had done for the company. She said that Babe was the link to Zoe and her music. Kendall said it was not her fault that Fusion stock had slipped and Greenlee predictably said that it must be Zach's fault and how Kendall basically stole her life.

Babe told J.R. that Greenlee had taken back her Fusion stock and he said he would do anything to help. J.R. warned Babe that Adam would try to take her Chandler shares and that she should sell her shares back to him. J.R. said he would pay what the shares were worth and she could invest the money any way she wanted to. Babe said she would sell her shares to him to make a clean break. Babe left and J.R. asked Jamie what was going on between the two of them.

Krystal asked Tad to help her sell her wedding ring. Tad said that he may know someone who would give her a good price. As they were going through her jewelry collection, Susan, an appraiser friend of Tad's came to help them. Susan said the jewelry was worth a fortune and she left. At a bar, Tad told Susan she did a good job. Palmer then turned around and said that it was good to help Krystal and even better to stick it to Adam.

At the Slater home the babysitter found one of Hannah's earrings in the bedroom. Zach told her that Hannah had been there snooping around, but had since left Pine Valley. Kendall said that she hoped someday Hannah got to have another child.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Josh got onto the elevator in his apartment building. Greenlee was already inside with all of her belongings. Just as Josh made a snide comment about living near Greenlee, the elevator stopped and they were stuck. Greenlee remarked that the building was falling apart because of bad tenants, such as Josh. Then, they both realized that they had no phone signal and would have to wait to be rescued. Greenlee was very annoyed and mentioned that she was stuck in this elevator once before. Josh recalled that when he first met Greenlee, she was secretly leading a group of females into Dr. Madden's fertility clinic. Josh asked why this group was not around to help her move in. Greenlee said she no longer had backup since Dr. Madden and Zach ruined her life. Josh said he could relate because Dr. Madden betrayed him also. Then, Josh realized that Greenlee looked very distraught. Greenlee stated that she became claustrophobic ever since she was stuck in a mine shaft. Greenlee then remarked that she did not know what to do without Ryan. Josh said he could also relate to her romantic problems. Josh then stated that her phobia did not make her a coward because it was simply her mind trying to keep her safe. Greenlee smiled and thanked Josh. Then, Josh pulled a toy keyboard out from his shopping bag. Greenlee asked why he had this toy. Josh said it was for Spike's party and asked if Greenlee was going. Greenlee joked that her invitation got lost in the mail. Then, Josh began to play music on the toy and conducted an impromptu rock concert. Greenlee laughed and sang also. Then, the elevator started. Josh helped Greenlee move her stuff and Greenlee thanked him. Greenlee proceeded to warn Josh that she was a difficult neighbor to ignore. Josh said he would not want to ignore her. Greenlee felt this was the nicest thing anyone said to her since her return.

Jonathan and Ava saw each other at the mall. Ava immediately declared that she made her purchase with her own money. Jonathan said he was not accusing her of anything. Then, Jonathan showed Ava the toy he bought Spike. So, Ava showed Jonathan the tiny black dress she bought. Jonathan looked nervous and said that he was cool with what happened at the boat house. Still, Jonathan explained that he did not think they were compatible and did not want to lead Ava on. Ava became annoyed and yelled that any man would be more than happy to kiss her. Ava also insisted that Jonathan enjoyed kissing her, but did not know how to handle it. Then, a random man walked up to Ava and asked if she was having boyfriend problems. Ava said Jonathan was not her boyfriend and walked away with the man. So, the man thought Ava wanted to have sex with him and came onto her. As he grabbed her arm, Ava yelled. Jonathan heard this and got rid of this man. Then, Jonathan picked Ava up and they were face to face with each other. Ava was surprised that Jonathan saved her because she was so mean to him. Jonathan looked into Ava's eyes and then backed away and claimed he would have helped anyone in that situation. Ava pulled Jonathan close to her again, but he resisted and walked away. Then, Ava went home. Ava asked Lily why Jonathan could be nice one minute and mean the next. Lily explained that Jonathan was very bad in the past. Ava wondered how Lily could marry Jonathan. Lily said they were a good match because they were both "not normal". Then, Ava asked if Lily heard from Sean. Ava was worried that Sean was ignoring her. Lily said he was probably with Barbara, but Ava though he could be somewhere else.

JR told Amanda that he wanted a rematch with her as he seductively stroked her hair. Amanda pulled away and said she was not interested in that kind of a rematch. JR then proposed that Amanda "get in bed with him" in a revenge scheme against Adam. JR stated that Amanda was a lightweight when she first came to Pine Valley, but was now a heavyweight. JR felt they were on the same level and could be partners in crime and in bed. Then, Amanda punched JR in the stomach and refused his proposal. Amanda felt that JR was using her, just like Adam did. Amanda was also uninterested in being "friends with benefits" because it did not work out well with her and Jonathan. JR then stated that their "second round was a draw", but his offer still stood if Amanda changed her mind. Then, JR left and Jonathan entered. Jonathan said that he did not want a woman that would mess with his head anymore. Jonathan asserted that he was ready to move on from Lily. Jonathan further stated that he missed his relationship with Amanda. Amanda was skeptical and refused to return to their "friends with benefits" relationship. Still, Jonathan persisted. Amanda then realized that Jonathan was now hung up on Ava. Amanda said that Jonathan could not use her to get over Lily's half-sister. Amanda declared that she would be the one to use a man that night!

Krystal, Babe, and Tad went to the Roadside bar because Krystal purchased it that afternoon. Krystal and Babe were ecstatic about owning the bar. So, Babe declared that she would invest some of her money from the Chandler stock into the bar. Then, Krystal and Babe discussed their many plans for the bar. Tad, however, warned them that there was a lot of responsibility with owning a bar. Tad felt they should not reopen the bar until it was inspected, but Krystal disagreed. Krystal felt she had to dive right into this project. So, Krystal decided to call the bar "The Comeback" because the Carey women were making their comeback. Then, Stuart entered and announced that Krystal was making a brand new start without Adam. Krystal asked Stuart not to tell Adam about her plans. Then, Krystal offered to hire Stuart to paint a mural in the bar. Stuart gladly accepted. Then, as they walked out, a piece of the ceiling fell on Tad's head. Krystal laughed and promised to pay for Tad's dry cleaning.

Colby and Sean sneaked into the backyard. Sean was happy to be out of Colby's room and proposed they go skinny dipping. Then, Sean ran off and Colby went to follow him, but Adam came outside. Adam asked why Colby was outside so late. Colby said she was trying to get her creative juices flowing for drama class. Then, they heard a splash in the pool. Adam assumed it was the neighbor's dog swimming in his pool again. Adam was about to got to the pool when Palmer came by. Palmer announced that Krystal "out foxed" Adam again. Adam was annoyed and followed Palmer inside. Palmer poured himself a drink and explained that Krystal sold all of her jewelry. Palmer believed this meant that Krystal never loved Adam and only saw him as a bank account. Adam snapped and said that Palmer knew nothing of their marriage. Adam stated that Krystal loved him very much and that Palmer was not fit to shine Krystal's shoes. Palmer laughed and remarked that Adam was foolish enough to dump Krystal, even though he was still in love with her. Then, Palmer left and Adam recalled the night he first married Krystal. Meanwhile, Colby and Sean went skinny dipping and proceeded to dry off on the patio. Then, JR came looking for Colby, so Sean hid. JR pleaded with Colby to help him with Adam. Colby stated that she moved back in to make sure Adam was being taken care of. Still, JR wanted Colby to make Adam enjoy his forced retirement. JR wanted Adam to stop concerning himself with Chandler Enterprises. Colby said that was Adam's decision and did not want to get involved. JR warned Colby that if Adam relapsed, she would regret this decision. Then, JR left and Sean told Colby that he was proud of her for not falling for JR's scheme. Then, Sean kissed Colby. However, they did not know that Ava was lurking in the bushes and that she took a picture of their kiss with her cell phone. Meanwhile, JR was inside when Amanda entered. Amanda said nothing and immediately kissed JR!

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Greenlee finds Di working alone at Fusion and immediately asks where everyone else is. Di says she is not sure and Jackson shows up to talk to Greenlee, who is determined to get revenge on the her former friends. Jackson tells Greenlee to lay off Kendall, Zach and Ryan because of Kendall's near death experience giving birth to Spike. Greenlee doesn't seem that empathic, saying she is the one who is still alone and lonely, while everyone else is happily married with children. Jackson tells Greenlee he will not participate in her attack, but urges her to try to make peace with everyone. Greenlee asks Jackson about the divorce and what went wrong. Jackson says things started falling apart shortly after Erica learned that Josh was her son. Jackson admits he wants he back, but is tired of making the effort and getting turned down. After Jackson leaves, Di asks Greenlee if Aidan has called because she has not heard from him lately. Greenlee says no and tells Di she is going to Spike's birthday party, even though she wasn't invited.

Julia, Ryan, Annie wait for Zach and Kendall to show up with birthday boy, Spike. Erica asks Julia if she is feeling well, but Julia says she is just tired. Erica's producer shows up, with a camera crew ready to film, but Erica says the birthday party is off limits to viewers. The producer leaves with Myrtle congratulating Erica on standing up for her beliefs. Myrtle tells her that she wants Erica and Jackson to get back together again. Erica says she wanted to rekindle the romance with Jackson at one time, but now, he has taken things too far.

Kendall takes a few pictures of Spike at their new home with Zach before heading to the party. As Spike fusses, Zach hands Kendall a present from Spike. Kendall opens the jewelry box to find a set of three rings, each with their birthstones. When they get to the party, thunder booms as Kendall thanks everyone for attending the party. She shows off her new rings as Greenlee comes into the party with a huge teddy bar blocking her. She takes the teddy bear away and sees a less-than-thrilled crowd standing in front of her. Josh tells Greenlee that maybe she would like to spend time elsewhere as Erica pulls him away. Julia immediately tells Greenlee she loves the bear and wants to get one for Kathy. As Julia gushes about Kathy, Greenlee thinks Julia is trying to force into thinking of adoption. Jackson tells Ryan he believes Greenlee is at the party to try to make amends, but Ryan does not want to lead her on. Jonathan tries to talk to Lily, but she still refuses to speak to him because he does not like Ava. Lily asks Greenlee why everyone is being mean to her, but Greenlee says she is not sure as Ryan walks up with Emma in his arms. Ryan introduces Emma to Greenlee, calling her an "old friend." He walks away to get Emma a piece of cake, giving Zach a chance to tell Greenlee that Kendall does not need the extra stress because she is pregnant. Erica kisses Spike good-bye and warns Kendall not to believe Greenlee's good-natured act. Greenlee walks up to Kendall, who is holding Spike, and introduces herself to Spike as "Auntie Greenlee." Greenlee asks Kendall if she can hold Spike, but Kendall says she needs to change his diaper. Greenlee tries to play with Emma, who blurts out that her mom and dad want to have another baby. Annie takes Emma away to check out the rest of the house. Greenlee thanks Ryan for a wonderful party and leaves. After the power goes off, Zach opens the door to get a flashlight. Greenlee, who is soaking wet, tells him the roads are flooded out.

After taking a dip in the pool at the Chandler mansion, Colby and Sean go the patio. Ava listens as Colby tells Sean not to worry about her dad finding out that Sean is crashing in her room. Colby makes sure the coast is clear for Sean to go to the pool house. As Sean follows behind, Ava walks up and demands that he take her on a boat ride. Sean says the boat now belongs to Adam and he can't take her. Ava threatens to tell Adam that Sean is staying at the mansion unless he takes her on the water. Colby comes back to find Sean gone and his cell phone lying on a chair. Colby hides in the boat as Sean and Ava come in. Ava immediately begins kissing Sean, who does not push her away.

JR and Amanda walk downstairs after spending an evening of lovemaking. Adam walks in as he finds Amanda and JR kissing. Adam starts ragging on Janet, but Amanda tries not to let it get to her by leaving. JR tells Amanda he will stop by ConFusion later, but she tells him she is going to visit Krystal and Babe at Roadside, the new bar they purchased. Adam tells JR he should be spending time getting sole custody of his son instead of romping around with Amanda.

At Roadside, Krystal, Babe, Tad, Jamie and Opal celebrate their new business by popping open a bottle of champagne. Del walks in to help the gang clean up the building. When Derek walk in, they all immediately think Krystal and Babe are in trouble, but the police chief says he is just coming in to have a good time. Palmer and Amanda are the next guests to arrive at the bar. As Amanda is about to tell Babe something important, JR comes in and gives Babe a hug. Tad tells Jamie that he been thinking about Kate, who would be 5 in a few days. Julia stops by the bar after the party and asks for a water. Jamie asks Julia if she is OK and she says she is just exhausted from planning Kathy's 5th birthday soon. Once alone, Babe asks Amanda what she needed to tell her. Amanda says she just wanted to wish Babe luck on her new business.Derek tells Krystal that he always liked her and they toast to surviving bad marriages. Derek and Krystal share a kiss as Adam walks in.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Ava thinks that she finally has Sean's full attention until Colby emerges from her hiding place and blasts Sean for lying to her and getting involved with Ava. Ava takes the opportunity to let her in on the fact that they have been having sex – a lot. Sean tries to get her to shut up, but his demands just egg her on. He tries to tell Colby that he was real with her, but Ava butts back in and says that he is telling the truth, but it only applies to the times the two of them are not busy having sex. Then, suddenly seasick, Ava runs out of the room. Colby is appalled at this new knowledge, and the pain in her eyes tells Sean that he may have passed the point of no return. He tries to make things right anyway, telling her that he was scared of messing things up with her, and saying that she should know from the time that they spent together how much she means to him. She reminds him that he messed up the second he slept with Ava. Before they can argue the point any further, they hear a scream. They rush to find out what happened, and see that the problem only amounts to Ava attempting to get attention for her sudden illness. She tries to pretend like Sean did something heroic and saved her, but she manages to only make both Sean and Colby angrier. Sean leaves to steer the boat back to shore while Ava and Colby have another round. Ava tells the young Chandler that boys may date nice girls, but in the end, they want the girls that will put out. Colby, unwilling to be so easily beaten, tells Ava before walking out that being a loser is better than being a slut.

Adam interrupts the tender moment Krystal is sharing with Derek under the pretense of wishing his almost ex-wife well – only to call her out as someone who excels at landing in the slimiest parts of life. Having just gotten started, he proceeds to insult everyone who dares to challenge his presence. They let it continue for a few minutes, and then remind Adam that he was not invited and isn't wanted. Tad and Jamie start to drag him out, but Krystal demands that they let him go. She reminds all of them that she said everyone would be welcome – and that includes the people that she might not like. Reluctantly, they do as she asks. Tad offers an alcoholic drink but Krystal, still trying to keep Adam's health in mind, offers him tea. Adam declines with a note of disgust and decides to just have a seat and soak in the ambience. She pokes fun at him for not being able to stay away, but Adam tells her that he just wants to see her fail. She informs him that the more he talks, the less she cares, and that she is determined to see her dream through to fulfillment. They make an informal bet, with Adam siding against her success, but before they can talk about any formalities, a karaoke machine arrives by delivery service. She goes to sign for it and as Derek looks on amused, she and Babe start to unpack it. Then, Babe realizes that she is probably standing in the way of any communication her mother and the chief need to have, and excuses herself. Derek apologizes for giving Adam more ammunition to throw at her, but Krystal tells him that she doesn't need an apology. Derek admits that he really does like her and would like to take her out sometime. She tells him that she needs some time between the end of her marriage and the beginning of her foray back into the dating scene, but notes that she is interested and will let him know when she is ready.

Across the bar, Tad reminds Adam that he once owned the very bar they are sitting in, and JR notes that it was during a time when Adam was human. Adam tells them that he thought he had nothing left to live for and Tad remembers that it was because they thought Stuart was lost to them. He then revisits the fact that Adam swore to be a better, more honorable person if he ever got his brother back – and says that since he hasn't done so, he must not cherish his brother as much as he claimed. Livid, Adam demands that Tad not say another word about his brother. JR then asks his father why he showed up in the first place, and Tad jumps in to answer – saying that there probably wasn't anyone left at home to torture. JR concurs, saying that there really isn't a point to living for Adam without that option. Adam tries to fire back by calling his son a whiner, but the bite is cut out of his claim when JR tells him that he has no effect anymore. Then, the sound system comes to life and Krystal welcomes the small crowd. Although Adam tries to heckle her, she announces that she thought that she had everything before but once it blew up in her face, she gained clarity. She professes to be happier and more grateful than she has ever been, and wants to sing a song to show them. As the song cues up, Krystal wipes at her face and Babe mistakenly thinks that Adam has made her cry. Krystal denies as much just before a bigger chunk of the ceiling falls to the floor, nearly hitting her in the process. Derek and Tad check it out and find out that there wasn't much repair work done after the fire, and that the leak has been up there doing its destructive work for a long time. Adam revels in the setback, and thanks Krystal for dropping the Chandler moniker so that there is no chance of the building being connected to him. He starts to leave but Amanda stops him, telling him that her mother, now back on her meds, hates that she helped him out with his scheme and hates all of the things he will lose by alienating everyone. Adam once again denies any involvement in what Janet did, and advises her not to encourage Janet's delusions. With that, he takes his leave, with Amanda noting how much she wants him to suffer. JR agrees with her and promises that his dad will indeed pay. She then checks to make sure that he didn't tell Babe about their illicit tryst. JR admits that he hadn't but that he could. Amanda quickly tells him not to, and JR pretends to be offended that she is ashamed of their involvement. Just to rattle her chains a little, JR calls Babe over but then quickly lets Amanda off the hook by telling Babe that he has some travel coming up and that Little A would need to stay with her for a few weeks. Amanda takes the opportunity to excuse herself and do some menial task while they discuss the details.

Then, Derek's ride shows up, and in his stead, Babe convinces her mother that everything will be all right once they get Derek's friends in to assess the damage and repair it. Krystal is skeptical, but Babe reminds her that she has made magic in their lives before and believes that she can do it again. On the other side of the room, Opal checks in with Julia, who has been overly tired and near tears all night. She tries to blow off the symptoms as just dealing with double shifts, being a mom and the aftermath of the nurses' strike, but is soon struck with nausea and is forced to quickly vacate her station. When she returns, she tells Opal that it's odd that a nurse can't diagnose herself with "Slow down, take a rest" when she needs it. Opal suggests that the "problem" might be that she is pregnant. Jamie and Del come back into the bar just then, after having successfully added the tarp to the roof. Tad tries to convince Krystal that things will be fine, and that her success will eventually allow her to tell Adam to go to hell. She tells him she is determined to move on without Adam dragging her down.

Greenlee comes back into the new construction from the torrential rains but the remaining crowd is skeptical about her tale of the flooded roads. Ryan goes to check, and comes back in moments later, confirming that the roads have been washed out and Greenlee's car is submerged. As Zach takes pity on the shivering young woman and puts his jacket around her, she milks the horror of getting out of her car. Ryan makes a call and finds out that since the storm is supposed to last into the next day, rescue workers won't be able to make it out to them before then – and then, only after they have canvassed more popular areas. The group resigns themselves to the fact that they are all stuck where they are for the long haul. Greenlee emerges from another room, having changed out of her wet clothing, and Emma offers her doll to make her feel better. Letting the ice crack a little, Zach invites Greenlee to sit by the fire he built, while Kendall and Annie make moves to help her out. Soon after, a fussy Spike lets everyone know that it's time for bed, and Kendall fishes out some pajamas from the bottomless diaper bag. Ryan returns after making a dash to the car to find something for his daughter to lie on and, as Greenlee watches, he makes his jacket a cozy place for Emma to rest her head. Greenlee then returns the doll to its rightful owner, and wishes both children sweet dreams. Once the kids fall asleep, Zach and Annie decide to leave the original trio alone to talk, and move into a different room. Annie looks for guidance from Zach in dealing with how enmeshed his husband and ex-lovers are. Although he wasn't there from the beginning, he did see a lot, and offers that she should keep continue to be grounded and stable since it's working, and never let her guard down. Annie admits that although she thought she had her hands full when it came to Kendall, that rivalry couldn't hold a candle to what Greenlee is capable of.

Kendall and Ryan make sure Greenlee is doing okay, and for the most part – she is. They both then tell her that they are glad that she made it out of her car safely and back inside with them. Ryan says that things between the three of them shouldn't be so hard, with he and Kendall on one side and Greenlee on the other. Greenlee doesn't think there is a choice, but Ryan believes there is if they all agree to work at it. Just then, Kendall stops and feels her stomach. Ryan thinks something is wrong but she quickly denies that and excitedly calls Zach over. She reveals that she felt the baby move, and Zach places his hands on her stomach and hopes for a repeat performance. Without thinking about it, Kendall animatedly recalls her pregnancy with Spike, and Annie revels in how exciting the experience is. Then, Kendall realizes what the discourse would mean to Greenlee, and locks gazes with her former best friend. It lasts but a moment before Greenlee's pain overtakes her and she runs out of the room to cry more privately. Unable to let her be alone, Kendall rushes after her and offers a pair of comforting arms. She apologizes for not thinking before speaking but Greenlee tells her not to apologize. She notes that she shouldn't have come back but Kendall vehemently denies that, stating that Greenlee belongs here. Greenlee tries to protest but Kendall vocally overpowers her and insists that she accept the help she is being offered. She promises Greenlee that if she can let the help in, they can be as good as they once were – and better. Brokenly, Greenlee agrees. Soon after, Zach concludes a call and tells everyone that the power will be back on soon, and Ryan can't resist a jab about his surprise that Zach can't flip the switch himself. On the other side of the wall, Kendall begs to know if Greenlee would be willing to rebuild the relationships she abandoned, and although it initially seems so, Greenlee trashes that by announcing her plans to file a civil suit against Zach for his part in the destruction of her eggs.

Having reaches the shore, Ava makes a beeline to the Chandler mansion and catches Adam before he makes it inside. He mistakes her for Lily but she quickly corrects him and tells him that she has something to show him. Although he really wants to get in out of the rain, he looks at her cell phone and is treated to a view of his half naked daughter kissing an equally unclad Sean Montgomery. They move discussions inside and Ava reveals that she wants money for her pain and suffering of dealing with Colby stealing her boyfriend. Adam is more than happy to pony up, as long as she promises to keep Sean away from her daughter from now on. He then reasserts his position of control by making her leave through the back door. Moments later, JR shows up and after again verbally sparring with his father on the issues of JR's "failure" and Krystal moving on without Adam, JR attacks Adam in the worst way by telling him that he intends to honor the wonderful lessons his mother and Tad taught him by changing his surname to Martin.

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