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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 14, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Holden and Molly entered Damian's suite at the Lakeview and found quite a few of Meg's belongings there. Molly opened up Meg's laptop and found it filled with photos of Damian. Holden said it appeared as though his sister was behaving like a stalker, and he wanted to leave immediately. Holden asked Molly if she wasn't really glad she had returned to Oakdale, which he called "Dysfunction Junction."

Lily noticed a broken pane of glass in her door at home, and suddenly Meg surprised her from behind. Meg swore that she had not poisoned Lily's wedding cake, but Lily would not listen, so Meg grabbed a large shard of glass and threatened her with it. Lily cried out for Damian, who ran in shirtless, yelling at Meg. Meg grabbed Lily from behind and held the sharp glass to Lily's throat while she demanded that Damian, for once in his miserable life, tell the truth.

Damian told a hysterical Meg to let Lily go, and he said that he had "never stopped caring" for her. Damian admitted that he had made promises, and then he begged Meg to put down the glass. Lily broke loose, and Damian grabbed Meg. Lily quickly called both the police and Holden, who was just leaving the Lakeview with Molly. Lily asked him to get to her house as soon as possible.

Holden and Molly rushed into Lily's living room, and Meg yelled to her brother for help. Damian was restraining her, and he explained that Meg had threatened Lily with a shard of broken glass, and then Molly spotted blood on Lily's back. Holden ran to Meg, who ranted that Damian had set her up. Molly offered to bandage Lily, and she also suggested that Damian get dressed.

The police arrived, and Lily began to explain how Meg had broken in, but Damian stopped her and said that there had been "a terrible misunderstanding." He explained that there had been no intruder, only a "surprise visit" from Mrs. Grimaldi's former sister-in-law. The officer recognized Holden as Jack's cousin, so he made no arrest and said his goodbyes. Meg was still furious at Damian for still not recognizing the depth of their relationship, which he called "Meg's fantasy." He was worried that Meg might return later and hurt them, but Holden was annoyed that, once again, Damian had "saved the day" and therefore got to make all the rules.

Holden and Damian had a talk, and Damian suggested that there was only one solution for Meg in her present state of mind. Holden made arrangements for Meg to go to a psychiatric facility, and he and Molly took her there. Meg was very agitated and claimed that she had never hurt anyone. She cried for Holden not to leave her there, but Holden explained that it was the only place where Meg would be safe. The nurse gave Meg an injection to calm her, but she continued to struggle.

Molly sat by Meg's bed, as they waited for the sedative to take effect. Meg began to get drowsy, and she muttered that Molly was an "investigative reporter" and had to "find out" something. Molly could not figure out what Meg was asking, and then the exhausted woman fell asleep. Holden stepped in to tell Molly that it was time for them to leave.

Lily and Damian prepared for bed, and Damian expressed concern for Lily's wound. He stated that he should have taken her to the emergency room for treatment, but Lily said that Molly had done a good job of wrapping it. Damian promised that Meg would never be able to hurt them or their family again.

Rosanna was depressed because of all the regrets from people invited to her wedding. To Craig, she referred to their nuptials with great gloom as the "can miss event of the season." Craig suggested that they do something fun, such as get their marriage license that day. He was hoping that would take Rosanna's mind off the poor response from their "friends." Rosanna reminded Craig that they needed a witness for the application, and she immediately thought of Carly.

At Carly's, Jack repaired a chair as Carly thanked him, but she also urged him to get a job. Rosanna called, and Carly felt forced to agree to be the witness for the license. Jack overheard the conversation and encouraged Carly to "just say no," but Carly gave in. Jack told her she was out of her mind, and he stated that he was going with her, just to make sure everyone stayed on his best behavior.

Rosanna was very pleased that things had worked out with her sister, who was not only designing and sewing her wedding dress, but also had agreed to be a witness for the marriage license. Rosanna reaffirmed her belief in love, and she and Craig left for City Hall.

At the license bureau, Rosanna explained to the clerk that her sister would be there momentarily, but the clerk said they could not wait for the five minutes that Rosanna had requested. Craig, glancing at the clerk's nametag, asked "Doris" if she believed in love. Doris responded that she believed more in punching out at closing time. Craig went off on a lecture that lasted just long enough for Carly and Jack to dash into the room.

Jack explained his presence by saying that he was "a sucker for romance." Rosanna signed the license, then Craig, and finally Carly gave her signature. Rosanna suggested that the four of them celebrate with a meal, and when Carly looked at Jack with a question in her eyes, he replied that he "wouldn't miss it."

The four of them went to Metro, and Carly mentioned casually that she had sold her share of the club to Dusty. Craig was irked because of all the time he had put in there while Carly was in rehab. He was angry that she hadn't offered him her share first. Jack scored a direct hit at Craig by commenting that if Craig had spent a little more time at Metro and less time sleeping with Carly's sister, things would have worked out better for him.

Craig retorted by saying that Jack was using his ex-wife's home as his "crash pad," until a fed up Carly told both men to "put a sock in it." Then she suggested to Rosanna that they have her bachelorette party there at the club, and Rosanna liked the idea. Carly said she would talk to Teri about it.

After the meal, Carly and Jack went back to Carly's, and Jack remarked that Craig was clearly not over his feelings for Carly. She argued with Jack and refused to give that any credence.

At the Lakeview, Craig griped at how "proprietary" Jack was about Carly. Rosanna remarked that Jack was not the issue,. Craig agreed and said that the two of them were the issue, and "to hell with everyone else." Rosanna looked disturbed as Craig took her in his arms.

Brad, still in Henry's body, knocked out Simon and dragged him onto the bed at Katie's. The doorbell rang, so Brad answered it as Henry. The visitor was an aspiring actress, Camille, who thought she was auditioning for a part. She recognized Henry as "that Geneva Swift guy," as Brad began to explain the deal. He asked if she knew about the "costume," and Camille opened her coat to reveal bright red sexy underwear. Brad took her into the bedroom and set her up in the bed next to an unconscious Simon.

Vienna and Katie talked, and Vienna asked her friend if Henry had changed that much, because the man she had seen that day was not the man she had fallen in love with. Katie was sad because she felt that she had lost both Brad and Henry. Katie went home and walked into the bedroom and spotted Simon, still out cold, and his "friend." Katie yelled at Camille and asked her "who the hell" she was. The woman asked if Katie was the casting director, and then she wanted to know if there were hidden cameras in the room.

Katie grabbed Camille's coat and sent her packing. As Camille was going out the door, she asked if she had gotten the part, and Katie slammed the door on her. A groggy Simon, wearing only a blanket, walked out of the bedroom and asked what had happened. Katie told Simon to start at the beginning, and Simon said he had been talking to Henry in the kitchen, and the next thing he knew was that he had awakened in the bed, naked.

Simon had no idea who the "promising porn star" was when Katie described her. Simon also reeked of alcohol, but Katie realized that he truly had no clue as to what had gone on. Simon said he did have a raging headache and another lump on his head, however. He mused how strangely Henry had been acting, and then he realized that Brad was behind it all. Katie had a frightening epiphany and asked if Brad could possibly be inside Henry's body. She asked Simon to watch the baby, and she took off, saying she had to "see a man about a ghost."

Still in Henry's body, Brad went back to Henry's room and had a chat with himself in front of the mirror. Vienna returned and was stunned when "Henry" couldn't remember that he had cheated on her with Barbara Ryan. Brad and Henry began struggling for possession of Henry's body, as Vienna watched the sideshow, amazed. Finally, Henry threw off Brad, but Vienna was so freaked out by that time that she made a break for the door.

Brad reappeared, and he and Henry argued. Henry answered a knock on the door, and Katie walked in and grabbed him and kissed him on the lips. Then she pulled back and shouted, "You're not Brad!" Katie asked if it was true that Brad had been inhabiting Henry's body, and Henry admitted it.

Back at Katie's, Simon sang "Waltzing Matilda" to the baby, as Brad watched. Brad overheard Simon tell Jacob how good it felt to be with him and Katie. The infant fell asleep, so Simon napped on the couch until someone tapped him on the knee. Simon jerked awake and saw Henry, who informed him that he had gotten rid of Brad. Henry also advised Simon to tell Katie how he really felt about her.

Katie went to Brad's grave and talked with him. She was sorry, but she said that she had to let him go for Jacob's sake. Brad stood behind her and listened, and then someone touched Katie's shoulder. It was Simon, who asked Katie to walk with him. He assured her that Henry was watching the baby, and the two of them walked off. Brad stood by his grave, watching them walk away.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mick talked with Paul and Emily at Fairwinds, as Alison prepared an injection for Emily. Barbara walked in and scolded Mick for not showing up at her hotel room for her treatment a half an hour before. She said she was late for another appointment, so she wanted her injection right away. Emily told her to "Take a number," but Paul interceded and persuaded Emily to let his mother go first. He said he wanted to go to Old Town and pick up some things for Christmas for Eliza, and Emily finally agreed.

Alison made up Barbara's syringe, but she was curious why Mick had changed his mind about allowing her to observe his work on the miracle serum. Mick said he had reconsidered after remembering that Paul was the one funding his research, and he needed to keep "the boss" happy. Barbara asked Alison for a minute alone with Mick before she received the shot, and Alison obliged. When Barbara and Mick were alone, she asked him why he had a signet ring in his possession with the initials "J .S." on it.

Mick accused Barbara of breaking into his room, but she said that the housekeeper had let her in. Mick was upset that Barbara had violated his privacy, but she was not deterred. She repeated her query, and Mick said that he liked to collect personal souvenirs from people around the world. He claimed to have bought the signet ring from a street vendor in Bolivia, but Barbara was not convinced.

Paul and Emily walked through Old Town and made a few purchases. Paul asked Emily what she really wanted for Christmas, and his wife said she only wanted a baby. She was encouraged that Mick's treatments were working, and she felt terrific. Emily told Paul to go get a beer, and when he got home, her treatment would be finished.

Barbara got her injection, and when Mick left the room to consult with Alison, she noticed Mick's jacket draped on the back of a chair. Barbara searched the pockets, and she removed Mick's Lakeview room key card and stuffed it in her own coat. Alison walked in, followed by Emily, and Barbara made her exit.

Mick joined the remaining women and he suggested that Emily lie down for her treatment, since she was prone to lightheadedness afterwards. Emily agreed to meet him in her bedroom, and she went upstairs. Alison looked worried, and she warned Mick that if anything happened to her sister, Paul would kill him. Mick grinned and asked Alison if he looked worried.

Emily had her injection and the accompanying dizziness did not last long. Mick, however, wanted her to stay down for about an hour. Alison mentioned that it might be beneficial to figure out why Emily got dizzy after the injections, but Mick assured her that Emily was fine. Then Mick, himself, staggered, and Alison asked if he was all right. Mick said it was just a migraine, so Alison took his pulse and told him that his heart was racing. She scolded him for not having a recent physical, but Mick put her off.

Barbara used Mick's key and let herself into his hotel room. She searched the desk and then opened the armoire. She found a large shoe box, which she took out and opened. Inside, Barbara was stunned to find many old letters that she had written to James Stenbeck years earlier. Barbara put the box back, but she was quite shaken. She then noticed a used tumbler on the dresser, so she used a handkerchief to wrap it, and she put the glass in her purse.

Carly told Jack that she didn't know what to wear to Rosanna's bachelorette party. She had laid out a choice of three outfits, and she asked Jack for his opinion. They joked about it, as Molly walked in and asked if she was interrupting anything. Carly made Molly promise that she would go to Rosanna's party, and Molly agreed, but she said it was "under duress." Jack left, and Molly teased Carly about letting her ex-husband sleep on her couch. Carly protested that she wanted Jack to get back with his wife, but Molly couldn't understand why Carly was being so nice to her sister, who had stolen Craig from her. Carly hustled Molly out the door.

In the Lakeveiw, Rosanna was excited about her party, and she asked Craig what his plans were for the bachelor party. Craig said that he didn't know, and he claimed to have made some new friends who were doing the planning. Rosanna left for Metro after she warned Craig to behave himself.

At Metro, Janet and Teri were making party preparations when Dusty walked in. When he found out that Rosanna was having her bachelorette party there, he said that marriage was not going to be celebrated in his club. Janet complained that it was too late to cancel, and she argued with Dusty. She and Teri finally convinced Dusty to take the night off, just as Rosanna arrived. She told Dusty that Craig was on his way to his party, too. Dusty walked out and left the club to the women.

Rosanna reminded Janet that Carly would be at her party, but Janet told the bride-to-be not to worry about it. Carly arrived, and Janet served nonalcoholic drinks. Carly mentioned that being back in Metro freaked her out. The conversation turned to how few people would be at the wedding, and there were some awkward pauses. Carly was gracious with Rosanna, but she said that she did not have that much faith in believing that love could solve all problems.

Janet served the food, and Carly and Rosanna asked her and Teri to join the party. Carly said if she could forgive Rosanna, she could certainly forgive Janet. Janet took exception to that and said that Carly had it backwards; Carly should be apologizing to Janet instead.

The two women traded barbs until Janet warned Rosanna to watch out for her husband with Carly around, and Carly blurted out, "He ain't her husband yet." Rosanna was stunned, and Carly immediately apologized to her sister. She also asked Janet to go back to their "truce," as Rosanna said it was all right if Carly was still angry at her.

Teri served the desserts, and Carly wandered behind the bar. Teri asked Carly if she could get her anything, and a teary-eyed Carly was about to order a drink when Janet approached and told Carly she didn't want to do that. Carly took a deep breath and concurred, and then she joined the others. Molly hinted wickedly that she knew what her cousin really needed, and Carly laughed, but Rosanna was shocked. Rosanna thanked Carly for the party, and the guests left. Janet and Teri stayed to clean up.

Molly walked into Old Town and eventually ran into Rosanna. Rosanna tried to convince her cousin that Craig had really changed, and she said she firmly believed that people deserved second chances.

Craig was sitting at the bar in Yo's, drinking doubles by himself. Jack walked in and ordered a beer and claimed he was job hunting. Jack said he was looking for a job that did not require brains or ethics, sort of like the one Craig had. Dusty walked in and gave Craig a hard time about not having any friends to throw him a bachelor party, and he chalked that up to the fact that no one could trust Craig. Craig said he was just having a drink before he went to his party, and he stood up to go.

Jack called Craig's bluff, and Craig admitted that there was no party, but he put an arm around each of them and declared that they were his friends, and God help him. Craig said his "friends" had to stay and at least pretend to celebrate, so Jack and Dusty ordered the best single malt whiskey in the house. Craig claimed that he was not the worst person in the bar, and they made a bet on that with the loser buying all the booze.

Craig invited his "buddies" to sit at a table, and he asked the bartender to bring the bottle. Then Craig noticed a newcomer in the bar, and he invited them all to drink up because someone worse than he had arrived: Paul Ryan. Craig asked Paul to join them, but Paul said he couldn't stand Craig. Jack said that was everyone's qualifying characteristic, so Paul pulled up a chair and declared himself "in."

Jack toasted Craig and referred to how dumb Craig had been when he had given Parker control of his trust fund and enabled Carly to "become a drunk right in front of his eyes." They all drank, and then Dusty raised his glass to "the guy who kidnapped his own daughter," had tried to kill Dusty, and had stolen Dusty's son. Everyone drank again, and then Paul chimed in by saluting Craig, who had tried to frame Paul for murder, had faked paternity of Meg's baby, and had bombed his car. Craig pronounced that he was touched by the warmth and graciousness of his "friends."

Jack told Craig that his upcoming marriage to Rosanna would "end in disaster," and Craig had endured enough and said his goodbyes. The rest of them left soon afterwards, and Jack stopped in at Metro. He saw Janet and asked if she would go to the wedding with him, and Janet agreed.

Paul went to the Lakeview and caught up with Mick, who was standing outside his hotel room searching for his room key. Paul was concerned about Emily's well-being, but Mick assured him that Emily would soon have the baby she wanted so badly. Paul asked if Mick knew a Dr. David Prentiss, and Mick answered that Prentiss was a leading fertility specialist. Paul said he had arranged to meet the doctor to go over Mick's protocol.

Carly was opening her front door when a very drunk Craig stumbled up. Carly told him he was drunk and asked him to go home, but Craig wanted to know if he was "good enough" for Rosanna. He was worried that he could not make Rosanna happy if he couldn't stop thinking about Carly.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Barbara took the tumbler from Mick's room to the police station and slipped it to an officer who had done "favors" for her previously. She explained that she wanted to know if Mick Dante was who he said he was. The cop asked for his money, and Barbara handed him an envelope with cash in it. She advised him not to spend it all in one place, as she turned around and bumped squarely into Henry.

Henry asked why Barbara was trying to get "dirt" on Mick, but Barbara said the she wanted to make sure "the guy was legit" because Paul had invested a great deal of money in him. Henry declared that he saw "the twinkle of subterfuge" in Barbara's eyes, and he asked what her angle was. She would not answer, but instead asked Henry what he was doing for dinner. He said he was busy.

Henry met Maddie at the diner, and Maddie said that ever since she and Casey had broken up, she was wandering with no purpose. Henry said that Vienna had returned for a short while, but then had vanished again. He proposed that he and Maddie make a "fraternal pact" to forget their pasts and move forward. Maddie asked her brother if he had any prospects, and Henry admitted that there was someone interested in him, but he refused to name names.

Later, Barbara knocked on Henry's door, but he told her that it wasn't a good time. Barbara said she was good listener, so Henry said, "What the hell," and invited her in. Henry mixed himself a martini and poured Barbara a sparkling water, as he mused that the bottom of his world had fallen out when Brad died, Katie shunned him, his mother turned out to be a murderer, he found out he was the "spawn of the devil," and Vienna left him. Barbara sympathized and then turned away to answer her phone.

Barbara's caller was her friend at the police station who advised her that they had a hit on the fingerprints on the glass. Barbara, looking at Henry, asked the officer to forget the details and skip to the bottom line. The cop said the prints belonged to James Stenbeck. Barbara hung up and appeared a little woozy. Henry expressed concern, but Barbara grabbed her purse and took off, telling Henry that she would speak with him later.

Paul called Emily at Fairwinds and surprised her; she thought he was upstairs in the house. Paul said that Mick had agreed to go with them to talk with the fertility expert, and Paul wanted to go right away. Mick was standing next to Paul in an alcove in the Lakeview, and he surreptitiously withdrew his blue light flash from his pocket. He obviously was about to use it again on Paul, but he backed off when Paul put Emily on hold and took another call. This time the caller was Meg, who said that she was in big trouble and needed Paul's help.

Meg continued that Damian had set her up, and everyone believed that she was crazy. She said she was in Deerbrook Sanitarium, and she didn't know what to do. She begged Paul for help, and he promised to be there as soon as possible. Paul clicked back to Emily and said he was sorry, but he had to take care of something right away. Emily asked about the fertility doctor, but Paul said he would have to reschedule. Paul told Mick that he would tell him when and where to show up to meet the doctor.

Mick went to Fairwinds and told Emily that he wanted to see how she was doing after her treatment. He asked to draw more blood, and she agreed. Emily also asked Mick if he knew what emergency had taken Paul away, and Mick said he only knew that it had something to do with Meg.

At Deerbrook, Paul visited with Meg, and she explained that Damian had played her like a fiddle and was responsible for her being there for observation under a 48-hour watch. Meg was terrified that Damian would find a way to keep her there, and she swore that she had not tampered with the wedding cake. Paul promised that he would get Meg out of there.

Maddie did homework in the library, but she was distracted by classical piano music from a nearby practice room. She called out for quiet, but finally she went to investigate. She opened the door to the room and found that the pianist was Hunter. Maddie listened to him play with great feeling until he felt her presence and turned around. Hunter was upset that Maddie was "spying" on him, but Maddie said he was being silly. Hunter walked out, telling Maddie to mind her own business.

Alison attempted to assemble a complicated toy castle in the on-call room at Memorial, but she was having difficulty. Casey clocked out and spotted her in there, so he walked in and offered to help. He sat with her on the floor, and Alison asked if he had a "hot date" with Maddie, but Casey said that he and Maddie had broken up. He only offered that "things hadn't worked out," so Alison asked what he wanted from her. Casey said he only wished to help her put the toys together for the kids in the hospital.

The two of them worked together on a small two-wheeled bike, and Casey showed off and sat on the bike and immediately fell off backwards. Alison dissolved in laughter, and then the two of them got into a paper fight, as Mick Dante watched through the observation window. Alison saw him there, and he made her ill at ease.

Hunter roamed the halls of the hospital looking for Alison, but he found Casey instead, still struggling with the bicycle. Hunter irritated Casey by criticizing his mechanical skills and also making a remark about Casey's girlfriend, Maddie. Casey blurted out that he and Maddie were no longer together, and Hunter began asking all sorts of personal questions. Casey advised Hunter to quit while he was ahead.

Alison took the stairs in the hospital and saw Mick sitting in the stairwell. She referred to his "lurking" outside the on-call room, but Mick disputed that. Alison laughed that he looked as if he was hiding something, but Mick called her "suspicious." Mick suddenly suffered a spasm and groaned that he was having another bad headache. Alison urged him to see a neurologist, but Mick said he already had, and the symptoms were all related to stress.

Alison asked if Mick would like to help put toys together for the children, but he said that Christmas was "an overblown holiday," and he looked uncomfortable as he excused himself and left. Alison returned to the on-call room and was pleasantly surprised to see all the gifts not only assembled but wrapped. Casey and Hunter were sitting on the floor actually being pleasant to one another. After Hunter left, Alison teased Casey that her brother had saved his butt, and Casey asked Alison if she would go to the annual Hughes Christmas party with him. Alison teased him a bit more and then agreed to go.

Hunter ran into Maddie in Old Town, and he mentioned that she and Casey had broken up. He said that good news traveled fast, and Hunter was thrilled that Maddie was no longer spending time with someone who didn't properly appreciate her. Surprisingly, Maddie agreed with him, and she showed him a flyer in which Memorial was looking for musical acts for their annual Christmas program. Maddie urged Hunter to sign up to play the piano, but the young man said he never played in public.

Maddie said if Hunter would not sign up, she would do it for him, and she asked his last name. When he answered, "Hunter," a confused Maddie asked for his first name. He refused to reveal that and shouted "No!" at her, and he walked off.

Alison napped in the on-call room, but she felt someone watching her. She sat up and saw Mick, bathed in a strange bright light, standing at the observation window again. Alison followed him outside, and he led her towards a building with a tall steeple. Then Alison woke up and realized she had been dreaming. Casey was standing in the room, and he apologized for scaring her.

Paul arrived at home, and Emily, wearing a leopard skin negligee, asked how it had gone with Meg. Paul was surprised that Emily knew his whereabouts. He said that Meg was confined under observation, but his wife reminded him that Meg was not his problem. Paul said that, because of Eliza, he felt concern for his former wife, and he refused to turn his back on her. Mick arrived and apologized for telling Emily that Paul had gone to help Meg. Mick said that he was willing to meet with anyone Paul wished him to, and he was forever grateful for the Ryans' financial help.

In Old Town, Rosanna dropped a package, and Jack, who happened by, helped her retrieve it. He told her about Craig's bizarre bachelor party, and Rosanna said again that Craig was a totally different person from the old Craig. Jack just listened in disbelief.

At Carly's, a drunken Craig declared to her that he could not get her out of his head. Carly told him to go home and sleep it off because he was getting married in the morning. Craig said there was definitely something between the two of them, and Carly, out of patience, shrieked that, indeed, there was: her sister. Craig said that he was looking for "closure," so Carly opened the door, pushed him out and tried to close the door. She yelled at him to go home to Rosanna, but Craig said he could not do that.

Craig said that he needed to sleep with Carly one more time so that they "could put everything behind" them. Carly was dumbfounded and said that she didn't want him anymore. She called Craig a coward, and he admitted that he loved Rosanna, but he had to settle things with Carly. Craig spewed out platitudes about how he was doing it all for Rosanna, and if Carly would make love to him one more time, "everybody wins." Carly laughed out loud at that, but Craig reminded her that when he had kissed her the other day, Carly had kissed him back.

Craig swore that he knew he meant something to her, and the connection between them would not go away until they settled it. Carly reminded Craig that he had made his choice; he was marrying her sister. Craig leaned closer, just as Jack threw open the door and burst in. He immediately asked why Craig was there, and Carly announced that he was just leaving. Jack opened the door, and Craig walked out.

Jack told Carly that he knew something was up, and he was concerned that Rosanna was home waiting for her fiancé, who was drunk at his former fiancée's house. Jack guessed that Craig had been putting moves on Carly, and she told Jack everything. He reminded her that Craig's "closure" excuse was an old ploy, and Carly declared that she had never even considered it. Carly worried about Rosanna and wondered what she should do. She agonized, and then said that she had to tell her sister how Craig felt.

In Craig's suite, Rosanna got Johnny ready for bed, and she offered to tell him a story. She began a tale about an extraordinary princess who had a habit of losing everything she held dear. The princess began to search for "true love" by being open and forgiving. A miserable Craig walked in, and Rosanna said that she had been telling Johnny a story about a beautiful princess who won the love of a man who had sworn that he had changed.

Craig picked up the story by saying that the man was transformed into an ogre, who, added Rosanna, had to pass a series of tests. If he failed even one, he would never be a man again and he would be banished from the kingdom. Craig appeared worried, and he asked to finish the story himself. In the end, the ogre became a loving man and won the princess.

Carly went to Craig's suite and found the door unlatched. She pushed open the door and found Craig, Rosanna, and Johnny all dozing on the couch. Carly turned to leave, but Rosanna awoke and called to her. Craig looked shocked, and when Rosanna tucked Johnny into bed, he asked Carly what she wanted. Carly refused to answer until Rosanna returned. Before Carly could say anything, Rosanna returned and asked if she could spend the night before her wedding at Carly's as a tribute to her "old-fashioned side." Carly could only say yes, and she offered to get the car while Rosanna gathered her things.

Carly opened the door at home, followed by Rosanna. Jack was very surprised to see the bride, and Carly made hand signals that communicated that she had no choice in the matter. Rosanna went upstairs to get settled, and Jack laughed.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Janet called Teri to urge her to go to the wedding, but Teri was busy with the preparation for the reception at Metro. Janet said she was attending the event with her husband, a statement that Liberty overheard as she entered the kitchen at the farm. She rolled her eyes at the thought of her mother with Jack. Liberty wasted no time in reminding Janet that her husband treated her "like dirt" and had killed her father. She claimed Janet was "asking for trouble" by going to the wedding with Jack.

Janet grabbed her coat to head to Metro before the ceremony at the courthouse, but Liberty dropped the bombshell that she wanted her mother to know that she had made a decision: Liberty was dropping out of high school, not going to college, and getting a job to support herself. Janet questioned her daughter and shouted that Liberty had to go to college for herself and to honor her father. Liberty walked out the door, as Janet continued to scream at her.

Dusty arrived at Metro and found Teri sampling her own cooking. He said that whatever Teri was making smelled "fantastic," and he asked for some. Dusty had a portion, and when Teri said that she had to go to the market to get some basil, he offered to do the errand for her. She cautioned him to get the freshest basil he could find, and Dusty promised to go to the farmer's market in town.

Dusty walked through Old Town on his errand, and he spotted Janet crying on a bench. He sat with her and loaned her his scarf for her tears. Janet said that she'd had high hopes for Liberty, who was throwing it all away. Some carolers approached and began singing to Janet and Dusty. Janet joined in, and it lightened her mood, so she urged Dusty to sing along as well. Finally Dusty did, at full voice. Then he gave money to the singers and asked them to go to Memorial and sing for the children in the hospital.

Dusty began flirting with Janet, and she enjoyed it. They began to race to Metro, and the two of them dashed in, out of breath, surprising Teri and Liberty. Teri asked for the basil, and Dusty had to admit that he had forgotten it. He left immediately to get it, as Liberty apologized to her mother for upsetting her earlier. Janet wanted to discuss the topic further, but Liberty asked her to wait until after the holidays.

At home, Carly put the finishing touches on Rosanna's wedding dress, as she remembered the previous night's conversation with Craig. Jack walked in and teased Carly that it wasn't every day that "your ex-fiancé offered one last roll in the hay on the eve of his marriage to your sister." Carly warned Jack to "let it go," because she had changed her mind about telling Rosanna about it and breaking Rosanna's heart. Craig and Johnny arrived at the door, and Carly asked Jack to take the boy upstairs to help him get dressed.

Craig said the he wanted to apologize to Carly, but she surprised him by asking him to meet her as soon as possible in his hotel room. Craig turned immediately and walked out, as Jack returned looking for little cuff links for Johnny to wear. Carly offered to handle it, because she said that she had to go out anyway to get a "special present" for Rosanna. Carly left, while upstairs, Rosanna wrestled with a terrifying dream.

In Rosanna's dream, she relived the day that she had discovered that Craig had switched the footprints of Gwen's baby. In her dream, Rosanna confronted Craig and told him that she knew what he had done, and then the scene switched to Rosanna's car just before the crash that put her into a coma for years. Craig, however, instead of chasing her with his own car, was sitting in the back seat of Rosanna's car.

When Rosanna screamed in terror, Jack tried to waken her. Rosanna awoke confused, and Jack gave her some water to calm her. Jack asked her to relate the dream, and then he suggested that her sub-conscious was trying to tell her something. Rosanna was adamant that Craig was not the same man who had driven her off the road that fateful night.

Craig waited in his hotel suite, staring at his and Rosanna's marriage license. Someone knocked, and it was Carly, who walked in stating that she had changed her mind. She removed her coat, and Craig asked her is she was "for real." Carly said to Craig, "It's now or never," and she kissed him. Craig began to respond, but then he suddenly pushed Carly away, declaring that he could not do it. He apologized for even suggesting that they sleep together for closure. Carly snarled and called him a "son of a bitch," and then she told him that he had "passed the test."

Craig could not believe that Carly had been testing his loyalty to her sister. Carly, too, could barely comprehend that Craig was "not quite the creep" that she had envisioned. Carly said she had decided that if Craig really had gotten his brains out of his boxers, he might be worthy of Rosanna. She made him promise, however, never to do anything like that again, and they shook hands on it before Carly left.

Jack helped Johnny with his tie and talked to the boy about the importance of family. Rosanna listened around the corner, and then she joined them and reinforced Jack's thoughts. Johnny went upstairs to rehearse his part in the ceremony, and Rosanaa began dressing. Carly walked in downstairs without either a present for her sister or cuff links for Johnny, so the detective in Jack asked her what she had really been doing. Before Carly could answer, Craig arrived.

Rosanna ran downstairs but was disturbed when she saw that Craig was there. She told him that the groom should not see the bride before the wedding, but he said that was just an old superstition. He presented her with a family locket on a new gold chain, and that pleased Rosanna greatly. Jack looked at Craig and gave him his version of the evi l eye, as Rosanna returned upstairs.

Jack said that he knew that Craig had propositioned Carly, and Craig replied that on no level was that any of Jack's business. He said that he planned on spending the rest of his life making Rosanna happy. Craig's phone rang, and the caller was Margo, who had to decline to attend the ceremony. Craig was disappointed, because that left him without a best man. He was also irritated that no one in any family supported his marriage to Rosanna, and Jack's reply was "bummer." In a streak of benevolence, Jack offered to be Craig's best man because Rosanna deserved to be happy. Besides, he wanted to support Carly.

Rosanna put on the dress that Carly had made, and it looked lovely. The color was a shimmery gold, and Carly sat her sister on the bed and loaned her the "30-day coin" celebrating her sobriety. That covered everything but the "something blue" category, so Carly produced a small piece of blue fabric from Parker's first baby blanket. Rosanna was disappointed that Parker was still too angry at Craig to attend the nuptials, but Carly reassured her sister that Parker truly loved his aunt. Carly swore to always protect Rosanna's heart.

The two women went downstairs, where Jack whispered something to Carly, who broke out in gales of laughter. Jack had said that he had volunteered to be Craig's best man, but he had not yet gotten an answer. Craig, with great reluctance, agreed, since it seemed a better option than paying a stranger. He sent Jack on ahead to the courthouse, and Carly went upstairs to see if Johnny needed anything.

Jack stopped in at Metro on his way to the courthouse, and Janet and Liberty were finishing up the final details for the reception. Jack told his wife that he could not escort her to the ceremony because he was in the wedding as the best man. Janet was flabbergasted until she realized that her husband was doing it primarily for Carly. Jack left, and Teri and Liberty told Janet that Jack should not have dropped her like that.

Dusty, back with the basil, entered the club and overheard the women's conversation. He stepped up and offered to take Janet to the wedding. Janet protested, but she finally agreed, and everyone but Teri thought that was a fine solution. Teri's mood did not improve when she realized that Dusty had bought cilantro instead of basil.

At the courthouse, Jack had the flowers laid out for everyone and said that the judge was on his way. Rosanna went into a private room, and Craig asked Jack to check again on the judge. Jack walked out in the hall to make his call, and Janet arrived with Dusty. Jack looked stunned.

Carly pinned on Johnny's boutonniere and then asked him to check with Rosanna to see if she was all right. Craig had stabbed his finger with a pin while trying to address Johnny's flower, so Carly offered to pin on his boutonniere, as well. Craig remarked to Carly that she always had "that touch" with him. They looked at one another, as Rosanna watched from her private room.

Friday, December 18, 2009

At the courthouse, Rosanna observed the intimate stares between Carly and Craig as Carly pinned Craig's boutonniere on him. Rosanna stammered, asking Carly to fix her dress. In the anteroom, Carly poked herself while mending Rosanna's zipper. As Carly got a bandage, Craig entered, wondering if Rosanna were ready. "Are you?" Rosanna pointedly responded.

In the corridor, Jack was surprised to see Janet with Dusty. Janet said she didn't want to interrupt Jack's wedding duties, and she asked if Jack had a problem with that. Jack curtly thanked Dusty for escorting Jack's wife, and Jack left to find the judge.

Later, the wedding commenced, and Johnny walked Rosanna down the aisle. Craig recited his personalized vows to Rosanna. He said that he wanted to give her the family that she deserved, and he wouldn't fail her again, because he loved her with all his heart. When it was Rosanna's turn to speak, she hesitated. Craig urged her to say what was in her heart.

Rosanna said she loved Craig, and she loved their dreams of having a family. She stated that she'd always treasure his words, because she really believed that he'd meant them. "You've never once looked at me the way you were looking at Carly a few minutes ago," she said.

Craig stated that he didn't know what Rosanna had seen, but he wanted to be with her. She replied that everyone in the room knew that Craig couldn't let Carly go. Carly said that Craig had made his choice, but Rosanna replied that there wouldn't be a wedding that day.

Craig took Rosanna to talk in private. Janet asked if Jack wanted a ride to Metro, but he opted to stay to fulfill his wedding duties. The judge wondered what the odds were that the bride and groom would need him. Jack guessed slim to none, and the judge left. Carly wanted to help Craig talk some sense into Rosanna, but Jack said that it was a terrible idea. Carly insisted that it was okay, because Craig had passed the test.

"You gave Montgomery a sex test?" Jack asked. He guessed that Carly's errand earlier had been to see if Craig would make good on his proposition. Jack wondered how it all affected Carly, who could have been Craig's bride. Carly conveyed that Craig had always been there ready to enable her. "Maybe if you had been there..." Carly lamented; however, she realized that Jack and she had been over for a long time. Carly suggested that he find Janet at Metro.

In the anteroom, Craig admitted that he had unresolved feelings for Carly, but he vowed not to let them get in the way of his and Rosanna's future. Rosanna refused to be second choice. Craig said that once he'd reunited with Rosanna, there had been no other choice. Rosanna felt as if she'd just been a distraction for him while Carly had been away.

Rosanna wasn't angry; she just wanted them to finally be honest with each other. She revealed that her romance with Craig had been about getting back the years she'd lost. She'd desired to find a way to forgive Craig for the accident and to return to a time when Johnny, Craig, and she had been a family. She'd thought that doing so would end her nightmares.

Craig admitted that he'd wronged Rosanna in his desperation to keep the secret. On the night of the accident, he'd feared that he'd lose Johnny if Rosanna had told Paul about the baby switch. Craig hadn't wanted to run Rosanna off the road, but he'd panicked as she'd driven faster. Craig deeply regretted that he'd taken years of her life from her. He couldn't ask for her forgiveness, because some things were just unforgivable.

An emotional Rosanna ran into his arms, sobbing that she'd been waiting a long time to hear him say that. She swore that she did forgive him, and she thanked him. She laughed, saying, "You set me free. I can leave now and start my life again somewhere else."

Craig and Rosanna returned to the courtroom and announced that Rosanna would leave town to become the CEO of a German automotive conglomerate. A stunned Carly wondered what in the world Craig had said to her sister. Craig said that they'd realized that they were marrying for the wrong reasons. Rosanna felt that she was doing the right thing for everyone. Craig handed Rosanna the locket, saying that she'd always be a part of his family.

After Craig left, Carly assumed that she was at fault. Rosanna assured Carly that the decision was all about Rosanna, and it felt right. Rosanna gave Carly her bouquet, but Carly said she'd had no intention of getting married again. Rosanna made Carly promise not to settle, but to always go after what she wanted. "That's the Carly I know and love," Rosanna said. They cried, hugging each other, and Rosanna left.

Rosanna went to Craig's Lakeview room. Hugging Johnny, she said she wouldn't be his mother, but she'd always be his friend. "I don't regret a moment of it," Craig said. Rosanna stated that she didn't, either. They kissed, and Rosanna left.

In his hotel room, Henry congratulated himself on his poker skills, but Brad appeared, citing that Henry would have "folded like a tent" had Brad not read the opponents' hands to Henry. Henry said they were even, after Brad had borrowed Henry's body. Brad recalled how awestruck he'd been while holding Jacob. Brad wanted to be with his family, but Henry said it was too late, because Brad was dead. "Not all the way," Brad contended. Brad asked for one more favor. Henry balked, revoking Brad's "all-access pass" to Henry's body.

At Katie's house, Simon said that cleaning could wait while she attended her brother's wedding. Katie intended to make the reception, because she couldn't leave her house until it was cleaned. Simon assumed that she was dispelling ghosts, but Katie stated that the place was haunted with Brad's shaving cream and socks. "It just all has to go!" she yelled.

Pam, the real-estate agent, arrived, and Katie announced that she was selling her house. After Katie showed Pam around, Katie went to check on Jacob. Brad's ghost arrived. He said he'd be "damned" if he let Pam sell his house.

Suddenly, items flew off the shelves, and a chair toppled over. Simon assured a frightened Pam that the problem wasn't attached to the house. Henry charged in, commanding Brad to stop. Pam figured out that Henry had spoken to a ghost, and she bolted out of there. Katie returned to the room, asking what in the world had happened.

Simon claimed that Pam had left to take a phone call. Katie quizzically asked if Pam had thrown a chair on her way out. "Yeah, she had a really bad attitude as soon as you left the room," Simon replied. Katie looked at Henry, and he reluctantly admitted that Brad had frightened Pam away. Katie growled in anger. As she left the room, she warned Simon and Henry-and any ghosts that might be listening-not to follow her to the wedding reception.

Simon berated the invisible Brad for trying to make Katie live in a place that made her miserable. Henry agreed, telling Brad that it was the "museum of you." Brad threw fruit at Simon. When Katie returned, Henry offered to babysit, so that Simon could accompany Katie to the reception. "Traitor!" Brad seethed. After Simon and Katie left, Brad said that Henry was crazy to think that Brad would just let Simon hit on Brad's wife.

At Metro later, Janet asked Jack about Carly, but Jack preferred dancing to talking about Carly. Katie and Simon entered and heard about the failed wedding. Katie blamed it on Carly, but Simon doubted that Carly could have stopped the couple. Katie opted to leave, but Simon asked her for one dance. Katie vehemently refused, but Simon talked her into it.

As they swayed on the dance floor, Brad appeared. Henry marched in, shoved Jacob's baby carrier into Janet's hands, and argued with Brad in the corner. Brad begged Henry for one more use of Henry's body, but Henry refused. Simon and Katie stopped dancing to watch Henry. Jack asked Henry what was going on. "He is your brother! Would you please talk to him?" Henry implored Jack. Everyone looked on as an invisible force knocked Henry on his butt.

Jack helped Henry to his feet, and said that Henry needed to sober up and stop playing cruel tricks on Katie about her dead husband. Henry insisted that he hadn't knocked himself on his butt. He said that Jack could ask Simon and Katie about Brad's ghost, if Jack didn't believe Henry. Henry pressed an icepack on his butt and limped out of the restaurant.

Katie asked Simon to take Jacob home, because she had to deal the problem, once and for all. Katie followed Henry to his hotel room, where he was bickering with Brad. Katie interrupted, desperately asking for Henry's help in communicating with Brad.

Back at Metro, Jack apologized to Janet for cutting the dance short. He bumped into Carly as he left, and she pursued him. As Janet drank wine alone later, Dusty shut off the lights and asked her to dance. Janet quipped that the party had ended, but Dusty said that, as the boss, he'd say when it ended. While Janet and he danced, a disillusioned Teri watched.

Jack went to Brad's grave to ask why Brad was haunting everyone but the man responsible for putting him in the ground. Jack said that he couldn't stand the silence. He begged Brad to either torment him, or forgive him. Jack sobbed, wondering what he was supposed to do. Carly approached, stroked his back, and said, "Let's go home."

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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