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Jack is trying to right a wrong, and we all know that he can't. Killing his brother was a tragic accident that he will have to live with, but his need to do something to help Katie makes perfect sense.

Jack Snyder doesn't need a compass, Carly. Some gas money, maybe, as he travels all over the Eastern Time Zone, but he doesn't seem to have any problem finding his destinations. Jack's journey is proving to be one of the best storylines his character has had in a very long time. I think by the end of it, Jack, as most literary characters that go on long journeys do, will have gained new insights about himself and the people around him.

Jack is trying to right a wrong, and we all know he can't. Killing his brother was a tragic accident that he will have to live with, but I understand his need to try to do something -- anything --to help Katie. Why Jack thinks bringing back her ex-husbands, one of whom is still thriving as a thief, will do any good is what has me baffled. Jack hates Simon, so I guess Jack is more desperate than I realized.

I'm not sure what to rave about first in Jack's journey. The location shots have been fun and different. But it's the parade of familiar faces that really makes me giddy. From Ben to Molly to Mike and Simon, Jack's journey has played like a walk through the Oakdale history book. I'm hoping he runs into Dr. John Dixon next. (Wishful thinking, I know!) Jack is helping his old pals along the way, which has made for some enjoyable adventures. I'm so excited that he's bringing Molly home, and it looks like that sexy scoundrel, Simon, may be headed to Oakdale, too.

Perhaps the best part of all this drama is Jack's struggle to deal with his guilt. It permeates his every move and makes for some must-see TV. Bravo to Michael Park for giving such fantastic performances day after day. Jack is no Odysseus and Oakdale is no Ithaca, so I'm guessing it's only going to take Jack a few days to make it home, and he probably isn't going to encounter a Cyclops. But I've still immensely enjoyed the journey of one of Oakdale's epic heroes.

• Welcome home Molly! It's nice to see that Molly hasn't changed one bit, and that she's out of her clothes more than she's in them. She and Holden shared only a few scenes, but wow did they have chemistry. More please!

• It's been a long time since I rushed home to watch As the World Turns, but this ghost storyline has me eager to turn on the tube as soon as I hit the door. It's so good, I feel like a kid at Christmas every time Brad pops up in a scene. The psychic scene had me rolling, as Brad spooked him into leaving. Brad and Henry have always been comedic gold, and Brad in the afterlife is no exception. Plus, the show is incorporating Margo, too, and it looks like she is starting to believe Henry. Trent Dawson, Terri Colombino, and Austin Peck are outdoing themselves in every scene. Bravo. My only complaint is that they weren't showcased every day last week.

• I hope you had the Kleenex handy when Liberty read her college essay. (Gulp.) For the first time, I realized that this character is still a kid, even though she acts like an adult most of the time. Her emotional words broke my heart. I hope Libby has some happy days ahead.

• Meg Snyder the villain? Well, it's been years since we've seen this side of Meg, and she's creeping me out a little. But, I have to say, this version of Meg is still better than wimpy, whiny, doormat Meg. Maybe Damian has met his match in this new/old schemer.

• Who knew that all it would take to kill Dusty was a little fennel? I'm kidding. I just want this guy to have something to do. Now that he's no longer fighting for Johnny, he doesn't seem to fit well in any storylines. He needs some family, a job, something that will have him doing more than flirting with a chef.

• Many of you have expressed your amazement at how fast Oakdale characters can get from point A to point B, e.g., Oakdale to Philadelphia, in mere minutes. As I've written to many of you, I think the Oakdale citizens have George Jetson hovercrafts stored in their garages. But seriously, Scoopers, I've quit letting little things like this bother me when there are bigger storyline issues to conquer. (The mess that is Ali, Hunter, Casey, and Maddie comes to mind.)

• It hurts me to keep picking on Ali's stories every week, but another minute wasted on her, Hunter, Maddie, and Casey is a minute I fast-forward. I used to love Ali, but lately she has redefined boring. The Hunter character isn't working, either, in my opinion. I'm actually longing for the days of Chris Hughes.

• Did I imagine it, or was there a little something--something between Dusty and Janet? Jack, you'd better not stay away much longer. It gets lonely at the farm. Just ask poor Holden, whose wife married another man while he was gone only a short time.

• If you thought Oakdale citizens travel quickly, then you'll be truly shocked to see how quickly they can cut the red tape and get an adoption legalized. It was barely a day, and Damian and Lily had paperwork to adopt Noah. Brad and Angelina, take note.

• Noah's insurance storyline and his boyfriend's lack of say in his medical care have been interesting. This plot is showcasing gay rights and the current hot-button health insurance issue all in one swoop.

• Join me in saying good riddance to Professor Mason. He turned out to be a real creep. I hope he and his scarf hit the road soon.

• I'm still not sure about Mick Dante. His nose is bleeding, and he's rubbing cream on Barbara's face, all while promising Emily and Paul that he's tapped into the fountain of youth. I find it strange that Barbara suddenly changed her mind about Mick, after he put the cream on her face. Could that cream have the ability of mind control? The fact that Paul and Emily are jumping on this bandwagon so easily is insane and out of character. Paul is always a cynic. I'm not thrilled to have any more new characters on my screen, either. We've already got more than enough people stealing screen time from my favorites: Katie, Brad, Jack, Carly, Craig, Henry, Barbara, Holden, etc. So, no offense to Mick fans, but unless his magic berry cocktail has the ability to raise Brad from the grave, I'm not interested.

• I previously mentioned that I'm rushing home to watch the show these days. But several days, I was sorely disappointed that the characters I rushed home to see weren't on that day. ATWT show honchos, I'm not trying to tell you how to run your show, but as a fan, I know what I like. We all know there are lead stories and secondary stories. Some days it feels like all you are showing are secondary stories. In other words, please make sure that at least one of the following is on each day: Jack, Carly, Katie, Brad, Henry, Craig, or Rosanna.

• Craig and Carly still have off-the-charts chemistry. Their scenes this week proved it. In other words, Rosanna, I wouldn't book the wedding chapel yet.

• Thanks, Scoopers, for all your letters the past few weeks. My mailbox has been burning up. There were so many great ones that I've shared quite a few this week. Take a peek and see what other fans have to say about the show.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Craig finds Carly in a bar, but she tells him she isn't drinking and asks the bartender to back up her story.)
Bartender: "Beautiful women never lie."
Craig: "In what universe?"

(Emily tries to convince Barbara to go along with the investment in Mick's magic elixir, but Barbara suspects James may be involved again.)
Barbara to Emily: "Have you picked up a stray microchip or something, because your brain is not functioning anymore?"

(Casey scolds Maddie for spending too much time on the Internet.)
Casey: "I like to escape, too, just not in front of a computer screen."
Maddie: "Says the former online gambler."

Reader Spotlight:
(From Two Scoops reader, Kim.)
I don't care if they have to use some dark magic rite to bring back Brad. I'll suspend my belief and go with it, if it means Austin Peck stays!

(From Two Scoops reader, Rainna.)
I don't normally leave feedback, but I don't understand why people don't understand why Brad was killed? He was killed instead of some of the other annoying characters, like Meg and Dusty, because ATWT wanted Brad to be mourned. They wanted to bring on the drama, and they couldn't have Katie get divorced for a fifth time. I don't think this was a mistake. Brad was a really sweet character, but he wasn't on THAT long, and he wasn't completely essential to Oakdale. I will miss him, but I understand that they had to kill him, and the drama it has provoked has been incredible.

(From Two Scoops reader, Jamie.)
You are right about Brad, I will miss him right along with everyone else, but no way will I quit watching my soap. I will keep watching until I join Brad in the hereafter, or until they cancel the show, whichever comes first! I've loved and hated this show but never, ever stopped watching. When Carly and Jack broke up, that broke my heart, and I still want them back together. They are the best, most sexy, most everything couple ever. I've been watching since Bob and Kim got married.

(From Two Scoops reader, Betsy.)
I'm not a geography major, but without a magic broom or being teleported, how did Carly get from Oakdale to Philly in less time than it took Jack to whine to Ben Franklin? Oakdale is supposedly somewhere "near" Chicago (as they are always a hop-skip-and-a-jump from there). Philly isn't even CLOSE. That totally threw off those scenes.

(From Two Scoops reader, Miranda.)
After reading all the comments about Brad's death, I just have to say this. Why do some people just stop watching ATWT over one character leaving? I've been watching ATWT from The Netherlands since 1995. My favorite characters have always been Carly, Rosanna and Molly. Molly has been gone for five years now, but she'll return soon. Rosanna comes and goes. She will leave again sadly. Maura West (Carly) has been on maternity leave many times already. But I never stopped watching when those characters left. Are some people actually watching a soap for one character only? I enjoy almost every storyline, and I always want to know what comes next. The story with Paul and Emily looks very promising! And although we don't see a lot of Hunter, he still grows on me. He's funny, just like Barbara and Henry. And I love what Meg is doing to Damian. (There are) more than enough reasons to watch, or so I think. Losing Brad is not a reason to entirely stop watching this great soap. Greets from Holland.

(From Two Scoops reader, Valerie.)
I am a great fan of ATWT. But this bringing on a character and a few weeks later they're out of here, is getting OLD. Maeve is a great example. Her character could have grown into a great storyline. Now Mike for two days, and Rosanna for a few months. The writers need to review the history of this show, build on the great character base they have, and incorporate fresh storyline. I don't want ATWT cancelled! Take some lessons from the writing team of The Young and the Restless.

That's all for now, Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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