Is anyone happy with the way Passions is ending?

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Is anyone happy with the way Passions is ending?
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Ethan chose to marry Gwen, and stood by her side for nine years. Theresa was always on the outside looking in. If Ethan truly loved Theresa, why was he rejecting her?

Passions is ending soon, and certain storylines are falling into place. Most fans are not happy because the show is not ending quite the way some expected it to end. Luis and Fancy were the first to get married; followed by Miguel and Kay, Noah and Paloma, and then Gwen and Ethan.

Most expected Luis to marry Sheridan; however, I never thought that Luis would marry Sheridan based on how the storyline, for both of them, played out. From the very beginning, the writer, James E. Reilly (JER) has proven that Luis and Sheridan would never be happy. They have had past lives, and in those past lives, there was always another man that was in love with Sheridan. Luis would never have had a moment's peace with Sheridan because the other man would have constantly interfered.

Tabitha, the 300 year old witch, who is not a witch anymore, placed a spell on Luis and Sheridan. Tabitha stated that Luis and Sheridan would never be happy together because that is how the dark side predicted the outcome. The dark side is all about madness and mayhem, and Luis and Sheridan's story was frustratingly filled with madness and mayhem. It had grown so frustrating that many fans stopped rooting for the couple. Even, I, who was a major Luis and Sheridan supporter, lost interest.

I believe most fans would have been happy had JER reversed the spell when Tabitha lost her powers, but that was not the case. The story ended the way it was intended to end, and most people cannot come to grips with that ending. Maybe it had something to do with Antonio, the man who was the conflict in Sheridan and Luis' past lives. He returned from the dead claiming to be Sheridan's soul mate, and most of the fans did not buy it. I did not buy it either because that is one part of the storyline that was not predicated. Antonio was always meant to be the obstacle, the one to always tear Luis and Sheridan apart. I think it would have made better sense if Antonio was Chris, but JER killed off Antonio and brought in another dull character, Chris. He married Sheridan simply because Alistair told him to keep Luis away from Sheridan. Chris eventually fell for Sheridan, and Sheridan gave up on Luis because she thought Luis had died. I think Antonio should have been the Chris Character. That would have made better sense to most fans. After all, Sheridan did fall for Antonio when she had lost her memory temporarily.

Kay and Miguel marrying is another storyline that many fans do not buy. Miguel was always in love with Charity, but Charity was a good witch. Charity was a threat to Tabitha because Tabitha was an evil witch. Charity and Miguel's storyline was another frustrating one. There was too much interference from Tabitha. Miguel and Charity loved each other, and they were the ones to wed and not Kay. Miguel never loved Kay. He only fell in love with Kay because Charity was not around. Kay tricked Miguel into bed, and she got pregnant. That was what came between Miguel and Charity. The baby bonded Miguel and kay. In addition, a few fans were disappointed that Miguel never discovered that Kay tricked him into bed. Miguel would never have slept with Kay because he was madly in love with Charity.

I believe that almost everyone was happy with Noah wedding Paloma. Most of the fans did not like Noah with Fancy, but there are some who would have loved it had Noah married Fancy. I could not get into Noah and Fancy. Their relationship did not click in my opinion.

The final couple to wed is Gwen and Ethan, but they may not make it to the altar. The one obstacle in Gwen and Ethan's relationship, Theresa, threatens to tear Gwen and Ethan apart. I never liked the way Ethan treated either woman. What amazes me is how JER wrote the triangle. Most fans believe that Theresa and Ethan were meant to be together, but the storyline was frustrating, and it was not indicative of a true love between Ethan and Theresa. Ethan chose to marry Gwen and stood by her side for nine years. Theresa was always on the outside looking in. If JER really wanted to demonstrate that Ethan loved Theresa, he would have had him divorce Gwen at some point and marry Theresa, but JER had Theresa chasing Ethan, and Ethan kept rejecting her. If Ethan truly loved Theresa, why was he rejecting her? That made no sense at all. I think JER wrote the ending to satisfy a certain fan base, the one who thinks that Ethan and Theresa were fated to be together.

Unfortunately, this is my last commentary since Passions will be going off the air on August 7, 2008. The storylines have been frustrating, but I hung in there expecting for things to change for the better; however, JER had his own plan. Many storylines were dropped, and the current ones were half baked. I remained loyal despite the poor writing. Many fans will miss this show because this was the only soap some of them watched.

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