Katie and Brad scheme, and Luke is enraged

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Katie and Brad scheme, and Luke is enraged
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Lily is pursuing Mike in her attempt to let Holden go, but we all know that it will be short-lived. Meanwhile, their children continue to have their own issues, as Luke fights to be accepted.

As I watch this show, most times all five days at once, I find that I can't wait to watch the next episode. I ask myself what is it about Oakdale that keeps me coming back - it's the characters that I have watched day after day for years who keep me wanting to watch especially when certain characters are highlighted.

Paul Does It Again
Can Paul Ryan ever do the right thing without the schemes and manipulations? Why in the world would he borrow money from loan sharks? Just to show the inconsistency of the writers - he just paid Sofie a lot of money to get away. He was just recently acting like money was no object - why all of a sudden does he have no cash flow. What about Worldwide - couldn't he loan the project money from the company? This guy gets desperate to make Meg happy that he impulsively makes bonehead moves like this.

Meg is pregnant again - great news for them. Let's hope that she does carry the baby to term this time. How many children can Paul father and still be fatherless? Well, this is going to be a rocky pregnancy - this financial deal of Paul's and the return of her father in-law, James Stenbeck. Emma is not too keen on Paul already and she is afraid of what trouble Paul can bring her daughter; unfortunately, Paul is a magnet for trouble.

One more thing, I chuckle every time I realize that Meg's married name is: Meg Ryan. I like the way the show is downplaying it by always saying: Meg Snyder (pause) Ryan.

Parker and Liberty
I am going to start off with saying this and I know I have been really hard on this character - in this week of shows, I am really starting to like Janet. She brings this fresh, adult perspective to things concerning Parker and Liberty. She has been this voice of reason for all of the craziness surrounding Parker and Liberty. She knows how to say just the right thing at the right moment.

Why would Katie come up with this idea to let someone she barely knows: intern Leo get close to Liberty? This kid just started last week and as Janet said - no one knows this kid. Liberty is so honest that she openly divulged her sexual history to this other teenage guy so she was just ripe for the picking. Katie and Brad need to take a few steps back and listen to Liberty and Janet before going off on these immature or naïve parental tangents.

Back to Janet, she really seems to like Jack and Jack seems to like her which is only making him more attractive to Carly again. I like the exchanges between Carly and Janet especially when Janet asked if she was still interested in Jack because she doesn't "steal fruit from another girl's orchard." I actually laughed out loud a few times this week and that line one of the reasons. I think she and Carly could be friends - Carly is seeing that Janet is really a competent parent.

The Snyder Family
Lily is pursuing Mike in her attempt to let Holden go; we all know that this will be short-lived. She finally reigned in her anger by having an adult conversation with Holden after Paul asked her for money. I certainly hope they can be civil with each other for the sake of their children. She seems to want to move on and he wants to as well.

Their children continue to have their issues: Luke is fighting to be accepted. The guy that Lucinda got to run the foundation has upset Luke by wanting him to not be as open about his relationship with Noah for the sake of the foundation's business. Luke vocalized how hard it was for him to accept who he was himself and he definitely does not want to hide. I don't think that Brian was asking him to hide just accept that he can be who he is; it's just not necessary to flaunt it. I think that's what Noah was trying to tell Luke as well.

What do you think of this Brian guy? He seems to be taken with Lucinda. However, as much as he seems to be attracted to Lucinda; he changed a bit when he met Lily. I don't think that even Lucinda picked up on that. So what is this guy's true motivation when it comes to Lucinda - she is an extremely wealthy woman and Lily is more his contemporary as well also a very wealthy woman.

Aaron and Alison and Chris
Aaron admitted how much he wants Alison and Alison is still confused because she is drawn to Chris again. After all, Chris did save her life. I think she would be better of if she just started new to someone other than her two former fiancées.

In terms of Chris, it looks like he may not be around much longer; the actor playing Chris has been placed on recurring status. What is it with this show? The character of Chris Hughes is pivotal and he has been in major story lately. I was so surprised by this news. Dylan Bruce has grown so much as an actor in this role. I really thought that they had found an actor for this role who would be around for a while.

Dani Andropoulos Returns
She appears out of nowhere and boy is he a different character. Alison was right; she is one of those right in your face kind of characters. She came right into town and I know he has got to know who Chris Hughes is - Kim was her mother's stepmother. I think she should have known a lot of these characters - it hasn't been that long since she was previously in town. Wasn't she involved with Ryder Hughes, Chris' cousin when she was in town before? If I am wrong please correct me or am I confusing her with Hal's daughter, Nikki that was involved with Ryder but I think that was the time Dani was in town before.

Here are interesting comments from some readers:

Janice said, "ATWT seems so disjointed right now. Storylines are moving at rapid speed and characters are all over the place. There is almost a sense of desperation as the writers throw storylines at viewers endeavoring to see what sticks. Whatever happened to developing storylines ... building and connecting arcs to engage the characters in a cohesive and appropriate climax?

Danizav said, "I understand being cautious for some of the more conservative watchers but I think it's time for ATWT to let Luke and Noah move forward in a normal fashion, like any other relationship. If the conservative viewers can handle Parker and Liberty, they can handle Luke and Noah."

Alexandra said, "I feel nostalgic about Martha Byrne, but I think Noelle Beck is dynamite as Lily. She seems much stronger and much less whiney. She doesn't let Holden preach her and get away with his hypocrisy. "

Josie said, "I've watched the show since the eighties and I must say that Noelle Beck is fantastic as Lily. For the first time in years Lily is not portrayed as a pathetic basket case."

Finally, there's a man who is interested in Bonnie, the lawyer and he turns out to be someone on the opposite side of the law - too bad for her!

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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