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Monday, November 2, 1998

Julie is having a nightmare. She sees herself as a teenager searching for her brother. Greg Cooper is in the dream along with her father and Frank. The dream makes her doubt Frank's innocence.

For the Halloween party, the Port Charles citizens have dressed in some fantastic costumes. Kevin is dressed as Sherlock Holmes and Eve is wearing what appears to be a very feminine Arabian garb, sort of like a genie. Eve persuades Kevin to take her to Ellen and Matt's party.

Lucy arrives at Scotty's house dressed as Cleopatra. Scotty's daughter greets Lucy at the door dressed as Little Bo Peep. She then proceeds to show Lucy the gag gifts that Neal gave her. She has itching powder and gum that turns the mouth black. Scotty dresses as a cool 50's dude in black leather. Lucy is concerned about going to the party since Scotty's character was killed at a costumed Mardi Gras.

Meanwhile, the killer injects poison into a shiny green apple intended for Scotty.

At the party, Julie arrives in a jailbird costume with Frank posing as Frankenstein. Matt and Ellen greet them as Dracula and Elvira. Chris, dressed up like Jason, is approached by Frank for more DL-57. Joe and Karen disguise themselves as Sir Lancelot and Guinevere. John arrives wearing the same costume as Joe.

Meanwhile, the killer places the poisoned apple in Scotty's bag.

Lucy overhears Eve and Kevin reminiscing about their dinner the other night. She decides to get revenge, so she places the itching powder in Kevin's coat and the gum in Kevin's bag of treats provided by Matt and Ellen.

Frank brought Julie a piece of chocolate. Eve examines the candy wrapper to make sure that it has not been tampered with. Frank asks her what she is doing, and she replies, "There are a lot of wackos that put things in candy that should not be there."

Eve eats a piece of gum out of Kevin's bag to find out that her mouth is black. Kevin puts on his jacket to go outside and begins to itch. Lucy watches deviously from the sidelines.

Scotty went into his bag and pulls out a shiny green apple. As he is about to bite into it, Ellen snatches the apple claiming a shortage in the dunking barrel. She places the green apple in the barrel and all of the children gather around. Neal is the first in line. Before Neal dunks his head, he says, "I'm going after the green one."

Tuesday, November 3

At Matt and Ellen's party, Neil bobs for the (unbeknownst to him) poisonous green apple. He bites down on it to pick it up. As he's about to eat it, Matt remembers that they didn't buy any green apples. Matt asks Ellen where she got the apple and she told him it came from Scott's bag. They give Neil a red apple to eat instead.

Scott tries to comfort Courtney about her situation with John. Neil told Courtney that John wants him to spend the night. Courtney flips out and told Frank about John's plan. She asks him to threaten John. When Frank initially refuses, Courtney reminds him that she's kept his DL-56 secret. Frank agrees to pay John a visit...and Neil overhears their conversation. Later, Courtney told John that she doesn't think it's a good idea for Neil to spend the night with him. Joe agrees, but John won't listen. Courtney starts yelling, telling him that she knows about the phony passports and how he plans to steal Neil away. He told them he'll have his lawyer contact them. Frank takes John aside and threatens to kill him.

Kevin and Eve realize that it was Lucy who played the tricks on them. Eve swears revenge, but Kevin convinces reminds her that he needs her to be focused on finding the killer. He finds a note from the killer in his gift bag. It suggests they look for other clues. Eve finds another note in the pot of shrunken heads telling them that the answer they're looking for is in the fun house. Elsewhere, Victor apologizes to Lucy for the mix up with dinner the other night. He and Mary find a secluded corner and start kissing. The killer "borrows" Victor's sword while he's occupied.

Julie and Garcia reminisce about past Halloweens. Garcia gets beeped and takes off. Matt and Ellen open up the fun house. John finds Serena and asks her to have Neil meet him in the fun house. Kevin and Eve look for Garcia, but they can't find him. Frank looks for Julie, but she's missing, too. As Kevin and Eve wander through the fun house, Kevin remembers that Ryan died in a fun house. Eve gets caught behind a secret door. Serena and Neil take off from everyone, and Courtney enlists Chris to help find Neil. Victor and Mary enter the house together, but immediately lose each other. Karen loses Joe. The killer plunges Victor's sword into one of the knights. Is it Joe or John?

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

When Victor and Kevin cross paths in the funhouse, Victor discovers that his sword is missing just as Julie discovers the body. Courtney comes along a moment later and panics, believing Joe has been killed. Her screams bring Frank, Karen, Victor and Kevin running. They roll the body over and remove the mask, revealing that John is the victim just as Joe arrives on the scene.

Scott and Lucy catch up with Serena and Neil a moment before Garcia and his men come through on their way to the crime scene. Lucy escorts the kids out of the funhouse and Scott accompanies Garcia. During his initial examination of the crime scene, Garcia learns that Julie was the first person to find the body and that Victor's sword was the murder weapon.

Courtney and Scott leave the crime scene and return to their children. When Courtney told Neil that his father has been killed, Joe is on hand to comfort them both.

Ellen deals with her guilty feelings over throwing the party while the killer is still on the loose. When Scott points out that the killer is no longer playing by the rules, Matt suggests they retrieve the green apple from the trash and have it tested. Scott says he has looked for it, but it is missing.

Upset by the murder and his inability to discover the killer's identity, Kevin went off to sulk, and Lucy follows him. He told her they have to resolve their personal problems sometime--but not right now. He tells Lucy he feels guilty for ever having written the book and confesses his sense of failure over not being able to identify the killer.

While Kevin, Eve and Victor puzzle over why the killer has strayed so far from the pattern set out in General Homicide, Garcia and his men question all the usual suspects and take hair and finger nail samples from everyone who was in the funhouse. Joe and Karen take Neil home while Courtney stays behind for questioning. She tries to play down the custody fight with John, but Garcia begins to suspect it may have been a motive for John's murder. Talking later with Kevin about the notes from the killer, Garcia admits that he believes John's murder may be a copycat killing.

Chris and Frank trade accusations as usual until Julie comes along and asks Frank to take her home.

Back at the firehouse, Serena heads up to bed and Scott and Lucy calm each other's fears. Scott promises Lucy he will never keep her and Serena apart again.

Karen told Joe that Courtney's hysterics ended abruptly when she realized that John was the victim, not Joe.

Courtney confides in Frank that she believes he killed John at her request. Angrily, Frank told Courtney that it won't be that easy for her to get away with murder.

Thursday, November 5, 1998

Garcia makes the rounds, following up on his questioning of all the people who were in the funhouse when John Kanelos was murdered. First, he told Kevin and Victor that the only fingerprints found on the samurai sword belonged to Victor, Eve, Joe, and Courtney. Victor accounts for the times he saw both Eve and Joe handling the weapon, but can't recall ever having seen Courtney with the sword. Garcia told them that evidence implicating Courtney is mounting, but Kevin argues his belief that the General Homicide killer is guilty. After Garcia leaves, Kevin is even more convinced that the detective is mistaken. He concedes to Victor that Joe may have been the intended victim and expresses his concerns that the killer may be losing control. Kevin decides to take advantage of the killer's weakness and plans to go back on the radio to force the killer's hand before somebody else dies.

At the Scanlon house, Julie finds Courtney blithely making waffles and suggests that she might try to show a little more concern over her ex-husband's murder. Courtney told Julie that she doesn't believe anyone deserves to die the way John did, but she isn't sorry that he's dead. While Courtney is upstairs with Neil, Julie presents Frank and Lark with her concerns over Courtney's nonchalance. When Frank suggests that Julie needs to be a bit less suspicious, Julie becomes agitated and spouts hysterical fears and accusations that Courtney may be the GH killer.

When Garcia arrives at the Scanlon's, Frank, Lark and Julie have already left for the hospital. Joe and Karen take Neil to the kitchen while Garcia confronts Courtney about finding her fingerprints on the murder weapon. She told him she moved it when she saw the body and confesses that she did know about John's plan to run off with Neil. In the kitchen, Joe tries to comfort the traumatized boy, who confesses his fear and confusion over his father's murder. When Courtney returns to the kitchen, Joe and Karen go to the living room to talk with Garcia. Garcia asks Joe if he thinks Courtney could be responsible for the murder, but Joe defends her vehemently. In the kitchen, Neil tells Courtney that he overheard her telling Frank she wanted to get rid of John. Courtney assures her son that she wouldn never have done anything to hurt his father. After Garcia leaves, Karen prepares to leave for the hospital and Joe takes a phone call from the lab telling him the DNA test results reveal a 99 percent chance that he is Neil's father.

As Kevin begins his radio broadcast, Frank, Lark and Julie listen at the hospital nurse's station. When Lark tries to turn the radio off, Julie stops her, saying she wants to hear what Kevin has to say. Frank leaves on an ambulance call, and Garcia arrives, assuring Julie he only wants to ask her some routine questions. He asks her to recall the moment she found the body and asks specifically if Courtney's costume had any blood on it before she touched the body. Julie claims she can't remember. Garcia leaves, and Lark attempts to calm Julie's nerves. When Julie confesses her fears, Lark suggests she might want to talk to a psychiatrist. Julie agrees and says she might call Kevin.

At the radio station, Kevin addresses the killer directly, taunting him about losing control. Almost immediately, he gets a call from the killer, who threatens to continue his work "on a grander scale."

Friday, November 6, 1998

When Garcia blasts Kevin for going back on the radio to make contact with the killer, Kevin angrily told the detective that he had no choice since the investigation was going in the wrong direction. Garcia tells Kevin he's afraid of what the killer's threat to escalate his violent actions might mean.

Lucy gets a threatening phone call from someone using a voice activator, presumably the GH killer. She grabs Sigmund and bolts from the hotel, headed for Scott's place. When she told Scott about the call, he insists that she move into the firehouse for her own safety. At first, Lucy objects, but eventually she agrees to move in.

Lee stops by to tell Scott that the D.A. has filed obstruction of justice charges against him and has set a court date. They strategize Scott's defense and Lee sets off for the courthouse to file for a continuance.

Eve signs out at the hospital, telling Julie and Lark that she plans to go home and unplug the phone. Seeing that Julie is still on edge, Lark once again suggests that she call Kevin for some counseling. Julie calls Kevin, who invites her to stop by the lighthouse to talk. Overhearing the conversation, Victor asks Kevin if he was talking to Lucy. When Kevin says Julie is coming by, Victor warns Kevin that he still believe Julie is the killer.

During her visit, Julie told Kevin that she sometimes feels as if she is still Greg Cooper's hostage. She describes her nightmares about carrying her baby brother and losing him, about being chased by the man who looks like her father, and about falling and drowning. Kevin assures her that all the images from her dreams are about loss and are typical of anxiety dreams. He suggests that Julie start keeping a journal to document her feelings and take control of them.

As Scott's security men bring Lucy's mountains of clothes into the firehouse, Serena comes home from school. She's overjoyed when she learns that Lucy is moving in. Lucy and Serena go upstairs to play dress-up.

A process-server disguised as a policeman serves Eve with a subpoena to appear as a prosecution witness at Scott's trial.

While Kevin and Victor argue about Julie, Kevin realizes that the images from Julie's dreams parallel his own nightmares and memories of the murder on Jasmine Island.

Eve visits Scott to tell him about the subpoena and to offer her help. Scott told her he takes full responsibility for his actions. Serena comes downstairs after playing dress-up and invites Eve to play along. She told Eve that Lucy has moved in, and Eve tries to contain her disappointment.

After a security guard sees someone who looks like Eve leaving the General Hospital rooftop, we see that a bomb has been planted under a maintenance access panel.

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