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The truth hurts
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Beth wants Lizzie to be happy, and Dinah wants Bill to be happy. Both were girls who were outsiders when they first appeared in Springfield, and they want to protect their loved ones.

As a sarcastic person, I usually appreciate it in others. And this week we had sarcasm and truth in big doses this week in Springfield - and I loved it!!

While I am not even a teeny bit on the fence that Daisy needs to stay far away from Grady, Reva's high-handedness with her granddaughter made me cringe. Yes, she's making a huge mistake. And Reva has made enough mistakes to fill a movie script. But her overbearing attitude with the teen is too much. She's not only ignoring the advice, but throwing up your own recent history to show you that everyone does things that people don't approve of. And there was a not-so-small part of me who was thankful that someone stood up to her.

It is sad to see how TPTB have Daisy/Susan just floundering for attention when she seems to need it the most. Her mother left Springfield (which GL didn't plan, but can't they have a better plan on how to deal with her children?). Her father (not the best casting decision) is M.I.A. - we don't even here him call her. The Coopers are trying to hold things together, but three bachelors (Buzz, Frank and Coop) and someone without much experience with kids (Marina) let alone teens, can't fill the bill. The bike race segment would have been nice had we actually SEEN the kids on bikes. Not such the Hatfields and the McCoys fighting over Daisy's future. This kid needs direction - and fast!

Being a teen was never easy, but she's been bounced around her whole life. Harley gave her to the LeMay's - then tried to take her back. Mrs. LeMay died, then Jim LeMay comes to Springfield. He lasted a few years before TPTB killed him off, too. So now Daisy has been an afterthought in Harley's life between her struggles to find love. And in all of this, Daisy has paid a steep price. She has no idea what "real love" is - Harley struggled to find it, as has everyone else in her life. And she's leery of the adults who show her attention only when she misbehaves, like a wayward mongrel. Not that I want 24/7 Daisy, but with summertime I would like to see her find herself a bit before college - or whatever TPTB have planned (!) for her character. Of course, with Rafe on the run - as a foil for Harley's departure - she is left all alone.

Daisy has reason to react to Reva - her comments to Jeffrey this week were so insensitive. Life is not always about you. You kiss Josh-ua your "soulmate" then expect emotional support from the man you claim to love and want to live with? I love Reva's gusto, but this really paints her as - sorry folks - a total bitch. She can be brassy and bold without appearing as an unfeeling steamroller for people's feelings. Or can she? I know all of this posturing has to set us up for Reva/Josh IV - but I'm not sure I want to get on that roller coaster again. I like the give and take of Reva and Jeffrey. He calls her on her behavior and they seem a good fit for one another. I loved Reva and Josh when they weren't 24/7 drama and all-too-brief marriages. If they are setting us up for a grand wedding (Part Four) for a quickie divorce let's just not and say we did.

The Bill/Lizzie/Ava/Remy drama is getting a little tiresome. I really liked Lizzie and Bill, when Bill wasn't acting like an unfeeling jerk. Even Dinah seems to notice that baby bro' is acting a tad loonie. But I thought the show missed an interesting twist when Beth and Dinah met this week. Yes, Beth wants Lizzie to be happy - Dinah wants Bill to be happy. But since both women were girls who were outsiders when they first appeared in Springfield, and want to protect their loved ones, I thought the exchanged missed a chance for characters who don't have scenes to really connect - even short term. I find it more than a little interesting that Bill has charmed his way into the bed of two mother/daughter pairs (Beth/Lizzie, Olivia/Ava). It just strengthens my theory that GL will run out of possible pairings soon!

Of course, part of that story is going away. Ava is leaving Springfield. Soap Central reports that the show has axed Michelle Ray Smith - who will give birth in Springfield July 24th and leave July 28th. No recast for the role - which means poor Remy will be lookin' for love again. I did really like the scenes with Mel and Remy this week - another group of actors the show seems to forget for eons until they need to fill a place in a story. Or will Mel find her "love" with Jeffrey this time? Not sure how I'd like that since I think he's happy with the spicy Reva Shayne. While I was never an "Ava" fan, I do wish the actress well - I just wish the writers had given her a better storyline.

But the time is coming to end the trip back in time to a life of brides on boats and 80's hair as we celebrate "Always" Monday. At least GL is using the history (and video library) they have to show fans what a great show we had. The hairstyles might raise an eyebrow or two, but the stories and characters were spot on. Oh, those were the "good old days". I'll bet Cassie isn't running out to by her dress for the premiere!!

Speaking of Cassie and Josh (zzzzz) I have to admit I applauded the therapist questioning their decision to bring a child into their fragile marriage. They thought she was dead wrong, but I had to agree 100% with her - a child can't "fix" your marriage - and shame on Josh for trying to use a child to bind him to Cassie when it appears he's slipping back into his role as Reva's husband de' jour. Guess his sermon didn't even work on him!

So sit back this week and enjoy GL the way it used to be!! I've got to go find my "Members Only" jacket to see if it still fits... (and if you are too young to understand that reference, I am REALLY getting old...) Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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