Even the therapist was bored

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Even the therapist was bored
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There really aren't that many women left for Josh, if he and Cassie break up. Perhaps if the writers would stop having the characters switch partners so often, they could actually have some happy couples in town for awhile.

Sometimes you just have to laugh....

Just when I thought that Josh and Cassie couldn't get more boring, they head for couples therapy. In true fashion, they even argue about the appointment time. But the comic relief started when Cassie revealed Josh left his "dying" wife for her sister - I can imagine how a real therapist would feel. Of course, the topper was that Cassie even bored the therapist...

While I thought this might be an interesting way to stomach this couple (zzzzz) I found myself wondering - do you really blame Tammy's death on everything in your life? It seems she does - although it puzzles me. I don't wish that kind of grief on anyone, real or soap, but to feel like you get some sort of free pass for the rest of your behavior really sets my blood to boil! I know plenty of people who have lost a child tragically and instantly - or had other misfortunes in their life. But I don't see them sugarcoating adultery because of it.

I did appreciate that the show actually remembered some of it's own history this week - one area I usually find GL lacking. Like the way they mentioned the importance of the Bauer's on the 4th I was glad to see that they finally addressed the way that Cassie and Josh got together while Reva was ill (although I do realize that she pushed them both away). Cassie's feelings about being the "other woman" were a little late for me, but at least she acknowledged it. I think I would be more worried about the long history with Josh and Reva and their tendency to reconcile often. I just hope GL doesn't take them back down the aisle a 4th time - even if I want Josh and Cassie apart.

Just leave Jeffrey and Reva alone - they seem to have a quirky relationship that works. Life isn't perfect - and we know they aren't - but it seems to work all around.

And then there was the revelation to newer viewers that Mallet can't have kids. Long time fans remember this story, but I'm glad it was brought up on air. As soon as I saw Marina with Peyton I hoped this was where they were going with the scenes and for once I was glad to see I was right. Sadly, this couple seems to be boring most fans so hopefully it won't come to anything (despite the actors real life relationship). While Dinah and Mallet had their faults - we all do - they seemed to "get" each other as well. Marina has a pretty awful track record with men, so hopefully this relationship won't last and she can find chemistry with someone new - although the pickings are slim in Springfield these days....

With both of these pairings that seem to have lulled fans to sleep (and I agree) it really hit me that there are so few romantic options for the writers to use. All of the quick relationships that didn't pan out seem to have left Springfield a place for singles and divorced people - where is the love? There really aren't that many women for Josh if he and Cassie break up. Like Frank, there are few women in Springfield for him to pursue. Maybe if GL would stop having the characters switch partners so often they could actually have some happy couples in town for awhile.

The other relationship that makes me sad is Bill/Ava/Remy/Lizzie. It seems that no one is happy and no one "wins" in a relationship built on lies and no love. I've heard rumblings about how this will play out before the end of the month, but can't say I like the outcome - if it's true. Yes, it is important for Max to have a home - but one filled with love and not lies. Of course, he'll be relegated to a closet as soon as he's born with all of the rest of Springfield's little kids.

Speaking of kids, Clarissa and Blake have me worried. Blake is, well, hardly the most stable of characters, but to make her into some pill popper is just sad. She already had a turn at being crazy during her campaign for mayor. Now if only Frank would take a second look - he might just be the man to try to bring some light back into her eyes, despite their brief history.

Hopefully there will be happy times in Springfield again before long. I'll certainly keep you posted if I seen any glimpse of happiness on the horizon...

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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