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Sunset Beach Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on SB
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Monday, October 19, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Evonne

Casey and Sarah are shown discussing the spoiled wedding with the return of Maria. Casey told Sara that the events messed up their plans also. They decide on a date that night but Sara remembers the opening of the waffle shop as the "Shock Wave". Casey said they could go there and include Meg in their plans.

Next scene shows Brad eating and Sean entering. They get into an argument over the missing Emily. Brad brags that she is long gone. They are about to scuffle when Amy arrives pretending to be sympathetic because Emily dumped Sean.

Casey can tell that Sara is upset by the suggestion to include Meg on their date. She says she really doesn't mind. Casey told her she is amazing and kisses her on the forehead as they leave.

Leo told Amy that Sean knows about the email. When Sean receives the phone call from Bette he and Leo rush out leaving Brad and Amy behind. Brad asks Amy what her problem. He wants to know why she keeps chasing Sean when it is obvious that he can't stand her. He lets her know he is available.

Meg relives different moments when Ben gave her a pearl. She then remembers the breaking of the necklace and says it was not an omen.

Joan arrives to check on Meg. Meg professes to be ok. Joan says the waffle shop opening is just about ready. She informs Meg she came to check on her not to talk about the shop. Meg attempts to change the subject by talking about how blessed she is. Joan tries to get her to share her true feelings. While Meg is explaining about her thank you letters she accidentally breaks a cup from her grandmothers china. This is when she becomes unglued.

Meg is saying she isn't deserving of the china. Joan told her that the events at her wedding were a terrible shock. Meg says she feels that everything is turned inside out. Joan told her that it is ok for her to be upset. Meg says she doesn't know what to do. Meg says that she is scared that Maria is legally Ben's wife. She admits that this has put Ben in the middle of them. He knows Ben still loves her but now he has to make a choice. She doubts if he would have fallen in love with her if he had known Maria was still alive. Casey and Sara arrive in time to hear this statement.

Meg told everyone she is worried about Ben but she does trust him. Joan leaves Casey with Meg hinting for him to reassure her. Casey comforts Meg by telling her that he is always there for her to talk to. Casey reassures her that everyone is there for her. He asks her to go for a walk on the beach with him. Meg says she really needed to go by herself.

Ricardo and Ben race to find Maria. Maria is shown fighting off the two guys. One guy keeps look out while the other keeps wrestling with her. Ben is aggravated that they are not getting there fast enough. Ricardo says they are moving as fast as they can but it will even slower for Ben if he is on the curb. Ben reminds Ricardo that he is concerned because Maria was his wife. Ricardo reminds him that Maria is his wife. Ben reminds him that he married Meg yesterday. Ricardo said and yeah you married my sister eight years ago. He also told Ben he didn't love or trust her enough. He still doesn't believe that the boat events were an accident.

Maria is shown again fighting with the men. One keeps reassuring her that if she stops fighting she won't get hurt. Maria keeps fighting and screaming.

Ben and Ricardo arrive at the abandoned car. As they are looking around they hear Maria scream. They rush over the hill. Ben arrives first and knocks out the guy attacking Maria. Ricardo chases down the other guy and handcuffs him. While they are fighting with the guys Maria runs off. Ben catches up with her and convinces her she is safe with him. They say they will return her to Cedar Oaks but Maria is determined that she has to see Meg. Ricardo has to turn in the two guys so Ben agrees to walk with her.

Ben starts walking Maria back to his house. He passes the swings and stops. He remembers the first time that she told him that she loved him.

Bette and Emily arrive arguing about oversleeping. Emily is determined to catch the next plane out. Bette has no luck talking her out of this. Emily leaves the room and Bette decides to call Sean. She reaches Sean and explains that he needs to hurry to catch Emily.

Sean unfortunately arrives at the airport after Emily has boarded the plane.

Sara is seen on the beach. She is talking to Casey and he is admitting how crazy he is about her. They kiss passionately. Casey is calling Sara's name. We then realize that she was daydreaming. Casey asks her what she had been thinking about. Sara leans over and starts passionately kissing Casey.

Ben and Maria are at the swings. Maria puts her hand on Ben's arm and says, "I love you". Ben looks at her hand but doesn't react.

While strolling on the beach Meg sees Ben at the swings with Maria. She wonders out loud why they are there and not at Cedar Oaks. She overhears Maria telling Ben "I love you."

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jami

Shawn arrives at the airport after the final boarding call was made for Emily's plane. He demands that they open the door so he can talk to her. Bette and Leo see that he is getting no where so they put on an act that Leo stole her wallet so Shawn can get passed the security guard. Shawn eventually gets arrested and Leo told him its too late that the plane just took off. Bette gets mad at Shawn. Emily didn't go after all and Shawn tells her that he didn't write the letter and to give them another chance and then they kiss.

Sarah daydreams that Casey told her that he loves her. When Casey wakes Sarah from her daydream she kisses him then apologizes for doing it. Sarah wants to forget that it happened but Casey says he can't and kisses her again. Now an even more confused Sarah is wondering why he did that. Casey says that they have to talk about what's happening between them. Just as they were going to talk they see Meg run by and Casey chases after her. When Sarah and Casey catch up to Meg she told them that Ben loves Maria more then he loves her. Sarah says it's not true and that he only wants her.

Meg sees Maria and Ben together on the beach when he is supposed to be at Cedar Oaks visiting her. She over hears Maria tell Ben that she loves him. Before Maria says that she can only remember saying the words and not the feelings Meg runs away. Maria and Ben go back to Ben's house. While there, Maria asks if she can go up to the bedroom so that maybe she can find something to jog her memory. Maria starts to cry and wants to run away again but Ben told her not to run away from her memories because they can't hurt her. Maria wants to be alone in the bedroom for a while. While she is up there she finds a book that she gave Ben when they were married. She goes downstairs and just when Meg walks in she sees Maria kissing Ben.

Michael and Vanessa Move into back into her old apartment. Virginia and Jimmy have a talk about how much he will miss Michael and she told him not to count him out yet. When she is talking about impregnating Vanessa Tyus walks in and wants to know what surprise she has in store for him and Vanessa. She covers and says that she was just seeing how close their birthdays were together and was going to have a surprise birthday party for them. Tyus says he is still worried about Vanessa and wants to make sure she's ok so they go over to the apartment together. While there Virginia hints around about when Tyus and Vanessa were living together when she had Martins' syndrome.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Olivia demands that Annie help her with her latest plan to remove Cole from her daughter's life. Maria thanks an astonished Meg for being her dear friend despite the recent revelations which have shaken them both. Francesca overhears Sydney giving Cole a positive ID on the photo he took of the rubies. Olivia pressures Annie to force Gregory to buy her a certain ruby necklace so that Cole will then be tempted to steal it. Meanwhile, A.J. decides to present the necklace to Caitlin. Maria explains to Ben and Meg how the book of love poems helped trigger another memory. Later, Dr. Estrada told Ben that he and Meg are the key elements in her patient's recovery. Though Cole stonewalls when his former partner in crime presses him to disclose the identity of the rubies' owner, Francesca quickly guesses that the gems are in A.J.'s possession. Maria assures Meg the kiss she witnessed was just an expression of gratitude. Later, Meg dissolves in tears upon learning that Ben and Maria are still legally married.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Olivia gleefully daydreams about putting her son-in-law behind bars for the next thirty years. Meg moans to Vanessa about losing the man she loves to his first wife. As Gregory berates his wife, Maria arrives and quickly jumps into the fray. To Annie's dismay, Maria spits out her hatred and informs her former friend she wants nothing more to do with her ever again. Hillary and Neilsen corner Francesca and order her at gunpoint to return the gems she stole from them. Spotting Francesca in a sticky situation, Cole sneaks up behind the vengeful duo and manages to disarm them. Feeling a sudden pang of sympathy for his spouse, Gregory consoles an unhappy Annie. Olivia is rattled to learn that A.J. tried to give the ruby necklace to Caitlin. Francesca confesses to an astonished Cole that she's always been in love with him. Maria lashes out at Tim for his role in keeping her identity a secret until the revelation could hurt as many people as possible. Gregory buys the necklace from A.J. and presents it to Annie.

Friday, October 23, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Tracey

Hillary shows up at the same restaurant as Cole, Caitlin, AJ and Olivia. Bernie calls her there and asks her to help him by getting the jewels back quickly - he is on the verge of a breakdown. She told him to calm down, she is doing the best she can. Meanwhile, AJ told Cole and Olivia that he sold the ruby necklace to Gregory after he made him an offer he couldn't refuse. Cole notices Hillary across the room and excuses himself from the group. He asks Hillary what she is doing there and what is wrong with her. Hillary warns him that he will lose what he loves the most if he keeps going after the jewels. At that moment, Caitlin shows up. Hillary repeats her threat and leaves. When Caitlin asks about Hillary, Cole dismisses her as a flake and sends Caitlin back to the table. He then calls the restaurant pretending to be his foreman and asks them to relay a message that he is needed at work. He acts disappointed when the waiter delivers the news and leaves the restaurant. Caitlin is upset that Cole left and senses that something is wrong.

Hillary comes over to the table and repeats her threat to Caitlin. Hillary then rushes to see Bernie where she reasons that they have been using the wrong approach to their problem. She now understands that the best way to get the jewels back from Cole is to go after what he loves the best.

Olivia is shocked by Hillary's outburst and asks Caitlin if she thinks Cole is involved with Hillary. Caitlin says she is not worried about her, she is worried about Francesca. Olivia prods her to open up by reassuring her that she loves her and would never gloat. Caitlin says she is suspicious because Cole is never around and when he is his mind is somewhere else. He has also been evading her plans for quality time with vague excuses. She is more concerned that he may be into something illegal. Olivia offers to help her get to the bottom of it.

Cole rushes to Francesca's room where he catches her on her way out. He wants to know what is going on with the jewels. He told her about Hillary's threats. She gets scared and wants to leave for Rosario immediately. Cole stops her by revealing that Gregory has the jewels and he will help her to steal them. When questioned about his motives, Cole says that he would love to get back at Gregory for all that he has done. Francesca wants to know the real reason because revenge is not his style. Cole tentatively states that he owes her his life and wants to help her fulfill the promise she made to God in exchange for his survival. She thanks him for his thoughtfulness and is visibly moved.

Gregory gives the ruby necklace to Annie. (The stones glow and we hear the chanting from them.) Gregory explains that the gift is an apology for overreacting about Maria. She is overwhelmed by the gesture and is thrilled that he cares. Annie notes that this is the first gift he has given her that didn't involve some kind of game and believes it is a milestone in their relationship. Gregory runs down all of the things he loves about her. She thanks him, teases him a bit and they make love. Later, Annie has a dream that Olivia, Cole, Caitlin and AJ are in bed with them! All of the secrets come out and everyone wants the necklace. She wakes up and realizes that she wants to keep it for herself.

Cole returns to the restaurant to tell Caitlin that he will be out late. He arrives just in time to see Annie arrive wearing the necklace.

Everyone offers congratulations to the Cummings on the opening of the restaurant. Sarah and Casey are there for their first "date". Before leaving the restaurant for Ben and Meg's, Casey wants to talk with Sarah. He told her that he likes her a lot and has for some time, but wanted to be sure he was over his last heartbreak before pursuing anything. He wants to know how Sarah feels. Sarah assures him that she wants to be more than friends. They kiss.

Leo refuses to tell Amy and Brad where Sean and Emily are. In actuality, Sean has taken Emily to see his new apartment that he rents from the Cummings in exchange for helping them at Shockwave. Emily is nervous because the only furniture she sees is a bed. She explains to Sean that she is afraid of following in her mother's footsteps - sex doesn't necessarily mean a man is in it for the long haul. Sean reassures her and they promise to take it slow.

Sean and Emily return to the restaurant. Emily runs into Amy who says she knows where she was. She went on to say that even if they haven't slept together yet, if she is anything like her mother they will soon. Emily slaps her.

Antonio quickly gives Gaby a towel to cover up when she appears in a bikini. Ricardo comes in and relays Dr. Estrada's approval for a visit to Maria today. When Ricardo and Gaby kiss, Antonio excuses himself with an "if anyone cares" remark. Gaby senses that something is wrong with Antonio and asks Ricardo about him. Ricardo agrees with her observation. They decide to keep their eyes open to see if they can figure out what is bothering him.

Antonio returns with the pocket watch that Maria gave him. When Ricardo runs to get his jacket, Antonio notices the watch has stopped. As Gaby reaches to help him fix it, Antonio jerks his hand away. Gaby is offended. He tries to say that he was worried it would break, but she doesn't buy it.

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