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The truth is out, and everyone is taking the news pretty much as expected. Jack's angry at Carly for her further misdeeds, Emma and Lucinda are being the mothers that they've always been, and Parker's being the bratty kid that he has always been.

What the heck happened this week as there was so much movement in the past five days in Oakdale: the Sofie murder mystery was resolved without surprises; a new mystery began with a number of Oakdale residents and the Snyder family woes continued on all fronts.

Who Killed Sofie?
The resolution of who killed Sofie provided no surprise reveal as it was obvious who did it and who was most expendable in the cast - Cole Norbeck. There was one thing that did actually shock me a bit - this whole time Cole has been a serious drug abuser and this is reason for needing all of this money. It was a plausible explanation for his erratic behavior over time. The way it was revealed - in a flashback with Sofie and Barbara watching him shoot up - showed how the writers wanted this thing wrapped up fast and in a hurry. All of this was happened in one episode on Monday, I was amazed at the quickness in which this all happened.

Tom vs. Emily Custody Battle
Casey saves the day with his mature approach to the situation. Tom flew off the handle mostly because of Margo's animosity towards Emily or his feelings of Casey being with his ex-mistress. It was never really clear what Tom's reasons were for wanting to take Emily's son away from her. Emily is not a bad mother; she just makes bad choices in her life regarding men. I don't think that she has made a mistake in her relationship with Casey. I think this relationship is one of the most adult she has had - it has somewhat of an unpleasant feel to it because of the familial connections but hey this is a soap opera and there are only so many people in this small town of Oakdale.

I like the fact that Casey is being portrayed as more adult who can stand up to this parents by standing his views in a manner that are logical and true. Tom and Margo have made mistakes in their relationships that have included other people. The fact that they want to shield their son from Emily, their self-proclaimed pariah is fine though he needs to make his own errors in judgment just like they have.

The Fallout of Holden and Carly
Holden confessed to Lily, Lily tried to kill Carly and everyone finds out next. It was the moment that I had been waiting for when Carly showed up at Lily's door. You could see that they had been friends and now it was Lily, the scorned friend talking to and telling this woman she trusted that she hated her for sleeping with her husband - edge of your seat daytime drama? I couldn't stop myself from continually wishing it was Martha Byrne as Lily at that moment. I really like Noelle Beck as an actress but it's moments like this that are the ones the original actress should be there.

Nevertheless, everyone is taking the news pretty much as expected with Jack being angry at Carly for her further misdeeds, Emma and Lucinda being the mothers that they are and Parker being the bratty kid he has always been. I think Parker went too far this time by calling his mother a "slut." He never should have been allowed to speak to his mother like that no matter what she has done.

There were the harsh words from Luke then Holden and Carly deciding it was over and it was now time for repair. Holden went to Lily to ask for another chance at their marriage. Wow, the number of times that she has asked him for the same thing in the last couple of years. Now he needs forgiveness and let's see how Lily makes him pay for his indiscretion.

The next big moment is when Holden and Jack have it out and this is worth waiting for.

What is Going On?
The beginning of this new mystery actually has me intrigued - what has happened to many times in Oakdale, a new storyline starts and we are all drawn into the mystery then towards the end, it falls all apart and everyone wonders why they cared in the first place. Alison receives this piece of jewelry from her estranged father and her behavior changes as she wears it; Meg is given a necklace to wear for her second wedding to Paul then she collapses and Chris has received this mysterious watch supposedly form his mother.

For a moment, I thought when Alison received her gift that her father, Larry McDermott was going to be coming back to the show. I think that character was given a raw deal; Larry was not the kind of guy to treat his kid like that as much as he wanted her in the first place - different writer, different spins. So let's see what this summer story is going to bring and just hope there is not some mad stalker/murderer involved this time.

Parker & Liberty vs. Luke & Noah
Parker and Liberty have been a couple for less than two months and they have sex then we have Luke and Noah would have been trying to build a relationship for a long time, confessed their love and have never slept together - what is this about? This is an obvious double standard for the show, the powers that be and why? Most couples in Oakdale are kissing and sleeping together on a regular basis - not Luke and Noah - they are a couple in love like a Jack and Carly, Lily and Holden, Brad and Katie, Emily and Casey. They hardly ever kiss and having sex is a definite no-no. Why create a same sex couple and say they are like any other couple in town and treat them totally different.

This could be the theme (teen sex) for the summer months when teens are out of school and watching more TV; don't get me wrong, this is a just the type of story to tell for kids their age. These kids are jumping into something very serious too soon and this happens everyday. I applaud the messages that the show is sending in regards to responsibility, protection and birth control.

So why can't there be the same message be given for Luke and Noah, there are other teens at home that can identify with Luke and Noah and need this to be given the same type of representation and not treated as if it were different which is the communication being sent for whatever reason. This show has been talking a good game for Luke and Noah so when they are get behind what they say they want to do with this story.

Here are some reader comments:

Megan said, "I never really liked Sofie anyway and I don't really care who killed her. I know it wasn't Meg and I want her and Paul to be together for a very long time. They have been kept apart too long."

Linda said, "I hope Holden gets exactly what he deserves for cheating on Lily with Carly. He is so self-righteous about everything that she has done and now he is in the hot seat now. I hope she makes him pay for sleeping with his wife's best friend. Give it to him Lily!"

Joyce said, "I might be in the minority here because I like Carly with Holden. Holden is such a different man with him than with that whiny Lily and Carly seems to be more herself with Holden. She was right when she told Jack that she liked being with a man who treated her with respect."

Finally, what do you think is happening in Oakdale with this new mystery? I would like to know what other people think is going on.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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