Margo pulls a gun on Emily

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Margo pulls a gun on Emily
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We knew that it would not be long before Margo found out about Emily and Casey's sexual escapades. Last week, Margo found Emily in her house, half-naked, so she decided to treat her like an intruder by pulling a gun on her.

The affair with Holden and Carly has taken definitely taken a turn and it will not be long before everyone finds out the truth; Emily and Casey have been exposed and Brad finds out about Jack and Janet - it seems Oakdale is a hotbed of secrets being revealed or close to being revealed. This is what makes watching enjoyable as we wait for it all to come out along with the fallout about who killed Sofie - do we care or are just happy she's gone?

Emily and Casey Exposed
We knew it would not be long before Margo found out about Emily and Casey's sexual escapades. Margo was already suspicious about Casey and Emily - using her police instincts; then she finds Emily in her house half-naked so decides to treat her like an intruder and pulls a gun on her. She really wanted to get Emily for all she has done to her family over the years. It was such an intense moment to watch her with the gun pointing at Emily wondering if she would actually harm this woman who she has such contempt for.

Margo took it to whole another level when she told Tom about Emily's prostitution. She knew it would hurt Emily very much. What she didn't expect in her reveal is that Casey already knew and was okay with Emily's past. In the end, she lost her son. Casey has grown up considerably and I believe that he has true feelings for Emily. I believe that Emily has sincere feelings for Casey as well.

Of all people, Susan, who has done so much in the past - can never listen without making judgments about Emily's behavior. It's true that the Hughes and Stewarts have a volatile history and this will only make it more combustible with Emily involved with her son's half -brother. I keep saying this that this is the story has me coming back every day; I think that Emily and Casey make a good couple - remember Lyla and Casey Peretti.

Paul and Meg
These two have finally gotten married but the drama never ends for these two. Sofie is dead: Paul thought Meg did it and Paul and Meg thought Barbara did it and so, the question is - who killed Sofie?

Let's look at the facts about how these recent murder mysteries affect how this one will resolved - it was not Paul or Meg or Barbara - so the only person left is Cole. It had to be Cole. His motive: he wanted her money and he did not want to be a father. He helped her get the drugs that Sofie used to almost kill Barbara. This is such an easy case to solve. Do you agree?

Mike Kasnoff should become a private detective as he is always the one who is finding clues and turning them over to the police: one because he has nothing to do in his own life and he wants to nail Paul for something. Well, Meg has made her decision; she married Paul and she will stick by him throughout this trouble time.

The major question is: do we care who killed Sofie as she has been a real irritant in Oakdale for the majority of her time in town.

Noah and Luke
Will Noah actually enter the military now that he has been outed by Luke? Is he doing this because of his father or does he feel he has no other choice in his life?

These boys have had a rocky road of it for the majority of their relationship - Noah's father and Ameera. So how will this military thing keep them apart or will Noah realize that he is just running away again; something he does very well and tries to work thing out with Luke.

What if they decide to move ahead with their relationship as move on day by day? They don't really know each other like that - the day to day stuff could easily be the thing that destroys them. How about Luke finally saying he can't do this anymore and finding himself someone else? Noah would immediately want to work things out - maybe?

What do these two need in order to have a successful relationship? They deserve some time to be a happy couple for a while - it has been one thing after another. Happiness won't last for long as this is a soap opera and happy is boring in a town like Oakdale.

Janet and Jack
Jack seems like a new person with Janet. They slept together and he is moving on from Carly and Katie. It's time for him to get to know another woman as it seems we will not be revisiting Jack and Carly any time soon. Carly is of doing her own thing and Jack needs to do his.

I like Jack with Janet - he tones her down and makes her likable. I was waiting for her to become likable and this may just do the trick. It's so new and with the interference from Brad, it will only bring them closer together.

Then there is Parker and Liberty and all of this as they said on the show is a bit incestuous; granted there is no blood relation between Parker and Liberty and they need to downplay the cousin angle. Well this is the same thing as it was when they found out that Lily was Iva's daughter and Iva was Holden's sister. Mr. Marland fixed that very quickly with the reveal that Iva was adopted but it was still strange knowing that Emma was Lily's mother-in-law as well as her grandmother.

Holden and Carly
It won't be long before Holden tells the truth about how he feels about Carly and when it happens - watch out! You think Margo finding out about Emily and Casey was explosive. Carly is Lily's best friend and she has been confiding in Carly about her marriage; this same friend sleeps with her husband. This is going to paint Carly into a bad place in the eyes of everyone in Oakdale. I just believe one of these times, her character will not recover from one of these bad moves.

Holden is jealous of Carly and Neil and Jack is jealous as well. Jack had just left sleeping with Janet and he is passing judgment on Carly and he supposedly has moved on. Holden wants to have his cake and eat it too. We know Holden is an upstanding guy and it won't be long before he has to tell the truth to Lily.

Lily will surely be devastated. How I wish this could Martha Byrne playing this story out?It will still be good but we have watched the friendship of Carly and Lily grow when Martha was in the role. This will surely be more fireworks in July.

Here are some views from readers:

Karen said, "I am loving the Casey and Emily relationship. Margo acts like she has never done anything in her life to be ashamed of - she had another man's bay while she was married to Tom. Casey and Emily have so much true emotion between them and I can't wait for them to be a real couple in Oakdale."

Deborah said, "Good, Sofie is finally out of the picture. She was so painful to watch at times. She was so whiney and just needed to leave Oakdale. She deserved to run off into the sunset with her babies' daddy, Cole."

Betty says, "When are Dallas and his cousin, Bonnie going to get a story of their own? They have had three different guys playing Dallas and still nothing. It's always the same people getting stories and the same people on the sidelines - Bonnie, Dallas, Henry and Vienna."

Finally, it looks like crazy Dr. Rick Decker is on his way back to town. This should be fun for Barbara, Susan and Bob.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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