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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on GL
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November 2, 1998

Monday, November 9

by Sarai Long

Michelle and Drew realize from the WSPR broadcast that they have killed Mick. A Springfield police officer comes around asking questions, making them all a little nervous. Everyone gets more uneasy when Michelle is being asked questions, since she said that she may have a problem keeping quiet about what happened on the beach. After the policeman leaves, the four make a pact that they will keep this secret forever, and need to protect each other.

Frank keeps drilling Holly on her whereabouts, because he can tell that there is something wrong with the nursery rhyme killer's last alleged attack. She finally admits that she painted the horrible rhyme on the wall in hopes of getting Ken out of jail. Frank threatens to arrest her on obstruction of justice, but decides against it. Holly explains that whenever her family is threatened, she becomes protective.

Josh comes on to Cassie pretty strong, and almost gets in bed with her. She jumps out of bed just as Tammy comes in the bedroom and asks Josh why he is there. All of a sudden, Josh changes, and acts like nothing happened. Cassie demands to know what he is doing, and he can't understand why she would accuse him of coming on to her. Then, he goes to Reva's room, and tells her that he is worried about Cassie. Reva goes to see Cassie for a while, but goes back to bed. Josh rushes into her room again and says that he just can't stay away from her and is so attracted to her.

Harley and Phillip plan to run off to New York City for their wedding.

The show closes with a view of a person with black gloves, frantically thumbing through a nursery rhyme book.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Lisa Furman Cott.

Hart visits Dinah in the hospital to tell her that he is going to take her home. Dinah, still depressed about the state of her face, tells Hart emphatically, that she will not go with him. She then, rather insightfully, goes on to say that Hart certainly didn't fall for her because of her generous and sparkling personality but because of her beauty and, now that that is gone, she knows that there is nothing left for him to love. She then tells him she must therefore do something drastic ...and hands him annulment papers.

Holly reveals to Vanessa that she staged a "Nursery Rhyme Stalker" visit at her home. She implores Vanessa, who is managing the station in Dinah's absence, to not allow the story to go public on WSPR for the sake of Blake and her custody battle. Vanessa coldly refuses, stating that she has no authority to suppress a news story as she is simply filling in for Dinah. Matt, who happens to be hanging around listening to the conversation, blasts Vanessa for being so insensitive to Holly's needs.

Later, Matt goes to Holly's house to apologize for Vanessa's behavior and surprisingly, Beth JUST happens to be there. They look awkwardly at each other for some time and then chat over tea. While they try to clean up Holly's house from her staged stalker attack, Beth manages to slip on the step ladder and fall into Matt's arms.

Blake stops by Ross' office to apologize for her behavior at Millennium. Ross remains angry and resistant to any of Blake's attempts for an amicable separation. Blake begs and pleads, even throwing in the old argument about the welfare of the boys to no avail. Later, Ross' young attorney finds him distraught and tense after his meeting with Blake and generously offers a little romantic meal and a shoulder massage. They kiss...

Cassie visits Harley, as she prepares to elope with Phillip, to talk about Josh and his recent inappropriate advances. Harley finds Josh's behavior hard to believe. Meanwhile, a confused Josh complains to Reva that Cassie has been acting strangely. Both Reva and Josh attribute Cassie's behavior to the recent break-up with Hart.

An increasingly more frustrated and delusional Annie sees a cuddly Josh and Reva at Company and wonders why the drug doesn't seem to be working. She tries to swipe Josh with a little dab of the drug while Reva is in the restroom but Reva returns too soon to foil her plan. Reva wonders, however, about Teri and her motives as well as why she seems to recently be so involved in their lives.

Wednesday, November 11

by Angela Overmyer

Dinah wanted Hart to sign the annulment papers -- a perfect opportunity for him to get of the marriage. He later told Sean that it was his "duty" to stay with Dinah and make her feel like a woman again. The only problem is that he still loves Cassie. He asked Sean how she was doing and was surprised when Sean told him that Cassie did not want him to actively participate in raising the child because she still loves Hart. Meanwhile, Dinah shared her fears with Lillian and told her that she was afraid Hart wouldn't find her attractive anymore. Lillian, who was in a similar situation after breast surgery, reassured her that the feelings would pass. Hart told Dinah that he made up his mind: he was staying with her for good. He asked her to go home with him to be his wife.

Blake dropped by Ben's and begged him to represent her in court. He let her know that he really didn't want to, but would -- at least, that's what she thinks.

Ross and Anita made love. Afterwards, she promised that he would get everything he's asking for in the custody battle. Ross apologized for having to leave and told her that he would see her in the morning. While he was waiting for the elevator, she came out to reassure him once more -- Ben showed up and teased Ross.

Matt and Beth were still cleaning up at Holly's when Beth pointed out that there was something going on between them. He was slightly uneasy about the conversation and told Beth that he had been feeling guilty for not telling Vanessa the truth (about running into her at Cedar's). He left rather abruptly to go home to his wife. Beth stated that Matt was a good guy and Vanessa was screwing up, she also left in a hurry.

Meanwhile, Vanessa was confiding in Jenna. She told her about their argument over Dinah and how Matt makes her feel guilty for not being home more. Jenna sensed that there was more to the story and Vanessa told her about Beth -- Jenna told her that there was no way Matt would have an affair. After Jenna left, Vanessa and Maureen left to find Matt. Matt came home to an empty house, but was soon joined by his wife and child. The couple made up.

Drew demanded that Michelle keep her mouth shut or they would all be in danger. Rick showed up at Millennium and was glad to hear that Jesse and Michelle weren't moving in together -- he asked why she didn't come home the night before and Drew stuck up for her by claiming Michelle was moving in with her. Michelle almost let the cat out of the bag when she told Rick she couldn't stop thinking about Mick's awful death.

Thursday, November 12

by Angela Overmyer

While Harley and Phillip were preparing to leave town, Alan arrived and questioned Harley about Teri. He feels like they have crossed paths before and that she is more than an "ordinary detective". Phillip told his father that he didn't want to see him get hurt. Alan noticed the packed bags and they told him they were going on a very short trip. Once again, they tried to make their escape, but Lizzie wanted to talk to them about the wedding rehearsal -- she wanted to make sure she'd do everything right. The soon-to-be bride and groom were left feeling guilty and Harley suggested that they take Lizzie with them. Phillip agreed but pointed out that they couldn't leave until he talked to Beth (who happened to be out late).

Teri talked to Dr. Miller about the truth serum and was upset when she discovered that there were no refills. She went and bought some of Josh's cologne, hoping to make the little amount of truth serum she had left last a little longer. Frank was worried about the missing truth serum and went over to Teri's. She made another pass and upset him even more. Afterwards, she mixed the cologne and truth serum and headed off to the Lewises to deliver it. When she got there, she claimed that she had seen someone run across the front yard and then "noticed" a bag on their porch (it was really the truth serum that she brought). She asked Josh what brand it was and what it smelled like. After he put some on, she ordered him to sit down and then told him that he must make love to Cassie. They were interrupted when Reva came looking for him.

Buzz was still worried that something dreadful was about to happen, but Jenna reassured him that everything was going to be okay. She received another letter from Jeffrey and was upset that he knew about the baby. He commented that he looked forward to seeing her soon to take care of unfinished business.

Matt and Vanessa settled in front of the fire for a romantic evening; however, Vanessa fell asleep. Later, he received a page from Sean and left to go and meet him. Little did he know that the Stalker was right outside. As soon as he was gone, the Stalker snuck in and left another nursery rhyme as well as a big black spider in Vanessa's slipper. She woke up and was disappointed that Matt left. As she sat on the sofa reading a book, the spider started crawling towards her foot.

Back at the Lewises, the kids and Reva were going to get pizza. Josh said he needed to stay behind and finish up some work. Once he knew that he was alone with Cassie, he started to go upstairs to her room, but she stopped him. When she asked him what he wanted, he told her that he wanted to make love to her.

Teri was back at her apartment admiring the picture she had of Josh (she had a whole box of stuff). She was startled by a knock at the door and knocked everything over -- it was Alan.

Friday, November 13

by Angela Overmyer

Vanessa was bit by the Stalker Spider and it didn't take long for the bite to grow. She called the hospital, but the doctor told her she'd be fine. Unfortunately, the Stalker also cut the phone line (after she called the doctor) so she was unable to call Matt. She made it upstairs to get Maureen and bring her back down with her -- then she found the rhyme. She struggled to stay awake, but was unable to and collapsed.

Meanwhile, Matt was waiting for Sean to show up when he noticed that Beth was trying to get out of her blind-date situation. He came to her rescue by pretending to be her husband. They danced together and the man got the picture and left. Matt decided to call Sean -- who told him that he didn't send a message to meet him. Matt rushed home after he discovered the phone was dead and found Maureen alone -- as well as the Stalker's rhyme. He rushed upstairs to find Vanessa.

Josh pursued Cassie and told her that he wanted to make love to her. She ran upstairs to her room and locked herself in but Josh was getting more demanding. Frantically, she called Hart.

Hart took Dinah home; however she was upset that he had taken down a mirror. Things were just starting to get romantic and the phone rang. Cassie told Hart that someone was coming after her "please come over and help me" -- Dinah was furious that once again, he was leaving her for Cassie. Hart asked her to go with him. When he got to the Lewises, Josh seemed to snap out of it and couldn't understand why Cassie was so upset. Reva and the kids came home and Reva wanted to know what was going on.

Michelle was still troubled over Nick's death. The bartender at Millennium quit, and Danny (Mick's brother) offered his services to Drew. She hired him, but told him that it was only temporary.

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