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Not only has Bill hurt Lizzie, but last week he also lashed out at Dinah, whose own fragile emotional make-up might not be able to survive. Since she was a child, Dinah has searched for love and stability, but she also has a feisty streak when she's cornered.

So much for the lazy, hazy days of summer in Springfield, U.S.A . - they seem to have disappeared! The air was full of humidity but Mother Nature caused none of the stickiness in town this week!

First you have the anguish over the death of baby Max - an adorable little guy who touched so many characters on canvas. But instead of bringing them together, despite the unusual circumstances of his birth, it ripped families apart. I am still puzzled at how this story has monopolized the air time recently, but really didn't move forward as much as it should have. We lost sight of other characters for weeks on end and the hostility on top of the grief is almost too much to bear.

While I adore Daniel Cosgrove, Bill has gotten to be a major pain in the butt of late. He found someone to love in Lizzie, but takes over her families company when his father doesn't show him the respect he thinks he's earned. And she's supposed to sit there and love him back? She's had more than her own share of heartache - and living in that wacky Mansion hasn't always been easy. But show a little backbone, girl! Now isn't the time to kick him to the curb - it's something you should have done ages ago. Oh, how I wish this story was like that awful season of Dallas - only a dream that we could escape. The one under 40 couple that really works don't stand a chance, it seems.

Not only has Bill hurt Lizzie, but this week he lashed out at Dinah - who's own fragile emotional make-up might not be able to survive. Since she was a child, Dinah has - like Bill - searched for love and stability. Funny how neither one seem to know they've found it in each other. But Dinah also has a feisty streak when she's cornered - which I hope Bill discovers soon! How can he put his own sister in jail?

I'll admit the death of Max (thankfully without seeing the baby himself) was hard to watch. It reminds us all of how fragile life is and how we should enjoy each day. I remember leaving the hospital after my father died , eyes all red and swollen from crying. The elevator door opens and in walk three strangers laughing and celebrating the birth of a newborn. It reminded me in an instant to be more sensitive to others - something I strive to do. Watching the characters react to the death was something like that - intensely personal and private - and very emotional. Yes, Max was not Bill's biological son, but he did love him (albeit sometimes for some interesting reasons). But poor Remy had to deal with finding he had a son, only to lose him in a short period of time. The scenes with Remy and Clayton (Montel Williams, who I hope returns) were great - very emotional. But Remy is rarely given a chance to shine - so I hope GL remembers to write some happiness for him, too.

Then we have the long awaited trial for Tammy's death. This is another story that seems to be "on" and "off" air quite a bit. TPTB forget about it for weeks, then try to remind us in great gobs of air-time. This makes it a little difficult, I would imagine, for newer fans. But the trial itself has been a mishmash of scenes with some odd inconsistencies.

Sure, you don't want to show the jury selection, but to have a juror walking around outside a courtroom to mingle with - shockers! - the D.A.'s fiancée'/aunt of the victim - totally unrealistic. And while I've never done such a thing, why would you blab about it to a stranger and risk jail time for Alan Spaulding? And the most annoying thing to me? The jury is seated ABOVE the courtroom so you have to look at the attorneys peering up at them all of the time? Who thought of this? Someone needs to show them re-runs of Perry Mason - the jury is never that far away. Just another reason why this Peapack experiment is driving fans nuts. What will happen come winter when you can't do scenes in parkas and sweats? Can anyone see Lizzie walking down the streets of Springfield in her stilettos only to break a leg on the ice and snow? The only house we see now is usually the hideous house with the multi-color paint job that Harley is renting to her ex-in-laws. Everyone else appears homeless most of the time - they seem to live in that park. At least it's sunny and warm most of the time.

And it seems that Jeffrey is one of those characters who's air time is hit or miss. He was on every day this week - and had two really tough stories to juggle (the death of Max and the trial). Yes, I know there are Jeffrey bashers out there - I do read the boards once in awhile. But I can't imagine how the character (not the actor) could hold it together during all of that. Yes, he's supposed to be a professional - D.A. and all of that. But Tammy was like a daughter to him and he's Max's grandfather - and Ava's dad. That's enough on someone's plate for months - let alone in one week. Not great timing on GL's part. But the trial will be over this coming week, so we're on to another story finally.

And it seems when we move on to whatever GL has planned next, Ashlee will be blogging about it. Now I'm 41, and don't really blog - and can't imagine sitting in front of a camera even as I type this. But it seems that GL is fighting to give this character a purpose, when other characters with real ties to Springfield (Rick, Blake, Beth) are all but forgotten. It's all about the balance, GL - and it's something you need to work on soon.

This week promises a "shocking" (their word, not mine) verdict in Grady's case. And once all of the chips are played, will Reva and Jeffrey still be on speaking terms? Daisy's testimony might be another chink in their relationship - which Josh would appreciate!

Speaking of "Josh-ew-ah" he has gotten SO creepy of late. If Marah or Shayne come to Springfield how will they react to their Dad stalking their Mom? And what will his parishioners think if they learn the truth? Will the real, sweet, loving (and un-creepy) Josh please make a return to Springfield? Let's hope so! Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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