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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 10, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, August 10, 2009

Katie and Henry talked about his mother, Audrey, and searched for the "real Jay Stanhope" on the web. They could find no one by that name, dead or alive, and that made Henry even more suspicious that his mother had murdered Stanhope and hidden the body. Henry suggested that Katie have tea with Audrey and pump her for information, while Henry searched his mother's room. Katie still thought Henry was crazy, but the spy business was just down her alley, so she agreed. They went to the Lakeview, and Katie invited Henry's mother to meet her in the lounge for tea. When she arrived, Henry made a dive for the elevator.

In Audrey's room, Henry searched unsuccessfully for any hints about Stanhope. He finally opened his mother's purse and found a plastic bag containing one of his coffee mugs and his missing hair brush. Attached to the bag was a tag designating the items for DNA tests.

At Fairwinds, Barbara argued with Emily about Paul's whereabouts. Barbara suspected that Paul was on the grounds somewhere, so she made a beeline for the hidden wine cellar in the basement. Meanwhile, in the cellar, Paul mourned the loss of a prize bottle of Bordeaux, one of his father's favorites. He had chosen it after reading James' Wine Log that he had left behind. Barbara raced in, with Emily right behind, and found Paul sipping wine and quite drunk. He showed them the Wine Log and cried fake tears over the untimely demise of "Ms. Bordeaux."

It was very difficult for Barbara, but she asked for Emily's help in getting Paul back into a hospital. Paul began to act even more goofy, and he asked them to pick out a bottle of wine for themselves. Barbara and Emily began trading nasty barbs, and eventually Paul had to break up a cat fight. Emily continued to shout, "Bring it on, Babs," and that remark put Paul into hysterics. Finally he recovered his composure and told his mother that he would never allow himself to be dragged out by the men in white again, but he would go voluntarily.

Paul thought it would be easier on all of them if he went and talked to the doctors and convinced them that he was sane. Barbara did not want Emily to go along, but that turned out to be a deal-breaker for Paul. He wanted Emily with him, so all three left the wine cellar. On his way out, Paul picked up a new bottle of wine and gave Emily a huge wink. She smiled and realized that he was not nearly as drunk as he appeared.

At the farm, Meg angrily told Holden that Lily had staged a form of intervention that led to Emma's backing out of watching Eliza while Meg went to New York with Damian. The result was that Damian had canceled the trip. Meg shouted to her brother that his wife was "still hung up on her ex." That infuriated Holden, and he could not believe that Meg had fallen for all of Damian's lies. He also reminded her that no one, including Lily, had the power to make Emma Snyder do something she didn't want to do.

Meg argued that Damian was no longer the same person who had caused Holden so much pain, and that Luke agreed with her. At that moment, Luke walked in, looking for his father, and announced that Damian had canceled the trip to New York. Then Luke realized that Meg must already know that, and he asked Holden if he could still accompany him on his drive to Louisville. Holden was delighted, and he said that Luke did not need to explain anything. They left for Luke to pack in a hurry, and Meg took out her phone.

Damian and Lily were locked in a passionate embrace in Lily's living room as Faith opened the door and was shocked. Lily broke away and attempted to slap Damian, but he restrained her. He wanted to continue, but Lily called the kiss a mistake. Damian claimed that the two of them had never gotten over their attraction for one another, and they never would. Lily then asked Damian if that was true, then what was he doing with Meg. Damian's phone rang, and he let it go to voicemail. Lily could not reconcile Damian's actions towards her with the fact that he was sleeping with Meg.

Damian countered that Lily was married to Holden, so he assumed she was sleeping with him. He asked her what her kiss had meant, but Lily answered that Damian had caught her off-guard, and she ordered him out of the house. Damian asked Lily if she would drop everything and go away with him, but she said that of course she would not. Holden was the love of her life and her soul mate, but Damian replied if that was the case, then she had no say in how Damian lived his life. He told her to stay away from him.

Katie mentioned to Audrey that Henry had said she was seeing someone, and Audrey talked about her son's vivid imagination. She cleverly switched the conversation to Katie and began asking her questions. A desk clerk approached and delivered a written message to Mrs. Coleman, and he waited patiently for a tip. Audrey did not have her purse, so Katie took care of the messenger. Audrey stepped away from the table to read her message. It said:

I understand you're looking for me. Hargrave Clinic, Route 9 and Willowdale.

Audrey told Katie that she had to cut the tea party short, and she dashed for the elevator.

Henry soon joined Katie in the lounge and told her that his mother had been checking out his hair follicles with DNA testing. Suddenly he got very upset and blurted out that Jay Stanhope must be his real father. Henry was sure that his mother was going to kill Stanhope so that Henry would not find out the truth. He tried out the name "Henry Stanhope," but it stuck in his craw. Katie finally did admit that she thought more was going on with Audrey than she was saying. Katie told Henry about the message that had caused Audrey to bolt, and just then Audrey exited the elevator. Henry took off after her.

Holden and Luke returned home and found a very distracted Lily. Luke told her that Damian's trip had been called off, so he was free to go with Holden to Kentucky. Lily suddenly decided to join them with the kids and make it a family vacation. They had vacationed there before, and both Holden and Luke thought that was a great idea. Natalie was away at camp, but Ethan would enjoy learning to fish in the lake, and Faith had loved it before. Faith walked in, and Holden gave her the good news. They were all surprised when she shouted, "No way!" and ran back outside.

Lily followed her daughter and asked what had upset her. Faith was disrespectful and made a nasty crack about how Lily pretended to care about her family, but Faith knew she really didn't. A disturbed Lily went inside and announced that they weren't going anywhere with Faith without some major teenage tantrums. Luke volunteered to speak to his sister, so he went out and asked Faith why she didn't want to go back to the lake in Kentucky. Faith said that she hated their mother and wasn't going anywhere with her. She said that she knew why Lily wanted to go on the trip, and it was all a lie.

Faith stormed into the house and ran to her room. Holden had to leave immediately or else he would miss a meeting that evening, so Lily said that they would figure it all out and meet him in Louisville. Luke suggested that he stay and help his mother deal with Faith, and they agreed. Faith heard her father preparing to leave, so she ran from her room and hugged him goodbye. She did not want him to leave, and she clung to him. After Holden left, Lily tried to comfort her girl, but Faith refused.

Meg visited Damian in his hotel room and asked why he hadn't answered his phone. She was petulant, but Damian apologized for turning off the ringer on his phone. Meg asked several questions that appeared to irritate him a bit, including if he had talked with Lily. Damian said that he had, and he agreed with Meg that Lily had a problem with his relationship with her. Meg asked whether, if Lily were free, Damian would rather be with her, but he vowed that what he and Lily had shared was finished. Damian told Meg not to be so insecure, and they began kissing. They headed for the bed, and even though Damian flashed back on his kiss with Lily, he vowed to Meg that she was his only love.

Barbara drove to the clinic, while Paul and Emily laughed and nuzzled in the back seat. Paul and Barbara got out and had a face-to-face confrontation, and Paul apologized to his mother for what was about to happen. Barbara was confused, and Emily sneaked up behind her and bashed her on the head with the wine bottle Paul had brought. They hustled an unconscious Barbara into the car, and Emily tried to talk Paul out of going into the clinic. Paul was determined, however, and he told Emily to stand guard over Barbara and to make sure that she didn't wake up too soon.

Paul went inside to find only empty corridors and locked rooms. He hollered, asking if "the inmates were running the asylum," but he got no response. He returned to the car, where Emily was very glad to see him. He told her the place appeared totally deserted, but he wanted to take one more look around. He went back as Emily continued to stand guard over Barbara. Barbara woke up and managed to get out of the car despite Emily's threats. Emily brandished the wine bottle, and Barbara got out her phone to call for help, but Emily snatched the phone and threw it into the car. Barbara went after it, and Emily locked her in with the remote.

Audrey arrived at another entrance to the same clinic, and as she was approaching the door, Henry ambushed her. He claimed to know the truth and said that he would stop her. He told her that he knew that "Jay Stanhope" was really Raymond Zuma, but he had figured out that "Jay Stanhope" was his birth father. When he mentioned the DNA samples, Audrey gave up. She explained that "Jay Stanhope" had never existed, but was instead an alias that Henry's father had used. Henry moaned that he hoped "the doofus" they had met at the Lakeview was not his daddy, and Audrey said no. She asked if Henry wanted to know the real name of his father.

Paul climbed to the top floor of the clinic and found another long hallway with locked doors. Finally he found one open and walked in. He found a man sitting in a wheelchair, facing the wall, but Paul recognized him and said, "Dad?"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tom arrived home and found Riley lazing on the couch listening to music and thumbing through a magazine. He said that he was feeling much better, so Tom asked if he was ready to pack up and go. Riley appeared shocked, and he asked if Tom was throwing him out. Tom reminded him that they had already discussed it, and Riley was to start packing. Tom preferred that he write a goodbye note to Margo rather than tell her in person.

Margo went to visit Katie, and she was delighted that her little sister was no longer on bed rest. Katie asked Margo if the name "Jay Stanhope" meant anything to her, and Margo said it sounded familiar, but she could not place it. She used Katie's laptop to access the federal database and was surprised to learn that "Jay Stanhope" was an alias used by the notorious James Stenbeck. Katie said that Henry's mother was dating a man who was using that alias, but Margo dismissed the possibility that "Henry's mother i s doing a dead man."

Katie said there was something just not right about Audrey's introducing Henry to another "Jay Stanhope." She also told Margo that Henry thought his mother was a serial killer. Katie vouched for Audrey, but Margo warned her sister to be careful. She left her with the admonition that "nothing connected to James Stenbeck ever turns out well."

Henry confronted his mother at the Hargrave Clinic by asking her to verify that his father was James Stenbeck and that she was at the mental institution to visit him. Audrey acknowledged that, but Henry refused to believe her. Henry claimed that James was dead, so Audrey showed him the note that she had received by messenger. She explained that she had known Stenbeck "a lot" and had gotten pregnant on one of those "occasions." She apologized for being unfaithful to her husband, the man Henry thought was his father, but she said Henry was a grown-up and needed to know the truth. "Too much information!" shouted Henry.

Audrey further explained that she had run a DNA test, and Henry began to hyperventilate. The results, she said, were 99.9 percent positive that Henry was James's son. Audrey reminded Henry that he could not argue with science. Then she produced a picture of a young James Stenbeck standing with an even younger Audrey Coleman, but Henry only glanced at it and hollered, "Photoshop!" Audrey said that she had left her husband briefly and gone to New Orleans where she had met James in a private gambling club. She said sparks flew, and Henry could take no more and ran off.

Inside Paul's car, Barbara was still a prisoner, and she argued with Emily, who was standing guard. Emily finally let her out, and Barbara grabbed the bottle of wine and threatened Emily with it. Barbara reminded Emily that Paul could turn on her at any moment, just as he had done to his mother.

In the clinic, James turned his wheelchair around and spoke to Paul. Paul flashed back on seeing his father tumble from the lighthouse, and he mentioned that. James answered, "I bounced." He also said that the wheelchair was a "minor inconvenience," and Paul asked how many more lives his father had, so that Paul could plan accordingly. Paul accused James of planting the microchip in his head in order to control him, and his father was disappointed that the product had not performed as advertised. James bragged that he was still in control, however, because Paul was there at his command.

James explained that Barbara thought that she was bringing Paul to an upscale exclusive clinic, but he had bought it for his recovery from his fall and had kept only staff whom he could trust. He did not know how much longer he had to live, so he wanted to see Paul and make amends. Paul tried to leave, but James called him back. He said that even though he had hurt Paul by giving his money to Dusty, there was still a substantial inheritance for Paul if they could reconcile. Paul turned his back and walked out.

Paul went outside, and Barbara went back on her soap box about his talking to the doctors in the clinic. Paul asked his mother if she honestly thought the Hargrave Clinic was a real hospital. Barbara answered yes, because a well-known specialist in New York had recommended it. Paul asked Emily to take his mother home because he had further business inside. The women got in the car and drove away, and Paul returned to James.

James taunted Paul that Paul knew he would be back because he didn't have the guts to walk away from a large inheritance. Paul began pushing James's chair over his father's protests. James called for "Bruno," but Paul said that James could forget his bodyguard, because Paul had temporarily disabled him. He drove James to Fairwinds and delivered him to the cellar hideout. James chided his son for suffering from amnesia and for throwing away his dwindling fortune on good works. James said that as long as Paul wanted his father's money, he was more of a prisoner than James.

Riley went to see Margo at the police station and told her that Tom had given him his walking papers. He urged his mother to tell Tom the truth, but again Margo refused. She also said that he was not going anywhere. However, Riley reassured her that Tom had kicked him out of their house, but he could not force him to leave town. Margo agreed with that, and Riley declared that he would get a job and a place to stay.

Margo went home and confronted her husband. She told him that he was hurting her more than Riley ever could. Tom said how much he loved her, but he was worried that she was handling Adam's death in an unhealthy way. He asked her to seek psychiatric help and reiterated that it was time for Riley to go. They talked about Adam's passing, and Tom suggested that Adam might never have changed and could have been as twisted as he had been when he left Oakdale. Margo argued that their son could have also been a productive citizen, and she claimed that she could never move on.

Henry and Audrey walked through Old Town, and she told him that James Stenbeck was still alive and had plenty of money. Henry denied that and said that James was definitely not his father. He reminded her that James had kidnapped Henry and held him prisoner in his cellar, and he yelled at her to go away.

Emily dropped off Barbara and returned to Fairwinds. She was surprised to see that Paul was already home. She asked him what he had found out at the clinic, but Paul said that he had found nothing of interest. Then he asked her to move out of his house and to take Hunter with her. He said that he had changed his mind about some things. Suddenly, Emily realized that Paul had his memory back, and Paul warned her that her warm, fuzzy feelings for him would be changing rapidly. He accused her of taking advantage of him while he was recovering from brain surgery, and he resented her for manipulating him with sex.

Emily shouted at Paul and denied the charges that she had "sexed" the newspaper out of him. She offered to knock him in the head to bring back "nice Paul," but he said that buying Emily a newspaper was one of the world's worst decisions. Paul wanted his money back, but Emily told him to forget it. She said she was moving out, but if he was going after the money, he had to sue her. She stormed upstairs and just missed Barbara's entrance.

Barbara was delighted to learn that Paul had thrown out Emily, and then she started in promoting the clinic again. Paul took his mother by the hand and said that he was taking her to see someone from her distant past. He led her down to the cellar room and unlocked the door. He took her inside and James spoke to her. Paul walked out and locked the door, leaving Barbara stunned. She asked her former husband why he never died, and she begged him to leave their son alone. She asked how he was going to try to ruin their lives again, but James only smiled and told her to wait and see.

Henry went to see Katie, and he griped about his mother, whom he called a "horror show, lying, stealing, crazy, unrelenting, terrible movie screen-sized spookalot." Katie asked what had happened, so he told her that he had followed Audrey to a mental facility where she had promised him that he could meet his real father. "By the way," he said, his real daddy was James Stenbeck. Katie gasped, and Henry wanted to know why she wasn't laughing at the silliness of the whole idea. Katie told him that Margo had found out that "Jay Stanhope" was one of James's aliases.

Henry pointed out that he was a bit shady, gambled a bit, and liked to wear women's clothes, but Stenbeck had been the personification of evil. Katie asked if there was even a remote possibility that Audrey was telling the truth, and she suggested that he go along with her game, if only out of curiosity to see how it played out.

Audrey went to see Vienna and said that she had something serious to discuss with her son's lover. She said that she had just told Henry that the man he called "Daddy" was not his real father. Vienna was stunned and asked where the real father was. Audrey said that he was in town and in poor health. He also had lots of money, and the Grim Reaper was "a-knockin' at the door," so Henry needed to hurry. She asked for Vienna's help.

Henry went back to his room and immediately told Audrey to get out. Vienna said that he had to meet his father, and then he could reject the man if he so chose. Henry said that he already knew him, and he dropped the bomb that James Stenbeck was his father. He was amused that "Mommy dearest" had left out that important detail from her story. Vienna was also upset that Audrey had not told her, but she still thought that Henry should meet with him. She offered to go with him, but Audrey quickly nixed that idea because James wanted to see Henry alone. Vienna urged Henry to go, and he agreed reluctantly, and only to prove them both wrong.

Henry and Audrey drove to the clinic and climbed the stairs to the top floor. It was spooky, and Henry wanted to bail. Audrey restrained him and told him that her very life depended on their seeing James, and Henry's might, as well.

Emily told Paul that she was leaving Fairwinds and reminded him how good they were together. She said that she was his best friend and the best thing that had ever happened to him, and she kissed him hard, and walked out.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dr. Bob Hughes approached Alison at the hospital and began discussing the overdose incident that had occurred with Riley Morgan. Bob stressed how serious the mistake had been, but Alison said that she did not think it was her fault because she had administered the exact dosage that Bob had ordered. Bob became defensive and vehemently denied that he had prescribed so much medication. He was insulted that Alison was insinuating that he was not in full control of his faculties, and he blamed her for not hearing him correctly. Finally he told her that she was on notice and that her job at Memorial was in jeopardy.

Riley went back the Hughes' house and found Casey there alone. Riley said that he needed to pick up some more of his belongings and thought it was best to choose a time when both Tom and Margo were gone. Casey was surprised that his brother was staying in Oakdale, so Riley said that he was hoping to help Margo get up the nerve to tell their dad the truth. Riley was hoping they could all work together on that, but if it was not possible, then he would do what he thought best, regardless of Casey's feelings.

Janet went to the television studio and went over her notes for the cooking show. She was extremely nervous, but Brad tried to calm her. Kim arrived and urged Janet to relax and be her usual bubbly self. She reassured her new employee that they were taping the segment for broadcast at a later date, so if Janet messed up, they could shoot it again. They began the segment, and Janet got through the opening fine. She whipped up her famous meatballs, and Brad took a taste test and gave the meatballs a rave review. The cameras stopped, and Kim gave Janet a big thumbs-up.

Craig took Teri on a tour of Metro, and she was delighted at the size of the kitchen. Craig explained that he was making all the plans for Carly because he had vowed to make her happy for the rest of their lives. Jack surprised them and asked Teri to put together a celebratory lunch for Janet in honor of her new job as a TV personality. Teri was happy to do so, and Craig offered Metro as the site. Jack was thinking that the farm would be more comfortable, but Craig convinced him that Metro would be more festive. Teri complimented Craig on always thinking of ideas that worked for everyone.

Jack called Brad at the studio and asked him to get Janet to Metro for a surprise lunch. He suggested that Brad invite Kim, as well, so Jack asked Janet to go to Metro with him for a bite to eat. She wanted him to eat her meatballs instead, so Brad had to get inventive. He said the meatballs were "props," and the union forbade actors from eating them. Janet bought the phony line, which Brad called "meatball continuity." Janet finally agreed and went to powder her nose. Kim overheard the story and was laughing inside about "meatball continuity." Brad also invited her to the lunch, but Kim had a standing date with Bob. She did promise to drop in and give a toast afterwards.

Kim met Bob at the diner, and she said that Janet had done very well on camera. Bob was distracted and told Kim that Alison had overdosed Riley Morgan, and they had barely saved the young man in time. Bob was upset because Alison would not admit that she had made a mistake. He was no longer sure that Alison was cut out to be a nurse.

Riley saw Alison in Java and realized that she was down in the dumps. She told him how Dr. Bob had lectured her about the overdose and warned her that she could lose her job. Riley offered to talk with Bob, but Alison said that would make no difference. She hated to think that there was anything wrong with Dr. Hughes, but she was fearful that he would make another serious mistake. She agonized over what to do, and Riley said that if Alison thought that Bob Hughes should not be treating patients, then she needed to tell someone.

Alison wished she could be positive about how things had gone down with Riley, but she could not be absolutely sure. She thanked Riley for listening, and went out. Casey had been watching the two of them through the window, so he walked in and warned Riley to stay away from his girlfriend. Riley asked what Casey was so afraid of, and Casey reminded Riley of Riley's history with women. He brought up the attempted rapes of Gwen and Maddie, and Riley said that he had been a different person then. Riley was angry, and Casey further irritated him by threatening him if he didn't stay away from Alison.

Jack and Craig set up Metro while Teri cooked. The men traded a few barbs, and the conversation turned to Jack's telling Craig that Brad had been the one who convinced Teri not to take the job at WOAK. He also said that Brad got everyone to promise not to ever tell Janet that her sister had received the first offer. Brad and Janet arrived, and everyone yelled "Surprise!" Janet was pleasantly surprised and delighted that her friends and family were there. Teri served Craig some appetizers and called him a "wuss" for allowing Brad to take the credit for her not taking the television job.

Craig explained that he had been trying to minimize his involvement with Carly's kids so that Jack would continue to allow them to stay in Carly's house and not yank them back to the Snyder farm. Teri was obviously impressed by Craig's selflessness. Kim arrived and gave a toast to "the lady of the hour." She said that she had to rush back to the studio to consult with the editors, but Teri tempted her with some appetizers for a few minutes. Kim talked with Teri, and in her conversation, she talked about the fact that she had offered the job to Teri first. Janet overheard Kim's remarks, and as soon as Kim left, Janet confronted her sister.

Teri tried to de fuse the situation, but Janet was painfully insecure and shouted out asking who had made sure the poor, pathetic older sister was taken care of. Jack told her that she was doing a great job, and she should let herself do it. Janet accused Teri of looking down on her and disrespecting her, and she said that she did not want the job anymore. She took out her phone and announced that she was going to call Kim and quit her job because she refused to let Teri take her pride away from her. Craig grabbed Janet's phone and told her to listen to the truth.

Craig claimed hat he was the "evil mastermind" whom Janet should blame. He said that Teri had turned down the job because he had held her to the agreement to take care of Carly's children. He told the truth about not wanting Jack to pull the kids away to the farm. Janet realized that she had totally overreacted and went to repair her face, and the party broke up.

Alison went to WOAK to speak with Kim. Kim, however, was in no mood to make nice with Alison Stewart, but Alison reminded her of the time at Casey's party when Dr. Bob had made a couple of strange comments. Alison suggested quietly that there "might be something going on with Dr. Hughes." She also mentioned that Bob had prescribed a wrong dosage for Riley Morgan, but Kim did not want to hear it. She lit into Alison and yelled that she had picked the wrong scapegoat. Kim accused the girl of lying her way out of trouble, and she would not listen to any excuses.

Kim got extremely upset and finally lost control. She swore at all the Stewarts, and then stumbled and collapsed on the floor, unconscious. Alison called 9-1-1 and took Kim's pulse. She told the dispatcher that she suspected a myocardial infarction and told the paramedics to be prepared to defibrillate. Alison began CPR, and the paramedics arrived and transported them both to Memorial. Casey saw them arrive and was shocked to hear that his grandmother had suffered a heart attack. Alison asked where Casey's grandfather, Bob, was, because he was not answering his page.

Riley walked through Old Town and ran into Bob Hughes. They greeted one another, and Riley said that he had moved out of Tom and Margo's house. Bob thought that was a good idea because Margo appeared to have substituted Riley for her dead son. He said that when Adam disappeared, he had taken a large portion of Margo's heart with him. Bob was cordial and told Riley to call on him if he could ever help him. They said goodbye, so Riley was surprised to find Bob a few moments later sitting on a bench outside the bookstore. His pager was beeping, and a very confused Dr. Bob was trying to figure out how it worked. He asked Riley for help.

The Snyders went to the farm, and Brad told Janet that he expected to see her at the studio the next day, bright and early. Brad walked out, and Janet told Jack that she would not blame him if he walked out right behind his brother. Instead, Jack kissed his wife.

Craig and Teri went back to Carly's house but found the place empty. Teri was puzzled why everyone made such nasty cracks about Craig. It was obvious that Craig's stock was rising rapidly in her eyes.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Faith watched Meg and Damian through the window of the farmhouse as they flirted. They talked about visiting the Adriatic coast some day, but they decided it was more practical to go skinny dipping in the Snyder pond. Meg was surprised to find Faith inside, and the girl flashed back to seeing Damian and her mother in a passionate embrace. Meg took Eliza upstairs, and Faith asked Damian if her Aunt Meg was his girlfriend. She also asked if there was someone he liked even better. When Meg returned downstairs, Faith took off.

Damian said he thought that they should still go on the cruise and take baby Eliza with them. He suggested that they fly to New York that afternoon and still catch the ship. Meg was delighted, and said that she could be ready in half an hour. Damian had an errand to run, as well, so they agreed to meet back at the farm then.

Lily looked at a photo of her and Holden and then answered a call from him. He was en route to Louisville and wanted to know if Faith had agreed to the family vacation plan yet. Lily said their daughter was still in the "grip of an adolescent funk," and she had gone to the farm to ride. The phone connection got spotty, and Holden promised to call her back. He did that, and he told Lily how much he would like to have the family join him. Holden noticed a state policeman ahead who was flagging him down, so he told Lily that he would check in with her later.

Holden stopped by the Kentucky state patrolman and noticed that he had a bloody shoulder. The cop ordered Holden to open the passenger door, and when Holden did, the man jumped in and pulled a gun. He aimed the pistol at Holden and ordered him to drive. The man turned on the radio, which precluded any conversation, and before long a news bulletin announced that a Bingham Skaggs, who was serving a life sentence for murder, had escaped in a hail of gunfire in which Skaggs had killed an officer. He was to be considered armed and dangerous.

Holden attempted to talk the felon into turning himself in, but Skaggs responded that if Skaggs didn't have a bullet in his shoulder, Holden would have been dead the second that he opened the door. Holden kept driving, but suddenly he realized that his passenger had passed out. Holden reached for his phone, but Skaggs woke up, pointed the gun at Holden again, and told him to pull over.

Margo found Tom making brunch at home, but she realized that he was buttering her up because she was so upset that he had asked Riley to leave their house. Margo was not happy that Tom had made a unilateral decision. Tom answered his phone, and Casey informed his dad that Kim had suffered a heart attack and was in Memorial Hospital. Tom asked if Bob was there, but Casey said his grandfather had not answered his page yet. Casey spoke with Alison, who told him that no one had seen Dr. Bob. Margo and Tom rushed to the hospital.

In Old Town, Riley showed Bob how to work his pager, but Bob felt no urgency in returning to the hospital, and, in fact, seemed unsure of how to get there. Riley offered to walk him back to the hospital, and Bob was grateful. When they walked into the hospital, everyone told Bob what had happened to Kim, and Bob rushed into his wife's room. Casey spoke to Alison and learned that she had been talking to Kim when Kim had suffered the attack. Riley listened to the conversation, as Casey argued with Alison about ratting out his grandfather. Riley finally jumped in and told Casey that he had been the one who had suggested that Alison talk to someone about Bob's unusual behavior.

Casey was upset that his girlfriend had listened to Riley instead of him, and he berated them both for not staying out of it. Casey reverted back to his usual way of dealing with a crisis: he ran off. Riley consoled Alison by assuring her that the situation was not her fault. Margo and Riley hugged, just as Tom exited Kim's room and saw them. Tom asked Riley why he was there, and Riley explained that he had walked there with Bob. Both Tom and Margo suggested that Riley leave the family alone.

Faith went home, and Lily asked what was bothering her. Faith asked if her mother knew that Damian and Aunt Meg were "together," and wanted to know if that bothered her. Lily wondered why Faith was asking such a question about Lily's ex-husband, but she answered that it was okay with her that Damian was seeing someone else. Faith went upstairs as the doorbell rang. The visitor was Damian, so he and Lily went outside to talk.

Damian said that he and Meg were leaving for New York very soon and they were going on the cruise, after all. Lily wished him bon voyage, but Damian said that he would not go if Lily could tell him that she was still in love with him. Lily repeated that she loved Holden and was committed to her family. Damian said that he would not bother her again, and he walked out.

In Kim's hospital room, Bob read his wife's blood pressure as 150/100 and ordered another dose of heparin to prevent blood clots. Alison offered to do it, but Bob said that he preferred that another nurse take over the case instead of Alison. Alison left the room, and Casey intercepted her in the hall and suggested that another nurse would be better for everyone. Kim woke up and said that she felt tired and that her chest hurt. Bob said that she needed to rest, and he advised the family to go home and try to relax. He said it was his place to stay with his wife.

Tom and Margo went home, and Tom went to take some aspirin and chill out. Casey also returned, and Margo remarked on the tension she had observed between Casey and Alison. Casey was still upset with Riley, who, he said, had given Alison some stupid advice that she had followed. He complained that even though Riley didn't live there anymore, he was still "screwing up things" with their family.

Riley knocked on the door, and Tom answered it. Riley wanted to see Casey, and the first thing he did to him was to call Casey "such an ass." He said that Casey had no right to talk to Alison the way he had, and Casey fired back and told Riley to back off or he would tell everyone in Oakdale, including Tom, that Riley was really Adam.

Riley went to Al's to have coffee, and he saw Alison walking by. He caught up with her, and she explained that Dr. Hughes had ordered her off Kim's case. Alison blamed herself for Kim's heart attack, but Riley gave her a pep talk. He told her about bumping into Bob in Old Town and how confused and distracted he had appeared.

Bob continued to monitor Kim, and at one point he got up to check her machines. He looked at the heparin dosage control and fiddled with the dial. Alison opened the door and asked to speak with him, so the two of them went into the hall. Alison said that she was afraid that she had been at least partly responsible for what happened to Kim. She explained how she had been talking to Kim when Kim had collapsed, but Bob was very understanding. He told Alison that his wife had a previous heart condition, aortic stenosis, and that Alison had called the paramedics and administered the CPR that had probably saved his wife's life.

Alison thanked Bob for his kind words, and then she walked by Kim's room and heard an alarm beeping inside. She ran in and looked at the machine and immediately yelled for help. Kim's blood pressure was 55/40, and she was in shock. Bob rushed in with a senior nurse and checked the chart. He saw no order for the excessive dose of heparin that Kim was receiving, and it appeared to them that Kim was bleeding out. Bob ordered some lab tests and another drug, and asked Alison who had been in the room last. Alison said that he, himself, had been the last one in there.

At the farm, Meg wasn't quite ready to go when Damian arrived. He said that he had gone to see Lily so that there would be no misunderstandings between them. Meg did not understand why such a visit was necessary, but Damian revealed that the trip with Meg was a big step in their relationship, with no turning back, and he wanted Lily to know that he was with Meg and no one else, from that moment on.

Faith went outside and spoke with Lily. When she found out that Damian and Meg were going away together, Faith said that she wanted very much to go on the family vacation and meet up with her dad. The girl went upstairs to pack, and Lily went inside. She was stunned to find the photo of her and Holden smashed on the floor.

Holden stopped his pickup and attempted to convince his captor to talk with him. Skaggs ordered him out of the truck, and Holden obliged. They were at a farm, and Skaggs demanded that Holden switch clothes with him. He also took Holden's wallet, watch, and wedding ring, and he made Holden put on the state police uniform. They got back into the truck and began driving again. Holden offered once more to intercede on Skaggs's behalf with the authorities, but the convict turned him down.

Holden was desperate, and he began swerving the truck from one side of the road to the other. They went off the road and across a clear patch of ground as both men struggled for control. Before either man noticed, the truck sailed over the edge of a steep canyon and rolled over and over until it crashed at the bottom, and burst into a great fireball.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Casey and Riley argued outside Casey's house about how Casey had treated Alison. Tom was extremely upset that Riley was there, but Margo asked Tom to leave the boys alone, because the argument was most likely about Alison. Margo told Tom she would gather some things to take to Kim at the hospital to make Kim more comfortable. Tom waited in the living room and overheard some of Riley and Casey's argument. He went outside in time to hear Casey accusing Riley of leading Alison to cause Kim's heart attack, and Tom asked what Casey meant by that. Casey told his father that Riley had advised Alison to talk to Kim about Alison's concerns about Bob's behavior, and Kim had become so upset that she'd had a heart attack. Tom was irate when he heard that.

At the hospital, Bob got the lab work back after Kim's close call, and the results showed that Kim had ten times the appropriate level of thrombolytic drug in her system. Bob wondered how something like that could have happened and who could have done such a thing. Alison told Bob that he had been the only person in the room with Kim, and she mentioned that she had seen Bob adjust Kim's heparin intravenous line right before he had spoken to Alison in the hallway. Bob, however, did not recall having spoken to Alison at all. Alison tried to remind Bob about their conversation concerning the fact that Alison had been talking to Kim when Kim had the heart attack, but Bob was convinced that he and Alison had never discussed any such thing.

Alison again told Bob that he had been the only person in Kim's room. Bob became agitated, asking if Alison was accusing him of trying to harm his own wife. Alison said she knew Bob wouldn't do that intentionally, and when she saw how upset Bob was becoming, Alison assured him that everything would be okay.

Bob went back into Kim's room to check on her, and Alison decided to call Casey to let him know that Kim had suffered a setback. Casey told Tom and Margo, and they all went to the hospital to check on Kim. When they arrived, Bob explained that Kim had been given an overdose of heparin, but they had caught it in time to prevent her from experiencing any complications from it. Tom was astounded that something like that could happen, and he asked who was responsible. Bob said he wasn't sure how it had happened. Tom asked another nurse if she had seen anything, and the nurse replied, "Alison was already in the room when I got there."

Tom was convinced that meant that Alison had given Kim the wrong dosage of the anticoagulant. Alison stared at him in disbelief, then looked at Bob, but Bob didn't say anything about his previous conversation with Alison. Sizing up the situation, Alison decided no one would believe her if she tried to point out that it must have been Bob's mistake, so she simply said, "What happened to Kim was unintentional." Tom accused Alison of having gone after Kim twice in one day, but Alison said, "I never meant for any of this to happen!" Margo suggested that Alison leave, and she did, followed by Casey.

Tom then announced that Alison had been careless and that what she had done was criminal. Tom said that he would press charges against Alison if Bob wanted him to do that. Bob said he couldn't deal with Alison yet, and needed to concentrate on getting Kim better.

Casey caught up with Alison in Old Town, but Alison told him that she wanted to be alone for a while. Casey asked why Alison hadn't defended herself, but Alison said no one would have believed her. Alison said she thought that even Casey would have assumed that she was trying to blame someone else to cover her own mistake. When Casey didn't immediately deny that, Alison said she had her answer, and she left.

Alison went into Java, where Riley saw how upset she was and pulled her over to his table. Alison explained what had happened, and Riley told Alison that she had to defend herself. Alison said the only way to do that was to destroy Bob Hughes. She told Riley that she thought Bob had looked scared when she had spoken to him. She said, "This strong, powerful man, he doesn't know what he did." Riley reminded Alison that he, too, had seen signs of Bob's confusion, when Bob hadn't known how to operate the pager he'd had for years. Riley told Alison that he would accompany her to the hospital to try to talk to Tom and Margo about it, but Alison refused.

Casey returned and told his dad that there must be another explanation, because Alison would not have made such a mistake on the heels of the other incident involving Riley's overdose of medication. Tom said Casey was letting his relationship with Alison cloud his judgment. Casey argued that Tom was letting his relationship to Kim cloud his own judgment. Margo tried to calm the two men down. Tom told Margo that because he was the hospital's legal counsel, it was his job to protect the hospital from malpractice. Tom insisted, "I'll do everything in my power to make sure Alison Stewart never works in this hospital one more day."

Emma visited Lily, armed with cookies for Lily and the kids to take to Kentucky with them. Lily told Emma that she hadn't heard from Holden yet, but Emma said Holden was probably visiting with some of the men at one of the tracks. Emma then informed Lily that Meg had gone on the cruise with Damian, after all, and Lily told Emma that Damian had stopped by to let her know that. Emma said they would have to let Meg make her own decisions and mistakes, but Lily called Damian "an error in judgment wrapped in an expensive Italian suit."

Emma thought that Lily seemed more than a little upset about Meg and Damian, but Lily said she was just trying to protect her son and her sister-in-law from Damian's dark side. Emma suggested that all Lily could do was take care of herself, and Lily agreed. Emma told Lily that she knew Lily and the kids would have a wonderful trip with Holden, and Lily said she intended to put the Damian and Meg business out of her mind. Luke walked into the house; he and Emma greeted one another, and then Emma left to return to the farm.

The phone rang, and Lily answered, hoping it would be Holden. Instead, it was the Kentucky state police, informing her that Holden's truck had been involved in a terrible accident. Lily was distraught and told Luke what had happened. Lily decided to call her mother to ask Lucinda to arrange for the Worldwide jet to fly Lily down to Kentucky and to ask Lucinda to watch Ethan and Faith. Luke insisted that he would accompany his mother to Kentucky, because Holden would want him to do that. Lily agreed, but she told Luke not to let anyone else know what was going on until they had more facts to report. Lily decided to tell Faith and Ethan that Holden's work was delaying him from returning, and she decided not to tell Emma anything at all.

Damian and Meg arrived in New York in preparation for their cruise ship departure. At the hotel, they talked happily about their trip, and Damian told Meg that their trip together with Eliza was a sign for the rest of Meg's family that Damian and Meg were officially in a relationship. As they got comfortable, Damian's phone rang; Meg asked him not to answer it, but Damian saw that it was Luke calling, and he told Meg he had to talk to his son.

Luke told Damian about Holden's accident. Luke let Damian know that Lily hadn't wanted him to call anyone, but Luke was concerned that if he didn't let Meg know what was happening, Meg and Damian would be out at sea when the rest of the family found out what had happened to Holden. Damian assured Luke that he'd done the right thing by calling.

Damian filled Meg in, and Meg immediately wanted to fly to Kentucky to help find her brother. Damian, however, suggested that it might be better for Meg to return to the farm to be with her mother, so that when Emma received the news about Holden, she wouldn't be alone. Meg agreed, and Damian arranged for them to both fly back to Oakdale. However, Damian told Meg that he would travel on to Kentucky, because he wanted to be with Luke.

In Kentucky, Lily and Luke made their way to the scene of the accident and were told by the police that Holden's truck had gone over the railing and into a ravine, where it had exploded. The police had not been able to get close enough to the truck to determine anything else. Lily clung to the hope that Holden might be injured but alive, and she desperately tried to convince the police to make another attempt to reach the truck. The police insisted that they couldn't do anything else until the scene had been declared safe. Lily announced that she would climb down to the truck herself, but Damian arrived and held Lily back, telling her that he couldn't let her do that.

Luke admitted to his mother that he had called Damian to make sure that Meg wouldn't be somewhere out at sea if she were needed back home. Damian tried to convince Lily to go somewhere safe to rest and wait for the police to let them know more as the situation developed. Lily absolutely refused, tearfully insisting that she had to stay at the accident scene until someone found Holden, alive or otherwise. Damian told Luke to stay with Lily, and he left to make a phone call to the Snyder farm.

Emma walked into the kitchen at the farm and was surprised to find Meg and Eliza there. She asked Meg why she wasn't in New York getting ready for the cruise with Damian. Meg explained that something else had come up, and the cruise had to be postponed again. Meg was cryptic about the exact reasons for the postponement, and Emma could tell that Meg was hiding something from her.

The phone rang, and Meg answered it. It was Damian, who informed her about the violent nature of the accident and the fact that it did not look like anyone could have survived. After Damian hung up, Emma said that she had gone to the barn to check on the horses, and Holden's horse had kicked violently in the stall, as though it were on fire, until she calmed him down by talking to him quietly. Emma told Meg that for a moment, she had sensed Holden's presence in the barn with her.

Emma then asked Meg whether something had happened to Holden. Meg nodded and held her mother while she told her about the accident. Emma told Meg that if Holden were gone, she would know it, because she was his mother. Emma insisted that they had to be strong, because that was what Holden needed. Emma then asked her daughter to pray with her, and Emma prayed that the Lord would protect her son.

Eventually, one of the policemen approached Lily and told her that they had found a body near the wreckage, and nearby, they had found a watch. He asked whether Lily recognized the watch, and Luke replied, "It's Dad's." Lily tried to hold back her tears as she told Luke that the watch had been his grandfather's, but Holden had intended to give it to Luke one day. Lily quietly said that she wanted to keep it herself for awhile. Damian told Lily there was nothing more they could do in Kentucky and that he could arrange a flight back to Oakdale immediately, but Lily said, "I can't leave Holden here all alone. I can't just walk away from him." Damian put his arms around Lily and quietly told her, "He's gone. Holden's gone."

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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The Young and the Restless star Marla Adams dies at 85
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