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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on GL
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Monday, November 2

by Sarai Long

Selena almost shows Drew the picture of her lost child, which is identical to the childhood picture Drew has of herself. Drew was getting angry about Selena asking for two weeks vacation, so Selena said that she would quit before her trip to California.

Drew sees that guy (can't remember name) doing a drug deal transaction, and secretly calls the police. She smiles as he is hauled off to jail with a briefcase full of cocaine, and he threatens to retaliate.

Teri/Annie had used the truth drug on Josh, and made him agree that he was to start being irritable towards Reva. Reva later tried to seduce Josh and got the cold shoulder. He later apologized to her.

Teri then visited Annie's grave site, and ran into Alan. He was surprised to see her there and had many questions as to why she was there. Teri explained that she felt a closeness to Annie and felt like that Annie's life would have been different if she would have stayed with Alan. Alan said that Teri resembled Annie in some way. They parted with each other with Alan saying that he hoped to see her again.

Dinah is taken to the hospital, and Rick rushes her into a room. She keeps asking how her face looks. since she has bandages on. Finally, she finds a mirror, and screams when she sees the image. Hart runs in and tries to comfort her. The whole side of her face is burned.

Cassie comes into the emergency room to give Hart some support. He tells her that the night he came to the Lewises' home, he really came to see her, not to get some papers signed by Josh. He also tells her that he would like to have her around, no matter what, and Cassie tells him that she will always be there.

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

by Soap Central

Sean warns Hart about the danger of committing himself to one woman when he's in love with another. Harley's well-meaning family continues to escalate her wedding plans, much to Harley's chagrin. Teri realizes she must have dropped the vial of truth serum at Josh and Reva's and goes to retrieve it. Reva talks to Cassie about her concern for Josh, unaware that Teri is listening to every word. Teri joins them and is able to retrieve the vial, though she has to endure Cassie and Reva making fun of Annie. Teri vows to blow the sisters apart. Blake and Holly work together to reassure Ken that he will not be sent back to the asylum. Meanwhile, Blake wants to talk Ross out of a custody battle as Ross vows to Anita that he will do anything to keep Ben away from his sons.

Wednesday, November 4

by Angela Overmyer

Harley asked Buzz and Jenna to behave at their Cooper/Spaulding dinner, while Phillip asked the same of his father. Things were off to a rocky start when Alan offered wine and Buzz offered a beer instead. The two fathers had different opinions of what the wedding should be like: Buzz wanted a traditional Greek wedding and Alan wanted a traditional Spaulding wedding. Alan also had a long list of business associates that he wanted to invite and insisted that he pay for the celebration. Meanwhile, Phillip and Harley were in the Diner's kitchen and felt as though they were losing control of their special day. They both agreed to elope.

Hart apologized to Ross for all that has happened and promised that he would stick by her and make the marriage work. After being questioned by Sean on his decision, Hart told him that staying with Dinah was the only way. He called Cassie and asked her to meet him at Laurel Falls. When Cassie told him that she loved him, he didn't respond until after they hung up. Meanwhile, Dinah told Sean that she feared Hart would leave her for good, especially now that she is scarred. Sean reassured her everything would be okay and that she wouldn't lose Hart -- at the same time Ben announced his arrival by stating "oh please, that's a lie and you know it!". He claimed that he was there to give Dinah her life back. Apparently, he once had a client who suffered from severe burns and was successfully treated by Dr. Benjamin Morton. He urged Dinah to consider seeking his help and claimed that he could make her "whole again". However, Sean sensed that he had a hidden agenda (as usual) and promised Dinah he would check the doctor out to see if he's legitimate.

Matt brought flowers to the hospital for Vanessa, but she was nowhere to be found. He ran into Beth, who seemed to understand what Dinah was going through. She told him how she once considered ending her own life over losing Phillip. Matt was interested in what she had to say and asked to call him if she was ever faced with that situation again. He then gave her the flowers instead and the two hugged. Lillian saw the two and later confronted Beth about it. Beth said that if people didn't stop accusing her and Matt of being more than friends, she just might start to believe it herself.

Blake was searching for Ross at Cedars -- Hart told her that he had left to meet a dinner date at Millennium. She called there and asked the bartender to let Ross know his wife was on the way. Once there, she ran into Anita (Ross' date) and they talked about relationships. Blake advised her to hold onto her man and then briefly explained what had happened to her marriage. Anita told her that she was meeting someone she had had a crush on for years. When Blake returned from the ladies' room, she was shocked to see Ross and Anita together.

Michelle informed Drew that she turned down Jesse's marriage proposal -- but only temporarily. She suggested that since she would be Jesse's neighbor, they needed to work something out. Drew agreed and asked Michelle to meet her at the beach. Once Drew got there, she ran into Mick and he started to attack her. Luckily, Michelle showed up and asked him to stop -- resulting in him going after her. Drew hit him over the head with a rock -- which only made him go after her -- and then Michelle hit him with a rock. Mick was knocked out.

Cassie was waiting for Hart and was happy to see him. She told him how happy she was that he wanted to see her. Her baby kicked and she asked him to feel it -- but he told her that he couldn't do this anymore. He said that he couldn't be with her ever again and that he needed to stay with Dinah forever. Cassie got very upset and started having pains.

Thursday, November 5

by Angela Overmyer

After they knocked Mick out cold, Michelle (now played by Joie Lenz) and Drew ran back to Millennium. They told Jesse and Bill what happened and Jesse decided that he was going to get even. Then, someone showed up looking for Mick -- Drew quickly made up something about him being at a concert. Afterwards, she told Michelle to keep her mouth shut. Bill suggested that they go to the beach to find Mick and make sure he wasn't bleeding to death -- Drew was reluctant, but they all went.

Blake was furious about Ross and Anita and decided to interupt their meeting. Ross told Blake that she was embarrassing herself and asked her to go home, but Blake wanted to stick around. Unfortunately, Frank called her about Holly -- she showed up at the police station upset over Ken and he noticed that she had one too many drinks. Blake asked him to take her mother home and she would meet them there. Once she left, Anita "apologized" to Ross and claimed she had no idea who Blake was. She urged him to use Holly's drinking problem in court to get custody. Ross didn't seem too happy about it, but in the end he agreed to play dirty.

Hart was concerned about Cassie's pains and tried to offer some assistance -- Cassie didn't want him anywhere near her. He told her that it was the hardest thing he's ever had to do and that he loved her. She angrily reminded him of how understanding she's been -- especially since Dinah became pregnant -- and then told him to go to hell.

Meanwhile, Reva showed up at Cedars looking for Cassie. Someone had called and left a message with Shayne for Reva to meet Cassie at the hospital. She ran into Sean and filled him in on her earlier conversation with her sister; in turn, he let her know that Hart was leaving her for good.

Teri went over to the Lewises (she's the one who called Reva) and drugged Josh again. She was angry at Reva and Cassie for picking on her earlier and told Josh that he would make them pay for her -- using Cassie as a "catalyst". Then she suggested that he would find Cassie irresistible. He was able to momentarily resist by reminding her that he loved Reva and could not hurt her. Her mission for the day complete, Teri told him to return to the way he was when she first got there. He snapped out of it but had no recollection of their conversation. As Teri was walking out the door, a distraught Cassie showed up and hugged Josh. He started telling her how beautiful she was and then started to kiss her -- Cassie thought the whole situation was odd. Just as he was about to kiss her, Reva came home -- Teri was watching through the window and said: "I said I'd cost you everything Reva, and I will -- this is only the beginning!".

Dinah told her mother that Hart wasn't going to stick around forever. She shocked Vanessa when she told her that she set the fire to make Hart feel guilty for leaving her. At first it seemed that Vanessa was mad and Dinah told her to go ahead and tell Hart. However, she met up with Matt in the hallway and told him about Dinah's confession -- and then said "oh, my poor girl". Matt was disgusted at Dinah's psychopathic attempts to keep her man and urged Vanessa to stop feeling sorry for her. They had an argument -- mainly because Vanessa accused him of picking another fight. Eventually they made up and she made him promise not to tell anyone about Dinah until she decides what to do. When Hart arrived, Vanessa told him that Dinah needed psychiatric help because she was afraid of what she might do. He told her that he left Cassie for good and was going to stick with Dinah. Later on, he went into see Dinah but had memories of Cassie. He told Dinah that she was stuck with him.

Blake arrived at Holly's house and met Frank and Holly outside. Holly was still upset over her brother and was rambling on. They opened the door to find that the Nursery Rhyme Stalker has struck again! On the wall was written: "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, Holly came next to fetch some scotch and left without her daughter, SOME MOTHER...".

Friday, November 6

by TV Guide

Cassie is nervous when Josh starts rubbing her neck and assures her that she is a beautiful woman who doesn't need Hart in her life. Reva interrupts and is concerned to see the look on her sister's face. Josh whispers that Cassie doesn't need Hart anymore now that she has Reva and him in her life. Teri sneaks a peek and is amused to see her plan for Reva working so well but then finds Josh has suddenly stopped obeying her. Selena grabs her book filled with former "customer" names and confides to Abby that she's going to give the book to David so that he can determine who the father of her missing daughter is. Once David finds the man, he can ask the state adoption officials where their daughter is. Beth surprises Ben at his place and confides that her mother's concerned about her growing friendship with Matt. Back at Millennium and concerned that Mick is no longer lying on the beach, Bill urges Drew and Michelle to stop blaming each other for what happened and instead, go to the police about Mick. Jesse assures both women that he will protect them from Mick, suggests that they go into hiding until he can find the drug dealer. Later, they hear a news report that Mick's lifeless body has been found. Unable to find anyone around her ransacked house, Frank announces to Holly that he has some questions for her. She boasts that the disheveled house is proof that the stalker is still out there and pleads with him to release her brother from jail. Frank confides to Teri that this may not be the work of the stalker and then accuses Holly of faking the break-in herself.

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