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Monday, August 17, 2009

At the hospital, Scott waited for Liza to emerge from Marian's room. Liza was somber as she approached Scott. According to Liza, Marian had been a shell of her former self. Liza had not seen any indication that Marian was aware of what was going on. She feared that her mother would never recover from Stuart's death. Scott comforted Liza as she broke down in tears.

Later, while Liza reviewed the papers that would commit Marian to a sanitarium, Scott reminded Liza that they all had to move forward. Liza asked if that was what Scott was doing by living at the mansion. Scott confessed that he had gone to the gatehouse to gather some things for Marian. Scott had sensed Stuart's presence while he had been in the gatehouse. He admitted that he had derived a sense of peace from being in Stuart's home. Liza asked how Annie had factored in to Scott's plans for the future. Scott assured Liza that he seldom interaction with Annie.

Adam summoned JR to the Chandler mansion to share the news that Chandler Enterprises had showed a quarterly profit for the first time in ages. JR realized that Adam attributed part of the company's success to Scott's "save the world" agenda. While they were talking, Annie crept downstairs to eavesdrop on their conversation. JR had no desire to hear his father brag about Scott. However, before he left, JR spotted Annie lurking in the foyer.

Annie was embarrassed to have been caught. Luckily for Annie, Adam didn't seem to mind that she had been listening in on their conversation. JR, on the other hand, believed that it was proof of her greedy nature. JR advised his father to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up. Adam didn't appear concerned, but Annie glared at JR. JR warned his father not to be taken in by Annie's lies, or else she would walk away with Adam's fortune.

After JR's departure, Adam confided that he didn't think that JR was aware of just how dire the family's financial circumstances had been. Annie hid her disappointment when Adam cautioned her about the wedding plans. He explained that he didn't have an unlimited amount of money for a lavish wedding. Annie assured Adam that she didn't need a big wedding.

When JR arrived at the hospital, he spotted Scott. The cousins briefly argued about Marissa until Scott realized that JR had asked Krystal to speak to Marissa on JR's behalf. Scott was disappointed that JR had stooped to such a low level. He walked off without another word to JR. Neither was aware that David had overheard the exchange between the Chandler cousins.

Later, David tried to play matchmaker between Scott and Marissa. Scott wasn't interested in David's help. He told David that Marissa wanted to be with JR and that there wasn't anything either of them could do about it.

Krystal explained to her daughter that Marissa was all that David had left. It made him overprotective. Krystal added that David's issues with JR stemmed back to when David had been involved with Dixie. Marissa confessed that she was hurt because JR had agreed to David's terms. Krystal asked Marissa to understand that JR had been driven by a desire to protect his son. Marissa realized why JR had agreed to go along with David's proposal, but she was disappointed.

Marissa became suspicious when Krystal continued to defend JR. She questioned if JR had sent Krystal to talk to her. Marissa accused JR of being a coward for not facing her. As JR entered the room, he agreed with Marissa's assessment. Krystal left the hospital room to give JR and Marissa some privacy. JR apologized for hurting Marissa; he realized that he had made a mistake.

JR credited Marissa for helping him to move forward after Babe's death. JR believed that Marissa had given him hope for a brighter a future and had opened his eyes to the possibility that he could change. Marissa revealed that David had claimed to have changed when, in fact, he hadn't. Marissa wondered why she should believe JR was any different from David. JR acknowledged that Marissa didn't have any reason to trust him. He thanked her for everything that she had done and then started to walk away.

Marissa called out to JR before he could leave. The two patched things up and then took a stroll down the hallway. As Marissa confided that she craved a burger from the Yacht Club, David approached them. David commented that it appeared that all had been forgiven; he wondered if Marissa's charitable mood extended to him. Marissa didn't appreciate her father's attitude. Meanwhile, JR warned David to back off.

To David and Marissa's surprise, JR confessed that he might be falling in love with Marissa. After David stormed off, Marissa turned to JR. She wondered if his declaration had been the truth or an attempt to get under David's skin. JR responded by kissing Marissa.

At the hospital, Tad recalled Amanda's warning that David would stop at nothing to get his hands on Trevor if David ever learned of the baby's existence. With Amanda's caution still ringing in his ears, Tad made his way to the nurse's station to question a nurse about David's whereabouts during Trevor's disappearance. The nurse confirmed that she had seen David frequently throughout the day. Tad realized that it was unlikely that David had slipped away unnoticed. As Tad continued to question the nurse about David's activities, Joe approached them.

Joe was anxious to talk to Tad about a philanthropic endeavor which Jamie and Jeff were organizing. Joe wondered if Tad would be interested in participating. Before Tad could question Joe about it, David approached. David had been told that Tad had been looking for him. Tad assured David that he didn't have need of a cardiologist. As Tad cracked jokes about how odd the word infarction sounded, Joe realized that his son was trying to hide something.

Joe clarified that he had been looking for David, not Tad. Joe claimed that he wanted to know if David would be interested on going to Africa on a humanitarian aid project. David refused to consider it. He didn't want to give Joe the opportunity to reclaim his position as chief of staff. Joe made it clear that he didn't want the job back; Joe didn't enjoy the paperwork that went with the position. After David walked away, Tad thanked his father for covering for him. Joe wanted to know why Tad had been asking questions about David.

Tad was reluctant to confide to his father. Luckily for Tad, Krystal walked up. Tad suggested that Krystal would be a perfect candidate to go to Africa to help Jamie and Jeff. Joe thought it was a fabulous idea. Krystal hesitated to agree, but eventually Joe managed to sway her. Tad added that they might want to consider asking a celebrity to join the envoy to Africa.

Tad went to his mother's room to check on her. Opal was in a panic because Trevor had disappeared. Tad assured Opal that they were doing everything that they could to find Trevor. He told her about David's mysterious phone call. According to Tad, Jake and Amanda had followed the lead to Massachusetts. As if on cue, Jake called with an update. Jake and Amanda were staked out, waiting for the package to be delivered.

Zach checked on Kendall in the secret room. He became concerned when he noticed that she had not eaten anything. Kendall confessed that she wasn't hungry. As they talked, they heard Ian cry out. Kendall ran to check on her son.

As Zach and Kendall entered the boys' room, they discovered that both children were wide awake. Kendall scooped up Ian. After she calmed Ian down, she focused on Spike. The family was enjoying their time together when they heard a knock at the front door. It was Erica. Zach went to answer the door while Kendall returned to the secret room. Spike didn't want his mother to leave.

Erica was in desperate need of Zach's help. She wanted Zach to lie about the children in order to force Kendall to accept visitors. Zach reminded Erica that Kendall didn't want to see anyone. Erica refused to drop the matter until Zach agreed to help her. After Zach promised to do what he could, Erica announced that she wanted to see her grandchildren. Zach tried to dissuade Erica by claiming that it wasn't a good time because Spike had not slept well. As if summoned, Spike appeared in the hallway.

Zach watched helplessly as Erica picked her grandson up and then carried him into the bedroom. When Erica had Spike settled on his bed, she offered to read to him. Spike wasn't interested, so Erica turned to ask Zach about Kendall's appeal. Zach assured Erica that Liza was working on it. Erica made it clear that she didn't trust Liza. In the meantime, Spike asked for some juice. When Erica offered to get it, Spike responded, "Mommy do it."

Zach was forced to cover Spike's slip by explaining to Erica that Spike had conjured up an imaginary mother to deal with Kendall's absence. Erica suggested that perhaps Spike might need to see a therapist, but Zach disagreed. Zach was certain that it wasn't a big deal. Erica warned Zach that she wouldn't have a problem as long as someone like Liza didn't try to replace Kendall.

After Erica left, Zach handed Erica's note to Kendall. Kendall felt terrible because her mother had begged for Kendall to accept visitors. Zach urged Kendall to write back to Erica, but Kendall didn't think that they could continue their ruse for much longer. Kendall feared that the imposter would eventually tire of being locked up behind bars, despite the exorbitant amount of money that Zach had paid her. She also worried that the imposter would try to blackmail Zach for more money.

Zach assured Kendall that everything would work out. She was shocked when he announced that he had to leave. Zach didn't offer any explanation. Later, Zach stood in the Adam's parlor. While he waited for Adam to join him, Liza arrived. She was stunned when Zach informed her that he intended to ask Adam for a loan. Liza cautioned Zach that Adam wasn't as "liquid" as Zach had presumed. Zach was confident that Adam had enough money to extend a loan.

When Adam joined them, with Annie in tow, Zach asked Adam for one and a half million dollars. Adam demanded to know what the money was for; he refused to fund Kendall's appeal. Zach explained that he needed the money to pay his employees at the casino. Annie didn't want Adam to loan Zach a penny. Annie reminded Adam that Zach had tried to frame her.

Annie was incredulous when Adam agreed to loan Zach the money. After Zach and Liza left, Adam explained that he had given Zach the money for Annie's sake. Adam was confident that Zach wouldn't be quick to accuse Annie of wrongdoing while Zach was indebted to Adam. Annie pretended to be happy that Adam was looking out for her, but as soon as Adam left the room, she vented her fury. When she saw Scott enter, she demanded that he help her. Annie claimed that she was concerned that Adam was losing his mind.

Outside, Zach thanked Liza for her help. Liza agreed that they worked well together. However, when Liza invited Zach to dinner, he declined. Zach insisted that he needed to check on his sons. When Zach arrived home, Kendall was waiting with a bottle of wine and dinner. Zach worried that she had taken a risk by freely moving about the house. Kendall assured Zach that she had made certain that the drapes had been closed. Moments later, Liza rang the doorbell.

At ConFusion, Krystal overheard Erica and her assistant discuss an interview with a woman who had nine children. Erica wasn't thrilled about the interview because she didn't want to give the woman additional notoriety. However, Erica realized that the interview would up her ratings. When Erica was alone, Krystal approached her table.

Krystal suggested that Erica feature the plight of the children in Africa on her show, rather than a woman with a bunch of children. When she showed Erica the brochures that Joe had given to her, Erica was moved. Krystal proposed that Erica feature the trip on her upcoming shows. Erica expressed an interest in joining the humanitarian effort.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Erica threw a ton of designer dresses onto her bed. She then tossed boxes of expensive shoes on top of the dresses. As she glared at the heap of clothes, there was a knock at her door. She was relieved to see Ryan standing before her.

Ryan inquired why Erica urgently needed to see him. She showed him a small backpack and asked how she could fit all of her clothes into the backpack. He looked confused as Joe entered the room. Erica did not seem excited for Joe's visit.

Joe removed many large needles from his bag. He stated that Erica needed numerous vaccinations for her trip to Africa. Ryan looked shocked as he asked, "Erica's going to Africa?" Joe explained that Jamie and Jeff were holding a fundraiser in Africa, and Erica had volunteered to go. Joe felt that Erica's celebrity endorsement would be a big help to the fundraiser. Joe was very grateful for her support.

Erica looked extremely nervous as Joe prepped all of the vaccinations. Joe named all of the vaccines she needed to prevent diseases such as yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies. Erica quipped, "Do I need the rabies shot just in case Krystal bites me?" Joe informed Erica that she could take the typhoid vaccine orally. Joe handed her a vial and she drank from it. She gagged from the awful taste of the vaccine. It was then time for Joe to administer the shots. Joe told Ryan that he might want to leave the room because all of the shots were not going into Erica's arm. She was horrified by Joe's comment, but Ryan laughed.

After Joe finished, Ryan checked on Erica. She noted, "I may never be able to sit down again." Joe thanked Erica once more for her help and he left. Then, Ryan offered to help Erica pack. She did not know how to fit all of her clothes, shoes, makeup, and hair products into one backpack. He advised her to bring a few t-shirts and shorts. She shot him a befuddled look and stated that she did not own t-shirts. He chuckled and suggested a tank top instead.

Ryan and Erica managed to pack only one bag for Erica's trip. She was amazed that she only packed one tube of lipstick. She then revealed to Ryan that she was going to Manhattan to get her visa. Ryan offered to accompany her to New York and give her a proper send-off. She was delighted by the idea.

Erica and Ryan spent the afternoon and evening in Manhattan. They traveled all over the city, taking pictures every step of the way. At the end of the night, they admired the moon. Erica wondered if her trip to Africa would change her. Ryan said that Erica would change the world, but the world would never change Erica. Then, they kissed.

Zach arrived home and found Kendall standing in the living room. She had set up a romantic dinner, complete with flowers and candles. He reminded her that she should not leave the secret room. She retorted that she took all of the proper precautions to ensure no one saw her. She explained that she wanted to thank Zach for all he had done for her. She hoped that he was hungry, because she put two steaks in the oven. Then, Liza knocked on the front door. Kendall ran into her room, while Zach greeted Liza.

Liza was delivering Chinese food for dinner. When she saw the candles and flowers, she assumed that he had company. Zach said that he was not entertaining anyone. He further noted that he liked to set the table as if Kendall were living there. Liza thought that Zach's explanation was sweet. Suddenly, the smoke alarm went off because the steaks were burning. Liza handed Zach the Chinese food and urged him to take it. She turned to leave, but he told her to stay, and invited her to eat with him.

Liza and Zach ate dinner. Meanwhile, Kendall grew impatient. Kendall called Zach on his cell phone and he discreetly relayed that he was eating with Liza. Kendall was furious.

Liza assumed it was difficult for Zach to live without Kendall. She recalled being extremely lonely after Colby moved in with Adam. Liza admitted that she continually hoped Colby would return to her. Zach called Liza a good mother. He affirmed that Liza strongly influenced Colby, whether Liza realized it or not. She returned the compliment and told Zach that he was a great father. He said that he was not perfect, but he tried to do the best for his kids.

Liza felt that it was unfair of Kendall to shut her family out, especially Zach. Zach stated that it was Kendall's decision not to have any visitors at the jail. Liza was impressed that Zach had faith in Kendall's innocence, even though Kendall thought she was guilty. Liza commented that Kendall could spend many years in prison. Then, he looked up and noticed Kendall spying on them. He was nervous that Liza would see Kendall, also, so he created a distraction. Zach threw a wine glass across the room. He stood up and accused Liza of not believing in Kendall. He stated that Liza should not be Kendall's lawyer if she doubted Kendall's innocence. Liza looked surprised by Zach's emotional rant and rushed out of the house.

Zach met Kendall in her room. Kendall stated that she did feel guilty for Stuart's murder, like Liza mentioned. He urged Kendall to concentrate on feeling innocent. He also encouraged her to relax. He suggested that she write another book. So, Kendall opened her laptop and began to describe a character that sounded a lot like Zach. She wrote that the character loved intensely, but never forgave.

Zach entered the living room and saw that Liza had left her purse. Just as he was about to take the purse to Liza, she returned to the house. As he handed her the purse, she told him that she wanted to stay on the case.

Randi sat in a motel room with baby Trevor. She watched the news and was glad to see that no one reported a missing baby. She held the baby in her arms and gushed over him. She could not understand why someone would abandon a baby. She noted that Trevor looked lost and alone when she found him. She promised to take care of the baby.

Frankie told Natalia and Angie that he could not find Randi. He was concerned because Randi had been missing for an entire day. Frankie asked his sister and mother to help him look for Randi.

After Natalia left Frankie's apartment to search for Randi, Angie revealed her suspicions to Frankie. Angie thought that Randi knew Henry North when she was a prostitute. Angie wondered if Randi's sordid past with Henry was part of the secret that Randi and Jesse were hiding. Frankie told Angie to shut up, but she continued. Angie hypothesized that Randi killed Henry because he would not leave her alone. Frankie did not want to hear his mother's allegations. Frankie refused to believe that Randi was a killer, so he kicked his mother out of the apartment.

Madison visited Jesse at the police station. Madison hoped that Jesse put an end to the investigation of Henry's death. Jesse said that he did not have the authority to end the investigation. She desperately wanted the insurance money for Henry's death. She threatened to tell everyone that Randi killed Henry, if Jesse did not get her the money. Jesse was tired of Madison's threats. He reminded her that she committed insurance fraud and extortion. He vowed to send her to jail if she told anyone the truth about Henry's death.

Madison visited Frankie. She revealed that Randi was the love of Henry's life. She then divulged that Randi killed Henry. Frankie was shocked and did not want to believe her. Madison also purported that Henry, not Frankie, was the father of Randi's baby.

Angie met Jesse at the police station. She demanded to know the truth about Henry's death. He urged her to trust him, but she wanted answers. She said that he was destroying their marriage by keeping secrets. She told him to admit the truth or she would leave him. He was stunned by her ultimatum. She asked if Randi killed Henry. He simply nodded his head yes. Then, Frankie arrived and inquired, "Is it true? Did Randi kill Henry?"

Natalia ran a check on Randi's credit card and discovered her location. Natalia found Randi at the motel and was shocked to see a baby. Natalia feared that Randi stole the baby, due to her grief. Randi stated that she found the baby at a church. Randi explained that she was headed to church to ask God for forgiveness when she found the abandoned baby. Randi assumed that the baby was God's way of telling her that all was forgiven. Randi was certain that she was destined to find the baby.

Natalia informed Randi that she could not keep the baby because it was against the law. Natalia wanted to call the police, but Randi begged her not to. Randi said that the baby gave her life new meaning. Randi exclaimed, "Please don't take him away from me!"

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Colby and Pete babysat Stuart. Pete was intent on burping the baby. Suddenly, Stuart let out a huge burp. Colby laughed when she saw that Stuart had spit up on Pete in the process. As Colby cleaned Pete's shirt, Liza entered the suite. Colby told Liza that David sent her flowers. Liza was uninterested and tossed the flowers into the garbage can.

Taylor found out from a nurse that no missing babies had been reported at the hospital. Taylor relayed the information to Tad. He wondered how she inquired about a missing baby without raising suspicions. Taylor explained that she told the nurse she was writing an article on abandoned children. He was impressed with her sneakiness. She stated that she was so good at being sneaky that the CIA tried to recruit her. He asked why she did not join. She replied, "I never said I didn't join." Then, she laughed.

At the hospital, David placed a phone call. He called Colby and asked if his "delivery" arrived. Colby said yes, but noted that Liza did not care about the flowers. He told Colby that he would visit Liza soon.

Meanwhile, Taylor had eavesdropped on David's phone call. She heard him say "delivery" and wondered if he was talking about Amanda's baby. Taylor told Tad about what she heard, so Tad followed David.

Colby told Liza that David wanted to visit her. Liza wished that Colby would have deterred him from visiting. Colby replied that she was not her mother's social secretary. Then, Colby and Pete got ready to leave. Liza thanked the teenagers for babysitting. Pete said that he enjoyed it because it was good practice for the future. Colby shot him an annoyed look. He sheepishly added, "If I ever get married."

After Colby and Pete left, Liza held Stuart. She apologized to the baby for not spending more time with him. She explained that she was working nonstop. She further noted that she got caught up in drama, which she regretted.

David arrived at Liza's suite and asked if she liked the flowers. She showed him where she had discarded them. He chuckled and stated that the flowers were cowardly. He noted that he should have visited Liza sooner, so he could apologize in person. He then apologized for telling her that she was incapable of love. She retorted that David was probably right when he made the comment. He stated that she had an energy that lit up a room. He felt that she possessed the energy because she was capable of loving deeply. She accepted the apology and asked David to leave.

Liza quipped to Stuart, "That's a life lesson for you. The ones you want never want you back and the ones you don't want send you flowers."

Once David left, Tad asked Liza about David's visit. She explained that David hit on her, but she rejected him. She wondered why Tad followed David. Tad said it was a long story. She looked panicked and assumed that David had discovered Stuart was his child. Tad did not want Liza to worry, so he divulged that Stuart was not Amanda and David's baby.

Liza was very confused. Tad explained that Jake did not want to give Amanda's baby to Liza, so he found another child. Tad stated that Jake received Stuart in a private adoption; meanwhile, Jake stashed Amanda's baby. Liza was stunned, but also relieved that she no longer had to worry about David. Tad further explained that Amanda decided to keep her baby, but David could not know. Tad revealed the plan to leave Trevor at a church, so Amanda and Jake could adopt him, but noted that the plan went awry. Liza felt bad for Amanda and asked if she could do anything to help. Tad said that he suspected David of kidnapping Trevor. Tad asked Liza to try to get information out of David. She agreed.

Liza held Stuart in her arms and exclaimed, "You're really mine!" She called herself silly for thinking that she was incapable of love. She knew she could love due to how much she loved Stuart. She told the baby that he was the love of her life.

Taylor sat with Opal in the hospital. Opal was very distraught over the disappearance of Trevor. Opal blamed herself and wished that she never came up with the plan to leave Trevor at a church. Taylor urged Opal not to feel guilty. Opal asked if she could read Taylor's palm and Taylor agreed. Opal took Taylor's hand and immediately stated, "You're a wonderful woman!" Taylor smiled as Opal told her more. Opal encouraged Taylor to stay true to herself because she saw good things in Taylor's future. Taylor seemed pleased.

Tad returned to the hospital and told Taylor about his conversation with Liza. Taylor feared that a stranger might have taken Trevor and they were wasting their time on David. Tad was almost certain that David took Trevor.

David checked on Opal. He asked if Amanda would be picking Opal up from the hospital. Opal snapped and told David to leave Amanda alone. Opal scolded him for treating Amanda poorly. He reminded Opal that he had lost children, but no one cared about his feelings. She stated that no one cared about him since he did not care about anyone but himself. Then, Pete arrived to pick up Opal.

Frankie entered the police station and asked Jesse, "Is it true? Did Randi kill Henry North?" Jesse replied yes. Frankie and Angie looked devastated. Jesse explained that Henry and Randi had shared a past from when she was a hooker. Jesse said that Henry was obsessed with Randi. Jesse then divulged that Henry attacked Randi, so she hit him over the head and killed him.

Frankie was appalled that Henry tried to rape his wife. Frankie wondered why Jesse and Randi did not tell the cops that she killed Henry in self-defense. Jesse felt that the cops would not believe her because she was a former prostitute and Henry was a prominent D.A. Jesse stated that he covered up the murder to protect his family, especially Randi and her baby.

Frankie wished that Jesse and Randi had told him the truth, instead of Madison. Jesse was aggravated with Madison for meddling. Angie wondered how much Madison knew. Jesse said that Madison knew everything because she stole the security tapes. Frankie realized that Madison had been secretly torturing Randi.

After Frankie left, Angie and Jesse had a heart-to-heart discussion. Angie wished that Jesse had told her the truth from the start. She felt that he did the right thing when he helped Randi; however, she felt that he was wrong for lying to her. She reminded him that his lies cost them their marriage twenty years earlier. She wondered when the lies would end. He explained that he did not tell her the truth because he did not want to implicate her in the crime. She said that they needed to work together to protect their family. Then, they hugged.

Randi begged Natalia to let her keep the baby she found. Natalia explained that it was against the law to keep the baby without notifying the authorities. Randi said that her life had disappeared until she discovered the baby. Randi wanted to take care of the baby, so she could feel what it would have been like with her own child. Randi promised to tell Frankie about the baby. Natalia agreed to let Randi take the baby home while she searched to see if anyone reported a missing baby.

Natalia learned that no missing babies were reported at the hospital. She also discovered that there were no reports at the police station, either.

After Randi arrived at her apartment with the baby, Frankie entered the home, as well. He was relieved to see Randi. He told her that he knew about Henry and that he did not blame her. They embraced. Then, he heard a baby crying and inquired about the noise. She replied, "That's our baby."

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Angie looked longingly at a photo of Frankie and Randi, remembering a time when things were much less stressful. Jesse entered the apartment and Angie looked up with a partial smile, telling her husband that she'd made "double blueberry muffins." Jesse tried to cut through the small talk, saying that he knew he'd screwed up by lying about Henry North's murder. Angie told Jesse that she understood why Jesse had chosen to protect Randi. What she couldn't wrap her head around, though, was why Jesse had chosen to lie to her about it. In a touching admission, Angie said that Jesse's peculiar behavior had made her question if there was another woman in the picture. "That's impossible," Jesse replied. "You are the only woman that has my heart."

In their apartment, Frankie and Randi sat with a baby that Frankie has affectionately dubbed "sponge pants." As he held the baby and slowly rocked him, Frankie promised that he'd do everything in his power to make sure the little one had a better life. That life, according to Frankie, included seeing the 1980s movie The Goonies. Although she ceded that it sounded crazy, Randi told Frankie that she fully believed that "this baby... was meant to be ours." Frankie reminded Randi that there were procedures and laws that needed to be followed. Randi recalled going through that system when she was younger. As Randi talked about how she and Frankie could give the baby a better life, Frankie -- at least temporarily -- seemed to buy into what his wife was saying. After a few seconds of pause, Frankie responded, "I wish we could keep him, but we can't." Randi continued to plead, explaining that taking care of the baby was a chance to atone for killing Henry North.

Angie and Jesse showed up at Frankie and Randi's apartment for a brief visit. Randi apologized to Angie for making a mess of things and worried that Madison might cause more trouble for them in the future. Jesse assured them that as soon as Madison received her $10 million insurance payment, she'd be out of their hair. Once their parents left, Randi asked Frankie why he hadn't told them about the baby. Frankie explained that he hadn't seen Randi so peaceful in a long time and had decided that they should keep the baby.

At Confusion, Jesse and Angie playfully exchanged some innuendo-laden words. Jesse got up to get drinks and spotted Madison sitting across the room waving at him.

From her camp in a remote village, Erica was able to hold a webcam chat with Ryan, who was back in Pine Valley. Due to the time difference, Erica was getting ready to call it a night while Ryan was just starting his day. The conditions were harsh, Erica said, but she noted that the children's "smiles and their laughter are just so beautiful."

A few yards away in a tent, Krystal chuckled to herself about how Erica would react upon learning that she and Krystal would have to share their humble accommodations. When Erica entered the tent, she tried to put her best foot forward, but Krystal took pleasure in making jabs about the conditions. As Erica's face fell upon seeing the cot and mosquito net, Krystal quipped, "It's a funny thing about charities. They tend to spent their money on food and medicine instead of fruit baskets and linen sheets."

While Erica tapped out a script for New Beginnings on her laptop, Krystal brushed up on her Swahili, because she wanted to be able to greet the children in their native tongue. When her battery died, Erica wondered where she'd be able to plug in for a quick recharge. "You might try plugging it into the next zebra that walks by," Krystal muttered.

Erica took to more traditional methods of transcribing her thoughts -- pen and paper. After she scrawled a first draft, she read it to Krystal, who seemed unimpressed with the "queen of fabulosity's" speech-like work. Krystal blasted Erica for using the trip to Africa as a way to boost the ratings of her talk show. Erica denied the claims, pointing out that Krystal had invited her to Africa because of her celebrity. Krystal shook her head and said that "attention-seeking" celebrities like Erica didn't understand what it was like for "mere mortals" to get through the day. Suddenly, Erica shouted out, "Jambo, watoto." Krystal was silent as Erica informed her that she'd just said "Hello, children" in Swahili.

While Krystal had been asleep on the flight from Pine Valley, Erica revealed that she'd been studying some of the basics. Nonplussed, Krystal made a crack about Erica having flown in the First Class section. "Mbwa Jike," Erica snapped, refusing to tell Krystal what she'd said. When Krystal paged through her dictionary, she learned that mbwa meant dog and jike translated to female. Erica looked on with a smirk.

AMC Recap Photo 090817 Later, as they prepared to go to sleep, Erica and Krystal fought over the light from their lantern. When they'd both finally closed their eyes, they were roused by the roar of a lion from outside the tent. They were both able to get to sleep, but Krystal awoke in a panic a short time later. She called to Erica, who woke up flailing her arms like the blades of a windmill. When she removed her eye mask, Erica realized that there was a serious problem. A scorpion had perched itself on Krystal's chest.

At Confusion, Adam and Liza discussed the contract that had been drawn up to facilitate Adam's $1.5 million loan to Zach. Liza had to step away for a moment, which left Adam having to hold a fussy baby Stuart. Adam looked panicked at first, but he soon adjusted to having a baby in his arms. Liza returned, but shortly thereafter, she had to take Stuart to the restroom to be changed. Ryan arrived a few moments later and questioned Adam's dealings with Zach. Adam insisted that Zach had admitted Kendall's guilt as part of the loan agreement. Ryan refused to believe that Zach would ever call Kendall guilty. Ryan tried to figure out why Zach would take a loan from Adam, wondering if it was a way for Zach to get closer to Adam.

Back at Chandler Mansion, Scott gave Annie a hard time about her resistance to Adam giving money to Zach. Annie was angry that the loan could jeopardize her "beautiful life and beautiful wedding." As they squabbled, Jack showed up with good news for Annie. Dr. Nolan had found Annie competent to stand trial. A subsequent hearing would determine whether or not Annie would stand trial. A chipper Annie asked if she could take off her ankle bracelet. Jack tried to temper Annie's jubilance, reminding her that she faced a laundry list of charges. More than that, Jack stated that Annie would probably have to serve some jail time.

Adam entered the parlor and vowed that Annie would not spend any time behind bars. Taking a sip of brandy, Jack remembered that the presiding judge, Judge Robinson, was a "good golfing buddy" of Adam's. Adam noted that the judge was "terrible with a nine iron" and still owed him money from a previous outing. Out of nowhere, Jack announced that he would be leaving the country and told Annie that she'd need to hire another attorney. While Annie seemed stunned, Adam took the news in stride. "Attorneys are as plentiful as fleas." Adam grinned.

Scott asked his uncle if he was really going to pay off a judge. Adam responded that he was "facilitating justice" for his fiancée. Adam warned Scott not to profess his piety too loudly. He then asked his nephew if he'd ever coveted "thy neighbor's wife, girlfriend, or fiancée" -- and warned him not to lie. Scott told Adam to go to hell, to which Adam retorted that he'd see him there.

Alone in the darkened parlor, Scott was haunted by Adam's words. Annie crept up behind him to ask him if he was okay. Scott turned around angrily and ordered Annie to go back to bed. She did as she was told and scurried away.

Meanwhile, Kendall was furious when she awoke from her sleep and found Zach reading her journal. Ryan stopped by unexpectedly to ask Zach why he was suddenly acting so strangely. After weeks of trying to keep Kendall out of jail, Ryan said that he made no sense that Zach wouldn't so much as try to visit Kendall in jail. Ryan insisted on taking Spike with him for an overnight stay. Liza also showed up to talk business with Zach. As Zach fetched Spike, Kendall pulled him aside and blasted him for forcing her to stay holed up in a secret room.

After Ryan left with his son, Liza assured Zach that she hadn't told Ryan about the loan. Zach signed the papers accepting Adam's loan. Zach then remarked that little Stuart was lucky because he didn't look at all like David. Liza informed Zach that she'd learned that the baby wasn't Amanda and David's child. Zach asked if he could hold the baby. She agreed, and Zach immediately went into daddy mode. Liza remarked that Zach was a natural.

Upstairs in her secret room, Kendall continued working on her story. Suddenly, she struggled to catch her breath.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Randi was thrilled when Frankie agreed to keep and raise the baby that she had found. She took the young boy in her arms and promised that she and Frankie would love him forever. Randi then told her husband that they would be able to put all the bad things behind them and focus on their future. Frankie watched his wife with the baby for a few moments, and then revealed that Angie had found his sister, Cassie, in a similar fashion. Randi reiterated that they were meant to raise the boy.

Randi put the baby to sleep and then had an honest conversation with Frankie. She told him that she'd never been in love with Henry North. Rather, she just loved how he felt about her, and how his feelings promised her a new life. Frankie told her that she had been right when she said that they needed to forget about the past. Randi admitted that her involvement in Henry's death was something she couldn't forget.

Frankie praised his wife for defending herself against Henry's advances. There was a knock on the door. Frankie answered it and found Natalia on the other side. Frankie and Randi tried to convince Natalia that it was a bad time, but Natalia picked up on their hushed tones. Instead of posing a question, Natalia stated that Frankie and Randi had decided to keep the baby.

Natalia blasted her brother and sister-in-law for their choices, and said that there was a possibility that the baby's parents were frantically looking for their son. Randi pleaded for understanding, and said that she believed God had given her the baby. The baby started to cry, and Randi excused herself to take care of him. Once Randi was gone, Natalia said she understood Randi's behavior, but not Frankie's. Frankie said that the baby was Randi's only lifeline after the miscarriage, and that he couldn't take that away from Randi.

Frankie's insistence that the hell Randi had been through warranted keeping the baby frustrated Natalia. She pointed out that when Randi found the child, he wasn't a newborn that had been dumped -- he was a baby that someone had taken care of. As Randi listened in unnoticed, Natalia promised that she would not stop her search for the baby's parents.

Tad touched base with Jake and Amanda by phone and asked what they had been able to find out. Neither party had anything much to report, but Tad changed his tune when he spotted David walking into ConFusion. Tad quickly ended that call, and placed another to Liza. Failing to reach her, Tad left a message that there was an emergency at ConFusion. He said that she needed to go there right away. After he ended that call, he asked if the bartender wanted to liven up the crowd.

Amanda and Jake took a seat at the bar and ordered a couple of beers. They were able to find out that the owner of the bar had insisted that the pay phone remain in place, and was the only person that used it. Moments later, Jake spotted Gayle, the nurse that had taken the fall for David at the hospital, and they realized that she was the owner. They watched surreptitiously as the woman placed a call from the pay phone.

Jake and Amanda waited until Gayle had completed her call and was behind the bar before they revealed themselves. Jake started to fabricate a story about why they were in the area. Before he could lay a solid foundation, Amanda demanded that Gayle tell her where Amanda's son had been stashed. Gayle claimed not to know what baby Amanda referred to, and Jake questioned Gayle's contact with David.

Gayle explained that David had felt bad after she'd lost her nursing license, so he offered to help her start the bar. However, business had been bad, so David had some cash delivered to help her out. Gayle made it clear that she still believed David was a good man. She then asked Jake and Amanda to keep their meeting to themselves, as she had promised David that she wouldn't let anyone in Pine Valley know where she was.

After she realized that she had a scorpion on her chest, Krystal harshly called out to Erica. When Erica awoke, she sprang into action first then hesitated. She threw Krystal's words about Erica being a spoiled celebrity back in Krystal's face and acted as if she knew nothing about killing scorpions. Krystal insisted that Erica help her, but Erica refused until Krystal apologized.

Once Erica got her apology, she launched into a diatribe about how she had faced down many things that were worse than a scorpion. Erica demanded that the scorpion walk away if it wanted to avoid a violent end to its life. Krystal finally got fed up, hurriedly brushed the scorpion off of her, and eliminated the threat when she slammed her book on top of the scorpion.

The next morning dawned too soon, and Erica was in a panic because she hadn't written a word of her new speech. Krystal encouraged her to speak from the heart, but Erica was uneasy speaking without something prepared. Krystal said that if Erica shared her feelings, it would mean much more than anything manufactured.

Erica met with one of the organizers of the charity effort, and assured him that even without notes, she would be able to shoot the promo in one take. Erica walked into the frame, spoke from the heart, and did exactly as she promised. Afterwards, Krystal congratulated her on a job well done. In turn, Erica thanked Krystal for being the inspiration, and Krystal was awestruck by Erica's response.

While Zach was preoccupied with feeding Liza's baby, Kendall was alarmed when she started to feel chest pains. She tried the door, but soon realized her efforts were in vain. She attempted to retrieve the cell phone that Zach had given her, but passed out before she could reach it. Meanwhile, before Liza headed out the door, Zach thanked her for handling the loan with Adam, and she thanked him for being so good with her son.

Tad went over to David's table and made idle chatter in order to keep David at ConFusion. Unable to figure out Tad's motivation, David noted repeatedly that he needed to leave. Plans shifted imperceptibly when Liza arrived on the scene. David asked Liza to join him, and Tad willingly gave up his seat to the cause.

Jesse spotted Madison North from the table he shared with Angie at ConFusion. He was irate that the widow continued to show up everywhere he went. Jesse said that he would put a stop to it, but Angie asked that she be allowed to do the honors. She crossed the room and demanded that Madison reveal whatever game she was playing. Unwilling to tangle with Angie, Madison made a vague excuse and tried to leave. Angie made it clear that if Madison left without coming clean, she would have a problem on her hands.

Angie demanded that Madison stop harassing her family members, but Madison didn't easily fold. She told Angie that she'd done Frankie a favor when she told him the truth about Randi. Angie wondered what Madison's motivation was in continuing to behave as she did. As Jesse approached the duo, Madison acted as if she'd been emotionally damaged by Henry's death. Jesse revealed that Madison's ire stemmed from not having received her insurance settlement because of Angie's questions about the autopsy findings. Madison suggested that they all had something to lose if the case remained open, and offered that they might want to work together.

Zach went into the boys' bedroom and comforted one of them after a bad dream. He called to Kendall, told her that Liza had gone, and asked her to visit the boys. When he didn't get a response, he ran over to the secret room and found her collapsed on the floor. He started to call 9-1-1, but when the operator answered, he realized that he couldn't utilize that method of assistance. He truncated the call and was relieved when Kendall started to awaken. She told him that she needed her pills.

Zach quickly administered Kendall's pills, then took her in his arms and promised her that everything would be all right. He got her into bed and asked her what had happened. Kendall explained everything she remembered before she passed out. She told Zach that the attack was probably caused because she'd forgotten to take her medicine. A red light started to flash on the wall, and Kendall swore that she would throw something if it turned out that Liza had returned. Zach told her that it was the police because he had called 9-1-1, and then went downstairs to address the issue.

Zach greeted the officer and explained that his son had accidentally called 9-1-1. After the cop gave the main floor a cursory inspection, he asked that Zach explain to his son about the dangers of false alarms. Zach escorted the officer out of his house, and was mildly alarmed when Kendall appeared in the foyer.

Zach told Kendall that she needed to lie down, but Kendall said that for the first time in a while, she felt good physically and emotionally. Kendall said a realization had dawned that she couldn't survive a life without Zach and her boys. Zach was moved by her admission that being in the house was all she needed.

ConFusion's first open mic event commenced with a stab at stand-up comedy by Tad. Tad made David the target of his jokes, and his routine ultimately fell flat. After he returned the microphone to the bartender, Tad rejoined Liza and David at their table. He went on to make some suggestions about how David could spend more time with Liza, which piqued David's interest.

David accused Tad of trying to play matchmaker but didn't know why. Tad gave a reason that sounded ludicrous, and managed not to let on that there was more than an element of truth contained within. Tad excused himself, and when Liza tried to do the same, David did as Tad had hoped and asked Liza to join him for dinner.

Liza agreed, but before they could order another round of drinks, Liza was ready to call it a night. David got a call from the hospital, so he agreed and suggested that they have dinner again soon. He left ConFusion, and Tad immediately returned to Liza's side. Tad indicated that he thought Liza's act was good, but suspected that she actually liked David.

Liza denied any interest in David, but when Tad pointed out that she'd held on to the flower that David had given her, Liza caved in. She told Tad that since she knew Stuart wasn't David's son, she could relax and enjoy David for who he was. Tad noted that as he watched David with Stuart, he realized that David still believed Stuart was his son, and therefore David would have no reason to steal Trevor.

Jesse and Angie went to the police station, and Jesse assured his wife that his family was his priority. In that vein, he asked Angie to call the Washington, D.C., authorities and tell them that she had been wrong about the autopsy results. Angie mulled over that lie, and said that it was excusable, because it would help someone she loved.

Angie placed the call, and withdrew her assertion that Henry's death had been caused by anything other than the car accident. After she hung up the phone, she admitted how hard it had been to make the call, and apologized to Jesse for her lack of belief in him.

Jake called Tad again and the brothers updated each other on what they'd been able to find out. Meanwhile, Gayle opened the package that David had sent, and extracted a vial of medication, not money. She told her unseen patient that the doctor had increased the dosage, and prepared a shot.

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