Will's accident

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Will's accident
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Cleo probably caused Will's accident, and she wants Jade out of the way so badly that she is framing her. For someone who comes off mousy around Gwen and Will, Cleo is quite the liar.

Is it my imagination that ATWT is much more balanced these days? A lot of different characters are being seen on a regular basis including some veterans - granted there are still some missing links like no Tom or Lisa or Nancy. I do believe that things are getting a bit better and moving along in Oakdale these days.

Paul, Meg and Craig
I watched this and said to myself - not again. How many times can one person fall off a cliff and survive? What is the fixation with the writers and dramatic scenes at the top of a cliff? I am sure there was another way for Craig and Paul to have a showdown then to have Meg defend Craig is driving me crazy. What happened to the Meg that wanted to bring Craig down?

I am having a difficult time with Meg these days; she loves Paul and backs up Craig in front of the police, Lucinda and Holden. Holden was right on the mark by stating that Craig is so guilty of whatever happened at the cliff. Lucinda has no credibility in this as her main goal is to get her company back; her single-minded focus caused Meg to rip up the contract. I think that Lucinda should have shown a little bit of compassion about Paul before asking for the papers.

I am starting to believe that Craig does really love Meg and he wants to show her that by helping to find Paul. The Scott Bryce version of Craig makes you not hate him when he is doing despicable things. How long will it be before Meg gives into Craig because of her feelings of loss for Paul?

Will, Cleo, Jade and Gwen
Cleo is certifiably a lunatic as I am sure she was the one driving the car that caused Will's accident. She wants Jade out of the way so badly that she is framing her. Cleo is such an incredible liar as well. For someone that comes off so mousy around G and W, she is quite the phony. She was seriously trying to kick Jade's butt when she stole her diary. I have no idea what this lady will do next; hopefully she will do it and leave Oakdale for good soon.

I can't believe that I am about to say this - Poor Jade - can this woman have a storyline without being involved with Will and Gwen. There has to be something else for her to do in Oakdale. When I saw her with Dallas, they would make a nice couple; this would be a golden opportunity to flesh out both of their characters with some screen time that doesn't include the Munsons. Well I guess this is moot issue now with the news that the actress who plays Jade has decided to leave the show I am sure because they could not decide what direction the character should go in.

Dusty and Emily
Will's accident did cause his brother-in-law to realize that he needs to move on with life. It's about time that Dusty moved on romantically with someone and I am happy that it is with Emily. It has been obvious for weeks that these two were drawn to each other. The only problem that these two will have will be the news that Dusty slept with Alison first - considering everything that she has done, maybe it won't be too bad. I am also wondering how they will write Emily out while Kelley Hensley is on maternity leave.

Alison and Aaron
I was wondering what the chemistry with nuAlison and Aaron would be like - I like them together. Their conversation this week about the past including Aaron's relationship with Lucy was funny. Alison seems to be making some positive strides with her recovery and forgiveness from her mother. NuAlison has finally made the role her own now that Aaron has come back to town and that porn/drug problem is over.

It looks like Luke has fallen for someone else that may be unattainable. I hope that he does go to Branson with the group so maybe he can find out more about Noah before he gives up. It looks like Noah is really interested in Maddie but he could be friendly with her just like Luke was friendly with Jade when she first came to town. I am anxious to see what this trip to Branson leads to for all concerned.

Carly and Jack
How much longer will it be before Jack and Carly are back together? They almost kissed already this week while Katie was out of town. It will surely be the kids that bring these two back together or will it be Jack's jealously when he see Carly with another man like Brad. It does look like the problems have subsided now and it will probably be something that Brad does to help Carly achieve her goal.

I felt sorry for Carly when her first client turned her away because of her past with Simon. I root so much for Carly no matter what - I think she deserves a second chance just like Katie and Lily and Barbara and Will received.

Some readers have some strong opinions about what's happening in Oakdale:

Lauren said, "love ATWT, and I have been watching for many years, but they need some interesting storylines with many characters on a more regular basis. I have to stop myself, oh probably once a week, while FF through Paul/Meg scenes to catch up and make sure something interesting hasn't happen, which usually it hasn't! And if Paul has one more vision, I think I will actually throw something at my TV! I love Carly, and I love to hate the Katie/Jack pairing! I think Cleo is turning into a psycho and maybe the storyline will turn interesting, but I'm not holding my breath!

Jean said, "I know I am in the minority but I simply cannot stomach Carly another minute...she never takes responsibility for her behavior and sets a very bad example. Obnoxious!"

Kristy said, "I agree about Cleo overstaying her welcome. This story seems to flip flop between Cleo's obsession with Gwen and her obsession with Will. The only bright spot is that Jade's part in it will eventually be revealed. I think the actress playing Jade could do so much more if the writer's would just end her revenge on Gwen silliness. I'm also looking forward to what happens with Luke's interest in the new guy. This is a story that seems very true to life and I look forward to seeing Luke as something other than Jade's sounding board which seems to be the total of this one way relationship they have. Also, does anyone else just love that the stories that are going on have so many characters involved?! We actually see Emma, Kim and Lucinda several times a week. Now if only some dashing older men could sweep Emma or Lucinda off their feet."

Finally, who does Katie really belong with Brad or Jack? Please let me know what you think.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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