One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on OLTL

Todd was found not guilty, but Blair was given custody of Starr. Lindsay threw Nora and Bo a surprise party at the hospital. Sam and Nora slept together. Will offered to marry Jessica. Jessica broke up with Cristian. Bo returned home from the hospital and started investigating Drew's murder. Todd said goodbye to Starr. Todd began making his 'list.'
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on OLTL
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Monday, October 19, 1998

I. (i). Todd's penthouse

Tom/Todd paces, anxious because the jury hasn't reached a verdict, while Téa peruses the Sun (which has the headline "Todds Testify", over several identical pictures of Todd... which appear to be the same shot of him that is used in the OLTL opening!), but she isn't worried, since it's been less than 24 hours. (Tom/Todd sounds very Todd-like throughout much of this scene.) Tom wants a second chance with her. Téa melts. Starr arrives, wanting to go to the zoo to see the lions. Soon, says Tom/Todd.

(ii). Llanfair

Jess tries to shut the door on Will: "We've already been through this, would you please just go away?" Will gets inside and refuses to leave. He sees her suitcase and coat and asks if she's running away. When Jess tells him it's none of his business, he begs to differ. If she's pregnant, he's responsible. She points out that he saw the negative results of the pregnancy test, but Will corrects that she only told him the results. Jess says it isn't about him or anyone, and to leave her alone. Will isn't going anywhere until she tells him the truth.

(iii). Diner

Cris arrives with Roseanne in tow, and asks his Mommy if she's seen Jessica, who didn't meet him to register for classes (for 2nd semester?). Mommy hasn't seen Jess. Cris and Roseanne slip into a booth. Cris frets about Jess, but Roseanne is all smiles. Blair breezes in and orders a large black coffee to go. While Carlotta gets it, Blair notices Max at a booth, engrossed in the Sun. She saunters over and dumps a glass of water on the paper, for telling Sam she slept with him (Max).

(iv). Hospital

Nora looks panicky in a hallway; Sam steps into view and sees her. She apologizes for embarrassing and propositioning him, but he tells her to relax and not to worry about it. He was actually flattered. He asks if she really thinks that Bo wouldn't forgive her if he found out she wasn't pregnant. Nora says she couldn't live with herself for wrecking his dream (that she created, right?). She dramatizes that a baby would be Bo's last connection with his life, then asks Sam to come into the room to greet Bo. Sam can give her as much support as she needs. And Bo, he adds. They step into a balloon festooned "Surprise!" in the waiting room, thrown by Bo in his chair, Lindsay, Kelly, Clint, and Hank. Nora is speechless.

II. (i). Todd's penthouse

Tom/Todd chats with Starr on the stairs. He promises to take her somewhere soon, and when she asks for the moon, he goes into why that wouldn't be all that much fun, with all the weightlessness and the weird way she¹d have to drink her orange juice. Téa grins. Starr figures out that he's teasing her, so he better not promise to take her there. Instead, Todd promises to love her forever, and that wherever he is, he'll always think of her, since all he has to do is look up into the sky at night, and see a star. She asks if he's going away. Téa is practical, telling Starr he's here now, and that's what matters. Téa redirects Starr to the colored chalk she wanted to show Todd. Starr's whole face grins with joy, and as she heads upstairs, she points to Todd and orders him to "Stay." Todd worries about Starr, knowing she just wants a little fun and adventure. Téa has an idea of where they could go, where no one will ever find them.

(ii). Hospital

Clint gloats that the surprise party was Lindsay's idea, giving Lindsay the opportunity to drawl that it was nice that "Sayam" could be there as well. When Bo sees that Nora is still speechless, he makes an elaborate speech about how he and Nora had so many years of bliss together, and that this baby couldn't be more blessed than to be raised by the village of their friends and family. Nora suffers through their smiling regard, and Lindsay's continued sugary cattiness, then tries to get Bo back to his room, but he refuses, itching to get out of the hospital. Asa and Renee arrive, looking none too pleased with the party. When Clint again boasts that it was Lin's idea, Renee asks to speak to her in the hallway. They leave. Kelly wants to make a toast to the wonderful new life that's entering the world, and to the memory of Drew. Nora looks like she's going to be ill. (me too!)

(iii). Llanfair

In a roundabout way, Jess tells Will the truth that she's pregnant. He oafishly wonders how it happened, to which Jess essentially says "Duh!", they had sex without protection. Will stutters that m-m-m-maybe the test was messed up and gave a false positive. She assures him it was accurate. He asks her why she lied, to which Jess admirably answers that it is her problem, and she doesn't want to mess up everyone else's life with it. He insists that it's their problem and that they need to sit down and discuss it.

III. (i). Diner

Max wipes the water off the Sun, telling Blair to save her little tantrum. He makes excuses that Sam jumped to his own conclusions. She's angry he didn't set Sam straight. He basically tells her she's sexually immoral, and that Sam figured that out. Blair looks pouty.

Cris blathers about misjudging Will for partying and getting Jess arrested. Roseanne sincerely relates that Will has been good for her, getting her to realize that Cris loves Jess, and in giving her the courage to come clean about stealing his painting. She's happy to not be living in some fantasy world anymore.

(ii). Llanfair

Will asks what Jess was thinking when she packed her bag, and she replies that she wasn't thinking, really, she just wanted to get away to think. Will checks to see if she's told her parents. Jess: "Are you kidding? My parents think I¹m the poster girl for Virginity." (lol) Will is surprised she hasn't told Viki, since they have such a good relationship, but Jess blows that off, listing a couple of pressing issues Viki is dealing with right now. She asks Will to think about telling Lindsay that she's going to be a grandmother. Will agrees that telling their mothers isn't a good idea, but is confident they can put their heads together and come up with something. Clint calls to ask why Jess isn't at the party to celebrate Bo and Nora's baby. She makes excuses and hangs up, looks at Will and tells him she has to leave for the party. He tries to get her to stay and talk, but she insists she has to go, and what makes it worse is that she has to pretend everything's OK.

(iii). Hospital

In the hallway, Renee asks Lindsay if the party is some kind of joke. Lindsay defensively tells her that Clint asked her to host it, and, since Renee told her to be good to him, she agreed. Renee's response is cold. Lindsay assures her that she's not going to tell anyone about the truth about Bo being unable to have children, and Nora's sham pregnancy, but she was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

In the room, Nora, alone, miserably nibbles on a snack. Hank approaches, wondering if she felt queasy because he told Ricky about the baby. She assures him that she's not angry with him for telling her, but feels the party is premature. They should be focusing on Bo's recovery, to which Bo, standing, tells her that the party is the best thing to happen to him in this antiseptic jail. He compliments Kelly on the toast she made, and that if Drew was there, he'd ask him to be the Godfather, so asks her to be the baby's Godmother. Nora agrees to this, then rushes off. Sam follows her.

In the hallway, Sam, who is also upset for Nora, asks if he can do anything to help. Bo comes out and asks to speak to Sam alone.

IV. (i). Hospital

Nora goes back to the party, and Bo asks Sam what's wrong with Nora. Sam fumbles that its a time for high excitement. Bo tells Sam that the baby is a new chapter for him and Nora, and that he'd like it to be a new chapter between he and Sam, too. He wants to leave the past between Sam and Nora in the past. He thinks Nora is worried about the risks of having a baby at her age. Sam assures Bo that he and Nora are rock solid, baby or no baby, but Bo reveals that he wants the baby as much as Nora does.

At the party, Asa, talking to Clint, gets the story straight on whose idea the party was. Asa chuckles that that little wife of Clint's is something else. Bo and Sam reenter the room, where Bo teases Hank for eating up all the party goodies.

In the hallway, Jess arrives, with Will still harassing her to talk to him about the pregnancy. "Not now," she says, as she's entering the room. Kelly hugs her, and coos about how exciting it is about the baby.

(ii). Diner

Cris wants to do something special for Jess, but needs Roseanne's advice. She suggests that they get tickets to the salsa concert, and all go together.

Blair and Max continue sniping at each other. She about the lie he told Sam, and he about the lie she told in court.

(iii). Todd's penthouse

In a tent, Téa, Todd, and Starr listen to animal sounds coming from Starr¹s infamous pink and white baby boom box. Starr goes out to check and see if they heard a bear, leaving Téa to tell Todd about how she and her brothers used to do this with a sheet over the kitchen table, since they couldn't afford summer camp. Starr comes back with a teddy bear, who she invited to dinner.

The phone rings, and Todd hears Téa understand that the jury will be sequestered for another day, and asks the person on the phone if they know why the jury requested a copy of the shrink's report. In the tent, Starr uses her purple chalk to make a circle on the white tent. She tells Todd that she's making a window in case they have to escape.

V. (i). Hospital

Clint asks Jess how she feels about having a new baby in the family. Lindsay goes to check up on her kid. She smarms to Will about the closeness she sensed between he and Jess. He tells Lindsay and Sam that he's decided to go to school at Llanview U, to which Lindsay is angry, not wanting him to get a degree from the local diploma mill, but Sam is supportive. Sam tries to find out why his son made that decision, but Lindsay jumps in and is a mother from hell, ranting about Roseanne. Finally, Will barks that it's his life, and stalks off. Sam tries to warn Lindsay that her vendetta against Roseanne will backfire. She glares at him.

Hank approaches, telling Sam that the jury wanted to see the psych's conclusions, and thinks it means that they doubt Sam's case. Sam pulls his own ear, and laughs that it could mean the opposite.

Clint tells Bo and Nora that if they ever need a babysitter, Jessica is great with kids. Nora responds that Jessica will be busy with her own life. Will and Jess listen uncomfortably, and Will gets Jess out of there, since he knows a place they can go. Sam steps up to say that he needs to go unwind, to which Nora nods knowingly about the Sam rituals. When Bo asks, she relates that Sam likes to go work out when he's nervous. Sam mentions that nothing really helps when waiting on a jury, and departs. Clint and Lindsay depart. Asa, with Renee, asks Nora if she'd like to join them for dinner. Bo encourages her to go, since she's eating for two. She agrees to join them later. Kelly thanks them for giving her something to look forward to in being the Godmother to their baby. Hank follows her out.

Alone, Bo asks Nora if she's sad. She tells him that she's happy for him, since she almost lost him. He assures her that he has everything to live for, now, and that he'd do anything for her. Nora lovingly tells him that she'd do anything for him, too.

(ii). Todd's penthouse

Téa has put Starr down for a nap, and finds Todd asleep in the tent.

(iii). Diner

Max and Blair continue their spat. She tells him that she's though with him forever. He thanks her for making it easy for him, then flamboyantly goes up to a girl named Felicia, and asks her to dinner. Blair actually looks kinda jealous. She walks up to the counter, where Carlotta has dumped her cold coffee, and got her a new one. Carlotta amusingly advises Blair to watch out, she's turning green. Blair poutingly denies her feelings.

Roseanne and Cris return to the booth from different directions. They had each tried, without success, to get hold of Will and Jess. Roseanne jokingly wonders if they ran off together.

(iv). Sam's house

Jessica, again, insists that she doesn't want to tell anyone since it's her problem. She tells Will to stop being so responsible. He insists that he IS responsible, a lot like his dad. She scoffs at him, asking him "What? Are you going to ask me to marry you?" Will bravely asks if she wants him to ask.

VI. (i). Todd's penthouse

Todd is dreaming. Starr looks directly at us: "Can we go to the zoo now?"
Todd's voice: Of course princess. Whatever you want.

Starr: The moon?
Todd's voice: We can even go to the moon.

Starr: Fred the Magic Frog! Him too!
Téa stands next to Starr on the stairs: Your daddy is the man of my dreams.

Todd's voice: Well, I do my best.

Téa: Oh, you do for me. There's no man in Llanview that people respect more. You're successful, you're honest, you're handsome, you take my breath away.

Todd turns to his right, and there's the judge at her tall desk.

She pounds the mallet: You're guilty! guilty! guilty! guilty! guilty!
Hank stands at the prosecution table: Guilty!
Téa grabs Starr, who drops her teddy bear. She rushes off, both of them look terribly hurt and upset. Todd calls after Téa: Don't leave! Don't you leave me!

Todd jerks awake, next to a concerned Téa

(ii). Sam's house

Will admits that he didn't handle that very well, but starts listing the reasons a marriage between them could be all right... they get along, they could stay in Llanview and take courses at the University.... Jess looks very, very dubious. He says he could get a part-time job, he has enough in savings to rent an apartment, and once their parents get over the initial shock, they'd help too. He sees Jessica sitting at the window, and gently tells her that even though it's not what they planned for their lives, they didn't plan that night, either, so if she thinks that marriage will set things right, then she has to tell him what she wants to do.

(iii). Diner

Cris gloats that he got some great seats for the salsa concert. He and Roseanne are both glad they're able to go double dating.

(iv). Hotel grounds

Blair calls Sam's cell phone, but he gets out of the pool too late and misses her call. He exits, and Nora, Renee, and Asa arrive. Nora says she's not hungry, and wants to go home to get the house ready for Bo. Asa apologizes for the charade at the hospital, but warns that there are going to be more events like that. Nora asks his advice, but he just wants what's best for Bo, and that whatever she comes up with, she better do it soon. He and Renee depart. Sam comes out of a gazebo in his robe. They exchange looks.

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

A mysterious figure followed Blair. Cassie showed Kelly the photo of the footprint of Drew's murderer. Cassie gave her okay when Barbara was assigned to help Cassie with her physical therapy. After her therapy session, Cassie burst into tears when Blair started to yell at Kelly and Kevin. Cassie was worried about how she would deal with things. R.J. came out from the shadows and told Blair and Kelly that he was taking them to see Dorian because she was driving him crazy. Will discussed the idea of marriage, but Jessica said it wasn't an option for them. Jessica made Will promise not to tell anyone that she was pregnant. Clint and Lindsay took Will and Jessica to dinner at the country club. Will and Jessica left after Lindsay argued with Will for choosing to stay in Llanview to attend college. Clint accused Lindsay of still having feelings for Sam. Meanwhile, Nora ran into Sam by the pool. Sam asked how important having this baby was for Nora and offered to help. Nora questioned her decision to sleep with Sam and they agreed no one should ever know. Lindsay watched as Nora and Sam walked into the cabana together, but Asa approached her and made her leave before she could stop them. Téa comforted Todd after his nightmare and they kissed. Sykes came by to replace Todd's ankle monitor and Todd saw him show some feelings towards Téa. Todd got jealous and told Téa that she would always belong to him.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Jessica, Viki, Will, Roseanne and Cristian

At Llanfair, Jessica is holding the pamphlet about teenage pregnancy and quickly has to hide it when Viki walks in. Viki needs Jessica's help, she would like her to be on a panel at a symposium about woman's issues, Jessica could be a role model for teens. Feeling far from being a role model, Jess turns her down. Viki thinks it's because it would make Cristian uncomfortable, having everyone know that he and Jess aren't sleeping together. That's not it, Jess assures her. Once again, Viki tries to get Jess to tell her what's wrong, but Jess cryptically replies that everything's fine, talking to Viki has shown her what she has to do. Jess heads out the door, leaving her backpack behind with the pamphlet sticking out of it.

Down at the diner, Will is trying to hide the fact that he's reading Young Miss magazine, presumably to help him figure out what he and Jess should do. Roseanne catches him and he brushes her off, saying it's research. Roseanne tries to tempt him with the idea of going to the salsa concert, but Will keeps pushing her away, saying that they really don't know each other that well and there's no "us". Roseanne is very hurt by his dismissal of her, but not as hurt as Cris is when Jessica walks in and announces that they can't see each other any more. She doesn't really have a logical explanation why, which make Cris all the more frustrated. Finally he demands that she look him in the eye and tell him that she doesn't love him. It takes a few minutes, but Jess finally does get the words out and asks Cris to leave her alone, she needs time to be by herself.

Later, Roseanne shows up at Llanfair and tells Jess she knows what's going on between Jess and Will.

Sam, Nora and Bo

Sam is at home, looking at some legal papers, but is obviously having trouble concentrating on anything. The doorbell rings, it's Nora. She came to see how he was doing. They seem to decide that they should forget the previous night ever happened, but Sam can't help but feel what he did wasn't entirely selfless. It was his last chance to show how he feels about her. Nora looks very uncomfortable and Sam backs off, agreeing to control his emotions and they will go back to just being friends. Nora leaves to go pick up Bo from the hospital.

Nora and Bo arrive home. Bo is very excited about the baby, asking when they'll be able to see the first sonogram. Nora tries to get Bo to go up to bed, but he refuses, instead sitting on the couch. Bo calls John Sykes and asks him to come over. When he arrives, Bo asks him about the investigation. Sykes is evasive when Bo asks him what his theory is, but he finally says that it looks like Dorian and R.J. are guilty, that they were trying to kill Kevin and Drew and Cassie got in the way. Nora doesn't believe it for a second and as soon as Sykes leaves, asks Bo if he believes it. Bo thinks Sykes is wrong and intends to conduct his own investigation behind the scenes.

Todd, Téa, Sam, Viki

Téa is asleep on the couch when Todd sneaks downstairs to look at the newspaper. He's not happy with the headline stating that the jury's still out and on purpose shouts loud enough to wake Téa up. Téa tries to reassure "Rod" that just because the jury is taking a long time doesn't mean that things are going badly. Then, the call comes in, the jury has reached a verdict.

Everyone assembles at the courtroom and "Rod" thanks Viki for everything she's done for him. Why did she do it, he asks. Because you're my brother and I love you, she answers. The judge arrives and has the jury brought in. The jury foreperson reads the verdict........"Not Guilty". Everyone is happy, except for Hank, of course, and Todd is ready to leave. Not so fast, the judge tells him, the jury has made some conditions to the verdict. First, Todd must undergo psychiatric treatment until a board of experts can agree that he no longer suffers from DID. Second, he must be placed under the supervision of a responsible adult. Todd seems to have no problem with these two conditions. Third, due to the violent nature of some of his alters, Starr is to be taken out of his custody immediately. That does not sit well with Todd. You are not taking Starr out of my house, he yells and struggles as Sam and Téa try to hold onto him.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Kevin called Joey to help with the murder investigation. Kevin then showed Bo the photo of the footprint from the crime scene. Joey showed up with Barbara. Kevin and Bo allowed Barbara to stay as long as she didn't interfere. Bo asked Joey to blow up the photo to get more detail. Out of guilt, Barbara told Bo how sorry she was that Drew got killed. Later, Barbara burned the shoes she wore the night of the murder. Kevin got another call from his mysterious tipster who turned out to be Commissioner Sykes. Roseanne demanded to know why Jessica broke things off with Cristian. When Jessica suddenly got sick, Roseanne left thinking she knew what the problem was. Jessica avoided Cristian's phone call. Roseanne returned to the diner and told Cristian that she thought Jessica was pregnant. Cristian told Roseanne that was impossible because he and Jessica had never made love. Meanwhile, Asa told Lindsay to forget that she ever saw Sam and Nora together at the cabana. Asa explained to Lindsay the "Buchanan way," which was that loyalty to the family came before anything else. Lindsay told Sam that she knew that he had slept with Nora. Lindsay then invited Bo and Nora out to dinner. At the courthouse, Sam pleaded with the judge for Todd to retain custody of Starr, but she refused. Viki agreed to become Todd's legal guardian. Todd later said a heartbreaking goodbye to Starr and vowed that he wouldn't be gone for long.

Friday, October 23, 1998

Will, Roseanne, Sam and Nora

Will and Sam arrive at Nora's office. Nora hears Sam's voice and asks him to come in and talk to her in private. She congratulates him on winning Todd's case, although she is of course not happy with the outcome. Sam feels that he didn't completely win, Todd lost custody of Starr and no father should be cut off from his child. Nora wonders if he's reconsidering, but Sam says that's not the problem. The problem is that Lindsay saw them together at the cabana. Nora is worried, but Sam assures her that he'll make sure Lindsay doesn't say anything. Bo calls Nora and tells her that Lindsay and Clint have invited them to dinner at the country club. Nora agrees to meet them there, but tells Sam she's worried. Sam once again assures her that Lindsay won't say anything, especially not in public.

Outside, Will is supposed to be working, but he stops to look at the picture of Roseanne he stole from her on the plane. When Roseanne suddenly walks in the door, she notices him hiding it, but doesn't see what it is. She tells him that she thinks Jessica is pregnant and she thought Cris was the father, but Cris informed her that he never slept with Jessica. So that leaves Will, Roseanne declares, and that would explain his pushing her away lately. Will denies that he's involved with Jessica and pulls out the picture of Roseanne to show that he was thinking about her. They kiss and he invites her out to dinner at the country club for one last night together before everything gets turned upside down. What does that mean, she wants to know, but he say he's just talking about him starting college. Roseanne lets the subject drop and heads home to get dressed for their dinner.

Sykes, Barbara, Joey, Kevin, Mel and Bo

Barbara apparently had called Sykes and the two of the meet at the diner. Sykes is there to ask Barbara to turn herself in. The evidence against her is mounting and he can't keep hiding it forever. Barbara, on the other hand, has no intention of confessing and denies shooting Drew and Kevin. But she does know that there's a leak in his department. Plug it, or my father will, she threatens. Joey walks in and Sykes leaves. Barbara wants to show Joey a couch that she thinks will look good in the carriage house, but Joey has to stop by Bo's first and drop off some picture enlargements that he's done. A worried Barbara decides to tag along.

Kevin, Mel and Bo are discussing the case when Joey and Barbara arrive with the photos, which are apparently enlargements of the footprint. By looking at the pictures, Bo determines the sneakers are new and small, around a size six. He can also tell by the imprint that the person was running when it was made. Finally, they also pick out the logo on the shoe, "Arrow" Sneakers. Barbara looks very uncomfortable as they piece together the clues. She and Joey leave and the men discuss the case some more. Mel comments that since Graham seems to be trying so hard to suppress the evidence, he must be protecting someone, maybe Barbara. Kevin admits that Barbara was mad at him, but she's no killer, he insists. Bo declares that whoever made those prints is a killer, the person that killed Drew, and Bo is determined to bring them to justice.

Lindsay, Clint, Viki and Todd

Lindsay has stopped by the Banner to inform Clint that she invited Bo and Nora out to dinner at the country club. Clint, still angry from their harsh words the previous evening, wonders what Lindsay's ulterior motive is. Lindsay denies she has one. Viki arrives with Todd in tow to pick up some papers from Clint. Lindsay makes a funny remark that she didn't know it was "Bring Your Kidnapper to Work Day". (Ed. note: As I laughed, I realized that I hadn't laughed out loud at the show in weeks - except at the poor storylines. More humor, TPTB!!) Todd replies that she's nasty and Clint defends his wife. When Viki leaves him alone for a minute, Todd sits down and adds a name to a page in his notebook titled - "The List". Max, Blair and Hank's names are already on it. The name he adds is Clint Buchanan.

After Todd's therapy session, he and Viki go to the country club to eat. Todd is informed that the board members have decided that Todd is no longer a member. In a very Todd-like way, Todd stands up and demands to know the names of the board members who decided this. Viki looks at him strangely, but doesn't say anything and Todd is allowed to stay for now as Viki's guest. Lindsay, Clint and Bo arrive and Lindsay takes great pleasure in informing Todd he's no longer a member, that Asa and Clint and others got him kicked out. They go to their table and when Viki excuses herself for a moment, Todd adds Lindsay Rappaport Buchanan's name to his list.

Mel, Kevin, Kelly and Todd

At the Banner, Mel and Kevin are calling shoe stores to try to find the owner of the sneakers in the print. Unfortunately, Arrow sneakers are quite popular, but they plan to keep on trying. Kelly arrives and tells them how R.J. "abducted" her and Blair and took them to see Dorian. R.J. and Dorian are staying with R.J.'s old associate, Jackie McNaughton, in Atlantic City. Kelly didn't tell Dorian about Cassie's condition, but Dorian still has a suspicion something's wrong. They need to keep her in the dark, Mel insists, because Dorian will come back to Llanview if she finds out the truth and then she'll be arrested. Todd and Viki return to the Banner and Todd taunts Kevin, "I was acquitted". Kelly reminds Todd of their deal for her to buy The Sun and Todd tells her that they will talk. After she leaves, Todd adds Kelly's name to his growing list. But what is the list for??

Bo, Nora, Lindsay and Clint

Nora joins Bo, Lindsay and Clint at their table at the country club. Things are fairly cordial at first, but then Lindsay starts to make comments about seeing Nora at the country club the other night. The men are completely oblivious to what's going on, but Nora knows exactly what she means. Nora invites Lindsay to accompany her to the ladies room and discuss it, but she refuses to go. Sam can be seen arriving in the background and looking nervously at the table. "Come on, Stinger(Sam's nickname for Nora), tell Bo. Or shall I?", Lindsay threatens.

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