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Georgia learned that Eddie had feelings for a stranger. Emily learned that she was pregnant. Lucinda accepted James's proposal after learning that Holden had killed David. Lily was sure that she had the wrong baby. Ben showed Camille some property and told her that he wanted Brad to build them a house there. Hal broke into John's office, but he was caught before he could get into the patient files. However, he did bug the office and learned about the trust fund.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 19, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, October 19, 1998

Lily goes to see Hope in the hospital. When she and Holden get to the nursery, Hope is not in her crib and Lily gets upset. Holden finds out that she is with her doctor for a final check-up before she goes home. While Holden and Lily are waiting on the baby, Molly comes running in. She wants to know if Lily will help her get a job at WOAK. Lily says that she will have to look at Molly's tapes. Molly tells her that won't be necessary, but she can look at her fan mail. Lily tells her that she won't make a decision until she returns to work. Molly is happy and leaves, but not before telling Lily how good she looks. After she is gone, Holden asks Lily if she is really considering hiring Molly. Lily says no, she just wanted to get rid of her. Lily has another surprise visit, Luke. Lily tells Luke how they are all going home and bringing his baby sister with them. Luke and the nanny leave. They finally bring baby Hope out and hand her to Lily. Lily takes her and holds her and looks at her, then she looks at Holden and says, "This is not my baby."

Julia, Margo and Barbara are having an intervention for Lucinda against James. They are at Lucinda's Mansion. Emily comes in and sees Margo there. They other women can tell that there is tension between Emily and Margo and they want to know what is going on. Lucinda asks Emily what she has done this time. Margo says that there isn't any problem and they should get to what they came there for. Margo tells Lucinda about having an affair with James and how he treated her when she was in the mental institution after Diego's death. Emily starts to tell Lucinda how James stole her innocence and Barbara interrupts and asks if he tried to kill her. Emily says yes, he tried to strangle me. Barbara says that he tried to strangle all of them, but she had a 2,000 pound bull charging her. Lucinda says that Barbara wins, her story gets the most points. Margo says that they are not there for a contest.

Back at Tom and Margo's house, Katie is telling Tom that she knows about him and Emily and maybe it isn't the best time for her to be living with them. Tom says that Margo is going to need her and he promises that they will not be fighting inside the house. The boys come in from school and they start to tell Tom how Emily said that they could come back to the news room someday and look at old sports clips and they are going to call her and see if they can do it tomorrow. Tom says that Emily is very busy with her job and they shouldn't bother her. Tom and Katie start to fix dinner. Casey is whining that they can't call Emily and Adam informs him that he has Emily's cell phone number and she said he can call her anytime. He dials the number and Emily answers. She is still at Lucinda's. She is talking with Adam and Tom hears Adam say Emily and he grabs the phone from him. Emily asks Tom what is wrong. Margo hears her and Emily knows it and she plays it for all it is worth. After Tom hangs up, Emily acts like she is still talking with Tom. She says, "I can't talk right now, don't worry, I'll let you know when. Goodnight. Barbara starts to question Emily about the call and Margo tells her to stop it. The door bell rings and Julia says that she will see who it is. Emily waves her phone in the air and says to Margo, "I'm sorry". Barbara and Lucinda want to know what is going on. Barbara thinks Emily looks guilty. Barbara puts her fingers on it, she says, "You and Tom?" Lucinda says to Emily, "and all that Margo has done for you."

James is at the door. He wants to know why Julia sent him on a wild goose chase. He wants to know why she lied about his son. She says that Lucinda is not at home and he should call her later. He thinks it is suspicious that she wants him to leave so soon. He walks into the living room and sees Margo, Barbara and Emily with Lucinda. He says, "What is this? A slumber party and nobody invited me." James wants to know if the women have been telling his secrets, like he eats crackers in bed. He asks Lucinda what they have been saying about him and she says, "you don't want to know." Then Molly comes running in yelling for Emily. Lucinda can't believe it. Molly tells Emily that she needs to talk with her, it is an emergency. Emily tells her that she doesn't belong there. They are there to discuss something with Lucinda. Molly wants to know if it is about James. Emily says that she, Margo and Barbara know him very well. Molly says that she knows him very well, too. Molly looks at James and asks, "you haven't told them about us. How he tried to seduce me when he knew that I was in love with David. But I didn't fall for him, guess I'm the only one in the room who didn't and you call me a tramp." Lucinda has had it. She tells everyone to leave and they do.

Outside the mansion, Molly says that she is surprised to see Emily at this party. She thought she would be home "dummy up" her pregnancy test. Emily tells her to be quiet. Molly tells Emily that Lily is OK with her working at WOAK and she needs Emily to stick up for her against Kim. Emily starts to fan herself and says that she is feeling faint. Molly says, "Hello, I'm the one that knows that you are not pregnant." Emily tells her that if she wants her job that she better play along.

Julia is apologizing to Margo about Emily. Emily comes up to them to say goodnight. She fakes a dizzy spell and Molly catches her. Molly asks her if she is all right. Is her stomach still upset. Emily says that she is OK. Barbara says that she doesn't look OK and maybe she should see a doctor. Emily says that she doesn't need a doctor and fakes a spell again. Molly helps her to sit down. Emily tells her to stop making a scene. Molly says, "you have an upset stomach and you are dizzy, OH MY GOD! Emily, you're not pregnant, are you?"

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Lily is not convince that the baby in the nursery is Hope. Holden tries to convince her that her blood type matches Lily. The nurse brings the baby to Lily again and she tries to bond with the baby. Susan tells Holden that they should keep a close watch on Lily. She has been through a rough experience and she maybe suffering from postpartum depression. About that time, they hear the baby start to cry and Lily is upset. When they go into the room, Lily is trying to breast feed Hope and she won't accept. She starts yelling at Holden that this is not her baby.

Emily tells Margo that she is pregnant with Tom's baby. She has not told Tom yet, how could she on the heels of Margo losing her baby. She tells Margo how sorry she is that all this has happened and tries to touch Margo on the shoulder. Margo pushes her away and tells Emily that she is so not worth it. Margo goes home. She walks into the kitchen and knocks a glass into the sink and it breaks. Andy comes in, he heard the crash from outside, he wants to know if Margo is OK. Margo makes the analogy of the glass to her life. The glass was strong when it was whole, but when she dropped it, it was fragile and shattered into a million pieces. Andy tells her that he is half responsible for what happened. He saw Emily making a play for Tom, but he didn't think Tom would fall for her tricks. Margo says that he is not responsible and tells him to go home. He tells her that if there is anything he can do for her or if she needs someone to talk to, call him. When he is gone, Margo says that she tried to hold it together, but Emily is stronger.

When he gets to the apartment complex, he walks in on Molly and Emily talking. Emily leaves, but not before making some comment about getting together for drinks. Andy wants to know why Molly is hanging around Emily. Molly says that she is trying to get her job back. Andy tries to convince her that she is a different person and she doesn't need Emily to get a job. He starts talking about when they first met and she was faking a pregnancy. Molly winces. Andy wants to know why she reacted when he talked about a fake pregnancy. Molly finally gives in and tells Andy that it was not her idea, Emily was making her play along if she wanted her job. Andy realizes that she is talking about Emily faking a pregnancy with Tom. He tries to call Margo to warn her. Margo is packing her clothes and she won't answer the phone.

Lucinda tells James that they can't be together because she will lose her family. She gives James back his ring and he leaves. Lucinda calls her chauffeur and tells him that she wants to go to the hospital to see her daughter and he is to pick her up out front. When she gets to the front door, she hesitates, then leaves. When she is gone, James comes out of a back room. He goes into the den and tries to get access to Lucinda's computer. Access is denied. Since he couldn't get access to the computer, he goes to a safe that is hidden by a painting on the wall. He says that if she won't give him the moon and the stars maybe a little cash will do.

When Lucinda gets to the hospital, Susan tells her that a visit from her mother is just what Lily needs. When Lucinda gets to the door, she hears Holden consoling Lily. Lily is saying that David switched the baby. Holden says to her, "Remember, David is dead, I killed him."

Carly and Hal are having dinner at the Mona Lisa. Hal gets a page and says that he will answer it and be right back. Barbara walks in and sees Carly sitting alone. She walks up to her and Carly says that she saw that they had some new items in at Fashions and would Barbara hold a dress for her. Barbara says sorry but we don't have one in your size. Carly says she needs one in her old size, because as soon as the baby is born, she is going to lose her weight and prance around in the dress in front of her husband. Barbara has to remind Carly that her husband has left her. Hal walks up behind Barbara and makes a comment about Barbara harassing his wife. Hal tells her that they are back together and Barbara says no, she won't allow it. Lisa dives in and makes Barbara leave Hal and Carly. Carly thanks Hal for taking her side against Barbara. Carly says to Hal that he makes her feel like....well, a million dollars. Later, Hal goes to Barbara, who is sitting at the bar and apologizes to her. He tells Barbara that he got back with Carly to do some undercover work. Rosanna had told him that she is responsible for Carly getting pregnant and he wants to find out what they are up to.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

Lucinda is at the door overhearing Lily and Holden talk about the fact that David is dead. They talk about how they hope that the intervention worked. Lily wants to just tell Lucinda the truth, but Holden says no and reminds her of how loyal she feels to James and how she led James right to Lily's hide out. They agree not to tell her and she leaves without ever letting them know that she was there. Susan comes in with pictures of Hope. She is showing Lily all her features and how she looks like a Snyder. Lily comments about how each picture looks like a different baby and how much Hope has changed during this time. She realizes that Hope is hers and asks Susan to bring Hope to her.

Walsh Estate
Julia left her purse and has come back to get it. She is surprised to find James there especially after he tells her Lucinda turned him down. Now without that distraction he is going to devote all his time to finding David. He tells Julia he saved her life and she should be grateful. When Lucinda comes back to her empty house she is remembering conversations with Holden, where he told her that James had again threatened to kill Lily and the baby if anything happened to David. She says "what choice have I" and walks out.

Brad is daydreaming about his night with Camille. Molly comes in and talks about how living with Andy is making her moral. In come Camille and Ben and Brad can't keep his eyes off of her. This makes Molly wonder what is going on between them. For the rest of the show she lectures Brad about falling in love with a friend and how their has to be an understanding of the different levels of that friendship and he needs to figure out if Camille returns those feelings. Brad continually denies that he has feelings for Camille. Molly tells Brad that Camille is beautiful, but she has nothing on Molly, later Molly tells Brad that she and Brad are the most attractive people at Yo's. Brad and Camille come over to talk to Brad, want to make sure his calendar is clear so they can set a wedding date. Jack shows up and is surprised to find out that Brad is giving Camille away, thinks this is trouble. Ben asks Jack to be his best man, he happily accepts. They are waiting for Julia to arrive, worried that she is not there yet, Jack tells Ben about spending the night with Julia and about the dream. Julia arrives and she and Jack talk about the dream. She says not to worry it was just a dream, David didn't do anything to her. Jack asks her to spend the night and is concerned when she says no. She explains that she is just too exhausted and needs to sleep. Ben and Camille come back from dancing. Julia and Jack are kissing so Camille and Ben take this as a cue that they need to kiss too, Brad stares. Camille, Ben, Jack and Julia discuss setting a date and Camille says she does not want to wait long, she wants to get married New Years Eve at midnight (that way she gets 2 presents). So the date is set.

Emily is turning her pregnancy test blue so she can tell Tom. Tom is in the hallway when he runs into Andy. Andy is attempting to tell Tom how Emily is a "toxic waste dump" and she faked the pregnancy. Emily comes out and throws all of Andy's past mistakes in his face. Tom tells Andy to back off that this is between he and Emily. They go into her office and she tells Tom she is pregnant. She shows him the test. She denies that she ever wanted Margo to know, that it was Molly who blurted it out. Now she and Tom need to decide what the best thing is to do for them and their baby. Tom tells her maybe Margo doesn't need to know, because they do not know for sure that the results are accurate. Emily says the test says it is 99% accurate, Tom says he wants another test, so she says she will go to the drugstore and get another. Tom tells her no, that they will go to the hospital TONIGHT!

Tom and Margo's house
Margo is packing Tom's things when Katie comes in wondering what is going on. Margo tells Katie that tom is moving out and that there is going to be a blessed addition to the family. Katie is confused thinking that Margo is pregnant, but Margo corrects her and tells her it is Emily who is pregnant and she can not deal with that. Katie suggests that she might be faking. Tells Margo she needs to think about Adam and Casey because she and Tom are not the only ones in this marriage. Andy comes in and tells Margo that Emily was faking and that he told Tom. He says that Tom's eyes are open now!

James' House
James is packing his things, talking to himself thanking Lucinda for the money that he stole from her safe. As he is getting ready to leave he opens the doors and Lucinda is standing there. She tells him that she has discovered something. He thinks she knows something about David, but she tells him she discovered that she can't live her life for Lily. She hopes it is not too late to accept his proposal.

Thursday, October 22, 1998

Molly suggests to Brad that he is in love with Camille, but Brad denies it. The two of them frolic in the pool. Brad kisses Molly, but immediately apologizes, telling Molly that they are just friends. Later, a depressed Molly has a heart-to-heart talk with Andy about her love life.

Lucinda tells James she has changed her mind and decided to accept his proposal of marriage. She asks James to keep their engagement a secret for while until she can break the news to Lily. Lily, who has been waiting with Holden and Hope to commend her mother for refusing James' hand in marriage, is shocked to see James with Lucinda. Lucinda quickly escorts James out of the house before Lily can hear the truth. Brad overhears the news of Lucinda and James' engagement and believes that Lucinda is only doing it to protect Holden and Lily.

Andy finds Margo at home packing Tom's things. He tells Margo that Emily is not pregnant, that it is just another one of her many lies. Confused, Margo listens as Andy does his best to convince his sister that Emily has been scheming for a long time to get Tom into bed. Andy begs Margo not to do anything rash about her marriage to Tom, but Margo informs Andy it's not her nature to standby and wait.

Emily's frantic attempts to assure Tom of the accuracy of the home pregnancy test do nothing to dissuade Tom from seeking an official blood test. He takes Emily to Memorial and asks Susan to perform the test. Emily does her best to brow beat her mother into faking the results, but Susan refuses. When Susan leaves the room momentarily, Emily calls Molly demanding that she bring the "blood of a pregnant woman" to her immediately. Molly refuses. Unable to stall any longer, Emily, Tom-- and later Margo-- await the results. Everyone is shocked, especially Emily, to learn that Emily really is pregnant.

Friday, October 23, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle C.

Due to a CBS News special report on the Mid-East peace agreement, portions of As The World Turns were pre-empted nationwide. We apologize for this unforeseen inconvenience.

Camille is at the hillside waiting for Ben. He comes and she asks why he wanted to meet her and Brad there (who is on his way). Ben says he needs to ask them something and he needs her to be completely honest. Camille starts to panic since she thinks Ben knows she slept with Brad, she tells Ben they are just friends. Ben says it is okay, he is learning to deal with it. But the reason he brought her there is to show her the property, he plans to buy it and build their dream house. Camille breaks into tears at the thought. Brad is watching and thinks that Ben knows the truth. He starts telling Camille they can get through this but she interrupts to tell him that Ben brought them there to show the property. Ben asks Brad if he will build the house. Brad says no. (I missed the rest with these 3)

Barbara is at fashions when Carly comes in for her shopping spree. Barbara tells her they have nothing to fit her but the sporting goods store sells tents. Carly tells Barbara she wants something for after the baby, something sexy for her husband, as she eyes the lingerie. After she picks out several items (3-4 months worth of Hal's salary according to Babs) she tells Barbara to put it on her account. Barbara tells her she no longer has an acct. because Hal closed it when he left her. Carly says "fine, put it on layaway" when Barbara asks when she is going to pay Carly tells her she will pay after the New Year, she may just buy the whole store. Bells go off in Barbara's head as Carly leaves, Barbara picks up the phone to call Hal. Hal in the meantime had been sifting through the items in David's safe deposit box, when he comes across a contract. The contract is between Carly and David in which she made him her financial advisor. Hal goes to question Lisa, who says she knows nothing and she is not getting involved in the whole matter. After Hal leaves she meets up with Carly and tells Carly that Hal is questioning her and he found the contract. Carly tells Lisa to just stick with her, she plans on telling Hal the truth after the baby is born. (Thanks to CBS news I missed the rest of this) Hal has gone to Fashions to meet with Barbara about the interesting news she found out. She tells him about Carly saying she would have money at the first of the year. She tells him about the time that Nikki had found Carly's diary and March 5th last day to get pregnant was in there. Together they figure that Carly must have gotten pregnant for money. They think she is going to sell the baby. They also figure the only other person who may know something is John. Hal says he has to go see John and apologizes to Barbara in case John is involved in something. He asks Barbara if she still wants to work things out with John, she says she is not sure, especially if he is involved with Lisa or Carly. Hal kisses her cheek and Barbara seems to have liked that.

Emily, Margo, Tom and Susan are all at the hospital and Susan tells them that Emily is pregnant. They are stunned, even Emily and Tom questions why she seems so surprised. She says that she started to believe that the home test was wrong. She apologizes to Margo while reminding Margo how weird it is that she is carrying Tom's baby after Margo just lost Tom's baby. Margo tells Emily to shut up and that she doesn't believe that she is really pregnant. Susan assures her that the test is accurate, she watched the test being run twice. Emily and Susan leave Tom and Margo alone to talk. He tells her nothing has changed he still loves her. She tells him the reality will be there in 9 months so he better accept it. Meanwhile Emily is berating Susan for siding with Margo. Susan tells her she has options this early in her pregnancy. Emily says it is disgusting that she would even suggest that. She has to go talk to Tom about what they are going to do. She goes into the lobby and tells Tom they need to talk about their baby. He says not now, wants to make sure Margo is ok. But Margo tells him to go. He asks her to wait because he doesn't want to make any decisions without her and she agrees to wait while he and Emily go talk. In the room Emily again apologizes to Tom and tells him what Susan suggested. He says he won't tell her what to do it is her body. Emily says good because she wants to keep the baby and this is exactly where Dan Rather interrupted my happy soap watching :)


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