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Monday, October 26, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meredeth Haley

In the opening scene, Serena asks Lucy if she will be moving back in to the lighthouse with Kevin. Lucy fumbles over an explanation for why that will not be happening. Serena then asks Lucy to move in with her and Scotty.

At the Lighthouse, Kevin is burying himself in work in an effort to forget Lucy. Victor and he have an argument regarding his work habits. Victor feels that Kevin is making a mistake by not trying to mend things between Lucy and himself. Kevin makes plan to take Eve to a lecture on the mind of a serial killer.

Back at Scotty's, Lucy tries to make up an excuse on why it would not be plausible for her to move in with Serena and Scotty.

Victor and Mary Scanlon inadvertently cook up a plan to reunite Lucy and Kevin.

At the hospital, Joe is carrying on a conversation with Courtney about Neal. John wants to take Neal to Disney World for two weeks. Joe is definitely against the idea. Courtney is unsure if she can stop him. The two decide to talk to her lawyer once again. After Courtney leaves, Frank arrives. Joe confides the truth to him about Neal's parentage.

Chris sees Courtney at the hospital and invites her out again.

Back at the hotel, a bored Lucy is talking her frustrations out with Sigmund when the phone rings. The caller was Serena inviting Lucy to a picnic at the Gazebo with Scotty and herself. Lucy jumped at the chance to spend more time with Serena and Scotty.

A mishap at the Lighthouse causes a mix-up between two special manila envelopes. One envelope included an invitation for Eve to attend a lecture with Kevin. The other envelope contained a note invented by Victor, inviting Lucy to a rendezvous with Kevin.

Kevin delivers the wrong envelope to Eve.

Scotty, Lucy, and Serena play Simon says in the park. Scotty chases Serena away from the gazebo, leaving Lucy by herself. Lucy talks to Dominique about her unresolved feelings towards Scott. She asks for a sign.

Victor delivers the wrong envelope to Lucy's hotel room.

Eve receives an invitation to rendezvous with Kevin at the Lighthouse.

Frank confronts Courtney about Neal's paternity. Karen overhears.

Tuesday, October 27, 1998

Victor and Mary put the finishing touches on the lighthouse. Victor calls Lucy who told him she's on her way to meet Kevin. Meanwhile, Eve gets dressed to the hilt at her apartment. Chris sneers when he finds out she's meeting Kevin. Back at the lighthouse, Victor calls Kevin and told him to come home right away. Kevin leaves the seminar, just as Lucy shows up at the other door. Eve arrives at the lighthouse and lets herself in. She sees all the preparations and decorations and starts wondering. Kevin comes home and finds Eve waiting for him. He asks where Victor is and Eve told him he's not home. I think it's time we put Scott and Lucy behind us, Eve says. Kevin agrees. To new beginnings, they toast to each other. Later, Kevin and Eve realize that Victor has set up the evening for "them." He wants me to start enjoying myself, I guess, Kevin says. Eve gets flustered when she realizes Kevin didn't invite her. She makes a motion to leave, but Kevin convinces her to stay. They decide to take full advantage of what Victor has set up.

At the seminar, Lucy is waiting impatiently for Kevin. Ellen arrives and the two women start discussing Lucy's troubled love life. The seminar begins so they head outside to talk. Lucy told Ellen everything about Scott. Lucy questions why Kevin would stand her up after inviting her to this seminar. They ask an attendant if Kevin has left any messages for Lucy. He told them that Kevin left suddenly and didn't leave any messages. Lucy gets confused.

Victor and Mary head off to Mary's apartment, where unbeknownst to Mary, Victor has set up the place like they did for Kevin and Lucy. Mary is surprised, but pleased. They share a quiet dinner and end the evening with a kiss.

Wednesday, October 28, 1998

After the lecture, Ellen and Lucy go back to the hotel to talk about Lucy's predicament with Scott and Kevin. Ellen asks Lucy to explain how she and Scott managed to become lovers again. After Lucy explains and complains that she still has feelings for Kevin, Ellen advises her to do nothing until she is certain what she wants to do. Lucy agrees, but she can't keep Scott and Kevin off her mind, even when Ellen suggests she try meditation.

Victor calls the lighthouse to check on Kevin, still believing that Lucy is having dinner with him. Kevin gives Victor no indication that Eve is really his dinner companion, and Victor told Kevin to take the phone off the hook and relax.

Lark cooks a special dinner to celebrate Julie's homecoming, and Garcia stops by with a gift of almond roca for Julie. Julie invites him to stay for dinner. After dinner, Garcia toasts Julie's safety with a thoughtless reminder of her abduction by Greg Cooper one year ago. Julie is shaken by the remark, and Garcia apologizes. After Garcia leaves, Frank teases Julie, telling her that he believes Garcia has a crush on her. The phone rings, and Julie answers it, only to find Greg Cooper on the other end of the line.

After Kevin and Eve finish their dinner, they start to discuss Kevin's notes about the killer's identity, but the guitarist Victor hired to serenade them interrupts. They decide to relax and listen to the music. After sipping some champagne, they dance and come awfully close to kissing.

Victor and Mary enjoy their romantic evening, too, and Mary told Victor she wants him to be in her life. Overjoyed, Victor says he will leave on a high note, but Mary invites him to spend the night.

Ellen leaves Lucy meditating, but Lucy can't concentrate. Imagining that Kevin may have fallen victim to the killer, she tries to call him and panics when she gets a busy signal. She grabs her purse and takes off for the lighthouse.

As Kevin and Eve blow out the candles, they once again come close to kissing. Kevin offers Eve a glass of champagne, which she accidentally spills on him. After she wipes the champagne off his jacket, Kevin kisses her. Just then, Lucy comes to the door, sees the romantic scene, and leaves in tears.

Thursday, October 29, 1998

Lucy arrives at Scott's, worrying that she isn't wanted there either. A sort of confused Scott assures her she is wanted. He asks her what's going on, but before she can say anything, Serena comes up. The three of them discuss possible Halloween costumes - Pocahontas dressed too skimpy, a teletubby is too babyish. Serena suggests a goatee and going as the home run guy. While I think that Sammy Sosa doesn't have a goatee, Scott brought up the name Mark something or other. Scott says they could go to a party, and holds up the unsigned invitation that the interns are also getting (see below). Lucy didn't get one, but Serena says she could come with them. Lucy says she could go as a baseball bat, Scott suggests going as first base. Serena goes upstairs to discuss costumes with her friend Kim via phone. Scott and Lucy discuss the Halloween of the year before with Rex and Danielle. Scott brought up the party again - Lucy doesn't want to go because Kevin and Eve might be there, and she told Scott about the night before. He thinks they should be happy that Kevin and Eve have moved on and move on as well. Lucy is still conflicted.

Victor returns, highly elated and speaking with an Irish tongue. Kevin is angry with Victor and fills him in on Eve and Lucy showing up the previous evening. Kevin has figured out that the notes got switched. Victor says he's sorry - but Kevin thinks the apology should go to Eve and Lucy. Victor is unconcerned about Eve, but is very concerned about Lucy. Later, Victor wants to write out apologies, but Kevin wants him to butt out. Kevin is going through his mail and also has the invitation. Victor wants them to go - maybe Lucy is throwing it. Kevin thinks that's a good reason not to go. Kevin heads upstairs while Victor vows to set things right. Later, Kevin changes the subject from himself to where Victor spent last night. He says a gentleman never tells. The phone rings - it's the General Homicide Killer!! Victor went off to call Garcia on his cell phone. The GHK told him that soon it will be All Soul's Day and what better day to send a soul of two off to their heavenly reward. Kevin looks at the invitation and the GHK hangs up.

Julie returns to the hospital with Frank and talks to Karen. They both have received unsigned invitations to a Halloween party. Julie told Karen about Greg Cooper's call. Frank leaves and Julie and Karen go to the on-call room where Eve is decorating for Halloween. Eve and Julie are not pleased to see each other. Eve congratulates Julie on her acquittal, Julie is snarky so Eve slaps her (at least in most of the viewers hopes - in reality she leaves). Karen mistakes Julie's nasty attitude with restraint. Julie wants the justice system to grind Eve up the way it almost did her. Karen points out that it's possible that the person who set up Julie so thoroughly is also setting up Eve. Julie doubtfully agrees to the possibility.

Frank and Joe talk about the unsigned party invites. Joe says he and Karen aren't exactly in a party mood and told Frank she knows about Neil. (And I can't help but wonder about why no one seems to remember the last party all the interns were invited to.) Joe says how amazing Karen is and that nothing in the world will stop them from marrying. Franks asks that he at least consider that Courtney may be lying about Neil's paternity. But Joe, being a doctor, know that Neil is his son because "it feels right". Frank points out Joe has always brought home strays and that Courtney may be out to get him back. Frank leaves and Joe orders a DNA profile on Neil (from tissue on file). Joe went to the on-call room and the trio talks about the party. Julie thinks maybe the Halloween loving Eve is throwing it, Karen suggests maybe Chris is throwing it to get people to talk to him. FINALLY, Joe voices some suspicions of an unknown party thrower and Julie brought up the party thrown by Cooper. They discuss it and Matt wheels in - it turns out Ellen and Matt are throwing it in an old house Ellen's mom owns. He blames the printer for leaving their names off and everyone is relieved. Julie gets paged and leaves.

At the front desk, Chris and Eve note they didn't get the mysterious invitations. Eve told him about the previous evening. While Chris answers the phone, Eve flashes back to dancing with Kevin.

Friday, October 30, 1998

While Victor sets up his call-tracing equipment, Garcia arrives at the lighthouse to question Kevin about the killer's most recent phone call. Kevin told Garcia that the killer made very clear his intentions to kill someone on All Souls' Day. As Kevin and Garcia swap theories about why the killer is active again, Eve arrives. Garcia told Kevin it was a bad idea letting Eve in on the news, but Kevin defends Eve, pointing out that she has the most to lose if the real killer isn't caught soon.

Joe and Karen give Neil a New York Yankees uniform for a Halloween costume, which he rushes upstairs to try on. Courtney breaks down while telling Joe and Karen that her attorney has advised her to let Neil go to Disney World with John. Joe embraces Courtney and reassures her that he won't let John take Neil away. When Joe went upstairs to help Neil, Karen suggests that Courtney should let Neil have some time with the man he believes is his father. Courtney snaps at Karen, accusing her of only wanting to put some distance between Joe and Neil. Joe breaks up the fight and takes off to talk to John about his plans to take Neil out of town.

Sitting in Frank's truck, Julie confesses that she has misgivings about Halloween since her abduction by Greg Cooper. Frank told Julie that she has to relax and enjoy life instead of being afraid of it. Julie agrees quite happily and, in her enthusiasm, accidentally knocks open the glove compartment. She reaches under the seat to see if she has broken anything and finds a voice activator box. Clearly upset, she demands that Frank explain why he has the box. Frank told her he bought it after she was arrested and used it to make calls to Eve. He also confesses to locking Eve in the morgue cooler and sending her Chinese take-out with body parts in it. Julie demands that Frank get rid of the device before anyone finds it. He puts it under the tire of the truck and backs up over it, then picks it up and told Julie they have to throw it in the dump.

While Eve and Victor test the call-tracing equipment, Kevin scours the pages of General Homicide for a connection to the killer's renewed threats. He told Eve and Victor that costumes are the key. Victor recalls that the killer stalked a victim dressed as a chef in one of the chapters. Kevin told Eve and Victor that the character was based on Scott. When Kevin and Eve go to the fire house to warn Scott, Serena answers the door and told them Scott is trying on the Halloween costume she has picked out for him. Scott comes into the room--dressed as a chef.

In John's hotel room, Joe angrily suggests that John should spend time with Neil in Port Charles, not Disney World. John questions Joe's motivations, suggesting that Joe is Neil's biological father. When John takes a phone call, Joe sneaks a peek at the papers on John's table and discovers John has passports for himself and Neil and plane tickets to Athens.

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