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Lock up your daughters, Oakdale citizens. Simon is back in town. Of course, he has his hands full at the moment, dealing with an irate ghost, consoling a grieving ex-wife, and dodging the cops.

Lock up your daughters, Oakdale citizens. Simon Frasier is back in town. Of course, he has his hands full at the moment, dealing with an irate ghost, consoling a grieving ex-wife, and dodging the cops. So perhaps this time around, Simon won't be pursuing anything other than a Ghostbuster. And that's fine with me. Bring on the proton guns.

Watching Brad haunt Simon to get him out of Katie's house was hilarious. Brad's frustration and anger grew to the point where he was able to drop a wrench on Simon's head, slam a door, set off the alarm, and throw a book. Those shenanigans, and Simon, Katie, and Henry's reactions to them, were the highlight of the week. Brad has me laughing more than usual lately, with his constant ghostly digs at Simon, calling him a walking dingo with a phony accent. And when Simon dared to touch Brad's tools to disassemble the stove, Brad's outrage was such that you would have thought Satan himself had entered Katie's house. Bravo!

This umbrella story has so many beautiful, funny, and tragic beats that I want to see it every day. Please, writers, I'm begging here. It's been so long since I raced home to watch As the World Turns, but you've got me hooked with this ghost story. It's working for me on every level. I think the reason it's working is that I have enjoyed Katie's storylines with all three of her leading men currently featured in this haunting tale. She and Simon still have that "it" factor that makes them sparkle in any scene together, and no one can deny that Henry and Katie have always clicked, so much so that they even once crossed the friendship line to become lovers and spouses. And Brad and Katie always made me smile. What could be better than Katie sharing the screen with all three of these pros? (Yeah, yeah, I know, Brad could be ALIVE.) No matter how upset we are that Brad is no longer of this world, we shouldn't let that prevent us from enjoying this entertaining storyline. It's one of the best we've had in years. Someone cue the "Ghostbusters" music.

• Rosanna gets the poor-taste-of-the-week award. Asking your sister to help you pick out a wedding dress, when you stole her fiancÚ, is just tacky.

• Damian is more devious than I ever imagined. Setting Meg up to make everyone think she's a stalker and crazy is brilliant. I wish I'd thought of it. (Just kidding.) But I don't think this is going to end well. I don't think Damian realizes just how mad or extreme Meg really is. Watch your back, Damian, when Meg finally realizes the game.

• Kudos to the writers for showing us some follow-up to Carly's alcoholism storyline. Hearing her confessions at the AA meeting helped add some realism.

• The clues are dropping left and right about Mick Dante. He may be a victim of his own magical "serum," that is causing him nosebleeds and headaches. He seems to know people in town whom he's never met, like Henry Coleman. He seems to somehow have known Barbara when she was younger. I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to think this guy is James Stenbeck's pawn, or as a couple Two Scoops readers suggested, James Stenbeck himself, minus about 30 years. (Hey, this is the show that rapidly aged three woman years ago at the "spa;" nothing is out of the realm of possibility.) For some other interesting speculation about Mick, check out this week's Reader Spotlight section.

• I love newly single good-time Holden. He always seems so serious when he's around Lily that this fun side rarely emerges. I couldn't help but chuckle when Lily phoned him during his date with Molly, and he simply said, "I'm out!" You go Holden!

• Now that Metro has a new owner, I would love to see Dusty actually do something with the place. By something, I mean host some evenings that can get the entire town there to interact. Those of you that watch General Hospital know that Jake's Karaoke Night has become great fun, as all the townsfolk get together to blow off some steam, flirt with one another, and gossip across the room about one another. These group storylines are one area that As the World Turns can't seem to master, even at a funeral or wedding. Getting the characters together is a fan favorite device and makes for some great television. Isolating characters with only two or three scene partners each week equals boring.

• Poor Barbara Ryan needs a date. It pained me to see this beautiful woman throwing herself at Henry. Mick is right. She shouldn't have to troll for a man's attention. We need someone on the canvas who is worthy of Barbara's affection and scheming. I just don't have a clue who that would be.

• Janet haters were probably celebrating this week, as Jack moved out of the farm and ended up back at Carly's house. I've always liked Janet, until recently, so I'm interested to see where this story takes us. Some of you are clamoring for a Carly/Jack reunion, and it does look like that's where things are heading, but I hope it doesn't come at the expense of Janet falling off our screens.

• Have Barbara and Emily lost their minds? These are two smart women, yet they seem to have lost all common sense when it comes to Mick Dante and his miracle drug. Emily is suddenly desperate to have a baby, despite the fact that Paul has a new baby and that Emily has other offspring already that she never bothers to parent. And Barbara is so desperate to feel attractive and young, that Henry's rejection sent her clamoring for Mick's magical ju-ju juice. Ladies, get it together! Emily, of all people, should be cautious about serums and injections and miracle drugs, considering she was at the rapid-aging spa years ago.

• Craig needs to make some friends. It was kind of sad when he realized that he had no friends to invite to his wedding. So what do you think, Scoopers, is there anyone in town we can friend match with Craig? Dusty? No. Jack? No. Holden. No. Well, OK. Maybe we'd better give him a female friend instead. Janet seems like the most likely choice. Sold.

• Craig is obviously confused about his feelings for Carly and Rosanna. Torn between those two sisters is a tough place to be. Just ask Mike.

• I thought the Noah and Luke tragedy would bring them together or somehow ignite a better storyline (no pun intended.) But Noah's burns and subsequent exit to a facility to deal with his injuries did just the opposite. We can't watch Noah through this struggle, if he's doing it off-screen. Can someone on the writing staff please figure out how to write for this couple? If not, I'd rather see them single again. At least that might be interesting.

• Don't hate me, but I would love to see some scenes between Holden and Carly, now that they're both single. They were so good together during their affair, but Holden was racked with guilt because of his marriage to Lily. He's having so much fun with Molly now. I think he and Carly might have some fun scenes together, too. I'm not saying the scenes have to be romantic.

• Call me shallow; I don't mind. Watching Simon wake up shirtless on Katie's sofa, wrapped in a blanket was one of the highlights of the week. I don't know which I missed more -- his accent , his smirk, or those pecs. Ah, good times.

Best Lines of the Week:
(Henry makes a list comparing Ghost Brad to alive-and-kicking Simon.)
Henry: "Travels well. (pauses) So does Simon."

(Craig has a run in with Jack at Carly's house, where Craig went to ask Carly to attend his wedding. Rosanna asks why Craig went there in the first place.)
Craig: "Because I know how important it is to you to have her there, but Robocop was on patrol, so I didn't get a word in edgewise."

(Ghost Brad pops up on a bar stool next to Henry, after Brad finds out about Simon's return to Oakdale.)
Brad: "I was just thinking how much I wish you could join me on the other side."
Henry: "Well, I'm flattered that you want to spend the rest of eternity in my presence."
Brad: "Don't be, because what I'm really trying to say is that I would like to KILL YOU. How could you not tell me that Simon Frasier is back and hiding out in my house?"
(Later) Brad: "You need to tell Katie to send him packing."
Henry: "I can't."
Brad: "Why not?"
Henry: "Oh, Lord, sing it with me people. Restraining order!"

That's all for now Scoopers! See ya next time.
Jennifer Biller

Jennifer Biller
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