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They say blood is thicker than water, but it seems that isn't true in Springfield! While the town's families have certainly had their share of troubles, last week things took a deliberately ugly turn for many of them.

They say blood is thicker than water, but not in Springfield, it seems!

While Springfield families have certainly had their share of troubles, this week things took a deliberately ugly turn - in several families.

After an emotionally charged testimony by Cassie, at the trial for Tammy's murder, you might have thought that "G" was going away for a long, long time. Not so fast. Enter Daisy - the teenager who must still have drugs in her system to lie on the stand (!) when she knows full well it could end up backfiring on her. Now "G" is free, and she'll be all alone in Springfield. I can't imagine that Reva, or the Coopers will want her around. And let's not even talk about Monday's show down with Daisy and Cassie. Cassie has a right to blast that selfish little twit for her part in helping "G" - and Alan, walk away without paying for their crimes.

I have to admit that, since she's returned to Springfield, Daisy has really gotten on my nerves. Sure she's a teen who has had a lot of upheaval in her young life. She was put up for adoption by a teenaged Harley, who tried to reclaim her afterwards. Her adoptive parents have both died. And her biological parents are both M.I.A. - not a great feeling for anyone. But, at 18 years old, she's seen enough pain and anguish in her life, and those around her, to have some clue as to what her reckless actions would cause. GL has just decided to make her completely selfish and stupid - not really a character you can warm to at all. They did this for a long while with Lizzie - although she has grown on me more as she has aged/matured.

Now that she's completed her part in allowing "G" and Alan to be free. What will come of her? She doesn't have a home, no visible source of income. She's not in school. I can't figure out if GL just forgets all of these things or she's on her way out. I like Bonnie Dennison, she seems like a nice enough young actress, but Daisy makes me want to scream! Of course, she's the daughter of Harley Davidson Cooper and the granddaughter of Reva Shayne - so she was bound to make some doozie of mistakes along the way - but even she has gone too far. And once Rafe returns - as he will - what will she do? Will she make more trouble for a troubled young man (the only kind she seems to like)? Only time will tell, I guess.

At least I got a chuckle over the role reversal of Billy and Josh this week. Even though the whole scene in front of a pile of dirt was, well, different (can we please go back to the studio now?). Billy, the long suffering "bad boy" brother calling Josh a home wrecker was priceless. At least the Right Reverend (if that's his real title) had the good sense to concede the fact. I can't imagine what his flock would think if they only knew....

But the sibling rivalry that I can see getting way out of hand is Bill vs Dinah. Sure, they weren't raised together, and they've each had their shares of troubles. But Bill has really gone off the deep end. I make no secret of adoring Daniel Cosgrove and his dimples (!) but Bill is another character that needs some time in the woodshed. Dinah did all of the work to take down Alan Spaulding and he gives her the boot? I don't know which makes less sense - that he's doing it (which could be interesting, but I can't see her ever trusting him again) or that he's stupid enough to think she won't retaliate. And once Dinah and Alex get together (please, please, GL) let them give both of the brothers the boot!!

Alan has enough on his plate without getting back his company and his home. He keeps taking spills and ignoring all common sense to get checked out. This, on top of his "talks" with Gus can lead to some interesting findings. But is the "real" Alan in there somewhere? The heartless, cut-throat CEO who will stop at nothing to get ahead? Or is he gone for good?

With all of this angst in Springfield, it seems the only happy couple (Reva and Jeffrey) might not make it to the altar. With Josh trying to win back his "always" love, and Jeffrey trying to forgive himself for Daisy's betrayal and the death of Max, will they really take the plunge? I sure hope so. Josh's smitten with Reva, but he's just not even the same character anymore. All of his common sense has been choked off with his clerical collar (which he obviously got in a box of Cracker Jack's since it takes years to become an ordained minister). Another colossal goof on the part of TPTB for making a long time character seem, well, out of character.

I am pleased to see Beth finally doing something with her life. But seeing her with Alan just gives me the willies! Not that Springfield needs another lawyer, but I'm sure when she passes the part next month ; ) she'll be just great!!

News from off set has another former GL'er heading to Pine Valley. Vincent Irizarry (ex-Lujack/Nick) has signed to resume his role of David soon. Which makes 5 former GL'ers (Beth Ehlers, Ricky Paull Goldin, Rebecca Budig, and Darnell Williams) all residents of Pine Valley. Glad someone has an eye for talent. Too bad it isn't the network who's logo IS the eye...

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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