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Mimi Reed
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Actor History
1991-1994; 1995; June 15, 2005 to October 14, 2005

Captain of a police unit in New York

Former police officer with the Pine Valley police department

Resides At

New York

1421 Plumtree Road, Penthouse 11 [also mentioned as 718 Valley Road]

Marital Status

Single/Widow (Garret Williams) [Married: Sep 21, 2005]

Past Marriages

Derek Frye (divorced)

Garret Williams (deceased) [Married: Sep 21, 2005]




Danielle Frye (with Derek)

Flings & Affairs

Lucas Barnes

Crimes Committed

Violated the police department's policy on not dating colleagues by seeing Derek Frye

While on duty, shot and killed Tony Keefer during a robbery

Health and Vitals


Brief Character History

When Officer Mimi Reed met colleague Detective Derek Frye, the two were instantly attracted to one another. Unfortunately, the two were forbidden to date because of a non-fraternization policy instated by the Pine Valley Police Department. Nevertheless, the two started seeing each other and they were eventually married.

When back on the beat, Mimi shot and killed a young man by the name of Tony Keefer after Tony robbed local eatery McKays. Mimi believed that she'd acted in self-defense, but it would later be revealed that Tony had not been armed.

Mimi took leave from the police force when she became pregnant with a daughter, that she and Derek would later name Danielle. It was then that Tony's mother, a distraught Grace Keefer, would kidnap a newborn Danielle Frye. Grace took Danielle from the nursery and took her home with her where she tried to raise the baby as her own. After it was learned that Grace had kidnapped Danielle, Grace took the baby to a mountaintop and nearly jumped off a cliff. Luckily, Derek's nephew, Terrence, was able to talk Grace down and Danielle was safely reunited with her mother and father.

But happiness was short-lived for the Fryes. When a gang of racist teens began harassing Derek's nephew, Terrence, Derek and rookie cop Taylor Roxbury-Cannon set out to infiltrate the racist organization at Pine Valley University. During the course of the investigation, things between the Fryes went sour. Things permanently fell apart when Derek had an affair with Taylor. They separated and, eventually, Derek and Mimi divorced and she moved to New York City with Danielle.

As Danielle entered adolescence, she and Mimi began to clash frequently. Mimi would work long hours and Danielle would stay out until late at night. Danielle ran away from home to live with her father, and a frustrated Mimi told Derek that Danielle should live with him for awhile. Mimi returned to Pine Valley in July 2005 to let Danielle know that she was getting married -- and wanted Danielle to return to New York City with her. Danielle was not pleased to hear that she'd be getting a new stepfather. Danielle was, however, won over when Garret found her in bed with Josh Madden following a night of drinking. Garret promised to keep Danielle's secret and the chill between the two eventually subsided.

But the that didn't last long.

Danielle became creeped out when Garret continued ogled her and made inappropriate and unwanted advances. Danielle told her mother about Garret's leering on the eve of Mimi's wedding. Unfortunately, Mimi believed Garret over her daughter and went ahead with the wedding. No one knew that Garret harbored a dark secret: he was The Dragon, the head of a mob-like organization that had killed Noah Keefer and was actively seeking out Julia Keefer -- and the very man that police captain Mimi Reed was looking for.

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Who's Who in Pine Valley

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