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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, October 12

Margo is a captive audience as Emily claims to Molly to be Margo's friend, even as she says that Tom slept with her the night that Margo miscarried. Brad stays late at the construction site to "clear his head" of visions of Camille. John lectures a stressed Ben that no matter how many patients he saves, he can't save Camille from the cancer. Julia comes upon a distressed Camille, who relates the news that the doctors have given up on her. Molly is horrified when she spies Margo on the TV monitor. Emily runs out to the studio, where Margo stands frozen. Her cell phone continues to ring, as Tom wonders where she is.

Margo finally picks it up and listens to Tom's endearments, then hangs up. Eddie wants to drive Margo home, but she wants to handle it in her own way. Eddie hurls invectives at Emily before leaving. Molly mock-congratulates Emily for her machinations, showing her disgust. Camille explains to Julia that they're taking her off chemotherapy altogether in order to give her body--and white blood cells--a chance to recover. Meanwhile, her cancer will be able to spread unchecked. Julia tries to comfort the crying Camille but Camille is bitter--she knows cancer doesn't take a break. Camille walks off.

John counsels a frustrated Ben to have patience, reminding the young surgeon of his own bout with cancer. Camille walks into Ben's arms and asks him to take her home. Adam shows up on the rooftop to help his dad. He marvels at Tom's giddiness/anxiety and gives him the photo album he made for his parents' 15th anniversary.

Emily is smug, but Molly has had her own experiences with adultery, and reminds Emily that there's a reason she's called the "other" woman. Plus, Tom will be mad at her forever, not temporarily as Emily believes. Emily dismisses her employee, but Molly won't leave until she gets what's hers.

When an angry Eddie shows up, Brad exhorts him not to let women get too much under his skin. John offers to help, but Ben insists that he take care of his critical patient. He'll call her, he promises Camille before rushing off. Julia is sure that had Camille told Ben of her doctor's prognosis, he would've dropped everything for her. Camille thinks she has to prepare herself if she's going to be a doctor's wife. She tearfully compliments Julia for her beauty, for being undisturbed by the disease, then walks away.

Ben comforts the wife of his patient, who thanks him profusely for bringing her husband back, so that they can enjoy the simpler pleasures of their life together. Without family, there is nothing, she reminds him.

Brad admits to having broken his own rule once, about not letting himself get too close to a woman. Eddie is inspired by Brad's words and runs off to "fix" things. Emily is getting ready for Tom when Susan arrives. Emily snipes to her mother that soon she and Tom will be living together. Margo arrives on the rooftop and is embraced by Tom.

Molly is pleased by the highlight reel she puts together. Susan is incredulous that her daughter believes she doesn't love her. She owns up to having been a "rotten" mother in the past but won't take responsibility for Emily's present actions. She urges Emily not to be too proud to call her when things fall apart--and they will. A teary Emily tells Susan to stay out of her life.

A numb Margo listens as Tom tries to explain his frame of mind during the Eddie crisis. He also relates to her his desire to have another child, proclaiming his love for her.

Camille skulks around the construction site as more strands of hair fall between her fingers. She has a conversation with God, asking him how she has made him angry with her. All she wants is to have her life back. She revisits the scenes of her breast cancer diagnosis and the turmoil that has followed, begging for help.

Ben decides to rush home to be with Camille. Camille, meanwhile, knows that she can't fight the "monster" alone. She smiles tentatively as Brad comes upon her.

Emily is all dressed up. Waiting for Tom to arrive, she leaves the door cracked. Eddie knocks and then saunters in. Margo questions Tom about loving her and taking full responsibility for their problems before dropping the bomb. Why, if he loves her so much, did he sleep with Emily when Margo needed him most? Margo asks.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

by Soap Central

Hospital: Julia has called Jack and he has come to comfort her about Camille. Ben arrives and asks Julia id she knows where Camille went. She doesn't but tells Ben he HAS to find her. She tells Ben about the doctor's decision to stop Camille's chemotherapy. Ben rushes off to find her. Julia goes to the nursery to get Hope and Jack is telling her how Hope is alive and healthy because of her. (Cute baby) Ben comes in and says he can't find Camille. Later he tells Jack the only place he hasn't looked is with Brad. Jack says he hopes she is not with Brad. He goes off to find Camille. Jack and Julia talk about Brad and Julia defends Brad saying he is very close to Camille. They decide not to talk about Brad when Jack realizes how upset it makes him. Jack asks Julia to go home with him and she says "let's go". Ben comes back having learned that Brad has a new apartment, he is going there.

Construction site:
Brad and Camille are talking. She is trying to pretend like all is well. He tell her Ben stopped by yesterday to see when church would be ready for their wedding. She says they need to start planning it. She tells Brad all her plans for the wedding...the flowers, the colors, where everything will be and that he will have to give her away since he is her best friend. Brad wants to know what is really going on. She tells him about the chemo being stopped. They talk about her fears and how afraid she is to be alone. He tells her she is afraid of survival. He knows all the right things to say to her. They eventually leave to go to her apartment. Eddie shows up at the deserted construction site looking for Brad. Margo shows up, Georgia told her that Eddie would probably be there. They hug and she cries on his shoulder. Then they kiss, a passionate kiss.

Tom admits to Margo that he slept with Emily but that it was a mistake. She tells him losing his car keys or forgetting a phone number is a mistake. This was not a mistake. He says it only happened once but Margo points out that it had been building. Starting with when he decided to change careers without talking to her. She also tells him it wasn't just one night it was the night they shared a hotel in New York, the night in Indiana when she learned she was pregnant, the night she lost the baby and that he betrayed her every time he woke up next to her and thought of Emily.

Emily's Apartment:
Eddie has come to tell Emily exactly what he thinks about her, how proud she must be that she thinks she is finally going to get the guy. She points out that if she gets the guy he can have the girl. She starts filling Eddie's head with the notion that Margo wants him, always has. Tom loves her and Margo loves him. Now he needs to go be there for her, she tells him. Eddie seems to go along with it and then tells her she is delusional and that Tom will always love Margo. Emily kicks him out when she is not hearing what she wants to hear. Then she sits in the window and hears Molly, Susan, and Eddie all telling her that Tom will always love Margo. She says they are all crazy and grabs her purse and off she goes.

Hughes House:
Tom has come home to find Adam waiting up. He tells Adam that Margo wasn't feeling well and went to see John. Adam wants to talk about the girl he likes, he asked her out on a date, wants advice from dad. Tom tells him he should go to bed. Later Emily shows up at Tom and Margo's house and Tom tells her she needs to leave, she says NO!

Brad's Apartment:
Brad has brought Camille here to take her mind off of everything. They start talking about how she feels what she sees when she looks in the mirror. She rips off her shirt and bra to show Brad what she sees and how she can understand why Ben wouldn't want her. Brad tells her she is beautiful. He kisses her forehead, then her had and then they kiss each other.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Margo finds Emily standing in her backyard. She is disgusted by Emily's weak apologies for everything that has happened and warns Emily she is on to her. Tom breaks up the confrontation between the two women and insists that Emily leave. Tom begs Margo for a chance to regain the trust they've had together, insisting that he loves her and they have too much to lose. A less than receptive Margo gives Tom a "maybe" answer, but when Tom reaches out to Margo she tells him not to touch her.

John arrives at Hal's house looking for Carly and accidentally lets it slip that Carly was just released from a psychiatric hospital. Hal demands that John tell him what is going on. John tells Hal to ask Carly.

Carly seeks out Molly for a vessel to pour her troubles into, but is irritated by Molly's distraction of trying to get signatures on a petition to get her job back at WOAK. Yet, as they continue to discuss Carly's situation, Carly realizes that, although Hal has left her, they are still married. All Carly has to do is make sure she and Hal are still married when the baby is born. That way, she will still be within the terms of the trust and still get the money. Later, John finds Carly and warns her that Hal knows about Reno. Carly tells John she will do whatever it takes to stall Hal's plans for a divorce. Meanwhile, Hal answers a knock at the door and is not pleased to find Rosanna.

Camille finds Ben at the construction site. They both apologize to each other--he for not being there for her when she needed him and she for not letting him know where she was. Brad arrives in time to see Ben and Camille kissing. As Ben takes a telephone call from the hospital, Brad assures Camille that he won't tell Ben anything about what happened between them.

Jack prepares a romantic setting for Julia--filling the bedroom with lit candles--and they make love for the first time. Later, as they are laying together in bed, Julia is rattled by a nightmare about David. While Jack wants the two of them to linger in bed, Julia insists that she must leave.

Friday, October 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle C.

Emily is looking at a pregnancy test and trying to decide just what she is going to do when who should walk in but Molly. Molly continues to remind Emily that Tom loves Margo and they will work it out, however she wants her job back. Emily tells her no way and Molly shows her the "fan letters" that she received. Emily can see that Molly wrote them herself and had someone else sign them. Tells Molly to leave. Molly accidentally picks up the bag with the test in it and sees the blue food coloring that Emily plans on using to make it look like she is pregnant. Molly is telling Emily that she used her and she owes her a job, she used her to make everyone find out she slept with Tom, just then Andy walks in. He is FURIOUS with Emily, demands to know what is going on. Molly happily volunteers that Tom and Emily slept together the night that Margo lost the baby. Emily says it was consensual and that Tom and Margo will split up. Andy says they won't because Margo is never going to find out, again Molly happily volunteers that Margo already knows. Andy wants to know what else Emily has up her sleeve, because he is sure she is not through. Molly glances at the bag with the pregnancy test, but decides to keep quiet. After Andy storms out she tells Emily that she will reveal her plan if Emily doesn't give her job back. Emily says Kim will not allow it and Molly tells her to work it out, Emily gives in and says if Molly can convince Lily she can have her job back.

Tom & Margo's house
Tom is telling Margo that he knows she needs space and time he will give her that but he doesn't want her to shut him out and give up on them completely. They look at the photo album and talk about some good times (Tom does all the talking). Margo says it was different when he worked for the DA but not really because that boss was just as demanding as his current one. Casey comes home from school and they discuss going to the parent teacher conference, he goes to do homework. Tom says they have a good thing there with the boys and he wants her to learn to trust him again, she glares at him and goes upstairs. They go to the parent teacher conference and the teacher tells them that Casey has done a nosedive. He instigates fights with other students and she is very concerned with his behavior, wants to know if there are problems at home. They remind her of the scandal and tell her of the miscarriage. She leaves to go to the office for a minute and they discuss what their problems are doing to the children. When they get home they tell Casey that they will always love him and they will try to stop fighting, because they do not want to fight.

Lily is in her hospital room, has called the nurse in to find her Dr. so she can be released. When Julia arrives later she shows Lily a recent picture of Hope. They discuss her health and how fragile she looks. Lily says she needs her mommy. Jack calls on Julia's cell phone, but unfortunately we don't get to see him, Julia tells him she is fine that it was just a nightmare. When she hangs up Lily wants to know what is bothering her. She tells Lily how hard it is keeping this from Jack and now Lucinda is on her back and she is sure that Lucinda's detectives will find the body. Lily tells Julia that James and Lucinda may get married, but she has a plan wants to know if Julia will help her. Julia says "count me in". Julia and Lily are making a list of people. They decide they need to get James out of town immediately. Julia calls James and tells him she heard from some people that David has resurfaced in the Carribbean, wants to know if he has heard from David. She tells James she is scared. He says he will check it out. Next Julia calls Barbara and Margo and tells them Lily needs their help. She also calls Emily but we only hear Emily's conversation she says she wouldn't miss it for the world. Julia leaves and calls Lily later and tells her that the plan is in action. The nurse comes and tells Lily her mother's plane is ready.

Walsh Estate
Julia has come to see Lucinda per her request. Lucinda wants to know what it is that Holden knows. Wants to know everything that happened when they last saw David. Julia tells her she doesn't know anything. Julia's phone rings, it is Lily calling to see how Hope is. She tells Lily she wants to come and see her later. Hangs up. Lucinda's phone rings and it is James wanting to come see her. Julia leaves without telling Lucinda anything. Lucinda is talking to herself, asking if she should get married. Decides she will call James and break date, then remembers dancing with him at the ball and kissing him on the island, decides NOT to call and goes upstairs to change. When she comes back she finds Barbara, Margo and Julia there, wonders why they are there. Julia tells her they are there to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life.

Hal's House
Rosanna and Hal are talking and he is asking her about her version of what happened in Reno. She tells him Carly attacked her and she was worried about the baby. He wants to know why Carly would attack her. She says she wants to tell him that she feels responsible for the way Carly has been acting, that she is the reason Carly was in such a hurry to get pregnant. Carly comes to the door and is looking for her keys. Carly gets in the house and is shocked to see Rosanna there. Wants to know what she is telling him. As Rosanna begins talking about the miscarriage Carly collapses, Hal does not look amused or overly concerned. They move Carly to the couch and she is knocked out. Rosanna asks Hal if they should call a Dr. to which Hal replies "oh, yeah" he gets up and goes towards other room with phone. He says "she should be coming to right" and right on cue Carly sits up and lashes out at Rosanna for being there. Rosanna tells her she is going to tell Hal everything. Carly gives her a guilt trip. Carly tells her if she tells Hal then she will disappear with the baby and neither Hal nor Rosanna will ever see them. Just then Hal comes out pretending like he called the Dr. and says they should call an ambulance if Carly has not come to, when he notices she is up he tells her to sit and relax he wants to hear what Rosanna has to say. She gives some speech about feeling bad about Carly losing Nora and then leaves. Hal tells Carly he is not going to leave but he is only staying for the baby. She gives him her usual "you are so good to me speech I am so horrible to you" and promises to try. He tells her they will try to if the feelings come back, they come back. She goes to change and talks to her pregnant belly about how filthy rich they are going to be and maybe daddy will even come around. In the meantime Hal is on the couch vowing to find out what Carly has been up to since day one.



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