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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 30, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, November 30, 2009

In the Lakeview lobby, Damian dissuaded a chipper Lily from accompanying him to his room by saying that he'd stowed her Christmas presents in it. She grinned, saying she'd wondered why he'd kept the room. They parted ways, and Lily spotted Lucinda in the lounge.

Lily asked why Lucinda hadn't attended Thanksgiving, and Lucinda replied that she wouldn't count her blessings while Lily was making a big mistake with Damian. Lily explained that Holden wanted custody of the kids, because he felt that Damian was a bad influence. Lily asked Lucinda to support her daughter, and Lucinda said that she did, most of the time.

When Damian arrived in his room, he kissed Meg, but she was uninterested in a "quick tumble" before he returned to Lily. Damian said that his marriage was just temporary, while he helped care for Noah. Meg threatened to tell Lily about their affair, but Damian promised that they'd be together on Christmas. As they kissed, Meg grew doubtful, citing Damian's connection to Lily. Damian claimed that making love to Meg had opened his eyes, and he promised that they'd be together on Christmas Eve. As Meg hugged Damian, he glanced at his watch.

At home, Luke assisted Noah in walking through the living room. Noah refused help, and crashed into the coffee table. Angry, Noah smashed a dish on the table with his cane. Luke tried to help Noah up, but Noah flailed, ordering Luke to go away. A frustrated Luke said Noah could go wherever the hell he wanted to, after Luke cleaned up the glass.

Luke wished that Noah could forgive Luke and find a way past the problems. Noah felt that his blindness was insurmountable, and he didn't want to feel obligated to the Grimaldis. Luke said that he needed to help Noah get better. Since Noah felt that Luke had caused the accident in the first place, he resented the fact that Luke was mandating how Noah's rehab and recovery were to take place. Luke replied that he wanted Noah to get better in whatever way possible, even if it meant getting outside help.

Noah said that if Luke wanted to help, then he could retrieve the laptop. Luke gave Noah the device, and was disappointed when Noah put on his headphones. When Lily arrived home, Luke said that his boyfriend was at a private concert, but Luke wasn't invited. He asked Lily to watch Noah, because there was something that he needed to do.

At the Lakeview, Luke talked to Damian about Noah. Luke felt that Noah couldn't recuperate as long as he distrusted those around him. Damian asked if Luke wanted to send Noah away. Luke really didn't want to; but for Noah's sake, Luke felt that he had to.

After Luke left, Lily touched Noah's shoulder. He snapped at her, but apologized when he realized that she wasn't Luke. Noah wanted to go out, and Lily offered to take him for a walk. Noah brooded about Luke being unreasonably jealous of Mason. Lily said that Luke and Damian loved impetuously, but she and Noah were nonetheless lucky to be loved by them.

Lily took Noah to the lake, and Luke arrived. She left the two alone, and Noah got angry that Lily had set him up to be alone with Luke. Luke felt that they needed to talk, and Noah expressed that he couldn't get Luke's jealousy out of his mind. Noah said that everything had literally blown up in his face, and he'd lost his life. Noah stated that the worst part was losing the life that he'd shared with Luke. Luke said that they had to split up.

Luke told Noah about a superb rehab facility in Lake Forest, and Noah asked when he'd leave. Luke said that Noah could go that day, and promised to think of him every moment that they were apart. Luke went to kiss Noah on the cheek, but Noah allowed Luke to kiss his lips.

Lily and Damian arrived at the house at the same time. Damian remarked that he was looking into a Lake Forest rehabilitation center for Noah at Luke's request. Damian said that Luke was willing to make a tough decision, because loving someone sometimes meant letting go. "Words to live by," Meg said, entering the room from upstairs.

Meg claimed that no one had been home when she'd arrived to drop off an electric cane prototype for Noah, so she'd let herself in. Lily said that Noah wouldn't be staying there long, because he'd go away for therapy. Lily decided to leave to check into the facility more, and Meg stayed behind with Damian, claiming that she needed to retrieve the cane.

Meg told Damian that if Noah were leaving, then Damian and she could be together before the holiday. Damian replied that he still needed to be careful. Meg went upstairs, and Damian followed her to Lily's bedroom. He said Meg was lost, but she claimed to be in the right place. She unbuttoned his shirt, telling him to think of it as a test. Damian promised that she could test him all she wanted at his hotel room, but Meg tossed off her shirt, saying she wanted him right there. Just then, Lily entered the room, shocked to see Meg in just a bra.

At the diner, Henry ate a turkey dinner. A waitress watched Henry talk to an invisible person. Her eyes bulged when Henry's plate slid across the table, and Henry snatched it back.

At the table, Henry said he was sorry if Brad didn't have an appetite, but Henry was starving. Brad said things had gone well with Katie, who'd actually seen his reflection; however, he felt he'd lost his "mojo" because he couldn't find a way back into Katie's house. Brad figured that Katie's negative attitude was keeping him from reentering the house. Brad ordered Henry to encourage Katie to believe her own eyes.

At Katie's place, Katie thought she'd hallucinated both Brad and Simon. Simon assured her that he was really there. She said they'd broken ties when she'd incriminated him to the police. He replied that, despite all that, he'd returned to town just for her. Katie assumed that he was a wanted man, and he joked that he was always on someone's list. He rendered his condolences, and asked what he could do. Kate told him that he could leave.

Simon wondered if she had any food. He claimed to crave her homemade soup, and Katie told him to "dial down" the charm. Simon noted that she'd expected to see Brad, and wondered what the chances were of her having a lover with the same name as her late husband.

Someone knocked on the door, and Katie asked if Simon had heard it. He said he had, and she decided that it couldn't be Brad. "How could it be Brad?" Simon asked. Katie surmised that it was the police, and Simon bid Katie to answer the door, if she truly wanted to get rid of him. "I knew you still cared," he said as she hustled him into the bedroom.

Katie answered the door, and tried to get rid of Henry, who carried Thanksgiving leftovers. He said she could call the SWAT team if she wanted, but he insisted upon getting through to her. Simon appeared, warning Henry to be careful with his words.

As Henry reeled from the shock of seeing Simon, Jacob started crying. Katie left to check on him, and Henry caught Simon up to speed on what Katie and Brad had gone through to have a baby. Henry concluded that Katie had lost her husband just as she'd finally gotten her son. Simon said Katie was the only person on the earth that he cared for. He'd thought he could help, but he realized that he'd just get in the way.

As Simon turned to leave, Henry decided that Simon actually could help. Henry figured that since Simon was a fresh face, he wouldn't remind Katie of Brad's death. Henry suggested that Simon show her that life was worth living. Simon questioned why Henry couldn't do that, and Henry explained that he'd set in motion the events that had gotten Brad shot. Henry stated that he was pressing his luck against a restraining order, and insisted that Simon help Katie.

When Henry went home, Brad anxiously asked what was blocking him from entering Katie's house. Brad worried that she was alone, but Henry replied that she wasn't. Brad asked who was there. Henry responded that Katie had Brad, and all Brad had to do was to be persistent to get Katie to see it. Later, Henry comprised a list of pros and cons for Simon and Brad.

In Katie's bedroom, Katie asked Jacob if he'd sensed Brad's spirit. She didn't know if she'd really seen Brad in the window. Simon entered, citing that it was the second time she'd spoken of seeing Brad. Katie refused to discuss it with Simon. He looked into the crib, saying that he envied Brad, who'd given Katie something that Simon never had.

Simon held Jacob, saying that Katie was meant to be a mother. Simon said it was the reason that he hadn't taken her on the road with him. Katie retorted that Simon liked flying solo. Simon said he'd felt that way until he'd met her; however, he knew that she deserved a better life. Katie took Jacob away, insisting that she wasn't buying Simon's lines.

Katie said that she'd gotten over Simon, and married someone who prized her more than diamonds and paintings. Simon claimed that he'd loved Katie above anything. Katie said that she'd found a happy life, in which she didn't wonder where in the hell Simon was; however, Brad was dead, and she didn't know anything anymore. She sobbed, and Simon hugged her.

Katie pushed him away, insisting that he was just hitting on her. Simon said he was trying to be a friend. Katie threatened to call the police, but Simon refused to walk away from her. Katie sobbed that she was failing her son and falling apart. "I need-" Katie choked out. Simon pulled her into his arms. Just then, Brad appeared in the doorway to see the pair hugging.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Mick arrived at Fairwinds for an appointment with Paul for help in filling out the FDA application for his new elixir. Emily spoke to Mick first, and she asked if he really thought that his product could enhance a woman's fertility. He repeated that in the African test village, the serum had helped older women deliver healthy babies. Emily asked if Mick would begin a course of treatment on her right away, and Mick said all he needed was her informed consent. Paul walked in at that moment and went ballistic.

Paul cautioned Mick that he would not allow Mick to use his family as "human sacrifices." He also warned Emily that she was "not doing it." Paul told Mick to leave the house immediately, and Emily apologized for not helping with the application process. After Mick left, Paul said that he would not allow Emily to risk her life. They argued about the safety of the experimental drug, and then the nanny carried in Eliza. The baby wanted her daddy, so Emily chose that time to "run some errands" of her own.

Henry lurked around the hall of the Lakeview trying to make contact with Brad. Instead of Brad, however, he bumped into Barbara Ryan, who teased Henry about talking to "an imaginary friend." She pulled him into her room over Henry's protests, and she poured him a triple scotch. Barbara sat next to Henry on the couch and began massaging his neck and arms. She asked him what he was doing to relieve "all the tension" he was carrying around, but a knock on the door interrupted her ministrations.

The caller was Mick Dante, who called Henry by name. Barbara tried to send Mick on his way, but Henry used the break to make his getaway from his favorite cougar. Barbara let in Mick, and he said that he was ready to begin her clinical trial right away. Barbara was hesitant, and she argued with him about his apparent familiarity with her lifestyle. Mick mentioned the chance she had taken when she wed James Stenbeck, and Barbara uttered, "Wait a damn minute!"

Barbara asked Mick how he knew anything about her long-ago marriage to Stenbeck, but the man just smiled. Finally Mick admitted that he had done his "homework." Barbara wanted to know if he had "vetted" her personal life, as well as her medical history. She was angry and dismissed him, even opening the door for him to leave. Mick packed up his equipment and walked out, but once in the hall, he appeared to suffer a splitting headache.

At the Snyder farm, Holden talked with Molly, who had recently returned from California and a visit with Abigail. Molly said that Abigail had canceled Thanksgiving dinner at a friend's house at the last minute because of all the gossip surrounding Molly's departure from New York. Holden declared that the pity party was over, and he was taking Molly out.

The two of them went to the Lakeview Lounge where Molly made an absolute fool of herself by reading the riot act to a man who approached their table. Molly assumed the man wanted to talk about her scandal with the Congressman, but the fellow only wanted to ask Holden some questions about horses.

In her bedroom, Lily walked in on a bare-chested Damian and Meg in only a bra. Lily declared that "interesting," as Damian offered to explain. Meg chimed in that it was better if things were "out in the open." Damian scolded Meg for her "embarrassing behavior" and denied any involvement. Meg appeared very hurt, as Damian forcefully took her by the arm and escorted her downstairs.

In the living room, Meg shouted at Damian and asked how he could treat her so badly, but an enraged Damian whispered to her to meet him at the Lakeview and wait for him there. Lily entered the room, so Damian opened the door and shouted at Meg to get out immediately. Meg departed, as Lily asked Damian if he had told Meg that he would go back with her. Damian denied that, so Lily threatened to "pull the hair out of Meg's head, strand by strand." Damian said he would settle it once and for all, and he walked out.

Damian entered his room at the Lakeview and found a very angry Meg waiting for him. She was upset at how Damian had humiliated her in front of Lily. Damian lied and told Meg that he had to make his breakup with Lily look as if it was her idea, so that he did not risk his relationship with Luke. Meg wasn't buying Damian's plan until he surprised her by inviting her to move into his hotel with him right away. He said he would keep her there in order to prove himself to her. Meg was reassured, and they went to bed together, but Damian was distracted. He left as soon as he could after they had sex.

A confused Lily wandered through her bedroom as she tried to figure out what was going on with Damian and Meg. She called Holden, who was sitting in the Lakeview lounge with Molly. Molly had to convince Holden to take the call, by reminding him that it could be about the children. Lily asked Holden to go home immediately because they had a big problem. Holden dropped Molly at the farm and then hurried home.

When Holden arrived, Lily said that the crisis was about Meg. She was afraid that Holden's sister was delusional and should not be taking care of an infant. She explained how Meg had sneaked into the house and surprised Damian. At that moment, Damian himself appeared in the doorway, and that made Holden even angrier. He accused Lily of overreacting to Meg, who was merely a fly buzzing around Lily's head.

Holden warned that they had to get their custody agreement ironed out very soon, so they would not have to have direct contact with one another any longer. Holden stormed out, and Damian was shocked that Lily had called him. Damian swore that he had done everything he could to dissuade Meg's amorous advances. Lily was very angry, and Damian warned her that they needed to be wary of Meg.

Holden went back to the farm, where he told Molly that the "emergency" had been bogus. It was not about the kids but dealt with keeping Meg away from Damian. Just then Meg walked in and went upstairs. Molly offered to step in and talk with Meg.

Hunter found Alison taking a break from her nursing shift at the hospital, and he asked her if she would write a relationship blog for the Intruder website. He said she would be perfect because she had "had tons of relationships." Hunter realized how tactless that comment was, so he just walked out. Alison gave up on her snack and was about to leave the break room when she heard giggling and spotted Maddie and Casey cuddling in the hall.

Maddie left the hospital and went to Java, where she spied Hunter sitting at the counter. He asked Maddie if she was interested in writing the blog, but then he admitted that he had really approached her to get Maddie to help convince Alison to do it. That did not sit well with Maddie. She began to chew out Hunter when Henry walked into the coffee shop.

Maddie asked Henry to "save" her from Hunter, but her brother mistakenly thought that the two of them were getting along so well in their cyber world that they might have hooked up in real life. Maddie explained that their avatars had connected in the computer game, but in real life, it was a different story. Then she told Henry that she and Casey were together again.

Alison saw Casey in the hospital corridor, and he told her that he was back on staff at Memorial. He had a new job as an orderly, however, on the same floor where Alison worked. Alison was upset that she and her ex-boyfriend would be working in such close proximity, and they parted with unfriendly words. A few minutes later, however, Alison was trying to convince a young boy to take his medications, but the child refused. Casey watched Alison struggle with the youngster, and then Casey dashed in the room, grabbed the pills from Alison, and pretended to swallow them.

Casey then went into a paroxysm of choking and weird noises, until finally one huge spasm finished him off. Alison and her patient were laughing so hard that the boy forgot to protest taking the pills. Casey left chucking, as Emily saw Alison exiting the room. Alison asked her sister why she was there, and Emily replied that she was having "some tests." She assured Alison that she was fine; she was only there to have the fertility tests run again. Alison tried to tell Emily that the results would be no different from the last time, but Emily said that she had new hope. The hope involved Mick Dante's project, but Alison urged her sister to be careful.

Emily went back to Fairwinds and told Paul that she needed to go out of town "on assignment" for a couple of days. Paul apologized for their previous argument, and he took Eliza to her crib. Emily immediately called Mick Dante's number and left him a message about starting the fertility treatments as soon as possible.

Casey took his afternoon break at Java and saw Maddie typing away on her laptop. She told him that she was auditioning for a writing job that dealt with relationships. They kissed until Casey had to go back to the hospital, and then Maddie went to the Intruder office. She gave her pitch to Hunter by quoting what she had written, but Hunter misinterpreted it as a statement as to how Maddie felt about him. Maddie called him a "dork," and she explained that it was simply her audition piece for the job.

Barbara called on Henry in his room, and she invited him to dinner. Henry refused, telling her that she was beautiful and desirable, but she was his brother's mother! Barbara cried, "The Mommy syndrome," and she backed off fast.

Alison went looking for Mick, and she found him in the Lakeview lounge. He appeared woozy, and he said he had a splitting headache. Alison said she was worried about Emily's desire to have another child, and she asked Mick to promise her that he would not use Paul and Emily and then hurt them. Mick took a call from Barbara, and she asked him to stop by her suite, so Mick dismissed Alison and went to the elevator.

Mick went to Barbara's suite and found her willing to begin the injections to restore her youth. As he prepared the syringe, he told Barbara that when she was Henry Coleman's age, she would never have given Henry a second look. That bothered Barbara, who told Mick that it sounded as if Mick had been there at the time. Mick filled the syringe and asked Barbara if she was ready.

Casey and Alison met by chance in the hospital hall, and she thanked him for his help with the recalcitrant patient. They were pleasant with one another, and each appeared to have more to say, but neither ventured it.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

At the farm, Jack awoke but told Janet that he did not want any breakfast. He said he had "errands" to do, but asking Margo for his police job back was not on his list. Janet had the day off from the diner, but she went downstairs where Liberty was eating cereal at the kitchen table. Liberty admitted that she was "a little freaked out" by the fact that the "guy" who killed her dad was sleeping down the hall from her. Jack walked in and grabbed his coat before walking out. He said he would get some coffee at Java.

Janet wanted Liberty to stay with her for the day, but the girl said she had a community service project due at school soon. She also told Janet that she just couldn't forget that Jack was there in the house, but her father wasn't.

Katie awoke and found Simon sleeping on her couch. She woke him and told him he had to leave right away because she could not take a chance of being arrested for harboring a criminal. She reminded Simon that Margo had eagle eyes, and she would catch on if someone were staying at Katie's house. Simon protested, but Katie was adamant. She went to get dressed, and she was surprised to find Simon making coffee when she returned.

Simon said he had to stay because he wanted to help Katie. The doorbell rang, and Katie peeked outside and saw Jack. She sent Simon into the guest room and answered the door. She invited Jack in, and he asked to see the baby. Katie went to see if he was awake, as Jack looked around the living room. He spied a man's wallet on the coffee table, and when he looked inside, he found identification for a "Bartley Simington, dealer in Fine Art."

Jack knew instantly that Simon was there, so he called out to him. Simon appeared and began talking to Jack, and Katie realized that Jack had been meddling in her life. She accused him of visiting her ex-husbands to find "a replacement for Brad." Jack defended his intentions, but Katie was furious. She told Jack to go solve his own problems, so Jack took off. Simon refused to go, and as he pitched his case, an angry Brad appeared.

Brad shouted to Simon to get out, and in desperation, he threw open the front door, which greatly startled Simon. Katie, however, got a smile on her face and announced that the open door was a "message." Brad tried to grab Simon's arm, but he couldn't make physical contact. Baby Jacob began to wail, so Katie went to put a bottle on the stove for him, but the stove would not light. Simon asked for Brad's tools and offered to fix the stove, while Katie ran to get Jacob.

Brad was infuriated that Simon was manhandling his tools. Katie asked Simon if he thought she was "nuts" for "talking to a dead man," but Simon said no. He fixed the stove over Brad's loud threats, but he left a large wrench on the stovetop while he continued to poke around down below. Brad yelled "Get out!" and picked up the heavy wrench and dropped it on Simon's head.

Jack went to the diner and saw Janet working. He went in and asked why she was there on her day off. Janet replied that she had nothing better to do, so she had gone to work. Jack mumbled that he still had to "fix it" with Katie. Janet said she understood that, but she didn't get why Jack had no interest in fixing their marriage. She complained that Jack had been back for a couple of days, and he had still not told her where he had been and what he had done. Jack said that he felt "guilty as hell" for shooting his brother, but Janet said again that it was not his fault.

Janet reminded Jack that she and Teresa had vouched for Ralph Manzo, and she resented the note that Jack had left her when he took off. She was deeply hurt that Jack had listened to Carly and allowed her to escort him home when he had told Janet to stay away. Janet got upset and grabbed her coat and walked out.

Jack followed his wife to the farm, and they began yelling at one another. Jack explained that he had felt responsible for everyone's misery, so he had decided to give everyone "space." Janet called that "bull," and she claimed that Jack had left for his own reasons. Jack refused to deal with it or even talk about it further, and he announced that he didn't know if he could stay in their marriage. Janet said she could not live with uncertainty, so she offered to leave, and ran upstairs.

When Janet returned, Jack told her that the farm was her home with Liberty, and he would leave. He wanted to be the one to move out. He packed a small duffel bag and walked out. Janet closed the door behind him and collapsed on the floor in tears. Liberty found her mother there when she arrived home, and Janet said that Jack had left them for good. Liberty tried to comfort her mother, but the girl was very conflicted.

Craig awoke to see Rosanna staring at her engagement ring. He suggested that they get married right away, even if they had to run off to the tropics. Rosanna said she didn't want to "sneak away," but wanted to get married in front of friends and family in Oakdale. Craig laughed that they didn't have any friends, and most of their family weren't speaking to them, especially Rosanna's side. Rosanna said she really wanted Carly at their wedding, and she wanted Craig to invite her, but Craig wanted their day to be perfect and not full of bad feelings. Rosanna was determined to give it one more try.

At Carly's house, Parker asked his mother if they could get their Christmas tree soon, and Carly thought it was a bit early, but she agreed. Parker wanted to let Sage and Jack know, but Carly questioned why Jack would want to be involved. She reminded Parker that Jack had his own wife and family at the farm. Parker thought that since his parents had traveled halfway across the country together, that meant they were thinking about reconciling.

Carly explained that she had followed Jack to the east coast only to fetch him home. Parker was not convinced, and he still hoped that things had changed. He pointed out that it had been Carly who got Jack to agree to go home, not Janet. Parker was sure there was more to the story than what his mother was telling. Carly went to Metro to begin reviewing the books for the time she was absent, and Craig walked in on her. He offered his shoulder for leaning on if Carly had anything to discuss, but she got angry and told him she didn't need help from someone who had dumped her to marry her sister.

Rosanna went to Fashions to try on wedding dresses, and she saw Carly walk by the window. She ran out and managed to talk her sister into going into the shop with her. Rosanna asked if the dress she had tried on was too much for a simple wedding, but Carly wasn't interested in Rosanna's wedding plans. She said she would not attend the wedding, and she went out quickly. Craig walked in then and saw how upset Rosanna was. She explained that Carly had turned her down flat on her invitation.

Craig said that their wedding was supposed to be about them, not Carly. He was sick of Rosanna's thinking about Carly all the time, and he walked out, disgusted. Rosanna found him having a drink at the Lakeview bar, and he apologized for running out on her. Rosanna said that she wanted to try to think that Carly might be happy for them in some little way. Craig gave her a hug.

After her experience in Fashions, Carly attended an AA meeting. She related that, while she was in rehab, her life had gone along well without her, even though her fiancÚ had dumped her to marry her sister. Then Carly broke down and cried that the answers to her problems all seemed to be at the bottom of a vodka bottle. That, she admitted, "scared the hell" out of her.

Parker opened the door to Jack, who invited his son to toss around a football at the park. Parker was stunned to see that Jack had a duffel bag with him, so Jack explained that he was going to the Lakeview for a while because he had just left Janet. Carly walked in then, so Parker explained what had happened. Then Parker asked if Jack could stay with them.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Simon tried to figure out how Brad's wrench had hit him so hard on the head, and even Katie had heard him cry out. Brad, who was getting a great deal of enjoyment out of the drama, called Simon "a girl," while Katie pondered how something -- or someone -- had made the wrench fall. She got Simon an ice pack and thanked him for joking with her and making her laugh for the first time in a long while.

Henry sat at the Lakeview with his list of good and bad qualities for Brad and Simon. Brad appeared and said he wanted to kill Henry for not telling him that Simon Frasier was hiding out in Katie's house. Brad begged Henry to get Simon away from Katie, but Henry reminded him that Simon was Katie's first love. As Henry set his drink back on the bar, he inadvertently knocked to the floor his list of comparisons between Simon and Brad.

Brad spied the list and could not believe that Henry had been comparing Katie's husbands. He screamed that Katie would choose him over "that walking dingo" anytime. Henry said that Katie would not, because Brad was dead. Brad got close to hysterical remembering how badly Simon had hurt Katie before, and he told Henry to tell her to get rid of Simon fast. Henry said his hands were tied because of the restraining order, but that gave Brad his solution. Brad suggested that Henry call the cops on Simon, a wanted felon.

Henry said that Simon was a friend, and he could not turn him in. Brad swore he would do it himself, and with a poof, he disappeared. Brad dropped back into his former house just in time to hear Katie say that she was ready to let go of Brad, and she had told the baby the same thing. Simon offered to help in any way he could, as Brad approached the alarm system and started punching numbers. The alarm went off immediately, just as Henry arrived. Henry was the only one who could see Brad on the couch, grinning.

Katie realized that the alarm was wired into the police station, so she urged Simon to take his stuff and get out before the cops arrived. Margo arrived and disabled the screeching alarm. She questioned Henry as to why he was there, and at the same time, Brad pestered Henry to tell Margo and Katie that he had activated the alarm. Henry spoke directly to Brad, and that confused Katie and Margo. Finally Henry lied and said he had set off the alarm because he wanted to see that Katie was all right. "Tell them! Tell them!" shouted Brad in Henry's ear.

Henry and Brad argued, as Margo asked what the problem was, but Henry weaseled out of the truth again. Margo announced that Henry had violated the restraining order and she was taking him downtown. Henry blurted out, "It's all your fault!" at Brad, but Katie thought he was yelling at her. Margo and Henry left for the station.

At Carly's house, Jack laughed when Parker asked Carly if his dad could stay with them. Jack said he was not looking for a place to stay, but Parker pursued the issue until Carly handed him money and asked him to get pizza for supper. Parker wanted to be in on the adult conversation he knew would follow, but his mother sent him on the errand.

Meanwhile, Simon wandered around Old Town, wearing an old overcoat and a hat pulled over his eyes. Parker walked by and recognized him immediately. Parker asked Simon "what the hell" he was doing in Oakdale, and he expressed hope that Simon was not there to bother Carly again. Simon said his being in town had nothing to do with Carly and everything to do with Katie. He begged Parker not to tell anyone that he had seen Simon.

Simon returned to Katie's, much to Brad's disgust. Simon asked if he could stay, but Katie was not sure. She told him that Margo had arrested Henry for violating the restraining order, so Simon, who could still read Katie well, suggested that she go downtown and bail out Henry. He offered to stay with Jacob while she was gone. Brad had a fit, but Katie took Simon up on his offer, and went to the station.

Katie instead told Margo that she wanted to vacate the order and free Henry. Margo was reluctant to do it, but she agreed. Katie left, and Margo arranged for Henry to leave, as well. Henry managed to catch up with Katie in Old Town, and he told her that he missed being her friend. Katie said that the only reason she had sprung him was that Simon had asked her to. Henry got Katie to admit it was nice not feeling so alone, but Katie got upset when Henry mentioned Brad in the present tense. She told Henry to go away and leave her alone.

Back at Katie's, Simon asked Brad to reveal himself and face him. Instead, Brad kicked a book off the coffee table, so Simon explained that he was only there to help Katie. Brad swore that he would make things "very difficult" for Simon, and just then Jacob cried. Brad got through the door first and slammed the door on Simon. Simon was irritated, and he began shouting at Brad as Katie walked in.

Rosanna and Craig dropped in on Margo to ask her to stand up for them at their impending wedding. Margo was skeptical, so Rosanna gave her a sales pitch on how much Craig had changed. Margo finally agreed, and Craig gave his sister a hug. Back at the Lakeview, Craig said that he had not made the wedding easy for Rosanna, and he told her that eventually her sister would learn to accept the two of them as a couple. Rosanna snapped out of her funk and declared that as soon as Johnny returned home from school, she would take him to get a new suit for the nuptials. They kissed, and Rosanna left, leaving Craig looking puzzled.

Carly asked Jack if he had really left Janet, and Jack confirmed it and said that he felt really uncomfortable living in the same house with Liberty, who blamed him for her father's death. Carly urged Jack to pick up his bag and go home to his wife. She said it looked to her as if Jack had just wanted out and had invented an excuse. Carly was feeling a bit lost herself, but she said it would not work if Jack was living there with them. She was afraid of their "fallback mode," which, for them, always ended up badly. They concluded their talk, as the doorbell rang.

Carly opened the door, and Craig asked her if she had any idea what she was doing to her sister. Carly tried to throw him out after he made some cracks about her drinking, but Craig would not leave. He continued to argue until Jack walked out of the kitchen and told Craig to "get the hell out." Craig made nasty comments about Jack's being there, and then he noticed Jack's duffel bag. The argument grew very heated until Carly stopped them and pushed Craig to the door. He got in a few more zingers to Jack, however, before Carly could close the door.

Carly then asked Jack to leave, as well, after she got him to promise that he would not leave town. Parker returned home then, and he excitedly told his folks to call the police because Simon Frasier was in town. Carly realized that Jack already knew that, and he told Parker and Carly that he was the reason that Simon was back in Oakdale. Jack said he would not allow Simon to bother Carly or her family, and he promised that he wouldn't leave their house until Simon was gone.

Carly jumped on Jack when Parker left the room, but Jack exclaimed that he was staying for the peace of mind of their children, who were freaked out that Simon was even around. Jack said that he felt safe and comfortable in that house, and he asked permission to stay. Carly agreed to let Jack sleep on the couch.

Craig returned to the Lakeview and told Rosanna that Jack was staying at Carly's. He asked if that bothered her, but Rosanna questioned why it seemed to bother Craig more. Craig denied that it was a problem for him, but he did say that "Robocop" had thrown him out. Rosanna was delighted that she would have a family with Craig and Johnny, something she had always dreamed of. Rosanna and Craig kissed, and she left to do errands.

Craig picked up the phone and called the farm. He told "Mrs. Snyder" that if she was looking for her husband, he was at Carly's, making himself at home.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Holden and Molly had breakfast at the diner, and Molly said that she had talked to Meg before she left the house. She told Holden that his sister was moving to the Lakeview to live with Damian. Holden was dumbfounded because he knew that Damian was living with Lily in her house.

Meg moved more of her belongings to Damian's suite in the Lakeview, and he had a bottle of champagne on ice to celebrate their moving in together. Meg asked when Damian would be moving out of Lily's house, but Damian only said that he would do that when the time was right. Meg asked him to go back to the farm with her for her last load, but Damian thought it best if they kept a low profile. He promised to be there when she returned to the hotel, however. As soon as Meg left, Damian grabbed his coat and took off.

Luke returned from visiting Noah at his rehab facility, and he was pleased that Noah was responding well to his training for the blind, but he was worried about his boyfriend's continuing depression. Lily suggested that Luke get a room ready for Noah for when he returned, and Luke agreed. Then he asked his mother if she and Damian were happy together, and when Lily said yes, Luke asked why Damian was still sleeping in the guest room. He further mentioned that Natalie and Faith had also asked about that, but Luke's main concern was that his mother was happy.

Lily could not give Luke a straight answer, but she did say that both she and Damian wanted to be good parents, as well as compatible mates. Damian arrived and asked how Noah was. Luke's answer was that the two of them had "decided to take things slow." Damian handed Luke a computer program that read aloud messages to Noah and then transcribed Noah's answers into text for Luke. Luke was thrilled, and he went upstairs to install it in his computer.

Lily repeated to Damian the question Luke had asked her about their not sharing the same room. She said she was not worried because she knew how much their marriage meant to both of them, but Damian suggested that they do something spectacular to prove their love. He asked if Lily would like to renew her marriage vows to him, and Lily was excited to do so. She said that she was ready to be Damian's wife in every way.

Luke rejoined the couple, and Lily invited him to join them in their vow renewal. Luke was happy to agree, but he was worried about Faith's reaction. She was at a sleepover, so Lily called her, but Faith declined to return for the ceremony. Lily was disappointed, but she decided to get a new dress and flowers for the house, and Luke suggested another wedding cake. He also volunteered to invite the family, so Lily left to shop, while a grinning Damian called the chef at the Lakeview and ordered a wedding cake sent to the Snyder farm at Luther's Corners.

Meg returned to the farm and found Molly in the kitchen, drinking coffee. Molly said how much she appreciated being allowed to stay at the farm, and she could not understand why Meg would choose to move into a hotel. Meg said she wanted to be with the man she loved, so Molly asked how the move would affect Eliza. Meg assured her that the baby would still have contact with the family, but she got very defensive. Finally Molly said that, "woman-to-woman," all her affairs with married men had ended in disaster. She warned Meg that married men never left their wives.

Holden walked into the kitchen and asked Molly how her chat with Meg had gone. Molly said not well, and then Meg appeared from upstairs. She said she was heading out to buy a new dress for her special date with Damian. Molly reasoned that if Meg was not crazy, then "somebody must be lying." Holden said that he knew just who that was.

Holden tracked down Damian and confronted him in the Lakeview lobby. He said he wanted to know why Meg thought that she was going to be living with Damian in the hotel. Damian laughed and denied it, and he said that he was in love with his wife. He said everything that Meg had told Holden was a lie. Holden did not believe him, but Damian suggested that the Snyder family hire professional help for Meg.

In Fashions, Lily was shopping when Meg entered. Lily did not see her, but Meg noticed Lily. Meg began a drama by calling the sales clerk over and asking if she had "a hot little number" that would show off some sexy lingerie. Meg explained that she was moving in with her dream man and starting a whole new life. Lily heard Meg's presentation, so she called to the clerk herself and announced that she was renewing her wedding vows with her husband.

Meg confronted Lily and said that she and Damian were moving in together that very night, but Lily countered by saying that poor Meg needed professional help to face the truth. Meg called Lily a liar, and shoved her hard onto a couch.

Craig went to the farm, and Janet wanted to know why he had called her about Jack's bunking at Carly's. Craig asked if she wanted to save her marriage or not, but Janet was wise to him and said it was obvious that he wanted something, so he might as well tell her what it was. Janet and Craig sparred verbally, and Janet finally told Craig that it was entirely up to Jack whether he returned home. She advised him not to let the door hit him on the way out.

Carly told Jack at her house that he didn't need to make pancakes for the kids, but he said he loved doing it. He smiled at Carly and said it was "just like old times." Carly disagreed, and she reminded Jack that he was married to someone else. Jack apologized and admitted that he felt useless, and Carly said she knew that feeling. She also remarked that she was considering selling her interest in Metro, because a bar was probably not where she should be spending her time. She said she had a buyer on the hook, and she had a meeting with him soon. Carly asked Jack to go with her to get his impression of the buyer.

At Metro, Teri was working when a man walked in and introduced himself as Glen Fields. He made a bit of conversation and then invited her to have dinner with him. Teri turned him down, just as Dusty walked in. The two men knew each other, so Teri did not object to their staying for a meeting. Fields stepped outside to take a call, so Teri asked Dusty if she should go out with the stranger. Dusty refused to give an opinion, but he did advise her to keep her distance from Fields.

Janet walked in, and Fields returned to take Dusty out for a walk to discuss business. Janet told her sister that she needed a second job for Liberty's college fund, and she wondered if Metro could use another waitress. Teri said that Henry was not around, but Janet could ask Carly. Janet shivered and said she would rather starve than talk to Carly. The door opened then, and in walked Jack and Carly.

Jack told his wife that he was helping Carly make a business decision, but Janet scolded him for leaving her. She was also hurt that she had to hear from Craig that Jack was staying with Carly. Janet stormed out, and Jack apologized to Carly and followed his wife.

Dusty and Fields wandered around Old Town, and Fields asked Dusty about Metro. He said he was meeting the principal owner soon at the bar, and he asked Dusty to go with him, but Dusty declined.

Back at Metro, Carly told Teri that she was there to meet a potential buyer for the club, and then Dusty and Fields walked in. Teri chewed out Dusty for not warning her who Fields was, while Carly gave her buyer a tour of the bar and restaurant. Fields returned and complimented Teri on her design of the kitchen, but he also said it was a shame he would be shutting it down. He said he preferred to concentrate on the bar rather than the restaurant. Fields agreed to buy Carly's share, and he told Teri he was sure he could find another way to use her talents. Fields left, and Carly apologized to Teri before she left. Teri was discouraged because she loved Metro. She asked Dusty to go.

Dusty left, but he returned before long. Teri said that Tom Hughes, Carly's lawyer, had called and the deal had closed. She handed Dusty the keys and asked him to give them to the new owner. Teri started to leave, but Dusty asked Teri to verify that Tom had asked her to give the keys to the new buyer. Teri agreed, and Dusty told her that she just had. Dusty said that he had outbid Glen Fields, so Dusty was Teri's new boss. When Dusty saw Teri's expression, he told her not to flatter herself; he did what he did because he liked the restaurant business.

Janet went home, and Jack followed. He tried to explain that he was staying at Carly's for Parker and Sage, but Janet didn't buy it. She screamed that it only took Jack one day to go crawling back to his ex-wife. Jack said that he loved her, but Janet called his bluff by asking him to return home, as soon as possible. Jack finally admitted that Simon Frasier was back in town, and Parker was totally freaked out. He went on to say that he and Carly had tracked down Simon for Katie's sake.

Jack kissed Janet, and they went upstairs to their former bedroom. He said he wanted to go back to being a good husband, and he asked Janet to wait for him. Janet told him to forgive himself first, and then she would be there for him.

Carly paid an unexpected visit on Craig in the Lakeview, and she asked him "what the hell" was wrong with him. She demanded to know why he had told Janet that Jack was staying with her. Craig claimed that he hadn't known it was a secret, and then Carly accused him of sticking the knife in a little deeper. Carly did not understand why Craig professed to love Rosanna but couldn't leave Carly alone. Craig asked what if he couldn't let Carly go, and he grabbed and kissed her.

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