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Jessica's pregnancy was revealed, and Cristian claimed that he was the father. Clint ordered Will to stay away from Jessica. The recording of Todd's confession was missing. Todd made deals with Max, Blair, and Kelly for each of them each to take possession of the Sun.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, November 9, 1998


Todd is, well, the original Todd at his paper, chewing out Briggs for his wimpy headlines. Rather quickly, it dawns on Briggs that Todd is himself, which makes Briggs grin happily, since they could use some excitement around the Sun. He even smiles as he leaves, as Todd threatens to fire him. Blair arrives, and listens angrily to Todd's very enthusiastic and convoluted story of the beginning of his integration. (huh, and he doesn't remember seeing Blair at the wedding.) Blair is disgusted with Todd, so Todd, since he's sane, fires her. Again.

Blair doesn't meekly leave, of course. She threatens Todd with that hot pink tape, but Todd only becomes worried when Blair impresses upon him that Sam would forgive her for doing anything to protect Her Little Girl. Todd then offers her the Sun in exchange for the tape, but before she can respond, Sam interrupts (from the hospital, see below). Sam is thrilled to dickens to see Todd be Todd. Todd swivels in his seat and tells Sam that Blair has something she wants to tell him. Blair stutters that Todd has decided to sell her the paper, but Todd only concedes that they're in negotiations. On his way out to his suddenly remembered therapy appointment, Todd mentions that once he's "well", he can get his kid back. Blair freaks.

Blair freaks all the way to the penthouse, despite Sam's pleading to calm down. She stomps upstairs to see Her Little Girl. Sam picks up Blair's spilled purse, and *nearly* plays The Tape, but Blair returns in time to prevent the disaster.


At the diner, Mommie nags the peevish Cris to see a specialist about the injury on his hand. Later, Roseanne arrives with Téa (from the hospital, see below) to also tell the sulky Cris to see a doctor, but by then Mommie has already made an appointment to see one that very afternoon. Roseanne and Cris sit in a booth, and she gains a bit of my respect by being very honest about the way she threw herself at Cris had created the situation for Jessica to turn to Will. Cris thinks Will doesn't deserve Roseanne. Will enters the restaurant (from the hospital, see below) and tells Cristian that he refuses not to be there for Jessica. Cris is angry and again shows off his ability to not listen to reason. Will calls him on his hypocrisy, so they all head back to the hospital.

Meanwhile at the counter, Carlotta isn't happy or impressed with Téa¹s crazy tale of Todd's beginning integration. She still thinks Todd's no good, especially for Téa, but Téa continues to gush about him. Todd sweeps in with his little doctor in tow. The doctor assures Téa that the integration has indeed begun. Todd goes down on bended knee to ask Téa to marry him. Despite Carlotta's last minute warning, Téa unsurprisingly agrees. Todd wants to marry the very next day, but when Téa protests, he suggests and she agrees to Friday the thirteenth as their special day.


Will admires babies in the hospital nursery. Sam joins and admires right along with him, giving Will the opportunity to tell Sam that Jessica is pregnant. Sam responds with surprise, and quickly realizes that she and Will were headed for an abortion when they all crashed. Unfortunately, Sam assumes that Cris is the father, which muffles Will's attempt to reveal the whole truth. They leave the hospital.

Téa signs Roseanne's release papers, then approaches Viki to inquire about Jessica. Viki says that Jess might be dismissed today. Téa then drops the bomb about Todd's integration, to which Viki is amazed. While Téa is amazing Viki, Roseanne goes into Jessica's room to ask her what she and Will plan to do now. Before Jess can respond, a nurse enters to take some blood for tests, but Jessica loudly refuses them. Viki hears this bit.

Téa takes Roseanne off to the diner, leaving Viki alone with her daughter. Jessica complains that she just wants to go home and have everything return to normal, but Viki shares her wisdom that sometimes life takes such sharp turns that it's impossible to go back. Jessica looks utterly sad and miserable, with big tears rolling down her cheeks. At this tense point, Clint interrupts to proudly tell Jess that he bought her the computer she wanted, and also talked to her profs, so her reading list is ready. He's encouraging and loving, while Jess is distraught and Viki is concerned. Clint touchingly wipes his daughters tears away. After he leaves (Clint goofs and calls Viki "hon", btw), Jess bravely admits to Viki that she's pregnant.

Jessica asks Viki to yell and be disappointed in her, but Viki instead assures Jessica how much she loves her, wipes her tears, and promises that they¹ll deal with it together. Viki apologizes for making Jess feel that she couldn't come to her for help. Jessica courageously tells Viki of the plans for the abortion, and still seems to think that she'll have to go through with it, though she admits she doesn't want one. Jess begs Viki not to tell Clint, but Viki replies that Jess is going to have to tell him herself. Viki also promises that she isn't going to force Jess to have the baby, but warns that Jess must consider the baby's father.

In the hallway, Will, Cris, and Roseanne arrive, but are delayed by an angry Clint, who chews Will's butt for continually getting Jessica in all kinds of trouble. He orders Will to stay away from his daughter, while Cris narrows his eyes and gloats.

Jess tells her mom that the baby's father supports her decision, but Viki wants to talk to him herself. Viki takes a breath and asks if the father is Will, but before Jessica can reply, Cris, from the door (and with Will standing behind him) announces that he's the father.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Todd sent out wedding invitations to the people on his "list." When he received all negative responses, he lied to Téa that everyone had accepted. Asa advised Kelly to do whatever was necessary to get The Sun. Max and Kelly searched the penthouse for Todd's confession tape, but Blair threw them out. Blair panicked when she discovered that the tape was missing and didn't see that Starr had hidden it in the pouch of a stuffed kangaroo. Will got angry over Cristian's claim to be the father of Jessica's baby. Will attempted to tell Viki the truth about the baby, but he was interrupted by the doctor. Carlotta railed at Cristian for being so irresponsible. Cristian assured Jessica that he would be able to accept the baby as his own. Asa offered Sam a job in order to keep an eye on him.

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Todd's Office

Todd is very angry that Asa's response to his wedding invitation was to burn a hole in it with his cigar. Todd swears that the old coot will dance the macarena and the electric slide. He is in the midst of a huge tantrum when Kelly arrives and notes that she is glad that he got his spirit back. Todd wants her to get all the people on his list to come to his and Téa's wedding and he promises her the Sun in return.

Penthouse- Blair and Starr

Starr tells Blair that maybe a monster ate her pink tape and it is in his tummy. Blair has to laugh even though the matter is deadly serious to her. She ask Starr what Uncle Max said when he came by with Aunt Kelly and Starr says that they were playing hide and seek and that Uncle Max was a bad loser. Blair agrees that Max is a loser, alright. The bell rings and Blair sends Starr off to the kitchen for cookies. Max comes in and starts to call Blair "sweetheart", but she is not having any of it. She threatens to have him and Kelly arrested for breaking and entering if he does not hand over the tape.

The Mill House- Joey and Kevin

Kevin is sorting through his mail outside the Mill House Door when Joey arrives. He has a brochure for a cruise line and it looks like a good idea. Joey mentions that Cassie called Barbara on the Kevin's wedding night and Kevin is amazed that Barbara came over and did not tell him a thing about it.

The Hospital- Barbara and Andrew

Andrew is on a mission from God. He couldn't save Todd's soul but he wants to save Barbara's. Since her confession, Reverend Carpenter has left several messages, but Barbara has not responded. Andrew is worried about Barbara continuing to have contact with Cassie. Barbara says that it is Cassie who asked her to be a part of her wedding and help her dress and she couldn't refuse. It is the least she could do. Andrew advises her that if she wants to make up for shooting Cassie and killing Drew, Barbara should confess to the police.

Meanwhile, Nora is having her first sonogram. The doctor asks if this is Bo's first child and Nora replies that no, but it is his first sonogram. Bo asks how far along the baby is, but Nora diverts his attention to the sound of the heart beat. The doctor says that the baby sounds and looks as it should, but does not say how that lines up with its gestation period.

Palace- Sam and Asa, Nora and Bo

Asa offers Sam a job at Buchanan Enterprises once ago. He says it is a win-win deal for the both of them. Sam replies that he wants nothing that belongs to Asa's family. He gets up and leaves for the bar. Asa chases after him. He expresses his concern for Will and Sam asks after Jessica. Asa says that his granddaughter has his heart in her hand. Isn't it funny how their families got tangled up?, Asa asks and Sam replies that only Clint and Lindsay are tangled up, not Will and Jessica. Asa again presses for Sam to work for him, but Sam lets him know that over the doorway of Buchanan Enterprises there is the family motto: Keep your friends close and your enemies Closer, so there is no way that Sam would be interested in Asa's proposal.

Bo arrives and shows Asa the sonogram. Asa doesn't know what it is. It looks like a picture from a weather satellite to him. "Its your new grandchild, Pa", Bo says proudly. Asa says that the first time he saw either of his boys was when they were placed in his arms. He waves the sonogram in Sam's face and tells him to take a look at Bo and Nora's baby.

Barbara and Andrew

Andrew does not think it is wise for Barbara to act like Cassie's friend or for her to be in the same house as Kevin. Neither of them know what she has done. And what about Joey? He doesn't know that she killed his cousin. Why doesn't she let Andrew help her? Barbara is certain that with Joey at her side, she can turn her life around. Andrew says that she knows where to find him and that she should stay away from Kevin and Cassie. After he leaves, she receives a voice mail from Cassie to come to the Mill house.

Blair and Max

Max tries to tell Blair how much he misses her, but she sees through his fake charm and accuses him of double crossing her. He retaliates saying that she double crossed him because of her Sunday school crush on Sam. Blair says that Sam loves her. "When he is not loving Nora", Max needles her. Max asks what the difference is if she lost the tape. The trial is over and Todd walked. Blair wants to know if Max still loves her. If he does, he should give it to her. She wants it as a wedding present to Todd. "Sweet deal for you, but what is in it for me", Max asks.

Todd and Kelly

Todd tells Kelly that Téa wants everyone to attend their wedding. Kelly reminds him that only Sam and Viki are interested, the rest of Llanview would only show up for his public execution. Todd swears that he wants to give Téa the wedding she wants, but Kelly is not fooled by him and knows that it is all about him. When pushed, he admits that he thinks the town owes him an apology and he wants everyone to see how he has changed. If she can deliver everyone on his list, the Sun is hers.

Max and Blair

Max asks Blair to come back to his place. She asks if the tape is there. Maybe they could negotiate. She can give him a silent partnership. Max says it is no deal and she should think it over and call him when she is ready. After he walks out, Blair asks Starr if she is sure she did not see Max take anything out of the house. Starr says no. Blair leaves and Starr asks her nanny what is the longest she played hide and seek. The nanny says a whole Saturday in her daddy's barn. When the nanny goes to the kitchen, Starr takes a tape out of her stuffed Kangaroo's pouch and says, gleefully, "I win".

Kevin and Joey

Kevin tells Joey that his wedding night was a disaster and that he rushed things. Joey counsels time and patience. Kevin tells him that he was trying to take things with Cassie in steps. He was massaging her but when he started massaging her legs and feet, which she could not feel, Cassie could not go on. Joey asks what Kevin will do if Cassie can't have sex. Kevin says that he loves her and that she is sitting in the wheel chair because of him. He has to take it a day at a time. Cassie is hearing this through the slightly open door. Joey tells Kevin that he feels the same way about Barbara. Kevin is willing to accept Barbara if Cassie can. He feels ashamed of what he did to Barbara and Cassie. Joey feels that Barbara has been misjudged by Kevin. She grew up privileged like he and Kevin, but her house was cold. Everything with her father was about him and not Barbara. She went through the mugging and the rape and she never had real love. Maybe Joey can give her that real love now. Kevin hopes he and Barbara will be happy. When he goes back into the house, Cassie tells Kevin that she wanted him badly on their wedding night, she just couldn't. He kisses her. He wants to make it up to her. He has an idea.

Kevin wants to take her on a cruise. He tells her to close her eyes and just imagine the beautiful sea and the pelicans and the lovely islands they will see. It would be a good opportunity to get out of Llanview. Or he could take her anywhere she wants to go. They could book into a good hotel and read to each other. Cassie says that she will never adjust to life in a wheel chair. He does not know how scary it is. Kevin replies that he knows her determination and that is why he loves her. Cassie asks if this is a pep talk. Kevin replies that is more like the aftermath of an earthquake. But things will go better. She will be chasing stories and playing basketball with River and they can adopt another child. It is so possible. Kevin tells her just think of any place on this good earth and they can go.

Todd's office

Todd is ordering flowers when Blair comes in and he brags that Dr. Boyd says he is well on the road to integration. Then he will take Starr back. Blair is not about to relinquish her custody to him. She worries what will happen to Starr once she gives back the tape. Is he planning to stay in Llanview? Todd says he and Téa are staying and he expects to see the Cramer Tarts at the wedding. Give him the pink tape and she will have the Sun.


The nanny asks if Starr is going to play the pretty music. The oven bell rings and the nanny goes back to the kitchen. Starr listens to Todd's confession tape and smiles. "That's my Daddy", she says.


Asa says that Bo will make a great daddy. Kelly comes over and asks to speak to Asa and Bo, leaving Nora alone with Sam. He notes how quiet she is and tells her if she ever needs him he will be there for her.

Kevin and Cassie

Cassie and Kevin discuss Gone with The Wind and Cassie daydreams about a honeymoon on a riverboat to New Orleans. They imagine the rocking of the boat and the bed and she stops again. Kevin assures her that sex is not the only thing in a marriage. Cassie notes that is one of those things they do best. Kevin says she is enough for him. Cassie wonders if she should get him a mistress. The bell rings. It is Barbara and Kevin tells her that she came at the worst time. She explains that Cassie called her.

Todd's Office

Blair agrees they have a deal, but Starr is non negotiable. Todd says that there is just one thing. He wants his daughter at the wedding with her hair combed and clean teeth. That and the tape will get her the Sun. As long as Blair has her daughter and Todd has access to her also, they have a deal.


Kelly tells them that Todd agreed to give her the Sun if Bo and Asa agree to go to the wedding. Asa says no way. He will not let that hyena see him so he can laugh. Asa is worried that he might carry a bomb to the wedding and there will be a repeat of the lodge. Kelly is sure Todd is just doing this to impress Téa. Kelly asks him to do this for her and Drew. Asa finally agrees to honor her promise to her dead fiancée. Bo says he understands, but he will not subject his pregnant wife to this kind of thing.

Nora tells Sam that the last few months were like a curse that has now been lifted. The little person on the sonogram is dreaming of life to come. Sam is silent.

Kelly tells Asa that without Bo and Nora, Todd will call off the deal. Asa says that he will help her pull off the rest of the guests. Kelly has one more favor. Todd wants the wedding in the Palace.

Nora goes to the bathroom and Sam says that she looks happy to Bo. Bo says it is good to be a father again. Asa watches intently in the distance as he downs his drink.

Cassie and Kevin

Cassie wants Barbara to come in. Kevin does not understand what Barbara is doing at their house. Cassie says she needs some meds and Barbara lives near by. In fact, she could use her dad's old room for therapy. The cruise can wait. She has been thinking that they should hire Barbara full time. Kevin is amazed.


Blair arrives and know immediately something is wrong with Sam. He hugs her close.

The Sun

Todd is singing "Here comes the Bride" as Max arrives. Mr. Holden doesn't want to sell Swampland, but a little pink tape. Todd says that he thought Blair had the tape. The clumsy girl mislaid it. Todd tells him if he can deliver the tape, he can have sole ownership of the Sun.

Thursday, November 12, 1998

Todd hid his uneasiness when Téa talked about making love on their wedding night. Todd assured Téa that all he wanted was to make her happy. Later, Roseanne read Téa's tarot cards which said Téa's marriage was doomed. Sam reassured Blair that he and Nora were only friends, but he later had to put a halt to their lovemaking when he couldn't get Nora out of his mind. After Jessica admitted to Clint that she was pregnant, an angry Clint held Cristian responsible and later argued with Will about it. Jessica confided in Todd the truth about Will being her baby's father and Todd told her to stick with the lie that it was Cristian's. On the eve of his wedding, Todd received a family heirloom as a special gift from Viki.

Friday, November 13, 1998

Nora, Bo and Asa

Nora and Asa are talking on the phone. Nora asks if he's that desperate to get The Sun that he'll go to Todd's wedding. "I prefer to think of it as Todd's funeral", Asa replies. Asa tries to convince Nora and Bo to come to the wedding, but they refuse. Tell Todd I'm nauseous and don't want to get sick all over Téa's dress, Nora says. She hangs up the phone and she and Bo laugh over the fact that Asa will do anything to get what he wants. They, on the other hand, have principles. Bo notices a folder that Sykes had dropped by earlier and looks through it. Drew's case is closed, they say Munk killed Drew.

Bo doesn't believe that Munk killed Drew, something just doesn't feel right to him. He decides to stop thinking about it for awhile, he's got a special night planned with his wife, an "anti-wedding". He rented some videos for them to watch - "The Three Faces of Eve", "Sybil", and "The Bride of Frankenstein". And for some romance, he also rented "Titanic". Nora laughs at his selections and Bo says it's good to hear her laugh, she hasn't done enough of it lately. And sometimes she gets this look in her eyes... is something wrong?

Is she worried about carrying the baby or about her own health, Bo asks. Every pregnant woman worries about the baby, Nora replies. Bo wants her to tell him in the future if she has any concerns, big or small, he wants nothing in between them, not even little white lies. Nora goes to get some popcorn and Bo starts to make some notes about the investigation into Drew's murder. He starts to write, "Check Munk's Pals", but the lead in the pencil breaks in the middle and it looks like "Check Munk's R". This starts him to thinking again, maybe Drew wasn't trying to write an R, maybe it was a P, "or maybe even a B". Nora promises to get in touch with a handwriting expert she knows to see if he can tell them what letter Drew was trying to write. They settle in to watch "The Bride of Frankenstein".

Llanfair library

Kevin is showing Mel, Andrew and Joey a copy of the police report saying that Munk killed Drew. Kevin doesn't believe it, if that was the case, why was he lured to the docks and not Drew? He notices Cassie and Barbara arrive and quickly goes over to them. Cassie tells them they don't have to hide the folder on her account. Death is too good for the person who did this her, "isn't that right, Barbara?", Cassie asks. Barbara jumps guiltily and when Cassie pretends she was asking Barbara how she would deal with her rapist if he was here right now, Barbara says she doesn't know.

Across the room, Dorian is watching Cassie and commenting to Lindsay that this is just how Kevin likes her, dependent on him. Dorian wishes she hadn't been on the run with R.J., she might have been able to help. Lindsay says it's hard to keep your children out of trouble all the time, even when you are with them, "just ask Viki".

In another corner of the room, Viki is telling Clint that Dr. Conklin said both Jessica and the baby are fine. Jessica also seems to be re-thinking her decision to have an abortion since she told Viki and Clint the truth. Viki tells Clint that she was surprised (in a positive way) by his reaction.

Meanwhile, Lindsay has apparently told Dorian about Jessica's pregnancy, and when Jessica enters the room, Dorian wastes no time making a scene about it. Asking if she and Cristian are planning to get married soon and saying what a beautiful child it will be with the two of them for parents. Jessica turns and runs from the room, followed by Joey, Kevin and Mel, as Viki berates Dorian for her insensitive behavior. "I'm sorry, but Lindsay didn't tell me it was a big secret", Dorian replies. Clint glares at Lindsay.

Out in the hall, Kevin and Joey(who apparently had already learned about the pregnancy) are very supportive of Jessica. If she ever needs someone to talk to, both of them are there for her. Jessica says you might as well publish her pregnancy on the front page of the Banner now that Dorian knows. Joey tries to reassure her that Dorian only said what she did to get to Viki, it wasn't even about Jessica. Jessica thanks them for their support. Jessica's about to go up and change when Viki comes into the hall and apologizes for what Dorian said. Viki promises to back off and not smother Jessica, but she asks Jessica to please not make any rash decisions, she and Clint will support Jessica, whatever she decides. Just after Jessica goes upstairs, Clint comes out and tells Viki he wants to apologize to Jessica for Lindsay. Lindsay speaks up and say she can apologize for herself. Clint turns on her, "and you wonder why you're such an outsider in this family".

Inside the library, Dorian goes over to Cassie and asks if she can get her anything. Cassie turns down her offer, but then orders Barbara to get her a glass of wine. Dorian doesn't understand why Cassie hired Barbara. "Don't worry, Mother, she's never going to hurt me again", Cassie says, confidently. Barbara returns with the wine and Cassie has her wheel her out to the terrace. Barbara asks how much longer Cassie intends to keep this up. Cassie refuses to say, it would spoil the fun. "You are a sick woman", Barbara tells her.

Andrew joins them on the terrace and asks to speak to Barbara alone. Cassie goes back inside and Andrew once again asks Barbara to consider telling the truth, she can't keep living with the burden of her sins. She does promise to come see him for counseling if he promises not to say anything about it to Joey. Barbara assures him she is paying for her sins, more that he knows.

Clint tells Viki that he set Lindsay straight about Dorian. Viki suggests that in the future he shouldn't share private information about the family with Lindsay. "She's my wife", Clint reminds her. Viki quietly agrees and changes the subject. Jessica is going to need a lot of our attention, Viki says, but she thinks they should also keep an eye on Kevin, what he and Cassie have to deal with "would tax the strongest marriage."

Dorian and Lindsay go out into the hall to speak privately. Lindsay is furious with Dorian for using what she told her in confidence to embarrass Jessica and make Clint angry with her. I should have believed them when they said I couldn't trust you, says Lindsay. Dorian replies that she'd better hope they were wrong, because Dorian knows that Lindsay doctored Bo's test results and will tell everyone if Lindsay doesn't get off her case. And all Lindsay's plans were for nothing anyway now that Nora's pregnant, continues Dorian, because everyone will know the results are fake. Unless Bo's not the father, Dorian muses, "wouldn't that be amusing?"

Téa, Roseanne, Cristian and Roseanne

At Carlotta's house, Roseanne is asking Cris if he still intends to let everyone think the baby is his. Carlotta and Téa arrive with Téa's wedding dress. Téa is very nervous about the wedding, especially since Todd has a surprise planned. "Maybe he'll dynamite the place", jokes Cris. No one else finds it funny. Roseanne starts using the tarot cards and Téa asks her to put them away. Even though Téa claims not to believe in them, she seems nervous about what Roseanne might see. She starts talking about making your own future and how sometimes you hurt the ones you love. Thinking of himself and Jessica, Cris abruptly leaves the room. Téa apologizes for upsetting Cris, but Carlotta tells her not to worry, this is her special day and she's going to enjoy it.

Téa says that she does love Todd with all of her heart. She can't believe she's the same person that married him for 5 million dollars last year. "If we're lucky, we learn from our mistakes", Carlotta says. Téa is certain it's not a mistake this time. Carlotta hopes so, but that's not what she meant. "That...that was a long time ago", Téa replies. "But an experience like that can color your whole life", Carlotta says, without making it clear what the experience was. Whatever it was, Téa says that all she could do was run, she thought that she'd never stay in a relationship for a long time, until she met Todd. "And I've changed too, I'm not the same person I was when Anna Rosa was still alive. The past is the past, and today's the beginning of my new future", Téa insists. Roseanne overhears the last part of the conversation.

The Cabana

Todd and Sam enter the cabana. Sam seems a bit uncomfortable to be there. He asks Todd what his duties as best man will be. "Oh, you'll have something to do. Everyone will have something to do", Todd says mysteriously, with a smirk on his face. There's a knock at the door. It's Will, who's stopped by to wish Todd good luck. Sam's always treated Todd like a second son and that's good enough for Will. Will leaves and Sam tells Todd he thinks it's wonderful that Todd will be together with the woman he loves. Todd thanks Sam for his help, Todd will never forget it, or Sam. His statement puzzles Sam, who asks, "You're not going to run off after the wedding, are you?"

Outside, Blair and Starr arrive. Blair's about to go into the cabana when she's stopped by Max. Kelly arrives at almost the same time and all three of them realize that Todd has promised The Sun to each of them. Blair's ready to go in and confront Todd, but Max stops her. "Maybe we can beat Todd at his own game", he suggests. Max thinks they should make Todd give all three of them the paper. You're bluffing, Blair accuses, and demands Max show her the tape. Meanwhile, Starr is sitting on a bench nearby with the tape in her stuffed kangaroo's pouch.

Sam gives Todd a little present, a high school letter, which he didn't get before, but Sam thinks he deserves. Sam tells Todd how proud he is of him and how he has finally succeeded and has the woman he deserves. Sam goes outside and interrupts Max, Blair and Kelly's discussion. Todd steps outside and invites the three of them inside. Blair remains outside a moment and asks Sam to watch Starr. Starr shows Sam the flowers she picked, and the pink tape.

Kelly didn't get *all* the Buchanans there, but neither Max or Blair can give him the tape, so Todd declares that Kelly is in the lead right now. "You two can report to my office in the morning if you want a job", Kelly gloats before leaving. Todd offers Blair and Max the same deal again, give me the tape and The Sun is yours. Outside, Sam promises to listen to Starr's tape right after the wedding and tucks it back into the kangaroo's pouch. Stepping out of the cabana, both Blair and Max are accusing the other of bluffing. Max says maybe he does have the tape, maybe he just wants to play it at the right time. Max walks away and Starr comes over to Blair. They discuss the wedding and Starr asks if it means "T" is her mommy now. I'm you're one and only mommy, Blair explains. "And Daddy is my one and only Daddy", Starr says.

The Stables

Will enters the stables and finds Jessica there. She's not going to the wedding because Dorian announced to just about everyone that she's pregnant. Will wants to know why Cris told Viki the baby is his, because Will is not OK with that. It was his mistake and Will wants to be the one to deal with it. Jessica wishes they hadn't had the accident, this would all be over. Do you really wish that, asks Will. Jessica admits that she's been thinking about the baby as more than just an "it". Will wants to tell his parents the truth, but Jess doesn't think it's a good idea. She stands up and picks up a saddle, she's going riding. Will is worried, couldn't that hurt the baby, or is that what Jessica wants? Jess tells Will to leave her alone and storms out. Cris arrives just after Jess leaves. Cris warns Will to back off and keep his mouth shut. Will insists he can't do that and while the two of them are arguing, we hear Jessica scream and then hear a thud. "Jessica", Cris yells and he and Will race outside.

Country Club

Todd has decorated the country club with lots of plants, vines and flowers. It's impressive, but maybe a bit overdone. Cassie, Kevin, Joey and Barbara arrive, followed soon after by Mel and Dorian. A reluctant Clint arrives, dragged there by Lindsay, but as soon as he sees Lindsay eyeing Sam, he drags her off, they're going home. Asa, arriving with Renee, tries to stop them, but Clint is determined. Renee goes over to say hello to Viki and Sam and asks if Todd has gotten cold feet yet. Just the opposite, Sam tells her, Todd is very excited, like a kid on Christmas morning with lots of presents. Viki notices Andrew arrive, dressed in a tuxedo so she knows he's not officiating the ceremony. Sam says that someone named Judge Charles Taylor will be performing the ceremony, but Sam doesn't know who that is. Viki, however, knows him and he is infamous for his drinking. "This is going to be one strange wedding", Viki predicts.

Asa bets that Todd is going to pull some sort of stunt tonight. Kevin agrees, but Renee thinks maybe the surprise is that Todd will throw a perfectly normal wedding. Joey comes over and takes a picture of the three of them and Cassie and Barbara, too. As Barbara leans near Cassie to fit into the picture, Cassie whispers "don't expect a future with Joey". Across the room, Max dares Blair to produce the tape. Blair bluffs, saying that maybe she hid it in this room. Standing over by the bar with Minnie, Starr pulls the tape out of her stuffed animal, but neither of them notice.

"Why do I have this feeling of foreboding?", Viki comments to Andrew. Viki hopes everything goes OK, this marriage could be Todd's salvation. Andrew has a different opinion, he thinks the marriage is "a tragic joke". Sam comes over to see Blair, he's a little nervous and asks her if his tie is straight. He and Blair also make plans to go home together after the wedding. The music begins, but neither the judge or Todd are there. Téa appears in the doorway, looking beautiful in her gown. But just as she starts down the aisle, the lights go out and the music grinds to a halt. Everyone wonders what is going on. Suddenly a section of what appeared to be greenery for decoration begins to move. It slowly revolves around to reveal a clear glass coffin, with Todd lying inside.

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