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Donna went missing. The mystery man arranged for Lila to go to the ball. Toni told Chris she wanted to start over with him. Matt and Lila were trapped in an elevator when Lila went into labor. The mystery man stole Lila's baby. Grant realized Cindy had evidence against him.
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Monday, October 19, 1998

Zak and Mystery Man put on their masks for the Ball. Zak mentions that the work they are doing will hurt many of the people there.

Cameron arrives at the Cory mansion to pick up Amanda for the ball, but Lila told him she already left. Cameron isn't happy about that; he didn't want to go in the first place... he's certainly not going alone. After he leaves, Lila prepares to go. As Cameron was walking outside, he is blindfolded from behind and Amanda says, "Do what you're told and you won't get hurt."

Marley enters the ball. She drops her mask and Jake picks it up for her. He told her she should put it on. She told him he looks very handsome in his outfit, but then Vicky interrupts. She's surprised Marley decided to attend, but says it's good that she did. Marley acts worried about leaving Donna, but Vicky told her not to worry, Donna will be fine.

Tyrone was surprised to find Donna alone and dressed for the ball. She points to the Lumina invitation. Tyrone gives her a pen and she writes, "Take me". Tyrone asks if Vicky's sister dressed her up in the costume. She moves her finger up and down to signal yes. He asks if she's coming back to pick her up. Donna answers no. Tyrone was confused, but told Donna he doesn't need all the answers, he'll do things her way.

Cass and Felicia try to get one of the waiters to say who was hosting the ball, but don't get an answer. They nibble on some food. Then Cass realizes it's salmon... Lila loves salmon, he told Felicia. She says to just eat it, but he says he can't.

Vicky told Marley she can't forget what she said about trying to kill herself. Marley starts to say maybe she should just go home, but Vicky encourages her to stay, and promises that she and Jake will be right by her side. Marley smiles.

Matt and Sofia make a toast to having a night alone without Lila. Mystery Man and Zak watch them dance. Zak says he was hoping Lila would have come with them. Mystery Man says the whole night was for Lila... if she doesn't show up, it will have all been for nothing. He orders Zak to find her and bring her.

Rachel finds Lila in her costume for the ball. She told Lila she knows it's difficult that everyone else was going to the ball and she was not. She reminds Lila of her promise to Matt that she wouldn't go. Rachel leaves and Zak phones Lila. She told him she changed her mind and she's not going. He says she has to... if she wants to win Matt, it has to be tonight.

Joe, Paulina, Nick and Remy are on their way out to go to the ball. Suddenly, Remy was stopped by one of her psychic feelings. Paulina asks what was wrong. Remy says she has a feeling something terrible was going to happen. Paulina told her it's nervousness about the party. Remy agrees that must be it.

In the car, Amanda told Cameron he can take off his blindfold. They play a little role reversal with Amanda as the driver. Amanda teases him about how rude and judgmental he used to be when he was her driver. Cameron says he was just resisting the urge to jump in the back seat with her. Amanda stops and gets in the back seat with Cameron, and they start to kiss.

Cindy and Marley find a quiet corner to talk to each other. Marley says Vicky was being so nice to her, but that Jake was still cold. Cindy reminds her that she's pulled some crazy stunts, but Marley starts ranting about all the things Vicky has done. Cindy calms her down and says it's time to put their plan into action. Meanwhile, Vicky told Jake she's worried about Donna. She's going to call the nurse and find out how she is. At the same time, Tyrone leaves Marley's house with Donna to go to the ball.

Lila has a dream about being Cinderella. She wants to go to the ball and meet her Prince Charming. Cass appears in her dream as her prince, but he was with Denise. He laughs and says she'll never have any fun again. Then Zak appears and told her to focus on what she wants.

Vicky was on the phone with the operator. Because no one answered the phone at Marley's house, she's worried and wants the line checked to make sure it's working. Then a waiter approaches and told her she has a phone call from a nurse about her mother.

While Vicky was busy, Jake and Marley awkwardly make conversation. Marley hints about everyone else dancing, so Jake asks her if she'd like to dance. She says yes.

Joe, Paulina, Nick and Remy arrive at the ball. The lights dim, and Mystery Man's voice can be heard welcoming everyone. Remy gets another psychic feeling. Tyrone arrives with Donna and they get into the elevator to go up to the party.

Zak continues to encourage Lila to focus while she's dreaming. She has nothing to lose and everything to gain, he told her. He calls her Mrs. Cory.

Felicia was asked by Mystery Man to read a message. It's from Jordan Stark, president of the Lumina Foundation. He says he hopes the community welcomes Lumina and encourages its work. He apologizes for his reclusive nature. He asks that they not judge Lumina by appearances, but rather by what they might accomplish. Mystery Man then take Felicia for a dance. She says she thinks Mr. Stark should show himself... he's being a little silly. He asks if she's always so suspicious. She asks him if he works there; he says he doesn't believe in work.

Cindy told Vicky that Donna was agitated and asking for her. Vicky says she'll be right there. She told Jake and Marley she's going to go check on Donna. At that moment, Tyrone and Donna enter the party from the elevator. There are stairs just beyond the elevator, so Tyrone leaves Donna there in her wheelchair while he looks for Vicky.

Felicia questions Mystery Man. His answers are evasive, but Felicia was enjoying the company of this mysterious stranger. She turns around for a moment, and when she turns back, he's gone.

Tyrone finds Vicky. He told her he stopped by to see Donna and found her frightened and alone. Vicky says that isn't possible, she just talked to the nurse, who told her that Donna wants to see her. Tyrone tells her that here wasn't any nurse at Marley's house. Vicky was about to go to Marley's to find out what's happening, but Tyrone says it's OK, he brought Donna here. Vicky asks him why, and Tyrone told her Donna wouldn't have it any other way. He takes Vicky to Donna. Marley looks frantic.

Lila was awaken by the doorbell. A man was there. He introduces himself as Peter, from the Pumpkin Coach Service. He hands her a gown, and says he's to wait while she tries it on. Lila asks what happens next. He tells her that it's up to her, and asks if she has any place she'd like to go. Lila smiles.

Word gets around that Donna was at the ball. Everyone was talking about it, wondering how she could be there after her accident. Tyrone brought Vicky to where he left Donna, but she's gone. They spot her sitting at a table and rush over. But when the woman removes her mask, it's not Donna. It's Felicia.

Tuesday, October 20, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Meghann

The Lumina ball continues and Donna was missing. The lady that works with Lumina claims that she saw Tyrone walk in the building and enter the elevator alone. No one was exactly sure what happened but Joe was starting a man post and not letting anyone leave until Donna was found. Meanwhile, Lila has her costume on but was not sure she wants to go to the ball. She tries explaining to the driver that he needs to leave because she doesn't want to go but he won't listen to her. Zak and the mystery guy at Lumina are listening to Lila's conversation with the driver trough a planted microphone. The mystery guy told Zak that Lila has to come. Chris was in his apartment dressed as the Love Lady and talking to some guy that Jake sent. He was trying to get out of going to the ball as the Love Lady. The guy says he has "special orders from Mr.. McKinnon" not to let Chris get out of the costume. He makes sure of this by telling Chris he will tell a certain police officer, (Toni), that Chris was the Love Lady. Chris says that is impossible because Toni was out of town. Next comes a knock on Chris' door and Toni told Chris that she got back early and wants to start over with him by going to the ball. Chris told her he's on the phone and hurries to get out of his clothes. Back at the Cory mansion, Zak shows up and tells Lila she has to go to the ball. When she told him she won't he talks her into going for a ride so he can try to persuade her. Back at the ball, Matt and Sofia are talking about their future while the mystery guy watches them from afar.

Wednesday, October 21, 1998

All of the guests stood around in amazement and watched illusions of shooting stars on the ceiling. It was quite impressive.

At the Lumina Ball, Marley was about to confess all of her secrets to Vicky and Jake, but once Vicky told Marley that they found Donna at Marley's house tucked in her bed, Marley was relieved and kept her secrets to herself. Just then Joe brought Tyrone over to Jake, Vicky, and Marley for Tyrone's explanation.

Tyrone suddenly didn't have an explanation. He didn't remember anything. His mind went blank. Jake and Vicky were very suspicious. They wanted to know why Felicia had a costume on that looked like Donna's. Ms. Allen assured Jake, Vicky, and Marley that it was the least she could do for Felicia since they had extra costumes.

She then excused herself and went in her office. She picked up the phone spoke to Stark, who had been on hold. She said to him, "It's done. Montgomery's on board." Stark replied, "Excellent. Now let's see how the rest of our show unfolds."

Marley tried to get Jake and Vicky to drop this whole thing since Donna was okay. They refused. After they left, Tyrone realized that Marley was Marnie. Tyrone realized that Marnie's crush was Marley's crush for Jake. He was upset with her for lying to him. Marley begged for forgiveness. Tyrone eventually forgave Marley. Marley then asked Tyrone to be her lawyer. She gave him a retainer. Tyrone accused Marley of just wanting him to be quiet about her feelings for Jake. He vowed to tell Jake and Vicky everything. Finally, Marley confessed and broke down making Tyrone feel guilty. She begged him to be her friend.

Just then Jake and Vicky interrupted and questioned Tyrone about Marley's reasoning for suicide and his involvement in her life. Tyrone stuck up for Marley and denied accusations of Marley's wrongdoing. Jake and Vicky apologized to Marley and decided to call it a night. Marley thanked Tyrone. Tyrone threatened Marley not to hurt Jake and Vicky.

Stark watched Marley and Tyrone from a monitor in his office listening to their conversation.

Remy continued to have a bad feeling. She felt that they were being watched. She shared her feelings with Paulina. Paulina shared it with Joe. Joe thought it was nothing.

Zak was ordered by the Stark to keep an eye on Matt and Lila. Zak assured him that the two were exactly where they wanted them. Zak then went to go comfort Sophia. Sophia told Zak that she told Matt she would marry him after the baby was born. Zak replied, "I wouldn't count on that." Sophia questioned his skepticism.

In the elevator, Lila's labor pains intensified. Luckily the lights in the elevator came back on, however, there was no emergency phone. Matt assured Lila that he will get them out of there. Lila's water broke. She warned Matt the baby was coming. While Matt was trying to open the jammed escape hatch, he slipped and fell knocking him unconscious. Lila managed to revive Matt, and the two began to count contractions. Lila pulled out her cell phone once Matt reminded her about it, but it was no use. They were out of range. So they attempted to call Cass.

Cass and Felicia wondered about Tyrone's story. They were worried about him. Felicia sought out to find "the man behind the curtain." Denise questioned Cass about his relationship with Lila. Then she kissed him. Denise took the ringing phone from Cass and turned it off. She wanted them to have fun. The two went running in the hallway. Just as they began to kiss, they heard Matt scream for help in the elevator. Cass was determined to help Lila and Matt. So he went for help.

Toni poured her heart out to the Love Lady and shed a few tears in the process while in the ladies room. Chris (as the Love Lady) tried to give advice to defend himself. Toni was in disagreement. Etta Mae came in and was introduced to the Love Lady by Toni. After Chris changed back in to his tux, he went to find Toni and apologize to her. He ended up using the same choice of words as Toni used when confiding in the Love Lady. Toni picked up on it right away and dumped her drink on Chris. She accused him of eavesdropping on her and the Love Lady in the ladies room. She stormed off.

Josie and Gary showed up and wondered what had they missed. Paulina replied, "You don't even want to know." Due to the elevator being out, Josie and Gary had to use the stairs. Cass found Joe, and told him about Lila and Matt being stuck in the elevator. Joe ran to help the two. Rachel, Felicia, and Gary followed. Sofia found out about Matt and Lila and came running over.

Josie and Cameron discussed her pregnancy and made plans to talk in an hour. Josie warned Cameron to make sure no one sees him. Josie then went in the ladies room. Amanda followed her in there, and she questioned Josie about her conversation with Cameron.

Cass offered to be lowered in the elevator. Joe warned him how dangerous it was. Cass remembered when Charlie was born in the elevator. He was still willing to help. Joe and Gary lowered Cass on to the elevator. Cass looked in on Matt and Lila through the ceiling. Cass comforted her by telling her about Charlie. Lila began to push. The baby was coming.

Thursday, October 22, 1998


In The Ladies Room
Amanda corners Josie and demands to know just was going on between her and Cameron and what was she hiding. Josie told Amanda to give it a rest and just leave her alone. Amanda told Josie that she was certain that Josie and Cameron weren't just talking about how each other was doing and knows that whatever she's hiding, Cameron knows about it. Desperate to dodge her inquisitor's questions, Josie concocts another lie and told Amanda that Gary may have suffered permanent damage during the cave-in. Amanda was sorry and apologizes. Paulina comes into the ladies room and told Amanda that Rachel was looking for her, so Amanda and Paulina exit while Josie was starting to get sick of all the lies and went over to the sink to splash cold water on her face.

In The Main Ball Room
Zak hovered over Sofia, who was worrying about Matt, the baby and Lila, in that order. Sofia commented to Zak that Lila was irresponsible for coming to a party as pregnant as she was when she knew she could have her baby at any given minute. She then adds that she wouldn't put it past Lila to have planned having the baby here. Realizing what she has just said, Sofia asks Zak if she sounds selfish, but Zak told her she just sounds like she loves Matt. A worried Sofia told him now that the baby was going to be real, it will cause problems for her and Matt and she was scared about that. She then asks Zak to tell her it will get better, but Zak says sometimes things get worse before getting better.

Meanwhile An elevator repairman shows up to try and get Lila and Matt out of the elevator. While Rachel beats herself over the head for not chaining Lila to the house and told Felicia that if Lila gets out of this in one piece, she's going to kill her. Felicia assures Rachel that Matt will take care of Lila. Paulina notices how upset Sofia was and went to her for support. Sofia confesses to Paulina that now she realizes after tonight, Matt and Lila and the baby would be a family -- and she wished Matt's first baby was hers.

Inside The Elevator
Lying on the roof of the elevator, Cass shouts encouragement through the loose ceiling tile as Matt coaches a terrified Lila through her labor pains. Cass guides Matt and Lila through Lila's contractions. Lila screams for some drugs, but Cass told her to quit whining and pay attention. Lila fears that something was wrong and fears the baby was back in breech position. Cass told Lila to just listen to him and for once do as he says. Lila listens to Cass, who helps her and Matt deliver their baby. Lila thinks it's a boy, but it's actually a girl. After the child was finally delivered, a jubilant Lila and Matt admire their brand new daughter. Meanwhile, Jordan Stark watches the proceedings with interest via his complex network of hidden cameras and congratulates them, and says "if you only knew." Lila asks Cass to please tell everyone they have a baby girl, and thanks Cass. Cass yells to everyone that Lila had a magnificent little girl, but they can't here him. Lila told Matt that now that she has her baby, nothing will happen to her or the baby. Stark laughs at Lila and Zak asks him if they have to do this to them. Stark lit a cigar, smiling, and told Zak that Lila was "doomed." Zak was annoyed that Stark was willing to use people like pawns. Stark told him they are pawns on his chessboard and it was his game.

Cindy shows up to find that Grant has returned from his trip in Santo Domingo. Cindy asks Grant why he didn't come to the party the Lumina Foundation was giving. She then hints around that a lot of Bay City voters will be there and this was not the kind of event that Grant should be missing. Grant told her he's having his own little celebration and pulls her inside to gleefully inform her that their divorce was final. Cindy told Grant "Cheers!" which surprises Grant. He told her he was expecting to see threats and tears. Cindy told Grant to have a wonderful time and decides to go back to the party. Grant smells a rat when his ex doesn't bat an eyelash over being denied a single penny of alimony and stops her and asks what she's up to now. Cindy says nothing, and Grant takes his wedding ring off Cindy's hand. Cindy gladly hands it over and tries to leave again, but Grant stops her again and asks her why she isn't devastated. Cindy says she has no reason to be, he got what he wanted. Cindy walks out and once outside she says that Grant will finally pay tonight.

Grant stops by to see Kirkland to tell him that Cindy isn't his step-mother anymore. Kirkland was happy, but told his dad that Cindy hurt puffy and shows him the rip in his dog. Kirkland told him that Cindy put something inside Puffy that could hurt him, so he tried to hide Puffy from Cindy. Grant asked if Cindy put a tape inside Puffy and Kirkland says she did. Realizing that the tape was gone from Puffy, Grant knows that he was in trouble.

Cindy arrives back at the ball and runs into Gary. Gary feels Cindy in on Lila and Matt being stuck in the elevator and Cindy told Gary that she found the tape to nail Grant. As Gary gets excited and wants to know what Cindy has done with it, Cindy finds Margaret Allen and asked about their sound system. Margaret informs her they have a nice sound system and Cindy says she'd like to play something special over the sound system, while Margaret leads her away.

Back in the elevator, Cass calls Joe and told them that Lila had a girl. Joe relates the message and everyone was happy except Sofia. Rachel hugs Sofia and told her to hang in there. Back down in the elevator, Lila and Matt name their baby Jasmine after a special story Lila told about some jasmine that bloomed outside of her bedroom window as a child. Lila says they should name her Jasmine Rachel Cassandra (after Cass) Cory. Lila says her baby was a Cory and Matt says she was too, the strongest and bravest Cory. After some work, the repairman got the elevator working again, but then everything shorted out and the room went dark. Meanwhile, Josie slipped away in the commotion to meet with Cameron, and Gary wondered where she'd gone. She found Cameron ... but it wasn't Cameron ... it was Gary. And she told him she was pregnant! The lights came on and Gary was thrilled. She claimed she was waiting for the right moment to tell him, and was just talking to herself. Cameron came over to tell Gary about the trouble with the elevator. Later, Josie panicked when Gary said he told Felicia about the baby, and Josie begged Felicia to keep mum. Across the room, Amanda remarked to Cameron that she might not be as understanding as Sofia has been if there was another woman's baby in the picture. The elevator, meanwhile, began to plummet, a dozen or so floors with Cass still on top. Suddenly, it lurched to a stop. In the elevator, Matt, Lila, and the baby are all right, but Cass was doesn't respond. Cass was knocked out and won't respond to his cell phone. Lila calls to Cass to wake up (he was unconscious on the top of the elevator). Felicia called his phone and eventually he comes to and answers it, which relieves Felicia. Cass told them they are all ok. As they are about to be rescued, Lila becomes cold and passes out. Matt told Cass there was a problem, Lila was still bleeding. Matt told Cass they have to get Lila to a hospital now.........

Friday, October 23, 1998

At the Lumina Ball, Cindy decides it would be a good idea to hide the cassette about Grant. After she hides it in a plant, Grant arrives with Puffy and told Cindy that Kirkland told him about the tape. She says she doesn't know anything about the tape.

The elevator was still stuck and everyone was worried about Matt, Lila, Cass and the baby. Zak tries to talk to Sofia; she was putting up a brave front but was obviously worried about her relationship with Matt now that his baby has actually been born. She told Zak she wishes Lila would go away forever so that she and Matt could raise the baby together.

The paramedics arrive at the elevator. Joe asks what took them so long. They said they were stopped by security on Mr. Stark's orders. Rachel leaves to find Mr. Stark and give him a piece of her mind for endangering her new granddaughter.

Lila was in bad shape in the elevator. She's lost a lot of blood and needs help. Cass tries to call Joe on his cell phone to find out what's going on, but the battery was dead. Matt told him to think of something, because Lila needs help right away. Cass shouts for help but gets no response. He told Matt he's going to climb the cable. Matt says it's too dangerous, but Cass says if he doesn't do something, Lila might bleed to death.

Joe and Felicia see Cass climbing the cable. The cable starts to slip. Joe throws Cass a rope while Felicia panics.

Lila rambles on to Matt about her childhood. As she talks, it's apparent she's getting weaker and weaker. She's very cold. Matt tries to comfort her. He told her he'll make sure she has everything she needs, and she'll take great care of Jasmine.

Cass gets out of the elevator shaft and told Joe that Lila needs help immediately. He says if she doesn't get medical attention she could die. Sofia walks away from the crowd looking horrified.

Mystery Man was watching everything by cameras. Zak orders him to do something. He says Lila could die... that wasn't part of the plan. Mystery Man told him to calm down and have a brandy. He says he always plans for trouble, that way, when it arrives, he always knows what to do.

Nick has taken Remy home. She's still shaky, but says she feels better than she felt at the party. She complains that she's been cold all night. Nick puts his arm around her to keep her warm. She asks Nick if he thinks she's a freak. He says she's one of the most amazing people he's ever met. He says she has a gift. She says it's not a gift to know when something bad will happen. She doesn't feel special... she feels terrified.

Grant asks Cindy what she did with the tape, but she denies knowing what he's talking about. Chris interrupts to get the mayor's comments on the current crisis. Unaware of Lila's situation, Grant says the people of Bay City can count on him to handle any crisis. Chris asks him how he plans to get Lila out of the elevator. He also asks why it took the E.M.T.s so long to respond. Grant says everyone was going to have to pull together to get through the crisis. Chris warns him that he's going to be asking questions about building regulations and inspections and how something like this could be allowed to happen. Chris leaves. Grant was angry that he looked foolish in front of the press. Cindy says if he'd been paying attention, he wouldn't have been unaware of what's going on.

Amanda sees Sofia and told Cameron she's glad she not in her situation. She says Lila will always have a hold on Matt because of the baby. Cameron says everyone makes mistakes. Amanda told him she's over Boca Linda, but Cameron says she's bothered by the baby. He knows that he and Amanda could face the same situation. Amanda doesn't know this, though. She says Sofia would be better off if she cut her losses and realized that Lila will always have a hold on Matt.

Matt struggles to take care of Jasmine and Lila. Lila was wrapped in a blanket that Joe sent down. Matt feeds her chocolate that was sent down to give Lila energy. She says it's nice that people sent these things for her. Matt told her it's because people care about her. But she says no they don't... nobody likes her... just Cass. She was rambling on, telling Matt to look after Jasmine and not let anyone treat her like trash. She says to give her all the things little girls need. Then she passes out. Matt tries to wake her up. He told her that Jasmine needs her, and that he needs her. He yells for someone to help them. He begs Lila to live for him and to live for their baby.

Cindy warns Grant that he may not be mayor much longer. He told her to do whatever she wants with the tape, but to remember that there will be consequences. She says she's not afraid of him anymore. He says that means she's even more foolish than he thought she was.

Finally, they get the elevator working, but it went down to the lobby instead of up to where everyone is. The doors to the shaft close, so everyone runs for the stairs. As they are running, Josie gets dizzy and stops. Gary told her that he won't let this happen to her... she's having their baby on schedule in the hospital. Nine months, he told her, he's counting the days.

During the commotion, Cindy retrieves the tape from her hiding place and says that once it hits the sound system, Grant will never hurt her again.

Nick reminds Remy about how beautiful the meteor shower was, but she says she hopes to never see another one. She told him she's figured out her terrible feeling... every time you see a star fall from the sky, it means someone's about to die. He asks her where she heard that, and she says she just made it up. He told her no one was going to die tonight. He asks again who told her about the stars. She talks about a woman she used to know, a psychic with a crystal ball. She taught Remy how to read tea leaves. Nick asks what happened to her, but Remy asks what difference does that make? Nick asks if that's when her ESP started. She told him how she used to help the woman, and this woman told her she had "the gift". Nick asks where she was now, and Remy says she just went away.

Rachel finds Mr. Stark's office, but there was no one there. She does find a lit cigar though, and so, figuring that he's there hiding, she starts to talk to him. She says her newborn granddaughter was trapped in the elevator, and it's time he did something about it. She says that he is a coward hiding in mystery. She asks what he was afraid of. Ms. Allen finds Rachel. She tries to get Rachel to leave. Rachel asks where her boss is, and Ms. Allen says she'll tell him Rachel wants to see him. Rachel points out that she didn't answer her question. Zak comes in and told Rachel the elevator was working. Rachel told Ms. Allen that she and her boss better hope that the baby was all right. Then she and Zak leave. Mystery Man appears and told Ms. Allen not to let that happen again. She was very nervous in his presence. He turns the monitors back on and resumes watching what everyone was doing.

Everyone was waiting for the elevator in the lobby. They can hear it moving, but it hasn't arrived yet. Finally, the doors open and Matt carries an unconscious Lila to a gurney. Mystery Man presses a button, and the elevator doors close with the baby still inside. Lila wakes up and cries for her baby while Cass tries to comfort her. The elevator moves up again, so Matt, Joe and the others run for the stairs. Zak bursts into Mystery Man's office again, saying there has to be a better way to do this. Zak told him to look at Lila and see how terrified she is. Mystery Man says they are so small, like ants. They were so sure of themselves. Zak says, "not anymore, you fixed that!" Mystery Man says Lila was just like the woman in the poem. Zak asks what he's talking about. Mystery Man told Zak to pour him a brandy and to reconsider the tone of his voice. Zak obeys. Mystery Man asks Zak if he enjoys limericks. He starts one... "There once was a lady from Niger..."

Cindy plays the tape over the sound system. Grant stares at her and she laughs. Mystery Man continues... "who rode with a smile on a tiger..."

Josie told Cameron that they can't told Gary the truth about the baby... not ever. He agrees... Amanda couldn't take it, either. Mystery Man continues... "They returned from the ride with the lady inside..."

Everyone was waiting for the elevator door to open. Finally, it does. Matt rushes in, but the baby was gone. Sofia looks shocked. Mystery Man continues... "and the smile on the face of the tiger." He laughs an evil laugh.


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