One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 10, 2009 on OLTL

Blair thought that Téa was hiding something and hired Rex to investigate Téa's past. Rex learned that Todd and Téa had once been stranded on a deserted island together. David wanted to film a reality series in Llanview. Dorian tossed David out. Rex was angry after hearing that Schuyler had kissed Gigi. Stacy's friend Kim arrived in town. Cristian was startled to hear that Fish and Layla had made love.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 10, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, August 10, 2009

And Tell Kiss

Schuyler paid Rachel a visit at the drug rehabilitation center. Rachel was surprised when Schuyler confessed that he had kissed Gigi. Acknowledging that the kiss had been a mistake, Schuyler admitted that he had enjoyed it. Schuyler further shocked Rachel when he declared that a romantic relationship might have existed between him and Gigi, if Rex weren't in the picture. Rachel warned her friend that Gigi was romantically linked to Rex. Schuyler swore that he didn't want to cause a breakup between Rex and Gigi. Although he insisted that he wanted to be Gigi's friend, Schuyler feared that he was incapable of having a platonic relationship with her.

While counseling Schuyler, Rachel ranted about her altercation with Greg. Still reeling from her confrontation with Greg, an angry Rachel told Schuyler about Greg's words of wisdom. Rachel related that Greg had determined that Rachel was only dating Shaun because he was considered a safe choice. Rachel was aggravated that Greg believed that she was too afraid to go after the type of man she was really attracted to.

To Rachel's surprise, Schuyler wondered if Greg's theory might possibly be correct. Rachel insisted that she enjoyed Shaun's company because he was a nice guy. Noticing Schuyler's skepticism, Rachel declared that she would make a point to loosen up a bit when interacting with Shaun. Pleased by his friend's effort to enjoy herself, Schuyler suggested that Rachel join him at Rodi's to celebrate. Rachel reminded Schuyler that Gigi worked at Rodi's. Determined to maintain a friendship with Gigi, Schuyler realized that he couldn't be afraid to face her.

At the cottage, Rex was furious to learn that Schuyler had kissed Gigi. Gigi insisted that the kiss meant nothing, but Rex wondered if Gigi had done something to encourage Schuyler's advances. Arguing that Schuyler had strong feelings for Gigi, Rex instructed Gigi to stay away from Schuyler. Gigi resented Rex's ultimatum and questioned whether or not he would leave her if she didn't heed his warning. Promising to remain by Gigi's side, Rex related that he didn't want to risk anyone else interfering in their relationship.

Reminding Rex that he could confide in Bo about their problems with Stacy, Gigi sadly explained that Schuyler was her only confidant. Gigi stated that Schuyler realized that the kiss had been a mistake. Gigi proclaimed her love for Rex. Pointing out that if Rex trusted her, Gigi maintained that he had no reason to feel any jealousy toward her friendship with Schuyler. After receiving assurance from Gigi, Rex decided to trust her. Gigi kissed Rex and left to start her shift at Rodi's.

At Rodi's, Shaun and Greg engaged in a game of pool. Shaun told Greg that Destiny had plans to attend Matthew's emancipation hearing. Greg stated that he disapproved of Destiny's decision to encourage Matthew to sue his parents. When Shaun defended his sister's actions, Greg mentioned the altercation that Greg had with Bo at the wedding reception. Shaun assumed that Greg had acted inappropriately. Relating that Rachel had witnessed the incident, Greg informed his brother that Rachel didn't fault Greg for Bo's bad mood. Concerned that Rachel hadn't mentioned the incident to him, Shaun wondered if Rachel and Greg were becoming a little too close.

Teasing Shaun about his innocent relationship with Rachel, Greg questioned if Shaun and Rachel shared the same feelings for one another. Greg insisted that he didn't want to see his younger brother get hurt. Relating his past involvement with Layla, Shaun was adamant that he would never be fooled again. Shaun remarked that he was confident in his relationship with Rachel because he had no competition. With a sly smile, Greg asked, "Are you sure about that?" The brothers agreed that Rachel was a wonderful girl. Greg related that he wanted Shaun to be happy. Stating that he was pleased to have his brother back in his life, Shaun assured Greg that Shaun's relationship with Rachel was fine.

As the brothers completed their game, Rachel and Schuyler entered the bar. Upon noticing Rachel, Greg teased Shaun about his pool skills. Ignoring Greg's comment, Shaun greeted Rachel with a friendly kiss. When Shaun walked away, Rachel reprimanded Greg for his snide remark toward Shaun. With a devilish look, Greg smiled and declared, "What can I say, the Evans boys are competitive about everything!"

As Greg joined his brother in another section of the bar, Rachel wondered if Schuyler was ready to test his relationship with Gigi. Upon noticing Gigi, Schuyler rushed out of the bar. Moments later, Shaun and Greg returned. Shaun asked Rachel out on a date and she gladly accepted. To Rachel's surprise, Shaun asked Greg to join them with a date of his own.

Storming into La Boulaie, a h ung-over Dorian scolded Blair for leaving her passed out at the church. Apologizing for her actions, Blair announced that her night hadn't fared much better than Dorian's. Unaware of the events that had transpired after the wedding ceremony, Dorian questioned Blair about what had taken place at the wedding reception. Blair complained that Todd had ignored her the entire night. Dorian listened intently as Blair described the kiss that Todd had planted on Téa.

Frustrated by Blair's jealousy, Dorian wondered why Blair was concerned with Todd's love life. At the Buenos Dias Café, Todd apologized to Viki and Charlie for Blair's behavior at the wedding. Todd explained that Blair was jealous of his relationship with Téa. When Viki questioned why Todd had decided to escort Téa to the wedding, Todd stated that he wanted to impress Téa by taking her on a real date. Charlie advised Todd that a great date wasn't enough to win over a woman. Reminding Todd that Téa knew him well, Viki urged her brother to work at his relationship with Téa.

When Charlie related how much effort he had put into winning Viki back, Todd was convinced that he wouldn't be forced to resort to such tactics with Téa. Viki was appalled when Todd joked about Téa giving him a second chance after witnessing him having sex with Blair. Todd assured Viki that Téa was over the incident, but Viki questioned if Blair had gotten over it.

Meanwhile, back at La Boulaie, Blair expressed her anger over being humiliated by Todd at the wedding. After recounting how Todd had announced that he no longer desired her, Blair described the passionate kiss that he had given Téa. Remembering the awful night that she and Téa had spent at the fraternity house, Blair regretted that she had admitted her true feelings for Todd to Téa. Suddenly, Blair recalled the partial confession that Téa had made. Blair explained that Téa had admitted to having an awful secret, but Téa lost consciousness before revealing the mystery. Dorian was convinced that Blair's need to expose Téa was a desperate attempt to win Todd back.

Later, Dorian stumbled down the stairs to answer the door. She was startled to find David Vickers on her doorstep.

Back at the café, Todd confided in Viki and Charlie that his tryst with Blair helped him to realize he was over Blair and that he really wanted Téa in his life. Pleading with Todd to be honest with Téa about his feelings, Viki suggested that her brother take it slow and give Téa time to decide what she really wanted out of their relationship. Before leaving, Viki expressed her hope that Todd's relationship with Téa worked out. With a big grin, Todd replied, "Why shouldn't it? Téa and I have nothing standing in our way now!"

Blair arrived at the cottage and announced to Rex, "Téa Delgado has a secret and you're going to find out what it is!"

In the courtroom, after witnessing the intense exchange of words between Nora and Téa, Matthew feared that Téa might use the information he had provided Téa against his parents in court. Before the hearing got underway, Clint listened as Nora and Bo told Matthew that they loved him. They were pleased when he proclaimed his love for them, as well. Meanwhile, a smug Téa introduced herself to Elijah Clark. Announcing that she had knowledge of a secret that his clients wouldn't want revealed, Téa threatened to divulge the information unless Elijah withdrew his case.

Unfazed by Téa's threat, a confident Elijah suggested that Téa take her own advice. Téa was stunned when Elijah informed her that he was in possession of damaging information that could be used against her. An angered Téa exclaimed, "You're bluffing! You don't know me!" Elijah warned, "Are you willing to take that chance?" As the judge entered the courtroom, Téa appeared nervous.

Staring intently at Téa, Elijah told the judge that Téa had no legal case. Declaring that there were no secrets to reveal, Elijah requested that the case be thrown out. Citing several court cases in which minors had been awarded the right to determine their own fate, Téa argued that Matthew should be granted that same right. Explaining that Matthew had lost the ability to walk as a result of a terrible accident, Téa insisted that Matthew was competent enough to make a rational decision regarding his own health.

As Téa maintained that Bo and Nora were distracted by their personal problems, Téa came close to blurting out the kiss that Bo and Nora had shared. Matthew held his breath as Téa struggled to regain her composure. After glancing in Elijah's direction, Téa decided against carrying out her threat. Téa made a quick recovery and stated that her client had the right to make his own decision. Once Téa managed to conclude her opening statement, the judge called a recess.

After the recess, the judge announced that there was sufficient cause to move forward with the hearing. While Matthew was encouraged, Nora, Bo, and Clint appeared concerned when the judge informed them that the hearing would begin the very next day. Clint expressed concern that Téa might pull a fast one, but Elijah assured the Buchanans that Téa was no match for him. Advising his clients not to worry, Elijah assured them that he had several tricks up his sleeve.

Later, Elijah approached Téa and instructed her to stick to the facts and warned her to avoid any dramatics. Panic-stricken, Téa snapped, "Who are you and who are you working for?" With a knowing look, Elijah glared at Téa and replied, "I'm a lawyer just like you. You know who I'm working for, Bo and Nora Buchanan!" Terrified, Téa rushed out of the courtroom.

Out in the hall, Téa watched Elijah's every move. As Todd pulled Téa into an embrace, his sudden movement frightened her. Startled by Téa's emotional state, Todd inquired about the hearing. Admitting that she had a bad case of nerves, Téa related that she had won the first round. Confident in her abilities, Todd wasn't surprised. Meanwhile, Elijah stood in the courtroom and studied a legal document that contained information relating to Téa.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Blair Snitch Project

Dorian, suffering a hangover, discovered David standing on her doorstep. Dorian immediately suspected that David had run out of money or his agent had dumped him. David denied both accusations and then quickly changed the subject. Sensing that Dorian was troubled, David urged Dorian to confide her troubles to him. Dorian questioned David's motives, which prompted him to reveal that he had regretted losing her to Ray Montez.

Dorian led David out to the patio. As they sat down, David informed Dorian that he intended to settle in Llanview for thirteen weeks, or longer, if Dorian took him back. As Dorian served herself breakfast, David began talking about the "quirky" residents of La Boulaie. Dorian revealed that Moe and Noelle had moved out after she had created a scene during Langston's graduation party. As Dorian continued to update him on everything that had happened since his last visit, David appeared delighted by all the scandalous details

When Dorian revealed that Todd had been forced to move in, David pounced. He offered to protect Dorian from Todd. David's concern touched Dorian. When he kissed her, Dorian responded. Unfortunately for David, Dorian noticed that he had a microphone hidden in his jacket. When David refused to explain the microphone, Dorian was forced to flush out David's cohorts by turning the garden hose on the bushes.

Dorian was stunned to realize that a film crew had been recording her reunion with David. David explained that he intended to produce a reality-based show featuring David and Dorian's family. David and one of his associates suggested calling the show The Real Lords of Landview or Cramer versus Cramer versus Cramer. Dorian was not amused. She was hurt that David would try to capitalize on her family's misfortunes in order to save his career. Dorian refused to allow her family to fuel a cable television train wreck. She tossed David and his film crew out of La Boulaie.

At Rodi's, Rachel and Shaun talked while Greg tried to line up a date, for a double date. Rachel didn't think that Greg would find someone on such short notice, but Shaun was confident in his brother's appeal. Moments later, Greg returned to the table with news that he had been successful. As they talked, Matthew and Destiny entered Rodi's.

The kids were upbeat after Matthew's first court hearing. Matthew speculated about the impact Rachel's testimony would have. Rachel was surprised that Matthew expected her to testify on his behalf. She pulled Matthew aside, so that they could discuss it privately. Shaun and Destiny turned their attention to Greg. They insisted that Greg had to make things right for Matthew, since he had been the one to offer Matthew hope.

Meanwhile, Rachel wanted to know if Matthew intended to blackmail her, the way that he had his parents, if she refused to testify. Matthew seemed shocked by Rachel's reaction. He thought that Rachel had understood his desire to walk again. Rachel admitted that she didn't think the surgery was in Matthew's best interest. According to Rachel, Matthew had adjusted well to life in a wheelchair.

Rachel reminded her brother that he had the financial means and resources to lead a fulfilling life. Matthew argued that he was desperate for the surgery because he hated being stuck in a wheelchair. As the siblings argued, Greg approached them. Rachel was stunned when Greg offered to testify on Matthew's behalf. Greg explained that it was likely he would be subpoenaed anyway.

Greg assured Rachel and Matthew that he would be truthful. Greg insisted that Nora and Bo had every right to be concerned, but Greg was confident that he could help Matthew to walk again.

At the courthouse, Elijah Clarke assured Nora and Bo that they would prevail in court. According to Elijah, the burden of proof was on Téa. Elijah didn't think Téa could adequately establish that Nora and Bo weren't fit to make a medical decision for their son. Nora warned Elijah not to underestimate Téa. Elijah wasn't intimidated.

Bo made it clear that he didn't want Elijah pushing Matthew too hard during Matthew's testimony. Elijah was disappointed; he informed Nora and Bo that Téa and Matthew didn't have any reservations about playing dirty. Nora and Bo where curious what had prompted Elijah to make such a statement. Elijah revealed that before the trial, Téa had hinted that she had damaging information about Nora and Bo. According to Elijah, he, not Matthew, had stopped Téa from using that information.

Nora felt sick, while Bo appeared disappointed in Matthew's behavior. Elijah wondered what Téa knew about the Buchanans. Elijah urged them to be truthful, so that he would be prepared. Nora and Bo refused to tell Elijah about their kiss; they were certain that it would not become an issue in court. After Nora and Bo left, Elijah made a phone call. Elijah assured the mystery person that he had Téa exactly where "they" wanted her. While he spoke, Elijah held Téa's dossier in his hands.

At Todd's house, Téa ranted about Elijah to Todd. She recalled Elijah's threat, but didn't share the details of it with Todd. Todd was sympathetic, but he seemed more concerned about Téa's recovery. Téa assured Todd that she was fine, but he didn't believe her. He suggested that they "road test" her. Confused, Téa asked Todd what he had meant. Todd smiled suggestively as he lay down on the bed. Moments later, Téa had Todd on his stomach with his arm pinned behind his back. Téa refused to release Todd until he had cried, "Uncle."

Todd and Téa laughed as she collapsed beside him on the bed. Todd admitted that he liked where their relationship was headed. Todd also revealed that he had talked to Viki about Téa. According to Todd, Viki had advised him not to push Téa. Téa agreed that it had been sound advice. Téa's good humor slipped when she recalled that Blair remained a large part of their relationship.

Todd wanted to know what kind of reassurance Téa needed. Téa suggested that Todd should avoid Blair, especially when Blair paraded around him in a bathing suit. Todd offered to move out of La Boulaie, but Téa didn't want him to lose custody of the children. Todd decided that he would hire an attorney to have the court order overturned. Téa supported Todd's decision.

However, Téa strongly objected when Todd suggested hiring Elijah. She argued that it would be inappropriate, because she and Elijah were opponents in court. Todd seemed satisfied to let Téa find someone else to represent him. When Todd pulled Téa into his arms, Téa rebuffed his advances. After Todd reluctantly left the bedroom, he had Elijah's business card in his hand.

Later, Téa retrieved a briefcase with a combination lock. She set the briefcase on her lap and then opened it. Téa was overcome with emotion as she looked at the contents of the briefcase.

Blair went to the carriage house to hire Rex to look into Téa's past. Blair explained that during their captivity at the frat house, Téa had been on the verge of revealing a huge secret to Blair. The gas leak had knocked them out before Téa had an opportunity to share her secret. Blair wanted Rex to find out what Téa was hiding. Rex hesitated to take the case.

Rex didn't want to ruin Téa's life without a good reason. Rex didn't believe Blair's claims that she was concerned about her children. He suspected that Blair hoped to use the information to drive Téa out of Todd's life. Rex was certain that Blair wanted Todd for herself.

Blair didn't appreciate Rex's insight. She reminded Rex that he wasn't in a position to turn down a case. Rex admitted that Blair had a point. He agreed to investigate Téa and then apologized for suggesting that Blair had less than pure motives for launching the investigation. After Blair left, Téa's public records were faxed to Rex.

Todd arrived at La Boulaie to find Blair in the foyer. The two practically snarled as they traded insults. Each seemed determined to best the other. After Todd walked away, he pulled out Elijah's business card. Meanwhile, Blair picked up her cell phone.

At the diner, a harried Markko cleared a table while he talked to Langston. Markko explained that he needed to work in order to support himself. Therefore, he didn't have any spare time to spend with Langston. Markko's temper snapped when he accidentally dropped the dishes in his rush to take them to the kitchen. Langston wondered if Markko wanted to break up with her. Markko assured Langston that he was happy. However, he asked if Langston wanted to end things.

Langston confessed that she had thought about breaking up in order to make Markko's life easier. Langston felt responsible for the rift between Markko and his parents. Markko didn't want to lose Langston; he loved her. Langston wondered why Markko was in a foul mood. Markko explained that he had discovered that one of his school books cost three hundred dollars.

Langston offered to loan the money to Markko, but he refused to take it. Langston realized that Markko was allowing pride to guide his decision. She reminded him that, after the death of her parents, she had spent a year refusing help while she had struggled to support herself. Langston regretted not accepting help when it had been offered. Markko understood what Langston was trying to tell him, but insisted on paying his own way.

Later, Langston happened to overhear David and his film crew talking at a nearby table. Langston turned to Markko; she had a solution to his dilemma.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'll Be Watching You

At Llanview Hospital, Dorian arrived early for the hospital board meeting. She attempted to duck back out of the room when she spotted Viki, to no avail. As the ladies began to make conversation, Viki quickly brought up how Dorian had crashed her wedding. Dorian apologized for her behavior, and insisted that her recent binge drinking was not going to become a habit.

Dorian changed the subject to David's return to Llanview, and told Viki that David planned to produce a reality show centered around the Cramer family, with herself as the star. Dorian decried David's "awful, just awful" plans, but it was clear she was becoming enamored with the idea of celebrity. "America wouldn't just want to watch the Cramers," Dorian explained to Viki, "they'd want to be the Cramers!" Viki admitted that the idea of becoming a reality TV star was intriguing, but Dorian continued to claim she would have no part of it.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Langston seized an opportunity when she heard that David's production crew needed a cameraman. Introducing Markko, she told David and his producer, Ford, that Markko was an experienced camera operator who had been accepted to UCLA. The crew was skeptical, but Markko said he was hard-working and learned fast. Ford agreed to hire Markko as part of the team.

When David heard that Markko was living at Llanfair with newlyweds Viki and Charlie, his ears perked up. He told Ford that Dorian might have rejected their offer, but Viki, a "real housewife of Llantano County," was an even better subject for reality television. "Between Viki and her daughter, Jessica, we have at least nine characters," he reasoned, adding that Charlie was an alcoholic, Jared an ex-con, and Natalie a "trailer trash debutante." As David reviewed the Lord-Buchanan family strife, he told the crew that they could begin taping Viki and then make her sign a consent form after the fact. Markko protested, refusing to exploit Viki without her knowledge, and threatened to quit. David relented and agreed to approach Viki up-front about "The Real Lords Of Llanview." An an aside to Ford and production assistant Priscilla, David reminded them that they still had a hidden camera for their first encounter with Viki, which Markko knew nothing about.

At Rodi's, John and Brody spoke in hushed tones about the undercover operation. John told Brody to work as a go-between for himself and Cole, and explained that Cole had to start bringing in major drug revenue in order to meet the suppliers. He warned Brody that Cole had to cut off all contact with most friends and family, especially Starr, in order to preserve his cover. As Mayor Lowell entered the bar, John and Brody began to act out a scene for his benefit. John slammed Brody into the wall, berating him for showing up at work high, then sent him packing.

John explained to Lowell that Brody was a drug-addicted vet who he wanted to help, but the m ayor was more interested in John's work at the police department. Lowell was irate that John had made Cole Thornhart a special project, allowing him to beat a drug charge. He wanted to know what John was working on, and demanded a list of all John's open cases. John reminded Lowell that he didn't work for the mayor . Lowell angrily told John to stop focusing on Cole and start cleaning up the city's drug problem. Fed up, John told him to get out.

In a sunny local park, Cole was doing some community service, picking up trash, when he spotted Starr pushing Hope in her stroller. As Starr and Cole embraced, Cole warned her that they were being watched by Russian gangster Serge, who was sitting on a nearby park bench, monitoring him. Starr instantly began to play along, feigning her way through a conversation about Todd and how he was trying to keep them apart. Serge walked over reading a newspaper, and intentionally "bumped" into Starr. Serge apologized to her, and made several threatening comments about being distracted by the new guy working for him, and how accidents could happen, even to small children like Hope. As Serge walked away, Starr and Cole continued their ersatz discussion; Starr pleaded with Cole to get their family away from Todd, and Cole promised to make enough money to help.

After sending Starr and Hope away, Cole confronted Serge, angry that he was approached in front of his family. He told Serge that he wouldn't screw up, and that he needed the cash. He asked if the loyalty tests were over, but Serge warned him that he'd only completed the first round. Just then, Brody walked up to Cole, shaking and pleading for more drugs. Cole sent him away after telling him he was tapped out. Serge was surprised Cole could turn away business, but Cole explained that he'd already given Brody too much "weight," and that he suspected Brody of re-selling the drugs on his own. "You understand business," Serge said with admiration. "You have natural instinct." He told Cole that he'd speak to his boss, and maybe the man on top would want to meet him.

Back at Rodi's, John phoned another cop. He asked for all the information on Mayor Lowell's anti-drug campaign to be placed on his desk.

At the hospital, the board meeting began with Viki presiding over the business of the day. When Viki raised the issue of Marty regaining her medical license, several board members registered doubts regarding her mental state and recent brush with the law. Viki defended her friend, reminding her colleagues that Marty had been cleared of all charges and recovered from injuries sustained in a car accident.

Just then, May or Lowell rushed into the conference room, wasting no time in registering his "no" vote against Marty. He slammed Marty for her neglect of Cole, and suggested that as a doctor on staff, she could give Cole drugs. He also attacked "the company she keeps." Viki coldly rebutted Lowell's accusations, and suggested that his attitude towards Marty had more to do with her involvement with John, who had exposed the mayor's office's negligence regarding Marty's abduction. Viki called for a vote, which led to a tie. The only board member who hadn't raised a hand was Dorian.

"Marty Saybrooke is a home wrecker," Dorian began. She excoriated Marty for ruining her niece's marriage to John, and called her an absentee mother. Dorian said she didn't like Marty, but that was irrelevant to her skills as a physician. Dorian voted yes to Marty being reinstated, drawing a glare from Mayor Lowell.

As the board meeting adjourned, Dorian took one of her fellow board members aside. She suggested they call another meeting soon to discuss her being reinstated as Chief of Staff, and asked him to keep it quiet.

In the drawing room at Llanfair, Jessica stared at her laptop, re-reading the newspaper headline about Nash's accidental death and Jared and Natalie's involvement. Marty walked in, greeting her old friend, and they went out to the patio to talk. Marty told Jessica she was nervous about regaining her medical license, but Jess reassured her she'd pass with flying colors. Struggling with her emotions, Jessica asked about Hope, and admitted that she missed her terribly. She wondered if her pain over the loss of her baby was what had driven her to distraction. Marty asked Jessica what was wrong. "I'm seeing dead people," Jess replied.

As Jessica told Marty about the chain of strange events that had occurred since the night before the double wedding, she asked Marty if she was losing her mind. She insisted the presence watching her felt real. Marty suggested Jessica review the things in her life that might make her anxious.

Jessica said she'd found new love with Brody, and had thought Nash would accept it. She said she'd begun to wonder if it wasn't Nash watching her at all. Marty theorized that Jessica was subconsciously communicating her own new feelings to Nash's spirit. Jessica mentioned that she'd recently told Brody she loved him, on the heels of her and Nash's wedding anniversary. She wondered if the stranger watching her was trying to pull her away from Brody. Marty reassured Jessica that she wasn't crazy.

Viki returned home and broke the good news to Marty: she was reinstated. Jessica asked if the decision was unanimous, and Viki explained that Mayor Lowell had been the only holdout. As Marty said her goodbyes, Jessica walked her out. She thanked Marty for listening, and asked her about John. Marty hedged, and said that, like Brody, John was being very patient with her.

At Buchanan Enterprises, someone watched as Jared walked down the corridor and into his office. Inside, Jared found Natalie perched on his desk in a sexy black business suit. Unbuttoning her jacket, Mrs. Banks told her husband that he'd been working late too much, and she'd been compelled to return to work earlier than expected in order to drag him home. "Why wait to go home?" Jared asked, taking Natalie in his arms and kissing her. As the couple began to make love atop Jared's desk, the mysterious stranger outside left a package for "Jared and Natalie Banks" at the receptionist's station.

After making love, Jared and Natalie got dressed and began to clean up. As Natalie prepared to leave, they noticed the package in the hallway. Opening it, they discovered a DVD, and returned to Jared's office to play it on his laptop. The DVD began to display still images of Nash, and the accident at the Buchanan Enterprises shareholders' meeting one year before. Jared and Natalie were horrified as they stared at images of Nash falling, laying on the Palace floor, and dying in his hospital bed.

Jared rushed out of his office to look for the mailroom clerk, only to see the clerk hurrying away. He called security. When the security officer arrived, he told Jared and Natalie that the mail clerk had been gone for hours. Jared protested that whoever had left the package for them had only been there after his secretary had gone for the night. He requested security camera footage of the building, and asked for the package to be examined.

Back in Jared's office, Jared and Natalie wondered who would torment them with the DVD. "I have an idea," Jared said glumly, and reminded Natalie that Jessica had been acting strangely. Natalie insisted that Jess was integrated, and it couldn't be her. Jared agreed that whoever had delivered the package had to also have been the culprit.

At the Buenos Dias, Markko worked in the kitchen as Langston congratulated him on finding a new job. Markko was impressed that David had agreed to do the right thing and approach Viki honestly about his TV show.

In the park, Cole continued picking up garbage, happening across a scrap of paper with a love note from Starr and Hope. Turning around, he spotted them heading down the road. Cole waved to her.

Nearby, Serge called his employer. He explained that Cole was an intelligent young man with a head for business, and recommended that his boss meet him.

At Rodi's, Marty arrived, happily informing John she'd been reinstated at the hospital. As she recounted the vote, she mentioned that Mayor Lowell had opposed her because of his anti-drug platform. John wasn't so sure that was the reason.

Back at Llanfair, Viki asked Jessica about her talk with Marty. Jessica said Marty had helped her with some issues that were between her and her shrink. On the patio, a mysterious figure watched the women from the bushes.

The doorbell rang, and Viki went to get the door. Answering it, she found David waiting for her, bursting with charm for what he assumed would be a surprise visit.

In the drawing room, Jessica returned to studying her computer, and the newspaper headline about Nash, Jared, and Natalie. Suddenly, she heard a noise and rushed out onto the patio, running straight into an unseen figure. "What do you want from me?" Jessica demanded.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lies and Whispers

Marty enlisted John to help her in celebrating the fact that she had gotten her life back, with her reinstatement at the hospital being the icing on the cake. Brody arrived and whispering to John, told him about Sergei watching Cole at the park. He did his part and came on strong, Brody added, and Cole refused to sell him any more drugs. John told Marty he had to discuss a scheduling problem and excused himself to make a phone call to an unseen party. He wanted to confirm that the file regarding the mayor's drug campaign was on his desk.

Marty headed to the jukebox, but cringed when she spotted "Heart and Soul" as one of the selections. Confiding to John that she might have been wrong about getting her life back, she admitted to thinking about Todd. She explained the keyboard Todd had purchased for her and the song they had played on it. It was "their song" she told him hesitantly. Tearfully, she asked him not to give up on her. John told her it would take time and she needed to follow the same advice she might have given to one of her patients. Grabbing the disk out of the jukebox, he showed her that he was tossing it out.

John wondered if he and Marty had a song and, in response to her no, he headed to the jukebox to select a song she might like. They began to dance as the strains of "Let It Be Me" by Ray LaMontagne emanated from the jukebox. As their arms tightened around each other, they began to kiss. Suddenly, they stopped, thinking the move unwise. Her eyes tearing up again, Marty told John that she needed to leave. "We will get there," she promised.

"Did you miss me like a plant misses the sun?" David asked an unsuspecting Viki at Llanfair. She praised him for his hemorrhoid commercial and told him that he had probably helped lots of people with it. As he plied her with questions, she wondered if he was interested in filming a reality show. Outside, Jess spotted a man in the bushes and accusing him of stalking her, clunked him on the head with a flower pot. Hearing the noise, David and Viki rushed out. "You killed Ford!" David exclaimed.

Learning that Ford was merely scouting locations and checking camera angles for David, and not stalking her, Jessica was apologetic. On the other hand, Viki was upset to learn that someone had been stalking Jessica, and she wanted to call the police. Jessica was relieved when Brody appeared and asked that everyone leave them alone. Viki returned to the study with David, Ford, and the assistant, Priscilla. David assured Viki that they wouldn't sue her for Jessica hitting Ford, but Viki quickly turned the tables, advising him that she wouldn't prosecute for their filming her without permission.

David ordered the filming to resume and began to question Viki, who remained mum. When he gave her instructions on where to stand and how to respond, an irritated Viki made it known to David that she wouldn't subject her family to his invasion of their privacy. "Flat out no!" she shouted. Continuing his attempt at getting Viki to change her mind, David suggested that perhaps Viki could summon her alternate personalities to make for more interesting television.

Jessica told Brody what happened and how she needed help if the stalking wasn't real. She forgot to mention to anyone that the person had drawn a heart on the window, though, she recalled. Brody promised to figure things out.

Layla and Fish were surprised to find that Cristian was still in the apartment when they arrived home. Layla excused herself to take a shower, and Cristian demanded that Fish stop lying to Layla and tell her the truth. Fish insisted there was nothing to tell, and felt that Cristian was the one who really wanted a relationship with Layla and would be waiting for her. Cristian disagreed and maintained that he simply didn't want Layla hurt. Growling, Cristian advised Fish that he would tell Layla the truth if Fish didn't.

At Capricorn, Greg and his date sat down at a table with Shaun and Rachel. Almost immediately, Greg and Rachel had words about Matthew's possible surgery and its risks and consequences. Greg blamed Rachel for teaching Matthew to be afraid. Rachel contended that her brother was more afraid of living his life in a wheelchair and therefore was not thinking clearly. She and Greg accused each other of being control freaks. Rachel thought Greg was condescending, and his date agreed with Rachel's assessment of the doctor. Both women headed for the ladies room and Shaun ordered his brother to "back off."

At the bar, Roxy and Kyle conferred about Fish and the police officer's insistence that his romance with Kyle in college was a phase. Kyle admitted to no longer feeling sorry for Fish, noting that his former lover had made his choice. Cristian arrived to work and joined the conversation. If Kyle had assaulted Fish as Fish claimed, then he would have arrested Kyle, they all agreed. Roxy advised Cristian that Layla would need a good friend once she heard the truth from Fish. Cristian stressed that Layla would call him if she needed him. Kyle explained that Oliver Fish's family was ultra-conservative.

Layla was eager to start on her romantic evening with Fish, but he seemed to stall, wanting a shower and something to eat. She reminded him that he had wanted to tell her something, but he assured her it would wait. She wondered if something was wrong, but he swore that everything was fine. She confirmed that they both had incidents in their past lives that they regretted, but suggested that the past stay in the past. As Fish seemed about to respond, the phone rang. His parents were calling and they asked to speak to Layla.

She identified herself as Fish's girlfriend, on his urging, and told them how wonderful their son was. Putting Fish back on the phone, he spoke to them briefly and hung up. Mortified, he told Layla that his parents wanted to visit. They began to kiss and headed to Layla's bedroom. As the kiss continued, Fish momentarily flashed back to his kiss with Kyle. He shrugged it off and stated that nothing was wrong in answer to Layla's question. The pair headed to the bed. A call from Cristian went unanswered.

In the ladies' room at Capricorn, Greg's date apologized for bringing up Matthew's surgery. She confided that it was obvious that Rachel's sparring with Greg looked like foreplay, and she was pretty sure that Greg wanted Rachel. She didn't mind, she added, as her relationship with the doctor was merely casual. She thought that Rachel was into Greg, too, she ended. Rachel considered the woman's thoughts off-base.

The women headed back to the table, and Rachel and Shaun headed for the dance floor. Greg kept his eyes on Rachel, and his date noted that there was something between the two. Greg didn't disagree.

Leaving Viki's house, David felt that one of Viki's other personalities had appeared, since she was so mean. Ford stalked off to find a new star. When Jessica was summoned to read Bree a story, Brody looked around. He blew on the window and the heart, which Jessica had mentioned, appeared. Someone looked on from the bushes.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Baby and the Tramp

Cristian awoke and was pleased to discover that Fish's bed hadn't been slept in. Assuming that Fish had told Layla that he was gay, Cristian was certain that Layla had kicked Fish out if the apartment. Relieved, Cristian decided to take the dog for a walk.

Meanwhile, inside Layla's bedroom, Layla and Fish discussed their incredible night of love-making. Referring to Cristian as the voice of doom, Layla stated that she was grateful that Cristian had worked the night shift, allowing her and Fish the opportunity to enjoy a night alone in the apartment. Holding Layla in his arms, Fish remembered Cristian's threat -- either Fish tell Layla that he was gay or Cristian would. Smiling down at Layla, Fish announced, "I'm a changed man when I'm with you!" Layla responded by giving Fish a passionate kiss.

Cristian was appalled when he returned home and Layla informed him that she had slept with Fish.. Realizing that Fish hadn't told Layla the truth, Cristian questioned her judgment. As Cristian nearly blurted out Fish's secret, Fish appeared and interrupted the discussion. Refusing to continue her argument with Cristian, Layla excused herself, leaving the two men alone.

Convinced that Fish was using Layla, Cristian demanded that Fish tell Layla about his sexuality. Denying that he was gay, Fish stated that Cristian had misunderstood Fish's interaction with Kyle. Cristian reminded Fish that Cristian had observed Fish and Kyle sharing a passionate kiss. Fish referred to his past relationship with Kyle as an experiment. Angered by Cristian's harassment of Fish, Layla returned and suggested that Cristian refrain from interfering in her love life. Frustrated, Cris stormed out of the apartment. Alone with Fish, Layla stated, "You said that you wanted to tell me something. Is there something I should know before we get any deeper?" With a nervous smile, Fish replied, "You mean a lot to me and last night was perfect."

At Rodi's, Todd informed Gigi that he had scheduled a very important meeting at the bar. Outside the bar, Elijah spoke to someone over the phone. Elijah informed the caller that he was meeting someone. Before entering the bar, Elijah stared at a legal document that pertained to Téa. Meanwhile, inside the courtroom, Téa prepared for Matthew's hearing.

Todd phoned, and the two enjoyed a flirtatious conversation. After acknowledging that he missed her, Todd told Téa that he was searching for a lawyer who could successfully overturn the judge's decision that ordered him to reside with Blair in order to retain custody of his children. A curious Téa asked if Todd had hired anyone she knew. At that moment, Elijah approached Todd's table. Claiming that he was merely interviewing candidates, Todd abruptly ended his phone call to Téa.

Todd explained his dilemma to Elijah, who was confident that he could convince the judge to rescind the decision that ordered Todd and Blair to live together. Elijah assured Todd that Elijah could help Todd gain joint custody of his children. Todd hired Elijah to represent him on one condition -- Elijah couldn't reveal his new assignment to Téa Delgado. When Elijah questioned why Todd wished to keep Téa in the dark about their newly formed relationship, Todd related that he was romantically involved with Téa. Elijah agreed to keep Todd's secret, and headed off to the courthouse to represent Nora and Bo. Outside of Rodi's, Elijah placed a call to someone and remarked, "You won't believe who hired me! Todd Manning!"

Back inside Rodi's, Jack met with Todd. Certain that his father was up to no good, a wise Jack wondered why Todd had summoned him. Todd announced his plan to seek joint custody of his children. Surprised by Todd's decision to cooperate with Blair, Jack questioned whether Téa was responsible for Todd's change of attitude. Commenting that Téa had changed Todd for the better, Jack suggested that Todd do everything possible to make his relationship with Téa work.

A disheveled Roxy entered Rodi's and questioned Gigi about Rex. Detailing her argument with Rex, Roxy wondered if her son was upset with her. Stating that Rex had other things on his mind, Gigi revealed that Stacy might possibly be pregnant with Rex's child. Convinced that Rex wasn't the father, Roxy suggested that Gigi help her get rid of Stacy once and for all. Gigi informed Roxy that Rex would never abandon his child. A worried Gigi told Roxy that Stacy intended to use the baby to trap Rex. Near tears, Gigi stated that there wasn't anything that she could do to stop Stacy. Roxy reminded Gigi that Rex loved Gigi. Roxy believed that nothing could keep Rex and Gigi apart.

At Rex's loft, a devastated Stacy received a visit from her old friend, Kimmy. Relieved that her frantic call to Kimmy had been answered, Stacy welcomed her friend. Kimmy wondered what had sent Stacy into a panic. After detailing the miscarriage, Stacy claimed that she was too distraught to reveal the truth to Rex. Blaming Gigi for the miscarriage, Stacy related that her hope of winning Rex's heart had died with the loss of her child. Upon learning that no one else was aware that Stacy had suffered a miscarriage, Kimmy suggested that Stacy get pregnant again.

In the hall of the courthouse, Nora told Bo that Clint had encountered a problem at work and wouldn't be present at the hearing. Noticing Téa inside the courtroom, Nora was convinced that Téa would expose Nora and Bo's kiss. Bo smiled and informed Nora that they could face anything together. Entering the courtroom, Nora and Bo approached Téa and asked if she intended to use the information against them in court. Nora and Bo tried to convince Téa that the kiss had been an innocent gesture. Enjoying causing Nora and Bo grief, Téa questioned why they were concerned about her mentioning the kiss, if it had truly meant nothing.

Bo asked Téa if she had ever kept a secret in order to prevent hurting someone that she loved. An angered Nora commented that Téa didn't care about hurting anyone. When Nora suggested that Téa wouldn't enjoy having her own dirty laundry aired, Téa appeared bothered. Nora's remark caused Téa to remember Elijah's warning -- that he would reveal her secret if she exposed Nora and Bo's indiscretion. Although Téa insisted that she didn't intend to use the information against them, Nora and Bo were skeptical. Unable to reason with Nora and Bo, Téa exclaimed, "Excuse me while I prepare to win Matthew's case!" To Téa's surprise, Elijah appeared and remarked, "I doubt that!"

Alone with Téa, Elijah demanded, "Drop your case or risk everyone learning the truth about you!" Appearing somewhat unsure of herself, Téa insisted that whatever information Elijah had regarding her had no bearing on Matthew's case. Téa assured Elijah that he couldn't blackmail her. A confident Elijah responded, "Are you sure about that? My information has a huge impact on you and your relationship with Todd."

Out in the hall, while Nora worried about the possible outcome, Bo believed that they had handled the matter appropriately. Consumed with guilt, Nora stated that she intended to tell Clint about the kiss. Bo suggested that they keep the truth from Clint. Insisting that he didn't want to hurt his brother, Bo mentioned that Nora appeared happy at her wedding reception. When Nora assured Bo that she was in love with Clint, Bo stated that his only wish was for Nora to be happy. Bo was surprised when Nora blurted out that she had almost stopped the wedding. Bo admitted that he had considered doing the same.

At Capricorn Blair demanded to know what information Rex had uncovered concerning Téa. Handing Blair a file on Téa, Rex mentioned his surprise to learn of the bizarre history that Todd, Blair, and Téa had shared throughout the years. Blair acknowledged pushing Téa out of a window, and mentioned the incident in which Téa and Todd had been shipwrecked on a deserted island. Rex revealed that he could find no trace of Téa's existence following her rescue from the island.

Rex said that it appeared that Téa had ceased to exist up until the time she surfaced in the Colombian prison to represent Ray Montez. Rex was certain that Téa was hiding something. Blair wondered what had happened to Ross Rayburn, the man that Todd had hired to steal Starr and Jack. Ross had been rescued from the island along with Téa. Rex's research revealed that Ross had vanished during the same time as Téa.

When Rex criticized the desperate measures that Todd had taken to gain custody of his children, Blair warned, "Wait until you have a kid and see what you'll do!" Rex questioned why Blair was determined to ruin Téa and Todd. Rex listened as Blair asked, "What if someone you didn't like, walked into your life and ruined your family? Wouldn't you want to do something about it?" Rex cautioned Blair that her plan could backfire.

Assuming that Téa had gone into hiding following her rescue, Blair wondered why. Blair suspected that perhaps Téa and Ross were in cahoots. Rex was convinced that Téa had assumed another identity, but he wasn't sure if he could uncover her motive. Blair offered to pay him top dollar to discover Téa's secret. When Blair scolded Rex about attempting to talk her out of pursuing the investigation, Rex sadly confessed, "I know what happens when you hide the truth!"

Later, Cristian arrived at Capricorn. When Blair commented on his somber mood, Cristian asked, "Why am I trying to break up a happy couple?" A look of guilt crossed Blair's face.

At Rodi's, Roxy asked Gigi if Rex was upset with Roxy. Rex entered the room and suggested that Roxy ask him, instead of badgering Gigi.

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