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For once in her life, Reva made the right choice. Jeffrey is a partner that is as strong as she is and can stand up to her crazy antics like Josh never could.

WOW! Talk about a week full of twists - some obvious, some not. In the age of "spoilers" and the internet, sometimes a good soap plot twist is hard to keep.

As a fan of GL since 1976, I remembered the Reva/Josh wedding fondly. Looking back on the flashback scenes almost made the whole movie storyline worthwhile. For those who weren't watching GL then, you really missed out. Those were the days of Douglas Marland, who was the best in the business at bringing daytime stories to life when the medium was at it's best.

I have to admit I didn't think the actor that played H.B. looked that much like him until I remembered that we last saw Larry Gates when he was ill and had lost so much weight. And the actress who brought Reva's mom Sarah to life looked like her 20+ years ago - and somewhat like Audrey Peters who played the role. I would have liked to have seen Peters in the role, but I guess that wouldn't have worked. Little Marah looked like young Ashley Peldon (who still acts today) but not the blonde Marahs that came later on.

But it was the flashbacks of that fairy tale wedding that really had me hooked. It brought waves of nostalgia back to when GL was something I rushed home to watch - long before my first VCR. Back before the internet, so I had no way of knowing what would happen to my favorite characters. For those of you who missed out on these glory days of GL, I suggest a visit to You to research your GL history (and take a look at those crazy fashions we wore!).

You knew that the look back at the past would be memorable, and emotional for Reva and Josh. But to have the added bonus that Josh leaves Cassie (hooray!) and that Reva chose Jeffrey (hooray!) was great!! When Reva told Jeffrey "I choose YOU" I nearly cheered! For once in her life, Reva made the right choice. Jeffrey is a partner that is a strong as she is and can stand up to her crazy antics like Josh never could. When Reva and Josh were together, they were awesome - don't get me wrong. But the writers have written so much hurt and heartache in their story that I don't know if that is a ride I could get on again.

Then we have the saga of baby Max. This story has had so many twists and turns my stomach is in knots! But I have to admit, when all is said and done, was there ANYONE who didn't know the baby was Remy's? While the show (of course) wouldn't confirm it, I figured it out ages ago - and I know many of you did as well. And with this week's departure of Michelle Ray Smith, this story could go any number of ways. While there are some obvious twists that could come out of this paternity mess, I'm glad to see Bill didn't walk away from the son he loves. And poor Remy can't get over the shock. But I have to admit that watching MRS give birth (right after giving birth in real life) then have to go through this anguish is hard to watch. When I'm sure her maternal instincts are all there for her to use, she literally has to fight them and pretend such disinterest in a child she "delivered". Yes, she's an actress, but it's a tough role to tackle and I give her a lot of credit. While TPTB never really gave Ava a meaty role, I will miss her with Olivia. MRS and Crystal Chappell seemed so suited to one another and it showed.

Now we have a child who has two fathers - which does sometimes happen. While the story could go any number of ways, I'd like GL to keep both men in Max's life. Surely a child can't be surrounded by too much love and too much family. Of course, he'll be forgotten in a matter of weeks, but I would applaud GL for writing things this way. And where will this leave Lizzie? Will Max fill a void in her arms as well? That would be great, until Tom Pelphrey returns (if he does), even part time. But since he now lives in L.A. that could be a long way off.

One glaring whole in this story was the presence of Jeffrey at the wedding (which he had to be since he proposed to Reva) but his (and Olivia's) absence at the birth of baby Max. Couldn't GL get either actor there for one of the taping days? Did they do this to make her seem more isolated and alone? If they did, it worked - I really felt for the manipulative little schemer!

The story that really has me puzzled, though, is Alan and his "harem". He's been known to scheme before, so is this another plot twist he's designed to get away with Tammy's murder? Or is he really a "new" man? I have to admit that I am pleased to see more of Ron Raines who I adore, but I am always looking for the other shoe to drop. I've heard rumors of more cast changes, but thankfully none that involve him.

Speaking of cast changes, there are two things I'd like to talk about. Don't tell anyone but I taped AMC to see Beth Ehlers' debut this week but didn't see her as a FF'ed. Did anyone see her? And GL has finally admitted that TV talk show host Montel Williams will take over the role of Remy's dad, Clayton Boudreau, for a few episodes in August. Montel is a Baltimore native (as am I) so I'm already a fan and wish him all the best. Hopefully Remy can get a crash course on being a Dad so he can help baby Max when he needs him the most.

It looks like things are heating up this summer so I hope you enjoy the ride! I'll be away next week attending the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction in Canton, OH (Washington Redskins WR Art Monk is my favorite player and will be honored) but I'm try to find a way to bring you all of the "Scoop" even from the road. If I can't we'll try to have someone fill in for me until I return Monday the 4th.

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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