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Erica and Brooke's conversation turned nasty. Ryan told Gillian that he loved her, but his sincerity was questionable. Dixie forgave Tad. Edmund and Kit planned to visit her father. Raquel's mystery friend arrived. Adam arranged for Allie to get her license back. The Dillons said goodbye to Harold.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on AMC
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Monday, October 19, 1998

Clearing her throat, Brooke approached Dimitri and Erica's table and smiled a hello. Erica asked Brooke to join them, saying that she didn't have the heart to watch Brooke spend another night alone. Brooke bit her lower lip, took a deep breath, and informed Erica that she was going to be meeting a group of potential advertisers. Erica remarked that she could only imagine what type of company would advertise in a publication that was helping Kit's crusade against Jack. Brooke mused that she would cancel Erica's subscription. Brooke left the conversation and set up shop at a table across the room. Erica turned to Dimitri and again stated her desire to attend Jack and Kit's court session. Dimitri urged Erica to calm down and let him handle the matter before she shot herself in the foot. After Dimitri left, Erica scurried over to Brooke's table and asked, "Brooke English, would you mind telling me why you are such a colossal fool?" Brooke looked up from her work and smiled slightly. Brooke quipped that being called a fool by Erica had sent her life to a new low. "Dimitri is so handsome," Erica sighed asking Brooke how she could even think about passing on a romance with Dimitri. Brooke found it difficult to listen to Dimitri's praises from one of his ex-wives. What could have been a civil conversation took an ugly turn. Erica mentioned that Dimitri was a far cry from the "degenerate" Brooke had previously been dating. That opened the door for a response from Brooke. Brooke noted that unlike Erica, she does not have to chase after a man. The remark was a direct commentary in Erica's need to run after Jack. "[He] doesn't want you," Brooke said callously. "Accept it." Erica rushed to do damage control so as not to look like she'd been dumped. Erica told Brooke that Jack had asked for "time off" from their relationship so that he could handle his problems with Kit. Again, the conversation became less civil. Erica put her hands on her hips and told Brooke that she was glad that she had decided not to see Dimitri. "Dimitri deserves better," Erica sassed. Brooke grinned sinisterly and said that she feels the same way about Jack.

In court, Judge Liebowitz wondered why Jack had not notified him that he was going to be a no-show for his court date. Kit's attorney, rose and asked the judge to grant their request for a DNA test based solely on the fact that Jack hadn't shown his face. The judge shook his head and said that he would not let the attorney try to pull the wool over his eyes. Jack arrived a few minutes later, chalking up his tardiness to an emergency meeting with a government official. The judge announced that he would hear from both sides beginning with Jack. Jack informed that judge that Kit Fisher could not be his sister. Citing Kit's lack of "compelling evidence," Jack presented a deposition from Tad telling of Tad's past encounters with Kit. Edmund leapt to his feet, perhaps forgetting that he was not an attorney, and argued that Kit's past has no bearing in whether or not she's really Christine Montgomery. Jack explained that the deposition showed that Kit has a long history of trying to dupe people out of money. Jack went on to say that the Kit could not be his sister because his sister was dead. When presenting Kit's side, Mr. Smuden, said that Jack had no proof that his sister had actually died. He presented a police report that showed that a body had never been recovered. He went on to say that if Christine had not died, he body would probably have been swept down the coast by the prevailing current. The Fishers, Molly and Nathan, had lived about a mile south of the accident site for many years. But about two weeks after the accident, the Fishers mysteriously packed up and headed for Kansas. The move, the lawyer speculated, was probably to hide the fact that they were caring for a child that was not theirs. Mr. Smuden said that all that Kit wants is to end a lifelong struggle to find out who her family really is. The judge scratched his head and said that he'd prefer to hear Kit's motivation straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Kit was quiet at first, gathering her thoughts. She rose from her chair and tilted her head softly to one side. "I want to feel at ease inside my skin," Kit said painfully. Her face showed the ache that she feels in her heart. Kit said that she had great parents, but admitted that she never really loved them the way she should. After her mother's death, Kit found newspapers clippings in the attic that told the tale of Christine Montgomery's death. Suddenly, Kit felt a kinship to the people she was reading about---the mourning parents and the brother who's watched his sister slip through his fingers. Jack shook his head in disbelief. Erica stumbled into the back of the courtroom and sat down next to Dimitri. Erica asked Dimitri if he'd given a copy of the dossier to Jack. Erica was rather loud and her disturbance prompted a warning from the judge. Jack turned around and cast a cold stare at Erica. The judge ruled that there was not enough physical evidence to warrant a DNA test. He did, however, want to be sure that he didn't act too quickly in the matter so he gave Kit one week to find any type of evidence that would help her case. Jack argued that Kit had already had enough time to prove her case. The judge cut Jack off short and told him that one more week wouldn't hurt him. Edmund told Kit that she'd done a good job and escorted her out of the courtroom. From the doorway, Dimitri watched as Erica scurried up to Jack and offered to help him. Jack thought long and hard about the ways that Erica could help him. Finally he told her to head to an electronics store and to purchase a pocket translator. He told her to enter the phrase, "Erica leave me alone" into the translator and to "keep hitting that button until it comes up in a language that you understand." Erica's ego was badly bruised, yet she refused to let Jack "run away" from her.

Back at Wildwind, Kit worried that she would not be able to find any proof to bolster her claim. Edmund had an idea. He headed for the phone and told Kit that he was going to call Nathan Fisher, her father. Kit raced over to the phone and told Edmund that he could not call her father.

In the steam room, Gillian finally lost out to her need to scope out Ryan's naked body. She told Ryan that she'd spoken to Tanzy and learned that Ryan is "wearing a sign" that tells other women that he's taken. Ryan smiled sexily and asked Gillian where a sign could possibly be "hung." He then looked downward. Gillian did her darndest not to be seduced. She went back to her conversation with Tanzy, saying that she said that Ryan appeared to be a man in love. Ryan didn't come out and say the three magic words that Gillian was looking for, but he came pretty close. He said that his thoughts are always occupied by visions of Gillian. Gillian sat down on a bench and cooed in ecstasy as Ryan gently nibbled on her earlobes. She summoned up the strength to fend off Ryan's advances and rose from the bench. Gillian commented that Ryan appears to be in lust rather than in love. Ryan said that people worry about the people they love---and since he worried about Gillian when she was in the hospital, he must be in love with her. Gillian quickly noted that one doesn't have to be in love with someone to worry about them. Ryan nodded. He looked at Gillian and told her that he was worried about her now---worried that her clothing might be ruined by the steam. He slowly walked towards her and unzipped her blouse. One thing led to another and the two found themselves naked and locked in a passionate kiss. A sound from behind signaled that their private love nest had been infiltrated. They both turned around and saw David standing in the doorway wearing a smile---and a towel. The lovebirds scrambled to find towels, but David remarked that their nudity was nothing that he hadn't seen before. Gillian became very nervous, afraid that David might spill the beans on their affair. Ryan asked David what his cryptic comment meant. David clarified that, as a doctor, he'd seen many a naked person. Gillian tugged on Ryan's arm and told him that they'd better get going. Ryan asked Gillian to go on ahead while he had a few words with David. Ryan was quite gallant as he told David not to even think about chasing after Gillian. Ryan said that while some people might think that Gillian is "naive and a flake," he cares very deeply for Gillian and wants to protect and take care of her. David grinned and assured Ryan that he has no designs on Gillian. He will think of her as he does any other beautiful woman that crosses his path. Ryan filed out of the steam room and he must have just missed Gillian. The princess rushed into the steam room to see if David had told Ryan about their affair. David assured Gillian that he would never "kiss and tell." What he would do, however, was miscommunicate what had been said to him by Gillian's husband. Gillian asked David if Ryan had mentioned that he loved her. David shook his head and said that the only thing Ryan had said about Gillian was that she was "a flake" that he felt obligated to look after. Gillian was furious and stormed out of the sauna. She picked up a pair of boxing gloves and beat the tar out of a punching bag. Ryan finally found his errant wife and told her that he wanted to take her home. Gillian turned and started punching Ryan in the stomach. Gillian's punches failed to stun Ryan and he took her in his arms and said, "Princess, I love you." The two closed their eyes and kissed.

Dixie pulled away and, her eyes closed, told Tad that they couldn't "do this." Tad stepped back dejectedly and sighed that he'd thought that they were just "two people on the dance floor." Dixie agreed that their dancing was fun, but said that it was not right for them to carry on like the good old days. They were not, after all, alone: The "big, ugly elephant" was hiding in the corner of the room. The elephant, in question, was their past. Tad decided that he and Dixie had two options: deal with their past or start new and forget that the ever had a past. Dixie said that they could not possibly discount their past. Tad asked Dixie to start the conversation, later admitting that he knew Dixie must be scared by the prospect of discussing how their marriage had suffered a meltdown. He, too, was scared. "Tad the Impaler," Dixie smiled slightly, "is not afraid of anything." Dixie, on the other hand, was but a mere mortal. She struggled to come up with an explanation of how she felt when she learned that Tad had cheated on her. "I felt like I was falling out of the sky," Dixie sniffled. "I know what you mean," Tad nodded. Dixie's sadness turned to anger. "How?" She snapped. "It happened to me!" Tad replied that Dixie was not the only one who had been hurt by their separation. For two years, he said, he'd been walking around in a fog. "I still feel pain and a sense of loss," he admitted softly. Sure, the pain had dulled slightly---but it was still ever present. Dixie had gotten used to the pain, she said, and had accepted the fact that it would probably never go away. Her pain, she argued, was much more severe than Tad's because she'd been the one who'd been cheated on. Tad guffawed and told Dixie that he would not allow her to be "an innocent victim." She, he argued, was just as guilty as him. "Do you think that one day I decided to mangle my marriage?" Tad snarled. The implication was that Dixie was just as responsible for the breakdown of their marriage. He accused Dixie of always putting others things before their marriage---her Uncle Palmer, her now-deceased brother, and her schoolwork. Tad, on the other hand, said that he'd done everything that Dixie had asked of him, including severing ties from Orsini Vineyards. Still, there was his job at WRCW and his working relationship with Liza Colby. Tad said that Dixie almost willed him into having an affair simply by believing that he would have an affair. Dixie was furious by Tad's insinuation that she had a hand in the destruction of their marriage. "I didn't walk out! You did!" Tad countered. Dixie stormed into the bathroom and grabbed Tad's still wet clothing. She tossed them into Tad's face and order him to "get the hell out" of her hotel room. Dixie opened the door slightly and waited for Tad to leave. Tad slammed the door shut and told Dixie that he was not going to leave when they had just started making progress. "Why can't you tell me how you feel?" Tad asked. "I loved you more than anything," Dixie sobbed. With each tear that streamed down her face, another piece of her heart slowly died. "I loved you, too," Tad responded. "I still do." Tad asked Dixie why she gave up on their marriage so easily rather than staying around and fighting for it. "I don't know," Dixie replied, her voice cracking. Dixie admitted that she'd made mistakes and apologized for "failing" Tad. She said that Tad "kept pulling away" from her and she felt as though their was nothing she could do to reel him back in. Tad tried to pressure Dixie into admitting her true feelings---how she hated him for sleeping with Liza. Dixie turned her back to Tad and told him that she couldn't. "I can't do this---it's agony for me," Dixie cried. Dixie felt there was no point in rehashing the past because it would do no good. For the first time, Tad looked as though he might cry. Nothing hurt him more, he said, than being told that their past was "no good" and meant nothing. "Good," Dixie growled. "I want you to hurt." Now, Tad could see that Dixie was on the verge of letting her emotions flow. He told her to let go and express her true feelings. In an attempt to get her to open up, Tad asked her how it felt to know that he had kissed Liza... that he had cheated on her... that he had plunged a knife into her heart. Without warning, Dixie hauled off and smacked Tad across the cheek. She did it again. Tad took a deep breath and fought the urge to yell out in pain. Dixie finished off with one final unannounced slap. "I'm really sorry," Tad said in a voice just above a whisper. He said that he wishes they could go back to a time when they were still happy. Both, however, knew that it just wasn't possible. "There's nothing more we can do," Dixie replied. "Yes there is," Tad argued. "I want you to forgive me." Tad said that regardless of what happens to their future together, he wants to know that they can still spend time alone together---without that elephant hiding in the corner.

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Erica's accusation that Jack was trying to run away from her didn't quite hit the mark. Jack explained that "the chase is over" and that no one would be chasing after anyone any more. Erica pleaded with Jack to let her help him, but Jack insisted that he didn't want---or need---Erica's help. Erica altered her approach slightly, saying that after all she and Jack had been through, it was impossible for him to erase their past. Jack agreed and hinted that he did not want to erase their past. What he wanted, he stated, was to put their past behind him. "I'm the one who knows your heart," Erica said softly. She said that it was her initials that were carved into Jack's heart, "EK Loves JM---Forever." Jack wanted desperately to end the conversation, but he wasn't sure how to get Erica to back off. Finally, Jack came right out and told Erica to "butt out" before she made his "life even harder." Erica reached for the dossier her private investigator had put together. She handed it to Jack and told him that the folder contained enough evidence for him to get Kit out of his hair for good. Jack tossed the folder on the table and turned his back to Erica. He walked out of the courtroom leaving Erica standing in the front of the courtroom by herself. She turned around and started to chase after Jack, but she abruptly froze in her tracks when she saw that Dimitri was hovering in the doorway. Erica turned back around and looked around the courtroom. Her mouth moved slightly, but no words came out. Then she paced back and forth. Dimitri cleared his throat and slowly approached Erica. He asked her what she was doing. Her bizarre behavior definitely warranted the question. Erica said that she was reviewing what had just taken place because she wanted to see where she went wrong with Jack. After several minutes of deep thought, Erica concluded that she'd done nothing wrong. She'd offered to help Jack, she'd offered him a dossier on Kit's crimes, and she'd professed her love to Jack---what was wrong with that? What really puzzled Erica was the expression in Jack's face just before he walked away from her. "He looked miffed," Erica muttered, unsure why Jack felt that way. Dimitri countered by asking Erica a question of his own. "What part of 'it's over' don't you understand?" He asked. Erica shook her head and said that her relationship with Jack wasn't overt because she didn't want it to be over. Dimitri fought off a laugh. He looked gently at his former wife and explained to her that she cannot will her relationship back together. Even the great Erica Kane, he said, cannot keep a relationship going just by saying that it's not over. Dimitri went on to say that Jack's current situation with Kit was draining him of most of his strength. Erica's face lit up. She'd misinterpreted Dimitri's statement as a light at the end of the tunnel. Perhaps when Kit was out of the way, Erica thought, she and Jack could get back together. Dimitri didn't bother to correct Erica. Instead, he told her that Jack could be "retentive" at times. Erica grinned and said that Mike had used that same word to described Jack. She argued that Jack was not retentive, singing his praises as a sweet and loving man. Erica then vowed that since "love has never bested [her] in the past," it will not best her this time either.

Jack headed to The Valley Inn where he met up with Brooke, who presumably was still their on business. Jack asked Brooke to join him for a drink and she obliged. They spared the hard liquor, opting for club sodas. "Can I make a friendly observation?" Brooke asked. "You look like hell." Jack forced a smile and commented that he felt about as good as he looked. He told Brooke about his quasi-defeat in court and said that he has no idea how he can fight off Kit's claims. Brooke told Jack that she could piece his life back together with "one simple phrase." That phrase, Brooke said, was "get back on offense." It wasn't like Brooke to speak in sports terms, but it seemed like the perfect time to start. "Get the ball and run with it," Brooke continued. Her thought was that Jack needed to stop letting Kit call the plays. If he wanted to find out if she was really a fraud, he had to do a little investigating of his own. She urged Jack to head to Kansas and do a little research on Kit's family. Maybe he'd be able to find a logical reason for The Fishers sudden relocation from South Carolina. She also suggested that Jack contact his family to see if Kit had been poking around town asking questions. Jack didn't understand why he hadn't thought of that himself. He thanked Brooke for her help, offering to return the favor for her if she ever needed her life rebuilt with the help of one sentence. Brooke had her own way of rebuilding. She told Jack that she and Jamie were headed to China to visit Laura. That, she smiled, was sure to lift her spirits.

All eyes in the gym focused on Ryan and Gillian's kissing session. When the kiss broke off, Gillian struggled to catch her breath. She asked Ryan if she'd heard him correctly. She couldn't believe that her punches had elicited such a response. Ryan leaned over and gave Gillian another kiss. In the background, Mr. Pinkerton, the INS agent, smiled broadly at the display before him. Ryan walked Gillian across the room and listened carefully as she called him her "prince." Gillian smiled coyly as she asked Ryan to take her home so that they could "make love the way real lovers do." Mr. Pinkerton walked up to the couple with a goofy smile still firmly planted on his face. "Hey you kids," he chirped. "Boy, do I owe you an apology." The Immigration agent went on to say that he'd been wrong when he assessed their relationship as a "green card only" marriage. He explained that he had not been watching the couple. "A happy coincidence," he said brought him to the gym. Mr. Pinkerton didn't want to keep the happy couple tied up, so he headed off to the steam room. After Mr. Pinkerton left, Gillian blasted Ryan for not really meaning it when he told her that he loved her. Ryan later admitted that his display of affection was partly for Pinkerton's benefit. Ryan justified his behavior by explaining that his quick action might have spared Gillian from deportation. Gillian demanded that Ryan tell her that he loved her. "Words don't mean anything," Ryan replied. "[People] flash 'em around like a ten dollar bill." Gillian shook her head in disbelief. She was furious that she'd almost had sex with Ryan "under false pretenses." Ryan reminded Gillian that she'd once told him that she loved him---only to later tell him that she hated him. Both of them, according to Ryan, were guilty of going back and forth. Gillian huffed that Ryan was trying to hide behind his words before storming off. Ryan closed his eyes and let his head fall back.

At Wildwind, Kit had an easy---albeit lengthy---explanation for her decision not to involve her father in her legal action. Kit explained that she hadn't been the easiest child to raise. Her parents, she said with a twinge of bewilderment in her voice, never punished her---not even once. She could spend her entire allowance on junk or get Ds on her report card. Still, her parents didn't even raise an eyebrow. Kit wondered if she would have turned out differently had they scolded her. Because of the lack of regulation, Kit said that she felt alienated from her family. Now, Kit's father, Nathan, was said to be very frail. Kit worried that confronting him about her genetics might send him to his grave. Edmund asked Kit if it was possible that Nathan would be relieved to finally talk about the secret he'd kept for so many years. Whether or not Kit was telling the truth, her story was very convincing. Upon leaving town, Kit said that her father had given her a silver coin from the World's Fair. The coin was minted the same year that her parents (The Fishers) were married. The coin was there most prized possession and their decision to give the coin to Kit meant a great deal. After she'd left town, Kit used the money she'd "earned" from her scams to help pay for the mortgage on her parents' farm, feed for the animals, and food for her parents. Kit never told her parents that she was running con games. Instead, she claimed that she'd gotten a new job or a raise. Edmund told Kit that he felt it was time for her to talk to her father---and to get the truth once and for all. Edmund also assured Kit that he would be by her side if she wanted. Kit was surprised that Edmund wanted to help her and accepted his offer. Edmund headed off to book two plane tickets. Kit continued smiling up until the time that Edmund left the room. When he was gone, that smile quickly melted away.

In New York, Tad asked Dixie if she could find it in her heart to forgive him. Dixie hesitated for only a few seconds before answering, "Yes, I can. I do. I forgive you." Dixie wondered if Tad would, in turn, forgive her. Tad smiled and told Dixie that she shouldn't have to ask. Since she did, he said that he'd already forgiven her. Now that they'd addressed their past, Tad and Dixie wondered what was in their future. Dixie commented that she didn't think that she'd ever be able to talk about what had happened between her and Tad. One elephant down, one to go. The second elephant, one that Tad had overlooked, was "the big mattress with pillows." Dixie smiled seductively and asked Tad if he wanted to "fool around." Somehow the moment was greatly tarnished by the usage of "fool around." Tad and Dixie began kissing, but Tad broke off and pulled away. He couldn't believe that he was turning down a chance to make love to Dixie. He didn't think it was right to have sex until they determined if they had a future together. In short, Tad wasn't going to settle for a one-night stand. Dixie mused that she'd be willing to make it a "two or three night stand." Tad failed to see the humor in her remark. He asked Dixie if it was possible for them to have a future together---a romantic future. Dixie didn't want to be the one to make the call and looked to Tad for a little help. "I don't know what to say," she replied nervously. "Do you?" Dixie looked at Tad and Tad looked back at Dixie. Neither one wanted to be the first to open themselves up to rejection.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

It'd been several weeks since Stuart shuffled off on his fishing trip with Adam, Scott, and Junior. He returned home and found an enormous gift box in the middle of his livingroom. Lit candles illuminated the room and cast a delicate shadow upon a bottle of champagne chilling in a silver bowl. Curiosity got the best of Stuart and he scurried over to the box for a closer look. A sign on top of the box urged him to open the box immediately. Stuart lifted the lid and found his surprise---a mermaid! The mermaid was actually Marian in a green costume and a long, curly blonde wig. Marian purred that an evil wizard had cast a spell upon her and transformed her into a hideous fish-like creature. Only Stuart's kiss, she said, could change her back into a woman again. Stuart told Marian that he'd been homesick for the first time in his life while away in Canada. Marian missed Stuart terribly, too. Marian told Stuart that she realized that she really did love him. Stuart also expressed that he had strong feelings of affection for Marian, but he was unable to tell her that he loved her. Marian lowered her head slightly and told Stuart that he didn't have to tell her how he felt about her because she knew how he felt already. Stuart grinned and told Marian that he wanted to show her how he felt. The two inched closer together and shared a kiss.

Tim found it hard to concentrate on his homework when he knew that his days with Harold were drawing to an end. He got up from the sofa and lugged his way to the window. Trevor was also having a hard time staying focused. When he plopped down in his chair, he sat on one of Harold's squeaky toys. Janet slowly walked down the steps and instantly picked up on the depressed vibe coming from Tim and Trevor. Trevor told his wife and son that he had to head over to Wildwind to talk to Mateo. Trevor pulled Janet aside and asked her to talk to Tim while he was gone. Before Trevor could dash off, Amanda wandered downstairs claiming to be unable to sleep. She said that Harold was still in the backyard because he refused to come inside. Amanda said that she couldn't get comfortable knowing that Harold was outside. Janet and Trevor explained that Harold would let them know if he wanted to sleep indoors---just like he grabs his leash when he wants to go for a walk. Amanda nodded her head and headed back to bed. After Trevor left, Tim told Janet that he knows why Harold didn't want to come inside. Animals, he said citing something he'd learned at school, crawl off to be on their own when they are near death. Harold must know that his days were numbered, Tim said softly. Janet gave Tim a hug and told her that she knows Harold's illness must be hard for him to face. The two headed out to the kitchen to tidy up---and to get a late night snack. With no one around to watch her, Amanda scurried back downstairs and headed outside to check on Harold. Janet eventually noticed that her daughter was missing and began to panic. Amanda returned a few minutes later completely unaware that she was "missing." She told Janet that she wanted to say goodnight to Harold. Janet didn't want to scold her daughter, but at the same time she didn't want to condone Amanda's antics. Amanda came up with a surprising request. She asked if she could pitch a tent and camp out in the backyard with Harold. Surprisingly, Tim, who usually doesn't like Amanda's schemes, agreed that the sleeping outdoors might not be such a bad idea. Janet reluctantly agreed to the plan and said that the en tire Dillon clan could sleep outside. The kids gathered up the sleeping bags and headed to the backyard. Janet scribbled a note for Trevor to let him know that they were outside. Janet walked to the desk and looked sadly a picture of Natalie. She picked up the photograph and told Natalie that they were going to need her help very soon.

In New York, Tad explained to Dixie that he did not want them to move forward without knowing whether or not they could fully commit to one another. Dixie wondered if Tad was doubting their love, but he quickly explained that he was one hundred percent certain that they loved each other. But was love going to be enough, he asked pointedly, if something else in their relationship went awry. Would they still run out on each other? Dixie admitted that she could not take another heartbreak like that. Again, neither one wanted to go on the record stating that they could make a solemn vow not to make a mistake that could sour their relationship. Dixie came up with an idea to test their staying power. She recalled one of her favorite films, "An Affair to Remember." In the film, the romantic leads were madly in love but unable to commit to one another. This, of course, sounded oddly like Tad and Dixie's situation. In the film, the couple decided to spend six months apart to think about their relationship. They picked an exact time and date that they would reunite---and said that they would meet on the observation deck at the Empire State Building. If one of them did not show, it was a sign that that person had decided that they could not commit to the relationship. Tad refused to take six months to reach a decision. Dixie suggested that they take six days---but even that was too long for Tad. He said that he could make up his mind in twenty-four hours. Dixie was surprised that Tad needed such a short amount of time, but she didn't question him. They agreed to meet on the top of the Statler Building in exactly twenty-four hours. There were two reasons that they didn't pick the Empire State Building: One, the observation deck was closed at that time of night and, second, they didn't want to copy off of the movie. Dixie made it clear that she would not hate Tad if he decided not to show. Tad, in turn, agreed that he would harbor no ill-will towards Dixie if she backed out. It almost appeared that they'd both decided that they were going to be there---and that they doubted that their counterpart would be there. Dixie jokingly asked Tad if they could still make love before adjourning for the night. Tad bit his lip and said that making love could make things worse than they were. He didn't even want to kiss Dixie goodbye, but he couldn't fight the urge. As he turned and walked away, he muttered "Damn" under his breath. Dixie smiled and said goodnight to Tad. Tad also said goodnight, both hoping that goodnight would not turn into goodbye.

When Raquel made an appearance at Wildwind, Mateo hoped that his marriage to Raquel had finally come to an end. Raquel handed over a carefully folded piece of paper to Mateo and he hurried to open it up and inspect it. There was nothing on the dotted line: Raquel had not signed of on the marriage. Raquel told Mateo that she could not give up on the dreams they'd shared. More importantly, she could not forget another important paper on which she'd signed her name---their marriage license. She'd reminded Mateo of their wedding vow that said that their love for one another was endless. Mateo rolled his eyes and explained that he was "just a kid" when he'd made that vow. He was in love with Hayley now and that, he said, would not change. The conversation was briefly interrupted when Sammy scurried into the room. Sammy was looking for Edmund, but Mateo was more than happy to fill in. He told Sammy that if he went up to bed he'd be along in a little while to read him a bedtime story. Raquel looked on as Mateo and the young boy interacted. When Sammy headed off to bed, Raquel praised Mateo's method of dealing with Sammy. Mateo smiled and said that Maria would be very proud of Sammy. Mateo rejoined the conversation where he'd left off. Raquel wondered why Mateo had never asked her what she'd been up to during their time apart. She tried to will him into asking, but Mateo didn't get the chance to ask because Trevor stepped into the room and ordered him to keep quiet. Even if Trevor hadn't interrupted, it didn't look as though Mateo really cared much about what Raquel had been up to. Trevor told Raquel that she would have to speak to him, not Mateo, if she had something to say. Raquel announced that she'd obtained an attorney through legal aide. Her attorney, she said, would prevent her from being "bullied" by Trevor. Raquel became belligerent and said that she would never be forced into signing a divorce decree. Raquel stormed out of the house leaving Trevor to scold his client. Trevor explained that Mateo could not spend any time alone with Raquel. Mateo sighed and praised Raquel as a "sweet girl" who would never do anything to hurt him. Trevor disagreed. He recalled that Hayley had overheard Raquel talking to someone she believed to be a boyfriend. Mateo argued that Raquel does not have a boyfriend. Trevor was certain that Raquel must be hiding something---"something big."

Raquel entered her room at The Pine Cone Motel with a frown. She looked across the room and suddenly a smile emerged on her face. "You came!" She chirped. "I am so happy to see you!"

Thursday, October 22, 1998
byy Dan J Kroll

Thinking she'd been shunned by her husband, Gillian headed directly to the waiting arms of another man. She and David made love in the shower, just one of the times they'd be intimate in a few hour period. After their lovemaking session, Gillian praised David for being the kind of man she wanted and needed. She'd decided to focus her attention on "the man who loves" her. She turned to David and asked him if he did, in fact, love her. "Isn't it obvious," David replied without actually using the word love. The two made love again. Afterwards, David held Gillian in his arms. Gillian basked in the glory of her lover's attention. The moment was short-lived. David hopped out of bed and told Gillian that he had to report for work at WRCW. Gillian became overly excited by David's stint as medical reporter, blubbering that she couldn't wait until David went national. David gave Gillian a curious glance as he realized that Gillian was forcing her exaggerated excitement. David started getting dressed. Gillian, however, wanted to help him. She handed him a tie and told him that by wearing the tie she'd selected for him on the air, she would know that he loved her. David frowned slightly but ultimately agreed to wear the tie. Gillian told David that she was going to tell Ryan about their relationship. David reminded Gillian that her green card would be revoked if Immigration learned of the affair. Gillian was sure that Ryan wouldn't report her because he'd end up in jail on fraud charges. David managed to get Gillian to back down, thus allowing their series of one-night stands to continue.

At Wildwind, Ryan was reading a magazine when Hayley entered the room. She had spent the night away from the mansion, prompting Ryan to worry that Mateo and Hayley had had another fight. Hayley assured Ryan that everything in her relationship was as good as could be expected. Ryan felt that Hayley was hiding something from her based solely on the fact that Hayley hadn't slept in her bed. He was certain that Hayley and Mateo's relationship had come to an end---and he said that he could not bear to see that happen. Mateo entered the room and overheard Ryan's comments. He became quite nasty to Ryan, telling him to mind his own business. Hayley finally got a chance to explain that she'd spent the night at a friend's house doing an intervention for Alcoholics' Anonymous. Ryan felt a bit like a heel for having assumed the worst. He apologized and stated that he would refrain from sticking his nose into other people's relationships---especially since his relationship wasn't in the best of health. Once Ryan left the room, Mateo told Hayley that he had bad news. That bad news, of course, was that Raquel had refused to sign off on the marriage. Mateo waited for an "I told you so" from Hayley, but it never came. Mateo wondered why his wife wasn't seizing the opportunity to let him have it. The answer, as Hayley explained it, was that Mateo had stuck by her when her life was a mess. Now, she was determined to stand by her man, so to speak. "You've swept your side of the street," Hayley said, presumably talking about Mateo's decision to end his marriage to Raquel. "I'm not going to blame you because Raquel won't sweep her side." That out of the way, Mateo knew that he had come up with a good reason why his vows to Raquel should be nullified. Hayley brought up the mysterious phone call she'd overheard, but Mateo remained insistent that Raquel did not have a boyfriend. If she did, there would be no reason for her to go after Mateo. Hayley explained that Raquel could be after a piece of her amassed fortune. Mateo was sure that that was not the case. He decided to call Raquel's cousin to see if he could learn anything about Raquel. Mateo headed off to the phone allowing Hayley enough time to slip out of the house unnoticed. Mateo returned to the parlor area and called Information to find Raquel's cousin's phone number. Unable to figure out exactly where the cousin live, Mateo narrowed the field down to three numbers. While he was on the phone, Ryan entered the room. Mateo held up his finger, asking Ryan to hang around until after he was done with the phone call. Ryan would later wish that he hadn't stuck around. Mateo blasted Ryan for dumping his personal problems on Hayley. In essence, Mateo said that neither he nor Hayley really cared of Ryan's love life was falling apart.

On the phone in her office, Liza grimaced when Adam knocked on her door. She tried to tell Adam that she was too busy to talk to him, but sometimes there's no telling Adam anything. He wanted to tell Liza about a life-altering experience he'd had while fishing in Canada. Adam claimed that he'd realized how much he's hurt Liza and Marian in recent months. When he felt poorly for acting so, well, Adam-like, Adam said that he realized he was falling back into his old trap: Thinking only of himself. He didn't want to think about making people forgive him, he wanted to atone for his sins. That, he said, meant that he needed to rebuild his relationship with Liza. It didn't imply that Adam wanted to renew a romance with Liza; He may have wanted that, but that's not what he said he wanted. What he did want, however, was for them to "be friends." Liza rolled her eyes and chuckled slightly. She shifted her weight onto one foot and asked Adam what he really wanted from her. Somehow she could not see Adam, a "semi-former egomaniac," dropping by to say that he wanted to be friends. Liza admitted that she did believe that Adam wanted to be friends-adding a ribbing that she also believed that Adam had no friends---but noted that he must have wanted more than to talk about being friends. She, however, had more friends than she needed. Adam professed that he had the best of intentions and that he did not want to interfere in Liza's pregnancy. Liza still didn't believe her former husband and decided that she'd spent enough time playing games. She dashed out of her office to attend the taping of David's medical segment. Adam picked up a book on Liza's desk called, Your First Baby. He turned around when the office door slammed shut. Allie stood a few feet away with a frown on her face. She asked Adam why he was chasing after Liza when he should be trying to get her medical license back. Allie issued a threat that she would tell Liza about Adam's "sperm swapping" if he didn't help her out. "You picked the wrong day to tick me off," Adam snarled fiercely. Allie didn't understand why Adam was harassing "the girl with the gun," meaning that she could ruin his life with just a few words. Allie, on the other hand, had nothing left to lose. Adam calmed down long enough to tell Allie that he'd already arranged a deal with a medical school. The school would accept all of Allie's credits from Stanford meaning that all she had to do was pass her board examination. Allie smiled and asked Adam how---and where---he'd managed to pull off such a coup. How was simple: He'd arranged to give the medical school a sizeable donation. The where part wasn't as easy. The medical school was offshore---in Antigua. Allie was upset that she had to go to Antigua to be a doctor. Adam told her that she should be happy that someone wanted her. Allie sighed and agreed that she shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. Not completely satisfied, Allie opted to put the screws to Adam. She told him that he should think again if he believed that the road to Liza's heart was going to be a smooth, short ride. Someone else, she grinned, had come into the picture while Adam was away. Adam dashed out of the office. In the studio, David told Liza that he'd come up with a few ideas for his medical spots. The first, he said, was one on the miracle of birth. David said that he wanted to talk about the miracle of two unique cells forming an entirely new life. Liza's eyes sparkled. Someone had finally understood what she wanted to do in the medical spots---show "wonder and awe" to the audience. Liza looked at David's tie, told him it was hideous, and asked him if he would mind changing it. David grinned from ear to ear and said that he didn't mind at all. He removed his tie and waited for Liza to hand him another. From across the studio, Adam watched in horror as Liza and David shared a smile and a laugh.

Raquel was not pleased in the least when Hayley showed up at her door. Hayley didn't wait for an invitation to enter the motel room. She blasted Raquel for holding on to a failed marriage. "Mateo is the only man for me," Raquel snapped back. She used her foot to gently push a duffel bag under her bed. Hayley looked down and saw what Raquel was doing. It was enough to stir some curiosity, but Hayley didn't say anything to Raquel. She told Raquel that she knew she was lying about her devotion to Mateo. Hayley left, but waited outside for Raquel to leave her room. When Raquel finally did leave, Hayley emerged from hiding and scurried over to the motel door.

The Dillons' impromptu camping session ended when the sun rose. Tim and Amanda headed upstairs to get ready for school while Janet and Trevor had a serious discussion. Harold had finally come inside, but he laid motionless on his doggy pillow. The time, Trevor feared, had come to put an end to Harold's pain. Trevor felt that maybe they should wait until after the kids were at school before calling the vet. Janet strongly opposed putting Harold to sleep while Tim and Amanda were at school because she felt that it would deny them a chance to say a final farewell to their friend. When Janet was younger, her mother had put her pet cat to sleep and claimed that that cat had run away. When Tim and Amanda returned downstairs, Trevor told them that it was time for Harold to go to heaven. Amanda worried that Harold would feel pain when the vet put him to sleep. Trevor assured her that Harold would feel no pain and that he'd be at peace. Trevor said that Native Americans have a belief that "The Great Sky Father" divided man from beast by a huge canyon. As the canyon was forming, the dog was the only creature to jump over the canyon to be with man. That was the, the story went, the reason why man and canine were so close. Tim kneeled next to Harold and told him how much he'd miss him. The two had sort of grown up together. Janet motioned for Amanda to say her farewell to Harold, but she passed on her turn, instead telling her mother to go before her. Janet admitted that while she and Harold hadn't gotten along when they'd first met, she had definitely grown to love him. Amanda was unable to say much as she approached Harold. She fell to the ground and buried her face in his fur, crying hysterically. The Dillons huddled together and tried to pool their strength. Tim wanted to be by Harold's side during his final few minutes in this world, but Trevor told his son that he should stay inside with Janet and Amanda. Trevor and Harold headed outside to Harold's favorite tree. There, the veterinarian would put Harold to sleep. Tim looked out the window, tears gushing from his eyes. "Go on boy," he sobbed. "You're going to mom." A voice called out to Harold from a bright and fluffy clouded-filled area. The voice belonged to Natalie. She crouched down to the ground and again called out for Harold. A few seconds later the dog raced to her side. Natalie's flowing white gown flapped slightly in the gentle breeze. She told Harold that she was happy to see him and that they would have lots of fun together. She started walking away, but Harold wouldn't budge. He turned back and looked away from the light. Natalie returned to Harold's side and told him that she knows how difficult it is to say goodbye to the ones he loves. But this was not goodbye, she said, because one day they would all be together again.

Friday, October 23, 1998

The suggestion that Liza's pregnancy should be the focus of the medical segments was creative---even if it wasn't unique. Adam, who had been hiding just offstage, stepped onto the stage and called David's idea a "monumentally crocked piece of reasoning." Liza sighed deeply and informed Adam that no one had asked for his opinion. Adam told Liza that he didn't want "Doctor Death" anywhere near her baby. Liza explained that David was a part of the WRCW family. Suddenly, Adam realized that David must be the "other man" that Allie had mentioned. David asked Liza not to be too hard on Adam since Adam had no idea that he'd been hired to do the new medical segments. Adam sassed that David's dismissal from Pine Valley Hospital must have ruined his medical practice. David assured Adam that his practice was alive and well---and doing better than ever. A remark by David about wanting Liza to "do it with [him]" raised Adam's eyebrows and nearly sent the multi-millionaire into cardiac arrest. The "it" David was referring to, he clarified a bit later, was the medical segment he was shooting. Adam again argued that it was not wise for Liza to appear on the air with the news of her pregnancy. Adam said that "every extremist nutcase" with a television would try to target Liza and her unborn child. Adam reminded Liza that he'd just finished dealing with a "nutcase" of his own. That nutcase, of course, was Lee Hawkins. David chimed in that he'd never considered the danger Liza could face by appearing on the air. Liza let out a short, hard breath and told both men to be quiet. She said that she was the one who would ultimately decide whether or not to appear on the air. Apparently, the idea of accepting David's offer never crossed into Liza's mind. Citing her heavy workload, Liza stated that she would not appear in the station's medical segments. Adam received a phone call and had to step away for a few moments. While he was gone, David made a cryptic remark to Liza about Adam's concern for her child. The essence of his comment was to ask Liza why Adam would be so concerned about a child that was not his own. Liza told David not to worry about Adam because her "Adam forcefield" would protect her Adam's tyrannical ways. David started taping his spot---and he was doing fairly well. The only problem was that he had a tendency to rattle on in technical terms that would not only alienate the audience, but also make his segment "run long." Adam pulled Liza aside and warned her about associating with David. Liza brushed off Adam's caution and went back to work. On a break from taping, David bumped into Adam. Adam praised David's performance for the camera, but quipped that David must be used to giving "adept performances," a direct reference to the way David tried to cover up his attempt on Adam's life. Adam vowed not to let Liza be David's next victim. "I'll be watching you," Adam growled as he turned and walked away.

Raquel showed up at Wildwind hoping to have a few words with Mateo. Mateo, however, wanted nothing to do with Raquel. He told her that he could not talk to her, but Raquel mistakenly assumed that she'd caught Mateo on his way out. She offered to tag along with him so that they could have a few minutes to discuss some things. Mateo finally explained what he'd meant: He could not---and would not-talk to Raquel. He advised her to deliver any messages to him through his attorney. Raquel was stunned and demanded to know what she'd done wrong. Mateo stood his ground and told Raquel to hit the road.

Hayley gained access to Raquel's motel room using what looked like a fingernail file. Once inside, Hayley scurried around looking for proof that Raquel had another man in her life. She got little more than a few seconds into her search before she was interrupted by a knock on the door. Hayley hid in the bathroom, hoping that she would not be found. "Raquel," a voice called out from the outside. "It's Gillian." Only after Hayley heard Gillian's footsteps disappear into the distance did she dare come out of hiding. Hayley recalled the mysterious bag that Raquel had tried to hide under the bed earlier. She rummaged under the bed and found the bag. On the bag was a name tag with a single word scrawled on it: Max. Hayley's eyes widened and she dashed out of the motel room. She was in such a hurry to leave that she didn't see Gillian step out from behind a nearby shrub. Gillian hadn't been spying on Hayley---she had no reason to suspect that Hayley was even inside the room. She had been writing a note to leave on Raquel's door and just happened to be at the right place at the right time. By the time Gillian added a postscript to the note mentioning that Hayley had broken into the motel room, Raquel made her way back from Wildwind. Gillian couldn't wait to tell Raquel what she'd seen. Raquel was both furious and scared to learn that Hayley had "violated [her] space." Gillian urged Raquel to tell Mateo about Hayley's intrusion. Raquel shook her head and explained that Mateo would never believe her. Gillian smiled coyly and said that she could always mention Hayley's dirt deed in passing while talking to Mateo. Raquel batted her eyes and told Gillian that she could never ask her to do that for her. Gillian grinned broadly and replied that sometimes things just slip out in conversation.

Janet and Trevor sat cuddled up on the couch. Mateo arrived and sensed that something wasn't quite right and offered to come back later. Trevor shook his head and welcomed Mateo into his home. He told Matt that they'd just put Harold to sleep. Mateo closed his eyes and expressed his sorrow to the family. He offered to give the family a "living memorial" so that they would never forget Harold. Trevor nixed the idea, thinking that Mateo wanted to buy them another dog. Mateo quickly explained that he wanted to buy a tree to plant in Harold's memory. The idea was warmly accepted and Janet headed upstairs to ask Amanda what type of tree Mateo should purchase. After Mateo left, Hayley showed up on her uncle's doorstep to tell him about what she'd found in Raquel's room. Trevor asked his niece to slow down and explain things to him in more detail. Hayley bashfully admitted that she'd broken into the motel room. Trevor couldn't believe his ears. He asked what Mateo thought about what she'd done. Again that bashful look returned to Hayley's face. She admitted that she'd acted without Mateo's knowledge and begged Trevor to keep what she'd done a secret---at least until she had enough proof to stick it to Raquel.

Mateo was relaxing on a sofa at Wildwind when Gillian returned home. She wasted no time in exposing Hayley's excursion to the Pine Cone Motel. She asked Mateo if Hayley had found "anything interesting." Mateo looked quizzically at Gillian and asked her what she was talking about. Gillian then told Mateo that she'd seen Hayley poking around Hayley's motel room. She did her best to appear amused by the situation---as well as trying to look like she sided with Hayley and Mateo. Mateo, however, could hide the frown that showed that he did not approve of what Hayley had done.

In New York, Tad and Dixie were both preoccupied with their impending meeting atop the Statler Building. Their minds began playing tricks on them as they both tried to figure out whether or not they'd make the trip to the top of the mini-skyscraper.
Tad sat alone at table in the restaurant where Dixie had been mistaken for Jodie Foster. He drifted off and imagined Dixie dropping by and trying to seduce him. Tad smiled and told Dixie that he would not be influenced by her feminine wiles. Dixie faded into nothingness as Jake appeared across the table from Tad. Jake accused his brother of being "too scared to fight" for Dixie. Jake downplayed Tad's part mistakes. He noted that Tad has not only made mistakes, but added that he'll continue to make mistakes---and so will everyone else. Hopefully, Jake chuckled, Tad's future mistakes will not be "as stupid" as the one he'd made by sleeping with Liza. "Get in the ring and fight," Jake said encouragingly. Jake left and, in his place, Joe appeared. Joe smiled the calm, assuring smile that he'd be come to know by. "Life isn't easy," Joe said sagely. "It's a work in progress." Joe represented a calm, rational look at Tad's situation whereas Jake offered a more "take the bull by the horns" approach. Suddenly, Jamie and Junior scurried into the scene and announced that they wanted to vote on whether or not Tad and Dixie got back together. Their vote was resoundingly in favor of the reunion. Dixie strolled in and stood behind the two boys. She explained that they wanted to be a family again---and that she wanted that too. The group faded away and Tad was met with one more visitor: Opal. Opal was rather amusing in her chat with Tad. She looked on as Tad ate a turkey sandwich. While the sandwich looked good, it tasted horrible. Tad has a soft spot for Opal's homemade turkey sandwiches and this one failed to measure up. It did, however, provide for a metaphor. Opal said that they'd nothing worse that seeing something that looks so promising and enjoyable only to find out that it's not fulfilling. Tad assumed that his mother's remark was meant as a knock against Dixie. Actually, it wasn't. Opal admitted that she'd not been Dixie's biggest fan in the past. But she wanted her son to be happy---happy like he was when he was with Dixie. Opal's appearance served its purpose and she faded into thin air. Jake made a return appearance, this time to play up to Tad's doubts about getting back together with Dixie. He appeared with a group of scantily-clad women. The women paraded around Tad gyrating and doing their best to entice Tad. Jake urged his brother to forget about committing to one woman because it would mean an end to the wild bachelor days. Tad turned down the women's advances and instantly realized that he wanted Dixie back in his life. He paid off his tab and dashed out the door---headed directly for the top of the Statler building.

Across town, Dixie was having similar experiences. Trying to get her mind off of her decision, Dixie plopped down to watch some television. Dixie didn't get a movie or even a comedy---she got a picture of Tad trying to convince her to meet him on top of the Statler Building. Dixie flipped off the television, telling the Faux Tad that he wasn't playing fair. Suddenly, Liza appeared in the hotel room with a message. She assured Dixie that she and Tad were not having an ongoing affair. Their night together was a once and done thing. She did, however, let Dixie know that she and Tad had become friends and that nothing would change that. "He wants you," Liza snapped as she instructed Dixie to "run like hell to the Statler Building. Next on the visit list was Adam. He was the most insistent of all of Dixie's visions. Adam started off at Dixie's window, moved on to the hallway, and then on to her bed! Dixie shook her head, unable to believe that she was thinking of Adam. "You can't help but think of me," Adam grinned. "I'd rather be in Liza's thoughts---but while I'm here..." Adam had a message Dixie, one that carried a great deal of weight. Adam, like Opal in Tad's daydream, admitted that he did not like Tad. Adam was, however, interested in seeing Dixie happy. Tad was there for Dixie since day one, he noted. "He's hopelessly in love with you," added Adam. Dixie tried to shoo Adam out of her room, but he kept reappearing in the oddest of locations. In one instance he popped out of the bathroom. When he appeared on her bed, Dixie shook the covers to get rid of him and Adam flew through the air and ended back outside at Dixie's window. Adam admitted that by staying in Pine Valley, he would have more time with his son. "This is not about you," Dixie snapped. "Everything is about me," Adam replied with a chuckle. A daydream session would not be complete without a visit from Uncle Palmer. Palmer asked Dixie to give up on Tad and begin searching "men of power and accomplishment." Dixie defended Tad as a reputable "son, brother, and father." Palmer groaned his disapproval with Dixie's remark and left. Palmer, surprisingly, had helped strengthen Dixie's decision to meet Tad atop the building. When Opal appeared, Dixie appeared to waver on that decision. Opal talked poorly of her son, saying that Tad was just like any other man: capable of breaking a woman's heart without even blinking. Opal stopped short of telling Dixie to life her life "in a bubble." Instead, she urged Dixie to make a safer choice. The last of her visitors now gone, Dixie sat back down to watch some television. Again, her viewing was interrupted by another vision. She saw herself as a salesperson on a television shopping channel. What item was she selling? "The man of [her] dreams." That man was Tad Martin. Tad came with a "guaranteed lifetime of frustration, aggravation, passion, and pure joy." Dixie put her head in her hands and cried out that she didn't know what she should do. The Dixie on the television stepped a bit closer to the camera and put her hands on her hips. "Finally!" she exclaimed. The second Dixie told the real Dixie that she was going to tell her what she should do---once and for all.



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