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Port Charles Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on PC
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Monday, October 19, 1998

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Today's recap was provided by Meredeth Haley

A storm is raging in Port Charles. Eve and Chris have just arrived at the apartment. They are discussing Scotty's possible testimony. Eve told Chris that Lucy and Scotty are not an item. Chris wonders what this will do to their alibi.

At the courthouse, Kevin bumps into Lucy. Lucy nonchalantly asks about the trial. Kevin told her that Scott is on the stand now. He admits that he left the courtroom due to the images of Scott and Lucy in bed that keep popping into his head.

At the Scanlon house, Courtney convinces Joe to stay and spend time with Neal.

Back in the courtroom, Scotty told the truth. He admits that Eve confided in him that her alibi was phony. When the prosecutor questions Scotty he questions the reason for Scotty's lie in his original testimony. The prosecutor is trying to make it look like Scotty and Lee are plotting together to free Julie.

At the Scanlon house, Courtney explains to Joe that John's only interest in Neal is to ensure his own inheritance. This makes Joe very angry.

Scotty telephones Eve with the bad news. She understands, realizing that Scotty must think of Serena first.

Lucy's testimony further incriminates Eve and Chris. Lucy is the last witness for the defense.

Courtney admits to Joe that Neal is really his son.

Tuesday, October 20

Joe flips out on Courtney for not telling him about Neil's true parentage, even when he directly asked her. Courtney tries to convince him not to say anything to anyone, until the timing is right. He told her that he can't keep something like this from Karen, but she thinks otherwise. He agrees to wait for now. Joe calls an attorney that he treated at GH. The man shows up and Joe asks what they can do about John's claim on Neil, even though he's not Neil's biological father. The lawyer told them that it doesn't matter, because John is legally Neil's father and that Courtney violated the custody agreement. You could lose Neil for good, he says.

At the courthouse, both lawyers make their closing arguments in Julie's trial.

At GH, the eye surgeon arrives to remove Serena's bandages. Eve, Karen, Gail, Lucy and Scott wait anxiously. Scott gets impatient when they get no response from Serena. He starts questioning the doctor until Serena interrupts him, telling him that he looks like a big blurry blob. Everyone rejoices.

Later, Eve watches Scott and Serena outside of Serena's room. Lucy finds her there and they discuss how happy they both are that Serena can see again. Congratulations on your victory, Eve says. Lucy asks her what she's talking about. You got Scott and Serena, and you destroyed my credibility in the process. Lucy told her that she lost the most precious thing of all--Kevin. Eve disagrees. Where I stand, you have it all, and I'm going to be charged with murder, Eve replies.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

While Lark is visiting Julie to offer some moral support, Lee arrives with the news that the jury is in. Julie asks Lark to call Frank with the news.

At the Scanlon house, Joe told Courtney how much he wants to tell Neil that he is his real father. Courtney thanks Joe for keeping his true relationship to Neil a secret. Karen comes downstairs and she and Joe leave for the courthouse.

At GH, Frank meets Chris for his dose of DL-56 and warns Chris to stay away from Courtney. Reporters hound Eve for a comment about the news that the jury is in. She avoids them and takes a call from Kevin, who offers to take her to the courthouse. Eve says it's the last place on Earth she wants to be.

Frank gets back to the house just as Lark calls to tell him to come to the courthouse. Before he can leave, Courtney saunters into the living room wrapped in a towel. Frank tries to resist her charms, but Courtney changes his mind by opening the towel.

In the courthouse hallway, Kevin and Lucy have a civil conversation during which she gives him the good news that Serena's corneal transplant is successful. Kevin turns cold when Scott arrives to enter the courtroom with Lucy.

While Frank and Courtney are making love in Frank's bed, Chris leaves a message on the answering machine asking Courtney on a date.

When Julie arrives in the courtroom, Frank is nowhere in sight. The jury returns and delivers a verdict of not guilty on all counts. As the courtroom begins to empty, Kevin presses Garcia with his concerns that the real murderer is still on the loose. D.A. Pearson told Scott he plans to have him disbarred for withholding material evidence, a threat which Lucy seems to take a bit more seriously than Scott does. Frank arrives just as everyone is leaving the courtroom, blaming the rain for his lateness. Julie embraces him and told him she wants to go home and pick up where they left off before her arrest.

Chris defends Eve from a pack of reporters looking for her reaction to Julie's acquittal. Eve told Chris she's really afraid that she'll be arrested just as Garcia steps off the elevator. He told Eve that Pearson is considering pressing charges against her.

When everyone returns to the Scanlon house, Courtney conceals her disappointment over Julie's return by having a celebration ready. While Courtney and Lark get food ready in the kitchen, Julie leads Frank upstairs to his bedroom. Joe notices that Courtney is missing an earring. While he is kissing Julie, Frank spots Courtney's earring in him bed and palms it before Julie notices.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Scott takes Serena home from the hospital. At the firehouse, everyone--even Sigmund--welcomes her home.

Without asking Courtney's permission, Neil invites John to Serena's party. Frank told Julie he doesn't trust John. Julie takes his mind off Courtney's problems with a little seduction.

When Kevin stops at the hospital to see Serena, Eve told him she has already been released. Eve told Kevin about the party, but neither of them feels like going, so they have coffee together instead. Over coffee, Kevin told Eve he believes the clue to the killer's true identity may be locked in his own mind. He asks Eve to help him find that clue.

At the firehouse, Lee apologizes to Scott for being so tough on him during Julie's trial and offers to act as Scott's attorney if the D.A. presses charges. When Courtney and Neil show up with John, Joe takes on an edge. John thanks Karen for putting him back in touch with Neil. He explains to Joe and Karen that he didn't come to Port Charles when he first learned about Neil's illness because he didn't want Courtney to panic and run off with his son again. After Joe warns John to be on his best behavior around Courtney, Karen explains that Joe and Courtney dated about eight years ago. John begins to suspect that Joe is Neil's real father.

As Julie and Frank enjoy their evening alone, Frank finds an item in the paper in which the D.A. says he still believes Julie is the killer. Julie calms him down and points out that it doesn't matter because she is safe under double jeopardy.

Scott and Lucy get cozy in the kitchen, and Scott told her how happy he is that they have come through all their troubles together.

After the party, Joe and Frank tell Karen and Courtney that they don't trust John. When Karen suggests that John is now trying to be a good father, Joe angrily admits that he can't be objective where Neil is concerned.

When Lucy says she wishes the night would never end, Serena suggests that she sleep over at the firehouse. Without much hesitation, Scott asks Lucy to stay.

Friday, October 23, 1998

At the firehouse slumber party, Serena asks where Lucy is going to sleep. After a few uncomfortable moments, Lucy says she'll get a sleeping bag and sleep on the floor in Serena's room. Scott can barely contain his disappointment. Later in Serena's room, Lucy comes in dressed only in a t-shirt while Scott is reading Serena a story, Distracted by Lucy's legs, Scott cuts the story short and kisses Serena goodnight. Lucy sends him off to his own room.

Over coffee, Kevin asks Eve whether the D.A. plans to press charges against her. She told him Garcia wants to wait until he has an airtight case. When Kevin asks who was lying about Eve and Chris's alibi, Eve admits that she was alone in the on-call room when Devlin was murdered. When Kevin suggests that Chris could be the killer, Eve defends him, saying she just doesn't believe it could be true.

Back at GH, Eve offers to help Chris with some paperwork, promising to use her "best penmanship." When Chris jokes that her comment could be construed as a threat, considering the manner of Devlin's death, Eve becomes upset.

Both Scott and Lucy toss and turn, unable to get to sleep. Eventually they meet up in the kitchen, where they flirt over a midnight snack but go back to their separate rooms. Scott admits to himself that he has it bad for Lucy while Lucy confesses to Sigmund that she isn't sure what to do about her conflicted emotions about Scott and Kevin. The storm picks up, and the rain and wind remind both Scott and Lucy of the night they made love during the hurricane.

When Eve tries to call Scott, Chris grabs the phone from her and thell's her she's making a mistake chasing after Scott.

Kevin returns to the lighthouse, where Victor argues with him about Lucy. Kevin told Victor he wants to concentrate on finding clues to the killer's identity. Victor told Kevin to call Lucy, warning him that one day soon the distance between them will be too great to bridge. Kevin calls the hotel and gets no answer.

Lucy went to Scott's room, complaining of insomnia. She asks Scott to tell her a story. They lie down together and Scott offers their own story up as a fairy tale. He takes Lucy in his arms and kisses her, but she pulls away and reminds him that they are back in the real world. Lucy gets up to go back to Serena's room, but before she leaves, she asks Scott to tell her how the story ends. He shrugs and says, "Stay tuned."

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