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Alan blamed Reva and Josh for Annie's death, but Reva had trouble accepting that Annie was really dead. Ken was given an experimental truth serum, but the results were inconclusive. Ross couldn't make love to Blake. Marcus had a surprise visitor, and it was over between him and Dahlia. Vicky realized that there was no love lost between Vanessa and Beth. Cassie called Hart but couldn't get herself to speak, especially when she heard Dinah laughing in the background. Later, she and Hart shared an awkward moment. Cassie asked Sean to marry her. Vanessa tried to talk Dinah into telling Hart the truth, but Dinah was successful in having Vanessa keep quiet.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on GL
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Monday, October 19

by Sarai Long

Lizzie leads Harley to the computer where Annie has emailed Alan, begging him to come to her rescue. Harley alerts Phillip to the emails, and he sees that Annie is letting Alan know that she is in a boat down by the docks. He leaves for the docks and asks Harley to keep watch on Lizzie.

Michelle tries to make Jesse jealous by slow-dancing with Bill. Jesse is obviously not pleased by this, and takes Michelle home.

Selena thanks Drew for giving her this job since she is trying to earn extra money for finding her lost daughter.

Phillip finds his father at the docks crying out for Annie not to leave him. Josh, Reva, Teri and Frank arrive also. Alan says that if he were not detained at the police station, he might have been able to save Annie from her own demise. A body is pulled from the water, but it is burned beyond recognition. Teri has a bag containing some jewelry from the body, and Josh identifies a wedding ring he once gave to Annie.

Ross announces to Blake and Ben that he wants to be back with her and his children. Ben is adamant that Blake wants him, and that Ross has lost his chance at being with his wife again. Ross asks to speak with Ben alone, so Blake tends to the children. Ross tells Ben that he is to leave town since Blake will always love him. Blake comes back out and asks Ben to leave. He leaves, and Blake and Ross hug each other, as he is finally home.

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Joyce Rose.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Cassie and Sean were having lunch at the Diner when she mentioned a possible solution to their problems. Since she needs to convince everyone that the baby isn't Hart's and he needs to get Josh off his back -- Cassie suggested that they get married. Of course, Sean thought that her idea was absurd. They went into the kitchen to talk about it some more and ended up locking themselves in the freezer! She admitted that she didn't love him and he reminded her that Hart was the baby's real father. Luckily, Buzz found the two and opened the door. Sean suggested that they go out (as friends) on a dinner date.

Hart tried to call Cassie, but only got her machine. Blake stopped by to see how Dinah was doing and to offer her a proposal. Blake figured the two could help each other out -- she would help her with Hart if Dinah would help her with Ross. Meanwhile, Hart found a picture of Cassie and asked himself "what happened to us?". At the same time, Vanessa showed up and told him that she was aware he still loved Cassie, but Dinah was what mattered now. Hart promised Vanessa he would be there for her. Dinah then told Blake that Hart may care for her, but he wasn't showing her any affection and asked her to say something to him. As Blake left, she told Hart that Dinah really needed him to be intimate with her.

Holly begged Ross to help Ken. The police wanted to try an experimental "truth drug" on him. Since the effects weren't really known, Teri offered to be a "guinea pig" to prove that this drug was safe. Frank decided that he would be the one to go through with it instead. Harley confronted Teri and warned her that her little game she was playing with Frank was going to stop. Frank followed through with the questioning, but Harley got in a few questions of her own, which made Teri furious. Once again, they argued and Harley let her know that she knew about the kiss. Ken agreed to go ahead with Teri's questioning. He said that he wanted to stop the stalking attacks, but couldn't and that he was sorry.

Dahlia and Marcus spent some time together at the Diner. He promised her that he would never lie to her again. He had to make a personal phone call and went in back. While Dahlia was waiting, a woman came in and seemed to need help. Dahlia offered assistance and the woman told her that she flew in from out of town to surprise her boyfriend, Marcus Williams. Dahlia told the woman that she was also Marcus' girlfriend.

Vicky's business relationship with Vanessa is still rocky. Once she realized that Beth and Vanessa weren't getting along because of Matt, Vicky decided to take advantage of the situation. She told Beth that she wants Vanessa out of Spaulding and that Beth could help by spending more time with Matt -- thinking that Vanessa would decide to spend more time with him. Beth told Vicky not to count on her.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Reva remained convinced that Annie was still alive and had unfinished business. She was at the docks when Alan showed up. He told her that was another side to Annie that no one else saw and that for once, he and Reva were on the same side. After she reminded him of all Annie had done to humiliate him, she realized that Alan didn't blame her and Josh, he blamed himself.

Marcus discovered that he had been caught and told Dahlia that he still loved her. As for Andrea, he said he was sorry if she got the wrong idea. He begged for Dahlia to give him a chance, but she told him that it was too late -- he already lost her.

Ben had a short conversation with Meta. She advised him to stop pretending that he doesn't feel anything -- it isn't very attractive.

Holly and Ross wanted Ken's questioning stopped, but Teri insisted that they continue. Ken wasn't sure if he was the Stalker or not, but was afraid that he was. Afterwards, Holly told Ross that she felt as though she failed her family, especially in the Blake/Ben situation. She asked him to go home to his family, but instead he went to the Towers for a drink. He called Blake and lied, claiming that he was at the office, and then started to feel guilty. Ben showed up and asked him why he wasn't at home with his wife.

Phillip was worried about Alan, who disappeared while they were having lunch. As he and Harley waited for Alan to return, he gave Harley a note from Lizzie which thanked her for letting her be her flower-girl. Alan eventually returned, but wanted time alone to reflect. He began to have flashbacks of him and Annie together and then he actually heard her voice saying, "Maybe they're all wrong Alan". He flipped out and told Phillip that Annie was still alive.

David had some bad news for Selena -- because the courts had taken her daughter away, the records were sealed and there was no way to access them. She began to think that the search wasn't a good idea after all, but David promised he would continue searching. Buzz offered her his support.

Teri told Josh that she was fascinated with Annie and asked him to help her by explaining the hold that Annie has over people. He told her about his history with her and Teri suggested that he still had feelings for her -- Josh denied it and said that he hoped Annie was dead. Reva joined him at the Police Department and was about to tell him of her conversation with Alan, but they were interrupted by Teri's update that they hoped to have the DNA test results in a few hours.

Friday, October 23, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Angela Overmyer

Josh, Reva, and Cassie had dinner at the Towers, but Reva was preoccupied with the DNA test results. When Hart showed up to get dinner for Dinah, Cassie quickly decided to go home and ended up bumping into him on her way out, spilling his food all over. He suggested that they go out on the balcony to talk and she graciously accepted the invitation. He wanted to know if she had called him -- she denied it at first until she asked him how Dinah's sense of humor was, "it sounded good on the phone". Of course, Hart was happy that she admitted to it and then told her about how he almost got into a fight with Sean because he was jealous. Hart also told her that he would always love her and that it would never change. As she was leaving, the baby kicked and her and Hart shared a brief moment before he left. Meanwhile, Josh was aggravated with Reva's obsessive behavior and asked her if the results confirmed Annie's death, would she move on with her life? Reva promised that if the test proved beyond a doubt that Annie was dead, she would never mention her name again.

Alan insisted that he heard Annie whisper to him and bet his life that she was still alive. Phillip and Harley were troubled by his behavior and agreed to wait with him until the test results were known.

Vanessa visited Dinah and was upset that she still had not told Hart the truth. Dinah told her that Hart was taking excellent care of her and that things were finally starting to work out. She's convinced that he is completely over Cassie and will never go back to her -- but Vanessa thought otherwise. In the end, Vanessa accepted Dinah's wish to not tell Hart about the baby but pointed out the fact that Hart rearranged his whole life for her and she had better take good care of him.

Blake was busy preparing for Ross to come home when Holly stopped by. Blake told her that she was going to make things right again, but she was nervous because he has been so distant. Meanwhile, Ben continued to harass Ross and told him that Blake would always be thinking about him (Ben). Once he got home, Blake tried being romantic but Ross didn't appear to be interested. They started to make love -- Ross remembered what Ben had said and told Blake that he couldn't do it.

Frank called Josh and asked them to meet at the Spaulding residence -- the results were in.

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