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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 7, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, December 7, 2009

Craig kissed Carly until she pushed him away and said, "What the hell?" She was upset, and berated Craig as Rosanna walked in. Craig improvised and declared that Carly had just dropped in to say that she was willing to attend the wedding, so Rosanna threw her arms around her sister and thanked Carly profusely. Carly, however, said that Rosanna needed to know that Craig had just kissed her, and she had let him. Rosanna questioned Craig about the kiss, and he claimed it was the only way he could calm an overemotional Carly.

Carly snapped at "lover boy" to "dial it back." She and Craig argued, and Rosanna began blaming herself for falling yet again for Craig's line. She began to cry, and then she walked out. Craig scolded Carly for breaking her sister's heart. He declared that when he had kissed Carly, he had realized that the two of them were "building a castle on sand." His relationship with Rosanna, however, was on solid ground. Craig asked Carly to leave, so she did.

Rosanna went to Fashions and asked to return her wedding dress. Lisa agreed, as Rosanna declared that she was not getting married, after all. Carly walked in and offered to help. She volunteered to sew a custom-made dress for her sister's wedding and said it was the least she could do. Rosanna laughed, and Lisa quipped, "Oh, Lord! Not again." The sisters walked outside, and Carly explained that she had gone to visit Craig because she was mad that he had told Janet that Jack had slept on Carly's couch.

Then Carly pawned off the kiss as something "in the heat of the moment," and she urged Rosanna to "marry the jerk." They went to Java and began looking through bridal magazines. Rosanna, however, said that while she appreciated Carly's offer of a designer gown, what she really needed from her was the truth. She needed to know if Craig really loved her, and Carly said that she was sure he did.

Rosanna returned to Craig's suite and announced that Carly was making the wedding gown, and she would also be attending the nuptials. Rosanna warned Craig that if he ever touched her sister again, but he quickly interrupted her by vowing that would never happen. Then Craig kissed his fiancée.

Jack and Janet were in their bed at the farm, but Jack was ill at ease. He reminded her that she would be late for work, and he jumped out of bed. The two of them walked to the diner, and Jack said he was going to attend a job fair in town while Janet was at work. Janet entered the diner and found Liberty sitting at the counter. Liberty asked what Jack and her mother had been doing in their bedroom, and Janet told her daughter it was none of her business. Liberty made some nasty cracks, but Janet explained that Jack was her husband, and she loved him.

Liberty claimed that Jack was not the same person he had been before the tragic accident. Janet said she was tired of being alone, and she wanted a life with her husband. She also did not want to discuss it anymore, so Liberty stormed out without another word.

Instead of attending a job fair, Jack went to the cemetery and visited Brad's grave. He talked to his brother and told him that he had no clue what to do with the rest of this life. Liberty walked up, and Jack offered to leave, but Liberty wanted to talk to him. She reminded Jack that when he had proposed to Janet, he had promised Liberty that he would "stick with it." She scolded him that running away after Brad's death was breaking his promise.

Liberty acknowledged that Jack was having a tough time dealing with her dad's death, but she admonished him to "man up" and deal with Janet. Jack said he just didn't know, but Liberty said that wasn't good enough. Liberty returned to the diner and told Janet that she had seen Jack at the cemetery, and she had reached a decision. If Janet continued to live with Jack, Liberty would move out. She said she no longer trusted Jack, and she couldn't bear to see her mother so unhappy.

Jack went back to Carly's house and found her sitting on the couch, designing. He did not want to talk about Janet, so Carly told him about her crazy morning. She said what she really wanted after such a day was a good, stiff drink, but she would resist.

In Fashions, Lily and Meg, who had each arrived to buy a special occasion dress, fought with shouting and hair-pulling. Lily gave Meg a good smack and swore that she and Damian were renewing their vows later that day, and the women continued their struggle around the store. The shocked salesperson ran to get Lisa, who was not able to separate the women. She demanded an explanation, and Lily screamed that she would be wearing the white dress she had chosen when she renewed her vows with Damian.

Meanwhile, in the Lakeview lobby, Holden questioned Damian about Meg's claim that she was moving into the hotel with him. Damian said that Meg needed "help," but Holden could not figure out why his sister really believed whatever line Damian was feeding her. Damian assured Holden that he and Lily were renewing their vows later that day, and then his phone rang. The caller was Lisa, who asked him to get to Fashions as soon as possible because she had a catfight on her hands. Damian took off, with Holden right behind.

At Fashions, Damian grabbed Meg, while Holden went after Lily. Damian hustled Meg outside immediately, as an angry Lisa wanted to know if Lily was paying for her white dress with cash or a credit card. Outside, Damian attempted to calm Meg by saying that he had been about to tell Lily the truth about his relationship with Meg when Lily "blindsided" him with "wedding vow nonsense." He swore he would put a stop to Lily, but Meg had to stop interfering. Holden and Lily approached, and Holden took charge of Meg, and Damian apologized for her behavior to Lily.

A delivery man arrived at the Snyder farm with a cake, but Molly could not believe that Emma, the fabulous baker, would have ordered a bakery cake. She opened the box and saw that it was a wedding cake dedicated to Lily and Damian, and she realized that it had been delivered to the wrong place. She called over to Lily's and left a message about the cake, just as Holden and Meg walked in. Holden tried to explain to Meg that Damian and Lily were together, but she refused to accept that. Molly asked what had happened, so Holden took Molly outside and told her, and when they went back inside, they found Meg staring at the wedding cake.

Luke arrived and took away the cake, and Holden asked his sister if she wanted to talk to a professional about how she was feeling. Meg declared that she didn't need "a shrink," and she ran upstairs. Holden pondered if Damian would really string Meg along, and he asked Molly to make sure that Meg didn't leave the farm. He said he had to take care of something. Meg sneaked downstairs and saw Molly saying goodbye to Holden, so she grabbed her purse and ran out the front door.

Holden went to Lisa at the Lakeview and asked her to please check the computers to see if Meg had checked into Damian's room. Lisa found that was true, but she also told Holden that Meg had charged it to her own credit card. Holden went back to the farm and told Molly that as much as he hated to admit it, Damian was possibly telling the truth. He inquired if Meg was still in her room, and Molly said she was. Holden wanted to talk with her, but Molly suggested he give his sister some space. Molly also said that she had decided to accept Kim's offer of a job at WOAK, and she began sending a text to that effect. Holden checked on Meg, and was shocked to find her gone.

Damian and Lily got dressed at home for their ceremony, but Lily said that all she could think of was "the crazy look" that Meg had in her eyes when she had attacked Lily. Damian said that the minister was downstairs, and Luke would soon be returning with the cake, so nothing further could go wrong. Lily gathered her younger children in the living room, and Ethan asked why she and Damian were getting married again. Damian picked up the boy and said he loved Lily so much that he wanted to make them feel more like a family. Then the boy asked for his dad, as Luke walked in with the cake.

The ceremony began, and Damian promised to love, honor, and cherish Lily, and she promised the same to him. The couple kissed and went to cut the cake. Outside, Meg sneaked up on the patio and watched through the shutters, but Lily saw her. The couple cut the cake, and Damian asked specifically for the frosting rose on the top. Lily then asked Luke to take the children to get some ice cream, so that she could deal with a disturbance on the porch.

Lily opened the door, and Meg walked in defiantly. Damian challenged her, and Lily threatened her with a restraining order. Damian also ordered Meg out of the house and told her never to return, but Meg told him that was the wrong answer. Meg got hysterical and said that Damian was exactly the snake that her family had warned her about. Damian looked very uncomfortable, and he began to perspire profusely. Suddenly Damian collapsed on the floor, unconscious.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

At Fairwinds, Emily kissed Paul goodbye, as she prepared to leave on what she said was the trail of a hot story for the Intruder. In reality, she was meeting Mick Dante to continue her treatments of his wonder serum. Emily mentioned that she would stop by Memorial to say goodbye to Alison and her mother.

At the hospital, Alison ran into Mick, who reported that he had suffered no more nose bleeds. He was looking for Emily, but he did not say why. Emily arrived, and Mick asked Alison to excuse them. Alison asked what all the secrecy was about, so Emily swore her to silence, and then told her sister that she was taking injections of Mick's drug in order to rejuvenate her ability to produce viable eggs. Emily promised that nothing bad would happen to her, and she agreed to go with Mick to his room at the Lakeveiw. As soon as they left, Paul arrived, looking for Emily.

In Mick's room, Emily said that she thought she could feel something changing in her body since the first treatment; she felt younger and sexier. The two of them talked about Paul's horrible "Gothic" upbringing, and suddenly, the door banged open and in barged Paul. He was angry with Emily for lying to him, and he demanded that she go home with him. Emily deduced that Alison had ratted her out, and she tried to reason with Paul that it might be their only chance to have a child of their own.

Emily said that she was just beginning the second round of injections, but Paul wasn't interested. He pulled her towards the door, but Emily became lightheaded. Paul led her away, and they sat and talked in the lounge. Paul admitted that he had always had doubts about Mick and his project. Emily referred to Mick as "eccentric." Paul called him "weird." He insisted that Emily be checked out at the hospital, so they returned there.

After drawing some blood, a tech appeared a while later with the results. She said that everything looked good, and Emily's FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) levels were significantly lower. Emily explained to Paul that the result meant that she could possibly produce healthy eggs again.

Casey bought breakfast for his grandfather at the diner, and Dr. Bob asked about Alison. Casey referred to Alison as "the ship that sailed," but Bob said that he really liked the girl. He admired her courage in standing up for her convictions when Bob had his mental problems. Casey said that he was dating Maddie, and though Bob called her "a nice young woman," he thought that Casey and Alison had "something special." Bob reminisced about how his generation managed to "get it on," and he said he also recognized chemistry, and he thought Alison and Casey had chemistry. Bob got a page to return to the hospital, and Casey went, too.

Casey was cleaning out the room of a recently deceased patient, whom he had befriended, and Alison noticed him in the room. Casey was holding a jar that contained a spider named "Bill," who had been a pet of the patient. Casey wanted to set "Bill" free, but he was at a loss as to where he should put him. Alison suggested that Casey follow her for the answer, and she led Casey to an empty room with a computer in it. They looked up what kind of spider "Bill" was and took note of his preferred habitat.

"Bill" was a log dweller, so Casey decided to take the spider for a trek in the woods to find the perfect spot to free him. He invited Alison to go along, and she agreed. The two of them left the hospital, unaware that Mick had been eavesdropping on their conversation in the room and that he was following them. Casey and Alison hiked in the woods until she spied a likely spot, but Casey decided it was too near the road. They went deeper into the woods, as Mick hid behind trees but kept the couple in sight.

Mick got a phone call, so he stayed behind to take it. The caller was Emily, who gave him the good news about her FSH levels and to invite him to Fairwinds to talk about increasing their investment in his project. Mick abandoned his trailing of Casey and Alison, and walked back to meet the Ryans.

The nature lovers found a good place to free "Bill," and they let him go and wished him well. Casey tried to trick Alison into going deeper into the woods with him, but she was not about to be fooled. Casey laughed and said it had been his grandfather's idea. They walked for a few minutes and then decided they really were lost.

At Fairwinds, Paul shook hands with Mick and admitted that Mick appeared right about the results from his serum. Paul turned to his bar area and offered Mick a drink of single malt scotch of a very rare vintage, but instead of answering, Mick withdrew a small flashlight from his pocket and shined it directly into Paul's eyes. Paul immediately collapsed on the floor.

When Molly and Holden realized that Meg had given them the slip at the farm, they dashed to Lily's house, hoping that Meg had not gone there. At Lily's, Damian struggled physically with Meg, while he verbally threatened her. Suddenly Damian collapsed on the floor, unconscious, and Meg yelled at him and began to examine him. She called to Lily to call 9-1-1, which Lily did, and just then Holden and Molly walked in. Meg tended to Damian and began CPR, while she yelled to someone to call Memorial and have them page Dr. Bob Hughes. Holden asked what had happened, as Molly took over the CPR from Meg.

The EMTs transported Damian and Lily, while Meg followed them to the hospital. Luke arrived home to find Holden and Molly sitting on the couch, and no sign of his parents. Holden explained that something had happened to Damian, and Luke spied the cake and said that the younger kids would probably like some of it. They talked about that, and Molly suggested that possibly the cake had something to do with Damian's collapse. Holden examined the piece from which Damian had eaten the frosting flower, and he discovered some white, bitter powder around the piece of cake.

Luke took a call from his mother saying that Damian would recover, so Holden suggested that Luke go see his father. Luke said he would go later, and he went outside to check on Natalie and Ethan. Molly said they needed to take the cake to her friend at the crime lab and have him test it. Then she tried to figure out the sequence of events, and she started with Meg's obsession with Damian. Meg thought that Damian wanted to be with her, not Lily. Also, Meg had "alone time" with the cake at the farm, and as a nurse, she had direct access to many drugs. Meg would also do almost anything to hurt Lily. Holden reluctantly agreed to take the cake to the crime lab.

An orderly wheeled Damian into a room, and Meg challenged Lily by saying that she belonged in the room with Damian because she was a nurse. Dr. Bob intervened and said he had no time to be a referee because Damian was his main concern. Lily reminded Meg that she was Damian's wife, and then Bob returned to report that Damian was breathing normally and his vital signs were stable. He said they were waiting for the toxicology screen to be finished, and that would tell them if Damian had suffered any kind of poisoning. He said Meg's quick CPR probably saved Damian's life, and he told Lily she could have a short visit.

Lily went into Damian's room, as Meg peered through the window. Damian awoke and remembered reciting his vows and then tasting the cake. Suddenly he recalled the scene that Meg had created, and Lily admitted that Meg had been the one who had administered CPR. They both saw Meg looking in the window, and Lily said the woman frightened her. Damian urged Lily to go home to the children, so she left.

Meg then walked into Damian's room and offered to take care of him. Damian began schmoozing her, as always, about how they could handle the "kind of relationship" they had, but Meg said that in Oakdale, when a man made a promise to love a woman, he had better keep it or suffer the consequences. Meg picked up one of Damian's pillows and held it in front of his face. Then she fluffed the pillow and put it gently under his head. Meg smiled and said she wanted Damian alive when she told Lily that he knew there was a strong possibility that Holden was still alive when he began courting her.

Meg was angry that all the Snyders, especially Emma, had to suffer through that time, and Damian admitted that his fate was in her hands. Meg told him to enjoy his last few hours as "Mr. Lily Snyder." Then she kissed him, as Damian slipped a small packet into Meg's purse.

Back at the house, Lily spoke with Luke and asked where her wedding cake was. Luke thought that perhaps Holden had thrown it out, but Holden returned and solved the mystery. He said that he and Molly, who joined them then, had delivered it to a lab to have it analyzed. Lily asked why, so Molly explained it was to help figure out why Damian had collapsed. Holden revealed that he had found white powder on the piece that Damian had sampled, and the lab had identified it as poison.

Lily was incredulous that her wedding cake had been poisoned, and just then her phone rang. It was Dr. Bob reporting that Damian had ingested something toxic in the last few hours. He wanted Lily to compile a list of everything Damian had eaten that day. Lily hung up and asked if Meg had laced the cake with poison. Holden answered, "Somebody did," and Molly jumped in and pointed out that Meg had both motive and opportunity, plus access to drugs at Memorial. Molly suggested that perhaps Damian was not the real target, because it was logical to expect a bride to eat the flower. Lily agreed with Molly; Meg was a dangerous woman.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Maddie visited Hunter in his office at the Intruder, and he did not see or hear her until he had clumsily rolled his chair over her foot. She inquired about samples she had sent as part of applying for the position of writing a relationship blog online. Hunter admitted he had not looked at any of them, so Maddie directed him to her website where she had uploaded a video on the same subject. Hunter inadvertently head butted her and had to direct her to the kitchen for some ice.

Finally, Maddie suggested that he just email her when he had reached a decision. Hunter said that Maddie had the job, at least on a trial basis, and she thanked him gratefully, but she also turned down an invitation for coffee because she was meeting Casey later at Al's. Hunter went into another room, picked up his phone, and called Alison.

In the woods, Casey and Alison walked in circles, but they were both having fun. Alison received a call from Hunter, although she could not hear him clearly. She explained that she was in the woods with Casey, and they were lost. Alison tried to give her brother directions to where Casey had parked, but the signal kept breaking up. Hunter went back and told Maddie that her boyfriend was wandering in the woods with his sister, and Maddie picked up her laptop and took off.

Casey told Alison that he was having fun with her, and Alison felt the same way. They walked some more, and then Alison heard something moving through the brush. It turned out to be Hunter, their rescuer. It began to rain, so they followed Hunter to their car. They returned to Old Town, and Alison said goodbye and walked away. Hunter followed Casey to Al's Diner and told him that Maddie would not be there. Then Hunter asked Casey if he was falling in love with Hunter's sister again, but Casey asked why Hunter cared.

In the living room at Fairwinds, Mick Dante stood over an unconscious Paul Ryan. Mick took out a syringe and drew blood from Paul's leg. He put it away in haste because he heard Emily calling for her husband. Mick then shined his special light into Paul's eyes again, and Paul began to waken. Mick helped him to the couch, and Emily walked in and commented that her husband looked "weird" and was wearing only one shoe. Mick claimed that Paul had fallen asleep during a presentation Mick was making.

Paul remembered that he had been offering Mick a drink, but Emily opted for champagne instead. Mick begged off by saying he had to go back to work, and Paul asked if he had given Mick the check he had promised. Mick said that Paul could give him an even larger one the next time they got together. Mick left, and Paul and Emily toasted to a new baby and sipped their champagne. Paul requested that Emily continue to be tested at the hospital throughout the time Mick was treating her; he seemed concerned that the treatments could be dangerous. When Emily went to kitchen to get more bubbly, Paul left a message for Alison asking her to secretly meet up with him.

Mick went back to his room in the Lakeview and was transferring Paul's blood from the vial when Barbara burst through the door and startled him. Mick dropped the vial and screamed violently at Barbara never to enter without knocking. Barbara was stunned to see blood all over Mick's hands, but he quickly reassured her that it was only red dye for some of his microscope slides. Mick washed his hands and apologized for overreacting. Barbara said she had stopped by earlier to get another injection, so Mick began to prepare her serum.

Barbara mentioned that she was surprised that Mick had such a temper, and he assured her that she would never see it again. Barbara said that she didn't scare easily, and she reminded Mick that she had once been married to James Stenbeck. Mick reacted to that and said that, indeed, he remembered that.

Alison got Paul's message and made the trip to Fairwinds. She found Paul and Emily amidst the remnants of their celebration, and Emily explained that they were joyous about the latest lab results after Mick's treatment. Alison was excited, but Paul decided that Emily needed a rest after her little dizzy spell earlier, and he asked her to go upstairs and lie down. When Paul was sure his wife was out of earshot, he told Alison that he was not comfortable with "the Mick thing," and he asked Alison to accompany Emily every time she went to take an injection of Mick's wonder serum.

Alison agreed, as long as Emily did not object. Paul suggested that Alison approach Mick about learning more about his research and project. Alison said she would, and Emily returned, too excited to rest. Alison said her goodbyes, and then Emily realized that Paul was worried about her, and she asked if he was backing off on the "baby business." Paul said he was concerned about bringing another Stenbeck boy into the world. He wanted the Stenbeck curse to end with him, but Emily said that the two of them were already a family, and they had defied the curse.

In the Lakeview, Alison located Mick, who offered her a drink. She chose coffee instead, so they went into the lounge. Mick said that he was sorry that he had not been more receptive to her earlier when Emily was receiving her injection, and Alison said she understood. Then she told Mick how excited Emily was about the possibility of a new baby, and she asked to be a part of the project by observing how he treated Emily. Mick thought a minute, and then asked her who had put her up to that.

Alison tried to cover, but she ended up blurting out that Paul had asked her to observe Emily's treatment. Mick claimed that he did not need supervision, nor did he care what Paul Ryan wanted. Then Mick announced that he did not want Alison anywhere near his work. Mick was upset, and he covered his face with his hand, but Alison could see that he was suffering another massive nosebleed.

At her home, Katie thanked Simon for doing chores around the house, and she announced that she and Jacob were going to view the holiday decorations in Old Town. Simon reached for the coffee pot, but he found it floating about 4 feet above its trivet on the table. After Katie left, Simon yelled at Brad for trying to "spook" him, as Henry knocked on the door. Henry walked in and thanked Simon for going to bat with Katie to drop the restraining order against him.

Simon told Henry that he was sure Brad was in the room with them, and Brad materialized to Henry, who was surprised that Simon knew about the "ghost." Simon became angry as he realized all the stunts Brad had pulled, including setting off the security alarm that almost led to Simon's arrest. Simon also realized that Henry could both hear and see Brad. Henry told Simon exactly where Brad was standing, so Simon advised Brad to leave Katie alone in order to save her.

According to Henry, Brad was "resistant" to the idea of leaving Katie, and he thought that Simon was a bad influence on baby Jacob. Simon referred to Brad as "the Ghost of Christmas Past," and Brad called Simon "Dundee." Henry discouraged name-calling and found himself in the position of go-between. Brad declared that he didn't want Simon dragging Katie into anything illegal, nor would he allow Simon to "hit on her." Simon was willing to let Brad stay and watch over his wife "from a distance," but under no circumstances could he try to make contact with her directly.

Simon also agreed to keep his hands off Katie for one week only. After that, Brad had to leave, and Simon and Katie would "see what's what." Brad yelled, "No way," and told both Simon and Henry to "Go to hell!" Brad suddenly disappeared, so Henry asked Simon to stay at Katie's until they got things straightened out.

Katie dropped in the police station and told Margo that she was thinking of writing another book, perhaps about Simon Frasier. She asked her sister what would happen if Simon "just showed up" in Oakdale, and Margo said that he would be arrested. Then Margo began to wonder if Katie was talking fact or fiction. Margo elaborated that Simon would be tied up in legal procedures for years if he ever surfaced.

Henry went back to the Lakeveiw and found Maddie lying on his bed, writing. She was bummed about Casey, and she refused to answer a call from him. Someone knocked on the door, so Maddie opened it to find Barbara standing there holding a picnic basket. Maddie said a quick goodbye and shut the door behind her. Barbara explained that she had assembled a picnic, and she cleared a spot for the food. Henry began complaining about what a difficult day he'd had, but Barbara made it clear that she understood that Henry no longer had any interest in a physical relationship with her.

Barbara said the picnic was a peace offering, not a seduction. Then Barbara suddenly decided to leave, and she told Henry to enjoy the wine and the food. Henry took a good look at Barbara and complimented her on how youthful she looked.

Maddie finally met Casey at the diner, and he told her about his adventure in the woods with Alison and the spider. Out of the blue, Maddie asked him if he ever thought about making love to her, or if he even wanted to do it anymore. She said she felt that she wasn't "special" to him, and even though Casey denied it, Maddie recited all the ways that Casey didn't seem to care about her. Casey admitted that Maddie was right; he did feel that way, too. Maddie stood up and said she had to get away.

Katie returned home but could not find Simon. She got a bit panicky, but then Simon walked in, and Katie scolded him for going out where he could be recognized. He had a bag from a toy store, and he presented her with a fuzzy white stuffed rabbit whom he christened "Snickers III." Katie was delighted and gave Simon a big hug. Brad immediately appeared, but at the same time, Margo walked through the door and saw Simon. She told Katie that she was hoping that her instinct was wrong, while Brad pumped his fist and said, "Yes!"

Margo slipped the handcuffs on Simon, as Brad cheered. Katie pleaded with Margo not to take Simon away, but Margo was not about to let him slip away again. Brad next materialized in Henry's room, where Henry choked on his picnic wine when his friend popped in. Brad said that Margo had arrested Simon, but that made Henry even more worried about Katie.

Katie sat on the couch and cried, clutching her bunny. She felt really alone, with only the baby for company.

Barbara Ryan carried a present through the halls of the Lakeview until she got to Mick's room. She asked the maid to please open Mr. Dante's room so that she could leave a gift for him, and the woman knew Barbara, so she unlocked the door. Barbara tipped the young woman well, and entered the room. She put the present on the desk, and began searching for a pen to write a note. She opened one of the desk drawers and spotted a gold signet ring with the initials "J S" on it.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

At Metro, Teri made a long list of suggestions for improvements at the club and gave it to Dusty. He tried to put her off, but he ended up reading through it. Teri thanked Dusty for helping her keep her "dream job," but he was not pleased that she called him "Boss."

Janet visited Carly and said that she couldn't figure out if Carly was helping her and Jack or just in their way. Carly claimed that she and Jack were just friends, but Janet brought up the fact that her husband and Carly had spent the night together at a motel in Pittsburgh. Carly realized that Janet must have been there, so she asked why Janet hadn't let them know. Janet got angry and accused Carly of losing Craig to Rosanna and then coveting Jack again. That made Carly angry, and she threw Janet out and declared her a better wife for Jack than Carly had ever been. She told Janet to leave her alone.

Janet went to Old Town and ran into Teri near the diner. Janet said she had tried to go to work, but she just wasn't in the mood, so she had left. Teri had been produce shopping and was extremely happy. She told her sister that she had a new boss; Carly had sold her share of Metro to Dusty, and that had saved Teri's job. Teri declared that her life could hardly be any better, but Janet looked glum.

Next Janet paid a call on Metro and asked Dusty what his "angle" was. She demanded to know what his intentions towards her sister were, and then she ranted about how untrustworthy men were. Dusty was amused and said it sounded as if she was talking about a lot of things more important than her sister's getting her job back. Janet said she was just being protective of Teri, and she turned down the offer of a drink from the bar in favor of a glass of water.

Janet and Dusty sat at the bar, and Janet apologized for going off on him. She was relieved that Dusty's interest in her sister was strictly business. As Janet prepared to leave, Dusty asked her how long she had been in the restaurant business, and she answered that it had been a good many years. Then Dusty asked if Janet would like to manage and be the hostess for Metro. "When do I start?" shrieked an enthusiastic Janet. Dusty said she could start that evening, and she was to wear something suitable for a hostess. Janet ran out saying, "Poof! I'm gone!"

At the Oakdale police station, Katie argued with Margo and begged her to go easy on Simon. Margo went outside the interview room to get Jack's take on things, and Jack told her that he had found Simon and had asked him to return to Oakdale for Katie's sake. Jack refused to disclose where he had found Simon, and he claimed he was only trying to help Katie.

Inside the interview room, Katie told Simon that she had to get him out of jail. Simon said he was not about to escape and exacerbate the problem, because he had returned specifically to help Katie. He swore he would not run out on her, and he couldn't believe he had so badly botched up trying to help her. Simon asked Katie if his being there had really helped her, and she thanked him for showing up and said that he was a terrific help. Katie begged Simon not to leave, as Margo reentered the room.

Katie repeated her pleas to Margo, who said she had to contact Interpol, since Simon was on their "most wanted" list, not hers. She said that since she was so busy, she was "forced" to release Simon until they got an actual warrant. Katie and Simon both thanked Margo, who said she would let Simon go, but she threatened to prosecute him if he so much as jaywalked in Oakdale. Katie hugged Simon, while Margo and Jack wondered if they had done the right thing. Simon spoke to Jack on his way out, and he thanked him for whatever part Jack had played in securing his release. Jack said he did it all for Katie.

Margo mentioned to Jack that probably Katie was better off with Simon as a protector than to have her thinking that Brad's ghost was hanging around. She asked Jack to return to work on the police force, but he stalled and said he was not yet ready.

Brad gloated to Henry that Simon Frasier was probably having his mug shot taken as they spoke. Henry reminded Brad that he was dead and no longer living with his wife and child; therefore, he could not put his arms around Katie and comfort her, nor could he feed or change his son. Henry could not see how Brad's hanging around in his present state could be much of a benefit to Katie.

Simon and Katie returned home, and he said that he was starving. He wanted to take Katie out to eat, but she was hesitant. She said they had to talk about some things first, and then they heard someone knock on the door. Katie opened the door to find Henry, accompanied by Brad, the specter. Brad was shocked to see Simon still in the house, so Henry brought up Simon's arrest. Simon said he had gotten off "on a technicality," and Katie said she was very relieved. Brad got quite upset, and Katie asked Henry to join them for a meal. That was more than Brad could take, so he disappeared.

Simon left to get take-out food, so Henry questioned Katie in regards to how she really felt about her new housemate. Katie quietly asked Henry if Brad's ghost was still around, so Henry told her to grab the baby and follow him. Henry took Katie and Jacob to the cemetery, but she protested, claiming that she couldn't just forget about her husband and move on to Simon, simply because he appeared available. Henry said that he needed Katie to tell Brad goodbye, and he led her to Brad's grave.

Katie began to cry and said that she couldn't do what Henry asked. Henry told Katie how much he loved her, and he apologized for putting her through so much heartbreak. Katie picked up Jacob in his carrier and walked back to the car.

Meanwhile, Brad was standing in Old Town, wondering what to do next to get rid of Simon. He was aware of what had happened with Katie at the cemetery, but he was startled to hear someone standing next to him speaking. She was a young woman dressed as a waitress, and she wanted to know if the diner was a good place to eat. Her name badge read "Mary," and when Brad asked, she confirmed that she was dead. She asked if he knew how to escape from limbo, and then she wanted to know what year it was.

Brad told Mary how much he wanted to touch his wife, Katie, and he hoped that if he practiced hard enough, perhaps he could accomplish that. Mary shook her head no, but she did suggest that Brad work through an "intermediary." She suggested that he ask his friend who could see him.

Carly walked into the diner, and there stood Simon getting his take-out order. Carly told him it was a shock to see him, and she was even more surprised when Simon explained that Jack had helped convince Margo to release him. Simon raved about Katie, and then he and Carly sat at the counter and ironed out some old differences. Carly asked how long Simon would be staying in town, but his answer was that he had nowhere else to go. Simon took his order and then hugged Carly, as Jack walked in.

Jack reminded Simon harshly that he had just put his reputation on the line for Simon, and all he had asked for was that Simon leave his family alone. Jack completely misinterpreted Simon's intentions, and the two men began to argue loudly. Jack drew back his fist and punched Simon in the face, and then went after him again. A cop rushed in and broke up the fight, and Carly vouched for Simon and sent him on his way.

Teri returned to Metro to begin her dinner preparations, and Dusty said that some of her suggestions were good. He also mentioned that he had hired Janet, and Teri assumed that her sister would be a waitress. Just then, Janet ran in wearing a flashy cocktail dress, reporting for her first night of work. Teri was stunned that Janet would be her immediate supervisor and said she "never saw it happening." Janet answered a call and then grabbed her coat and said she had an emergency with Jack and out she ran

At the police station, Margo refused to charge Jack with disorderly conduct or anything else, as Janet arrived. Janet was furious and went after Jack, telling him not to go back home, but to stay away from her. Jack looked as if he had been smacked.

Simon took the food back to Katie's, and he found her gloomy. She said that Henry had taken her to Brad's grave, but she had not been able to say goodbye. Simon asked her questions about her romance with Brad, and he promised to be right there with her as long as he was welcome.

Henry was exhausted, and he went back to his room in the Lakeview, and Brad popped in, very excited. Brad said he had a plan, and he explained that all he needed was a very good friend whose body he could use temporarily. Henry said that no one was using his "sacred temple," but Brad begged and begged. Henry yelled "No!" over and over, and said he needed to get some rest. Brad wanted to at least talk about it, but Henry swore he would have Brad "ghost-busted" before Brad could use his body.

Brad backed off, but he didn't give up. Henry said he was "wiped out," and he took off his shoes and lay on his bed on his back. His last words before sleep were that he was sorry he had to turn down Brad's request. Brad got a glint in his eye, and as Henry slept, Brad carefully laid his body down exactly in the same position, on top of Henry. Brad's form disappeared into Henry's body.

Friday, December 11, 2009

In Henry's hotel room, Henry told Brad that they'd talk after Henry's nap. When Henry fell asleep, Brad's spirit sank into Henry's body. Brad flashed Henry's eyes open, amazed that the transition had worked. Brad tested Henry's borrowed body by pouring himself a drink. Suddenly, Henry regained consciousness and ordered Brad out of the body.

Henry's body jerked back and forth as Henry and Brad took turns using it to talk to each other. Henry called for security, but Brad successfully subdued Henry, regaining bodily control. He changed into a black tee shirt, and opened the door to find Vienna standing on the doorstep.

A frantic Vienna hugged Henry's body, explaining that she'd been vacationing with friends when she'd read about Brad in the newspaper. Brad pulled Henry's body away, awkwardly calling Vienna "Leibchen," as Henry would do. Vienna seemed perplexed that Henry acted standoffish, and the Brad-possessed Henry said that he just hadn't expected her. He claimed that he was late for an important appointment.

Vienna pulled the Brad-possessed Henry into her arms, saying she'd flown halfway around the world to comfort him. She guided him toward the bed, but he jerked away, claiming to still be upset about Brad's death. He rushed out, saying that he was going to see Katie.

At Katie's house, Katie doubted that Simon could settle down and make a life for himself in Oakdale. Simon believed that anyone could change. Jacob cried, and Simon hopped up to check on him. Katie followed and grew upset upon listening to Simon's heart-to-heart chat with Jacob. Katie said that it should be Brad, not Simon, teaching Jacob about the world. "I just want my husband back! I just want Brad!" Katie sobbed.

Later, Katie answered her door to find Henry holding flowers and glaring at her like a lovesick teenager. He touched her face, and she jerked back. The Brad-possessed Henry said that she had something on her face. Katie noted that he behaved strangely, and he explained that she just missed Brad. The Brad-possessed Henry remarked that Katie looked amazing, and he attempted to smell her hair. Katie pulled away again, staring bizarrely at him.

The Brad-possessed Henry gave Katie a Cubs outfit for Jacob, and Katie cooed that it was something Brad would have picked out. He asked her to try it on Jacob. Katie carried Jacob into the living room and let Henry hold him. The Brad-possessed Henry welled up with emotion, saying that he had to tell Katie something.

Simon entered, and the Brad-possessed Henry grew upset. Jacob started crying, and Katie took him for a soothing walk. After she left, Simon wondered what drug Henry was on, recalling that Henry and Simon had agreed that Simon would help Katie get over Brad. "No relationship can transcend death," Simon said. The Brad-possessed Henry asserted that Katie and Brad had an insurmountable love, and there was no way Katie would get over it.

Simon gave Henry a peculiar stare, wondering if everything were okay. The Brad-possessed Henry calmed down, saying that he understood that Katie would get over Brad eventually. When Simon retrieved his phone to call Katie, the Brad-possessed Henry picked up something and hit Simon over the head. Simon fell to the floor.

On her walk, Katie ran into Vienna in Old Town. The women held each other tightly, and Vienna stared at Jacob, saying that Brad would have been proud. Katie wondered if Vienna had seen Henry, and Vienna pouted, saying that Henry didn't want to see her. Katie thought that was impossible, but Vienna said Henry hadn't been acting like himself. Katie agreed that Henry had been acting incredibly weird. Vienna remarked that it was almost as if he were a different person.

At the farm, Lily asked if Holden had confronted Meg about the cake. When Holden said he'd do it after Meg's hospital shift, Lily worried that Meg could try to kill Damian again. Molly noted that Meg wouldn't have administered CPR if she'd wanted him dead, and Holden stated that Meg was innocent until proven guilty. Emma entered, asking what was going on. Lily, Molly, and Holden updated Emma, who decided to go to the hospital to find her daughter.

Damian awakened in his hospital bed, startled to see Meg staring at him. She accused him of stringing her along to keep her quiet, but he pretended not to know what she was talking about. After Meg detailed what he'd done to prevent Lily from searching for Holden, Damian claimed that he'd never be so diabolical. Meg threatened to go to the police. Damian innocently responded that she wasn't making any sense and she'd lost the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality.

Meg realized that Damian had been making her seem crazy, and he insisted that he wouldn't leave Lily. He touted that Lily and he might have another child, and Meg pounced on him, screaming, "Why are you doing this to me!" Emma rushed into the room and wrested Meg off Damian.

Meg said that Damian had been having an affair with her, but suddenly, he was lying about it to make her look crazy. Emma asked Damian for his version, and Damian said Meg wanted things that he couldn't give her. "I'm in love with my wife and only my wife," he stated. Meg blabbered on about how Damian had asked her to move in with him, and she insisted that he loved only her. Damian said that he didn't love Meg, and Emma decided that it was time to go.

Lily picked Damian up from the hospital later, and he explained Meg's insane behavior earlier. Lily wanted to get a restraining order, and revealed that Meg had tried to kill them.

Once Meg arrived at the farm, Emma, Holden, and Molly stared at her knowingly. Meg assumed that they'd concocted some sort of an intervention, but she felt it was unnecessary, because she'd finally understood that Damian had been manipulating her. Meg explained to everyone how Damian had thwarted Holden's rescue search and hidden the DNA results, which didn't match Holden. Meg swore that Lily never would have married Damian if she'd discovered even a hint of Holden's survival.

When Emma asked how long Meg had known about the cover-up, an ashamed Meg admitted that she'd known for months. She'd kept quiet, because Damian had promised to be with her. Meg didn't want Damian anymore, citing that he was a vicious and cruel human being who'd stop at nothing to get what he wanted.

Damian and Lily entered in time to hear Meg's recrimination, and Meg revealed to Lily the truth about Meg's relationship with Damian. Meg asserted that Lily hadn't buried Holden, and Damian had known that all along. Damian stated that he'd already called the Kentucky police for a faxed copy of the DNA results. A satisfied Meg said they'd all finally believe her.

Later, Lily and Emma entered with the fax. Meg was shocked when Holden read that the DNA test results matched Holden. Damian snickered when Meg accused him of falsifying the fax. Holden reasoned that he'd lost a lot of blood, so some of it could have been in the truck. Meg said she'd spoken to Officer Grady herself. Damian chimed in that Grady had traveled to Oakdale to apologize for the DNA test error in light of Holden's return. Meg accused Damian of paying off Grady, and she looked through her purse to find her phone to call him herself.

Lily accused Meg of concocting the story to cover up her own crime. Meg had no idea what Lily meant, and Holden said that Meg was suspected of poisoning the wedding cake. "Are you insane?" Meg scoffed. Holden explained that they'd found toxins in the cake. Meg exclaimed that she'd never do something so evil, but she figured that it was exactly what Damian wanted everyone to believe. Meg began unraveling, yelling that she just needed her phone.

Molly held up a packet of white powder that had fallen from Meg's disheveled purse. Meg claimed that Damian was setting her up, and she ran out of the house. Emma asked Lily and Damian to leave, and Holden reassured his distraught mother that Molly and he would find Meg.

As Molly and Holden searched for Meg at the Lakeview, Lily and Damian arrived at home. Damian went upstairs for a bath, and Lily glanced at the front door. She noticed that the windowpane inside it had been shattered. Lily turned and shrieked to find Meg standing behind her.


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