Carly's alcoholism escalates

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Carly's alcoholism escalates
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Will Carly and Craig ever get married? Each time that they try to walk down the aisle, something happens to stop them. Does she really want to marry Craig, or does she just want to forget about Jack, and the fact that he is now with Janet?

I have to wait until Monday to see Friday's episode due to the preemption earlier in the week- things were really getting interesting in Oakdale. There were some loose ends - Carly's drinking, Paul being found out and maybe something more about Riley or Emily. The stories had some interesting turns this past week.

Carly and Craig
Will Carly and Craig ever get married? Each time that they try to walk down the aisle something happens to stop them. Does she really want to marry Craig or does she just want to forget Jack and the fact that he is now with Janet? She has convinced herself that she really wants to get do this.

With Rosanna added to this story gave it a new punch, she found out with little clues then she did pay dirt when she found bottle after bottle hidden all over Carly's house. To see all of those empty bottles gave such a picture of how much trouble Carly is in with this problem of hers. I can't praise Maura West and Cady McClain enough for their scenes this week after Rosanna discovered Carly's drinking - dramatic acting at its best.

Carly takes it to another level when she gets drunk, misses her wedding and then tries to seduce Holden. What was so realistic about that scene was that you could see Holden had to stop himself because the attraction is still there. She passes out from all the drinking and has to be hospitalized - a true sign that she is at a point where she desperately needs help. I am sure this is how Maura will leave for maternity leave as she will probably be going off to rehab.

Paul Gets Caught Again
This guy never learns and it is amazing that Meg could not have figured out that he was always right there as things got out of hand with Damian and Dusty. Paul is so obvious most times and those around him are written in ways that make them look stupid considering his has done the same thing time and time again.

Considering all of his schemes, he used to work at Worldwide and he knows how things operate there - did he not know there were cameras around to record his movements? I did like the way that Dusty and Damian decided to partner up once they realized that Paul has been behind all of the sabotage efforts.

Paul Ryan is such a moron and the fact that he does not grow after always being caught makes him all the more cartoonish.

Casey Wants Riley Exposed
Casey wants Adam to get in trouble for his lies. He knows he can't be the one to expose him so he enlists the help of former cohort Luke to assist him. Luke, of course, fails miserably when Riley gets the upper hand once again.

If I had a chance to talk to Riley, I would tell him to tell the truth and he will not get into any trouble in Oakdale - no one serves time for any time for crimes in this time. I know that Tom can be reasonable and he will love to have his son home; he is an officer of the court and he will do whatever is possible to help the son he raised.

Geneva Continues
Why can't these people not recognize that this is Henry dressed as a woman? Kim Hughes used one of the astute women in Oakdale so how could not have called this immediately as soon as she saw Geneva. This has gone on for weeks - give me a break. This is the kind of thing that drags down the quality of this once superstar in daytime drama.

I have a real hard time with each one of these supposed comedic plots for Henry and/or Vienna. Let's hope that when Lynn Herring arrives as Henry's mother that things turn around for this character.

Hunter and Emily and Alison
I know this can happen in real life though it was kind of gross to find out that Emily is Hunter's biological son and Alison's 100% biological brother. He has kissed both of them and they almost slept together. I think this could have been executed differently without the ick factor.

Noah and Luke
They are moving along nicely as a couple with the support of their parents. Damian has really come around about them as a couple - he has made realistic comments: once he got to know Noah as a person he saw he was good for his son. He also said that they love each other and it is so difficult to find real love in this life - he sees it is about love and not that its two men but two people who love ach other (period).

Finally, it has been announced that the show is getting one of the head writers from Guiding Light - is that one of the best ideas? Well he may be able to assist Ms. Passanante see things differently in terms of pacing of story which was not one of the issues with Guiding Light. The other thing is that Guiding Light used their veterans better than it's being done on ATWT. I just hope this is not the final nail in the coffin for Oakdale as the show is on thin ice right now. Why didn't they just promote one of ATWTs longtime writers like Susan Dansby and add an experienced writer like Mr. Kreizman from Guiding Light to assist her? This would give the show a new perspective while giving the current burnt-out head writer a rest.

That's all I have for now.
Reggie Jackson

Reggie Jackson
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