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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 10, 2009 on GL
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Monday, August 10, 2009

At Company, Frank told Blake that she wasn't packing to-go boxes the way Buzz did it. Frank wondered where Buzz was. Blake opened the restaurant for Matt, who needed coffee before heading to work at Bill and Lizzie's house.

Cyrus awakened with a start to find Buzz dressed and smoking in bed beside him. "For a cat burglar, you're a pretty heavy sleeper," Buzz said. Cyrus snatched Buzz's cigarette, and hopped out of bed to extinguish it. Buzz stole a money clip from Cyrus' nightstand.

Mel awakened Remy and Christina to talk about Cyrus. Remy said that Cyrus was in the next unit. Mel listened at the wall. "He's not alone," she deduced. Remy told Mel that he'd caught Buzz and Cyrus breaking into Towers. Mel asked Remy to arrest Cyrus for it, because she wanted to plant him in a jail cell with a reluctant informant. She hoped that the informant would spill information about the Chicago syndicate to Cyrus.

Phillip awakened James to say that they had a lot of work to do at Lizzie and Bill's house. James groaned, and rolled over. Phillip headed to the new house, and left a still-sleeping James a message to get over there. James dressed, and headed to the mini-mart, where he ran into Christina. She poured him a cup of coffee, and asked why he wasn't answering his phone. James said that his father wanted him to report for hard labor.

Olivia couldn't sleep, and stared at a picture of Natalia, Emma, and her. She tossed her medication across the room, calling it useless. Olivia charged out of bed, and went to Company for coffee. When Blake tried to make conversation, Olivia snapped that they weren't friends after Blake had helped Natalia leave town.

Buzz and Cyrus took a booth, and pored over their Jenna research. Frank approached to discuss Blake's innovations with the to-go containers, but Buzz ignored him. Olivia heard Cyrus and Buzz talking about Jenna, and said it must have been nice to be loved like that. Buzz called Olivia the adoration of every man she'd known. "I was hoping for something a little different," Olivia said to herself. Frank scowled, and turned his back.

Remy stormed into Company, and arrested Cyrus for breaking and entering. Buzz hollered that he was there with Cyrus, and should be arrested, too. Frank was shocked, and Buzz said he'd been doing research on Jenna. "What happens to me?" Buzz yelled. Remy said nothing would happen, and he hauled Cyrus away.

Buzz decided to bail out Cyrus, but Frank replied that Buzz couldn't do that twice. Frank said that Cyrus had turned Buzz into a criminal. Buzz stated that Cyrus was helping him understand Jenna. Olivia intervened, saying she understood Buzz's need to feel close to Jenna.

Outside later, Frank sighed when he saw Olivia on the steps. Olivia wondered where Natalia had gone, and why she'd left. Frank didn't know if the why even mattered. Olivia pressed, and Frank asked if Olivia had considered that Olivia might have been the problem. Olivia smirked as Frank walked off.

Blake looked at Coop's notes, and approached Buzz about turning them into a book. Buzz said he wanted to get to know Jenna better, not make her famous. Blake wandered over to Christina, still contemplating publishing Coop's book. Blake thought the proceeds could pay off the mortgages and get a new roof for Company. Christina said that Buzz had turned Blake down. "Oh, Buzz doesn't know what he wants," Blake dismissed, and swore Christina to secrecy.

After Remy placed Cyrus in holding with Mel's other client, Mel entered, saying that Cyrus could beat his wrap if he had valuable information for the police. Cyrus didn't understand, but Mel said she couldn't counsel him while her other client was in the room. She mentioned that the other client refused to testify before the grand jury in a federal case. She suggested that her two clients chat while she got them placed in separate rooms. Cyrus and the client appeared to understand what Mel wanted them to do, and she left.

Later, Cyrus got released from jail. In the hallway, he told Mel that he didn't have any money. "Don't worry. You'll pay," she said, and led him out. At Company later, Cyrus told Buzz that Mel was an amazing lawyer. Christina took Remy home to "reward" him for helping Mel. Cyrus flirted with Mel while discussing how he'd pay her fees.

Blake pulled Cyrus aside, and asked him to get her a copy of Coop's manuscript. She said that the proceeds could pay for a new roof, a new stove, and Cyrus' bail. Cyrus agreed to help.

Frank approached Blake, and they watched Cyrus and Buzz work. Frank said it would end in disaster. "Just give him someone to love, Frank, okay?" Blake said with a dreamy smile. Frank reasoned that Jenna was dead. Frank wondered when he'd find himself someone to love.

Outside Lizzie's house, Phillip hammered nails into boards. Lizzie and Bill awakened, and wondered why the crew had arrived so early. Bill peeked out the window, and saw that it was her father. Phillip yelled to them to get a move on because it was the first day of the rest of their lives. Lizzie told Bill that he'd better get outside before Phillip built a moat.

Lizzie called a sleepy Beth, and asked why Phillip was there hammering at nearly six in the morning. Lizzie said she'd sent Bill out to make sure Phillip wouldn't transform the house into a skyscraper. Lizzie asked Beth to drive over, and Beth pulled the covers over her head.

Outside, Bill noted that Phillip had arrived before the crew. Phillip handed Bill a shovel, saying, "My daughter's house needs fixin'. You think I'm gonna leave that to a bunch of strangers?" Lizzie emerged from the house to discover that Phillip had started a new, extensive renovation project. Phillip said he had to ensure that Lizzie and the house were taken care of.

While leaving James another frustrated message, Phillip saw Beth and Matt talking by her car. He asked Lizzie if Matt and Beth were dating. Lizzie said they'd merely walked up the driveway together. Phillip asked Bill how Matt was working out. Bill praised Matt's foreman skills. Phillip asked if Matt and Vanessa were still broken up. Bill said they were just friends.

Bill called the crew together to thank them for arriving. Before he could tell anyone what to do, Phillip started doling out projects to everyone. He said that if anyone didn't have a job, they could see Bill, the man of the house. Bill smiled wryly, and everyone got to work.

Later, Phillip asked Matt to help Beth with the toolbox, even though Beth wasn't having trouble carrying it. Phillip then asked Matt to keep an eye on Beth to make sure she didn't hurt herself. James showed up, but before Phillip could direct him to a project, Beth took Phillip aside. She said that Phillip was pushing Matt on her. "I don't need a man in my life, but if I want one, I'll find one on my own," she said, and stormed off.

Bill and Lizzie discussed how unusually cheery Phillip had been on the project site. Bill wondered where the real Phillip was. "Now you'll stay here and work, because that's what I told you to do!" they heard Phillip bellowing at James. James said that he hadn't arrived there to be lectured, and asked if anyone else had something for him to do.

Matt sent James to dig out a tree stump, and Beth stared quizzically at Phillip. Phillip apologized for getting upset, and walked off as if everything were fine. Later, Phillip found James hacking the stump with a shovel. He berated James for doing it wrong, because James could hurt himself or break the shovel. They tousled over the shovel, and James fell. Everyone watched as James scrambled off, saying that Phillip could do it himself.

Beth asked Phillip what was wrong with him. She said he couldn't pressure James that way, because things took time. Phillip replied that there was no time. "I need to do these things. I need to fix these things," Phillip urgently said. Beth stated that it wasn't about Phillip's needs, and he couldn't keep treating people the way he had been. Phillip said he was trying to make things better, but he was only making them worse.

James rushed to Company in search of Daisy. When she wasn't there, he left her a message to meet him at Miller's Creek.

Phillip walked to the bridge at the park, where Olivia looked out at the water. He said he was sick of having bad days, but Olivia replied that she was getting used to it. Phillip discussed how he moved too fast, while Olivia discussed how she'd moved too slowly.

Olivia asked why no one loved her for herself. "We're not the easiest people to love, you and I," Phillip replied. He said they might not deserve love, but Olivia couldn't believe that. "Then maybe it just won't happen in time," Phillip considered, and sighed.

Matt, Bill, Beth, and Lizzie decided they'd had enough work for the morning. Lizzie secretly wished her family wouldn't return to help them. Later, Bill entered his bedroom in black underwear and a tool belt. He dropped the belt to the floor, and climbed into bed with Lizzie.

Beth and Matt had coffee at the mini-mart. She said life was funny, because one never knew where it led.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When Lizzie ordered a pizza at Company, Frank ranted that they had a tiny oven and no roof. Frank continued that Buzz had gone crazy, spending time with Cyrus, the root of their troubles. Lizzie said her father had gone crazy, too, pounding nails outside her house at dawn.

Lillian encountered Phillip in Cedars' library. She wished the doctors could do more for him. After she left, Christina entered. Phillip and Christina discussed alternative medicine, and she told him of a place on 6th street, where a woman knew a lot about miracle cures. Phillip wondered if Christina believed in miracles. She said that she did. Phillip replied that he did, too.

Phillip went to the natural healing store, and informed the woman there that he was dying. He said he needed help, and didn't know where to go. The woman gave him the number of a place in Mexico, and a blood stone necklace for strength.

Phillip left the store with a bag of items, and he drank tonic from a bottle as he strolled down the street. Lizzie strode up, wondering what Phillip had bought in the herb store. Phillip said he'd bought some things for Alex. Lizzie noted the bottle in his hand. He explained that the cashier inside had recommended something for his sore throat.

At the graveyard later, Phillip talked to his headstone. He said that he didn't care how crazy it was. He had to try anything. He planned to go to Mexico, and get healed. He told the headstone to keeping sitting on the hill, looking down at everybody beneath it, because it wasn't getting him yet. Phillip insisted he'd find a way to live his life.

Phillip found Rick outside Company later. Phillip pretended that Alex was thinking about visiting a spiritual healer in Mexico. "Quack, quack, quack," Rick replied. Phillip reasoned that the regular doctors weren't giving her answers. Rick said that sometimes there weren't any, but the Spauldings were tough people.

Rick returned inside, and Lillian approached Phillip. She'd overheard the conversation, and said that he'd waste precious time in Mexico. Phillip said he couldn't wait around to die. Lillian trailed Phillip to the mansion, where she warned him that some of those places doled out hallucinogens as cures. Phillip said that he had to find some hope, and he took off with his bag.

Cyrus and Buzz read Jenna's memoirs, in which she described selling her grandmother's jewelry for a voyage to the "Frog and Toe," the place where dreams became true. The two went to Company to look up the "Frog and Toe" on the Internet. Lillian approached, and said that the phrase was a 19th century term for New York City. Buzz supposed that they were in for a trip.

Cyrus wondered how they'd afford the trip. Buzz said he had some money, and "Company's going to lend us this." Cyrus grinned as Buzz pulled cash out of the register. Frank entered, and Buzz said that he was taking Company's delivery van to New York. Frank replied that the van was business property, and the family—including Coop—wouldn't want it taken to New York. "Don't tell me what your brother would want. Keep the damn van," Buzz retorted.

Frank visited Lillian at Cedars to tell her about Buzz's crazy plan. He thought he'd stopped Buzz by taking the van away. Lillian urged Frank to let Buzz get closer to Jenna and Coop. Frank said it was turning Buzz into a whacko. Frank implored Lillian to talk to Buzz, and figure out what was in his head. Lillian agreed to try.

Lillian called Buzz as he and Cyrus were discussing their trip. Lillian asked him to meet her at the hospital. As Buzz left, Cyrus said they'd meet at the bus station in an hour.

Cyrus went to the mini-mart, where Lizzie told him that the Coopers couldn't afford any more of his scams. Cyrus replied that he owed the Coopers, and had been trying to make up for what he'd done. Lizzie said she believed that he never meant to harm anyone. She just couldn't tell where the scam artist ended, and the good guy began. Cyrus said that he couldn't tell either.

When Buzz met Lillian at Cedars, she said that Frank thought Buzz was headed for trouble. Buzz replied that Frank didn't understand. Lillian encouraged Buzz to get the closure that he needed. Buzz left, and met Cyrus at the bus station.

At H.B. and Son's, Josh gave Matt the day off. Josh said he was worn out from the ordeals in his life, and he didn't have a woman. He told Matt to meet him at the golf course.

At the mini-mart, Rick offered to buy Olivia a hot dog to make up for a mishap at the barbecue. As he flirted with her, she noted that he had mustard on his face. Olivia left the store, and lay down on a park bench. Matt approached, wondering if she were okay. She sat up, claiming to be fine. Matt flirted with her while discussing a biking injury he'd obtained.

Matt entered Company to find Rick at the bar. Rick said that he'd tried to flirt with Olivia over hot dogs. Rick figured that Olivia must be off the market. Matt smugly replied that Olivia had been "sniffing around a little bit" at the park earlier.

Frank joined Matt and Rick at their table for beers. When Rick said that Matt thought Olivia liked him, Frank laughed, saying, "Have you not been around the last two months?" Lillian briefly stopped by their table to tell Frank that she'd encouraged Buzz to go to New York.

Rick suggested that Frank worry about his own life, not Buzz's. Rick said that he had a friend who'd tried online dating, and that friend had at least three dates a week. Matt, Rick, and Frank headed to the laptop on the bar. Rick set up a profile, lying about his age, yachts, vineyards, and oil fields. Frank hoped no one caught them doing that.

Meanwhile, Josh exited the elevator at the Beacon, and stumbled upon Olivia sitting in the hallway. She said she didn't know what to do with herself since Emma was out of town. Josh suggested that she watch television. Olivia asked if Josh were busy. As he mentioned his golf plans, Olivia wrapped her arm around his, and led him into her room.

Josh made them some drinks, and they sat down on the foot of the bed to watch television. Olivia gave Josh a seductive look, and the two kissed. They opened each other's shirts, but Olivia stopped suddenly, saying that she was stupid. She told him that it felt right, but she was confused. She needed something, but she didn't know what it was. She asked Josh if he could just hold her. They lay in the bed, and Josh held her from behind.

Daisy met James at Miller's Creek, and he invited her to go camping. She said he didn't like camping. "I like you," he said with a shrug. Daisy worried about what her family would think. James said she was over 18; she could do what she wanted. They agreed to gather their gear, and meet at Daisy's house.

Daisy waited for James at the Cooper house later. Christina arrived, asking if Daisy could hang out with her. Daisy said that she was camping with James that evening. James walked up, and Christina stated that she'd had a nice talk with James's father. "Somebody has to," James murmured. Christina wished James and Daisy a nice trip as they left.

Later, Daisy and James found a campsite, and searched for firewood. They built a fire, and commenced to roasting marshmallows. Daisy wondered what was going on with James. "My Dad. It's always my Dad. I wish he'd just go away," James said.

Night fell, and Daisy said she liked the peacefulness. James replied that it'd be that way until the bears arrived. Daisy didn't know whether to believe him about the bears. James said they had to stay up together, and stoke the fire. He leaned in, and kissed her.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Josh and Olivia awakened when Reva apologetically called Josh about her broken faucet. Olivia gave Josh a quick kiss, and thanked him before he departed.

After Josh fixed Reva's faucet, he offered to fix something else. Reva said that she didn't need his help. Once Josh left, Reva told Jeffrey's picture that she needed someone, just not Josh. She felt that no one understood her like Jeffrey did. Reva decided to get out of the house.

Later, Bill approached Reva as she exited her car. Bill was saddened by everything that had happened with Dinah, and he apologized for missing Jeffrey's memorial service. He offered to be there for Reva, but she quickly replied that she didn't need anything. Bill reiterated that Lizzie and he were there if Reva needed them, and he walked away.

Reva strode off, but suddenly rushed back to the car after realizing that she'd left Colin in the backseat. She unbuckled him, sobbing that everything was okay. Reva went home, and hurried inside with Colin. "I can't do this without you," she desperately uttered.

Later, Reva stared around her house after she'd tacked pictures of Jeffrey and Colin all over the walls. "I feel safe here now. Now I feel like you're here with me. So, what do you want to do, boys?" she asked the pictures. "Wanna watch T.V.?"

At the mini-mart, Olivia and Rafe reluctantly encountered each other. Olivia reasoned that they should be civil. Olivia didn't want to feel as if she had to vacate an establishment because Rafe was there. Rafe said he didn't mind her feeling that way, and he left.

Before his parole meeting at the courthouse, Rafe confided in Marina that he was supposed to be a man about things, but it was tough when his mother had left him without saying goodbye. Doris entered in time to overhear Marina urge Rafe to believe that Natalia loved him above everything. Rafe doubted it, and Marina reasoned that Ashlee could never measure up in Doris' eyes. Marina thought that Rafe and she had good parents in comparison.

Doris went to Olivia's office to find Olivia sulking into a pint of ice cream, and mumbling that she wasn't lovable. Doris grabbed the ice cream to eat herself, and said they needed to have a serious talk. Olivia complained that Frank had said Natalia had left because of Olivia, and Phillip had said that Olivia wasn't an easy person to love. Even though Buzz had said that Olivia was universally adored; she desired to be loved for herself.

Doris admitted that she and Olivia weren't the most lovable women on the planet, but they had their daughters, who loved them despite their flaws. Olivia kissed Doris on the cheek, and left. Doris called Ashlee to say that she missed her daughter, and wanted to see her.

Later, Olivia found Josh on her doorstep. He said he'd wanted to check on her after her tough night. Olivia joked that he'd had the tough night, after she'd changed its course. Olivia said he was a good friend. Josh balked at the term, but Olivia considered it a good thing. Once alone in her room, Olivia called Ava and Emma, and asked if Emma were ready to return home.

Vanessa was overwhelmed with running WSPR in Dinah's absence. She told Billy that Dinah had become a great businesswoman, and daughter. Vanessa worried that Dinah was alone. "You're not okay if your kids aren't okay," she said, and Billy hugged her.

Shayne visited Bill's house to find out if Bill had heard from Dinah. Bill said that he hadn't realized that Dinah had been saying goodbye to him the other day. Shayne murmured that he had Dinah's wedding band, and he didn't know what to do with it. Bill felt that Shayne and Dinah were still meant for each other. Shayne didn't know what he'd say to Dinah, but reasoned that he'd say something like, "I miss you like crazy, and stay the hell out of my life."

Billy arrived to see Bill, and Shayne took off. Bill commented that Dinah had screwed up again. Billy considered that anyone would have done what Dinah had done to save Henry.

At WSPR, Josh inquired if Vanessa knew where Dinah was, so that he could send her annulment papers. Vanessa felt that Shayne and Dinah were adult enough to handle the matter themselves. As Vanessa defended Dinah's actions to Josh, Shayne interrupted, saying that Dinah was still his wife. Shayne asked Josh to leave, so that Shayne could speak with Vanessa.

Shayne asked if Vanessa knew where Dinah was. Though Vanessa didn't know, she tried to help Shayne make sense of what had happened. Vanessa said that Dinah had been working hard to become a better person. Making that final mistake had devastated Dinah. Shayne disagreed that killing the man had been a mistake. He said he would have prevented Dinah from going to jail had she confided in him. Vanessa replied that no one could have done that.

Shayne wondered why Dinah had waited until after they'd married to tell him the truth. Vanessa figured that something must have happened to force Dinah's hand. Shayne held out Dinah's ring, saying that Dinah had left it behind as if it were meaningless. Vanessa explained that the ring belonged to the man. Dinah had simply returned it upon realizing that she couldn't fulfill her commitment to him. Shayne gave Vanessa the ring, and asked her to give it to Dinah, because he wanted Dinah to have it.

At Bill's house, Josh, Billy, and Bill worked on the renovations. Billy announced that he wanted to propose to Vanessa. Josh said he should have done that a long time before, and Bill wondered if Vanessa would agree to the proposal. Billy chuckled that he was a catch. Josh hugged Billy, saying that another wedding might be what the family needed.

Billy went to WSPR, and told Vanessa that she needed a distraction. He announced that he planned to marry her. "Oh, well, were you thinking of asking me?" she asked. Billy replied that he hadn't worked that part out. He kissed her, and left her to her work.

Shayne returned to Bill's house willing to work. Bill asked if Shayne were ready for it, and Shayne replied that he couldn't wait for his life to settle itself. Shayne complained about the framing job that Bill had done, and they challenged each other to get to work.

Daisy and James awakened in a sleeping bag together. James offered her a breakfast bar. Daisy had to go to work, but she suggested that they throw a pool party later. Both Daisy and James were glad that they'd gone camping. They kissed each other.

At Company later, Billy saw Daisy with a sleeping bag. Daisy lied that she'd been with friends at the beach, but Billy had seen her getting out of James's car. "Were you careful?" Billy asked. Daisy sighed. Billy said that Daisy was old enough to make her own choices, but young enough to make mistakes. She affirmed that she'd been careful. Billy told her to make sure it stayed that way.

Later, Rafe sat at Company's bar, and Daisy invited him to the pool party. He said he'd meet with her after her shift, and left. Marina commented that Daisy was dating James. "I love these romantic triangles," Marina sighed.

At the mini-mart, Rafe encountered James. Rafe said that he'd figured out about Daisy and James. Rafe was cool with it, but he didn't want Daisy to get hurt. Rafe left, saying he'd see James at the party.

As Daisy concluded her shift, James peeked into Company's window, and text-messaged her. He asked when she would arrive at his house, and what she'd wear. Daisy texted that she'd wear a swimsuit. "Bikini," James texted back.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A frantic Frank covered for Buzz at Company. Daisy sneaked outside to make plans with James. She said she'd call Ashlee to meet them later. They kissed, and she returned to work.

At the mansion, Ed figured out that Alan knew about Phillip's illness. He asked Alan to help get Phillip back on his treatment plan. Alan replied that Ed had asked the wrong person. Ed said that Alan needn't pretend that Phillip's impending death didn't affect Alan. "Who's pretending?" Alan asked. Alan reasoned that Phillip had hidden his illness to play the hero, proving just how selfish and arrogant Phillip was. "If he wants to die alone, let him," Alan concluded.

In the cemetery later, Alan talked to Phillip's headstone. He said that when he'd held Phillip for the first time, he'd known it would be, "father and son, conquering the world together." Alan had hoped that Phillip would make Alan into the man he'd wanted to be. "Instead, I ruined you, didn't I, son? And you ruined us," Alan said.

Alan figured that Phillip knew that Alan had loved Phillip most of all. Alan recalled that he'd been devastated when he'd lost Phillip the last time. "I'm going to have to push you out of my heart, so I won't bear any of that pain that I experienced in losing you," Alan decided.

Just then, James approached. Alan asked James to say that he'd never leave Alan. Alan envisioned that James would be a great man. Alan wanted to guide James to his full potential, so that James could continue Alan's legacy. "I want to be a good man," James said. Alan assured James that he'd be a great man. "We're going to be okay, James," Alan decided with a smile.

James went to the Cooper house, and told Daisy that he couldn't hang out because Alan needed him. James said that Alan had been crying. "Alan's eyes can't produce tears," Daisy replied. She insisted that it wasn't real, but James felt that he had to look out for Alan.

Alan went to the mini-mart, and Blake overheard him on a call saying that James might start work at Spaulding the next day. After the call, Blake said that she hoped Alan wasn't trying to turn James into Alan, only to be disappointed when James failed. Alan claimed that he didn't want James to be Alan. He wanted James to be the best that James could be.

At Bill's house, an ornery Shayne was disappointed with the crew's workmanship. Remy arrived in time to pull Shayne out of an intense argument with the crew boss. Remy suggested they play ball in the park, and Shayne warned that he'd be back to check on the new crewmen.

While playing catch, Shayne was defensive about Dinah leaving him. Remy said Dinah hadn't wanted to leave. Shayne didn't want to talk about Dinah, but Remy thought talking might be good. Shayne retorted that Remy's shrink mom had said that. Remy asked what was wrong with Shayne. Shayne claimed that nothing was wrong, unless Remy had something to settle.

"You need to step down, man," Remy warned. Shayne settled down, and apologized. Remy offered to hang out that weekend, but Shayne was noncommittal.

Shayne went to the mini-mart, where he encountered Alan. They bickered with each other, and Shayne said he felt sorry for Alan. Alan retorted that he felt sorry for Shayne, who'd married Dinah, the murderer. "If you had a talk with me first, I could have told you what a loser she was," Alan said, and strode off. Shayne headed to Farley's, and picked a fight with a guy for sitting on Shayne's favorite stool.

Mallet pulled up to the Cooper house in a camper. He announced to Marina that he'd taken a few weeks off work for a well deserved vacation. Mallet said it'd be just the three of them, with no murder investigation or other worries. Marina stated that they couldn't afford it, and Mallet was trying too hard to make up for the mistakes he'd made. Mallet said his family was important to him, and he needed to hold onto it.

Marina loved that he was trying, but said it was the wrong time for the trip. She explained that she was busy with the renovations at Company, and Buzz had left her with the mortgage situation unresolved. Mallet offered to spend his vacation time helping at the restaurant. Marina suggested that he help at Company, but save his vacation time until they could travel together.

The couple went to the mini-mart to buy supplies. Marina worried that they'd lose the restaurant if she couldn't keep up with the rush. Mallet said he'd given up his vacation to ensure that the restaurant would stay in the family.

When Mallet went to the checkout, Christina approached Marina, stating that it was romantic of Mallet to forgo his vacation to work at Company. Marina stated he was only doing it because he'd suspected Marina of murder. At Christina's prodding, Marina explained why Mallet had suspected her in the John Doe murder case. Christina thought Mallet should have believed in Marina's innocence. Marina reasoned that the murder weapon had been her stroller. "But he's your husband," Christina replied. Marina sighed, "Yeah..."

Back at Company, Frank told Christina that Buzz got "mentally irregular" when hanging out with Cyrus. Christina noted that the roof flashing was done, but Frank complained that other parts of the roof were leaking. Christina volunteered to help Frank patch the roof.

Mallet arrived to pitch in, and Frank was happy that his daughter had married a man that she could count on. Mallet asked about Buzz, and Frank sneered that Buzz was probably having a good time in New York with his new buddy, Cyrus.

Remy entered, and told Christina about the near fight with Shayne. Christina gossiped about Mallet and Marina's trouble. Christina thought Mallet should have believed Marina. "If all the evidence was pointed at me, would you think I was a murderer?" she asked. Remy replied that it would depend on the evidence. "I love you in handcuffs," he uttered.

At the police station later, Remy explained to Mallet that Shayne was looking to pick a fight with anyone. Remy thought Mallet ought to know, since it was Mallet's fault for sending Dinah on the run. Mallet thought that Shayne was a big boy.

At the Beacon, Ashlee and Blake began translating Coop's notes into a manuscript. Blake told her publisher that he'd have it in two weeks. Ashlee said that it was great that Blake had finagled the notes from Cyrus, because the book could save Company. Blake called Cyrus to tell him to take notes on his trip, because that would improve the addendum of the book.

Later, Blake and Ashlee helped at Company. Ed entered, wondering where Buzz was. "He's on a bus with a conman," Frank replied. While Ed helped with the roof tarp, he inquired to Blake about her mother, Holly. Blake said that Holly was traveling and freelance writing. Ed wondered if Holly might return to Springfield. "She doesn't talk about it," Blake replied.

On the bus to New York, Buzz searched Jenna's memoirs for their destination. Cyrus took over the task, insisting that Buzz get some sleep. As Buzz slept, he dreamed that Jenna appeared in the bus. He kissed her, and said he'd been wondering when she'd show up. Jenna said she wouldn't miss a good road trip-especially since it was about her. She advised him to get some sleep, because it wasn't long before he'd arrive at "Frog and Toe."

Cyrus closed his eyes while listening to earphones. Jenna appeared beside him, and he asked her if he were asleep. "Does it really matter?" she said. Cyrus stated that she'd lived an amazing life. When he said that he didn't know where they'd go once they arrived in New York, Jenna handed him a tape labeled "Jenna 9," and she disappeared from the bus.

Buzz and Cyrus arrived in New York, and located a rundown motel that Cyrus had heard about on the tape. Buzz thought Cyrus was lucky to have found the tape. When Buzz went inside to rent room 1009, Jenna's room, Blake called Cyrus for an update. Cyrus said they'd just arrived moments prior, and Blake would be the first to know if they found anything.

As Cyrus and Buzz settled into Jenna's old hotel room, Cyrus saw 51101 carved into the windowsill. Buzz guessed it was a date, but Cyrus thought it was a combination to a lock at the train station. At 61 years old, Buzz worried about walking thirteen blocks to the station.

At Company, Blake reviewed Coop's notes, and produced a box cutter when she heard Frank call for it. Frank kissed her cheek, and thanked her for her help. He told her that her chili was probably better than Buzz's. Blake smiled, embarrassingly saying that she wasn't known for her cooking. Frank hoped that they could get the restaurant on track because Marina had already been through too much.

Friday, August 14, 2009

In New York City, Buzz and Cyrus arrived at the spot where Jenna's train station should have been , only to find themselves in front of CBS Studios. The pair went inside to see if they could find any information on a train station. Though Cyrus tried to snoop around by claiming that they had an appointment, he was unsuccessful. Later, outside, a janitor overheard Cyrus and Buzz talking about a train station, and verified that there used to be one in the building.

Buzz asked what happened to all of the equipment, lockers, and such that belonged to the train station. The janitor said that they were stored in the basement of the television studio. He got the pair passes to enter. Later, down in the basement, Buzz found Jenna's locker, which contained a suitcase full of Jenna's belongings. Buzz marveled that Jenna had started her collection when she was fourteen years old.

Marina saw Josh at the convenience store. She asked how Shayne was doing and if they had heard anything from Dinah. Josh stated that Shayne was doing better. Josh said that Shayne probably would not tell Josh even if he had heard from Dinah, because Josh was pretty angry at her. Marina felt the situation was sad and said that Dinah did love Shayne. Josh said that sometimes love was not enough, even though people wanted it to be.

Remy and Mallet discussed Shayne at the police station. Mallet argued that they could not blame Shayne's anger on Dinah, because he had always had a short fuse. Remy said that it was different this time--Shayne was looking for a fight. Mallet asked what he should have done. He suggested that he could have helped Dinah leave town or sent her to jail. Remy admitted that he would have helped Dinah. Suddenly, Mallet got a report that a fight was in danger of breaking out at Farley's Bar. Mallet asked if Remy wanted to go on the call with him, but Remy said that he had someplace he had to be.

At Farley's, the bartender tried, unsuccessfully, to get Shayne to settle down. Suddenly, an angry Shayne lunged at the other patron. As the bartender broke up the fight, Mallet walked in and arrested Shayne when the bartender reported that Shayne started the fight.

Mallet took Shayne to the station to get a statement. An argumentative Shayne punched Mallet and went after him. As Shayne was restrained, he asked why Dinah did what she did. Mallet told him that she was protecting Shayne's child. An upset Shayne asked why she didn't tell him what she did, why she let his mother get arrested, and why she did not say goodbye to Shayne. Mallet said that he knew that Dinah missed Shayne. Shayne asked what he should do. Mallet said that Shayne should be grateful because Dinah protected his son.

Afterwards, Mallet called Marina and told her what had happened. When Mallet said that Shayne was looking for a fight, Marina told him about finding Shayne on the roof of Towers. According to Marina, Shayne seemed as broken as the time that he was in the wheelchair. Mallet mentioned that Marina and Shayne used to be best friends, and said that Shayne could use a friend at that moment.

Having been called by Shayne, Josh visited his son in his cell and jokingly asked if he should set up a special fund for bail. When Josh asked what happened, Shayne admitted that he went looking for a fight and found one. Shayne said that he did not need his father to post bail--he just wanted to tell Josh what happened before Josh heard it from someone else. Josh advised Shayne to move on with his life.

Marina visited Shayne and told him that he needed to straighten himself out because he had a child. When Shayne muttered that Henry was not his, Marina stated that while Henry might not live with Shayne, the boy was still Shayne's son. Marina stated that, one day, Henry would want to know about his biological parents, and asked if Shayne wanted Henry to find out that his father was a drunk.

When Marina walked out, Mallet asked her how it went. Marina reported that she did the best that she could, but she did not know where Shayne's head was at. Mallet mentioned that no one was pressing charges against Shayne. At that point, Shayne emerged and told Marina that he'd really heard what she said, and promised that he would do his best.

Remy was back at home putting on a shirt and tie. Christina knew that it had been a year since Max had died and she asked if he was going to the cemetery. When Remy stated that he was, Christina said that she understood why he would not want her there, since she was not with him when Max died. When Christina handed Remy his keys, he hugged her and said that he needed her.

Lizzie asked Bill when he wanted to leave. Bill declared that he did not want to go. Lizzie responded that he had to, and reminded him that it had been a year since Max had died. Bill said that he did not think he was worthy to be there. When Bill asked what he was thinking believing that he could be a father to Max, Lizzie reminded him that Max's death was not his fault.

Bill said that when Max was born, Bill was not a man that Max could have been proud of. Bill said that he had no right to be at the gravesite. Lizzie reminded Bill that he had to go, but he was still resistant. Bill said that he would be forced to relive the pain that he felt when he lost Max. Bill told Lizzie that she did not know what it was like to have a child and then suddenly lose it. Lizzie reminded him that she did know, and mentioned Sarah.

Bill said that he and Lizzie had been through a lot of the same things. Lizzie responded that it was why they understood each other. Lizzie told him that she would help him get through it. The pair went to the cemetery, and Lizzie assured a hesitant Bill that she was there for him. Bill talked about the kind of man he was when Max was born--he turned his back on everyone who loved him, he used Ava, and he hurt Lizzie. Bill asked why he had wanted to bring a child into the mess that used to be his life. Bill stated that he had no right being a father.

When Lizzie asked if Bill had loved Max, he replied that he did. Lizzie assured him that Max knew that. Lizzie said that babies needed love, and Bill provided Max with that. Bill said that would not have been enough considering the man he was back then. Lizzie told Bill that he would honor Max by showing him the man that he had become .

Remy and Christina arrived at the gravesite. Remy told Christina about how he knew that Max was his son the second he saw him. Remy stated that Max made Remy want to be a better man. Remy mentioned how full of anger he used to be, and said that Max fixed him but died before Remy could have done anything for his son. Suddenly, Lizzie and Bill arrived.

Christina and Lizzie went off to the side while the men stayed at the grave. Lizzie assured Christina that, as opposed to the previous year, the men would not punch each other out. Christina said that she could not imagine losing a baby. Lizzie brought up her daughter and said that she thought about her every day. Lizzie told Christina about Sarah living with Jonathan to protect the little girl from Alan, who had been obsessed at the time.

Lizzie told Christina that letting Sarah go was the hardest thing that she had ever done. Christina asked why Sarah could not return home, since Alan had calmed down. Lizzie responded that she did not know where Sarah was. Lizzie said that she doubted that she would see Sarah ever again.

Bill commented to Remy that Christina seemed like a nice girl. When Remy stated that he was a lucky man, Bill asserted that they both were. Bill told Remy that he was sorry about Max. Remy stated that Bill lost him, also. Bill apologized for the way that he'd acted when Max was born, trying to control everything. Bill admitted that he had wanted everything, and screwed it up for everybody.

Bill lamented that he should have been able to let go but could not, and said that he thought a child would save him. Bill apologized for acting like a jerk, and said that if he could go back and change things, he would. Remy stated that Bill could not, and he walked away.

Alone, Bill talked to Max at the grave. Bill admitted that he almost did not make it because he did not think he was worthy. Bill stated that Lizzie got him there, and he talked about what an amazing person Lizzie was. Bill said that Lizzie knew how hard it was to be separated from a child. Bill commented that people said things happened for a reason, and he wondered if Max being a part of his life was to make Bill a better man.

Back at their house, Bill thanked Lizzie. Lizzie said that she simply made sure that he did what he needed to do. Lizzie talked about how lucky they were, and stated that they had everything. Bill said that they had almost everything, and told her that he wanted to make a baby with her. Lizzie noted that with the house still being under construction, it was no time to have a baby. She then declared that they had better hurry and finish the house. Lizzie said that if they got five hours of work done, they could start making a baby that night.

Anxious to get started, Bill called the construction crew and learned that they were on another job. Bill and Lizzie decided to do some work without them. At that moment, Remy and Christina appeared and offered to help.

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