One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 7, 2009 on OLTL

Ross took Blair and Danielle hostage. Blair slipped a GPS device into her purse, and Téa, Todd, Nora, and Bo found them in Canada. Kim arranged for Neville to pretend to be Nigel in order to tell Clint about Bo and Nora. Natalie stabbed Mitch, and John covered up her crime. Rex warned Stacy that Mitch might go after her baby. Charlie continued to drink heavily.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of December 7, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, December 7, 2009

No More Mr. Nice Guy

Inside the Seattle hospital, Todd and Téa convinced the police officer to allow them to enter the parking garage and search for Ross and Danielle.

On the fourth level of the hospital parking garage, Ross told Danielle that Téa was to blame for his actions. Ross claimed that he only resorted to desperate measures because Téa was determined to keep Danielle away from him. A sympathetic Danielle expressed her love for Ross.

At Ultraviolet, while Starr, Cole, and Langston awaited another performance by the All – American Rejects, Markko couldn't stop thinking about the great film coverage he had taken of the band. When Markko stepped away, Langston revealed that Markko had been preoccupied with his film projects and that she felt ignored. After placing a call to the babysitter, Starr informed Langston that Blair had left town. Displaying a knowing look, Langston told Starr that Blair was chasing after Todd yet again.

In Seattle, Blair parked her car on level four of the hospital parking garage. As Blair exited her car, she was surprised to discover Ross standing nearby. While a nervous Ross attempted to explain why he was in Seattle, Danielle quietly hid behind a wall.

Once Blair spotted the teen, Ross introduced Danielle to Blair and emphasized that she was his daughter. Blair explained that she had received a call from Todd's lawyer informing her that Todd and Téa had been arrested. Upon phoning the jail, Blair learned that both Todd and Téa had been released and had rushed to the hospital. Noticing Danielle and Ross's strange behavior, Blair questioned why Téa had changed her mind and allowed Ross to have contact with Danielle. Claiming that Téa had asked him to take Danielle back to Llanview, Ross asked Blair to give them a ride to the airport in her rental car. After agreeing to assist him, Blair reached inside her purse and stated that she wanted to phone Todd to inform him that she driving Ross to the airport. As Blair turned around, she was stunned to discover Ross pointing a gun at her. Ross demanded that Blair give him her car keys.

Todd and Téa arrived on the third level of the parking garage. Realizing that Ross and Danielle weren't there, Todd and Téa raced to the stairwell and headed for the fourth level.

Back on level four of the parking garage, Blair agreed to hand over her keys, but only if Ross left without Danielle. Declaring that he wasn't leaving without his daughter, Ross held Danielle close. As Danielle cringed, Ross continued to point his weapon and exclaimed, "Either give me the keys or you'll never see your daughter again!" Hearing the sound of police sirens, Danielle pleaded with Ross not to hurt Blair.

As Todd and Téa finally arrived on the forth level of the garage, they spotted Ross, Danielle, and Blair. At that very moment, several squad cares also arrived on the scene. Pushing Danielle and Blair behind him, Ross aimed his gun in the direction of Todd and Téa, and screamed, "Come near me and she's dead!" Pulling Téa out of Ross's aim, Todd sheltered both Téa and himself behind a wall.

The police surrounded Ross and instructed him to drop his weapon. Placing the gun to Blair's head, Ross retrieved her car keys and ordered Danielle to get in the car. A terrified Danielle asked, "Why are you doing this?" Calling out to Danielle, Téa pleaded with her daughter to ignore Ross's threats and asked Danielle to run toward her. With tears streaming down her face, Danielle stood still. Blair looked at the teen and urged, "Go, to your mother!"

Insisting that he and Danielle could escape, Ross reminded Danielle that Téa would never allow him to see her again. Ross begged Danielle to get in the car. Téa let out a blood curdling scream as Danielle ran to the car and sat in the back seat. After guiding Blair to the passenger seat, Ross took the wheel and sped off.

As Ross attempted to exit the garage, a squad car cut him off. Placing the car in reverse, Ross drove the vehicle through the parking garage gate and took off.

At Ultraviolet, as the All - American Rejects performed Cole noticed that Langston was dancing with another guy, while Markko happily filmed the band. Pointing out that Langston had found a dance partner, Cole took control of the camera, and Markko asked Langston to dance. Later, Markko advised Langston to warn him if she ever felt neglected again. Langston responded by giving him a kiss. Starr and Cole discussed the joy they shared over having Hope as a child. The young parents declared that Hope's life would be much happier than theirs had been. Afterward, Starr and Cole decided to leave the club early to be with Hope.

At the apartment, Cristian informed Layla that he had a special night planned for them. Over a glass of wine, Cristian related that he had prepared dinner. Noticing that Layla was nervous, Cristian questioned what was wrong. Layla admitted that she was nervous about dating again after several bad experiences. Pulling her close, Cristian stated that he cared deeply for Layla. Layla smiled as Cristian declared, "You mean more to me than anyone else and I'll never hurt you!" Cristian's words caused Layla to soften and they shared a passionate kiss. Afterward, Cristian and Layla made love.

Kyle and Oliver arrived at Kyle's apartment with plans to continue their first date. Realizing that Oliver was extremely nervous, Kyle assured him that everything would be fine. As Oliver relaxed, the two men kissed passionately.

At Llanview Hospital, Marty stood out in the hall and spoke to John over the phone. While Marty and John made dinner plans for the night, an injured Nick stumbled into the emergency room and collapsed. In a panic, Marty hung up the phone and attended to Nick. Once Nick related that he had been attacked by a group of men because he was gay, Marty phoned John and informed him that Nick had been the victim of a hate crime. Marty also asked Nick if there was someone that he wanted her to call.

Back inside Kyle's apartment, as Oliver and Kyle shared a special moment, both their cell phones rang. Marty informed Nick that Kyle was hospitalized, and John gave Oliver the news. Both men quickly rushed off to check on Kyle's condition.

Upon their arrival at the hospital, Kyle and Oliver learned that Nick had a concussion and the doctors were awaiting test results to determine whether he had suffered and internal injuries. Kyle rushed to be by Nick's side. After Kyle had spent a few moments alone with Nick, John and Oliver questioned Nick about the assailants. Nick explained that the three men had followed him to Rodi's and had later waited for him in the alley. Upon hearing Nick's description of the men, Oliver realized that they were the same men who had caused a scene at the swearing in ceremony.

After locating the offenders, John and Oliver accompanied the men to the Llanview police station for processing. Oliver became enraged when one of the men directed a gay slur at him. Oliver attempted to hit the man, but John prevented his officer from assaulting the cuffed offender. John instructed one of his men to place the loud mouthed criminal in the same cell with Mitch Laurence. Noticing Oliver's emotional state, John assured Oliver that things would get better. Expressing his anger over the actions of prejudiced individuals, Oliver related that he didn't think things would ever change.

Back at the hospital, Marty happily related to Kyle that Nick hadn't suffered any head or internal injuries. Alone with Nick, a heavily sedated Kyle apologized for ruining Kyle's big date. Assuring Nick that Oliver understood, Kyle promised to remain by Nick's side. A few moments later, Oliver arrived and announced that the men were in jail. After thanking Oliver for his help, Kyle turned his attention back to Nick. Oliver quietly left the room.

As Kyle tenderly cared for his injured friend, Oliver watched the men through Nick's hospital window.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

"Christmas Stuns Early This Year"

As Cristian and Layla woke up in each other's arms, in the next room, Oliver spoke quietly on the phone to Kyle. He assured his boyfriend that the thugs who attacked Nick would pay and, while their date had been ruined, they both did what they had to. When Layla and Cristian both emerged from the bedroom draped in sheets, they looked at Oliver shyly. Oliver admitted that the apartment walls were thin and had been shaking. As Cristian left to get dressed, Oliver promised a mortified Layla that he was happy for them. Layla inquired about his big date with Kyle but he explained that it hadn't happened. He filled her in on Nick's unfortunate attack.

The news of the thugs attacking Nick and landing him in the hospital hit a dismayed Layla hard. She recalled the attack on her sister Evangeline, which rendered her unconscious. Upset, she declared that she wanted the men to be severely punished for what they had done. She wondered what a terrified Nick's thoughts were as he was beaten.

Marty stopped by John's office hoping to share some breakfast, but he was preparing to question Mitch. "Don't leave on my account," Mitch purred to Marty as he arrived before she had a chance to depart. He expressed his feelings that everyone was out to get him. "Even paranoiacs have real enemies," Marty told him. Spitefully, Mitch asked what Marty saw in John. "He didn't even rape you," Mitch pronounced wickedly. Enraged, John jumped at Mitch and planted him against the wall. Marty implored John to stop, noting that he was reacting exactly as Mitch wanted him to.

Mitch expressed his dismay at not having his lawyer available. His previous attorney in Llanview, Evangeline, had been incapacitated due to a hate crime, similar to the one that had just occurred. He shook his head and wondered what was happening to Llanview. Informing Mitch that he was boring her, Marty headed for the door. He made sure to get his last jab in, imploring her to call him if she needed a babysitter for her granddaughter. Mitch wanted to turn his attention to a discussion of Natalie.

John warned Mitch not to mention Natalie's or Marty's names again. They agreed that they had found common ground. Mitch enjoyed punishment and John wanted to oblige him. As he rolled up his sleeves, John advised Mitch, "If the law fails to protect the people I care about, I'll kill you myself." Mitch thought how law-abiding John was supposed to to serve and protect. Mitch noted that people had killed him before, but John retorted that if he did it, he would make it stick. John promised that he would kill Mitch if he found Mitch within a mile of Natalie, Marty, Hope, or anyone else. Oliver, arriving for work, stood outside the office door and listened to John's threats.

Mitch wanted John to know that he still had feelings for Natalie and he had plans for her. He thought that John would especially want to kill Mitch if he could see into Mitch's head and see what Mitch was thinking about Natalie at that moment. Just then, Oliver knocked on the door and announced that he was reporting for work. He felt that he should observe while John was questioning the prisoner. "Nah, I got this," John replied, sending Oliver back out.

Arriving at Buchanan Enterprises, Natalie looked longingly at Jared's nameplate on his office door. She was stunned to hear a voice emanating from inside, as Kim bragged to someone on the phone about her new position at the corporation. Bursting into the office, Natalie demanded to know what Stacy's "stripper friend" was doing in her husband's office, besides breaking in and touching his things. Kim assured Natalie that Jared had hired her as Clint's assistant, since she was the best candidate. Refusing to buy it, Natalie raised her voice and demanded to know what Kim was really doing there. She picked up the letter opener and stabbed it into the desk for emphasis.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora and Clint discussed the latest turn of events in Seattle involving Todd and Téa. Clint felt it was time for Nora to retrieve Matthew from the hospital there, but Nora assured him that Matthew was not able to travel so soon after his surgery. She was also involved in Mitch's prosecution and needed to coordinate with the police department in Napa, she advised him. Bo arrived at that point and reluctantly informed Nora that they would not be receiving any aid from Napa.

Updating Clint and Nora, Bo explained that Mitch had claimed to shoot Jared in self-defense and the witnesses were determined to be biased. The weapon had not been admitted as evidence due to a mistake by the police department in Napa. There were no witnesses to the murders in Llanview, either, and Mitch had not only covered his tracks, he had erased them, Bo summed up. It looked as though Mitch would not be held on any charges.

Clint determined that it was the proper time, after all, for Bo and Nora to return to Matthew in Seattle via his private jet. Nora thought that Clint was too generous, but he advised her that whatever was his, also belonged to Nora. He was thankful that the pair had returned for Jared's funeral. He urged them to hurry back, advising Nora that he missed her already. He asked Nigel to make arrangements for the flight, and he headed to his office.

Once he was gone, Bo and Nora discussed their situation. Bo felt like they were hurting Clint, though they had not gone further than a kiss. Nora felt like she was cheating on Bo when she was with Clint. She wanted to know if it was wrong to be miserable with the man she loved, and thought it was better than being miserable without him.

The couple thought that they should tell Clint the truth about their newfound relationship. Bo mentioned that while it never seemed to be the right time, it was only for them that it wasn't. It made them feel less guilty. They agreed that they should speak up before Clint heard the news from someone else. While they hadn't been demonstrative in public, there were people who knew about them. They would tell Clint when Matthew returned. At the same time, Nigel answered the door and found his cousin, Nevil, standing there. Nevil demanded to see Clint, exclaiming that he had news of a household betrayal.

Nigel suggested that Nevil speak to Bo or Nora, but the English butler refused, pointing out that they were the problem. Nigel wanted his cousin to dispense with his theatrics and get to the point. Giving in, Nevil revealed that Clint's brother and wife were having an affair.

Hearing shouting as Natalie gave Kim hell for touching Jared's possessions, Clint confronted his daughter. Clint confirmed that technically, he had been the one to hire Kim because he had trusted Jared's assessment of Kim. The young woman looked at Natalie triumphantly. The new assistant explained that she had been listening to Jared's phone messages, thinking that she was making things easier for the family. She pointed out the thank you note that she had left for Jared on his desk, though he had obviously not gotten to see it. Natalie made it clear that Kim was not to enter Jared's office again. Clint asked Kim to pick up a file for him at the Buchanan home. She grinned to herself as she left.

Clint thought that it was too early for Natalie to return to work, but she felt that she needed to keep busy until Mitch's trial. Hesitating, Clint informed his daughter that there was a possibility that there would be no trial. He related the information that Bo had provided to him and that the case against Mitch had been compromised by a police error. Even the deaths in Llanview pointed to Jared, and they just needed to be prepared for the worst, he advised his daughter solemnly. The emptying of the caskets would only be a misdemeanor. Natalie asked her father to leave her alone to clear out Jared's office. Once he was gone, she cleared the desk with a brush of her arm, grabbed some items and tossed them, then she cried.

Breaking the glass on a photo, Natalie sank to the floor and slowly began to clean up her mess. As she began to straighten up the office, Natalie found a Christmas gift from Jared, addressed to Sparky. She opened the letter and heard Jared's voice. He wrote about how they had not had a lavish wedding and it had been especially missed after their parents had married each other. He had planned for them to have a wedding on New Year's Eve with a honeymoon to follow in Oahu. The present in the attached box was really for him, he concluded. Natalie opened it and found a book, What to Name Your Baby. "Your pick," he had written.

A devastated Natalie slowly picked up the items strewn on the floor but suddenly her eyes landed on the letter opener, protruding from the top of the desk. When Clint walked into the office later, looking for Natalie, she was gone. He recalled the letter opener, prominently sticking out of the desk, and noted that was gone, too.

In Matthew's hospital room in Seattle, he sat around glumly with Rachel and Destiny as they awaited word on Danielle. Mrs. Evans arrived to advise her daughter that they were returning to Llanview because she hated Seattle and everyone associated with it. She gave Rachel a dirty look. Destiny followed her mother into the hallway and declared that she would not leave Seattle without Matthew.

As Greg stood by, Mrs. Evans announced that her children had been involved in one calamity after another after befriending the Buchanan family, and they needed to find new friends. Destiny and Greg both took offense to their mother's statement. Destiny said that her mother could not tell Destiny who to pick for friends, while Greg pointed out the excitement they had in their own family. It wasn't just the Buchanans. Destiny's ears perked at her brother's statement, but Mrs. Evans ordered her to say goodbye to Matthew. Greg told his mother to "give up on the hate" when she had no response to her feelings regarding Greg and Rachel being together.

He advised his mother that the only reason he had stayed in Llanview was because of Rachel. They were adults and could make their own decisions, he told her. Mrs. Evans replied that one day when he had children of his own, he would understand. Not with Rachel, she added.

Rachel, noting that she was on Mrs. Evans' hit list, assured her brother that she would "patch things up" back in Llanview. Matthew had no plans to leave Seattle until he heard some news about Danielle. When Rachel received a call that she was needed at her job back in Llanview, Matthew insisted that she go, pointing out that it was the sign she had been looking for.

Destiny returned to the room to bid her farewell to Matthew. She hoped he wasn't angry at her for revealing Danielle's hiding place in the room. He assured her he wasn't, since he knew Destiny's heart was in the right place. He wiggled his foot goodbye to her. The Evans family headed for the elevator with Rachel close behind them. Rachel told Mrs. Evans that she'd had a wonderful time with the family. Mrs. Evans ignored her at first but then asked how Rachel was getting to the airport. Rachel assumed she'd find a taxicab, but Mrs. Evans invited her to join them.

Kyle continued to stay by Nick's side at Llanview Hospital, making certain that his friend was comfortable. Marty arrived at the hospital and spoke to Nick, trying to ascertain his mental state. She related that while his body was bouncing back, his head might not move as quickly. Nick was resolved to move on, citing the millions of things that he had to do. Marty wondered if Nick would be able to go outside, since he was a public person who needed to have faith in people.

Nick recounted his beating and decided that he had created the situation himself. He thought that since Dorian had been elected, things would automatically be better in town. He had been shooting his mouth off and others had even been hurt because of him. Marty reprimanded him, proposing that it was the total fault of the attackers, not him. People needed to live free from fear of any kind of attack and she wanted Nick to focus on the attackers being held accountable.

Marty was happy that Nick was able to talk, and advised him that he needed to see a therapist and count on his loved ones to help him. Kyle assured his friend he would be there for him. Oliver arrived with mug shots, hoping that Nick would be able to point out his attackers. They had the men in custody and would need positive identification to ensure that the men remained locked up. Nick perused the mug shots and was able to identify all three men. Kyle remained by his side.

Kim arrived at the Buchanan place to pick up the file for Clint. She managed to hear Nevil's expose of the affair between Bo and Nora. She was thrilled at her good fortune.

Natalie showed up at John's office, demanding to know if it was true that there would be no trial for Mitch. Mitch acknowledged that they would be free to be together. John promised Natalie that he would take care of things for her, and stepped out into the hallway to call for some help. Natalie, making it known that she had nothing to live for any longer, lifted the letter opener and stabbed Mitch with it.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Heart Of Darkness

Gigi and Rex arrived at the police station looking for Bo, but were told that he had already left for Seattle with Nora. Noticing Gigi, Oliver walked up to the couple and asked if she could give a statement on the incident at Rodi's. He explained that the men who'd made trouble at the bar had also assaulted Nick. Gigi readily agreed, expressing concern for Nick's well-being. Oliver asked if she had Schuyler's number, as the police needed his statement, as well.

At the loft, Stacy answered her door, expecting Rex, but was dismayed to find Schuyler instead. "Sorry," he said, "wrong daddy." Schuyler told Stacy he wanted to check on her and "their" baby, and refused to let her and Kim push him around with their schemes. Stacy ignored his bluster and reminded him that if he didn't leave well enough alone, he'd lose any chance at Gigi. But Schuyler refused to back down, and told her he was determined to be a part of the child's life; he wouldn't let Rex Balsom raise his offspring.

Noticing the picture of Mitch that Rex had left behind, Schuyler grew concerned and asked Stacy what it was doing there. Stacy gushed about how Rex had visited her, fearing for her safety, but Schuyler told her that Mitch was no one for her to mess with, and that their child was a living thing. With the baby on the way, a baby the family believed to be Rex's, Stacy was likely to draw Mitch's interest. Schuyler refused to allow Stacy's plans to endanger their child and wanted to end her charade, but Stacy continued to insist he would have no say in the baby's life, and ordered him to keep quiet.

Stacy warned Schuyler that if he busted her to Rex and Gigi, she'd simply take him to court for custody of the child, unearthing all his dirty laundry from Vegas to make him look unfit. He'd lose the baby, Gigi, everything. "You'll just lose, Schuyler," Stacy sneered.

Just then, Gigi called, asking Schuyler to visit the station and give his statement. Schuyler agreed and prepared to leave the loft. Stacy stopped him on his way out, realizing that he was once again rushing to Gigi's side. She warned him that if he blew her scheme, he could kiss Gigi goodbye.

At the Buchanan mansion, Kim eavesdropped on Nigel and Nevil in the courtyard. Nigel refused to believe Bo and Nora were having an affair, but Nevil insisted it was true: "The Commissioner and Miss Nora are after some rumpy pumpy!" Nigel asked Nevil for his source, and scoffed as he recounted how David had slipped up in London. Nevil told him that Kevin had believed David's claim as well, and explained that Bo and Nora's affair had begun with a kiss before the double wedding. Nevil was determined to tell Clint and fulfill his duty to "the head of the household."

Nevil told Nigel that David had persuaded Kevin to keep quiet in order to spare Clint's feelings at a trying time. Nigel believed they were obliged, to as well, calling it a private affair and reminding his cousin that the Buchanans could not weather any further scandal. Nevil rebelled, anxious to tell Clint face-to-face, but Nigel ordered him to stay silent and forget the "rumor" he'd taken across the sea. As he ushered Nevil into the house for tea, Kim made her escape.

At Buchanan Enterprises, Clint gave Viki the bad news about Mitch's criminal charges, or lack thereof. Viki was stunned that once again, Mitch Laurence would walk free despite his body count, and feared for Natalie's reaction when she learned Jared's murderer would be back on the streets. Clint delicately broached the subject of Charlie, asking if she wanted him to break the news to her husband, and inquiring about how Charlie was holding up. Viki allowed that Charlie had grown "withdrawn" in order to deal with his grief, and changed the subject by pivoting to the topic of Clint's own feelings.

Clint explained that Bo and Nora had flown home to be by his side for the funeral, but had returned to Seattle to help Matthew through his recovery. Viki was delighted by the good news, and told Clint he'd been right to hire Greg Evans. Catching on to her misdirection, Clint nudged Viki back to the subject of Charlie. Viki admitted that Charlie was struggling, but hadn't had a drink in eighteen months, and was at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. All she wanted to do was care and provide for him and Natalie in their time of need, but Clint had another question for her: If she was taking care of everyone else, who was taking care of Viki?

At his AA meeting, Charlie introduced himself to the group as an alcoholic who had been eighteen months sober, "until last night." He explained that his son was dead, and it was his fault. He began to unspool the long, dark story of how he'd killed Jared's stepfather, then blacked it out, and how Mitch had used it against Jared to frame him and murder him in cold blood. Charlie said he'd gone to the police station to face Mitch, but had found only the truth waiting for him: Mitch was right about him, he said, and his actions were responsible for Jared's death.

Growing emotional, Charlie wept as he told the group that he was only an old drunk. He'd tried to change his ways, and had gone to Paris, Texas, where he'd met Viki, "my angel." She'd seen him for what he could be, what he wanted to be, what he wanted to live up to, but he realized he couldn't change being a slave to his nature, his disease. "We can't," he cried, rising to his feet. "I can't!"

The group counselor attempted to calm Charlie, and told him he could control who he was and who he wanted to be, but Charlie didn't buy it anymore. "I tried it your way," he said, and reached into his coat pocket, producing the liquor bottle he'd been keeping since the funeral. Uncapping the bottle, Charlie said he knew the only route left to him, and took a drink. Telling the counselor he had no place there anymore, he tossed his "sober" button to the ground and walked out, still drinking.

Kim hurried back into the loft and told Stacy she'd hit the jackpot: Bo and Nora were having an affair. She explained the scene she'd stumbled upon with Nigel and Nevil. Stacy was thrilled to hear about her BFF's success, but warned her of her own first rule, and said she couldn't be the messenger of Clint's bad news; she had to find a way to get one of the butlers to tell Clint themselves, perhaps using feminine wiles.

Kim cringed at the thought but admitted, "I've done far worse for less." Stacy asked if it was possible to seduce Nevil, or if he was gay. "He's British, it's hard to say, " Kim hedged. She told Stacy she would make Nevil crack, by hook or by crook, and rushed back out of the apartment as Stacy cheered her on.

Back at the station, Schuyler arrived to give his and Gigi's joint statement to Oliver. As he and Gigi retold their story of the scuffle at Rodi's, Rex chafed at Gigi's recollection of Schuyler's chivalry and heroism. Anxious, he told Gigi he had to leave and pick up Stacy for a doctor's appointment, and left her dejected at Schuyler's side.

Oliver thanked Schuyler and Gigi for giving their statements and stepped away to file the paperwork. Schuyler noticed Rex's hasty exit, and Gigi told him that Rex was still very stressed. She thanked him for his heroic efforts with the gaybashers, calling him a good guy. Remembering his bargain with Stacy, Schuyler insisted he wasn't, but Gigi disagreed; she called him an amazing person, and said she didn't know what she'd do without him. Unable to take more unwanted praise, Schuyler told her goodbye.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nigel bid Nevil farewell, ready to send him back to London without a word about Bo and Nora's "indiscretion." The cousins parted ways at the door, but as Nevil turned to walk down the path, he found Kim waiting there, pouting seductively.

At the station, John's office became a crime scene as Natalie stabbed Mitch in the chest with Jared's letter opener. John rushed into action, shutting his door and pulling Natalie away from Mitch, forcing her to drop the letter opener to the ground as Mitch crumpled to the floor. Thinking fast, John asked her where she'd gotten the weapon, and was dismayed to learn that it was Jared's from Buchanan Enterprises, complete with monogrammed initials. John quickly hid the letter opener as Brody and Jessica entered, shocked by the sight of Mitch on the floor. Taking control of the chaos, John told Brody that Mitch had stabbed himself, unwilling to go back to prison.

Natalie stood in the corner, silent, as John and Brody called for the EMTs and John fed Brody his cover story. Stepping over to the unconscious Mitch, Natalie whispered one word: "Die." Brody was skeptical about John's claims, and suspicious of Natalie's silence. As the EMTs arrived, John asked about Mitch's chances. One EMT told him that the wound had missed any vital organs, and Mitch could get lucky.

Brody and Jessica stepped outside the office to watch as Mitch was wheeled away. Rex walked up just in time to catch sight of his wounded father, and asked what was going on. Inside the office, John continued to comfort the shell-shocked Natalie, and told her to keep quiet and back him up.

In the corridor, Rex was stunned to learn of Mitch's "suicide attempt." He feared that if Mitch died, Shane would be without more stem cells should his leukemia recur. Likewise, Jessica feared that Bree could need blood, which she was unable to give due to her Hepatitis C. The newfound siblings agreed that it could be their last chance to get what they needed from Mitch, and rushed off to the hospital, leaving Brody to watch over Natalie.

Gazing at Natalie as she sat alone outside the crime scene, Brody was ready to ask her some questions, but was thwarted when John asked him to get her some water. After Brody left, John reentered his office and replaced Jared's bloody letter opener with his own, smearing it with Mitch's blood and leaving it on the floor, then tossed the original weapon into his desk drawer.

At the hospital, Rex and Jessica rushed to Mitch's exam room. A doctor approached, and Rex explained that they needed some of Mitch's blood. The doctor replied that it was Mitch who would need theirs.

Back at the station, Brody returned to Natalie's side, ready to question her. Before Natalie could speak, John entered the corridor and handed Brody the bagged letter opener, asking him to take the weapon down to the evidence locker. Sensing he was getting the run-around, Brody told John he wanted to help, but John ignored his pleas and told Brody to file the weapon.

After Brody left, Natalie turned to John and said she hadn't cracked. She asked him why he was helping her, and John reminded her that her life would be over if she confessed to a murder attempt. "It already is," Natalie murmured, but John disagreed. Natalie told him he couldn't risk his career for her, but John urged her to stick to the cover story. He promised it would be okay.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Danielle in the Lion's Den

As Stacy waited at home for Rex to pick her up for her doctor's appointment, Rex and Jessica stood outside of Mitch's hospital room. The doctor advised them that Mitch needed blood transfusions from them in order to stay alive. The newly discovered brother and sister couldn't believe that fate had fallen into their hands. They took turns explaining that they weren't there to provide blood but to obtain blood for their own children, should the need arise in the future.

Upon questioning from the doctor, it turned out that Rex had an incompatible blood type and Jessica was unable to donate due to her previous bout with hepatitis. A nurse arrived and advised the doctor that blood had been obtained from another source. Rex was happy that it wasn't his blood that would save Mitch's life. Jessica apologized to Rex for her reaction when he had first announced that he was her brother, and said she should have been more understanding.

Rex understood and realized that being Mitch's children wasn't a great connection to have. Jessica was thrilled that they would be aunt and uncle to each other's children and while she didn't care for Stacy, was happy to have another niece or nephew on the way. Rex vowed that their children would have nothing to do with Mitch.

Nevil left the Buchanan mansion on his way to the airport, but Kim pounced on him before he was able to leave the grounds. She began to make a pass at him but upon hearing Clint's voice as he strode up to the door, she pushed Nevil into the nearby bushes. Clint was surprised to see Kim, assuming she had returned to Buchanan Enterprises with the file he had sent her to obtain. Kim confessed to getting lost and offered to help him out with another errand instead. Clint turned her down, but asked if she had just seen Nigel. She replied that she hadn't and would see Clint at the office the following day.

Once Clint disappeared inside, Nevil made his way out of the shrubs. Kim confided that she couldn't let her boss see her fooling around with the help, but wanted Nevil to be aware that she was attracted to him. She invited him to her place, informing him that she would have to regale him with intimate details of the "Sicilian Thunderbolt." A flattered Nevil followed willingly.

Inside the house, Nigel updated Clint on his schedule for the day. Clint commended his butler for always being there to tell him what was going on, as he made a quick phone call to Nora.

Kim and Nevil returned to Rex's loft, where Kim was surprised to see Stacy still at home. Stacy asked quietly about Nevil's horrid teeth and Kim enlightened her roommate that there were no dentists in England. She explained that Nigel wouldn't tell Clint about Bo and Nora, but Nevil would. As Stacy headed out for her doctor's appointment, Kim planted herself all over Nevil, who enjoyed the attention. Though noting that he didn't drink, he accepted the one that Kim made for him.

"American girls are so helpful," Nevil gushed at Kim, who praised Nevil heartily for showing up in the United States to tell Clint about Nora's cheating. Nevil assured her that he had to remain quiet, but Kim, opening her shirt, advised him that "some things need to be out in the open."

Kim continued to lead Nevil on and the English butler grew more hot and bothered by the moment. Suddenly Kim stopped and pulled away. She confided that she was too upset about her boss, Clint, to continue. She pointed out that cheaters ruined things for everyone. She needed for Clint to learn the truth so that she could continue to "rock" Nevil's world. She wanted Nevil to be the one to tell Clint about Bo and Nora.

Nevil apologized, but clarified that he would not be able to meet her conditions. It was not his place to tell Clint. It was not proper. Only one person, Nigel, could be the one to expose the truth, he sighed. He wished he could be like Nigel, who set an example for those who served in the same profession. Removing his glasses, Kim soothed him, sure that he could be exactly like the man his cousin was.

Bo and Nora returned to Seattle with good news for Matthew. They had permission to take him back to Llanview. The teen was less than thrilled as he steadfastly told his parents he was not leaving until he was sure that Danielle was safe. He and Téa's daughter had become very close due to going through similar situations, he added. Matthew was adamant in his refusal to leave, even though Nora felt that there was nothing her son could do for Danielle. Stepping out into the hallway and finally giving in, Nora and Bo decided that they would stay in Seattle. Bo offered to check around for information, and left for the police station. He gave Nora a quick kiss.

Matthew and Nora spoke about essentially what a small world it was and how Matthew and Danielle had met. Jokingly, Nora suggested that the teens had been talking about their crazy lawyer mothers as common ground but when Matthew looked away, she realized she had hit the nail on the head. "Did you really hate me that much?" Nora asked her son. Matthew stressed that he hated what his parents had done. Nora emphatically responded that she hadn't wanted to lose him. They agreed that the entire event with Matthew being paralyzed had been scary and they all went a little "nuts."

Matthew understood that the entire scenario caused his parents to kiss just as he and Danielle grew closer because of how they felt about their mothers. He knew that Bo and Nora had grown closer because of him. A call from Clint interrupted them.

Nora shared the good news about Matthew's legs with Clint and told him that she and Bo would not be returning right away because of what was happening with Danielle and Blair. Nigel stood by his boss and heard that Bo and Nora were remaining in Seattle together. Clint assured Nora that it was fine to stay in Seattle and that he was proud of Matthew. He loved her and was hoping that they would all return to Llanview soon.

Nora hung up the phone sadly. Matthew wondered if his mother was okay and she assured him that she was. Matthew apologized for getting between her and Clint in the past, but said he was feeling better about Clint. He moved his legs for Nora and she was thrilled.

At the Seattle police station, Todd harassed the cops for news of his missing daughter and Téa blamed herself for the predicament that Danielle and Blair found themselves in. Contrary to Todd's belief, Téa was concerned for Blair's safety and she knew that Blair would look out for Danielle. Todd began to ask Téa questions about their daughter. She admitted that Danielle was very much like Todd in that she was very complex. He wanted to know all about Danielle, and Téa grabbed her briefcase. She explained that Danielle's life story was inside.

She had taken everything from Tahiti that mattered, Téa confessed to Todd. She pulled out an old picture, a pink baby bracelet, an old report card and a childhood poem that Danielle had written about Téa. As she began to cry, Todd placed the bracelet on Téa's wrist and wrapped his arm around her to comfort her.

They were surprised to see Bo walk in. He explained that he and Nora were worried, too, and he was there for an update. Todd and Téa asked Bo to help on the investigation even though he didn't care for them. He agreed to check in with the chief of police. Alone with Todd again, Téa admitted that she took notice that Todd hadn't said anything about Danielle being his daughter. Todd admitted that he didn't want Danielle to be the last person to find out about him. Bo returned with the information that it seemed likely that Ross was headed to the Canadian border.

On the run with Blair and Danielle as captives, Ross made the decision to pull over to try to find another car to use. He knew that the police would be looking for Blair's rental car that he was driving. Blair advised him that he was out of control and urged him to turn himself in. Ross was intent on making his way to Canada with the women by his side.

As Blair fiddled around in her purse, Ross gave her a difficult time. He asked what Blair was doing, since he had already taken her phone. Blair declared that she had some snacks and handed one over to a very hungry Danielle. Blair preferred to wait for a decent meal, she told Ross disdainfully. Danielle insisted that her father was really a good guy who had been backed into a corner. Blair agreed that people did some crazy things when they were forced to.

With the women's help, Ross managed to hide the car off of the road. He insisted that his actions were the result of Téa's forcing him to do what was necessary to keep his daughter. Blair coldly stated that mothers protected their children no matter what. Danielle was curious as to how Blair knew Téa. Blair and Ross hesitatingly explained that Blair had been married to Téa's boyfriend.

Ross asked Danielle to thumb a ride for them while he and Blair remained out of sight. He reminded his daughter of the success she had in Tahiti when they'd needed a ride. Blair was appalled that Ross had asked his daughter to hitchhike. Ross threatened to harm Blair if she informed Danielle that Ross wasn't her real father.

Blair was certain that Todd already knew the situation, though Ross contended that he was not afraid of Todd. Blair suggested that he'd better hope that the police found him before Todd did. "We both know how far Todd Manning will go to keep his children," she warned him.

As Danielle stood poised by the road with her thumb out, a car slowed down and stopped. A man emerged and wondered what Danielle was doing all alone in the secluded area. Suddenly, Ross and Blair materialized and Ross explained that they were victims of car trouble, having left their car down the road. He asked for a ride, noting that they didn't have a working phone. The man determined that a tow truck was the thing that was needed and he turned to retrieve his phone in his car. Ross sucker punched the man on the head from behind and knocked him out. The shocked women gasped.

At Llanview Hospital, the doctor informed Rex and Jessica that the transfusion had worked and Mitch was being prepared for surgery. "Don't work too hard, Doc," Rex mumbled. He and Jessica discussed Mitch's stabbing and they were confused that he had allegedly stabbed himself. Stacy arrived for her appointment and was surprised to see Rex. She scolded him for forgetting her doctor's appointment, annoyed because the baby needed him. She relented when she heard about Mitch. Rex suggested that Stacy go to the appointment herself, as he needed to call Gigi.

Stacy looked in on Mitch and told the unconscious man that she would call him dad after she and Rex were married. She was sure that he would be useful to her. She eyed the vials of blood sitting on the table by Mitch's side.

She was startled when Rex returned and pulled open the curtain. "What are you doing here?" he demanded to know. She responded that she had just been getting a look at Mitch, though Rex was perplexed. He reminded her that she had seen him before, when she had helped to take his blood. She apologized for that, she insisted. "Did you?" he asked. Stacy complained that it was different seeing Mitch this time. Last time he was merely a "turnip in a bedspread." She smiled and told Rex they were in it together.

Stacy promised to reschedule her appointment and, eyeing Jessica, extended her sympathy for what had happened to Jessica's father. As Jessica and Rex stood at Mitch's bedside, he opened his eyes slightly. "My children. I knew they'd come to me," he uttered. He began to quote scripture. He appeared confused to hear that he had tried to kill himself. Rex told him to try harder next time. Smiling broadly, Stacy left the premises, glancing down at the vial of blood in her hand.

Nigel confessed that he was worried about all that the family had been through of late. Clint advised his trusted servant that he couldn't get through it all without Nigel. The Englishman always did what was best for the Buchanan family.

Nora helped Matthew to exercise his legs and assured him that they would find Danielle with Bo on the case.

Bo asked many questions and learned that Blair's rental car had a portable GPS. Setting up some equipment, he did not receive any type of signal and determined that the GPS was not turned on. He would figure out what their next step would be.

Again, Blair told Ross that he was out of control and needed to turn himself in. Ross pushed the women towards the man's car, urging them to get in. Unobtrusively, Blair reached into her purse and turned on the portable GPS. Ross threatened her as she climbed into the car. At the police station, the equipment began to sound. Bo turned towards it and announced that they had a signal. He was able to pinpoint the location of Blair, Danielle, and Ross.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Global Repositioning

Inside Rex's loft, Stacy interrupted Kim, who was in the process of attempting to seduce Nevil. Displaying a vial of blood, Stacy related that she had obtained the sample from an unconscious Mitch Laurence. Stacy was convinced that the sample might prove valuable if Rex demanded a blood test for Stacy's unborn child.

After distracting Nevil for a brief moment, Kim informed Stacy that Clint would only believe the truth about Bo and Nora's affair if the news came from Nigel. Kim planned to convince Nevil to pose as Nigel and tell Clint that his brother was having an illicit affair with Clint's own wife. Kim believed that Clint would end his marriage to Nora, paving the way for Kim to step in and pick up the pieces of Clint's broken heart.

After agreeing to rock Nevil's world, Kim convinced the clueless butler to pose as his cousin and reveal Bo and Nora's secret. Anxious to get the plan underway, Kim and Stacy gave Nevil a makeover. Believing that he would gain Clint's trust and Kim's heart in the end, Nevil announced that he would pull off the switch that evening. Nevil advised the girls that Nigel would be out for the evening, attending his weekly bridge game.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nigel welcomed Rachel home. Pleased to have Rachel there, Nigel remarked that everything would be back to normal once Clint and Nora were reunited. Interrupting the discussion, Clint gave Rachel a hug and asked if Nora had accompanied her daughter home. Explaining that Matthew's friend was in trouble, Rachel stated that Bo and Nora had decided to remain in Seattle and help locate Téa's daughter, per Matthew's request. Although he understood Nora and Bo's decision to postpone their trip home, Clint commented that he couldn't wait for both Matthew and Nora to return so they could be a family again. Meanwhile, Nigel stood nearby and gave Clint a concerned look.

Moments later, a nervous Nigel approached Clint and announced that he had something important to tell his employer. Conflicted, Nigel decided to spare Clint's feelings and stated that he needed the night off to attend his bridge game. Clint told Nigel to enjoy his night off.

Later that evening, Kim, Stacy, and Nevil sneaked inside the mansion. Posing as his cousin Nigel, Nevil headed off to locate Clint. After successfully helping Nevil gain entry, Kim and Stacy exited the house. Out on the lawn, Kim announced that both she and Stacy would get what they wanted. Stacy would end up with Rex, and Kim would get her hands on the Buchanan fortune.

Back inside the mansion, Nevil found Clint relaxing in the parlor. Clint wondered why his butler had decided not to attend his bridge game. Carefully covering his bucked teeth, Nevil declared, "I couldn't play tonight, not with this terrible thought weighing on my mind!"

At the cottage, Rex told Gigi that he had been unable to attend Stacy' doctor's appointment because Mitch Laurence had attempted suicide and was hospitalized at Llanview Hospital. Relating that he had gone to the hospital with Jessica, Rex said that they had both desired a blood sample in the event that Shane or Bree required a donor in the future. Rex explained that they had been unable to obtain a blood sample because Mitch needed a transfusion. After informing Gigi that a donor had been found, Rex remarked that he wished Mitch had died, but feared his father might live a long time.

While Gigi attempted to console him, Rex suggested that they discuss Gigi's feelings for Schuyler. Insisting that Schuyler was her friend, Gigi reminded Rex that he was the man she loved. Rex wondered why Gigi had failed to mention that Schuyler had fought off her attackers at Rodi's. Gigi maintained that she didn't have any feelings for Schuyler, but Rex stated that he noticed the chemistry that she and Schuyler shared at the police station.

Although Gigi continue to deny feelings for Schuyler, Rex realized that a serious problem existed in his relationship with Gigi. Rex was convinced that Gigi would never be able to accept his child with Stacy or get over her feelings for Schuyler. Gigi pleaded with Rex to realize that they were meant to be together, but a conflicted Rex believed that Schuyler was able to offer Gigi something that he couldn't -- Schuyler hadn't slept with Stacy. After a loving embrace, Gigi was stunned when Rex sadly announced that they should separate.

At the drug counseling center, Schuyler ran into Cole, who mentioned that he was thrilled to have a healthy baby. Schuyler appeared affected by Cole's words. Noticing Schuyler's strange mood, Cole questioned if Schuyler was dating someone special. Without providing a name, Schuyler stated that there was a special woman in his life.

Later, Rachel arrived at the drug counseling center to catch up on her workload. Upon encountering Schuyler, Rachel immediately realized that something was bothering her friend. After swearing Rachel to silence, Schuyler related that he had learned that Stacy had miscarried Rex's baby, and had later become impregnated with Schuyler's child. Schuyler admitted that Stacy had convinced him to keep her secret.

Stunned by the revelation, Rachel questioned why Schuyler hadn't told Gigi and Rex the truth about Stacy's pregnancy. Although he admitted that Stacy had blackmailed him into remaining silent, Schuyler insisted that his confession might cause further problems between Rex and Gigi, but Rachel knew the truth -- Schuyler didn't want Gigi to learn about his indiscretion with Stacy. An appalled Rachel couldn't believe that Schuyler intended to live the rest of his life denying that he had a child.

Inside a Seattle police station, Téa, Todd, and Nora watched nervously as Bo attempted to locate Ross, Danielle, and Blair, through the signal from Blair's portable GPS device. Once the signal had located the vehicle that Ross had stolen, Bo announced, "Got 'em!"

Meanwhile, Ross drove the stolen vehicle, carrying Danielle and Blair, toward the Canadian border. While Ross kept a hand on his gun, he assured Danielle that they would arrive in Canada soon. While Blair fumbled with her GPS device unnoticed, Danielle questioned what Ross intended to do with Blair. Suddenly, the GPS device chimed, "Please enter your destination."

Retrieving the GPS system from Blair, an enraged Ross pointed his gun at her. Danielle screamed and pleaded with her father not to hurt Blair. Realizing that he had frightened the teen, Ross put away his weapon. Continuing to drive toward the border, Ross slung the device out the window. Ross stated that he couldn't trust Blair, and contemplated how he would handle her betrayal.

Back at the Seattle police station, everyone panicked when the signal was lost, but Bo quickly reminded them that the general location of the vehicle had been traced. Bo, Téa, Todd, and Nora rushed out of the police station to rescue Danielle and Blair.

Blair threatened to tell Danielle the truth, and Ross responded by pointing the weapon at her again. A terrified Danielle managed to convince Ross to put away the gun. Realizing that Ross was capable of hurting her, Blair tried to reason with him. Blair chastised Ross for keeping Danielle away from Téa and Todd. When Danielle inquired why her existence would have any meaning to Todd, Ross let out a sigh of relief when Blair deflected Dani's questions.

Bo, Téa, Todd, and Nora drove toward the Canadian border. Nora and Bo promised Téa that they would locate her daughter. Téa related that although Ross wouldn't hurt Danielle, he might harm Blair. Téa surmised that Ross hadn't made it to the border. She reminded everyone that the Canadian authorities couldn't apprehend Ross until he crossed the border.

Finally, Ross reached the Canadian border. Ross screeched his brakes when Blair pointed out that a police roadblock had been set up at the gates. Backing the car up, Ross headed in the opposite direction.

Spotting Ross in the vehicle ahead, Bo, pulled behind Ross's vehicle.

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