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Port Charles Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on PC
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Monday, November 9, 1998

Lucy is at the doctor's office. The doctor asks her when her last ovulation was. Lucy ponders this question with flashbacks of Scott and her making love. She finally responds no. The doctor makes arrangements to have tests taken.

Kevin plans to go to the hospital to talk to Julie regarding her dreams. He is curious about the similarities between her dreams and the actual events that took place on Jasmine Island. Julie remembers seeing a lady running then falling over a cliff.

At the hospital, Julie looks at her wrist. Her watch is counting down. The display reads 44:57. Simultaneously, the next scene exposes a bomb on an elevator. The timer reads 44:57.

Scotty and Serena enter the elevator. However, they manage to arrive to the 6th floor safely. They run into Lucy who bluffs her reason for being at the hospital.

Chris and Eve enter the elevator. They both make comments about Lucy living with Scotty. They, too, exit the elevator safely.

Kevin arrives at the hospital looking for Julie. Mary and Victor share a special moment. The elevator bomb is shown again, this time the timer is at 29:52.

Serena's doctor told Serena that pretty soon she will not have to wear the glasses.

The bomb is shown again, 14 minutes remaining.

Lucy is waiting for the test results when she runs into Kevin. They share an awkward moment talking about the child that they lost.

Julie finally meets up with Kevin. She denies ever having been to Jasmine Island or knowing anyone who has.

Lucy and Eve meet at the elevator. They decide that they can be civil enough to ride the elevator together. Ellen, Mary, Joe, and Karen join them. They are all going to a lecture together. Someone asks about Julie. Julie arrives at the last minute.

The bomb's time has reached 9:58. The elevator stops. Julie looks nervously at her watch. It reads 8:16. Julie begins to get really nervous to the point where everyone is aware of her condition.

Victor finds Kevin. Kevin told Victor that he saw Lucy with the obstetrician. They put two and two together.

Everyone is in the elevator waiting patiently except for Julie. The bomb explodes.

Tuesday, November 10

Scott looks for Gail and Serena, but can't find them anywhere. He and Lark realize there was an explosion in the elevator. A security guard attempts to clear the building, but Kevin, Scott and Victor refuse to leave. They go in search of Serena, Gail and Lucy. They come up empty-handed, but Lark told them that Gail and Serena are downstairs, outside of the building. On the first floor, Matt discovers a security camera that is inside the elevator. Kevin, Scott, Victor and Matt realize that Joe, Karen, Mary, Ellen, Eve, Lucy and Julie are all stuck, and that Mary and Eve are hurt.

Inside the elevator, Mary wakes up and tries to stand. She collapses in Joe's arms. Eve realizes that she's got a huge gash in her leg, and it must have hit an artery because it's pumping so much blood. Julie starts having a panic attack and Lucy attempts to calm her down. Joe and Karen tend to Mary, who's drifting in and out of consciousness. Ellen tries to stop the bleeding in Eve's leg, but she has to help Mary. She gets Lucy to apply pressure to Eve's leg while she assesses Mary's situation. She and Joe suspect she's having a stroke.

Kevin, Scott and Victor go up to the roof to the top of the elevator shaft. Matt notices that Eve's leg is bleeding on camera, so he sends Lark up to the roof with a suture kit. Up on the roof, Kevin and Scott realize a bomb caused the explosion--and they can see another one on top of the elevator. Lark arrives and gives Kevin the suture kit. They tell her about the bomb and make her leave immediately. Scott starts down the elevator shaft and Kevin follows. Garcia shows up and demands that Scott and Kevin come down. They refuse and head down to the top of the elevator car. Kevin finds a note on the bomb with writing on the envelope that says "If you want to live, read me." Kevin opens the note. Inside it says, "You should know by now that I'm a liar." Kevin realizes that opening the note activated the bomb's timing mechanism.

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

While Scott and Kevin try to figure out how to get everyone out of the elevator car before the second bomb explodes, the bomb squad arrives at the hospital. Garcia apprises them of the situation and they head for the roof, where Frank has already arrived and has passed the suture kit on down to Scott and Kevin.

The elevator slips a few inches, throwing Julie into an even greater panic. Aware that she is bleeding to death, Eve begins to lose hope, but Lucy jokes with her to keep her spirits up. Kevin and Scott try to open the access door on the top of the elevator car but can't move it. They ask Joe to try to open it from inside the car, but has no better luck. When the bomb squad commander begins to descend the elevator shaft, a cable snaps, sending the car downward a few feet and causing some structural damage that blocks the elevator shaft from above.

When the bomb squad commander asks if there is any other way to access the elevator shaft, Lark volunteers to show Frank a way he might be able to get there. She leads Frank through air ducts toward the elevator shaft. In the vents, Frank finds a bag in which Lark hid some of her disguises when she was on the run. When they reach the panel that leads to the shaft, Frank discovers that it is blocked by some of the fallen debris. Back in the hallway, Lark tries to persuade Frank to leave the building with her, but he refuses. He sends her down the stairwell and, in utter frustration, punches a hole in the wall.

Worried that Mary's condition is worsening, Joe forces the panel on top of the elevator car and climbs up. Scott and Kevin explain to Joe that the shaft is blocked and the bomd is set to go off in a very short time. Joe takes the suture kit and went back down to the car to tell the others while Scott and Kevin prepare to disarm the bomb themselves. The bomd squad commander begins to radio instructions to Scott and Kevin. Scott cuts the green wire that is supposed to control the timer, but the clock keeps counting down. The commander then told Scott to cut the red wire that provides the primary power to the bomb. Suddenly, Victor shout that Scott has to cut the blue wire first. Victor argues with the commander that he has actually seen the bomb and knows how the person who built it has wired it. The commander dismisses Victor's warning and has him escorted off the roof. In the elevator shaft, Scott can't decide which wire to cut.

Thursday, November 12, 1998

While Julie's panic grows more intense and Eve went deeper into shock, Victor makes one last grab for the radio and demands that Scott cut the blue wire. When Scott hesitates, Kevin insists that Victor is right. Scott thinks about cutting the red wire but cuts the blue one, disarming the bomb with only one second to spare.

Emergency crews begin to clear the debris and send stretchers down the shaft to lift out the critically injured. Mary is lifted out first, and Frank leads the emergency crew taking care of her. Kevin climbs out after Eve is lifted to safety and follows her to the ER after first embracing Victor, whom he calls a real hero.

In the aftermath of the crisis, Garcia questions the security guard who saw the person who most likely planted the bomb leaving the roof earlier that day. The guard told Garcia he thought the person was Eve.

Once everyone is out of the elevator, Lucy looks around for Kevin but can't find him. When Scott embraces her from behind, Lucy mistakes him for Kevin momentarily. Scott kisses Lucy, who then thanks him for saving the day. When she asks Scott where Kevin is, he told her that Kevin went to the ER to be with Eve.

While Kevin comforts Eve, Chris stops in to check on her condition and learns how Scott and Kevin disarmed the bomb. Garcia arrives to ask Eve if she was on the roof earlier in the day. Eve responds angrily to the implication that she might have planted the bomb. Lucy comes into the room and defends Eve to Garcia, pointing out that Eve was with her at the firehouse when the security guard saw the bomber on the roof.

Joe, Karen, and Frank assist in Mary's treatment while a very worried Victor looks on. When Mary begins to respond to the treatment, she regains consciousness and thanks Karen for being her angel in the elevator. Julie arrives and embraces Frank, who told her he wants to find the person who planted the bombs in the hospital.

Before Lucy leaves Eve's treatment room, Eve thanks her for keeping her alive in the elevator and for defending her to Garcia. Lucy thanks Kevin for saving their lives and leaves, obviously depressed that Kevin and Eve seem so close. In the hallway, Lucy finds Scott on the phone with Serena. When she takes the phone from him and hands Scott her coat, a card falls from her pocket. Scott picks up the card and learns that Lucy has had an appointment with Dr. Neumann.

Friday, November 13, 1998

Scott told Lucy he knows she has been to see Dr. Neumann and asks her point blank if she has had a pregnancy test. Before Lucy can answer him, Serena comes in to breakfast. She told them she had a bad dream after being so frightened by the events of the day before. They reassure her that things are going to be all right. Dr. Neumann's office calls to tell Lucy that her test results have been lost and she has to come in for a second test. Scott insists on going with her to the hospital.

Garcia's men get hold of a security camera tape of the person who was seen leaving the hospital roof. Eager to find out who was responsible, Frank insists on watching the tape. The see the person from behind and realize it isn't Eve, but someone disguised to look like her. Frank immediately thinks about the bag of Lark's disguises he found in the air duct.

Julie works with Mary, whose speech is still quite slurred, until Victor arrives bearing flowers and a thermos of Irish Stew. Victor is very cool to Julie, who leaves shortly after he arrives. Mary becomes upset when Victor fusses over her too much, so he backs off a bit, but later tells her he plans to spend the night in her hospital room until the killer is caught.

In Dr. Neumann's office, Scott and Lucy talk about the possibility of Lucy being pregnant. Lucy told Scott she is hopeful and that she wants a baby more than anything else in the world. Scott told Lucy that he will be thrilled if she is pregnant. Dr. Neumann comes in and told Lucy that her test results were negative. She explains that Lucy is suffering from a stress-related hormonal imbalance. Lucy breaks down when she hears the news, and Scott comforts her.

Frank confronts Lark with his suspicions, and she swears to him that she is not the person on the tape. Later, she told him she went to find her disguises and found that someone had taken the bag. Elsewhere in the hospital, Julie puts on a short, black wig.

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