One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 14, 2009 on OLTL

Ross was trapped on a bridge; eventually Todd shot and killed him. Danielle wanted nothing to do with Todd and Téa. Blair and Téa decided on a truce. Clint vowed to get back at Nora, and Nora found Clint in bed with Kim. Mitch claimed that John had been the one to stab him. Mitch threatened to harm one of Dorian's family members unless she fired Bo. Rex ended his relationship with Gigi.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 14, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, December 14, 2009

Bridge Over The River Lie

Bo, Téa, Todd, and Nora spotted Ross's stolen vehicle on a bridge near the Canadian border. Realizing that Ross was holding Danielle and Blair hostage inside, Bo instructed Ross to release them at once. While Danielle and Blair screamed for dear life, Ross stepped on the gas and drove in the direction of Todd, Téa, Bo, and Nora. Bo pulled Nora and Téa to safety, but a determined Todd walked toward the moving vehicle. Suddenly, the vehicle stopped. Moments later, Ross put the car in reverse and parked.

A few feet away, Bo rushed to Nora's side. Pulling her close, Bo stated that he didn't know what he would've done if Nora had been injured. Relieved that they had both escaped danger, Bo and Nora kissed. Meanwhile, Todd advised Téa that he intended to get his daughter back

Ross tried to comfort Danielle, and scolded Blair for pulling the emergency brake. Blair insisted that she couldn't allow Ross to kill Todd, and urged Ross to focus on Danielle's emotional state. Warning Ross that the police were stationed at both ends of the bridge, Blair advised Ross that he was cornered. With a sly grin, Ross exclaimed, "I still got you Blair!"

While the Seattle police force took charge, Bo advised Téa and Todd not to interfere. After Bo announced that sharpshooters were being stationed nearby, Téa begged Bo to allow her to negotiate with Ross, but Todd refused to place Téa in Ross's line of fire. While Todd and Téa argued, a shot rang out. As everyone took cover, Ross exited the vehicle. With a gun to Blair's head, Ross instructed Todd to use his influence and provide Ross with an exit route. Danielle and Blair begged Ross to give up, but he ignored both their pleas.

Fearing that Ross wouldn't hesitate to shoot someone, Bo pulled Nora and a screaming Téa aside, but Todd walked toward Ross. Ignoring Ross's demands to keep his distance, Todd stopped just a few feet short of the armed man and suggested that Ross release Blair and take Todd. Offering to help finance Ross's escape, Todd assured Ross that Todd could help him evade the authorities.

Terrified that Ross would hurt someone, Danielle reminded him that he was a good person. Danielle threatened to run away if Ross hurt either Blair or Todd. As Ross attempted to converse with Danielle, Blair kicked him, and Todd tackled him to the ground. While Blair ran to safety, Téa screamed for Danielle to run, but the frightened teen stood motionless. After an intense struggle, Todd gained control of the gun and pointed it at Ross. Immediately, Ross hid behind Danielle.

While maintaing a grip on Danielle, Ross stared down at the waters below. Realizing that he was cornered, Ross tried to convince Danielle to jump in the river and swim to safety with him. Before a panicked Danielle could respond, Todd shot Ross in the chest. An injured Ross touched Danielle's face and declared, "I love you!" Danielle screamed as Ross fell into the river.

At Llanfair, while Viki studied an article about Mitch Laurence, Charlie observed her from the balcony. Before heading inside, Charlie took a drink from a liquor bottle that he had hidden inside his suit jacket. As Charlie entered the house, Jessica rushed in and informed both Viki and Charlie that Mitch had attempted suicide at the jail. Viki and Charlie both had their doubts that Mitch would want to commit suicide. Upon learning that Natalie had witnessed Mitch's suicide attempt, Viki rushed off to locate Natalie at the jail

Once Viki had left, Jessica observed Charlie stumbling in the living room. Jessica questioned whether Charlie had been drinking, but he adamantly denied taking a drink. When Jessica insisted that she smelled liquor, Charlie admitted that he had slipped and had a drink. Confessing that he had purchased the alcohol during the Thanksgiving holiday, Charlie maintained that he hadn't taken a drink until the night of Jared's funeral. Charlie expressed the anger that had overcome him when Mitch stepped out of Jared's coffin. Charlie further related the rage he had experienced after visiting Mitch in jail.

Claiming that he didn't want to worry Viki, Charlie pleaded with Jessica to keep his secret. Convinced that Viki would support him, Jessica urged Charlie to be honest with her mother. Swearing that he was in control of the situation, Charlie placed a call to his sponsor and set up a meeting. Jessica sighed as she watched Charlie leave the room. Out in the hall, Charlie stared at his phone.

At the Llanview Police Station, Natalie stood in the room where she had stabbed Mitch, and stared at the puddle of blood that Mitch had left behind. Outside the interview room, Brody asked John to allow him to question Natalie about Mitch's attempted suicide. Stating that Natalie was in no condition to give a statement, John urged Brody to close his file on the incident and to allow the Internal Affairs Division to take over the case. An aggravated Brody agreed to hold off on questioning Natalie.

Upon entering the interview room, John suggested that he and Natalie get their stories straight, but Natalie admitted to stabbing Mitch, and questioned why John was covering for her. John listened as Natalie recounted the events that had led up to her decision to stab Mitch. Natalie told John that she had become enraged when she learned that the charges against Mitch had been dropped. Recalling how she panicked upon realizing that she could never bear Jared's child because of Mitch, Natalie admitted that she had removed the letter opener from Jared's desk and set out to stab Mitch with the weapon. Informing Natalie that she could be charged with premeditated murder, John insisted that she corroborate his claim that Mitch had stabbed himself.

Natalie feared that Mitch might wake up and reveal the truth. John related that no one would ever accept Mitch's word over theirs, but Natalie had her doubts. As John promised to protect Natalie, Viki entered the room and questioned why John felt the need to protect her daughter. John claimed that he wanted to protect Natalie from the reporters who anxiously awaited her statement. Viki declared that the world would be a better place if Mitch was dead, and prayed that his luck would soon run out. Reminding the ladies that he had a meeting with Internal Affairs, John suggested that Viki escort Natalie home.

Later, Brody approached John and announced, "We both know the truth. Natalie stabbed Mitch!"

Upon returning home, Viki wondered where Charlie had gone. Informing Viki that Charlie had gone to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Jessica assured Viki that Charlie was handling things just fine. Viki expressed concern over Charlie attending two meeting in one evening. At that moment, Charlie stood on the balcony and took another drink.

At the cottage, Gigi was horrified when Rex suggested that they separate. Frustrated that Gigi continued to seek comfort from Schuyler, Rex insisted that they break up, until Gigi realized what she wanted. Rex suggested that Gigi move in with Noelle and Moe temporarily, while he remained at the cottage with Shane. A confused Gigi agreed to Rex's terms. Before leaving the cottage, Rex told Gigi that he would always love her.

At the counseling center, Rachel tried to convince Schuyler to reveal to Gigi and Rex that Schuyler was the father of Stacy's unborn child. Rachel questioned how Schuyler could live with Rex raising Schuyler's child, but Schuyler wasn't sure that he could live without Gigi. Concerned that Schuyler was developing another addiction, Rachel attempted to convince her friend that he didn't have a chance with Gigi unless he told her the truth. Rachel also had doubts that Rex would give Gigi up without a fight.

Outside of the Buchanan mansion, Kim and Stacy waited for Nevil to emerge from the house. Kim was certain that Clint would end his marriage to Nora after Nevil informed him of her infidelity.

Meanwhile, inside the mansion, Nevil, who was posing as Nigel, informed Clint that Nora and Bo were having an affair. When Clint questioned how the butler would have knowledge that Bo and Nora had proclaimed their love for one another in London, Nevil related that David Vickers and Kevin also knew of the affair. Admitting that he had suspected that Nora and Bo were growing closer, Clint acknowledged that he had ignored the signs. A distraught Clint wondered why Nora hadn't told him about her feelings for Bo before their wedding. Clint dismissed his butler for the night.

Kim was thrilled when Nevil reported that he had told Clint about Nora and Bo's affair. Nevil feared that Bo and Nora would soon face Clint's wrath. After expressing his regret over exposing the affair to Clint, Nevil suggested that he and Kim get to know each other better. Insisting that Clint might fire Nevil if he ever learned of their scheme, Kim convinced Nevil to return to London.

Back inside the mansion, Clint studied a wedding photo that included himself, Nora, and Bo. Enraged, Clint violently hurled the picture across the room.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

"I Never Sank for My Father"

Gigi paid a visit to Llanfair to let Viki know that she wouldn't be seeing Gigi around much in the foreseeable future. Before talking about the reason why, the women had some discussion of Rex and Mitch. Gigi then admitted that she had kissed Schuyler. She recounted the event to Viki and confessed that she didn't know if she was leaving Rex for Schuyler. She did know that she needed time to herself to figure out what she wanted, hence the reason for her disappearing for a while. Viki was surprised to learn that it was Rex's idea.

Gigi admitted that Rex never liked the idea of Gigi being friends with Schuyler. She did feel something for Schuyler, but she wasn't sure if she was grateful for his being there or angry about Stacy and the baby. Maybe there was more, she declared. Viki reminded Gigi that she would have to choose between Rex and Schuyler eventually. Confiding that she needed time to get away and clear her head, Gigi noted that she had asked for time off at Rodi's and would probably stay with Moe and Noelle. She was surprised when Viki handed her a set of keys. Viki divulged that she owned a cabin on Llantano Mountain and Gigi could stay there and take her time.

Shane advised Rex that he already knew about Gigi and Rex breaking up when Rex approached his son with a batch of pancakes. "What does she need to think about?" Shane wanted to know. He admitted that he had tried to "guilt trip" his mom, but Rex convinced Shane that Gigi didn't need to be more upset than she already was. He explained that sometimes a loved one needed time to figure things out. "Will she end up with Schuyler?" Shane asked.

Shane recalled that Rex always acted strangely around Schuyler and he knew that his mother was moving out because of Schuyler. Rex was uncomfortable and didn't want to discuss the issue, but Shane reminded his father that the reason Gigi told him about speaking to each parent separately was so that he could ask questions. Shane was also worried about being in the middle of his parent's dispute. Rex assured him that the problem was between Gigi and Rex, and wasn't about Shane at all. Shane wondered how long his mother would be gone. He hoped it wouldn't be too long.

Slipping into the house unobtrusively, Gigi hugged her son and promised to see and talk to him often. As Shane headed off to school forlornly, Gigi wondered if they were doing the right thing.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Schuyler couldn't help staring at Gigi's name in his cell phone address book as nearby, Stacy spoke to Kim on the phone. The women each updated the other on the progress of their latest scheme to nab the men they were pursuing. Shortly after, Stacy sat down to enjoy a meal, causing Schuyler to rush to her side. He couldn't believe she was eating ham and drinking coffee, since both were bad for the baby.

Stacy reminded him that he wasn't supposed to care as part of their deal. She was sure that Schuyler didn't want to lose Gigi if Gigi found out that the baby Stacy was carrying belonged to Schuyler. He agreed reluctantly and explained that he felt the same about Gigi as he did when he was doing drugs. He felt as though he was addicted to Gigi by being in love with her. Stacy corrected him, noting that it wasn't addiction, but love, and it was beautiful. Giving in, Schuyler advised Stacy to take care of Rex's baby. He was happy that Gigi liked him, at least. Stacy assured him that he only needed a window of opportunity in order to make his move.

She added that it was too stressful for herself and her baby to worry about Schuyler saying something to Gigi, so she thought it would be best to tell Gigi herself. Picking up her phone, she advised him that she was calling her sister and the phone was ringing. Panicked, Schuyler grabbed the phone from her hand but he saw that Stacy had not really placed the call. He assured her that Gigi and Rex would be staying together, anyway.

On the other side of the café, Shaun was thrilled to see his sister newly returned from Seattle. He gave her a big hug. Destiny was happy to report that her mother had talked Rachel's ear off during the entire airplane ride back to Llanview. She also explained that Matthew was still in Seattle, waiting for a pretty girl. Destiny filled Shaun in on all that had happened with Danielle, and said that, while she didn't like the girl, she admitted that she felt bad for her. Shaun acknowledged that Destiny was obviously unhappy that Danielle had divided Destiny and Matthew. He wondered if Danielle actually knew she was between the pair.

Destiny insisted she wasn't jealous. Shaun added that she couldn't help it, dealing with someone who had fashion model looks, saved people, had lots of experience with the opposite sex, and had been around. Destiny hushed her brother, noting that they weren't talking about Greg. She only hoped that Danielle was going to live elsewhere. Shaun was happy that Destiny was sharing her feelings with him. She revealed that she was planning something special for Matthew.

Nigel found Clint laid out on the couch at the Buchanan mansion with the room in disarray. Clint advised his butler that he had a lot to think about but appreciated his servant's honesty and discretion. "Of course, sir," mumbled a confused Nigel as he retreated to retrieve a broom. Clint removed his wedding band, spitting on it emphatically.

Nigel was unsuccessful in keeping Kim out of the house, as Clint heard her arrive. She informed her boss that she had taken care of everything at the meeting that he had missed. She had handed out coffee, croissants, and Buchanan Enterprises t-shirts left over from the blood drive. She had advised the attendees that Clint had a family emergency. She also had some work for him to do at home, she announced professionally. Clint couldn't believe he had forgotten about his business meeting. As Nigel tried to intercede, Clint cut him off, reminding him of his promise to take Renee to an appointment. Nigel stood by eavesdropping as Kim began to put her plan in motion.

Kim soothed Clint, acknowledging that things must have been awful for him. Clint didn't want to discuss it, he told her. Kim apologized, realizing that it really wasn't her business, especially when Clint had Nigel and Nora to talk to. His wife was the problem, Clint couldn't resist telling her, adding that she was in love with his brother. Kim was "appalled" and promised that she would keep the news secret, but she couldn't understand. Clint was a wonderful man and didn't deserve it, she purred. Retorting that Kim really didn't know him, Clint reminded her that they had just met. He agreed with her assessment, though, that he didn't deserve it. Kim assured him that everything was for the best.

Clint admitted that he wasn't sure what his next move would be, but Kim urged him to get even. Clint was sure he would think of something, and Kim offered to help Clint out in any way that she could. Clint promised that he would give Bo and Nora a welcome home that they'd never forget.

In the Seattle hospital, Greg gave Nora and Bo the good news that Matthew was being released. They assured their son that Danielle had been located and was doing well. Bo reported the facts and that Todd had done the right thing for a change. He had risked his life for Danielle, which was surprising, since Todd usually only did something if it benefited himself. Greg talked about Matthew needing to start therapy, but the teen began to climb out of the bed. He insisted that he needed to see Danielle and would not return to Llanview until he did. As he wobbled and began to fall, Greg and Bo placed him back onto the bed. All smiles, Bo agreed that they would have to visit with Danielle at the police station if Matthew was so determined.

Outside of Matthew's room, Nora sighed that she would have to tell Clint that she was in love with Bo. Bo agreed that Clint deserved to know and that they had probably waited too long to tell him. She phoned Clint and advised him that Danielle was safe and after one more stop, she and Matthew would return home. She added that she had lots to tell him. In response to Clint's question regarding Bo's return, Nora replied that she wasn't sure when he would return. "I love you," she told her husband. Clint hung up on her, as he told her there was a terrible connection.

At the Seattle police station, the gathered Llanview residents awaited word on the river search for the missing Ross. Danielle was sure that her father was still alive. Téa knew that her daughter was having a difficult time emotionally. When the police official reported that Ross was presumed dead, Danielle lost it. She accused Todd of murdering her father and screamed, "Arrest that son of a bitch!"

As Téa tried to calm her daughter down, Todd voiced his annoyance at Blair for knowing that Danielle was his daughter and not telling him. Blair confessed that while she knew, it had only been for a short time. She swore that the reason she had sent Todd to Seattle was to settle things with Téa. Danielle advised Téa that she didn't want to go to Llanview because there was nothing there for her. "Yes, there is," Todd piped up.

Todd and Téa both pointed out that family members lived in Llanview, with Todd noting there were more than Danielle was aware of. "I'm...," he started to say but was interrupted as his daughter finished his sentence. "The man who killed my father," she criticized. She let him know in no uncertain terms that she hated him and wished he was the one who was dead. She never wanted Todd anywhere near her.

Téa attempted to explain that it wasn't Todd's fault that Ross was dead but Danielle reminded her mother that she had seen Todd commit the act. She said that Téa couldn't be her mother anymore and she needed to get away. She stormed out of the room with Blair, who offered to take her for a walk. Todd was upset that Danielle hated him. Elijah suggested that Danielle needed time to grieve, and Téa agreed.

As Gigi headed upstairs to retrieve her bag, she and Rex discussed Gigi's leaving. Stacy arrived to talk to Rex about her doctor's appointment and Gigi continued to talk, not realizing that Stacy was there. Stacy couldn't help smiling when she heard the news. Rex walked Gigi out and reminded her that they found each other and it had been easy to get back together after ten years apart. They kissed goodbye and expressed their love for each other.

Rex was annoyed with Stacy, as usual. She told him that she learned that "a happy parent makes a better parent," so she was hoping they could just be good friends. She was sorry he was having a rough time. Once she left, she phoned Schuyler and told him that the window of opportunity had opened. Gigi had moved out and it was time for him to move in.

Destiny was full of smiles when Greg called to inform her that Matthew would be discharged and was returning to Llanview. Shaun showed his displeasure at knowing that Destiny was on the phone with their brother. She urged Shaun to be happy for her. Shaun assumed that Greg would be returning, also.

When Danielle returned from her walk, she informed Téa that she didn't want her mother anywhere near her. An annoyed Téa reminded Danielle that she was still Danielle's mother, and Danielle would have to live with her. Elijah offered to have Danielle stay with him, and Blair offered La Boulaie as a place for Danielle to go--to which Téa quickly responded "no way". Danielle thought that Todd should kill her, too, because she'd rather be dead with her father.

Just then, Matthew arrived with his parents and suggested that Danielle stay with them. He assumed it wouldn't be a problem and he turned to his mother. Nora and Bo looked at each other awkwardly. Nora spoke up, suggesting that it wouldn't be a good idea. Téa pulled her aside and whispered. She pleaded with Nora to set aside her feelings about Téa, and promised to be "eternally grateful" if Nora would allow Danielle to live with her. Nora was against it at first, but gave in reluctantly. Matthew assured Danielle that she would love Llanview. They weren't going to the place they had originally thought, but he was fulfilling his promise of getting her home.

Todd thought it was a good idea to wait for Danielle to settle down before giving her any explanations on his real identity. He thought she should find out what kind of person Ross really was before he told her the truth.

Away from the others, Nora and Bo agreed that they would have to wait again to talk to Clint. Bo was sure that fate was working against them. Nora vowed that they would be together sooner or later.

After Gigi was gone, Viki dropped her phone. Bending down to pick it up, something caught her eye in the shrubs. Opening the patio doors and walking outside, she leaned down to pick up an empty vodka bottle.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Mel Word

John entered Mitch's hospital room, finding him still asleep. After flashing back to the stabbing at the police station and his subsequent cover-up, John pulled out the evidence bag with his letter-opener, and placed it in Mitch's palm, getting Mitch's prints on the blade. His work done, John prepared to leave, but stopped when a familiar voice rang out. "Hello, detective," Mitch murmured. "Here to make sure I get well soon?"

Mitch assured John that God had wanted him to live and carry on his good work. He asked if John had "put Natalie away," but John feigned ignorance. Outraged, Mitch declared that Natalie was the one who'd stabbed him, but John didn't see it that way. "You tried to kill yourself," he said coolly.

Mitch warned John that the evidence wouldn't back the cover-up, but John said he had Mitch's prints, the weapon, and no other witnesses. When Mitch asked John about justice, John said he felt his actions were justice. Mitch swore that Natalie would answer for her crime, but John said it would be Laurence's word against his, "and my word wins."

Outside the Buenos Dias Cafe, Brody and Jessica were dismayed to see the latest Sun headline about Mitch's survival. Entering the restaurant, they ran into Charlie, who was picking up a cup of coffee, and claimed he was headed to another Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. As he left, Charlie and Jessica shared a telltale glance.

After they settled into a booth, Brody asked Jessica about the tension between her and Charlie. Jessica confessed that she'd caught Charlie drinking, but that he'd told her it was a one-time slip and he'd already called his sponsor. She believed that if he was committed to his rehab program, she shouldn't bother Viki unnecessarily on top of the rest of the family strife. Brody wasn't sure he approved of the deception, but agreed that Viki didn't need any more anguish.

Outside, Charlie quickly dumped his coffee into the bushes, pouring vodka into his plastic cup instead. Noticing a voicemail left on his phone, he played the message and listened with sorrow as Viki professed her love and said she was heading to the Banner.

Inside the cafe, Jessica told Brody it was his turn to tell her what was eating at him. Brody said it was about Mitch's suicide attempt, and Jessica agreed that she found it suspicious. In no time at all, she'd concluded that Natalie had to have stabbed Mitch, with John covering for her. Brody explained how John had stonewalled him regarding the chain of evidence, and prevented him from taking Natalie's statement. Jessica asked him what he intended to do about the situation, but Brody had no idea, and told her he had to relieve Oliver, who was on guard duty at the hospital.

At Llanview Hospital, Kyle and Amelia helped Nick prepare for his discharge. Kyle asked about Nick's living arrangements, and Nick said he was going to be cared for by his aunt during his recovery. Amelia noticed Nick preening under his ex's ministrations, and when Kyle left the room to get the necessary paperwork, Amelia confronted her friend. "Ooh, boy," she clucked, "you got it bad, don't you?"

Nick told Amelia he was over Kyle, and was merely grateful for how Kyle had been there for him after his assault. Amelia didn't buy it, and warned him that he had to get over Kyle once and for all. "Like you did with your ex?" Nick challenged. As Amelia's face grew pained, Nick reminded her that she still loved her former girlfriend, too. Amelia told him she could take care of herself and said goodbye, wishing him well.

Once Amelia was gone, Nick received a call from his aunt, who was ill and unable to stay with him. Disappointed, Nick assured her he would find someone.

In the corridor outside Mitch's room, Oliver stood guard and accepted coffee from a flirtatious female nurse who was disappointed to learn he was "taken." Kyle arrived, surprised to see his boyfriend on duty, and told Oliver he was preparing Nick's discharge papers. Oliver commented on how selfish he felt, wanting more private time with Kyle when Nick needed medical attention.

Oliver reminded Kyle they still hadn't had their big date or put Roxy's "present" of condoms to good use. Kyle suggested that Oliver spend Christmas with him, since Oliver's parents were out of the question. Kyle reminisced on how he'd spent his holidays with Rebecca, who'd taught him to make paper garlands. He offered to teach Oliver, who happily agreed. Kyle agreed to meet Oliver in the cafeteria when he'd finished discharging Nick.

Kyle returned to Nick's room, and Nick informed Kyle that Nick's aunt would be unable to take care of him. Kyle suggested he call Amelia for room and board at La Boulaie. When Kyle's back was turned, however, Nick faked a call on his phone, not bothering to dial. After "hanging up," he told Kyle that there was no room at La Boulaie.

Concerned, Kyle told Nick that he could stay at his place. Nick claimed he didn't want to intrude, but Kyle insisted that Oliver would understand. Nick thanked him for his kindness, and began to get dressed.

Returning to the hallway, Kyle told Oliver the bad news about Nick. Oliver took it in stride, but chafed at the thought of Nick preventing them from spending any free time together. Kyle promised him they'd find a way, particularly if Oliver had his apartment to himself for the holidays.

Cristian and Layla returned to the apartment they shared with Oliver, lugging a ready-to-assemble Christmas tree. After much bickering over tree placement, they ended up snuggling. Cristian wanted to retire to the bedroom, but Layla told him she had some bad news first: she wouldn't be able to spend Christmas with him. Instead, her mother had ordered her home to Maryland.

Cristian suggested going to Silver Spring with her in a show of support, but Layla was daunted by the prospect of "outing" their new relationship to her family, with Evangeline incapacitated in the upstairs bedroom. Cris wasn't afraid, and said they could handle anything together. Touched by his devotion, Layla playfully slung tinsel around Cris's neck and sank to the floor in his arms.

At La Boulaie, Starr, Cole, and Langston crowded around Markko's laptop for an abrupt and awkward viewing session of the trailer for the musical Nine. After the kids extolled the virtues of the latest Disney product, they were interrupted by Dorian's triumphant return from her stay in jail. Dorian was fired up, full of defiance in the face of adversity, and declared that she'd fought the law and won in the name of equal rights. She stopped short, however, when she spotted the Sun headline about Mitch. "So the bastard lived," she snapped.

Before Dorian could worry any more about Mitch, Langston and Starr distracted her by calling her a hero for going to prison over the gay marriage issue. They said they'd all assembled for her homecoming, and that Blair and Amelia were en route. Langston commented that Amelia had stopped off to see Nick Chavez in the hospital, and Dorian lamented Nick having been attacked by ignorant bigots. She said that bigots wouldn't stop her, though, nor would the state government. Glaring at Mitch's face on the front page of the Sun, Dorian declared that no one would stop her, and she was taking her and Amelia's marriage license straight to City Hall.

Suddenly, Madame Delphina burst into the drawing room, and ordered Dorian to stop. She warned Dorian that she'd had a premonition that death would befall her if she didn't tear up the marriage license. Cole was skeptical, but the ladies defended Delphina's famous accuracy. Dorian was unnerved by Delphina's prediction, but said that she was willing to die for her beliefs, and would make her marriage to Amelia official.

Just then, Amelia walked into the drawing room, stunned to see Delphina. "Del?" she exclaimed. "Mel," Delphina sighed. The assembled Cramers and company were shocked to realize that Delphina was Amelia's ex-girlfriend. "Is everybody gay?" Cole whispered to Starr, who shut him up with a kiss.

Langston was the first to realize Delphina's ulterior motive: she accused Delphina of making up her "premonition" in order to keep Dorian and Amelia from tying the knot. Starr agreed, and suggested that Delphina wanted Amelia back. The lovers began bickering, rehashing old grievances; Amelia claimed that Delphina's predictions of doom had torn them apart, while Delphina blamed Amelia for putting her career and pursuit of marriage rights before their love. Amelia said she'd done it all so she could wed Delphina; "I did this for us!" She blamed Delphina for never having enough faith in her love.

Growing emotional, Delphina admitted that she'd made up her premonition, and wasn't over "Mel." Amelia repeated that she couldn't be with someone who didn't have any faith in their relationship. Gradually, the teens began playing relationship counselors, with Starr and Cole drawing on their own trials and tribulations; they explained that they'd survived their rocky year, and grown stronger, by believing in one another and being able to trust. Likewise, Markko and Langston said they'd survived his parents, her cousin Lola, and Ford's wet naked torso by loving each other.

Tearful, Amelia admitted that she still loved Delphina, and the exes kissed and made up, much to the delight of Dorian and the teens. Amelia offered to let Delphina tear up her marriage license, but as Delphina reached for it, Dorian snatched it away. "Not so fast!" she cried.

At Llanfair, Viki pulled the empty vodka bottle out of the bushes and returned to the solarium, where she found an edgy Natalie. Nervous, Natalie asked if Mitch was awake or had said anything. Viki said Mitch was still unconscious, but unfortunately would live. "Why couldn't he die?" Natalie asked, anguished.

Viki sensed there was more to Natalie's anxiety than just Mitch's survival, and asked her what had happened with her and John at the police station. Frazzled, Natalie seemed ready to tell her mother everything when suddenly, Charlie stumbled in. Surprised to see Viki there and not at the Banner, he attempted to leave, but Natalie beat a hasty retreat instead, anxious to avoid Viki's questions.

In the corridor, Natalie called John's voicemail, warning him that Mitch had woken up and was asking what they were going to do.

In the solarium, Viki confronted Charlie with the bottle she'd found, and asked if it belonged to him. Hiding his inebriated state, Charlie suggested the bottle had fallen out of the recycling bin, and promised Viki he hadn't been drinking, just as Jessica reentered the room. As Viki left for the Banner, Jessica turned to Charlie, taken aback by the conversation she'd overheard. She asked Charlie if he was still drinking, but Charlie said the bottle was left over from his "one slip," and thanked Jessica for her discretion. Apprehensive, Jessica left the solarium.

Back at Llanview Hospital, Brody relieved Oliver from guard duty and entered Mitch's room, where John continued his vigil. Furious, Mitch ordered Brody to take his statement for the record. He said that John was lying about his suicide attempt, and that he hadn't tried to kill himself. As Natalie burst into the room, Mitch told Brody that John was covering up his own crime: John McBain had stabbed him.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who's Sorry Now

As Natalie rushed into Mitch's room at Llanview Hospital, Mitch insisted on giving his statement to Brody. "The person who stabbed me is John McBain," he stated. Natalie refused to leave at John's urging as Mitch continued to talk. Mitch wanted her to stay and be a witness. Mitch hoped that John wasn't carrying a torch for Natalie, since Mitch had his own plans for her. He continued to taunt John, gushing that he liked Natalie to squeal with delight. Instructing Brody to look into John's eyes, Mitch insisted that if Brody weren't there, John would have killed him. "What are you waiting for? Arrest him," he yelled at Brody.

Brody turned to John and asked his boss what he should do. Mitch began to rant and rave at Brody's action, screaming that Brody and John were planning his assassination. John ordered Brody to write down everything that Mitch said. Natalie stepped up and pleaded with John to let her speak. She couldn't bear to have him ruin his life, and she admitted that she had been the one to stab Mitch.

Mitch suggested that both he and John were trying to protect Natalie, since they were both suckers for redheads. He also suggested that Brody had known the truth all along. He proceeded to describe the letter opener with the initials J.B. that Natalie had used to stab him. He insisted that John had taken a substitute opener and conveyed it to the hospital to get Mitch's prints on it. John had it with him, Mitch asserted. "Go ahead, search him," he ordered Brody, screaming. John proclaimed that Mitch was insane.

Mitch appealed to Brody, pointing out that Brody's friends were putting him in a terrible position. Mitch knew that Brody could sense the truth, and urged him to "save your soul." He wanted Brody to search John. Breaking in, John snickered that no one believed Mitch and nothing could be proven. Mitch believed differently, and was positive that someone would do time and the attempted suicide charge would never stick. He voted for John as the one to be imprisoned. He thought that John should take the blame so that Natalie could go free.

Confronting Mitch, Natalie growled that he knew she had been the one to stab him because he had killed Jared. John was sure that no one would be prosecuted, and pointed out that they had three conflicting stories. Mitch drawled that time was running out and he felt that John should confess so that Natalie would be free. John urged Brody and Natalie to leave Mitch's room with him.

Out in the hallway, he reminded them that the weapon had Mitch's prints and that the man stabbed himself. Brody was concerned that internal affairs would find something suspect once they began their investigation. John assured Brody that he was to report everything that he heard and saw, and assured him that the weapon would be found in its proper place. He wanted Brody to be clean. Natalie was concerned for John. "I hope you know what you're doing," Brody confided to John.

At La Boulaie, Dorian refused to allow Delphina to rip up the marriage license belonging to Dorian and Amelia. Dorian cited the promises she had made to her constituents, and she wouldn't have everyone believing that her own gay marriage had been a stunt. Amelia was torn, preferring to be with Delphina, her true love. Dorian reminded the women and Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko, that she went to jail over the issue--and had even been stuck in a jail cell across from her worst enemy. As the talk turned to Mitch, Dorian made assurances that she'd take care of Mitch, and turned talk back to the subject at hand.

While Delphina wanted nothing more than to rip up Dorian's wedding license, Amelia admitted that "the ends don't always justify the means." She agreed that the paper wouldn't mean anything if the laws were not changed, but she would have to go forward in order to help all the people who had been promised the change. She declared that she would go to the legislature with Delphina. She told Dorian that she wanted to part as friends.

Dorian dramatically ripped up the license and hugged Amelia, affirming that they had been through a lot together. There were no hard feelings, she agreed. Suddenly, Delphina, looking scared, announced that she sensed evil all around. The teens looked at each other nervously. Delphina swore that she wasn't faking it. The Cramer women were in danger, she continued. An annoyed Dorian asked her to stop, pointing out that she was scaring her family. Delphina looked scared herself and advised Dorian that the message appeared to be from "Satan himself."

Amelia tugged on a dazed Delphina, declaring that it was time to leave. Dorian took the premonition lightly as the teens prepared to go, also. Starr chose to remain close to await Blair's return and invited Dorian to accompany her to Hope's bedside. She was planning on reading her daughter a story. Dorian declined and was alone when the doorbell rang.

Anxiously, she spoke through the door instead of opening it. Learning there was a package delivery for her, she was reluctant to open the door when advised she had to sign for it. Timidly, she opened the door and quickly signed, grabbing the envelope and slamming the door shut. Relieved, she saw that it was the proof for her holiday greeting card. She pulled the photo from the envelope and gasped in shock.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint thought back to his wedding ceremony and Nora's marriage vows. He should have realized that her vows where "too short and sweet," he berated himself, and that should have been a clue. Out by the front door, Nigel attempted to prevent a newly arrived Kim from entering, but she pushed him aside, declaring that she and Clint had work to do. She found Clint in the living room, and as she and Clint settled in, Kim asked Nigel to prepare her a cheesesteak for dinner. Clint ordered his butler to take care of it.

After Nigel left the room, Clint admitted that he had been avoiding Nora's phone calls. The pair was ready to work on "Operation Don't Get Mad, Get Even." Nigel returned with turkey sandwiches and Clint praised his butler, noting that he would have still been in the dark if not for Nigel. As a look of confusion spread across Nigel's face, Kim spoke up quickly, asking for a glass of milk. She assured an apologetic Clint that she was happy to help him, even if her work was not included in her job description. She implored Clint to not be nervous.

The returning group from Seattle loitered at the Llanview Airport as they made arrangements to go their separate ways. Nora was perplexed that she hadn't received any phone calls from Clint. Danielle refused to speak to Téa, and suggested that her mother forget about her like she forgot about Ross. Turning to Todd, Danielle screamed at him and ignored Téa, who tried to tell her daughter not to speak to him in the manner that she was.

Nora tried to intervene, promising that she would contact Téa after Danielle was settled at the Buchanans'. Danielle reminded Téa that Todd had killed her dad. She accused her mom of treating her father like garbage, and said any moves that Ross had made were because Téa had forced him to do what he did. "I hate you, Téa, I wish you were the one who died," Danielle told her mother. Téa suggested that Danielle live with her at the Palace Hotel, but the teen noted that the hotel wasn't a home. She had a home with her dad, she added.

Danielle only wanted to get away from her mother, who wanted to be with her dad's killer. Nora and Bo managed to get moving with Danielle and Matthew in tow. "Go to hell," Danielle spat at Téa when Téa tried to hug her goodbye. Tears began to stream down Téa's face.

A sympathetic Blair assured Téa that a home was wherever someone was, and that Danielle would always be Téa's daughter. Téa apologized to Todd for making a mess of things. Todd remained silent. She handed him her latest picture of Danielle and agreed that Todd had been correct, that Ross would have let Danielle die. Their daughter would understand everything some day. Elijah offered to procure a cab for himself and Téa.

Blair comforted Todd and assured him that Danielle would not always have the same bad feelings towards him. She suggested that Todd give Danielle time. They agreed that Téa was probably worse off than Todd. Blair suggested that Todd go to La Boulaie with her to see his other children, who loved him. Turning her down because he wasn't in the mood, Todd relented when Blair reminded him that a parent often did things they didn't feel like doing.

Nora, Bo, Matthew, and Danielle arrived at the Buchanan home. Matthew showed Nigel the movement in his feet and the butler was introduced to Danielle. Nigel informed them that Clint was in the living room. Nora suggested that Bo take the teens to the diner, so that she could have a chat with Clint. The teens went back out to the car. She didn't think it was the proper time to tell Clint about Bo, but she wanted to let him know that they would be looking after Danielle. Bo only wanted it all to be over and Nora assured him that it would be over soon. "Not soon enough for me," Bo said. They drew close to each other but thought better of it. Bo headed out the door after the teens. Nora went to the living room.

Finding her wedding picture face down on the table, Nora scanned the room and saw no sign of Clint. Advising a perplexed Nigel that her husband wasn't there, Nora assumed he was upstairs. She grabbed her suitcase from Nigel and headed to her bedroom. Opening the door, she was surprised to see Clint in bed. "Are you not feeling well?" she asked him. "Honey, I can guarantee he's never been better," Kim purred, appearing from underneath the blanket.

Téa and Elijah returned to Téa's room at the Palace Hotel. Téa felt sick and too nervous to eat. Elijah reminded her that Danielle was fifteen years old and Téa should think back to her own behavior at that age. While Téa blamed herself for all that had happened, Elijah blamed everything on Ross. He headed to his own room as Téa planted herself in a chair and cried. She opened her briefcase and looked at all of her Danielle paraphernalia. She remembered back to when a seven-year-old Danielle had read her poem and told Téa that she would love her forever. Then she heard a fifteen-year-old Danielle with venom in her voice.

Blair and Todd arrived at La Boulaie and encountered Starr, who was thrilled to see her parents. Starr wanted to hear about everything that had happened in Seattle as Blair marched upstairs to check on her sons. Starr told them how happy she was that they were home, and pulled Todd to the study to hear his long story. As Todd removed his coat, Danielle's picture fell from his pocket. Starr picked it up, curious. She began to question her father.

Hearing a knock at the door of her hotel room, Téa was surprised to find Blair on the other side.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Bo excused himself to make some phone calls. Danielle complained about the cold temperature. Matthew thought that maybe she would be able to return to Tahiti with her mother. Danielle was grateful for the Buchanans taking her in, and expressed her delight to be with them instead of her mother.

Dorian visited Mitch in the hospital with her holiday photo in hand. It said "Rest in Peace" across the top. The faces of Langston, Starr, Blair, and Addie had been crossed out. Only the face of Dorian remained clear. "Why did you do this?" Dorian wanted to know.

Friday, December 18, 2009

The Apparent Trap

At the Buenos Dias Café, Langston was thrilled to spend a few moments alone with Markko, but he couldn't forget the prediction that Madame Delphina had made - the Cramer women were in danger. Certain that Madame Delphina's prediction was a result of her jealousy over Amelia marrying Dorian, Langston stated that she didn't have any fear.

Presenting Mitch with a photo that had the faces of Blair, Starr, Addie, and Langston crossed out, an enraged Dorian accused Mitch of the dastardly deed and advised him to leave her family alone. After denying any involvement, Mitch commented that although he was chained to the hospital bed, he had knowledge of the Cramer girls' whereabouts. Dorian listened in horror as Mitch related that Blair was visiting Téa, Starr was at La Boulaie with Todd, and Langston was spending time with Markko at the Buenos Dias Café.

Blair paid Téa a visit at the Palace and apologized for the events that had led up to Ross's death. Although Blair admitted her guilt, Téa refused to accept Blair's apology. Téa insisted that Blair had a habit of using her own children to keep Todd in Blair's life. Lashing out at Blair, Téa blamed her for spearheading Ross's violent episode. Téa was convinced that Ross had learned of Danielle's whereabouts as a result of Blair's interference. Téa maintained that Blair couldn't accept Todd being with another woman.

Acknowledging that she was partially responsible, Blair advised Téa that Téa also shared some of the guilt because Téa had lied to Todd for fifteen years about Danielle's existence. Blair suggested that Téa work things out with Todd. When Téa burst into tears and announced that Danielle would never forgive Todd for killing Ross, Blair responded by giving Téa a hug. As Téa expressed concern over Todd and Danielle's relationship, Blair consoled her.

At La Boulaie, Starr noticed when Todd dropped the picture of Danielle that Téa had given him. When Starr questioned the identity of the teen, Todd informed Starr that Danielle was Téa's daughter, but failed to mention that he was Danielle's father. Once Starr inquired about Danielle's father, Todd related that Ross had lived with Téa and Danielle in Tahiti. Starr was stunned to learn that Todd had killed Ross. Explaining that Ross had kidnapped Danielle, Todd stated that he shot Ross in order to save Danielle's life.

An emotional Todd confided to Starr that Danielle hated him for killing Ross. Starr tried to convince her father that he had acted in Danielle's best interest, and reminded Todd that he had three children who loved him very much. When Starr offered to dispose of the photo, Todd abruptly blurted out, "No, it's mine!" Claiming that the photo belonged to Téa, Todd insisted that he wanted to return the item to her.

Questioning whether Todd had patched things up with Téa, Starr wondered if Todd and Téa would rekindle their relationship. Insisting that too many secrets had been uncovere d, Todd was adamant that his relationship with Téa was over.

Nora was stunned when she returned home and discovered Clint in bed with Kim. Showing no remorse, Clint introduced Kim as his new personal assistant. In a sarcastic tone Clint stated, "I would've informed you of the affair, but you were always running off somewhere with Bo!" As Nora stared at her husband in disbelief, Clint and Kim rudely asked Nora to leave the room while Kim dressed.

After Nora left the room, Clint thanked Kim for her help and promised her a raise. Slipping into her dress, Kim reminded him that he could call on her anytime. Out in the hall, Kim brushed past Nora and gave her a smug look. Unable to believe what had transpired, Nora rushed back into the bedroom to confront Clint.

Meanwhile, Bo left Nora a voicemail. Stating that he missed her, Bo asked Nora to phone him after she informed Clint that Danielle would be residing at the mansion. After phoning Nora, Bo received a call from the policeman who was standing guard outside of Mitch Laurence's hospital room. Bo was concerned when the officer alerted him that the mayor was inside Mitch's room.

Back at the mansion, Nora approached Clint and demanded to know what was going on. Pleased by Nora's reaction, Clint lied about his relationship with Kim. Relating that he had met Kim before his marriage to Nora, Clint claimed that he fell in love with Kim immediately, but had decided to marry Nora anyway. Suddenly, Nora realized that Clint was aware of her feelings for Bo.

Admitting that he knew about Nora's love for Bo, Clint lashed out at Nora for not revealing her feelings for Bo before the wedding. Stating that she didn't understand her feelings for Bo at the time, Nora maintained that she had brushed her doubts aside, and married Clint because she loved him. An angered Clint demanded that Nora be honest. Frustrated, Nora blurted out, "Okay, I'm in love with your brother!" Pleading with Clint to hear her out, Nora insisted that she had attempted to tell Clint the truth several times, but a family crisis had always seemed to prevent her from doing so.

When Clint accused Nora of having an affair with Bo, Nora maintained that they had never had sex, and had only shared a kiss. As an enraged Clint continued to berate Nora, she chastised him for sleeping with Kim. Clint informed Nora that he hadn't slept with Kim. Clint admitted that he had staged the scene with Kim in an attempt to make Nora feel as gullible as he had. Consumed with guilt, Nora advised Clint that she was moving out of the mansion. Reminding Nora that Asa had left the house to her, Clint remarked, "You repaid Asa by cheating on both his sons!"

Downstairs, a half-dressed Kim ran into Nigel, who advised her that he was aware of her tricks. Heading out the door, Kim warned Nigel that she would have him replaced if he ever dared to step out of line with her again. Moments later, Destiny arrived at the mansion looking for Matthew. Nigel informed Destiny that Matthew was dining at the Buenos Dias Café, but she rushed off before he could warn her that Danielle had accompanied Matthew.

Back at the hospital, Dorian demanded to know what Mitch wanted from her. Before Mitch could respond, Bo entered the room and questioned why Dorian had paid Mitch a visit. Mitch gave Bo a knowing look and stated, "I'm sure you have affairs of your own to attend to!" Unfazed by Mitch's comment, Bo advised the prisoner that he would eventually be transported back to jail. A confident Mitch was adamant that he would be exonerated of all charges. As Bo exited the room, he advised Dorian that he didn't want any interference from her involving Mitch's case.

Out in the hall, Bo instructed his officer to shoot Mitch if he made a wrong move. Bo became alarmed when Nigel phoned and advised Bo that trouble was brewing at the mansion.

Once Bo had left the room, Mitch told Dorian that he wanted to discuss the terms of their agreement. Mitch ordered Dorian to use her influence as mayor to fire Bo. Dorian was horrified when Mitch threatened, "Either fire Bo or say goodbye to the Cramer girls!"

Matthew and Danielle shared a burger at the Buenos Dias Café. While Danielle expressed grief over her father's death, Matthew tried to console her. The grief-stricken teen insisted that no one cared that her father was dead, not even her mother. Touched when Matthew offered to organize a memorial service for Ross, Danielle responded by giving her friend a hug. At that moment, Destiny entered the café and observed the embrace.

Approaching the table, Destiny asked Danielle if her crazy father was in jail. Unable to control her anger, Danielle screamed, "No, my father is dead!" Horrified, Destiny tried to apologize, but Danielle lashed out at her and blamed Destiny for Ross's death. As Matthew sat helplessly, Danielle insisted that Destiny had caused the chain of events by exposing that Danielle was hiding in Matthew's hospital room. Danielle was convinced that if no one had known of her whereabouts, Ross would still be alive.

Hearing the commotion, Langston and Markko rushed out of the kitchen and witnessed Danielle's outburst. In tears, Destiny ran out of the room, and Langston chased after her. Gathering her belongings, Danielle asked Matthew to apologize to Destiny for her behavior and headed for the door. Matthew pleaded with her to stay, but Danielle insisted that she needed to be alone. Matthew watched as his friend bolted out of the café.

Later, Langston escorted Destiny back to the table. Langston and Matthew assured Destiny that Danielle didn't really blame her for Ross's death. Matthew told Destiny that people often said things that they didn't mean when they were hurting. Afterward, Langston and Markko both insisted that there was something very familiar about Danielle's behavior.

Nearby, Kim sat at the counter and pictured herself as Mrs. Clint Buchanan.

At La Boulaie, Starr comforted her father, who still blamed himself for causing Danielle grief. As Todd and Starr hugged, Danielle stared at them through the window. In a bitter tone, Danielle vowed, "Todd Manning, you destroyed my life, now I'm going to destroy yours!"

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Bo rushed into the house and discovered Nora weeping as she headed down the stairs with her suitcase. When Bo questioned what had happened, Nora warned, "He knows!" As Bo assured her that everything would be fine, Clint appeared. Pointing a rifle at them, Clint declared, "Guess again, little brother!"

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