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The ties that bind
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Families are an interesting dynamic to watch. There are families that are tied by biology, and then there are families that are chosen. Both showed a wide range of emotional ties last week.

Families are an interesting dynamic to watch. There are families that are tied by biology - blood relatives. Then there are the families you "choose" - who support you no matter what. And both showed a wide range of emotional ties this week.

With the arrival of baby Max, and the takeover of all things Spaulding, Bill Lewis has changed. We see the boy who wanted his parents together - and a dad that didn't drink all of the time. He made it a goal to do things differently as a man, as a father. But it seems that he's taken more from Alan than the mansion and the company - his fathering skills - smother them til they surrender to your every whim.

I can't fault Bill for wanting to be a father to Max - he has gotten used to the role, and wanted to give "his" son everything he didn't have. But when Max's dad went from an anonymous sperm donor to Remy Boudreaux, he could have remained in Max's life had he not bullied his way into the I.C.U. I could have seen both men putting aside their differences to make a great life for Max. Remy's own relationship with his dad has been fraught with challenges. They have a common bond in their issues with their Dad's - and their love for Max. Certainly there would be tension in the relationship - as there is with any parents. No one does everything exactly as someone else would - but that could have been an interesting storyline.

But GL has never been a show to use a child as anything but a convenient plot device when needed. Most of the children are shown sparingly, which is fine. But don't forget them for months on end - at least mention them once in awhile. Harley is half a world away and we saw the Cooper's (but not his Dad Rick) cheering on an unseen Jude a few weeks ago. Now Max will fade into the back story as the plot takes another turn this week. I can see that the story built on this plot line has the ability to be a good one, but I wish we'd taken a different route to get there...

Speaking of children, there is one that either needs a swift kick in the butt, or to be locked up for awhile. Yes, I mean Daisy LeMay. She sure has her Mom's penchant for the bad boys, but at least Dylan (who actually would be a perfect person to get her to see the error of her ways) didn't kill anyone. I am growing tired of Daisy against the world. Someone needs to give this little (of age) brat a serious time out before she and "G" cause more heartache. Yes, he's cute and has a great accent, but come ON!!

Another character that might need a time out this week is Bill Lewis. Yes, he's got his hands full with his son, but to watch him tear Dinah down was difficult to watch. Dinah has her faults - we all do - but to berate her with such cutting remarks was over the top. The one good thing was that Mallet (!) was the one to brighten her day and tell her that the dunce she's related to (Bill) has it all wrong.

So while Bill has become a one man wrecking crew to his family, we need a little balance. A family that stands behind one another no matter what. It seems that Reva is finding her wedding invitation list will be severely limited since her own sister and ex-husband/brother-in-law can't come. And since Reva's friends are so limited (which I've never understood) it might be a small, intimate affair - if the do indeed marry.

With all of the drama going on in Springfield, I do like that we are seeing more of the Boudreaux family when Remy needs them the most. It's something that we see in sprurts - and something GL should think of doing more.

Without giving anything away, this will certainly be a difficult week in Springfield. I hope that in the days and weeks ahead the story is one that brings some great, memorable performances for fans to appreciate.

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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