One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 30, 2009 on OLTL

Charges were dropped against Mitch in California, but he was arrested in Llanview for popping out of Jared's casket at Jared's funeral. Ross found Danielle in Matthew's hospital room and escaped with her. Charlie began drinking again. Dorian was arrested for trying to legalize gay marriage, and she found herself in a cell next to Mitch. Nick was the victim of a hate crime.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 30, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Sons Also Rise

At the Buchanan compound in London, Kevin received a phone call from Clint. Kevin related that he, Kelly, and Zane all had the flu and wouldn't be able to attend Jared's funeral in Llanview. Kevin was thankful that Nora would be present to comfort his father, but Clint explained that Nora and Bo were visiting Matthew, who had successfully undergone surgery in a Seattle hospital. Clint was certain that Nora and Bo would return home in time to attend Jared's funeral services. Before hanging up with Kevin, Clint sighed, "At least something good happened!"

In the living room of the Buchanan compound, David studied an Internet article that detailed Dorian's rise to mayor of Llanview, by default. Observing David's interest in Dorian, Neville questioned David about his true feelings for Dorian. David insisted that he and Dorian were soul mates. As Neville quizzed David about Dorian, David inadvertently blurted out that Bo and Nora were also soul mates. Unbeknownst to David and Neville, Kevin stood in the doorway and listened quietly to their conversation.

Confessing that Bo and Nora had shared a kiss, David told Neville that David had promised Bo that he would never reveal the secret to anyone. After convincing Neville to keep quiet, David was startled when Kevin emerged and asked to speak with David privately. Alone with David, Kevin demanded to know if Nora and Bo were having an affair. David tied to evade Kevin's questioning, but confessed after Kevin threatened to physically harm him.

As David explained that Matthew had witnessed the kiss between Nora and Bo, Neville held a glass to the door and eavesdropped on the conversation. Kevin stated that he had noticed that something was going on between Nora and Bo, but he had ignored the signs. David wondered if Kevin intended to tell Clint about the kiss. A conflicted Kevin stated that Clint deserved to know the truth. David urged him to reconsider.

At Rex's loft, Stacy told Kim that Stacy had dreamed that Rex realized that he wasn't the father of her baby. Reminding Stacy that Schuyler was the only person who knew that Rex hadn't fathered Stacy's child, Kim was convinced that it was in Schuyler's best interest to keep Stacy's secret.

Displaying a flattering outfit, Kim announced that she had a job interview with Clint Buchanan. With a sly grin, Kim stated that she was interviewing for the position of his executive secretary, but planned to make a romantic connection with Clint as soon as possible. When Stacy informed her that Clint wouldn't be in a pleasant mood because of Jared's funeral service, a confident Kim revealed that she had a plan. Kim believed that they would both finally get what they wanted. Deep in thought, Stacy replied, "Yeah, if Schuyler doesn't blab that Rex isn't the baby's father!"

At the cottage, Rex and Gigi told Shane that his grandfather was an evil man named Mitch Laurence. Shane couldn't believe that anyone on earth was more despicable than his Aunt Stacy, but Rex informed his son that Mitch made Stacy look like a saint. After explaining that Mitch was a sick individual, Rex told Shane that Mitch was incarcerated, and advised Shane to inform Rex if Mitch attempted to contact him. Feeling his father's pain, Shane stated that Rex deserved a great father just like he had.

Smiling at Shane and Gigi, Rex remarked that he was lucky to have them in his life. Gigi asked if Rex had plans to visit Jessica and reveal that they were siblings. Rex informed Gigi that he planned to meet with Jessica after he paid Stacy a visit. When Gigi wondered why Rex wanted to speak with Stacy, Rex replied, "She's having Mitch Laurence's grandchild. I have to protect them, too!"

Once Rex had left, Schuyler arrived at the cottage and announced that he had something to tell Rex. As Gigi stepped away to prepare a cup of coffee for her guest, Schuyler had a daydream in which he told Gigi that Rex hadn't fathered Stacy's child, Schuyler had. In Schuyler's daydream, Rex returned home after Schuyler's announcement, and an irate Gigi accused Schuyler of betraying her and kicked him out of the house.

Gigi returned with Schuyler's cup of coffee and asked him what he wanted to discuss with Rex. Schuyler quickly composed himself and claimed that he wanted to offer Rex his condolences regarding the loss of Jared. When Shane wandered downstairs, Schuyler excused himself and left the cottage. Confessing that he had researched Mitch Laurence's profile online, Shane told his mother that Mitch was a terrible human being. Promising her son that Mitch would never hurt him, Gigi commented, "Your dad needs us now and we can't give him anything else to worry about."

As Stacy and Kim continued to discuss their scheme, Rex knocked on the door. Before Kim answered the door, Stacy made certain that her padding was affixed to her stomach. Once Rex entered the loft, Kim raced off to meet with Clint. Startled by Stacy's growing belly, Rex declared, "We need to talk about the man whose blood is running through your veins!" Rex's statement sent shock waves through Stacy.

Presenting her with a picture of Mitch, Rex told Stacy that Mitch was his father and gave her a quick history lesson about Mitch. Warning Stacy that Mitch was dangerous, Rex cautioned her that Mitch might take an interest in her if he ever learned that they were expecting a child. Stacy appeared terrified, but Rex promised to protect her and the baby. Stacy smiled and thanked Rex for showing concern for her and the baby.

Rex urged Stacy to study the picture and to memorize Mitch's face. Before leaving, Rex warned,"You never want to run into him in person!" Afterward, Stacy kissed the photo of Mitch and thanked him for causing Rex to show concern for her and the baby. Staring intently at the photo, a gleeful, Stacy exclaimed, "I'm starting to like you already!"

Kim arrived at the Buchanan mansion and encountered Nigel at the front door. When Nigel refused her entry, Kim spotted Clint and barged inside the mansion. After introducing herself to Clint, Kim claimed to have known Jared intimately. A curious Clint agreed to speak with her.

At that moment, Nigel received a call from a nervous Neville, who desperately sought advice from his cousin. Neville stated that he had a problem. Stating that two members of the Buchanan clan were involved in his dilemma, Neville wondered which Buchanan heir he owed his loyalty to. Nigel advised Neville that since Asa's death, Clint was the head of the family. A relieved Neville responded, "That's all I need to know!'

Inside the living room, Kim attempted to work her scam on Clint. Insisting that she had considered Jared a great guy, Kim lied and told Clint that Jared had hired her for the executive secretary position at Buchanan Enterprises. Claiming that Jared had promised to call her with a start date, Kim stated that she had grown concerned when he didn't contact her. Once she had learned of his death, Kim stated that she wanted to offer her condolences and inquire about the job that Jared had promised her.

A confused Clint informed Kim that he wasn't aware of her status with the company, and suggested that she resubmit her resume. Kim gave Clint a sob story about resigning from her old job after Jared had promised to hire her at B. E. Feeling guilty about Kim's circumstances, Clint phoned Kevin to inquire if he had any knowledge concerning Jared's decision to hire Kim.

Back in London, as Kevin continued to argue with David, Kevin's cell phone rang. Kevin appeared nervous when he realized that Clint was the caller. As David listened intently to Kevin's conversation, Clint asked Kevin if he knew of Jared's new hire. Reminding Clint that the position in question reported directly to Clint, Kevin suggested that Clint fill the position himself. After receiving pressure from David, Kevin told Clint that he loved him and ended the call. Afterward, Kevin said that he didn't have the nerve to break Clint's heart -- at least not during a family crisis.

Meanwhile, Neville exited the compound with his luggage. Standing outside the door, Neville exclaimed, "Thank you cousin Nigel, now I know what I must do! I must go to Llanview and tell Master Clint that Bo and Nora have betrayed him!"

After hanging up with Kevin, Clint informed an elated Kim that she was hired.

Later, Kim returned home and told Stacy that Clint had hired her at B.E. Detailing Rex's visit to Kim, Stacy was overjoyed that Rex had shown concern for her and the baby. Pleased that her luck was changing, Stacy remarked, "I have nothing to worry about. As long as Schuyler keeps his mouth shut, Gigi will be out of the picture in no time!"

At Llanfair, Jessica was horrified after receiving Mitch's letter. She stated that she wished Mitch was dead. As Brody phoned the commissioner of the Napa jail to report Mitch's actions, he informed Jessica that it was only a letter and that Mitch couldn't hurt her. While Brody spoke to the Napa authorities, Jessica attempted to burn Mitch's letter, but hesitated. Informing Jessica that the letter was evidence, Brody prevented her from burning the letter.

Jessica stated that she wanted to read the letter, but Brody advised her not to. Jessica insisted that she didn't want to be a victim any longer, and together she and Brody read Mitch's letter. Jessica shuddered when she read Mitch's words, "I look forward to visiting you and meeting my granddaughter." Before heading to the station to turn the evidence over to John, Brody promised Jessica that he would never allow Mitch to hurt her again. Jessica was visibly shaken.

Moments later, Rex arrived at Llanfair and asked to speak with Jessica about Mitch Laurence. Jessica explained that she had no desire to discuss Mitch. She was stunned when Rex informed her that Mitch was also his father.

Inside Matthew's hospital room, Destiny was elated when Matthew showed her that he had movement in his legs. When Matthew stated that he was glad to have a good friend by his side, Destiny inquired about Danielle. Destiny reminded Matthew of the promise that he had made to help Danielle find her father. Destiny appeared pleased when Matthew related that Danielle's mother had forced her to move to Puerto Rico. Matthew said that he wouldn't have the opportunity to help his friend.

Meanwhile, Danielle rushed off the elevator and raced toward Matthew's room. While Destiny assured Matthew that things would soon be back to normal, Danielle rushed inside the room and begged Matthew to help her. When Destiny questioned why Danielle wasn't in Puerto Rico, Danielle related that her parents had been jailed and that she had spent the night in Child Protective Services. Announcing that she had broken out of the facility, Danielle pleaded with Matthew to help her evade Téa and the law. Referring to Danielle as a fugitive, Destiny stated that Matthew was recovering and couldn't hide a fugitive. Matthew insisted that Danielle wasn't a fugitive, and said that he wanted to help his friend.

After Matthew agreed to help Danielle, Destiny was appalled when Danielle suggested that Destiny stand out in the hall and act as a lookout. Although bothered by Danielle's request, Destiny agreed. Danielle apologized for upsetting Destiny, but Matthew assured her that Destiny would get over it. Danielle asked Matthew if he truly wanted to become involved in her situation. Smiling, Matthew stated that he would still be in a wheelchair if Danielle hadn't helped him. Danielle squealed with delight when Matthew wiggled his foot. As Destiny stood outside the door and performed her lookout duties, she frowned as she overheard Matthew and Danielle's conversation.

Danielle acknowledged that her life was a disaster. Danielle was convinced that Todd and Téa were setting Ross up, but she had an unsettling feeling concerning Ross's guilt. Admitting that it was possible that Ross was lying and might have actually tried to harm her mother, Danielle stated, "Do I really know who my father is?"

Téa, Todd, and Ross sat in separate cells inside a Seattle jail. Stating that her daughter had been placed in Child Protective Services, Téa pleaded with the guard to allow her to check on Danielle. Teasing Téa, Ross remarked that she no longer had control over his daughter. A frustrated Téa tried to convince Ross that the DNA test proved that Todd was Danielle's father. Meanwhile, Todd sat silently in his cell and stared at the DNA results.

Continuing to taunt Téa, Ross announced that he intended to run off with Danielle. Ross insisted that Téa and Todd would never raise his daughter. While Téa argued with Ross, Todd sat in silence. Moments later, Elijah entered the holding room. Assuming that Elijah was representing him, Ross instructed Elijah to get him released immediately. To Ross's surprise, Elijah announced that he was working for Téa and Todd. Ross couldn't believe that his brother would betray him, but Elijah informed Ross that he hadn't forgotten that Ross had knocked him out cold and stolen his wallet.

As Ross seethed with anger, Elijah told Téa that Danielle was safe in Child Protective Services. Téa told Elijah that Ross had been badgering her all night and that Todd was aware that Danielle was his daughter. Pointing out that Todd hadn't uttered a word the entire night, Téa admitted that Todd's strange behavior scared her.

Ross was outraged when Elijah related that he knew his brother had battered Téa, and Elijah offered to help both Téa and Todd with their legal troubles. Todd remained silent. Elijah was certain that the authorities would never allow Ross anywhere near Danielle. Téa's only concern was that Danielle was safe.

When Ross was allowed to leave his cell to meet with his public defender, Ross told Téa that he planned to run off with Danielle the second he was released. Once Elijah left to check on the charges against Téa and Todd, Téa sighed,"All right, Todd, Ross is gone. We're alone now, talk to me!" Todd calmly replied, "I hate you more than anyone I've ever hated in my entire life!"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Missing Children

Natalie sat in the church alone, prior to Jared's memorial service. She pleaded with God to bring Jared back to her, the same as he had done with both Cristian and John. She was not happy to see Roxy arrive. Natalie called Roxy a liar and a terrible mother. Roxy insisted that Natalie needed her and she wanted to take care of Natalie. She reminded her daughter of the many times Natalie had taken care of her while growing up. She wanted to return the favor.

Natalie advised her mother that people had gotten hurt because of her when she didn't let people know about Mitch. Roxy insisted that she had pulled the plug on Mitch's equipment and thought he was dead. She vowed to stay by Natalie's side, because she loved both Natalie and Jared.

At the police station, Brody handed John the letter that Jessica had received from Mitch. As John read parts of the letter out loud, Brody promised that he would kill Mitch if the man got anywhere near the family. They were perplexed as to how the letter was sent, since Mitch was to have been prohibited from any kind of contact. They decided they needed to stop him, and John made a call to the Napa police.

After a quick discussion on the phone, John admitted that the police had given him the "brush-off." They wondered if Mitch was paying someone off.

Bo and Nora returned to Llanview and headed to the station first. Turning towards her former husband, Nora sadly advised him that she would not be able to consider leaving Clint while the family was in turmoil. Bo understood and told her he loved her. As they leaned their heads together to share a kiss, Marty walked in. "Am I interrupting something?" she inquired. They pulled away and Bo announced that they had good news. They enthusiastically told Marty about Matthew having feeling in his legs. A thrilled Marty rushed off to phone Cole with the news.

Bo found Brody and John in John's office and heard about the letter to Jessica. John made a call to the head of the California Corrections Department and learned that they would look into the incident and stop whatever was going on at the prison. Bo shook his head in amazement, noting that Mitch didn't know when to stop.

"You're my sister, after all," Rex told a shocked, rather abrupt and perplexed Jessica at Llanfair. She ordered him to stop playing around with her. He explained that he had just learned that Mitch was his father, too. Jessica told him that while Mitch was technically her father, she considered Clint her father in every way that was important. Jessica appeared distant and Rex told her he understood her reaction to him. He recalled how he had tried to scam her family when he had first arrived in Llanview, and pretended he was Jessica's brother. He was sorry for his timing and noted that he was his father's son.

As Rex apologized for disturbing her and headed to the door, Jessica told him that she had received a letter from Mitch, which caused Rex to stop in his tracks. They were angry that Mitch had been able to get in touch with Jessica. She wished that Rex didn't have to go through what she already had, but she knew what it was like to be Mitch's biological child.

Calling out to Viki in their bedroom and receiving no answer, Charlie retrieved a bottle of vodka from his pocket. Suddenly, Viki walked in and asked her husband if he was okay. Charlie quickly put the bottle back into his pocket. Viki assured her husband that having experienced the death of a child, she knew that it hurt and that he probably wanted to be alone. She just wanted him to realize that she'd be close by if he wanted her for anything, even if he didn't want to talk. She urged him to get ready for the funeral service and he headed to their bathroom. He retrieved the bottle of vodka from his pocket again.

Uncapping the bottle and looking at himself in the mirror, Charlie had second thoughts and started to pour the liquid into the sink. He thought again before the liquid escaped and recapped the bottle. After he was dressed for the service, Viki advised him that it was time to leave for the church. Charlie dashed back into the bathroom and put the bottle into his jacket pocket.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint and Nigel chatted about Jared. Clint couldn't believe how much of an impression Jared had made after starting out in town as a conman. Nigel advised him that Renee was too upset to attend the funeral service. Clint expressed how much he missed Bo and Nora, and how he couldn't wait for them to return from Seattle. He admitted that he had been jealous of the pair traveling and spending time together, but he had been petty. Nigel pointed out that Clint couldn't have been petty after flying the couple to Seattle to spend Thanksgiving with their son. Clint was originally worried about the strain to his marriage but he realized that he and Nora had a strong one.

Nora returned home to an exuberant Clint who was on cloud nine when he saw her. He gave her a deep kiss and told her how great it was to have his wife home.

In their jail cells in Seattle, Téa and Todd finally had words about their past and their daughter. Todd advised Téa that he hated her more than he had ever hated anyone, because she had kept their daughter from him. Téa repeated that she had never known that Danielle was Todd's daughter. She reminded him of how he had abandoned her on the island previously and the only reason she had survived was because of Ross. She had blocked Todd from her mind, she cried, after he had made love to her once and then left her. She had buried her feelings and dreams of him, she stressed.

He was gone from her mind when she first learned she was pregnant, Téa continued. She thought the baby, who filled her life with new meaning, was Ross's. Todd wished he had known Danielle as she was growing up. Téa swore on her soul that she was not aware that Todd was the father. She explained that as Danielle grew older, the girl began to remind her mother of Todd in many ways, and Téa also realized that she had never gotten over Todd. She had to find him. Todd demanded to know why she hadn't told him about their daughter even after they had fallen in love and he had married her.

Again, Téa told him that she hadn't known and, in addition, he wasn't recognized as a father of the year. She recounted all of his past transgressions involving his children. She thought that she hadn't wanted to believe that Danielle was Todd's. Raising her voice, Téa reminded Todd of all of the times she had fought for and stood up for him, won his freedom, and even taken the blame for him. She fell in love with him again, even with his poor character. She had ordered the DNA test not very long before, she pointed out again. Todd felt that he wouldn't have attempted suicide if he had been told about his daughter. This caused Téa to laugh, reminding him that he already had a daughter in Starr, and that hadn't stopped him.

She'd had every intention of telling him about Danielle, Téa declared. She reminded him of h his attempted suicide and the fraternity incident when she'd almost died because of his actions. She hadn't wanted to take the secret to her grave and had started to tell Blair about Danielle but then they had passed out. She did acknowledge that Todd was the love of her life, Téa told him.

Todd reminded her that he had taken care of her after she was hurt, but Téa retorted that she had been physically damaged and not in a good place. Then she had found him in bed with Blair. Screaming, Todd wanted Téa to admit that she was punishing him. He asked why she hadn't told him after his marriage proposal, since he had loved her and deserved the truth. Téa admitted that she had made a mistake then and wanted his forgiveness. She denied trying to punish him.

"Forgive you. No," Todd snapped. He would never forgive her, he continued. He accused her again of punishing him. Téa pleaded with him, explaining that she had wanted to know that he loved her for herself, not because of their daughter. Hollering loudly, Todd declared that he had loved her. Téa responded that she only wanted to have one perfect night together like they did on their wedding night, one where they didn't have to worry about anything else.

After that night, she went outside and saw the check made out to Ross, she continued. She knew that Ross might be around somewhere and she went to find him. Then Blair got to Todd before Téa returned and could talk to him. She reminded him that he wouldn't listen to her. Then she'd found him in bed with Blair again. Téa accused Todd of believing everything that Blair said to him. She noted that Blair would do whatever it took to get Todd back, especially after she lost John to Marty. Blair had been lying through her teeth, Téa shouted, about the scam she had accused Téa and Ross of committing.

As Téa continued her rant about Blair, she argued with Todd about the way events had actually occurred, like when Blair went through the window. Téa assured Todd that Blair had learned about Danielle then, the women had struggled because Blair had wanted to rush and tell Todd the news and then she had accidentally fallen. Todd refused to believe that Blair had been aware of Danielle. Téa laughed. Continuing her version of the story, Téa agreed that Blair had memory loss after the fall but she had eventually recalled everything. She changed her mind and decided that it wasn't a good move to tell Todd about Danielle, because she was scared that Todd would run back to Téa.

A quieter and thoughtful-looking Todd uttered that Blair should have known better. He would never have run back to Téa, but he was determined to locate Danielle and be her father. He wanted Téa to go to hell, he articulated. The smile she had begun to allow was quickly gone from her face.

Marty gave John the good news about Matthew. As they departed for the church, she said that they couldn't have heard the news on a better day.

As the casket was wheeled in, Natalie placed her hands lovingly on top of it and cried. She hoped it was all a mistake. Family and friends arrived at the church, and they gathered around to comfort her. Clint admitted that the funeral was harder on him than he thought it would be. Bo assured him he was there for his brother. "I can always count on you, Bo," Clint responded.

The service began and Jessica walked to the front to give the eulogy. Inconspicuously, Charlie patted his bottle. Jessica observed that when she had lost her husband, she had lashed out at people in pain and anger. She had particularly lashed out at Jared, she said. Natalie's love for Jared had never wavered and that was something that Jared had been missing throughout his life. She concluded that no one would be able to take away the spirit that both Natalie and Jared had, not even Mitch. She promised Jared that he could rest in peace, because Natalie was in good hands. During the service, John received a call and left his seat to take it.

It appeared that the news was dismal and shocking. John told the unknown party, "I don't care how it happened." John walked towards Bo and whispered into the police commissioner's ear. Bo rose and the men began to walk towards the back of the church. As the service continued, the casket slowly began to open. Natalie began to smile slightly at first, as the rest of the mourners looked on, horrified. The police officers stopped and turned around. Natalie's grin disappeared. The casket popped open and Mitch Laurence emerged!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's Not The Meet, It's Emotion

On duty at the police station, Oliver and Layla examined Mitch Laurence's rap sheet with awe and horror. Layla encouraged Oliver to get his mind off work and onto his date with Kyle, but Oliver said he had to man the office and then do crowd control at the mayoral swearing-in ceremony before he could relax. Layla realized that her roommate was nervous, and Oliver admitted he was afraid of disappointing Kyle; he had only just come out of the closet, whereas Kyle was experienced and had been out since high school. But Layla didn't understand the nature of Oliver's qualms until he mentioned how in the years since college, Kyle had been with men who'd "[known] what to do." "You're worried about the sex?" Layla blurted out.

Apoplectic, Oliver hustled Layla into John's office for a private conversation and told her to keep her voice down. He told her he was ready to be with Kyle, but had only been with women since his university days. He feared he wouldn't be able to perform properly or satisfy a lover. "Well, I had a good time," Layla chimed in. She assured him that sex was just sex, but Oliver and Kyle were in love, and there was no way they wouldn't make each other happy.

At La Boulaie, Starr, Cole, Langston, and Markko reviewed footage of Kyle, Oliver, and Nick from the mass gay wedding. The teens were impressed by Markko's filmmaking technique, and pleased to hear that he would be continuing his documentary on Dorian's rise to power. Langston expressed curiosity about what had become of Llanview's big gay love triangle, while Markko hoped that his documenting the mayoral race would get him back in Dorian's good graces. Langston reassured him that Dorian didn't hate him.

Entering the drawing room, Dorian added her own two cents; she told Markko she did not hate him, as he'd merely made an error in judgment, which fate had corrected. Starr reminded her aunt that "fate" had also led to Jared's death, and heartbreak for Viki, Natalie, and the Buchanans. "Oh, no, I was speaking of fate in the abstract," Dorian trilled. Reflecting on Jared's tragic death, Dorian seized the spotlight. She agreed that Viki had made a "heroic" choice to cede the mayoral office, and said the circumstances were unfortunate, but as Dorian was in power, she would do her job in Jared's name.

Breaking from her reverie, Dorian noticed that Markko was filming her with his camera. Langston explained to her mother that Markko was compiling footage for his documentary on her campaign, and would also film the swearing-in ceremony. "Do you think you can have it ready in time for Sundance?" Dorian asked, her mind on the film festival circuit. Markko promised to try. Her spirits boosted, Dorian raced off to get dressed.

A short time later, Markko's camera was still rolling as he taped Dorian descending the La Boulaie staircase in her mayoral finery. Dorian spoke directly to the camera, promising to do her duty to the fullest as mayor of Llanview. Just then, Amelia arrived, asking Dorian if she'd follow through on her promises to the gay and lesbian community. Dorian introduced Amelia to the camera, and reiterated her commitment to equal rights. "I'm Dorian Lord, and I keep my promises," she declared, flashing a "V for Victory" sign at the camera.

In Angel Square, Kyle was on his way to the hospital when he ran into Nick, who was preparing for the swearing-in ceremony. The exes made awkward small talk as Kyle asked about the status of Dorian's campaign promises to the gay community. Bitter, Nick said that after being left at the altar, he was loath to get his hopes up. Kyle apologized to Nick, but said he hadn't been in love with Nick, and would've been uncomfortable making such a commitment to him when he really wanted someone else, namely Oliver. Nick grudgingly accepted his apology.

Nick asked Kyle how things were going with Oliver, and Kyle explained that they were going on their first official date later in the evening. Nick was surprised to hear the lovebirds were taking things so slowly and carefully, and quickly surmised that they hadn't slept together since college. He admitted he couldn't fathom it, remembering that he and Kyle had immediately been intimate. "Right," Nick realized sadly. "You weren't in love with me." Swallowing his pride, Nick agreed to be friends, and the exes exchanged a handshake and a hug, which Oliver witnessed as he arrived in the park.

Nick quickly disabused Oliver of any notion of impropriety, and said he merely wanted to let bygones be bygones. He told the couple that they were lucky to have each other and asked if they would be making it official when Dorian handed out marriage licenses, but Kyle and Oliver said they weren't ready for that. Nick said he could understand that, and accidentally blurted out his knowledge of their sex life or lack thereof. With the cat out of the bag, Nick beat a hasty retreat, wishing Kyle and Oliver the best of luck.

Once they were alone, Oliver confronted Kyle about speaking to Nick about their "relations." Kyle said that Nick had figured it out on his own, and swore that he would never be so cavalier about their relationship, that Oliver meant too much to him. Kyle said it was okay to be nervous about their date, and that they both were, but they were going to do things right. Calming down, Oliver kissed Kyle on the cheek as he left for the hospital.

Dorian and the teens arrived in the crowded park just in time for the ceremony, with Markko's camera still rolling. Nick pulled Amelia away from the crowd, and asked if Dorian was still committed to her campaign platform. Amelia told him not to worry, and that Dorian would go all the way.

Ascending the dais, Dorian took her vows with the aid of a justice of the peace, as Starr and Langston looked on with pride. While Dorian was speaking before the masses, a young man confronted her and asked if she intended to keep her promises to the gay and lesbian voters. Milking the drama of the moment, Dorian produced a stack of marriage licenses and told the crowd she had every intention of honoring her promises and signing the gay and lesbian marriages into law that very day. Before she could put pen to paper, however, the Pennsylvania Attorney General accosted Dorian, and told "Mayor Lord" that by order of the governor, he was there to shut her down.

Across town at St. James Church, another hallowed ceremony was disrupted as Mitch Laurence rose from the coffin meant for Jared. "Well, don't look so surprised!" he admonished the shocked mourners. "It's not like this is the first time I've come back from the dead!" Bo, Brody, and John rushed to the pulpit to grab Mitch, who began to taunt and mock the assembled Buchanans. "Where is he?" Natalie howled at Mitch, demanding to know where Jared was. Mitch played dumb, but warned the family not to dress Jared too warmly, as he doubted the late Mr. Banks was going to a better place.

Enraged, Charlie lunged at Mitch, only to be pulled off him by Bo and John. Mitch explained that Jared's body was still at the funeral home, but he'd co-opted the coffin for a family reunion. "I don't understand," he cried. "You all seem so offended!"

Clint headed for the exit to see to Jared at the funeral home, but Bo and Nora begged him to wait for backup in order to avoid a trap. Clint said he would be all right. Through it all, Mitch wriggled in Brody's grasp, taunting Jessica and Natalie, and asked Jessica if she'd gotten his letter. When Mitch called Jessica his daughter, Clint reacted violently: "She's my daughter!"

"Ah, yes, Clint Buchanan, the cuckold," Mitch purred, needling Clint about his "assignation" with Viki all those years before, when they'd conceived Jessica. Viki reminded Mitch that he had raped her, but Mitch merely expressed appreciation to Clint for raising his daughter for him. Disgusted, Clint rushed out to the funeral home, fearing what he would find there. Mitch jeered that Clint should also fear what he might find in his own home. "Right, Nora?"

As Bo and Nora winced at Mitch's implications, a hysterical Natalie stepped forward and asked what Mitch was doing out of jail. Mitch gleefully explained that the Napa police had dropped all charges. "No freakin' way!" Roxy cried as she leaped to her feet. John said that it was true, and he'd just gotten the call. Turning back to Jessica, Mitch had good news: "We won't need letters anymore, kitten. Daddy's home!"

Bo directed Brody and another officer to grab Mitch, who said the Llanview Police Department couldn't hold him. Bo disagreed, and said Mitch was under arrest for the murders of Wayne Landers and Pamela Stuart, though Mitch continued to pin the killings on Jared. As Bo and Brody began to drag Mitch out of the church, Mitch told them to stop so he could say a proper hello to his son, Rex. "He's the son I always wanted," Mitch marveled, staring the horrified young man down. "I'll be in touch." As he was led away, Mitch continued shouting at Rex, "We have much work to do, you and I!"

The congregation struggled to recover from the disruption, while the Buchanans were baffled by Mitch's sudden release from prison. Clint returned, and said he'd found Jared's body waiting at the funeral home, but received no explanations as to how Mitch had managed to get into the coffin. John told Marty he would accompany Bo and Brody to the station with Mitch in custody, and hurried out. Attempting to restore order, the pastor directed the congregation to the cemetery for Jared's burial and Nash's re-internment.

As the church emptied, Rex stumbled into the foyer, still reeling from his first encounter with Mitch. Gigi attempted to comfort him, but Roxy had more succinct advice: stay away from Mitch at all costs. As Roxy left to accompany the funeral procession, Rex continued to puzzle over Mitch's words about "work to do," and said that it was like Mitch knew him already. Gigi said that wasn't true, and that Bo was more his father than Mitch, who was not only a stranger, but a monster. Ushering him back towards the altar, she encouraged Rex to pray with her, not only for Jared, Natalie, and Charlie, but for their family, so they might be "delivered from evil" and able to take care of one another.

At the police station, Brody and Bo tossed Mitch into a holding cell. Mitch continued his endless stream of taunts, deriding Bo's attempts to be a father to Rex and goading Brody about his mental illness and his past in Iraq, hoping to spur him to violence. Before Brody could lose his cool, John arrived. As Brody left to rejoin the Buchanans, Mitch told the cops again that they'd be unable to hold him, and got in another jab at Bo about Clint, and his inability to see danger lurking so close to home. As Bo and John left the cell block, Mitch reached into his pocket and pulled out a photo of Rex.

At the cemetery, the Buchanans, their friends, and their family assembled at a new gravesite for Jared's burial. Viki, Jessica, Clint, Nora, Moe, Noelle, and Roxy each took a turn reading a verse from a poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye.

    Do not stand at my grave and weep, I am not there, I do not sleep
    I am a thousand winds that blow
    I am the diamond glints on snow
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain
    I am the gentle autumn rain
    When you awaken in the morning's hush, I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight
    I am the soft stars that shine at night

Taking the final verse, Natalie choked out the words through her tears. "Do not stand at my grave and cry," she said softly. "I am not there. I did not die."

As the ceremony ended, an overcome Charlie staggered off to a corner of the cemetery, still clutching the liquor bottle hidden in his coat. As Viki approached him, he told her he needed to get to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting immediately, and hurried away.

As the mourners comforted one another, Viki and Jessica approached Natalie and asked if she was ready to leave. Weeping, Natalie asked for a few more minutes alone with Jared, and the others agreed. As Roxy passed by, Natalie hugged her and thanked her for being there.

Alone with Jared's coffin, Natalie struggled to find her voice. "Some funeral, huh?" she joked. She admitted that the chaos with Mitch was typical for her family, but she knew that Jared had always felt that every family was weird, and he'd always known what to say. Remembering their time together, she told Jared that when he'd gone out of town on business trips, she'd fantasized about being there with him, even if it was somewhere she'd never been; when it was, she would simply close her eyes and remember the Buchanan ranch in Texas, where they'd fallen in love, and envision them there. Producing a portrait of the ranch, she placed it beside Jared's coffin, and began to sob as she wondered where he was, and if he could hear her.

Reclining on the grass, Natalie lay down beside the coffin and closed her eyes. She told Jared that she was going to picture him at the ranch, waiting for her.

Nearby, Jessica and the family concluded the ceremony re-interring Nash's remains. As Jessica fought back tears, Viki and Marty comforted her. Jessica told Marty that Mitch's violation of Nash had only made her pain fresh again. She asked Marty she still grieved for Patrick. Marty said she did, but her pain lessened over time, and things would get easier. She embraced her friend.

Back at the police station, Bo and John headed for Bo's office as Bo wrestled with what to do about Mitch, and how to stop him once and for all. John reminded Bo that two heads were better than one.

In the cell block, Mitch received another visitor. He assumed the boys in blue had returned to taunt him, but was pleasantly surprised when he found Charlie glaring at him through the prison bars.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

"One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back"

Blair returned to La Boulaie with Jack in tow, scolding him for his latest misdeed at school. She didn't think it was appropriate for him to be setting caged mice free, especially since they were headed to the school salad bar. An arrogant Jack scoffed that everyone believed a low paid school worker over him. Blair was dismayed that Jack was beginning to sound more like Todd every day. Jack was annoyed that his father was gone and had even missed their Thanksgiving.

Blair explained that Todd had gone to Seattle to settle some issues with Téa. Jack wondered why his father would do that after Téa had taken his money. Blair reluctantly admitted that she was the reason that Todd and Téa had broken up and that Téa had not really done what she was accused of. She admitted to loving Todd but told her son that Todd and Téa needed to sort things out.

A phone call interrupted Blair and Jack, and Blair learned that Todd had been arrested for attempted kidnapping. She informed Jack that she would be leaving for Seattle to help Todd out.

Dorian was prepared to end her swearing-in ceremony by granting marriage licenses to all of the couples who took part in the same-sex ceremony she had led previously. As she was about to put pen to paper, the attorney general, Jack Gallagher, ascended the stairs and announced that he was shutting her down. He told her there would be no approval of gay marriages in Harrisburg.

Dorian was sure it was a mistake, positive that the official wouldn't want to set off a demonstration. She vowed that she wouldn't go quietly, even when Gallagher accused her of violating Pennsylvania law. As Dorian defiantly insisted that she would file her certificate, the attorney general informed her that she would go to jail and she would wish that Viki was the mayor instead.

As Dorian and the attorney general began to debate the issue, the crowd began to chant. Dorian, defying the order, signed her marriage license certificate. Chuckling, she announced that she needed a mayor to sign it next. Threatening her with arrest, the attorney general urged her not to make a scene. He pointed to a uniformed Oliver standing nearby.

Mimicking the man, Dorian produced her mayoral stamp and slammed it onto the certificate emphatically. She announced that there was an official and first legal same sex marriage in Llanview. She waved her certificate. Gallagher ordered Oliver to arrest her. "What if I don't?" Oliver responded.

Gallagher walked towards Oliver and told him to arrest Dorian. Oliver refused, acknowledging that some laws needed to be broken. He praised Dorian for trying to set things right. He ripped off his badge and extended it towards the attorney general. Dorian advised Oliver to keep the badge and asked him to arrest her instead. She promised to go proudly and asked for Oliver to handcuff her. She refused to allow him to lose his job, she told him.

As Oliver began to argue with Dorian, Amelia stepped up and urged him to listen to the mayor, because Dorian knew what she was doing. Dorian assured Langston and Starr that she would be fine and would get lots of attention. She insisted that they attend the local concert later in the day like they had planned. She made sure that Markko continued his filming of her. Dorian was certain that jail would be the safest place in town.

Todd and Téa continued to exchange words from their jail cells in Seattle. Todd, vowing to take Danielle away from Téa, also threatened to change the teen's name. Elijah arrived and broke the news that Danielle was missing from the protective custody services. A panicked Téa worried that Ross had taken her, since he had been missing from his cell for quite a while. She thought he had been released. As her alarm escalated, Ross was returned to his cell and wondered why Téa was so upset. She reluctantly told him about Danielle running away.

As the guard unlocked Ross's cell, Ross grabbed the guard's gun and pushed the officer down. He urged Todd to grab the guard's radio and accompany him. Todd handed him the radio but refused to leave his cell. As Ross waved the gun around, pointing at Todd, then Téa, he demanded that Todd admit that Danielle belonged to Ross. He wanted to know that he was the father that counted. Todd refused, and dared Ross to shoot him because he was the real dad, not Ross. Giving up, Ross turned and fled, and Todd and Téa yelled for the guards.

Danielle, making her way safely to Matthew's hospital room, wanted Matthew to help her devise a plan for escape. Destiny, annoyed that Danielle had returned to Matthew's life, was friendly towards the girl, though anyone who knew her could see through to her true feelings. She was dismayed when Danielle asked her to stand guard outside of Matthew's room again. Just as she opened the door to head to the hallway, Destiny gasped. Rachel and Greg had just emerged from the elevator and were sharing a kiss in front of Matthew's room.

"Hey guys, you just lost your escape route," Destiny announced as she turned and headed back into the hospital room. She and Matthew were sitting quietly when Rachel and Greg arrived. Rachel received a phone call from Elijah shortly after, and learned that Danielle was missing. Relaying the information, she wondered if either Matthew or Destiny had seen her. Both of the teens shook their heads as Danielle lay motionless under the bed.

Rachel was forceful in her exclamation that Danielle needed to be located. She explained that Ross had injured Téa and it was uncertain what he might do next. She didn't know if Daneille might be in danger. As she continued to stress the importance of locating Danielle, Destiny gave a little push on the button on the side of the hospital bed. Yelling, Danielle scrambled out as the bed began to move.

Rachel was flabbergasted that Matthew had lied to her about not seeing Danielle, and Greg was also perturbed at Destiny. Destiny admitted to pushing the button on the bed and said she wanted her brother to let her off the hook. Matthew and Danielle were peeved at Destiny's act but Destiny defended herself. She didn't want Danielle to be in danger.

As darkness fell, Viki found Natalie still sitting next to Jared's coffin. Natalie acknowledged that she couldn't walk away by herself and didn't want to be alone. The women reminisced about the previous Christmas and the gifts that Natalie and Jared had exchanged. Natalie had the framed photo of the ranch that she had given Jared, sitting by the gravesite. They laughed about Jared's gift of socks to Natalie and the ring he had eventually given her.

While she knew it was difficult, Viki asked that Natalie try to put Mitch out of her mind. A distraught Natalie didn't think that it was possible, given the evil deeds that Mitch had committed. Not only had he killed Jared but he had physically removed Jared's body from his coffin. She wondered if he had just dumped Jared's body on the floor. Raging, she confessed that she just wanted to strangle Mitch.

Viki knew that everyone wanted to pay Mitch back but she thought that if he knew someone wanted to get even with him, he would take control of their life. She wanted Natalie to move on, despite Mitch. Natalie asked about Charlie, and Viki confided that Charlie needed some extra A.A. meetings, since he was feeling challenged. Natalie thought that something else was wrong. Viki informed her that Charlie had attempted to kill Mitch in Napa and had almost succeeded. He was struggling and felt responsible for Jared's death. Natalie understood Charlie's reactions and wondered how he would survive.

Viki decided that it was time for her to go inside, but Natalie was unable to leave Jared. Viki gently explained that Jared was not there, but was in Natalie's heart, her memories, in Texas, and even in the box with her ring and socks. The women departed the cemetery.

Mitch stopped his joyful gospel singing when Charlie approached the jail cell, but urged his brother to sing along. "I'm not your brother," Charlie replied. Mitch wondered if Charlie was there to "finish him off." Charlie assured Mitch that as long as Mitch remained in the jail cell, he would be safe. Charlie insisted that he was a different man from the one he used to be. Mitch thought otherwise, claiming that people didn't change. He pointed out that the funeral service had been beautiful from what he'd heard from within the coffin. He had wanted to share the moment, Mitch added. He denied killing Jared, repeating his previous claim that it had been Charlie who had done the killing.

It was apparent that Mitch only wanted to torment Charlie as he continued to taunt him. He noted that Jared had died years before, when Charlie had killed Jared's step-father. Charlie informed Mitch that he was crazy and twisted things around. Mitch wondered who Charlie was actually angry with.

Mitch explained that he was there to take care of his family and thought that Charlie should be looking after his own family instead of visiting Mitch. He knew that Charlie had lied to Viki and had told her he was headed to an A.A. meeting instead of the jail. Mitch wondered where Viki was, and Charlie informed him sarcastically that Viki had no need to see Mitch and that Mitch needed to stay away from her. "I know, or you'll kill me," Mitch retorted.

While Charlie claimed that he was there looking for answers, Mitch thought that Charlie really wanted to "cut him down to size." He asked Charlie if he wanted to drink. Charlie replied with a resounding "No!" Mocking, Mitch responded that he would want a drink if he was in Charlie's shoes, feeling guilty like Charlie was because he hadn't been there for Jared. He added that Jared had no tools to make a useful life for himself because of Charlie. He ended up lying, cheating, and killing, just like Charlie.

Mitch called Charlie a drunk and told him it was the hand that God had dealt him. He said that nothing changed that. Charlie maintained that he was a recovered alcoholic. Mitch dug in further, relating that he had received the ugly story of Charlie's life and his role as a father from Pamela Stuart.

Though Charlie assured him that he had made amends with Jared, Mitch attacked that as one of the steps of the twelve step program that addicts followed. He accused Charlie of having to convince himself that he was good enough to erase his past. "All you can see is little Jared, the poor little boy you abandoned," Mitch taunted. He assured Charlie there was only one way to drown that sentiment out and he urged him to reach for the bottle hidden in his pocket. He wouldn't judge him.

Charlie refused to give Mitch the satisfaction and demanded answers again, pointing out that the man had shot Jared for no reason. Mitch began to preach, stating that God had decided it was Jared's time and that it was because Charlie had gone looking for Jared in the first place. Charlie was selfish because Jared was doing fine until Charlie showed up. Charlie should have stayed in Texas, Mitch concluded.

Once Charlie had gone, Mitch resumed his singing. Oliver led Dorian in and the two chatted casually. Oliver was appreciative of Dorian's efforts. Suddenly, Mitch and Dorian saw each other. Mitch was quite pleased to see Dorian, who looked rather drawn. She informed her fellow prisoner that she was the mayor.

At the park, a group of anti-gay thugs accosted Nick and Amelia.

Charlie headed to his son's gravesite and replayed the conversation with Mitch in his mind. Slowly, he withdrew the bottle of vodka from his pocket and after some deliberation, began to drink.

Additional prison guards arrived and they quickly initiated a search for Ross after learning that he had a gun. Elijah, who had returned to the cells with the guards, received a phone call from Rachel. Learning that Danielle was safely with her at the hospital, he relayed the information to a relieved Téa and Todd. Ross stood outside of Matthew's hospital room and listened to Rachel's end of the conversation.

Friday, December 4, 2009

The Doggone Girl Is Mine

While Téa and Todd were being held in a Seattle jail, Téa received a call from Rachel, who informed Téa that Danielle was safe inside Matthew's hospital room. After breathing a sigh of relief, Téa told Rachel that Ross had escaped from jail with a gun and was searching for Danielle. Rachel promised to protect Danielle from Ross until Téa was released from jail. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to anyone, an armed Ross stood outside of Matthew's hospital room and eavesdropped on Rachel's conversation with Téa.

Back at the jail, while Elijah made every effort to have the charges against both Téa and Todd dropped, Todd lashed out at Téa. Todd wondered if Ross was capable of harming Danielle, but Téa assured Todd that Ross loved the teen and would never hurt her. Glaring at Téa, Todd reminded Téa that Ross tried to strangle her.

Moments later, a guard appeared and related that Ross had been spotted near the hotel where Téa and Danielle had been staying. Both Téa and Todd immediately realized that Ross knew that Danielle was across the street at the hospital with Matthew.

Avoiding telling Danielle that Ross had escaped, Rachel announced that she and Greg would be standing guard outside of Matthew's room, and warned Danielle to stay put. Outside the room, Rachel told Greg the news about Ross's escape with a loaded gun. While Greg attempted to gather the details, Ross appeared and placed the gun into Rachel's back. Ross threatened to kill Rachel if Greg interfered. Back inside the room, Danielle criticized Destiny for exposing her whereabouts to Rachel. Displaying no guilt, Destiny suggested that Danielle accept her fate.

Pushing Greg and Rachel away from Matthew's hospital room door, Ross pointed the gun at them and declared that he wasn't leaving the hospital without his daughter. Before Greg could make a move, Ross barged inside Matthew's room and locked the door. Danielle, Matthew, and Destiny were stunned when Ross announced that he had escaped and wanted to take Danielle with him. Ross told Danielle that he had escaped because it was the only way he could be reunited with her. Although nervous about the lengths that Ross had taken to find her, Danielle appeared pleased to see him and gave Ross a hug.

Out in the hall, while Rachel feared that Ross might harm Matthew or Destiny, Greg phoned the police and related the scene that had taken place. Moments later, the police arrived, along with Téa, Todd, and Elijah. While the authorities attempted to negotiate with Ross, Téa promised to allow Ross to visit with Danielle and stated that she knew Ross would never hurt Danielle.

Seconds later, holding a gun to Destiny, Ross appeared and declared, "I would never hurt Dani, but I don't give a damn about this kid!." Pulling Danielle alongside him, too, Ross guided both Destiny and Danielle to the elevator. Greg watched helplessly as Ross held his sister at gunpoint. Once inside the elevator, Ross pushed Destiny out and the elevator doors closed.

When Rachel rushed inside Matthew's room to check on him, an upset Matthew blamed himself for being unable to help his friends.

At Ultraviolet, Starr, Cole, Langston, and Matthew awaited the arrival of the All-American Rejects, who were scheduled to perform at the club later that night. Nearby, Stacy and Kim also waited for the concert to start. Stacy panicked when she observed Oliver enter the club. Stacy wasn't sure if she would be able to continue to hide the fact that Oliver was the father of her unborn child. Directing Stacy's attention toward Oliver and Kyle, Kim stressed that the men made a cute couple, and reminded Stacy that Schuyler wouldn't reveal that she wasn't as far along in her pregnancy as everyone thought. While Stacy continued to worry, Kim was thrilled about starting her first day of work at Buchanan Enterprises. Kim couldn't wait to charm Clint.

At a nearby table, Oliver and Kyle kissed and expressed the excitement over finally having their first date. The men embraced and proclaimed their love for each other.

At Rodi's, Shane enjoyed dinner with Rex and Gigi. Shane wondered if Roxy would spend Christmas with the family, but Rex didn't respond. Instead, Rex informed his son that Mitch Laurence was in Llanview. Shane was noticeably upset to learn that his grandfather was in town, but Rex and Gigi assured Shane that Mitch was in jail and would never be released.

While Rex and Gigi attempted to convince Shane that Mitch wouldn't cause them any harm, Schuyler approached the family. Upon learning that Schuyler had showed up at the cottage to speak with him, Rex questioned the reason for the visit. When Rex snapped at Schuyler, Gigi quickly related that Schuyler wanted to offer his condolences over the loss of Jared. Realizing that Rex was annoyed by his presence, Schuyler rushed off. Shane was pleased when Rex invited him to the concert at Ultraviolet. Nearby, Schuyler watched sadly as Rex and Gigi kissed goodbye.

Gigi approached Schuyler and apologized for Rex's rude behavior. After thanking him for convincing Stacy and Kim to remain quiet about their innocent night together, Gigi asked Schuyler exactly how he had managed it. A nervous Schuyler responded, "We made an agreement!"

When Shane and Rex arrived at Ultraviolet, Shane insulted Stacy and demanded that his father remove her from the club. Pulling Shane aside, Rex reminded his son that Stacy would soon give birth to either Shane's brother or sister. Suggesting that Shane's harsh words could effect the unborn child, Rex asked Shane to be polite to Stacy. Concerned that his unborn sibling might have heard his harsh words, Shane approached Stacy. Apologizing to the baby, Shane attempted to place his hands on Stacy's stomach, but she quickly pushed him away. Stacy and Kim scolded Shane about touching a pregnant woman's stomach and shooed him off. Afterward, the women discussed that Rex might also get the urge to feel the baby. Stressing that she couldn't fool everyone with the padding forever, Stacy stated that they needed a plan.

In the Llanview jail, while Dorian was horrified to see Mitch, he was thrilled to have company. As they sat in adjoining cells, Mitch revealed that he had knowledge of what had taken place in Dorian's life since they had last met. Attempting to upset Dorian, Mitch made subtle threats regarding Blair, Starr, and Langston. When Mitch reminded Dorian of his relationship with Cassie, an irate Dorian exploded and threaded to kill Mitch.

At Angel Square Park, Nick and Amelia were accosted by a group of anti-gay thugs. While Nick pleaded with Amelia to retreat in the opposite direction, she lashed out at the men for their homophobic attitude. Once Nick finally persuaded Amelia to walk away, the bigots agreed that they needed to teach Nick a lesson.

Later, Nick and Amelia arrived at Rodi's for dinner. As they discussed Dorian's support of their cause, the thugs from the park approached them and began taunting Nick and Amelia about their sexuality. Observing the disturbance, Gigi stepped forward and ordered the men to leave the establishment. When one the men attempted to strike Gigi, Schuyler pushed her out of the way.

As Schuyler instructed the men to disperse, one of the men sucker punched Schuler and he fell to the floor. Once the thugs had left, Gigi and Schuyler offered to call the police, but Nick and Amelia begged them not to. Later, Gigi thanked Schuyler for protecting her from the street thugs. Touched that he had taken a punch for her, Gigi tended to Schuyler's wounds.

After finishing their meal, Nick offered to give Amelia a ride home, but she declined and related that she wanted to pay Dorian a visit at the jail. Once Amelia had departed, Nick walked toward his car and the same group of antagonizers approached him again.

While the All-American Rejects performed at Ultraviolet, a jealous Stacy watched Rex and Shane share a tender moment. As Kyle and Oliver enjoyed the concert, a bloodied Nick lay motionless on the ground outside of Rodi's.

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