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Chris almost revealed to Toni that he was the Love Lady. Josie and Cameron stole the test results that showed Gary was infertile. Cass and Felicia began to wonder why they had lost time. Lila and Zak found Lila's baby. Joe asked Paulina about her locket.
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Another World Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on AW
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Monday, November 2, 1998

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Josie and Cameron break into the doctor's office to steal the test results that might say that Gary was sterile. They are only inside for a moment when they hear the doctor at the door about to come in.

Chris and Toni are still having problems. Jake advises Chris to just tell Toni he's the Love Lady, but Chris says it's gone on too long to tell her now. Jake tries to convince Chris to make another public appearance as the Love Lady, but Chris doesn't like the dress Jake picked out... it's too boring to be something the Love Lady would wear.

The appearance turns out to be the Love Lady and Felicia together. Felicia was there early when Toni arrives. She told Felicia she will be in the audience.

Grant makes a T.V. appeal, offering one million dollars for information that leads to the return of Jasmine. Cindy sees that and gets upset, saying that if Grant has a million dollars for that, then he has a million dollars for her, too. And he owes her.

Marley gets ready for Jake to arrive. She puts headphones with music on Donna so she can't hear them. When the doorbell rings, Marley was surprised that Vicky was there. Vicky says she, Marley, and Jake need to clear the air. Marley was upset that Vicky talked to Jake about the rape.

Just before Dr. Horner enters his office, a nurse takes him away on an emergency. Josie and Cameron continue the search, and hide when a nurse enters.

Cindy breaks into Grant's safe, but finds only a small amount of cash. As she takes it, Grant enters and catches her. He told her it's time she got what she deserves.

Vicky told Marley that she also ignored the bad things Jake did in the past when she fell in love with him again. But it's time to deal with it. Marley starts talking about the night of the rape. She makes it sound like Vicky was angry at Jake for other reasons than just the rape, but Vicky denies that and says she was only angry about what he did to Marley. Marley told Vicky she wants to talk to Jake alone about the rape. Vicky says she thinks they should all talk together, but agrees to let Marley have her way.

The Love Lady arrives, surrounded by female fans. Toni approaches, and tells the Love Lady that her advice about Chris backfired. She told of her suspicions that Chris was seeing someone else. The Love Lady tries to convince Toni that Chris wouldn't do that. Toni says she could take a lot of things, but not cheating. She thinks Chris should be a man and tell it to her face. The Love Lady says that it's time she told Toni the truth, as she reaches up to remove her sunglasses. The Love Lady turns away from Toni and takes off her sunglasses. Toni says she's probably blowing everything out of proportion. The Love Lady puts the sunglasses back on and went with that idea. Toni says she had a former boyfriend who cheated on her, and now she finds it hard to trust anyone. She mentions the earring she found in Chris's desk. The Love Lady encourages her to give Chris a chance to explain it. Toni agrees.

Grant reveals a hidden video camera. He recorded Cindy's theft. He advises her to back off and leave him alone, or he'll use the tape to put her away. She says if she's going down, she's taking him with her. She yells at him for making her think he loved her and then dumping her. He told her she brought it on herself.

The nurse leaves the office, and Josie and Cameron find the test results. Josie reads them and finds out Gary was sterile.

Jake tries to explain the rape to Marley. While he takes responsibility for his actions, he says that when everything was going wrong for him, having Marley tell him she wanted to end their marriage was more than he could take. He regrets that night more than anything else he's ever done. Both Jake and Marley get emotional during the discussion. Marley explains that her problem was that he was shot right after the rape and unconscious for three months. By the time he woke up, her wounds were old, and she never had the chance to deal with her feelings about the rape. All she could do was listen to what other people would tell her. She says if he hadn't been shot, she would have had him help with her recovery, like the man she knows he's capable of being. The Love Lady discusses love with her audience. She says love can be impatient, or jealous, or irritable sometimes. It can make your imagination run wild. It can cause you to be suspicious of the person you love even when there was no call for it. But love was powerful, and eventually, you learn to trust the person you love. She says that was because they are smart enough to know that, in the end, love was the only thing that truly matters. Toni take in everything she says.

Josie can't believe the lab report. She starts freaking out that she and Gary can never have children. Cameron points out that the report says Gary's condition may or may not be correctable. But that doesn't change the fact that he was sterile when Josie's baby was conceived. Josie says Gary can't find out... he wouldn't be able to take it. Then she asks Cameron if he'll be able to take it when Gary was the father of his baby.

Marley complains about her life being out of her control. Things happen to her and she gets no say in the matter. Unlike Vicky, who takes charge of her life. She feels let down by Vicky, because on the night of the rape, after Marley had confided in her, Vicky left Marley and went to Jake.

Toni talks to Felicia after everyone else leaves. She agrees with what the Love Lady said about love. Chris shows up as Felicia was leaving, and Toni gives him a big kiss. She told him she trusts him, because she knows he'd never lie to her, and it's time they made up.

Cindy gets Grant thinking that she wants another chance with him. But it's only a trick, so she can get close enough to grab the videotape out of his hand and ruin it. Grant orders her out of his house and told her to stay away from him and his son. She says she'll make sure he gets what's coming to him. He returns the threat.

Josie asks Cameron what he'll do when his baby calls Gary "daddy". Cameron says it's not like he has a choice... he'll just deal with it. He's been through worse, and he just got Gary back in his life. He doesn't want to lose him again. Josie was about to take the lab report and go, but Cameron stops her, saying they can't do this.

Marley says Vicky took over for her after the rape. Jake defends Vicky, saying she was only trying to help, but Marley says it kept her from thinking and feeling for herself. She never got to feel grief over losing the man she loved. She told Jake that on the night of the rape, he made her feel like she didn't exist anymore. Vicky made her feel like she had to become Vicky.

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

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Everyone was still looking for Jasmine. The police still have zero leads and same with Cameron and Gary. Sofia was organizing a civilian search at Carlino's.

At the hospital, Cameron and Josie break into the doctors office to see Gary's test results. After a few close calls with some nurses, they find the results and much to their dismay, Gary was sterile. Josie starts freaking out and doesn't know what to do so Cameron gets on the docs computer and changes the lab results so it says that Gary was not sterile. Josie was uneasy about having yet another lie, but went along with it anyway so they won't hurt Gary. The leave the office and find Gary in the waiting room. Cameron quickly runs off unnoticed and Josie went over to Gary.

Cass wakes up to find himself in a bed but has no clue where he was and how he got there. In walks Ms. Allen and she told him that he was in a bar waiting for Mr. Stark when he blacked out. She went on saying that they had a doctor look him over and he said that it was most likely that he was having black-outs due to a head trauma. Cass proceeds to ask where he was and finds out he was in New York. Ms. Allen leaves to go get Mr. Stark and Cass falls back onto the bed and blacks out again.

At the Cory mansion, Lila was getting frustrated that the kidnappers have not called or left a ransom note. Just then the doorbell rings and Lila went and answers it. She starts freaking out when Matt told her that it's just some trick-or-treater and to calm down. Lila says she can't with her baby missing and says her hopes are down. Rachel walks in and told Lila not to say that and continues to give Lila a pep talk on not losing hope. Matt then leaves Rachel and Lila together so he can go to Carlino's

At Carlino's Felecia asks Joe why he doesn't ask a psychic to maybe see if they can help with clues on Jasmine's case and he replies that he didn't even think about it because that was the stuff that Frankie handled. He tells Felecia he wouldn't even know where to look for one. Nick then jumps into the conversation and says they have the best psychic right here, Remy. Joe is a little unsure but Nick told him that Remy had a bad feeling about the whole night and before Matt and Lila got in the elevator. When Remy says that that was true Joe asks her all these questions like where was she when she had these "feelings" and what set them off. She told him she doesn't know that they just kind of happened.

Back at the Cory mansion, Zak shows up and talks to Lila. He tries to convince her not to listen to Cass since he's so negative. Just then Cass calls and told Lila that he's in New York and Lumina was way more involved than they let on.

Back at the hospital, the doctor shows up and Gary and Josie go in to see him. The doctor went over Gary's results and says that it's very odd. Josie starts to get nervous but the doctor says the lab technician guy didn't sign the papers like he was supposed to.

Back at the Cory mansion, Matt and Zak convince Lila to go to sleep. Matt asks Zak just what he knows about Lumina and Zak says that all he knows is that they are involved with esp. Lila was upstairs sleeping when a mysterious wind picks up and she hears Jasmine cry. She wakes up and continues to hear Jasmine crying and searches all through the room calling for her. Then Zac comes in and Lila says she heard Jasmine and music and he needs to take her to Lumina right away. Just then Cass calls and she tells him that she heard Jasmine crying and she heard music when Zak told her not to tell him anymore.

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Jake went back to Marley's house. They fought about the rape. Marley said that even though Vicky got her through that time in her life, she never got a chance to absorb what really happened herself because Vicky took over. Vicky was determined to make Jake pay for what he did to Marley. Marley confided in Jake that back then she didn't want anyone to know what he had done to her. Marley told Jake that she didn't understand how Victoria could marry a man she was so determined to destroy. Jake stormed out.

Marley praised herself to Donna that she will get Jake without even lying like Vicky usually does and even Donna herself. Marley was so sure that when Vicky took Marley's place in the courtroom all those years ago, she only did it to keep her away from Jake and not to help her.

Vicky expressed her concerns to Etta Mae about how Marley has changed since the accident. Vicky was feeling lonely without her twin sister. Etta Mae reminded her of the wonderful family she has with Jake, Steven, and Kirkland. Vicky realized that but still felt like something was missing without her twin.

Jake arrived home. Vicky knew something was wrong. When she confronted Jake, he told her that Marley hold's both he and Vicky responsible for ruining her life after she was raped. A confused Vicky wondered why she was responsible for Jake raping Marley. Jake told her that Marley holds her responsible because she didn't let Marley handle the situation herself. Vicky didn't believe her ridiculous story one bit. Vicky thinks that Marley was planning this whole thing and was just playing on Jake's sympathy. Jake told Vicky that Marley was mad at her because she didn't stick around and help her through her terrible ordeal. Instead, she went after Jake, the man who raped her sister, to get revenge. Vicky couldn't understand why that would upset Marley so much.

Marley went to see Jake and Vicky. Etta Mae offered to tell Vicky that she stopped by and pointed Marley in the opposite direction. Marley wasn't about to give up. She snuck in the house somehow and headed upstairs. There, she overheard Jake and Vicky arguing.

In Lila's bedroom at the Cory Mansion, Lila continued to try to get to the bottom of where her baby, Jasmine, is. Zak asked her if she was sure that she heard her baby cry. Lila wasn't sure. When Matt went up to Lila's room, Zak hid so Matt wouldn't see him. Matt tried to lure her downstairs and visit with Rachel, Amanda, Paulina, Cory, Elizabeth, and Dante, but it didn't work. She wanted to be alone. Lila told Matt that she heard Jasmine cry. Matt told her to get some rest. Downstairs, Rachel, Paulina, and Amanda tried to comfort Matt in his time of need. Matt couldn't help but feel for Lila. Determined to do anything to find Jasmine, Lila and Zak quietly left the Cory Mansion without being spotted by any of the Corys in the next room.

In the limo, Cass wondered why Felicia lost time at the Lumina Ball when she changed costumes and why he lost time in New York. He was convinced that something was definitely wrong. Felicia wasn't so sure. Cass couldn't figure out why Felicia changed places with Donna. Cass called the Corys and begged to talk to Lila. When Cass wouldn't accept Rachel's declination, Matt grabbed the phone and yelled at Cass to leave Lila alone.

Cass and Felicia went to the Corys. Cass wanted to see Lila. All the Corys tried to stop Cass but nothing stood in his way. Cass made it passed all the Corys and headed for Lila's room. Cass, Matt, and Rachel made it to Lila's room only to find her absence. Although they had no proof, they knew Lumina had something to do with her disappearance. Cass said that he had suspicions that someone was in the room with her when he spoke to Lila on the phone earlier. Cass tried to convince the Corys and Felicia that Lumina was behind the kidnapping. Paulina quickly pointed out that Lumina was offering a $100,000 reward for the safe return of Jasmine and that Lumina was cooperating with the police. Cass still insisted that Lumina was behind Jasmine's kidnapping. A desperate Matt decided to believe Cass and the two headed over to pay a visit to the Lumina Foundation.

Zak took Lila to the Lumina laboratory where she could concentrate on getting Jasmine back. While she was in her state of concentration, Jordan Stark put his hand on Lila's shoulder and told her not to open her eyes. He told her to believe that she will find her daughter and to see her come home. When Zak reentered the room, Mr. Stark told Zak not to tell anyone what was about to happen. It was there secret.

In a hypnotic state, Mr. Stark told Lila to remember the trees. Lila, in a state of unconsciousness, saw herself in the woods and found Jasmine on a tree top, in a cradle. The branch broke and down came Jasmine, cradle and all. Lila awoke frightened. Mr. Stark was gone. Lila ran out hoping to find Jasmine in the nick of time.

When Cass and Matt arrived at the Lumina Foundation, Lila was nowhere to be found. The Lumina employee assured them that no one had been there all night.

Lila and Zak were in the woods. Lila tried to find the exact location Jasmine was in during her dream. Lila finally realized that she wasn't going to find he baby wandering around the woods. Just then, Zak told her to be still. The two of them stood in the middle of the woods listening to the sounds of Rock- a-Bye Baby.

Thursday, November 5, 1998

As Vicky and Jake discuss Marley's twisted side of the story that she told Jake, Marley sneaks in and listens from outside their bedroom door. Jake told Vicky that she didn't understand Marley's point of view back then and Marley feels like Vicky took over her life back then. Vicky was stunned and told Jake that it wasn't that way at all back then, as Marley listens at the door as they argue. Jake told Vicky that Marley was the one who needed to accuse him of rape and hate him on her own, but she couldn't because Vicky took over. Outside, Marley told herself that Jake understands what she feels. Unfortunately for Marley, her eavesdropping was cut short when Etta Mae discovers her eavesdropping outside of Jake and Vicky's bedroom door and asks her what was she doing in here. Etta Mae then drags Marley downstairs and demands to know what was she doing sneaking around at Vicky's after she told her to go home. Marley told of her upsetting Jake and wanted to know if there was something she could do to help them. Etta Mae doesn't buy it and gives Marley a piece of her mind for taking advantage of Vicky. Marley tries to lie her way out of everything, but Etta Mae senses that Marley was up to something. Marley apologizes and starts crying about how this was all her fault. Meanwhile upstairs, Jake and Vicky continue to hash it out and Vicky told Jake that she thought Marley was handling things. They both agree that Marley needs some help and they will do anything they can to get her through what ever she was going through. Vicky and Jake go downstairs to find Etta Mae talking with Marley and wanted to know why Marley was there. Etta Mae tried to usher her out, but Jake wanted her to join the discussion. Etta Mae told Vicky that she thinks Marley has some real problems and about her sneaking into her house after she told her not to. Vicky told Etta Mae that Marley was her sister and was welcomed there anytime and that what was going on with Marley right now was very complicated. Etta Mae leaves and Marley apologizes for making them fight. Vicky and Jake realized the argument was over and told her they thought it was good when they have a fight every so often. Marley was dismayed she hadn't driven a wedge between them and told them that she just came by to help smooth thinks over, but now that she can see that she wasn't needed she will just leave. Vicky stops her and told her it's okay because now they know what was really bothering her. Marley says she should go, but Jake says she should stay so they can get this all out.

Cass pushes his way into the Lumina Foundation with a skeptical Matt in tow and demands to see Lila. They run into security problems who forcibly make them leave. Cass told the guard that he isn't going any where until he finds out what they have done with Lila. Joe shows up just in time to break up a fight. Matt doesn't understand why Cass thinks Lila came here. Cass told Joe how the Lumina people approached him outside of Carlino's in a limousine and asked him if he wanted to meet Mr. Stark. He jumped in the limo then the next thing he knows he wakes up in some hotel room in New York. He then told Joe how he thinks he was drugged so they could keep him from Lila. Matt jumps in and told Cass that he was with Lila just 10 minutes before Cass arrived at the Cory's. Cass asks Matt if Matt was in the room with Lila when he called. Matt told him no and Cass told Matt that someone was and thinks it was Zak. Matt isn't so sure and Cass told him that Lila didn't tell anyone where she was going and the last time she slipped out of Cory's un-noticed that she ended up at the Lumina Foundation. He then told Joe and Matt that he was positive that Lila was here with Zak, but Joe says there was no proof that anyone was here. Cass was positive she was here because he can smell her perfume. Fed up that no one believes him or was doing anything, Cass told Joe and Matt along with the listening in Lumina Guard that they can all stand around if they want, he was going to find Lila. Just then, Matt's phone rings and it was Zak telling him that Lila found their baby and to meet her at Bay City General. Matt hangs up and they all head to the hospital.

Lila and Zak are out in the woods and Lila hears her baby crying just like the dream Stark planted in Lila's mind. Zak has Lila concentrate on her baby in the woods, and she hears 'Rock a Bye Baby' just like in her dream. She then looks up and sees a cradle in the tree branches and calls for her baby. Her dream turns to reality and Lila spots Jasmine in the cradle up on top of a tree branch just like in her dream. She told Zak that in her dream the branch broke and Jasmine fell and she woke up before she could tell if she caught her or not. Just then the branch really starts breaking and a frantic Lila screams out Jasmine's name. As the branch breaks, Zak touches Lila's shoulder and she falls into a faint. Zak ends up catching the baby and brought Lila back to consciousness so she can reunite with her baby. Lila rejoices and told Zak that she was never going to let her baby out of her site again, never. She then asks him to call Matt for her and tell him to meet them at the hospital.

Rachel, Paulina, Amanda and Felicia all relish in the news of baby Jasmines's return. They then discuss who took the baby. Paulina told them that she hopes when Joe finds who did this they get their butt fried. Rachel was shocked that Paulina can be so cold-hearted, but Paulina told her any person who would take a baby away from there mother deserves to get what ever they get. The ladies then discuss throwing a party to help celebrate baby Jasmine's return. Sofia shows up looking for Matt so she can tell him that she loves him, but learns that Jasmine has been found and Matt was with Lila at the hospital. Rachel, Amanda, and Paulina then get ready to leave for the hospital as well. Felicia stays behind to decorate the place and take care of Sofia who suffers mixed emotions upon learning that Matt has been reunited with Jasmine and her mother. Felicia tried to comfort Sofia, who insisted on being upbeat. Felicia then tried to prepare her for the worst with Matt, but Sofia remained Optimistic. A positive Sofia told Felicia that it was only a matter of time and then she and Matt will be reunited, because she knows he loves her. Felicia and Sofia then decorated the living room for Jasmine's arrival. After they were done, Sofia said she had to go and didn't think she should be there when Matt and Lila arrived home with the baby. Felicia convinces her to stay thinking that they wouldn't be back until morning. Felicia and Sofia then continued to talk about what was bothering Sofia. Sofia fears the baby will be the focus of Matt's life.

Lila and Matt reunite at the hospital over the return of baby Jasmine. While Cass and Joe look in from the doorway of the hospital bedroom. Soon after, Rachel and Crew show up at the hospital to see Lila and the baby. Lila explained to Matt and Rachel while everyone else listened in on how it happened, and how she went with Zak to the Lumina Foundation and they helped her find her baby through a dream. Lila told everyone it was a miracle and then thanked Zak and everyone else for helping her. She then began to cry, overwhelmed, and a seething Cass ducked out while a guilty Zak sneaked away. As Zak got ready to leave the hospital, Cass jumped out and caught him demanding answers about what really happened. Zak told Cass that he doesn't know what he was talking about, but Cass calls Zak out on the carpet and suspects that Zak was behind the kidnapping. He then threatened him if he ever interfered with Lila again. Zak breaks out of Cass's grasp and told Cass he was crazy and tries to leave again, Cass attacks Zak for taking Lila's baby and slams him up against the wall. Joe came out of the room and pulled Cass off of Zak. Cass told Joe that Zak was behind this and he and the Lumina Foundation are behind the kidnapping of Zak's baby. Zak told Cass he doesn't know what Cass was talking about and the Lumina Foundation has been behind Lila finding her baby all along. This angers Cass who tries to lunge at Zak again, but was held off by Joe. Lila came out into the hallway with Matt and everyone backed off of Zak. Lila thanks Zak, but he feels guilty for her gratitude and told her he didn't do anything and she should go be with her baby. Cass picks up on all of this and Lila asks them if something was wrong. They tell her know and she and Matt duck back inside he room to be with Jasmine and the rest of the family. Zak leaves Cass asks Joe if he was just going to let Zak get away with this. Joe told Cass no he isn't going to let Zak get away with it, but they have no proof now. Cass told Joe that Zak didn't set this up all by himself and Joe agrees and Joe promises Cass that Zak and Stark will pay.

Inside the hospital room, Lila refused to stay, and told Matt she and the baby are fine and just wants to take Jasmine home. As the doctors got papers together for Jasmine's release, Paulina, Rachel, Joe and Amanda waited outside. Paulina has a strange reaction when Joe, Rachel and Amanda happily reminisce about their own babies' first days of life. Paulina listened in to all of the talk about children and their parents and grew upset and then later walked off, puzzling Amanda, Rachel, and Joe. She ran off to the hospital chapel. Joe found her and comforted her. Paulina told him that ever since this has happened, she's been going to church. She held tight to her locket and then told Joe that she needs to tell him something she's never told him before. Joe guesses it's about something else and not correcting him, Paulina cries in his arms and hides the locket so Joe doesn't see it. Meanwhile, Jasmine checks out fine and was able to leave the hospital with her parents.

Zak returns upset and guilty about what he did to Lila and what they put her through. He told Stark that he'll never do anything like this again. Stark told Zak he doesn't give the orders, but from now on, both Lila and they will get everything they want.

The Cory's went back home with Lila and all were excited. As they entered the house with baby Jasmine, everyone oohs and ahhs over the baby and doesn't even notice that Felicia and Sofia have decorated the house or that they are even there. Sofia was relieved for Matt, but disturbed that Matt and Lila are closer than ever. Meanwhile, Cass headed to the woods for clues to what really happened. He then promises to find whoever did this to Lila and make them pay. As Cass looks around, Jordan Stark watches him from behind a tree.

Vicky apologized for taking over, as she often did and apologizes to Marley for pushing her about the rape and Marley says she never should have said anything. However, Jake told her that they're glad she did. Marley began to laugh hysterically, realizing the dispute had just brought Vicky and Jake closer. Marley then ends up breaking down laughing. Vicky told her to stop it and Marley says that she's sorry. Marley told Vicky that somehow, she took her life for good, they switched places. Jake and Vicky just stare at Marley and think she was losing her mind, but she told them she's not losing it, it feels good to laugh. She says she's laughing at the irony of life. Marley told them that she came over to stop Jake from becoming upset with her, but now realizes she could never cause trouble between them. Marley says she's been blind and now realizes nothing could change the way Jake feels about Vicky. Jake said they just had to learn to be straight with one another from here on out. Marley became frenetic, and hugged Vicky and then left. Jake apologizes to Vicky for yelling at her as the two head upstairs and makeup. Outside, Marley watched Vicky and Jake inside the cottage, and vowed to take her life back........

Friday, November 6, 1998

Josie turns to Cameron for comfort when her guilt over her lies becomes too much for her.

Joe and Paulina discuss what Lila went through when her baby was missing. Paulina starts to cry, and she drops her locket.

Cass visits the site where Lila found Jasmine. He knows someone planned the whole thing, and swears he'll make them pay. He's unaware that he's being watched by Mr. Stark.

Matt and Lila bring Jasmine home. Matt was surprised that Sofia was there. She starts to leave, but Matt told her not to go. She feels like she has no place there. Matt apologizes for being unavailable to her in the past few days, and reassures her that he loves her. Lila was upset that Matt was with Sofia, but handles it in a very dignified manner, which makes Rachel and Felicia wonder if she was up to something.

Joe tries to look at the locket, and Paulina tries to hide it. He sees it though, and she told him she considers it her good luck charm. She's worried that he'll want to know more, but he told her that he doesn't have to know all her private thoughts. She says that makes her want to tell him everything. She's about to speak when they're interrupted by Cass, who demands to know why Joe isn't after the kidnappers.

Josie talks about how nice Gary was being to her, and that the nicer he is, the worse she feels. She's afraid the lying will never get easier. She's upset because she and Gary promised to always be honest with each other. She's afraid she can't lie for the rest of her life. Cameron asks her what else can they do. She agrees that there's no alternative. When she opens the door to leave, Gary was there. He's bringing over a T.V. and pizza so he and Cameron can watch a hockey game together. Josie tries to leave, but Gary insists the three of them watch the game together.

Sofia went home and told Remy that Jasmine has been found. Remy was happy about that, but wonders if it's hard for Sofia to deal with Matt and Lila and their baby being together. Sofia claims that watching Matt and Lila bond with their baby was beautiful. This comment upsets Remy.

Cass apologizes for interrupting, but Paulina agrees that the kidnappers must be caught. Cass told Joe his suspicions about Zak and Mr. Stark, but Joe says that without proof, there's nothing he can do.

Mr. Stark assures Zak that everything was going according to plan. Zak is still feeling guilty about the turmoil they've caused for Lila, but Mr. Stark reminds him that everyone was happy... for now.

Lila told Matt she wants to baptize Jasmine right away... in case anything happens. Matt tries to convince her that the nightmare was over, and nothing else will happen to them.

Zak can't shake his guilt over how they made Lila suffer. Mr. Stark says they had no choice, and Zak asks why. Mr. Stark told Zak that his problem was that before they only talked about their plans, and now they are dealing with the lives of real people. Zak says that he hates it. Mr. Stark reminds him of their mission, and how important their work will be for Zak's future.

Joe visits Matt to question him. He says if Zak was involved, he'll make him pay. Upstairs, they hear Lila scream. She comes down and defends Zak. She's afraid to go after the kidnappers because if they get angry, they might do it again. She swears Zak was on her side, and was not one of the kidnappers.

Mr. Stark told Zak that Lila was happy now and will only get happier. Zak agrees, but asks how they can justify what they're going to do to Sofia.

Sofia tries to get Remy to discuss why she's upset, but Remy changes the subject. Paulina arrives at their apartment.

As Gary and Cameron are hooking up the T.V., the phone rings. Cameron asks Josie to answer it. When she does, it's Amanda. Amanda delivers the good news of Jasmine's return.

Paulina was surprised that Sofia was handling everything so well. Zak arrives, asking how Sofia is. She tries to convince him that she's happy, but he apologizes for barging in and leaves quickly. Sofia went after him.

Cass says he doesn't want to upset Lila, but that they must catch the kidnappers before they do more harm, and Lila was the only one who knows what went on while she was at Lumina.

Paulina and Remy discuss mothers and babies. Paulina told Remy that babies will bond with whoever cares for them... there doesn't have to be a biological link. Remy asks about the bond between Paulina and Dante. Paulina asks where her questions are coming from. Remy told her she wonders about her mother, and whether it hurt her when she gave up Remy or if it was easy for her. Paulina leaves quickly. Both Paulina and Remy look at their lockets.

As Lila was falling asleep, she remembers Mr. Stark warning her to keep what she knows a secret.

Cass reminds Matt of his promise to marry Lila when they got Jasmine back. Matt told him to stay out of his personal life.

Zak returns to the place Jasmine was found. Sofia shows up. She says Zak saved the day and Jasmine. She told him everything will be OK, but Zak remembers that Lumina will hurt Sofia.


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