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Just when I think I've got this story figured out, it takes another turn. I thought of that scenario about three theories ago, but changed my mind when I came to the conclusion that James is Jordan's father. I'm fairly sure Jordan is a Stenbeck, since James would have no reason to hoist him into this mess otherwise. But at this point, who knows? James is a wild card and unpredictable.

As for Jordan, if he's not Cabot's father, he could be. Those two look a lot alike. I was glad to see Jordan finally stand up to Rosanna and call her on all the secrets. I mean, c'mon, who jumps through all the hoops he has for a woman who gives no explanations?

I thought Rosanna was smarter than this. Does she really believe James can control that adoption contract? I understand she fears that James may have Cabot kidnapped, but as for the legal maneuvering, a good attorney could break that clause in a second.

And let me get this straight, Rosanna is "grateful" to James for giving her Cabot back, even though he's guilty of using even more deceitful tactics than Craig? It's too bad she can't muster some of that generous spirit toward ostracized Craig.

Rosanna is desperate and scared. Those are the only reasons I buy that would turn this normally savvy businesswoman into a needy mess. I hope she returns to her former self soon and really gives James Stenbeck something to fear.

In other observations:
--I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm loving Ali and Aaron. (No I haven't hit my head lately.) I was on board with the whole Chris romance, until the writing for this couple changed. I think it's finally clear that Ali is too immature for Chris. No matter the circumstance, she just can't seem to tell the truth. I'm sure when Chris discovers Ali's latest lies, he'll kick her to the curb. And I'm fairly certain that Aaron will be there to pick up the pieces. (And I'm not talking about that broken plate.) One Two Scoops reader asked if I thought Chris and Ali would make it. My answer: No. There's about as much chance of that happening as there is Ali actually making a plate on that potter's wheel.

--While Doc isn't winning any points with me - pun intended - I love that Margo finally has a story. It's about time. The mid-life, bored housewife venturing into an affair is often overused, but I think it's a good fit for Margo. After all, this is a cop who craves adventure. And while we all love Tom, he's been stuck in those law books too long. It's dulled his character into boredom. I'm sure the Hughes will whether the storm that is Doc Reese. Meanwhile, I'm just enjoying the ride. Margo doing push-ups and earning the title "Red Rider" for her heroics had me chuckling all day.

--Does anyone out there think Simon is behind this Pilar nonsense? I'm grasping at straws here, but why else would Pilar work so hard to get Katie sent to the nuthouse? Pilar's machinations eventually are going to come back to haunt her. I'd bet my love for Henry on it.

--Could Mike be anymore gullible? I know Pilar's quite the dish, but I'm starting to think this guy has lost all use of his brain. I don't remember him ever being this vapid. I hope he gets a clue soon. This detour is ruining the character. If he hadn't been shirtless for most of the week, my fast forward button would have been working overtime.

--What is the deal with Dusty Donovan? This character came back to Oakdale with a fury, exciting viewers and Oakdale citizens alike. Now, he's little more than a bar-owning thug who screams at women. It's a shame he's been relegated to a minor player to make room for the new guy in town (Jordan.) Grayson McCouch has enormous talent. And Dusty and Molly were great together. I hope he gets a decent story soon, one that involves John. And I'm betting he could use a good lawyer about now, say one from Bay City. Paging Cass Winthrop!

--It's often the little things that make a good daytime drama great. This week, ATWT showed why it is. We saw history used, as dearly departed Bryant was mentioned twice and Will called his mom. We saw romance blossoming between Barbara and Walker, who certainly don't fit the typical summer teen romance mold. We saw humor, as my boy Henry came to Katie's rescue once again and Ali tried to become a potter. Start to finish, this show is solid.

--I'm wondering, did they shave Barbara's head for the brain surgery? I hope she doesn't wake up with a full head of hair. That would be too big a leap for viewers to make. If they're going to give her hair, they should at least explain it's a wig.

--Congratulations to actress Cady McClain and the ATWT writing team for their Emmy wins Friday night. I think we can all agree, the awards are well-deserved.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry tells Katie that fellow mental patient Musgrove is going to aid in their escape.
Katie: "Musgrove's gonna help us get out of here? With what, his spaceship? Let me go get my tinfoil so I can make an astro hat. C'mon Henry, are you crazy?"
Henry: "Yes. Like a fox."

(Craig tracks down Lucy and Lucinda in hopes of talking to Lucy.)
Lucinda: "How did you know that we were in here anyway?"
Craig: "I saw the Batmobile parked across the street with Fenwick napping."

That's all for now. See ya next time Scoopers!
Jennifer Biller

Reggie Jackson
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