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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 10, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, August 10, 2009

At the hospital, Marissa smiled when she opened her eyes to see JR at her bedside. As JR reached for Marissa's hand, Scott walked in. Scott left, unnoticed, after he had witnessed the tender moment between JR and Marissa. In the hallway, David was furious when Scott told him that JR was with Marissa. As Scott walked away, Krystal stopped David from entering Marissa's room.

Krystal cautioned David not to create a scene. She was certain that Marissa would resent David's interference in her relationship with JR. David vowed that he wouldn't lose another daughter to JR. Krystal reminded David that Marissa was a grown woman who was capable of making her own choices. Krystal insisted that JR was not the monster that David had made him out to be. Krystal didn't want David to make the same mistake with Marissa that he had made with Babe.

JR apologized to Marissa for behaving like a jerk just before Kendall's sentencing. After JR and Marissa had mended fences, JR decided to call Colby to check on Little A. In the hallway, JR encountered David and Krystal. He told them that Marissa was awake, but cautioned them not to agitate her. David reminded JR that he was a doctor and didn't need JR's warning.

AMC Recap Photo 090810 In Marissa's room, David confessed that he had felt the same fear for Marissa that he had felt when Leora had died. Marissa's brush with death had affected David profoundly. David regretted how he had treated Marissa; he promised that he would be a better father. Marissa was moved by her father's words until he mentioned JR. When David begged Marissa to stay away from JR, she turned her head. Marissa refused to look at David while he warned her that she would end up just like Babe if she continued to see JR.

JR was irritated when Krystal waylaid him outside of Marissa's room. Krystal told JR that David was with Marissa. JR confessed that he couldn't believe that Babe and Marissa were a part of David. He immediately apologized to Krystal when he realized that the comment had been insensitive. When JR began talking about the similarities between the sisters, Krystal admitted that she liked to focus on their differences. One of the differences between the twins was that Babe had been impulsive, while Marissa tended to be methodical, like David. JR refused to accept that Marissa and David had anything in common. Krystal argued that JR didn't know the softer side of David the way that she did.

After David left Marissa's room, Krystal went in to see her daughter. Marissa was in tears because of her father's unreasonable request. Marissa confided that she had been frightened by David's intensity and determination. Marissa was upset because she had recognized the same traits in herself. Krystal assured her daughter they were flaws in David, but not in Marissa.

David pulled JR aside; he agreed to stay away from Little A if JR promised to keep his distance from Marissa. David claimed that Marissa was all that he had left.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Adam waited to see Joe. JR grew concerned when he spotted his father. Adam assured JR that he was fine. According to Adam, he was there for a routine follow-up exam. When Joe approached them, JR tried to linger, but Adam managed to shoo his son away.

AMC Recap Photo 090810 After Joe concluded his examination, he invited Adam to get dressed. Joe closed the curtain and then stepped out of the room. When Joe was called away for an emergency, he asked David to finish up with Adam. While Adam stood behind the curtain, he decided to reveal the true reason for his visit. Adam explained that he had recently become engaged to a younger woman. He was unaware that David, not Joe, stood in the room.

Adam wondered if Joe could prescribe something to help Adam with his sexual stamina. David chuckled as he wrote out a prescription and then opened the curtain to hand it to Adam. Adam was livid when he realized that he had inadvertently confided his private fears to David. David ignored Adam's rant. He warned Adam that the medication could have serious side effects given Adam's medical history. Despite his distrust, Adam took the prescription.

Ryan confronted Annie at the Chandler mansion. Ryan was furious because Annie had contacted Emma. Annie accused Ryan of overreacting; she had simply left a message on Ryan's answering machine. Ryan reminded Annie that the judge had stipulated that Annie wasn't to have any contact with Emma. Annie didn't understand why Ryan was upset. She claimed that she had merely called to share the wonderful news of her impending marriage to Adam.

Ryan promised to send Adam his condolences; he considered Adam an idiot for marrying Annie. Annie resented Ryan's comments, so she threatened to fight Ryan for custody of Emma. Ryan couldn't believe that Annie would put Emma through a custody battle after the recent fiasco with A.D.A. Willis. Scott walked in while Annie and Ryan argued. Annie smiled victoriously when Scott ordered Ryan to leave.

Later, Scott returned to the living room with a glass of water for Annie. Annie thanked Scott for his support during her argument with Ryan. Annie claimed that Ryan had gone ballistic because she wanted Emma to be a flower girl at the wedding. When Scott wondered where Adam was, Annie revealed that Adam was working.

Annie changed the subject to ask why Scott wasn't at the hospital with Marissa. Scott admitted that he didn't think Marissa wanted him there. Annie disagreed; she thought that Marissa would be grateful because of Scott's heroic actions following the shooting. Annie was certain that Marissa would want to thank Scott. She encouraged Scott to return to the hospital, so his would be the first face that Marissa saw when she opened her eyes.

Scott revealed that JR had beaten him to it. Annie suggested that JR was fixated on Marissa because she was Babe's sister. Scott admitted that Marissa appeared to be attracted to JR. Annie assured Scott that it probably stemmed from Marissa's desire to get to know more about Babe. Eventually, Annie persuaded Scott to visit Marissa. Before Scott left, Annie asked Scott for a hug. Adam was taken aback when he walked in to find Annie in Scott's arms.

Annie explained that Scott had rescued her from an ugly confrontation with Ryan. Scott questioned Adam about Adam's business meeting. Adam seemed to be caught off-guard, but quickly recovered. Adam claimed that he had met the accountant at the Yacht Club for lunch and that the meeting had been a success. After Scott left, Annie invited Adam to go swimming. Adam mumbled an excuse then quickly fled the living room. In the foyer, Adam looked at the prescription slip that David had given to him.

Marissa was delighted when Scott stopped by to visit her. Scott smiled as he confessed that he'd been thinking of doing "this" from the moment he had met her. Before Marissa could ask what Scott had meant, he leaned down and kissed her. At the same time, David approached Marissa's room.

At the Slater residence, Erica was stunned when Zach informed her that he had fired Rachel. Zach insisted that the boys needed their father more than a nanny. Erica's concern turned to disbelief when Zach declined her offer to watch the children while he went to visit Kendall. Zach informed Erica that he intended to honor Kendall's request to stay away. Zach urged Erica to leave. As he opened the door, they were surprised to see Liza standing on the doorstep.

After Erica left, Liza followed Zach into the living room. She claimed that she wanted to discuss Kendall's appeal. Zach didn't believe Liza; he accused her of attempting to distract him from his problems. Liza shot back that Zach was trying to hide behind his sons out of fear. Zach admitted that he was afraid, but he didn't think that Liza could understand. Liza disagreed; she lived in fear of David discovering that he was Stuart's father.

Erica went to Ryan's apartment to plead for his assistance. Erica wanted Ryan to talk to Zach because she was worried about her son-in-law. Ryan explained that he couldn't force Zach to visit Kendall if Zach didn't want to. Erica reminded Ryan that he had a stake in what happened to Zach because of Spike. A short time later, Ryan pounded on Zach's front door, demanding to see his son.

Ryan pushed his way into Zach's home the moment that Zach opened the door. Ryan went to check on Spike. After he found Spike sound asleep in bed, Ryan returned to the living room. Ryan assured Zach that he wanted Spike to remain with Ian, but he was concerned about Zach's sudden change of heart about Kendall. Zach insisted that he was honoring Kendall's wishes and that he would continue to do so. Zach invited Ryan to visit Spike whenever he wanted; however, he asked that Ryan call ahead the next time. Ryan agreed and then left.

When Ryan returned home, he told Emma that she wouldn't have to talk to a judge because Kendall had confessed. Ryan apologized for not believing Emma sooner. When Ryan admitted that everyone had been wrong to doubt Emma, she reminded Ryan that Annie had believed her. Before Ryan could respond, Emma ran to her room, shut the door, and then retrieved the hidden cell phone.

Annie was happy to hear from Emma. After Emma assured her mother that no one knew that she had the phone, Emma told Annie that she didn't have to talk to a judge. Annie confirmed Ryan's story. Emma asked, "Does that mean I don't have to lie to daddy now that Kendall went away?"

Erica bumped into Liza at the state penitentiary. While they waited for Kendall, Erica demanded to know why Kendall had been placed in solitary confinement. Liza reminded Erica that Kendall had attempted to escape. Moments later, a guard informed Erica that Kendall had refused to see her visitors. Erica jotted a brief note for Kendall and then asked the guard to deliver it. Erica was confident that Kendall would want to see her after she had read the note.

Kendall stood in a sparsely furnished room. When she heard the door open, she turned just as Zach entered. Kendall ran into Zach's arms as he welcomed her home.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Scott entered Marissa's hospital room and she asked what he was doing. He replied, "Something I wanted to do ever since I met you." He then planted a huge kiss on her. She looked surprised and confessed that she never expected a kiss from him. He was disappointed by her reaction. He assumed that she did not like him because he was the "good guy" and not the "bad guy," like JR. He noted that women liked to cry on his shoulders, instead of dating him. She wondered why everyone assumed that she was in love with JR. He was convinced that she had feelings for JR and he left.

Meanwhile, David was lurking in the hallway and witnessed the kiss between Marissa and Scott. David looked pleased.

AMC Recap Photo 090811 David noticed Scott at ConFusion and sat next to him at the bar. David thanked Scott for visiting Marissa in the hospital. David commented that Scott and Marissa had a lot in common. Scott retorted that Marissa was just a friend. David thought that their friendship could blossom into romance. Scott stated that Marissa was into the "prince of darkness" vibe, which he did not possess. Scott then asked David for pointers on how to be a "bad guy." David told Scott to pursue what he wanted, regardless of who he hurt. David then warned Scott that he would probably hurt the people he loved in the process and end up alone. Scott retorted, "Thanks for nothing."

Emma called Annie on a cell phone. Emma asked her mother if she could stop lying about the night of Stuart's murder, since Kendall was put in jail. Annie told Emma that she should never speak of the night again. Annie ordered Emma to forget the true details of the night. Emma said, "I promise."

Ryan entered Emma's bedroom looked surprised to see her holding a cell phone. He asked how she got the phone and whom she was making promises to. Emma looked nervous.

Ryan asked Jesse to stop by his penthouse. When Jesse arrived, Ryan handed him Emma's phone. Ryan explained that Annie secretly gave the girl the phone. Jesse listened to the phone's voicemail and was shocked to hear many messages from Annie. Ryan was upset, because a judge had ruled that Annie was not allowed to have any contact with Emma. Ryan wondered if the secret phone calls could get Annie thrown in jail. Jesse did not think that the phone was enough to send Annie back to jail. Ryan was frustrated.

Annie admitted to Adam that she spoke with Emma on the phone. He reminded her that she was not allowed to speak with her daughter. Annie stated that she missed Emma. He vowed to help her win custody of Emma, after he made the charges against her disappear.

Annie's therapist, Dr. Nolan, arrived at the mansion. Annie quipped, "Let's see how crazy I am today!" Dr. Nolan inquired about Annie's feelings towards Kendall's confession. Annie calmly stated that she would forgive everyone that falsely accused her of the crime. She further noted that she wanted to move on with her life, especially due to her engagement.

Adam called Randolph, a judge that he was friendly with. Initially, Adam talked about a round of golf that he played with the judge. Then, Adam revealed that he was engaged. Adam stated that his fiancée needed help.

Jesse entered the mansion. Jesse informed Adam that Annie had been inappropriately contacting Emma. Adam said that Annie missed her daughter and simply wanted to hear her voice. Jesse warned Adam that Ryan would press charges if Annie did not stop calling Emma.

Annie and Dr. Nolan finished their therapy session. In front of Adam and Jesse, Dr. Nolan announced that Annie passed her psychiatric evaluation. Annie and Adam were ecstatic, but Jesse looked disgusted.

After Jesse and Dr. Nolan left, Adam told Annie that they needed to celebrate. As Adam declared that they would finally get their happy ending, he opened a bottle of champagne. When Adam heard the cork pop, he flashed back to the night of Stuart's murder. Adam remembered crying after Stuart was shot. Annie asked Adam if he was feeling okay. Adam claimed that he was tired and went to bed.

Annie sat in the parlor while she sipped on champagne. Scott entered the room and saw Annie clad in a skimpy bikini. She offered him champagne. He smiled, ripped his shirt off, and headed for the pool. She watched in delight as he took off his pants and jumped into the pool.

The prison guard told Erica and Liza that Kendall refused to see them. Erica blamed Liza for Kendall's predicament. Erica noted that a better lawyer would have gotten Kendall acquitted. Liza reminded Erica that Kendall confessed. Liza then stated that she planned on filing an appeal. Erica told Liza not to bother, because she was fired. Liza said that Erica did not have the authority to fire her because Zach and Kendall hired her.

Erica visited Ryan at his penthouse. She was very upset because Kendall refused to see her. She begged him to visit Kendall at the jail, but he refused. He felt that they should all obey Kendall's wishes. He also noted that Zach was Kendall's husband and it was Zach's place to deal with Kendall, not his. Erica thought that Ryan might be the one person Kendall would see. Ryan said no and explained that he needed to focus on Emma. He then revealed that Annie had givenEmma a cell phone. He also divulged that Annie and Adam were engaged. Erica responded, "The world's gone mad!"

Ryan curled up on his couch and turned on the television. He thought of Erica as he watched a movie, so he called her. He apologized for being harsh with her. She replied that there was no need for an apology. He asked what she was doing. She said that she was watching her favorite movie, "Rumba to Romance." He laughed, because he was watching the same movie. After they said good night, they could not stop thinking about each other.

Liza visited Marissa in the hospital. Liza apologized to Marissa for Marian's actions. Marissa was not mad and inquired about Marian's health. Liza said that Marian was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.

Liza vented to Marissa about her frustrations over Kendall's case. Liza was annoyed because Kendall refused to see her. Liza was even more annoyed because Zach refused to help her with Kendall's appeal. Marissa wondered if Liza liked Zach. Liza claimed that she merely respected Zach.

Kendall asked Zach how she ended up in a secret room in their home, instead of a jail cell. He stated that she was where she needed to be, at home with her sons. She then remembered Jesse drugging her in the courtroom, right after Marissa was shot. She also recalled seeing a woman in the courtroom that appeared to have on the same clothes as her. Zach explained that Jesse drugged Kendall, so a look-alike could take her place in prison.

Kendall was horrified and wondered why the look-alike agreed to go to prison for her. Zach said that he paid the woman a great deal of money. Plus, he hoped to prove that Annie was the true killer quickly, so the look-alike did not have to spend years in prison.

Kendall did not want to go along with Zach's plan. She tried to leave, but the door was locked. She looked at Zach and asked if she was his hostage. He said that he could not risk her ruining the plan. Then, a red light flashed to signal that someone was at their front door. Zach left the room.

Kendall sat alone in the room and looked worried. Suddenly, she heard Spike's voice. She noticed a baby monitor and listened to her son talking. She then looked overjoyed.

Zach found Liza at his front door. Liza demanded that Zach help her with Kendall's appeal. He was eager for Liza to leave, so he agreed to help her.

Zach entered the secret room and saw Kendall with the monitor. She agreed to stay in the room, so she could be close to her sons. Zach and Kendall then entered their sons' room. Kendall told her sons that she loved them and would never leave them again.

Liza returned to Marissa's hospital room. Liza vented about Zach again. Marissa commented that Liza seemed to care a lot about Zach. Liza admitted that she had a "little thing" for Zach. However, Liza was certain that she would get over Zach soon.

Liza was at home when she heard a knock at her door. She was surprised to see David and asked, "What are you doing here?" He replied, "Something we'll both regret in the morning." He then grabbed her and kissed her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Liza was at home when she heard a knock at her door. She was surprised to see David and asked, "What are you doing here?" He replied, "Something we'll both regret in the morning." He then grabbed her and kissed her. Although Liza kissed David back, she quickly pulled away from him.

Liza was suspicious of David's motives. She assumed that he wanted to seduce her so he could steal Stuart. David claimed that he did not think Stuart was his son. She was skeptical and reminded him that he used Krystal to get closer to Little Adam. David told Liza that his relationship with Krystal was none of her business.

AMC Recap Photo 090812 David refused to believe that Liza did not find him attractive. Liza swore that she felt nothing when they kissed. He noted that she was a good liar, which was why she was a successful lawyer. She retorted that she was a successful lawyer because she was smart and knew to keep away from jerks like David. He stated that her lips did not lie when they kissed him back. She reiterated her disinterest. David was frustrated and called Liza an unhappy person. He said that she would always be alone because she would never let a man make her happy. After he left, she looked upset by his comments.

JR visited Marissa at the hospital. He sensed that something was wrong. Marissa explained that David was acting protective and controlling, like a father. She further noted that David warned her to stay away from JR. JR asked if Marissa planned to take her father's advice. She stated that she was an adult and could make decisions for herself.

JR recalled a conversation that he had with David. David swore to stay away from Little Adam, if JR left Marissa alone. Marissa noticed that JR was deep in thought and inquired why. JR told Marissa that he needed to see Little Adam and abruptly left the room.

David looked at Marissa's chart and was pleased with her recovery process. Marissa asked if David was going to lecture her about JR again. David then revealed the deal he offered JR. Marissa was shocked that David would give up Little Adam in order to keep JR away from her. David replied, "Now you know how much I love you."

Annie sat in the parlor while she sipped on champagne. Scott entered the room and saw Annie clad in a skimpy bikini. She offered him champagne. He smiled, ripped his shirt off, and headed for the pool. She watched in delight as he took off his pants and jumped into the pool. After his dip in the pool, he looked for his pants in the parlor. Annie flirtatiously held the pants in her hand and refused to give them back. Scott grabbed Annie and kissed her. Still, she would not give him the pants. He moved close to her, as if he planned to kiss her again, and stole the pants from her.

After Scott left the room, Annie returned to sipping champagne. Suddenly, she remembered that Adam had a security camera placed in the parlor. She looked nervous. She took the DVD out of the camera and watched her kiss with Scott. She did not realize that JR was standing behind her.

JR laughed when he saw Scott and Annie kissing on the DVD. JR noted that Annie hooked up with all the Chandler men. He sarcastically asked Annie if she planned to hook up with Colby next.

Scott put his clothes on and went back to the parlor. JR quipped that they should have a threesome. Scott was confused, so JR informed him that his kiss was caught on tape. Annie added that the kiss she shared with JR was also on the DVD. Scott looked peeved when he learned that JR had kissed Annie.

Scott asked to have the DVD, but Annie wished to keep it as an insurance policy. She was glad to have proof that both men came onto her. She warned them not to go against her, or she would show Adam the DVD. She assumed that Adam would take her side and disown the men.

Annie left the parlor with the DVD in hand. Scott inquired why JR kissed Annie when he was dating Marissa. JR corrected Scott and stated that he was not dating Marissa. Scott thought that Marissa wanted to be JR's girlfriend. JR wondered why Scott did not make a move on Marissa, since it was obvious he liked her. Scott said that Marissa wanted JR, not him.

JR admitted to Scott that he was considering David's deal. Scott was appalled. Scott said that he would not pass up the opportunity to be with a great girl that cared about him. Scott urged JR to be with Marissa.

JR went back to the hospital to see Marissa. She explained that she knew about David's deal. She was furious with JR for considering the deal. JR said that he wanted no part of the deal, but she did not care. She threw a glass at him and told him to leave. She screamed that she would always be alone, because everyone kept leaving her. She then sat in her bed and cried.

Annie viewed the DVD for a second time. As she watched Scott kiss her, she slyly smiled.

Zach and Kendall sat together in their sons' room. Kendall told her sons that she loved them and would never leave them again. She then looked at Zach and agreed to live in the secret room for as long as she needed to. Zach vowed to prove Kendall's innocence.

Zach and Kendall entered the secret room. She commented that the room was depressing. He pointed out that the room had many essentials, like a television and a DVD player. She looked at the DVDs available and laughed when she realized they were all hockey movies.

Kendall asked Zach where she should sleep. He showed her that the couch turned into a bed. She wondered why she could not sleep with him. He said that it was too risky, but Kendall thought there was another reason. She asked him if he resented her for sleeping with Ryan. Zach said that he could not get over her infidelity. He reminded her that she cheated on him with two men, Ryan and Aidan. Kendall professed her love for Zach and begged him to forgive her. He said that he would never forgive her. She asked why he was intent on saving her then. He stated that he would always protect his wife and his family.

Zach got a call from Francesca about the casino. Kendall urged him to take care of business. She said that she would listen to the boys on the monitor and call him if anything happened.

As Kendall browsed the Internet for articles on her murder case, she heard a loud noise in the boys' room. She found a hammer in her room and picked it up. She carried the hammer like a weapon as she entered the boys' room.

Kendall was startled when a man grabbed her. Then her surprise turned into relief when she saw Jesse standing before her. Jesse said that Zach had asked him to check on the boys.

Kendall asked Jesse why he helped Zach carry out his crazy plan to get her out of jail. Jesse stated that he thought Kendall was innocent. She thought there was more to his story. He explained that it was very difficult for him to be separated from his son for a long time. He did not want Kendall to be separated from her sons.

Zach met with Francesca. She was concerned because $100,000 was withdrawn from the casino's bank account. He explained that he withdrew the money and planned on withdrawing the same amount every month. She reminded him that the casino's numbers were down due to the economy. She feared that the casino could not recover from such losses. He said that he would take out a loan from his biggest enemy.

Liza arrived at the casino and overheard Zach talking about a loan. She wondered who he would request a loan from. He wanted to ask Adam for a loan. She was surprised. He explained that a loan was his way of getting closer to Adam. Zach hoped that Adam would let his guard down, so he could prove that Annie killed Stuart. Liza thought it was a good plan and agreed to facilitate the loan.

Liza asked Francesca for the details of the loan. Francesca said that a lawyer needed to handle it. Liza affirmed that she was a lawyer. Liza then asked how much Zach wanted to borrow. Francesca said that the initial amount was $100,000. Liza was shocked that Zach needed such a large amount.

Kendall fell asleep and dreamed of all the tender moments she shared with Zach. When she awoke, she walked to the door and put her hand on it. She did not know that Zach was standing on the other side. He, too, had his hand on the door.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Frankie arrived home with a bag of groceries. His injured hands made it difficult for Frankie to retrieve his keys from his pocket, but he eventually managed to unlock the door. As Frankie entered the apartment, his spirits were high. He told Randi that he was getting better with his keys. When she turned to face Frankie, he realized that Randi had been crying.

Frankie suggested that Randi seek help to deal with the miscarriage. Randi resented Frankie's lack of understanding. She explained that it would take time for her to get past the pain of losing their child. Randi didn't think Frankie's solution, to have another baby, was beneficial. It made Randi feel as if Frankie were trying to replace the child that they had lost.

Frankie argued that Randi continually shut him out. He begged her to stop keeping things from him. Randi became defensive when Frankie demanded to know what she and Jesse here hiding. She became angry when Frankie revealed that he and Angie had discussed Randi and Jesse's odd behavior. Randi tried to imply that it was Frankie and Angie's imaginations. When that failed, Randi snatched up her purse and then announced that she needed time to think. Before Frankie could stop her, Randi walked out of the apartment.

At the hospital, Angie was stunned when a police detective informed her that they were investigating Henry North's death due to her concerns over the autopsy findings. Angie led the detective to an examination room, so that they could speak privately. She did not realize that David had overheard part of the conversation. While Angie questioned the detective about the new investigation, David continued to eavesdrop from the hallway. After the detective had left, Angie noticed David standing near the doorway. David boldly asked Angie whom she was trying to railroad. Angie ignored David as she walked passed him.

AMC Recap Photo 090813 Later, Randi arrived at the hospital to confront Angie. Randi made it clear that she didn't appreciate Angie's interference. Angie argued that she had a right to talk to her son, but Randi disagreed. She informed Angie that she didn't have a right to put a strain on Randi's marriage. Randi warned Angie to stop sharing her conspiracy theories with Frankie, and then ordered Angie to stay out of her life. Angie tried to work things out, but Randi stormed away.

At the casino, Madison was drinking heavily and losing at the gaming tables. When she demanded that the casino extend her marker, Francesca was forced to turn her down. The casino's manager explained that the bank had refused to authorize the additional funds. Francesca suggested that Madison retire for the evening, but Madison was determined to have her way. Madison snidely informed the casino's staff that she was expecting a ten million dollar check.

Jesse stood nearby, watching the ugly scene unfold. When Madison noticed Jesse, she staggered over to him. She threatened to get "chatty" about Randi if he didn't help her. Jesse reminded Madison that he couldn't force the insurance company to issue a check. Jesse then turned his attention to Francesca. Francesca wanted to consult with Jesse about a security issue. As Jesse and Francesca walked away, Madison pulled out her cell phone.

Madison's voice dripped with insolence as she greeted her mother. Madison denied that she was drunk and then demanded to speak to her father. In the next breath, Madison insisted that she wasn't calling for money. A short time later, Frankie entered the casino as Madison sniped at a waiter who had tried to help her after she had stumbled. When Madison spotted Frankie, she invited him to join her. Madison flirted as she tried to persuade Frankie to give her money.

When Jesse saw Madison and Frankie, he approached his son. Jesse wondered what Frankie was doing with Madison. Frankie responded by asking what his father was doing with Randi. Jesse claimed that he didn't have time to deal with Frankie's questions, but he suggested that Frankie cut Randi some slack. Frankie reminded his father that Randi wasn't the only one to lose a child.

Frankie walked out of the casino in a rage. Madison managed to intercept Jesse before he could follow his son out the door. Madison informed Jesse that the reason the insurance company had delayed payment was because a doctor had raised questions about Henry's death. Jesse realized that Angie might have been responsible for the new investigation. Madison vowed to destroy Jesse's family if she did not receive her ten million dollars promptly.

Angie went to her son's apartment to tell him about her encounter with Randi. She also shared the news that Henry North's case had been re-opened. Frankie admitted that he had an argument with Jesse about Randi earlier that day. As mother and son speculated about what Jesse and Randi could be hiding, they realized that the secret might concern Henry North. Angie suggested that perhaps Jesse had covered up Randi's involvement in Henry's murder.

At the Martin residence, Opal played with baby Trevor while Tad folded baby clothes, and other items, which he then placed in a basket. He explained to Taylor that he had purchased the items at Goodwill, so that no one would be able to trace anything back to them after Trevor had been found. Taylor was sad that their ruse was almost at an end; she had enjoyed taking care of Trevor. Tad gently reminded Taylor that Trevor belonged with Amanda and Jake.

Opal was confident that Taylor would find her way through the difficult period ahead. Opal decided to go to the hospital in order to put their plan into motion. Before she breezed out the door, she reminded Tad to text a message to her when everything was in place. When they were alone, Tad made it clear to Taylor that he wanted to continue their relationship. His interest in Taylor had nothing to do with her agreement to hide Trevor. Taylor smiled with joy as Tad admitted that he had waited a long time for her to enter his life.

AMC Recap Photo 090813 Amanda went to the hospital to tell Jake about Opal's plan to "find" Trevor in the alley next to the church. Jake grew concerned when he realized that Opal and Kathy had seen Trevor. He was also uncomfortable with the idea that Opal had joined the plot to reunite Amanda with her son. Jake worried that they were moving too fast and too many people knew about Trevor. When Opal joined them, she insisted that they needed to take a risk in order to thwart David. Amanda admitted that she was concerned about Taylor's growing attachment to their son. Eventually, Jake agreed to go along with their plans.

A short time later, Jake and Amanda arrived at Tad's house. Jake pulled Tad away for a private word while Amanda spent a few minutes with Trevor. Taylor asked if she could visit Trevor once Jake and Amanda had "adopted" the baby. Meanwhile, Jake confided that he was concerned that social services would decide that Trevor shouldn't be placed with Jake and Amanda. Tad assured his brother that everything would work out.

Jake and Amanda returned to the hospital to establish an alibi. They made a point of staging an argument, about Amanda's inability to have children, in front of David. After Amanda marched off in a huff, David suggested that Jake and Amanda consider the possibility of adoption.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Opal waited for Tad to notify her when Trevor had been placed in the alley. When she spotted Randi crying, Opal approached her. Opal understood the pain of losing a child; she had lost her daughter, Jenny, years before. She was certain that good things were in store for Randi, so she offered to read her palm. Randi wondered if Opal saw another baby in Randi's future. Opal promised Randi that everything would turn out fine.

Later, Joe intercepted Opal in the hallway. He was concerned for Opal's health after the difficult year that she'd had, so he insisted on giving her a checkup. Opal tried to dissuade Joe from his mission, but Joe stubbornly refused to listen.

Taylor was plagued with second thoughts as Tad carefully placed Trevor on a step in the alley. Tad assured Taylor that Trevor would be fine because they would be a mere fifteen feet away from the baby. Moments after they hid, Tad and Taylor heard approaching footsteps. At the same time, Tad's cell phone rang. It was Amanda; she was frantic because Opal was stuck at the hospital. Tad was horrified as he realized that someone else had found Trevor.

A glance in the alley confirmed the worst: Trevor was gone.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Erica bustled into Ryan's place full of apologies for her lateness. When she stopped to take a breath, she was mesmerized by a shirtless Ryan as he did pull-ups on a door frame . She managed to pull herself together before he finished his last repetition. She unloaded her woes about her increasing workload, and was caught off guard when Ryan mentioned a meeting they had with a buyer.

AMC Recap Photo 090814 Ryan quickly briefed her on the information he'd found about Fusion's financial status. Erica insisted that she needed to go home and change so that she would be presentable for the meeting. Ryan assured her that he could handle things on his own, and encouraged her to relax and prepare for the scheduled tapings at New Beginnings.

Ryan went to ConFusion to meet with Gary, the buyer from Lacy's. Although Gary was impressed with Ryan's credentials, he felt that negotiations regarding Fusion needed a woman's touch. As if beckoned, Erica appeared and offered to fill the role. Flustered, Gary went to get Erica a chair, while Ryan openly admired Erica's beauty.

The trio quickly settled down to business, and Gary was forced to admit that with the recession, Lacy's wanted to decrease inventory. Ryan sat back as Erica began to charm Gary like no one else could. After a few dances, Gary decided to end the evening. Erica asked Gary about the offer they had on the table, and Gary agreed to double it. Pleased, Ryan announced that he would draw up the paperwork and have it sent over. Gary left, and Ryan thanked Erica for the sacrifices she made to find success for her companies.

Ryan and Erica reveled in their success briefly, and then Erica made mention that running Fusion was one of the main reasons she got up in the morning. Ryan thought that Erica needed more in her life and made some suggestions of how to enhance Erica's downtime. Before Erica could respond, she was surprised to hear the DJ play a song from her favorite movie. Ryan wasted no time and quickly asked her to dance.

David listened quietly as Jake lambasted him for suggesting that Jake and Amanda consider adoption. When Jake's rant was over, David recommended that Jake not get so worked up in the future over a suggestion.

Tad and Taylor assumed it was Opal when they heard the click of high heels as someone approached baby Trevor. They were alarmed when Amanda called them moments later and told them that Opal was stuck at the hospital. Tad hastily ended the call and both he and Taylor rushed around the corner to find that someone had taken off with the baby. As the reality sunk in that they had lost Trevor, Taylor and Tad fretted about what their next move would be. Every scenario that they thought of ended with Amanda and Jake losing their baby in the system.

Amanda and Jake stopped by to see Opal, who frantically told them that they needed to call Tad. Moments after they told her they'd already done so, Tad called back. He told his brother that although they'd looked everywhere around the church, they hadn't found Trevor. Jake told Tad that he and Amanda would join them, and ended the call. Opal wanted to go with them, but Jake insisted that Opal get fully checked out. He also asked her to keep an eye out for anyone who showed up with a baby.

Jake and Amanda left quickly, but Opal wasn't alone for long. David strolled in and asked if she had really experienced a recurrence of her heart problems. Opal pretended that she was fine, but when David mentioned Jake and Amanda, both were surprised to see a drastic jump in her heart rate. Opal made up some excuses, and David told her that she needed to talk about her issues before her attacks became more serious.

At the casino, Jesse told Miranda that she needed to leave his family out of any discussions she had with him. Ready to do battle, Miranda challenged him to admit that life was tough when he was on one side with the police and his wife was on the other. He warned her again and she told him that he needed to be careful of how he talked to her.

Jesse proceeded to analyze who he thought Miranda North was as a person, and deduced that the only thing she cared about was money. He told her that she had a lot to lo se if the newest investigation into her husband's death had different results. A short time later, Frankie returned to the casino and was pleased when he found that Miranda was still there, alone and nursing a drink. He tried to take her up on her previous offer to gamble, and although she initially had her suspicions, she decided to play Frankie's game.

Madison toyed with Frankie for a little while, and gave him pointers on how to successfully get information out of her. Frankie entertained her charade for a few moments, and then told her that he'd rather be direct. Surprised at his choice, Madison caved in and asked what he wanted to know. Frankie questioned her about why she caused so much trouble for his family. Instead of an answer, Madison noted that the Hubbards caused enough trouble on their own. She then tried to redirect the conversation into one that included seduction, but Frankie rejected her and walked away.

Amanda and Jake arrived at the church and lamented what had happened. They tried to formulate new plans, but were stymied by their fear that their dishonesty would be uncovered--and the idea that David could end up with the baby. Amanda insisted that David was behind the abduction. The others tried to convince Amanda that it wasn't possible, but Amanda was unwilling to consider an alternative. Jake devised a plan to find out if David knew anything, and asked Tad for help. Jake then asked Amanda to go to the hospital to see if anyone dropped the baby off. Taylor volunteered to stay near the church to see if she could find anyone who could help.

Opal tried to convince David that there was no need to be concerned about her heart, and promised to go home and relax if David would release her. David told her that it wasn't possible, given her medical history. Before Opal could protest any further, Amanda barged in the room with the intent of finding out how Opal was doing. Amanda stopped short when she saw David.

Amanda stated that Tad had gotten tied up and that she was sent to take Opal home. David told the two women that he still needed to check Opal's test results before he authorized her release. He left the room, and Amanda told Opal that the baby hadn't been found yet. Opal's stress over her plan's failure sent her heart rate soaring upwards again. Amanda attempted to calm Opal down and said that Tad, Jake and Taylor were all working hard to find Trevor. Amanda then asked questions about David, and Opal felt worse when she realized the possibility of David being behind the kidnapping.

Jake and Tad broke into David's house and, although they didn't hear a baby, they launched a search to find evidence that Trevor had been in the house. Tad found a box of baby things and showed them to his brother. Jake thought it was a start, but figured that David was too smart to bring the baby to Wildwind. Jake continued to go through some mail and hit the jackpot when David's phone bill revealed repeated calls to a place in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Tad gleefully remarked that all they needed to do was use the number to find the physical location.

Taylor stopped a homeless woman and asked if she'd seen anyone with a baby in a basket. The woman admitted that she had, and described the person who took Trevor as a woman with a spider tattoo on her face, who'd spoken to the baby in Spanish. She handed Taylor a sock that had fallen out of the basket, but became suspicious when Taylor continued to ask questions. The woman walked away.

AMC Recap Photo 090814 Angie met up with Jesse at ConFusion and got an earful about how she should have left the Henry North autopsy alone. Angie demanded that Jesse be honest with her, and asked if he had killed Henry North. She said that she knew Henry's death was due to blunt force trauma and not the car accident. Jesse swore again that he was not Henry's killer. Angie believed him, but knew that Jesse could identify the true culprit.

Sure that the person under Jesse's protection was Randi, Angie continued to solicit information from Jesse. Jesse tried to maintain his ground, but with one final effort, Angie said that if Jesse didn't open up, she would call Randi. She did just that, but on the other end, Randi ignored the call and instead cooed at baby Trevor.

David ran into Amanda as she exited the hospital nursery with tears streaming down her face. He tried to draw parallels between the two of them, and admitted that he'd visited the nursery as well, and wondered what their son would have been like. Irate, Amanda told him that if their son had lived, David would have tried to gain sole custody, and she said that she would have never allowed him to steal her baby. She stalked away and left David stunned, trying to figure out what had just happened.

Tad went back to the church and revealed that the person the woman described as having taken the baby was actually a character from a television show. Taylor was disheartened but determined that they would find Trevor. Tad said that they had to, because he refused to put Jake and Amanda through what he experienced as he tried to track down Kathy.

Amanda and Jake overheard David as he placed a secretive call and told the person on the other end that a package was on its way, and that he would be there soon. When David walked away, Amanda insisted that the call had to be in reference to Trevor. Tad called and told them that he'd gotten an address from the phone number they'd taken off of David's bill. He told Jake that he would send the information by text and ended the call. Jake relayed the information to Amanda, and she told him that she needed to go to Massachusetts with him.



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