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Sanity in Springfield?
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Alan used to be the meanest man in Springfield. He's run off every member of his family, shot his son, done terrible, despicable things to most of the town...and now he's having warm, fuzzy conversations with his dead son Gus. Huh?

Everyone seems to be doing more these days. Running around, going from work to home and back again, taking care of family both young and old. It seems that things that you think you can count on are not the same any more.

Take Alan Spaulding - formerly the meanest man in Springfield. He's run off every member of his family, shot his son, done terrible, despicable things to most of the town. Now he's the warm and fuzzy conversationalist with his dead son Gus - and your family members, too, if you want. Huh?

Where is the Alan who went toe to toe with Roger Thorpe? Scheming to take over most of Springfield but any and all means necessary. He's done time, and even the thought of being locked up again (he is notoriously claustrophobic) hasn't changed his law breaking ways.

Now he's spending his time talking to Gus, a son he wasn't really close to. And instead of being mad as hell that Dinah (who he thought was still mixed up mentally) took Spaulding away from him (and his home) he's half-heartedly trying to get it back. Will the real Alan Spaulding please stand up?

Of course, we learned this week that Alan is ill - he has a blood clot in his brain that could be fatal. But this whole storyline leaves me (and many of you, I know) feeling light-headed. Springfield needs it's villain back - and he's falling down on the job.

The long time GL fan in me wants to see Alex and Dinah scheme to take over Spaulding/Maximus from their power hungry brothers. We haven't had much action in the boardroom of late - and I think we are overdue. The Spauldings used to be major players in Springfield (as did the Bauers) but now they seem relegated to second string players.

Maybe the cause for my musings is all of my 24/7 Olympic viewing (where my hometown guy Michael Phelps has done very well). But I've been thinking of making some trades in Springfield - where - in a perfect world - we could actually fix the ills that seem to be plaguing the show. I'm going to focus on one or two characters a week that I'd like to get rid of or change, and suggest other characters that we could use who could spice things up.

This week I want to get rid of "Nice" Alan Spaulding. I make no secret of adoring Ron Raines, but TPTB have written this character as some teddy bear who "sees dead people" to borrow a quote from the "Sixth Sense". Yes, he loves his family in, well, his own way. Ask any of the Spaulding clan how his "love" has affected them. Not many of them are left in Springfield anymore to put up with him.

In the place of teddy bear Alan I want grizzly bear Alan - the slick, manipulative master of deception who turns Springfield on its ear. In the days of Diane Ballard and Roger Thorpe (I know I'm going back to the 70's and 80's so younger viewers might not recognize the references) Alan was a force of nature that people feared, hated, and loathed all over Springfield. Yes, he can have a soft side (like Roger did) but give the man back his backbone!!!!! Springfield needs a little spice, and Alan is just the guy to give it to us!!! Take back Spaulding and spice up Springfield for many years to come!!

Until next week...

Keep the Light Shining and Have a Great Week!

. . .

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